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Instruction Manual

for the GreenDream 808 PCC Charger box E-cigarette set

Primary features of the product:
The container box provided with the power-supply and overcharge-protection unit is suitable to charge the battery or maintain it's charge-level. (Battery Type:808, max. 85 mm long). The device contains a high-capacity (1500 mAh) battery, which can be charged via USB plug directly from a computer or with a separately purchased traditional (220V) AC adapter or a 12V car charger.

Plug the USB connector into the PC output or connect it with the adapter. The charging process is indicated by the blue control LED light. As the light goes out, the power of the Charger Box is at its maximum, and the product is ready for use. The first time (regardless of the LED display) continue the charging process without interruption at least for 12 hours.
1. USB -plug 2. The spare atomizing cartridges 3. E-cigarette battery 4. The button of the in-built power-supply 5. The in-built power-supply 6. The charging-indicator LED light 7. The receiving jack for the battery

Usage Instructions:
The parts of the set are to be arranged according to the picture above. Screw the battery with the threaded end into the receiving jack (No. 7). Start the charging cycle by pressing the corresponding button continously for 3-4 seconds. The indicator in front of the cigarette body lights up (usually in red color), and the blue indicator LED turns from blue to red. The process is regulated by the in-built overcharge-protection unit. When the battery has been fully charged, the indicator light of the power supply and the battery turns off, and the product is ready to use. Since the smoke of the E-cigarette is more intensive at the higher charge-level, it is advisable to reinsert the battery into the charger box after use to keep it fully-charged. The in-built power-supply is to be charged, depending on frequency of use, every 1-4 days.

How to refill ?:
Unscrew the battery from the cartridge. Remove the rubber stoppers and the rubber sealing rings from the cartridges. Tilt the cartridge at about 45 degrees, and slowly drain the liquid drop by drop into the filling, and wait until the liquid is absorbed. You may need to push the filling and then add more drops multiple times to ensure that it is completely saturated with the liquid nicotine. Stop filling as soon as the e-liquid begins to pool a little at the top of the cartridge. Pooling may damage the atomizer. Place the rubber sealing rings and the rubber stopper back into the bottom of the cartridge. Blow through the cartridge thoroughly from the threaded side to ensure that all the traces of e-liquid are removed, as it may seriously damage your battery.

The product is not suitable for minors under the age of 18, for pregnant or breastfeeding women or people allergic to nicotine or any components of inhalants! If under medical treatment, consult with your physician! The cartridges may contain nicotine (depending on the type and marking), so use moderation in consumption! Avoid touching your eyes, skin or mouth with the e-liquid! Keep the device and all its accessories out of the reach of children! The removable cartridges are designed for single use: Do not refill ! Do not use the charger near a high-temp heat source! Do not open or pierce the battery body with any sharp object! Do not expose the battery to open fire or high temperatures! Do not use the battery if it emits any odor or excessive heat or if it is discovered that it has developed any deformity or functions abnormally during charging. Unplug immediately and remove the battery from cigarette body or charger and suspend the use of it. Store the appliance in a dry place at room temperature! The box has a moderate impact resistance and, therefore, protect it from falling, shock and other stress.