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This document is completely unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited.

The Red Terror

The Red Terror is a Tyranid creature sighted during the assault on Devlan, an imperial mining world on the Eastern Fringe. Although no similar creatures have been reported since, it is entirely possible that in other engagements involving this creature or its like there have simply been no survivors. WS 6 BS S 5 T 5 W 3 I 5 A 5 Ld 8 Sv 4+

The Red Terror

Point Cost: 140 points Composition: 1 (Unique) (Fast Attack) Unit Type: Beast Weapons and Biomorphs: Hardened Carapace, Scything Talons (two sets) Special Rules: Instinctive Behaviour Feed, Acid Maw, Deep Strike, Fearless, Furious Charge, Hit and Run, Move Through Cover. Unspeakable Horror: Any unit that wishes to assault the Red Terror must pass a Morale check to overcome the dread fear that exudes from the beast. Additionally any enemy units in an assault with the Red Terror must take a Leadership test before any rolls to hit are made. If this test fails the units resolve is shaken by being so close to the beast and the stench of death. Their ability to fight suffers as a result and so their WS is reduced by half (rounding down, to a minimum of 1). Swallow Whole: The Red Terror is capable of swallowing men whole, as occurred to the unfortunate Lieutenant Borales and Captain Lowe. If the Red Terror hits with five or more of its Attacks in the Assault Phase, it may choose a single enemy model in base-to-base contact and attempt to swallow it whole! The Red Terror and the victim must then both roll a D6 and add their current Strength value to the roll. If the Red Terror scores higher then it successfully crams the victim into its gaping Maw. The swallowed model is removed as a casualty; no roll to wound is made. Armour and invulnerable saving throws do not apply and wargear or special rules that would normally save the victim will have no effect. The violence of the attack and the corrosive acid inside the Red Terror is assumed to damage or destroy the victim and any equipment they carried. If the Red Terror fails to swallow the victim neither the Red Terror nor the victim may attack again in the current Assault Phase. They are too busy fighting amongst themselves! The intimate nature of the struggle makes it harder for enemies to land a blow on the Red Terror. Any successful Hits directed against the Red Terror before the end of the current Assault Phase will instead strike the victim on a D6 roll of 4+. The following models cannot be swallowed whole: Models with a Toughness value equal to or greater than five (bonuses from wargear or special rules do apply) Bikes or cavalry models (this includes Jetbikes, etc) Anything that has an armour value (vehicles, Dreadnoughts, etc) Fast Metabolism: When the Red Terror swallows a victim an immediate and observable digestion process begins, resulting in a form of rapid regeneration. The Red Terror immediately recovers wounds equal to the number of wounds the victim has listed on their profile. If this leaves the Red Terror with more than 3 wounds he may keep the extra wounds, but may not use the Swallow Whole rule again until his number of wounds is reduced to 3 or less.

5th Edition Tyranid Red Terror Profile and Special Rules. Remember these rules are just for fun always ask your opponents permission to use them!