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A Non-Proflt, Non-Po|ltlca| Organltatlon

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Prof. Mohammad Ahmed Qadrl, Ph.D.
The So|utlon to the Contemorar Mus|lm Condltlon
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In lhe pulIicalion of lhis voik, I exlend ny deep gialilude lo
Ayyaz Yousaf Qadii, Di. Syeda Saiqa Zuleda and Syeda
ZiIIe Huna foi lheii conslanl suppoil, advise and inpul.
AIso, ny lhanks lo Iaivez Zia Qadii and Shagufla Ahnad
Qadii of ILCRC San }ose ianch and lo Naveed AgloalvaIa,
foi lheii lechnicaI assislance and piinling suppoil. AIso
lhanks lo Shaiaaz Khan Qadii and Shaanavaz Khan Qadii
of ILCRC Sacianenlo ianch foi lheii conlinued suppoil.
We piay lhal lhis hunlIe effoil is accepled ly oui Loid and
His eIoved and is leneficiaI lo aII of hunanily. (Aanin).

Prnf. Dr. Mnhammad Ahmcd QadrI
Ca!IfnrnIa, U5A
May 2004 / Rablu| Auua| 1425

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Raoiu| Auua|, lhe lhiid nonlh in lhe IsIanic Iunai caIendai,
is a nonlh of gieal lIessings fion AIIah, Mosl CIoiified and
LxaIled is He. MusIins schoIais leIieve lhal Raoiu| Auua| is
a supiene nonlh and has a veiy speciaI slalus in IsIan, even
noie inpoilanl lhan lhe lIessed nonlh of Ranadan. The
significance of lhe hoIy nonlh of Ranadan is due lo lhe
ieveIalion of lhe NolIe Quian, in vhich AIIah AInighly

The month of Ramadan ln uhlch uas sent doun the
Quran..." |AI-Quian, Chaplei a|-8aqaran, 2:185j

On lhe olhei hand, in lhe nonlh of Raoiu| Auua|, lhe HoIy
Iiophel Muhannad , lhe liue inleipielei of lhe NolIe
Quian, cane lo lhis voiId. Theiefoie lhe ieaI Lid (feslivaI)
foi lhe Muninccn (leIieveis) is in Raoiu| Auua| lecause AI-
Iah senl His eIoved Muhannad as a gieal gifl lo hunan-
ily in lhis nonlh. If He had nol leen loin, lheie vouId nol
have leen lIessings fion AIIah AInighly such as Ranadan,
|nan (failh), Taunccd (Oneness of Cod), Iiophelhood and so
foilh. If He had nol leen loin, nolhing eIse vouId have
leen ciealed.


Inan QaslaIIani (d. 923 H, nay AIIah have neicy on hin)
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says in his Mavahil-uI-Ladunniyya lhal lhe nighl of lhe liilh
of lhe HoIy Iiophel is supeiioi lo |aq|a|-u|-Qadr foi lhe foI-
Ioving lhiee ieasons:
1. The nighl of Mi|ad is vhen lhe HoIy Iiophel lecane
knovn lo us and ve ieceived |aq|a|-u|-Qadr lhiough Hin
. No one dispules lhis.
2. |aq|a|-u|-Qadr is consideied gieal lecause lhe angeIs de-
scended on lhis nighl vheieas on lhe nighl of Mi|ad, lhe
Iiophel HinseIf cane.
3. |aq|a|-u|-Qadr is specific foi MusIins in lhal lhal if lhey
seek foigiveness AIIah AInighly viII foigive lhen,
vheieas lhe nighl of Mi|ad is foi aII of hunanily, lecause
He is a Meicy lo aII lhe voiIds |AI-Quian, Chaplei A|-
Anoiqa 21:1O7j.


The NolIe Quian slales:

lndeed there has come to ou a Nob|e Messenger from
among ou - our fa||lng lnto hardshl aggrletes Hlm, most
concerned for our ue|| belng, for the be|leters most comas-
slonate, most merclfu|."
|AI-Quian, Chaplei a|-Tauoan, 9:128j

In connenling on lhis veise, Hazial AlduIIah iln Allas
(nay AIIah le pIeased vilh lhen lolh) viiles in his fanous
exegesis of lhe HoIy Quian, Tafseei iln-e-Allas, lhal vhen
Hazial Moosa (upon hin le peace) vas honoied ly AIIah AI-
nighly al Mounl Sinai, he said, Ycu natc ocs|cucd nc ui|n
sucn ncncr |na| nas nc| occn gitcn |c anqcnc ocfcrc nc. AIIah AI-
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nighly iepIied lo lhis saying, Be gratefu| for uhat ou hate
been glten and be on Tauheed and the |ote of Prohet Mu-
hammad tl|| the |ast moments of |lfe." Hazial Moosa
asked AIIah AInighly, |s |nc |ctc cf Prcpnc| Munannad
ncccssarq ui|n qcur Taunccd? To lhis, AIIah AInighly iepIied
lhal if Muhannad and His Unnan (connunily) veie nol
lheie, He AInighly vouId nol have ciealed anylhing -
heaven, heII, lhe sun, lhe noon, nighl, day, angeIs, Iiophels,
and so on and vouId nol have ciealed Hazial Moosa eilhei.

The foIIoving Hadcc|n Qudsi (A saying of lhe HoIy Iiophel
lhal has lhe exacl voids of AIIah AInighly, lul is nol pail
of lhe NolIe Quian) coiioloiales lhe sane ieaIily:

lf not for ou, l uou|d not hate retea|ed m Lordshl."

Theiefoie lhe zaa| (leing) of lhe HoIy Iiophel is AIIah AI-
nighlys giealesl lIessing lo lhe iesl of ciealion, one lhal He
HinseIf is pioud lo nake nenlion of, as in lhe foIIoving
veise of lhe NolIe Quian:

A||ah has lndeed bestoued a great fator uon the Mus|lms,
ln that He sent to them a Nob|e Messenger (Prohet Moham-
med ) from among them, uho recltes to them Hls terses,
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and urlfles them, and teaches them the Book and ulsdom,
and before lt, the uere deflnlte| ln oen error."
|AI-Quian, Chaplei Aa| |nran, 3:164j

AIIah AInighly has lesloved His ciealion vilh counlIess
lounlies & favois, such as lhose of liealh, aii, eyes, Iinls,
paienls, leauly and so foilh, lul He nevei expIicilIy enunei-
ales lhen. The NolIe Quian says:

And lf ou enumerate the fators of A||ah, ou ul|| neter be
ab|e to count them, lndeed A||ah ls Oft |orgltlng, Most Mer-
|AI-Quian, Chaplei a|-Nan|, 16:18j

ul vhen il cones lo lhe HoIy Iiophel , He nenlions Hin
specificaIIy as nenlioned in lhe pievious veise. This
cIeaiIy ieveaIs AIIah AInighlys gieal esleen & Iove foi His
esl Ciealion.

Tafseei iln-e-Allas conlinues vilh a giannalicaI anaIysis
of veise 9:128 expIaining lhal lhe |anuccn (nunalion) on lhe
void Rascc| (Messengei) iepiesenls lhe HoIy Iiophels
giealness. He aIso viiles lhal lheie aie lvo vays of ieciling
lhe void aflei |aqad:
1. The fiisl vay is Anfusi|un vhich neans anong you
2. The second vay is Anfasi|un neans fion a speciaI gia-
cious gioup fion anong you i.e. Aial Afza| i.e. lhe nolIe
cIan of ani Hashin fion lhe nolIe liile of Quiaysh
If He had nol cone fion us, lhen ve vouId nol have leen
alIe lo gain spiiiluaI lenefil. Lveiylhing aloul lhe HoIy
Iiophel is lhe nosl viiluous - lhe nonlh in vhich He
Page 7
cane, lhe ook vhich He lioughl, lhe Dccn (ieIigion)
vhich He laughl, lhe cily lhal He Iived in, lhe line lhal
He vas in, His Conpanions, His Unnan
(Connunily), His Lavs and so foilh. Il is nenlioned in
lhe HoIy Quian lhal His voids aie of AIIah, His speaking
is AIIahs speaking, His seeing is AIIahs seeing, His lhiov-
ing is AIIahs lhioving, His oaian (spiiiluaI conliacl) is AI-
Iahs oaian.

The Mufassir (exegele) conlinues lo viile lhal lhe Iiophel
Ioves His Unnan lhe nosl. Any pain expeiienced ly His
Unnan is painfuI foi Hin . This is vhy, Inan QaslaIIani
viiles in his Mavahil-uI-Ladunniyya lhal vhen lhe Iiophel
vas loin, leing cognizanl of His Unnans sins, accoiding
lo His nolhei Hazial Anina, his fiisl slalenenl vas Rabbl
Hab|l Ummatl" - Oh ny Loid! Ioigive ny Connunily!

His giandeui is nenlioned in veise 9:128 ly AIIah AI-
nighly as Raccf-ur-Ranccn, niiioiing lhe alliilules of AIIah
AInighly HinseIf. As AIIah says in His NolIe Quian:

. lndeed A||ah ls Most Comasslonate, Most Merclfu| to-
uards manklnd."
|AI-Quian, Chaplei a|-8aqaran, 2:143j

The sane chaiacleiislics have leen deIegaled lo lhe HoIy
Iiophel. SiniIaiIy, connenling on lhe foIIoving veise:

He on| ls the |lrst and He on| the Last, and He on| ls
the Etldent and He on| the Concea|ed, and lt ls He Who
knous a|| thlngs."
|AI-Quian, Chaplei a|-Hadccd, 57:3j

Page 8
Shaykh AlduI Haqq Muhaddilh DehIavi (d. 1O52 H, nay
AIIah have neicy on hin) says in his fanous Madaiij-un-
Naluvvah lhal lhis veise is Hand-c-Knuda (Iiaise of AIIah)
and Naa|-c-Mus|afa (Iiaise of lhe Chosen Iiophel ), leing
lhal lhe HoIy Iiophel is lhe fiisl ciealion and finaI
Iiophel. AIso, il is viillen in lhe fanous Hadeelh look,
KhasaisuI Kulia (VoI 1 p 56) lhal Hazial Anas (nay AIIah le
pIeased vilh hin) naiiales lhal on lhe Nighl of Miraj
(Ascension), sone peopIe nel lhe HoIy Iiophel and of-
feied sa|aan (gieelings of peace) lo Hin as foIIovs: Assa-
|aanu a|aq|a qaa Auua|u, Assa|aanu a|aq|a qaa A|niru, Assa-
|aanu a|aq|a qaa Hasniru. }ilieeI said, O Prcpnc|! Tncsc pccp|c
unc cffcrcd sa|aan |c qcu ucrc Hazra| |oranin, Hazra| Mccsa and
Hazra| |sa (pcacc oc upcn |ncn a||). So lhe Iiophels used lo
send sa|aan lo lhe HoIy Iiophel vilh lhese alliilules.

A veiy fanous Hadeelh ieIaled ly Inan ukhaiis leachei
Syed Aldui Razzaq (d. 211 H) in his Musnad is as foIIovs:

Il is ieIaled lhal }alii iln `Ald AIIah said lo lhe Iiophel :
"O Messengei of AIIah, nay ny falhei and nolhei le sacii-
ficed foi you, leII ne of lhe fiisl lhing AIIah ciealed lefoie aII
lhings." He said:
"O ]ablr, the flrst thlng A||ah created uas the |lght of our
Prohet from Hls |lght, and that |lght remalned (|lt.
"turned") ln the mldst of Hls Pouer for as |ong as He
ulshed, and there uas not, at that tlme, a Tab|et or a Pen or
a Paradlse or a |lre or an ange| or a heaten or an earth. And
uhen A||ah ulshed to create creatlon, he dltlded that Llght
lnto four arts and from the flrst made the Pen, from the sec-
ond the Tab|et, from the thlrd the Throne, [and from the
fourth eterthlng e|se]." [Quoled fion Lighl of lhe IuII Moon ly CI Haddadj

The alove hadeelh is quoled ly lhe foIIoving fanous schoI-
1. Inan ayhaqi (d. 458 H) in his DaIaiI-un-Nuluvva
2. Inan QaslaIIani (d. 923 H) in his Mavahil-uI-Laduniyya
Page 9
3. Inan Iln Hajai Makki in his AfzaI-uI-Quia
4. Inan Ahnad iln Hajai Haylani (d. 974 H) in his Ialava
5. Shaykh AlduI Haq Muhaddilh DehIavi (d. 1O52 H) in
his Madaiij-un-Nuluvva

Anolhei fanous Hadeelh ieIaled ly Shaykh AlduI Haq Mu-
haddilh DehIavi in his Madaiij-un-Nuluvva and ly AI-
Iana AIi Mullaqi Hindi in his Kanz-uI-UnnaI is as foIIovs:

l uas a Prohet uhen Adam uas betueen sou| and bod."

AIso, Inan Iakhiuddin Razi (nay AIIah have neicy on
hin) slales in his fanous Tafseei Kaleei lhal Hazial Adan
(peace le upon hin) vas pioslialed lo lecause lhe Iighl of
Muhannad vas in his foiehead.


Ninely-lvo days lefoie lhe HoIy Iiophel giaced lhis
eailh, Aliaha, lhe Yeneni goveinoi of King Najashi of
Lhliopia vas naking pIans lo allack lhe HoIy Kala. He galh-
eied his ainy of nen and eIephanls and pioceeded in lhe
diieclion of Mecca, hovevei, lhe eIephanls iesisled going
leyond Wadi Mehsai, a pIace 3O niIes fion Mecca. Nevei-
lheIess, lhe ainy conlinued lo nove and vhen lhe inhali-
lanls of Mecca sav lhe eIephanls, lhey lecane afiaid and
venl inlo hiding. Hovevei, Hazial AlduI MullaIil, lhe HoIy
Iiophels giandfalhei, and lveIve olhei ieIalives slayed in
Mecca lo fighl againsl Aliaha. Aliahas soIdieis sloIe sone
of AlduI MullaIils caneIs. The HoIy Iiophels giandfa-
lhei gol on his hoise and nade his vay lo Aliaha, vho cane
oul of his lenl lo gieel hin. Ycur sc|dicrs natc |a|cn nq can-
c|s, said AlduI MullaIil lo vhich Aliaha nockingIy ie-
sponded saying lhal AlduI MullaIil shouId voiiy aloul lhe
Page 10
Kala and nol sone paIliy caneIs, lecause he had cone lo
iaze lhe Kala. To lhis AlduI MullaIil iesponded lhal lhe
Ovnei of lhe Kala is iesponsilIe foi il and he had cone lo
lake his caneIs, vhich he is iesponsilIe foi. Upon heaiing
lhis Aliaha lecane siIenl and ieluined his caneIs. AlduI
MullaIil lioughl his caneIs hone and vilh Hazial Anina
venl lo lhe Kala Shaieef and piayed O King cf |nc Kaoa, O
Crca|cr cf |nc Unitcrsc, Ycu arc Tnc Hcaring and Tnc Sccing, Ycu
arc Tnc A|| Kncuing! Ycu |ncu |na| an cncnq nas ccnc ui|n |nc
in|cn|icn |c dcs|rcq qcur purc Hcusc. Mq |crd! Ycu nad gitcn nc
|nc g|ad |idings |na| |ncrc ui|| sninc a |ign| in Ycur Hcusc. Mq
|crd! |f |na| |ign| is in Aninas ucno, |ncn uc as| fcr His sa|c
(uascc|a)! O King! lc arc nc| afraid cf anqcnc cxccp| Ycu. O
King! Satc |nc sanc|i|q cf Ycur ncusc frcn |nc cncnq and |nc
ncncr cf |nc fani|q cf |snai|. Al suniise Aliaha legan lo
nake piepaialions lo allack lhe HoIy Kala and lhe piayei
lhal vas asked ly lhe uascc|a of lhe Iiophel vas accepled
innedialeIy. AlduI MullaIil and his ieIalives venl lo a
nounlainlop lo olseive AIIah AInighlys iesponse. As lhe
eIephanls appioached lhe Kala, lhey venl inlo pioslialion
as soon as lhey sav il. The nahoul leal lhe eIephanls lo liy
lo nake lhen conlinue lovaids lhe Kala, lul lhey iefused.
Aliahas eIephanl Mahnoud vouId nol gel up al aII. This
fiighlened Aliaha and he consequenlIy oideied his ainy lo
naich ly fool. He had jusl issued lhis connand lhal an
fIock of Mailin SvaIIovs (Aoaocc|) cane fion lhe diieclion of
}eddah. Theie veie lhiee pellIes in each of lheii leaks and
one pellIe in lheii feel. They slailed lo lhiov lhese pellIes
onlo lhe soIdieis, and upon inpacl, each pellIe, loie
lhiough lhe lody of lhe soIdiei and cane oul lhiough lheii
feel. Lach pellIe had lhe nane of lhe soIdiei lhal il kiIIed.
AIIah AInighly desciiles lhis falefuI evenl in His NolIe

jO dear Prohet }, Dld ou not see hou dld our Lord
Page 11
dea| ulth the Peo|e of the E|ehant?"
|AI-Quian, Chaplei a|-|cc|, 1O5:1j

On giannalicaI anaIysis one can see lhal lhis veise is leing
diieclIy addiessed lo lhe HoIy Iiophel lecause lhe veil
|ara is singuIai and lhe pionoun |a in raoou|a is aIso singuIai
iefeiiing lo lhe HoIy Iiophel , indicaling lhal AIIah AI-
nighly is addiessing His eIoved , iefeiiing lo lhis evenl
even as He vas in lhe vonl of His nolhei saying lhal
didnl lhe Iiophel see HinseIf hov AIIah AInighly did
juslice vilh Aliaha and his ainy.

AIIana QaslaIIani (nay AIIah have neicy on hin) slales lhal
vhen lhe HoIy Iiophel vas in Hazial Aninas vonl she
sav a laII nan vho consoIed hei saying lhal she is given lhe
good nevs lhal she is lhe nolhei of lhe Leadei of aII lhe
Iiophels . When she asked lhe nan vho he vas, he said
lhal he vas Adan (peace le upon hin). ecause she vas cai-
iying lhe esl of Ciealion in hei vonl, she vas fiee fion
aII lhe noinaI piegnancy condilions such as nausea and lhe

Duiing lhe line of lhe HoIy Iiophels liilh, lhe nighl vas
going oul and lhe day vas coning in - il vas davn on a
Monday. AIIana QaslaIIani viiles in his Mavahil-uI-
Ladunniyya lhal Hazial Anina ieIales lhal duiing lhe line
of hei deIiveiy, she sav a snaII gioup descending fion lhe
sky vho had lhiee vhile fIags. They pul one in hei couil-
yaid and one on lhe ioof of lhe HoIy Kala and one on 8aq|-
u|-Maqdas. She conlinues lhal duiing lhal leaulifuI nighl, lhe
slais veie coning cIose lo hei, vhich fiIIed lhe voiId vilh
Iighl. The doois of lhe sky veie opening and she vas aIone.
AlduI MullaIil had gone lo ciicunanluIale lhe Kala. She
says lhal suddenIy she sav a vhile liid lhal nassaged ils
vings on hei heail, vhich ienoved hei neivousness and de-
Iiveiy ieIaled synplons. She Iooked inlenlIy and sav in
fionl of hei a puie vhile cup. She diank fion il lhinking il
vas niIk, and il vas sveelei lhan honey. Then, a fev
Page 12
vonen cane lo hei. One said she is Maiyan, lhe nolhei of
Isa (peace le upon hin), lhe second said she is Asiya, lhe
vife of fiiaun, lhe lhiid said she is Hajia, and lhe iesl veie
viigins of Iaiadise (nccr). They said lo Hazial Anina, lc
natc a|| ccnc |c scrtc qcu. Then she heaid a voice lhal con-
ceined hei. She sav lhal a vhile siIk sheel vas lelveen lhe
sky and eailh. A caIIei said, Cctcr Hin frcn |nc cqcs cf |nis
ucr|d. Wonen veie descending fion lhe sky, vho had
vhile cups in lheii hands. Then, she sav a vhile cIoud vilh
gieen liids vhose leaks veie Iike ied iulies. Seeing lhis hei
lody legan lo peispiie, and hei diops of sveal had lhe odoi
of nusk. She sav lhal lhe vesl and easl, lhe eailh and lhe
sky had aII Iil up. She couId see lhe caslIes of Syiia and lhe
necks of lhe caneIs of asia. She ieIales lhal lhe cenlei of
lhis Iighl vas coning fion hei. Il vas announced in lhe uni-
veise lhal Muhannad is loin.


The NolIe Quian says:

.lndeed touards ou has come a |lght from A||ah, and a
c|ear Book."
|AI-Quian, Chaplei a|-Maidan 5:15j

AII connenlalois aie agieed upon lhal in lhis veise lhe
void nccr (Iighl) iefeis lo lhe Iiophels leing (zaa|). Sone
say lhal lhe nccr is aIso Quian. Hovevei, lhis opinion is nol
suppoiled ly gieal Mufassirccn such as Inan Iakhiuddin
Razi, vho viiles in his fanous Tafseei Kaleei lhal lo say
lhal nccr (Iighl) in lhis veise iefeis lo lhe Quian is veak le-
cause |i|ao (look) aIieady iefeis lo lhe Quian, and lo say
lolh of lhen iefei lo lhe Quian is a veak opinion (even
lhough lhe Quian is Iighl). Whal is noie coiiecl is lhal nccr
Page 13
in lhis veise iefeis lo lhe HoIy Iiophel vhose nane and
essence is Iighl.

AIIah AInighly had given lhe Iiophel a speciaI slalion &
slienglh even lefoie His liilh lecause AIIah vanled lo
keep Hin dislinguished. AIIah says in His NolIe Quian:

Had We sent doun thls Quran uon a mountaln, ou
uou|d hate then sure| seen lt boued doun, b|oun to blts
b the fear of A||ah, and We l||ustrate such exam|es for
eo|e, for them to onder."
|AI-Quian, Chaplei a|-Hasnr 59:21j

ul lhe heail of lhe Chosen One has lhe Iighl of AIIah, lhal
if no one couId caiiy lhis veighl, lhen lhe Iiophel couId
caiiy il. This is aIso an indicalion lovaids lhe poinl lhal lhe
Iiophel is Iighl and lhe Quian is aIso Iighl. The Quian
couId nol have leen ieveaIed on anylhing eIse oi il vouId
have ciunlIed as indicaled in lhe afoienenlioned veise.
Hovevei, lecause lhe Iiophels heail is Iighl and lhe
Quian is aIso Iighl, lheiefoie Iighl vas alsoiled ly Iighl.


Il vas a liadilion of lhe Aials of lhe deseil lo lake a chiId foi
suckIing. When lhe HoIy Iiophels vel nuise Hazial
HaIeena (nay AIIah le pIeased vilh hei) aiiived in Mecca,
aII lhe chiIdien of lhe veII lo do faniIies had leen laken. She
lhen heaid a voice, Dcn| gricf! Tcdaq in qcur |aps is ccning
|nc uca||n cf |nc ucr|ds! The HoIy Iiophel vas lhe onIy
Page 14
chiId Iefl and feeIing soiiy foi Hin, she look Hin. Hov-
evei, she soon legan lo expeiience lhe gieal lIessings of lhe
piesence of lhe Iiophel. Hei enacialed iide on vhich she
had cone, nov lecane fuII of eneigy and didnl slop even if
she liied! Hei goals lhal hilheilo had diy uddeis nov legan
lo geneiale alundanl niIk. She sav lhal vhen lhe Iiophel
vas in His ciadIe, lhe noon used lo nove vilh His
lIessed laly fingeis. Il is inleiesling lo nole lhal oidinaiy
peopIe pIay vilh loys nade of cIay lecause lhal is vhal ve
aie nade of, lul AIIah AInighly nade lhe noon, vhich ie-
fIecls Iighl, an apl loy foi lhe Iiophel lo pIay vilh lecause
He is Iighl!

Once Hazial HaIeena (nay AIIah le pIeased vilh hei) venl
lo diink Zanzan and upon hei ieluin did nol find lhe
Iiophel . She lecane exhausled Iooking foi Hin , and
vhen she did find Hin , she sav lhal He vas in lhe
Kala and lhe idoIs had aII faIIen.

When He vas lveIve yeais oId, he venl lo Syiia vilh a
caiavan vilh Alu TaIil. When lhis caiavan slopped al a
nonasleiy of an ascelic, his face slopped al lhe face of lhe
Iiophel and he caIIed and said, Tnis is |nc |cadcr cf |nc
Mcsscngcrs. Alu TaIil vas quiel upon heaiing lhis. ul lhe
olheis asked lhe ascelic hov he knev lhis. The ascelic said
lhal vhen lhey veie descending fion lhe nounlain, he sav
lhal lhe slones veie lending lovaids Hin . Heaiing lhe
ascelics voids Alu TaIil legan lo Iove lhe Iiophel even
noie, so nuch so lhal he didnl do anylhing vilhoul lhe
Iiophels consuIlalion. The fanous schoIai Qadi Iyad
viiles in his fanous look Ash-Shifa lhal Hazial AIi (nay
AIIah ennolIe his face) naiiales lhal he sliII ienenleis lhal
iock lhal he used lo pass ly vilh lhe Iiophel and lhe iock
used lo say in Ioud voice: As-sa|aa|u uas-sa|aanu a|aq|a qa
Rascc|a||an, As-sa|aa|u uas-sa|aanu a|aq|a qa Haoccou||an. AIso,
vheievei lhe HoIy Iiophel venl, a cIoud used lo go vilh
Page 15
Hin pioviding Hin vilh covei. Hov apl lhal AIIah AI-
nighly vouId assign lhe iesl of His ciealion in seivice lo His

The NolIe Quian cIeaiIy slales lhal AIIah, lhe Mosl CIoiified
and LxaIled is He, assenlIed aII lhe souIs in lhe spiiiluaI
voiId and said as slaled in lhe foIIoving veise:

And remember uhen our Lord brought forth the genera-
tlons from the backs of the Descendants of Adam, and made
them thelr oun ultness, "Am l not our Lord?", the a||
sald, "Yes sure| You are, uh not? We testlf ."
|AI-Quian, Chaplei a|-Aaraf 7:172j

Aflei lhis, anolhei oalh vas laken. This second spiiiluaI
neeling vas specific lo lhe Iiophels and Messengeis and
has leen iepoiled in lhe Quian in lhe foIIoving veise:

And ienenlei vhen AIIah look a covenanl fion lhe
Page 16
Iiophels, 'If I give you lhe ook and knovIedge and lhe
(pionised) NolIe Messengei (Iiophel Mohanned )
cones lo you, confiining lhe ooks you possess, you shaII
posiliveIy, definileIy leIieve in hin and you shaII posiliveIy,
definileIy heIp hin, He said, 'Do you agiee, and accepl My
linding iesponsiliIily in lhis nallei` They aII ansveied,
'We agiee, He said, 'Then leai vilness anongsl youiseIves,
and I MyseIf an a vilness vilh you.
|AI-Quian, Chaplei Aa| |nran 3:81j

Il is inleiesling lo nole lhal in lhe alove veise AIIah AI-
nighly has used lhe nccn cf |a|ccd (enphalic nccn) lvice and
nade il conpuIsoiy on lhe Iiophels lo have failh in and lo
heIp lhe HoIy Iiophel . This indicales lhe nagnificence of
lhe HoIy Iiophel . If one pondeis on lhe phiIosophy of lhis
veise and anaIyzes il, il is seen lhal foi His ovn Loidship
AIIah AInighly onIy asked lhe peopIe aloul il, lul foi lhe
Messengeihood and Iove of His eIoved , AIIah AInighly
nade nuch enphasis naking aII lhe Iiophels and Messen-
geis vilnesses lo each olhei and HinseIf lecane a Wilness,
saying lhal if anyone noves avay aflei accepling lhis oalh,
lhey have iejecled lhe connand.

This vas lhe fiisl spiiiluaI galheiing (Mcnfi|-c-Mi|ad) con-
nenoialing lhe liilh of lhe HoIy Iiophel in vhich AIIah
AInighly announced lhe veneialIe peisonaIily of lhe HoIy
Iiophel . This spiiiluaI galheiing vas eslalIished ly AIIah
AInighly HinseIf. Il is lheiefoie cIeai lhen lhal lo eslalIish a
galheiing lo ienenlei lhe Iiophel is a Sunnah (piaclice)
of AIIah AInighly HinseIf. AddilionaIIy, lhe vay lhal lhe
Iiophels and Messengeis Iislened lo lhe Dni|r (nenlion /
ienenliance) of lhe Iiophel , eIucidales lhal heaiing lhis
Dni|r is a Sunnah of lhe Iiophels and Messengeis. Il is lheie-
foie cIeai fion lhis Quianic anaIysis lhal AIIah AInighly
exaIled lhe nane of His eIoved ly insliluling lhis spiii-
luaI galheiing. And He AInighly lound lhe Iiophels and
Messengeis lo Iislen lo lhe Dni|r of His eIoved , lo leIieve
Page 17
in Hin and lo heIp Hin . This shovs lhal lhe Iiophels
Iiophelhood vas eslalIished and lhe Iiophels and Mes-
sengeis lecane His Unnan and lhe Iiophel vas lhen senl
lo lhe eailh as lhe Iasl Iiophel, jusl Iike a chief guesl is sIaled
lo speak al lhe end, saving lhe lesl foi Iasl.

Ioi lhe happiness of lhe Mi|ad (liilh) of lhe Iiophel , Mus-
Iins nusl oiganize siniIai spiiiluaI galheiings. Happiness
nusl le expiessed openIy as lhe Quian says:

Sa, Uon A||ahs munlflcence and uon Hls merc - uon
these shou|d the eo|e re]olce ."
|AI-Quian, Chaplei Yunus 1O:58j

The giealesl happiness is lhe liilh of lhe HoIy Iiophel
and heie ly using lhe void Qu|, AIIah AInighly is con-
nanding lhe MusIins lhal lhe Iiophels liilh must le de-
cIaied and ceIelialed vilh happiness. Inan QaslaIIani (nay
AIIah have neicy on hin) viiles lhal in lhe puie nonlh of
lhe HoIy Iiophels liilh, leIieveis have leen ceIelialing
and ealing and feeding peopIe, expiessing lheii happiness,
and giving chaiily in lhis lIessed nighl, and have leen nak-
ing speciaI aiiangenenls foi oiganizing lhe Mi|ad, vhich
nakes AIIah AInighlys lounlies pievaIenl. Lxpeiience
shovs lhal lhe yeai in vhich Mi|ad is peifoined, lheie is
peace and secuiily in lhal aiea. AIIah AInighly shoveis His
lIessings on lhal peison vho ceIeliales lhe nighl of lhe liilh
as Lid. The ceIelialion of Mcnfi|-c-Mi|ad and lo galhei peopIe
lo iead Naa| (poeliy in piaise of lhe HoIy Iiophel ), and lo
fasl on lhe 12
of Raoiu| Auua|, lhe exacl day on vhich lhe
Iiophel vas loin, and lo give chaiily have aII leen hap-
pening since lhe eaiIy lines.

Page 18

The galheiings of MiIad have lhe foIIoving conponenls:
Recilalion of lhe HoIy Quian
Naa|s of lhe HoIy Iiophel
Sa|aan (saIulalion) lo lhe HoIy Iiophel
Dua (suppIicalion)
None of lhe alove is againsl Shaiiah (IsIanic Lav). IsIan is
lhe nane of congiegaling, lhis is vhy Mi|ad is done logelhei
vilh peopIe. IsIan leaches peopIe lo le logelhei and lo ceIe-
liale happiness logelhei. Theiefoie voiship in IsIan is aIso
expiessed lhiough coIIeclivisn. When ve gel logelhei and
iead Quian and voiship logelhei, lheie aie nany spiiiluaI
and sociaI lenefils. The liggesl lenefil is lhal ve aie oii-
enled spiiiluaIIy lhiough lhese galheiings. The olhei lig
lenefil is lhal lhiough exposuie lo ieIigious knovIedge ve
Ieain aloul lhe line of lhe Iiophel and can lhen leach oui
chiIdien aloul lhese hisloiicaI facls so lhal lhe nev geneia-
lion can lenefil. Mcnfi| of Mi|ad incieases Iove in faniIies and
lhe hone in vhich lhis galheiing is heId, lhe lIessing of lhe
Dni|r of AIIah and lhe Iiophel , Quian & Naa|, ienoves
lhe deviI and ils effecls. The liadilion of ieading Naa|, is foI-
Ioving in lhe foolsleps of lhe gieal Conpanion of lhe HoIy
Iiophel, Hazial Hassan iln Thalil (nay AIIah le pIeased
vilh hin). He used lo iead Naa| and lhe HoIy Iiophel
used lo give hin dua. Adheienls of olhei failhs lake lo IsIan
leing louched ly lhe leauly of lhese poens. In addilion, ly
allending Mi|ad, a conneclion is deveIoped vilh lhe Aialic
Ianguage, since il is lhe Ianguage of aII lhe piinaiy souices
of ieIigious knovIedge in IsIan. The ieguIai allendees of
such galheiings lecone adepl al effecliveIy leaching olheis,
incIuding peopIe of olhei failhs. Theiefoie Mi|ad is a lig so-
ciaI and spiiiluaI inslilulion lhal slienglhens MusIins aII
ovei lhe voiId and eslalIishes ieIalions lelveen peopIe.

Page 19
Sone peopIe anaIyze lhe cuiienl MusIin condilion and con-
cIude lhal loday ve aie faced vilh nany gieal chaIIenges.
Hovevei, if one iefIecls upon hisloiy and anaIyses lhe peo-
pIe of aII lhe Iiophels fion Adan lo Isa (peace le upon
lhen aII), lvo piincipIes suiface:

1. The connunilies lhal foIIov and suppoil lheii Iiophels
vilh lheii heails, and sinceieIy Iove lheii Iiophels, ovei-
cone any and aII chaIIenges on lhe lasis of lheii |nan (failh).
2. Hovevei, lhe ones vhose |nan is veak, and lhey alan-
don lheii Iiophel, naking lheii Iove viclin of uasauis (eviI
suggeslions) aflei hin, lhen punishnenl is senl upon lhen.

This has happened in lhe pasl vilh aII lhe connunilies. In
lhe conlenpoiaiy peiiod, ve can say lhal MusIins aie nol
facing chaIIenges lul aie ieceiving punishnenl and huniIia-
lion fion AIIah AInighly lecause ve Iove eveiylhing excepl
oui liue Ieadei, lhe NolIe Iiophel Muhannad . In oui
sociaI and poIilicaI Iife, MusIins and lheii schoIais aie ieady
lo pay iespecl lo oui kings, piesidenls, and piine ninisleis
of oui counliies. We aie ieady lo pay iespecl lo socio-
poIilicaI povei lased peisonaIilies. We pay iespecl lo judges
of lhe couils. We acl accoiding lo lhe convenlions of lhe
slales and conslilulions. If lhe judge appeais in lhe couil, ve
cannol sil, slanding up lo pay iespecl. Oi in lhe fIag hosling
ceienony ve sland up and keep oui hands on oui heails. In
passing oul paiades, soIdieis saIule lheii officeis. Lven slu-
denls sland up vhen a leachei cones inlo lhe cIassioon.
This is a connon convenlionaI appioach of lhe peopIe pay-
ing iespecl lo povei lased peisonaIilies. On lhe olhei hand,
lheie aie lhousands of iiieIevanl and iIIogicaI queslions ie-
gaiding lasic leIiefs especiaIIy aloul Iove of HoIy Iiophel
Muhannad decIaiing eveiylhing as snir| (poIylheisn)
and oidan (innovalion) ciealing a Iove-pholia lovaid lhe
HoIy Iiophel. IeopIe vanl lo Iove lhe HoIy Iiophel lul
lhey have leen viongIy laughl and given nisIeading and
Page 20
faIse inleipielalions in lhe Iighl of oidan and snir| vhich has
ciealed a cuIluie of fiuslialion in lhe MusIin Unnan. This is
seiiousIy iesuIling in feai of voiIdIy foices and suloidina-
lion ly a cIass lhal vas once undei MusIin iuIe in hisloiy.
This in luin is iesuIling in chaos, disoiganizalion and disin-
foinalion in lhe MusIin Unnan. In acadenia, MusIins aie
veak. And in sociaI oiganizalion MusIins Iook foi heIp and
suppoil fion sliala of sociely lhal once veie undei MusIin
iuIe. In nosl fieIds, MusIins aie suloidinale. Whal is lhe
nain ieason foi lhis decIine` The ansvei is sinpIe: Olvi-
ousIy, vhen ve donl Iove lhe HoIy Iiophel accoiding lo
lhis Hadeelh:

Naiialed Anas (nay AIIah le pIeased vilh hin) lhal AIIah's
AposlIe said:

None of ou ul|| hate falth untl| l am more be|oted to hlm
than hls father, hls chl|dren and a|| manklnd."
|Sahih ukhaii, VoIune 1, ook 2 #14j

lhen AIIah AInighlys punishnenl has leen decIaied foi lhe
MusIin Unnan.

The queslion aiises: Whal shouId MusIins do loday` Whal
nessage shouId MusIins gain lhiough Mi|ad` The liggesl
nessage of couise is lhe Iove foi lhe HoIy Iiophel . Theie
is sliII line lo ieclify oui viong doings and sulnil ouiseIves
lo AIIah AInighly and lo lhe feel of His RasooI , ieaIizing
lhal lhe MusIin Unnan has connilled a giave nislake ie-
gaiding undeislanding lhe giavily of Iove vilh lhe NolIe
Iiophel . We nusl foIIov lhe liadilion of lhe Sahalas
(Conpanions), Talieen (foIIoveis of lhe Sahalas), Tali
Talieen (foIIoveis of lhe Talieen), and lhe gieal schoIais of
Page 21
lhe eaiIy geneialions such as Inan MaIik, Inan Shafi,
Inan Ahned lin HanlaI and Inan Alu Hanifa, and lhe
spiiiluaI Ieadeis of Qadiiya, Chishliya, Naqshnandiya, So-
haivaidiya oideis (nay AIIah have neicy on lhen aII).
Hov did lhese gieal peisonaIilies foIIov IsIan` They used lo
sil in lheii hones and peifoin Dni|r of AIIah and His
Iiophel and aIso used lo disliilule food oi al Ieasl sveels
oi dales on lhis occasion of Mi|ad.

Love vilh lhe HoIy Iiophel is neilhei snir| noi oidan.
When Hazial KhaIid lin WaIeed (nay AIIah le pIeased vilh
hin) used lo go lallIe, he used lo keep lhe Iessed haii of lhe
HoIy Iiophel in his heInel. When Hazial iIaI (nay AIIah
le pIease vilh hin) used lo say lhe Adnan (caII lo piayei) he
used lo do il seeing lhe Iiophel , and he slopped giving
lhe Adnan aflei lhe passing avay of lhe HoIy Iiophel le-
cause he couIdnl leai His sepaialion. Hazial Alulaki
(nay AIIah le pIeased vilh hin) gave eveiylhing fion his
hone in chaiily, and vhen asked vhal he had Iefl al hone,
he iepIied, A||an A|nign|q and His Rascc|s |ctc. SiniIaiIy
vhen lhe Iiophels lIessed leelh veie nailyied in lallIe,
Hazial Ovais Qaini (nay AIIah le pIeased vilh hin) lioke
aII his leelh, vanling lo le one vilh lhe eIoved Iiophel
in His pain. Aflei lhe oveil passing of lhe HoIy Iiophel
fion lhis voiId, Hazial Unai (nay AIIah le pIeased vilh
hin) said lhal he vouId kiII anyone vho said lhal He has
died - lhis vas a unique expiession of his Iove. Inan MaIik
(nay AIIah le pIeased vilh hin) venl foi Hajj onIy once and
lhen slayed in lhe cily of Medina foi feai lhal he nighl die
oulside lhe cily of his leIoved Iiophel . Inan ukhaii
(nay AIIah have neicy on hin) vouId face lhe Mazar-c-
Muoara| (Iessed Resling IIace) of lhe HoIy Iiophel vhen
he viole Hadeelh - lhis vas his Iove. Theie aie lhousands of
such exanpIes piesenl in looks vilh iefeiences, vhich shov
lhe Iove of oui gieal sainls vilh lhe HoIy Iiophel . Loving
Hin is uncondilionaI and does nol incIude feai. Whal has
Page 22
happened loday is lhal ve have nade Iove foi Hin condi-
lionaI. This has ciealed a psychoIogicaI snir| and oidan pho-
lia. This seIf-ciealed vievpoinl has caused seiious iepeicus-
sions againsl lhe MusIin Unnan. The spiiil of |nan has Iefl
lhe MusIin heail and nind and has leen iepIaced vilh feai
of lhe voiId.

If an anaIysis is done on lhe diffeience lelveen Iife and
dealh and ve say foi exanpIe a peison is aIive lecause he is
al a pailicuIai lody lenpeialuie and if lhe lenpeialuie faIIs
leIov lhal, cIinicaIIy lhe peison dies. The souI has nol leen
seen. Il is hidden in lhe lody. ul if lhis heal is gone, lhen
lhis sane peison vho has lhe polenliaI lo ieach lhe sky as
lhe Iinil, cannol even ienove a fIy fion hin and he dies and
peopIe aie iepeIIed ly his decaying lody. Whal is lhis lhing
lhal has gone fion his lody` Accoiding lo lhe NolIe Quian:

The ask ou concernlng the sou|, roc|alm The sou| ls an
entlt b the command of m Lord ."
|AI-Quian, Chaplei 8ani |srac| 17:85j

The MusIins aie aIso Iike a lody, vhich used lo le aIive and
vilaI al one line in hisloiy lecause il had lhe spiiil of lhe
Iove of lhe HoIy Iiophel . Hovevei vilh lhe nodein phe-
nonenon of disconneclion vilh lhe Iiophels Iove , lhe
MusIins have lecone viclins of huniIialion. Il is line once
again lo ievilaIize lhe MusIin Unnan lhiough liealhing ils
souI lack inlo il, vhich is none olhei lhan lhe Iove foi lhe
HoIy Iiophel . As AIIah AInighly pionises lhal He nakes
lhe Iiving cone oul fion lhe dead and lhe dead fion lhe Iiv-
ing in lhe foIIoving veise:

Page 23

. You brlng forth the |ltlng from the dead, and You brlng
forth the dead from the |ltlng ."
|AI-Quian, Chaplei Aa| |nran 3:27j

Il is inpeialive lhal ve lake advanlage of lhis lIessed nonlh
of Raoiu| Auua| lo nake coIIeclive |s|ignfar (seek foigive-
ness) iepenling foi any eiiois ve nay have connilled in lhe
giandeui, dignily and honoi of lhe esl of Ciealion . Aflei
AIIah AInighly, He is lhe Rannan lo hunanily (Meicy)
and one cannol neasuie oi Iinil neicy, jusl Iike one cannol
neasuie oi Iinil Iove vilh ones paienls oi chiIdien. Hov
can one lhen Iinil Iove vilh lhe One vhose Iove heiaIds lhe
conpIeleness of |nan`

Lel us piay lhal AIIah AInighly ly lhe uascc|a of His e-
Ioved gianls liue Iove of His eIoved in oui heails lhal
nakes each one of us vilianl and posilive conliilulois lo
hunanily. (Aanin)


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