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NCC (National Cadet Corps)

Air force Army Norma Anil Kumar Browne (Chief) Rank: Air Marshal VK Singh (Chief) Rank: General Nirmal Singh (Chief) Rank: Admiral A K Antony


Defence Minister of India Three types of Air force duty 1. Flight 2. Ground Duty 3. Technical Three types of A/C 1. Fighter 2. Helicopter 3. Passenger

Four types of selections in air force 1. NDA National Defence Academy Eligibility After 12th Standard
2. CDSE Combined Defence Service Examination

3. NCC Special Entry Eligibility after degree and as a SD in NCC with C Certificate

4. SSC Short Service Commission

Three types of engines 1. Jet propeller 2. Piston 3. Jet Moto Aims of NCC Obey with a smile Be punctual Work hard without fuss Make no excuse and tell no lies of NCC To develop qualities of character, courage, commandership, discipline, leadership, secular outlook and sportsmanship and ideals of selfless service among the young to make them useful citizens. To create human resources of organized, trained and motivated youth to provide leadership in all walks of life individually, a harm force and to be always available for the service of the nation.

Q & A 1. Who is the director General of NCC? a. Lieutenant General R K Karwal. 2. Which is your group? a. B group. 3. Who is your group commander? a. Colonel Alok Guha. 4. Who is your commanding officer? a. Wing commander S B Todlkar. 5. Which is your directorate? a. Goa and Karnataka. 6. Which is your troop? a. Troop no. 36

7. Who is your troop commander? a. Third Officer Basavaraju M R 8. Which is your unit? a. No. 1 KAR AIR SQN. NCC
9. Who is the supreme commander of the Indian Armed Forces?

a. The president of India. 10. What are the branches of the armed forces? a. Army, Navy and Air Force. 11. When is the NCC day celebrated? a. Last Sunday of December. 12. Which is your battalion? a. Air Wing 13. Where is the NCC HQ located? a. New Delhi 14. What are the Gallantry awards? a. Padma veer Chakra (PVC) Mahaveer Chakra (MC) Veer Chakra (VC) Ashoka Chakra (AC)
15. Name the neighboring countries of India?

a. Pakistan, China, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Tibet . 16. Give the three types of camps? a. CADC, RDC and NIC. 17. What is the Rank of DDG of NCC? a. Air Commodore 18. What is the apparatus used for measuring pressure?

a. Milibar and Barometer. 19. Write the parts of an Aircraft? a. 1 Cockpit 2 Nose 3 Fuselage 3 Wings 4 Tail 5 Rudder 6 Elevator 7 Aileron 8 Propellor 9 Wheels 20. What is the use of the rudder? a. It allows the plane to change directions during the flight.
21. What is fuselage? a.

It is the skeleton of the aircraft.

22. What is aero modeling? a. To build a model of an aircraft which are unable to carry passengers and use for sports purposes. 23. Give the types of models in aero modeling? a. There are 2 types powered and unpowered. 24. What are the basic tools required for aero modeling? a. Screwdrivers, Cutting players, Drilling machine, spanner Etc. 25. What is a towline glider? a. IT is a model designed to fly with a towline 102 ft. in length and big in size. 26. Give the composition of the fuel used in a diesel engine? a. Kerosene 25%, Castrol oil 25% and ethyl oil 50 %. 27. Write a short note on powered models? a. The models which fly with engine and Propellor are called powered models. E.g. Control line powered models, radio control models,

Semi-scaled powered models, firelight powered models. 28. Write the types of unpowered models and explain. a. It is a model which flies without an engine or a Propellor. E.

1. NCO 2. JCO 3. DG 4. DDG 5. WO 6. JWO 7. Sgt. 8. Cpl. 9. MWO 10. DC

Non Commissioned Officer Junior Commissioned Officer Director General Deputy Director General Warrant Officer Junior Warrant officer Sargent Corporal Master Warrant Officer District Collector