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Viver para Contar Contar para Viver (Living to Tell

Telling to Live) Joo Seabra Dinis (Psychoanalyst / President of SPS Sociedade Portuguesa de Psicanlise - Portuguese Society for Psychoanalysis) 2. Being-in-stories: On Reasons and Causes in Self-narratives Paulo de Jesus (Philosopher / Researcher at Centro de Filosofia da Universidade de Lisboa) 3. Searching for Trust: Towards a Full Recognition of Alterity in Psychotherapy Joo Salgado (Professor at ISMAI - Instituto Superior da Maia)

Comisso Cientfica

Adelino Cardoso Isabel Fernandes Manuel Silvrio Marques Rita Charon

Comisso Executiva

Narrativa e Medicina: Doena e Dilogo

Moderador / Chair: Margarida Vale de Gato (ULICES - University of Lisbon Centre for English Studies) Hlia Correia, Adoecer (2010) - Leitura de excertos com comentrios da autora / Selected readings commented by the author
16h30-17h15: Caf / Coffee Break

Visit to the Exhibition Ex-votos Guided by Joo Patrcio (Univ. Coimbra)

17h15-18h15: Conferncia de Encerramento / Closing Keynote Lecture: Dissonance and Decision Richard Zaner (Philosopher - Vanderbilt University) Comentada por / Commented by Jorge Melo (Hematologist / Centro de Estudos de Filosofia da Medicina of IPO Instituto Portugus de Oncologia- Lisboa) 18h30: Palavras de Encerramento e Projectos Futuros / Closing

Ana Raquel Fernandes Bruno Barreiros Cecilia Beecher Martins Duarte Patarra Filipa Afonso Margarida Vale de Gato Sara Henriques
Apoio de Secretariado Ana Daniela Coelho Joo Barrelas Jos Duarte

Faculty of Letters, University of Lisbon, PORTUGAL

13-14 Sept/Set 2010

Remarks and Plans for Follow-up Activities

19h00: Porto de Honra/ Port Wine Toast (convidados / guests)


Jean Cocteau

Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa



13-14 Sept/Set 2010

13 / 09
09h00-09h30: Sesso de Abertura / Opening Session 09h30-10h45: Conferncia de Abertura / Opening Keynote Lecture:




14 / 09
Moderador / Chair: Paulo Tunhas 1. La Narrative de l'homme souffrant / The Human Narrative of Suffering Lusa Couto Soares (Philosopher / Univ. Nova de Lisboa) 2. La prsence des oeuvres d'art lhopital: une consolation? / The Presence of Works of Art at the Hospital: their Consoling Function? Danile Cohn Gil (Philosopher / Panthon Sorbonne Paris 1) 3. Dire lindicible / Telling the Unutterable Rolf Khn (Philosopher and teacher at Universitt Freiburg-im-Breisgau - Germany)
17h-17h45: Caf / Coffee Break 09h00-10h30: Painel / Panel: Narrative and Rationality (Project

Two Cultures in Medicine. Do We Need a Third? Joo Lobo Antunes (Director of Neurosurgery at Santa Maria Hospital, Lisbon) Comentada por / Commented by Rita Charon
10h45-11h00: Caf / Coffee Break 11h00-13h: Apresentao de Comunicaes / Paper Presentation:

Ways of Caring Moderador / Chair: Pedro Silvrio Marques (Economist / Comisso de tica da Investigao Clnica) 1. Semiotics, Nursing and Meaning-making the One-to-one Relationship in Professional Care ngela Nobre (Assistant Teacher and Researcher at ESCE-IPS - Escola Superior de Cincias Empresariais do Instituto Politcnico de Setbal) 2. Bring the patient in! Maria Albino (Nurse Kings College Hospital, London) 3. Can you die from not being listened to? Teresa Casal (ULICES - University of Lisbon Centre for English Studies) 4. Is there a place for narrative in modern high-tech medical practice? Jorge Melo (Hematologist / Centro de Estudos de Filosofia da Medicina of IPO Instituto Portugus de Oncologia - Lisboa)
13h-14h30: Almoo / Lunch 14h30-15h45: Painel / Panel: Illness, Suffering and Fictional Worlds (Researchers from ULICES University of Lisbon Centre for English Studies; Project Narrative and Medicine) Moderadora / Chair: Fernanda Gil Costa (CEC - Centre for Comparative Studies University of Lisbon) 1. Representations of Illness in Contemporary Short-fiction: Some Portuguese and British Examples Ana Raquel Fernandes 2. William Shakespeare and the Representation of Female Madness M Isabel Barbudo 3. Mary Shelley's Frankenstein: Writing a Way out of Trauma Cecilia Beecher Martins 4. Screams, Shouts and Silences. The Noise of the Wor(l)d and the Impossibility of Narrative Marijke Boucherie 15h45-17h: Apresentao de Comunicaes / Paper Presentation: Aesthetics and Criticism (apresentao em francs / papers presented in French)

Book Launching Rolf Khn, Ipseidade e praxis subjectiva

17h45-18h45: Apresentao de Comunicaes / Paper Presentation: Words and Meaning Moderador / Chair: Paulo de Jesus 1. Regressing: From Interpretation to the Desire for Meaning Jos Justo (Faculty of Letters, University of Lisbon) 2. The Obstacles of Narrating Suffering Smadar Bustan (Philosopher, IPSE, University of Luxembourg / Founder of the Interdisciplinary Working Group on Suffering and Pain) 19h30: Jantar / Dinner at Cinemateca Portuguesa (convidados / guests) 21h30: Exibio dos Filmes / Screening of Films: Espelho Lento (2010) (Slow Mirror) by Solveig Nordlund Perdida Mente (Absent Mind) (2010) by Margarida Gil

Philosophy, Medicine and Society) Moderador / Chair: Adelino Cardoso (Researcher at Centro de Histria da Cultura Univ. Nova) 1. Patient Narrative, Witness and Clinical Interpretation: Lessons from a Brain Disease A. Martins da Silva (Professor at Instituto Cincias Biomdicas Abel Salazar Univ. of Oporto and Neurologist/Neurophysiologist at Hospital Santo Antnio Oporto) 2. Herba non Verba: Probing the Foundations of Medicine Manuel Silvrio Marques (Hematologist, Researcher at Centro de Filosofia da Universidade de Lisboa) 3. Scepticism and Medicine Rui Bertrand Romo (Philosopher / University of Beira Interior) 4. Terms of Contingency Paulo Tunhas (Philosopher / University of Oporto)
10h30-11h00: Caf / Coffee Break 11h00-12h00: Painel / Panel: On Trauma (Researchers from CEC

Centre for Comparative Studies, University of Lisbon) Moderadora / Chair: Slvia Ouakinin (Psychiatrist / Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de Lisboa) 1. Fiction as Healing: Memory, Trauma, and Forgetting in Imre Kertszs Work Lusa Afonso Soares 2. Poetics of Trauma: Modes of Narration in Contemporary Fiction Fernanda Mota Alves 3. Don't look back Aesthetics of Survival Gerd Hammer
12h00-13h00: Conferncia / Keynote Lecture: The Self-Telling

Body, or How Narrative Practices Illuminate the Care of the Sick Rita Charon (College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University) Comentada por / Commented by Isabel Fernandes (ULICES University of Lisbon Centre for English Studies)
13h00-14h30: Almoo / Lunch 14h30-16h00: Apresentao de Comunicaes / Paper

Presentation: Therapy and Alterity Moderador / Chair: Joo Flor (ULICES - University of Lisbon Centre for English Studies)