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1 | P a g e Global Business School-Hubli DECLARATION I, Abdul Khader.M.

Lashkar hereby declare that the Project titled A Study on Customer Perception towards the Consumer Durables and Home appliances at Harsha submitted by me in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of the degree of Master of Business Administration by Karnatak University, Dharwad, is my original work and is not submitted elsewhere for the award of any other degree or diploma. Date: Abdul Khader.M.Lashkar Place: Hubli M.B.A II Sem 2 | P a g e Global Business School-Hubli

Acknowledgement It gives me an immense pleasure to present this report on A study on Customer Perception towards Consumer durables and home appliances at Harsha Hubli. First and foremost I would like to express my sincere thanks to VIJAY POOJARY, the Branch In-charge of Harsha Hubli for his kind valuable guidance and suggestions for my study. I acknowledge heartily, the assistance and cooperation given by the employees of Harsha and special thanks to Mr.Shabbir Bahadur for His support and help. My special heartily thanks our Director Dr.Prashant Yatgiri and Internal Guide Proff: Manik for his valuable guidance and support in carrying out my project. Regardless of the source we wish to express our gratitude to those who contributed to our project even though anonymously. I also express my sincere thanks and dedicate my work to my parents and family members who have been always a moral support and strong pillars at all works of my life and at every stage with a cheer enthusiasm. By, Abdul Khader.M.Lashkar MBA 2nd sem 3 | P a g e Global Business School-Hubli

Executive Summary The research study is conducted on the customer perception towards the Consumer durables and Home appliances at Harsha Hubli. Harsha is one of the top retail outlets for consumer durables and home appliances in Hubli city from last 9 years with great customer care and service. The Harsha is the part of Prakash Retail the Udupi based industry having its 7 branches across the Karnatak and they are in consumer durable and home appliances since 1987 and soon they are coming with their new 8 branch in Dharwad. The Prakash retail is founded in the year 1987 by Bola Poojary, and their main head office is also located in Ambalpodi of Udupi and current managing by Surya prakash K. The Harsha Hubli was established in the year2001, currently the branch handling is Mr. Vijay Poojary and Harsha Hubli has 14% shares of Prakash retail with the last year turnover of 14crore in Harsha Hubli. The Research study has the following objectives

s information sources help in buying process.


To meet these objectives a survey amongst 100 respondent of Harsha in Hubli city is conducted through suitable questionnaire technique and responses are collected. The survey also has hypothesis and through SPSS software the analysis is carried out. After analysis facts and findings are obtain and suitable suggestion has been mentioned in the report. The final conclusion is most of the respondent of Harsha Hubli are said they have positive perception towards the Harsha Hubli, and they also has expectations from the Harsha. 4 | P a g e Global Business School-Hubli


Chapter 1 Organizational Study 6 | P a g e Global Business School-Hubli

PROFILE OF HARSHA ENTERPRISES: Harsha is a retail outlet, which is dealing in consumer durables and home appliances like TV, refrigerators, washing machines, air coolers, coolers, mixer grinders, micro ovens etc. This is belongs to Prakash Electric Co.Pvt.Ltd {now its PRAKASH RETAIL} of Prakash Group of Companies. ORIGIN OF THE ORGANIZATION: Prakash group started by Mr. Bola Poojary and five members of a family settled in Udupi and hence its head office is situated in Udupi. In the year 1986, they came with an idea of retailing business. This was at a time when organized retailing was hardly recognized or appreciated sector in the country. In the year 1987 the company put its first step in retailing sector by establishing a new showroom in Udupi entitled as Harsha or Happiness. From a single showroom in 1987 to a six chain of suspenseful outlets Prakash Electric Co. has come a long way. From expertise in handling just 500 to 3500 stock-keeping units till date, Prakash Electric co. private limited brands if HARSHA have almost become synonym with shopping in every market to its presence. In the largely unorganized sector of retailing in was a vision of its founders to redefine the ethical values and hailing the spirit of customers responsiveness to build a brand that signifies trust. Today after 18 years in business, the dream has started taking its shape unlike ever before. With over 650 million in revenues HARSHA stands 2nd states. With 6-world class showroom, 2 warehouses, 250 employees all managing 3500 SKUS HARSHA, is

today a true force in retailing to reckon with. What make them different among the breed are their valued threat are shaped with deep understandings of human relations and passion for going extra mile for our customers. 7 | P a g e Global Business School-Hubli

Founder of the Company: Mr. Bola Poojary Head office: Udupi (Ambalpodi) Management Team of Prakash Group of Companies: Mr. Surya Prakash K (M.D) & (Head of Finance Department) Mr. Ashok Kumar (Head of Operations Department) Mr. Harish M (Head of Marketing Department) Mr. Suresh M (Head of Research and Development Department) Mr. Rajesh M (overall management and company affairs) OBJECTIVE OF HARSHA: To deliver a quality product that gives value for money and excellent service that is satisfied and delights the customer totally. Principles of HARSHA Practice:



-work interesting.

Harsha Quality Policy: We are committed to delight our customers by providing a wide range of products and worlds best brands, great shopping experience and prompt, professional services. 8 | P a g e Global Business School-Hubli

Branches of Harsha: There are Harsha having total 7 Branches across the Karnataka cities like Udupi, Mangalore, Shimoga, Puttur, Hubli, Kundapur, Belgaum and soon will open its new branch in Dharwad. Harsha at Hubli: The Harsha Showroom started in Hubli in the year of 2001 at Balkrishna square complex at Station Road Hubli. The total area of Harsha Hubli is 4500sq ft. The Harsha Hubli is one of the important retail outlet of Prakash Retail. Because it is the main branch at north Karnataka and have nearly 14% of the shares of Prakash Retail. Major Products @ Harsha: Home Appliances and Kitchen Products: Mixies, Wet grinders, Cookers, Crockery, Non- stick wares, Fans, Irons, toasters, Stoves, Water purifies, Water heaters. Electronic Goods: Cordless Kettles, Wall Clocks, Rechargeable Lights, Cameras, Mobiles, Pen drives, Digi-cams, Handi-cams, i-pods etc. Consumer Durables Products: Television, Music System, DVD, VCD, Ovens, Air coolers and Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Home Theatre Systems Etc- Major Brands: LG, Videocon, Godrej, Samsung, Onida, Philips, Kenstar, Santa, Usha, Ultra, Hawkins, Prestige, Eagle, khaitan, Bajaj, Thomson, Maharaja, butterfly, V-Guard, Sony, Olympus, BPL, IFB, Panasonic, Whirlpool, Voltas, Sansui, Motorola, Nokia, etc. 9 | P a g e Global Business School-Hubli

Departments at Harsha: Sales Department: This is the major department handle by the 16 sales executive and supervisor in-charge of sales with the additional staff of 6 members assign by company of various brands. Service Department: This department is managed by the Service in-charge and the 7 member staff. There are 2types of services at Harsha Hubli. Indoor Service: This is at service department of Harsha. Outdoor Service: This service is done as per the customer call at their house. Accounts Department: This department handles by the 2 members, where the various records of Bank and cash collections, Bank Deposits, Outstanding collections and other major transactions are managed. Material Department: This department handles by the Material Manager and other 2 staff members, where the Order and Receipt of goods, Purchase order and stock related aspects are managed. Four Major Counter at Harsha Showroom: Counter 1: Key items like, Mixi, grinder, non-stick wares, cook wares, Glass wares etcCounter 2: Fan, Water Heaters, Mobiles, Digi-cams, Handi-cams, Ipods, Gas stoves, Iron Boxes etc- Counter 3: LCDs, TVs, DVDs, Home theatre systems, Speaker systems, Satellite boxes like Tata Sky, Big TV, D2H, Airtel etc- Counter 4: Washing machines, Refrigerators, Airconditioners, Micro wave ovens. 10 | P a g e Global Business SchoolHubli

Harsha Events: Every year Harsha organized few events to attract customer and Harsha promote its outlets with various promotional activities and also by providing various discounts and offers and also provide gift hampers and combo-offers etc- These are the following events which organized Harsha every year.

Organization Chart @ Harsha: Branch In-charge Floor manager Material manager Counter supervisor Assistant Service Manager

Assistant Sales Executives/ Sales Executives/ Sales assistants Sales assistants 11 | P a g e Global Business School-Hubli 12 | P a g e Global Business School-Hubli

Chapter 2 Research Topic and Objectives 13 | P a g e Global Business SchoolHubli

Topic of the Study: Study on Customer Preference towards Consumer durables & Home appliances at HARSHA Hubli. Statement of the Problem: Now a days every organization work hard for developing new customer relationship and retaining of customers. A customer or consumer who goes to purchase a durable or home appliances, he/she was influenced by many factors like social factors, psychological factors, income level, taste, need, advertisement and so on that directly influence to the preference of the customer between various brands and products available in the market. So what will be the factors that will make a customer to visit HARSHA outlet in Hubli and also influence their preference to visit to HARSHA outlet in Hubli on other competitive outlets in Hubli. So the study is conducted on the topic of Study on Customer Preference towards Consumer durables & Home appliances of HARSHA Hubli 14 | P a g e Global Business SchoolHubli

Objectives of the study:

s HARSHA outlet Hubli.


Scope of the study: It will help in applying the theoretical knowledge to the practical issues. It will help in understanding, reviewing and improving the marketing strategies. The experience gained during this study provides a tool, which can be applied in any future undertakings of similar nature. The study will also provide some valuable suggestion to the selected firm/industry to work upon their strategies and also it will

be sample surveys to show case their present strategies and the response from the target customers of the industry. 15 | P a g e Global Business School-Hubli

Hypothesis of the study: 1: Awareness Ho: Awareness level about the HARSHA outlet in Hubli is high. H1: Awareness level about the HARSHA outlet in Hubli is not so high. 2: Customer Perception Ho: Customer Perception of Male and Female in Harsha Outlet will differ. H1: Customer Perception of Male and Female in Harsha Outlet will not be differ 3: customer expectation Ho: customer expectations will not be same for pricing strategy, Customer care service, Quality, Varieties available in HARSHA. H1: customer expectations will be same for pricing strategy, Customer care service, Quality, Varieties available in HARSHA. 4: Marketing Strategies Ho: There is no significant relationship between the overall marketing strategies and its different variables to attract the customer. H1: There is significant relationship between the overall marketing strategies and its different variables to attract the customer. 16 | P a g e Global Business School-Hubli

Limitations of the study:

not participated in the Survey and hence they may affect on the study.

which may affect the result of the study.

Hubli city.

tive or neutral answers for just finish the answering. So this may also affect the study.

to cover all information. 17 | P a g e Global Business School-Hubli

Chapter 3 Research Methodology 18 | P a g e Global Business School-Hubli

RESEARCH METHODOLOGY: To achieve the stated objectives, the data is collected for analysis and interpretation. The two types of data will be collected. They are primary data and secondary data. PRIMARY DATA: It is define as the data, which is collected from the field of information through survey and questionnaire technique. So here in this report the primary data is be collected directly from the respondents and the customers visited to the HARSHA and also interaction with the manager and sales executive, using a questionnaire and discussing with the respondents. SECONDARY DATA: It is define as the data, which is already been collected or existence that can be used for the research is said to be the secondary data. Here the secondary data are collected from the Records of HARSHA outlet Hubli and also from websites, the broachers, and journals of the organization and other documents of the company, which will helpful for the research study. 19 | P a g e Global Business School-Hubli

METHOD OF SAMPLING: Sampling: As the population of Hubli city is too much, since it is difficult to find the customers from the total population it is much difficult to do the survey of Each and every customer of Harsha soothe random sampling method is used to conduct the research Sample size: Sample size taken for the study is 100 respondents who were residing in the Hubli and the visitors of Harsha. Sample elements: Households, Businessman, student, Government and private employees, who are residing in Hubli. Sample unit: Customers of Harsha, irrespective of their income levels, age, occupation residing in Hubli city. Survey techniques: Questionnaire technique and personal interview technique is used to conduct the survey. Measurement technique: To analyze the data the specific set of Hypothesis are mentioned to analyze it various statistical tools are used through the help of SPSS software. The tests are like, one tailed t-test, two tailed t-test, chi-square test, regression analysis and percentage technique are used. 20 | P a g e Global Business School-Hubli

Chapter 4 Analysis through SPSS 21 | P a g e Global Business School-Hubli

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