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A Strategic Analysis on

A. T. Cross Company
Prepared by: Jino K. Joseph Presented to Mr. K. S. Prasad

G. H. Patel Post-graduate Institute of Business Management 2010-12

The A. T. Cross Company is a major international manufacturer of fine writing instruments, timepieces, and personal accessories. Cross products are sold to the consumer gift market through fine stores worldwide. The company was founded in 1846 in Providence, Rhode Island The company was founded by Richard Cross who passed it on to his son Alonzo T. Cross.

1916: Walter Boss acquires the company from the Cross family. 1971: A.T. Cross Company goes public. 1983: Mark Cross Inc., a leather goods retailer, is acquired. 1993: Mark Cross is sold to Sara Lee Corporation. 1996: Pen Computing Group is formed.

1999: David G. Whalen is named president and CEO, becoming the first person outside the Boss family 2000: Closed down of the firm's manufacturing and distribution facility in Ireland. 2001: Company shuts down the Pen Computing Group.


Strategies Implemented
The corporate strategy implemented during the early 1980s is by introducing their product as gift materials. In October 1983, A.T. Cross acquired Mark Cross Inc., a store-chain and mail-order retailer of high-priced luggage, handbags, briefcases, other leather goods, and assorted gifts. Diversification into Cross accessories and optical division

SWOT Analysis
Strength Diversified product portfolio and well balanced revenue streams. Strong global presence Strong focus on research and development. Weakness Fluctuating margins and cash flows. Marketing strategies are incorporated

SWOT Analysis
Positive outlook for the domestic and global market Strong growth in global market

Slowdown of the global economy Intense Competition

PESTEL Analysis
Political - Stability Economical - Prosperity Social - Status, Customs and Value Technological - Regular innovation Environmental - CSR, raw materials Legal - Trade and tariff policies

5 Force Analysis
Threat of entrants - Low Threat of substitutes - Medium Bargaining power of buyer - Low Bargaining power of supplier - High Competitive rivalry - High

A.T. Cross has a bright future, powered by the strength of our brands, the support of our customers, and the talents and passion of our people. Russell A. Boss Chairman A. T. Cross Company