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DPP AGENDA 2012-2013

Submitted by:- Nitish kumar Jha SPE-DDN

Welcome DPP 2012-2013

DPP- Dealer Partnership Program is the program which promote Apsara product by entitling the RDS with rewards on various purchase value of the Apsara product. DPP 2012-2013 is the successful 7th edition of the program which is similar to the previous DPP 2011-2012in basic framework with few added features which makes it more exciting. Lets a look on the journey travelled in Dehradun: DPP- 2011-12

Dealer Quarterly Category Purchase slab Rs. (@ net RDS rate)

Retailers RT1 RT2 RT3 Wholesaler WS1 WS2 WS3 WS4 WS5 WS6 WS7 30000-49000 50000-9999 100000-199999 200000-299999 300000-399999 400000-599999 600000 and above 7500-9999 10000-14999 15000 and above

Quarterly Gift Value

DPP Achieved(No.* Slab amount)

550 750 1050

13 11 15

2000 3000 5500 10000 15000 20000 30000

2 3 1

Key points:

In retail segment DPP is achieved for the top most Slab Maximum. Wholesalers are needed to be making more participative in various Top slabs.


Dealer Quarterly Category Purchase slab Rs. (@ net RDS rate)

Retailers RT1 RT2 RT3 RT4 Wholesaler WS1 WS2 WS3 WS4 WS5 WS6 WS7 WS8 WS9 WS10 30000-49000 50000-99999 100000-199999 200000-299999 300000-399999 400000-599999 600000-799999 800000-999999 1000000-1199999 1200000+ 5000- 7499 7500- 9999 10000-14900 15000+

Quarterly Gift Value

DPP Achieved

300 500 700 1050

2000 3000 5500 10000 15000 20000 30000 32000 40000 48000

New exciting features DPP 2012-2013

4 retail and 10 wholesale quarterly slabs with new No Frill slab of Rs. 5000,

provide extra opportunity to try it for first time. Extra slab in whole sale category provide opportunity to graduate to higher level.
PPR- Power Product Reward, which could be achieved by investing in Power

Products-dustless chalk, Apsara Rs. 5.00and above pencils and long point sharpener can increase the value of the reward up to 12.72%. Based on business demand, changeable DPP slab in any quarter etc.

Istanbul, Turkey tour for lucky draw & assured gifts for minimum purchase per

quarter. Merit reward to the top DPP partners makes it more interesting.

What else could be added to it...?

Under certain format, Schools along with school suppliers could be also

included within the DPP program, as retailers are in. Purpose- Schools are major source for order value, so they must be motivated to participate in the program to make it more accomplished in promoting the brand ...APSARA & COLORAMA.

Increment for the quarterly gift value WS8 is only 2000 and then after 8000 for

WS9 and WS10 which make the top most slabs less attractive. So the gift value for different slabs once must be reviewed. Purpose- The present gift values for the different slabs may be attractive to the small and medium wholesaler and push them to buy slab WS5 or WS6, hence reduce the probability for preference for the top most slabs.

Exceeding DPP slab could be rewarded with extra bonus point for PPP if it is for the power product. Purpose-To more strengthens the power product.

DPP partner faced trouble in information regarding getting the gift amount

properly. So more transparent and advanced system is required for proper & timely delivery of Gift. Purpose-Trust for discipline amongst the DPP partner.