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Guess Paper 2011 Class XII Subject Chemistry TIME 3HRS Q.1 In the following pair of halogen compounds, which undergoes faster SN1 reaction. Cl Cl i) & Cl ii) Q.2 Q.3 Q.4 & Cl Haloalkanes react with KCN to form alkyl cyanides as the main product while AgCN form isocyanides as the chief product exp. 2 Write the IUPAC name of following: i) CH3C(C2H5)CH2Br ii) 2 2

i) What happened when Benzene is treated with methyl chloride in presence of AlCl3 1 ii) Propane is treated with HBr in presence of paraoxide. 1 Explain why vinyl chloride is hydrolysed more slowly than ethyl chloride. 2 Which of following has highest dipole moment 2 i) CH2Cl2 ii) CHCl3 iii) CCl4 Convert: i) Toluene to benzene ii) Propane to Propyne iii) Anisol to phenol 3 i) Orthonitrophenol is more acidic than ortho methoxyphenol. ii) Explain why phenol is more acidic than ethanol (neutral) iii) Ethanol has high B.P. than methoxymethane 3 What happened when ethanol is heated with Conc. H2SO4 at 453K. 1 Explain with example i) Williams meter synthesis
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Q.5 Q.6 Q.7


Q.9 Q.10

ii) Kolbels electrolytic reaction. 2 Give equation of following i) Dil. HNO3 with phenol ii) Bromic in CS2 with phenol 2 Give product iCH3 CH=CH2+HBr> What is the chemical name of wood spirit. 1 2


Q.12 Q.13 Q.14 Q.15 Q.16 Q.17 Q.18 Q.19 Q.20

List two major class of antibiotics with example of each class? Describe the following with suitable examples. i) tranquilizers ii) antifertility drug 2

What is biodegradable and non biodegradable detergent? What are the consequences of using later class of detergent? 3 Enumirate the reaction of glucose which cannot be explain by its open chain structure. 3 What happened when D glucose is treated with i) acetic anhydride ii) Con. Nitric acid, iii) with HI iv) Bromine 2 Draw simple fisher projection of D and L glucose? Are these enantiomers? 1 Give two important use of formaline? 1

Q. 21 Give example of each with necessary reaction condition. 3 i) tollen test ii) aldol condensation Q22Why primary amine has high B.P. than that of tertiary amines. 1 Q23 An organic comp. A with molecular formula C8H8O form an orange red ppt. with 2,4 DNP reagent and give yellow ppt. on heating with iodine in the presence of NaOH. It neither reduce tollen or fehling reagent , nor does it decolourised bromine water or Baeyer reagent. On drastic oxidation with chromic acid it give caboxylic acid B having molecular formula C7H6O2. identify the compound A And B and explain the raction involved? 5 Q24 An organic compound contain 69.77 % cabon, 11.63 % Hydrogen and rest oxygen the molecuilar mass of compound is 86. it does not reduce tollen reagents but form an
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addition compound with sodium hydrogen sulphite and give positive idoform test on vigorous oxidation it give ethanoic and propanic acid . write the possible structure of the compound. 5 Q25 How do you distinguish between C2H5NH2 and C2H5NHC2H5 write chemical equation for the reaction? 2 Q26) Diaz salt of aromatic amines are most stable than those of aliphatic amines ii) tertiary amines do not undergo acylation reaction. 3 Q27) Distinguish between aniline and N methylaniline ii) conver chlorobenzene to p- chlorobenzene 3 Q 28 Explain the following i) Sandmyer reaction ii) HVZ iii) Diazotisation reaction. 3 Q29 what difference between thermosetting and thermoplastic polymers. Give one example of each? 3 30 write the name and structure of monomer of polymers i) buna- S ii) neoprene iii) N66 3 Q31 What is PHBV? 2 Q32 what is biodegradable polymer? Name the class of this type of polymer and give example? 3 Q33 what do you mean by vulclanisation process? 1

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