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Animation industry Pakistan

With the sunrise of a new year 2012, the animation industry, like other technology based industries, is hop to bring more wizardry. Animation industry is a billion Dollar industry in the world. In Asia, especially Philippine and Korea are highly preferred countries in animation sector. Now a days India and Pakistan are growing massively in Asia. Although India is more forward in animation industry but also more expensive then Pakistan industry.On the local front, a discussion of the animation industry in Pakistan may seem be a new expected hotspot of discussion and exploration. Animation is not just the product of Pixar and Walt Disney but now a day they used in television promos and commercials regularly. The industry is found to be around us for long time but been appreciated. The reason for this is that nearly all the companies when comes too Ad agencies they believe Pakistan is still a country on un-educated people who cant understand the indirect concepts of Ads. There are several animation houses in Pakistan with reputation for providing high quality animation work to large internationally reputed companies. Real example for that is Pakistans Post Amazer (animated studio) has already worked on an international project of 3-D animation on the movie Son of Mask. More over Pakistans top class animator Mukeem Khan has also worked on international project of Final Fantasy. Lots of animation and quality post production work has brought Pakistani animated industry at a level where they can easily compete Asian as well as International markets. The animation industry in Pakistan developed swiftly on the potency of high quality institutions whip creative, ingenious, and technically savvy animators. Pakistan is lucky to have training institute like Arena Multimedia which has some high profiled teachers, and many quality students have come out from this institute. Mindstorm Studios, Pepper, TinTash, Tkxel, Systems Ltd. , AniVista subsidiary, Agenci monkhi studios, Numerical studio, apartment complex, Gogi

fame, Post Amazers ,GenITeam , Sharp Image and H2O there were only a handful of organizations focused on game or animation development. Explore the animation companies listed by their contents on their portal. Includes the followings span 3D Character Content, Architectural Visualization, TV Commercials, Cartoons, VFX/Asset Development or other specific requirements such as Concept Art/Pre-visualization/Animation, Character design with 3D Sheets or 3DModeling. Last few years media in Pakistan has industry has got a great boom and so the advertising sector too. Pakistan has full potential of fetching precious forex of $1 billion every year through promotion of Animation Industry. The local demand for animation solutions is growing due to the deregulation of media services in Pakistan which has in-turn resulted in an explosion in TV based entertainment. Over 80 TV channels are currently operating in Pakistan, thereby, contributing to the growth of the local animation industry by requiring animation content for advertising, entertainment, children programs etc. For the point of Advertisement, Ding Dong bubble is the famous and first hit of the animated sector. The Ad got famous by the characterization of Cat and Mouse indeed copied from the Tom and Jerry serial but got highe perception among childer. Now comes the most famous animated hit by Pakistani animated industry Commander Safeguard, the first animated superhero of Pakistan and the mascot of P&Gs brand Safeguard. Developed by Post Amazers, the hit series started a semi-revolution amongst Pakistani kids who just could not get enough of it. After this hit success in Pakistan, series of adapted animated commercial and Ads were created and get exposed to audience. Including HBl Khofia khazana Ad, DinDong bubble Ad, Tiger bubble Ad, Reb bull Ad, Tatra pack Ad, Jam-e-shereen Ad , Ufone Roberry Ad, Chulbuli & Pyari Ad, Jazz Jazbas new animated Ad. Most of the ads are for the confectionary sector of FMCG in Pakistan. But later the concepts were adopted by every sector of industry now the animated Ads become the integral part of advertisement Rush.