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Relation of Pharmacy with other science

Pharmacy is not a new science it has its origin since ancient time along with the origin of man kind but it was not as developed as it is nowadays, it grew with the time and with the development of other science. In the beginning of the civilizations medicinal substances were selected empirically on the ground of secret wisdom of priest and physician. Then, some primitive logics and external appearances of plant and animal, became the basis of selection of those substances, and the pseudo-rational way Doctrine of Signature came in existence. Gradually the knowledge of Anatomy, physiology, pathology advanced and on other hand there was advancement in Chemistry also. The chemical action or physiological actions of drug substances became the criterion of its use, as a remedy At the time of discovery of homoeopathy the basis of knowledge for any drug was Its use in any sick person Gross physiological actions in large doses on animals and humans Some hypothetical assumption Toxicological actions of drugs The drugs were collected from the vegetable kingdom, animal kingdom and mineral kingdom. Those branches of allied science which are related to medicine acquired new names and developed into separate scientific disciplines. Botany related to pharmacy or pharmacy related to botany was named as Pharmacognosy. The chemistry related to pharmacy was called pharmaceutical chemistry. The concept of pharmaceutical science and art is based on the principle and practice of particular system of treatment. BotanyBotany is closely related with art and science of pharmaceutics. It is one of the pillar of the technological aspect of pharmacy as 1. Botany is the major source of drugs since the ancient times. That time, simple drugs were the part of ancient material medica. The whole fungi , whole plant or its parts like roots, barks, leaves, flowers were the major source of drugs. 2. inspite of rapid advancement in drug synthesis and acceptance of chemical substances in drugs, major source of drug is still the plant kingdom. Vegetable kingdom is still the largest source for homoeopathy, ayurved and unani medicines. 3. The knowledge of botany is essential for identifying the different species and the best quality of active principles. 4. the cultivation and preservation of healthy plants is not possible without the knowledge of botany. 5. for correct names of plant and medicines prepared from vegetable kingdom, the international rules of Botanical Nomenclature is followed. 6. Plant pathology helps in differentiating healthy and diseased plants.

7. some medicines like Secale cor, Ustilago etc. are prepared and determination of the nature and extend of plant disease. ZoologyKnowledge of zoology is essential for pharmacy on following basis 1. Zoology teaches us the characteristics features fro identification, habitat and collection of drugs from animal kingdom. 2. The location function and importance of the organ, the excretion of secretion etc can be learnt through the zoology. 3. The zoological rules and nomenclature are followed for drugs from animal kingdom. 4. The science helps in preparing the drugs from known as Nosodes from sick animals or sick animal products. 5. Allopathic system depends on animal experimentation for their drug action. In homoeopathy the action of new and unknown substances should be ascertained on animal before proving on healthy humans. ChemistryIt is a science which deals with the atomic composition of the substances, with the element and their reactions, and with the formation and decomposition of molecules. The subject studies the composition on inorganic, organic, physical, pharmaceutical and other branches. Chemistry is the backbone of modern pharmaceutics and its importance is as follows1. As the large number of drugs are derived from the mineral kingdom. 2. Advancement of chemistry have helped in separation the active principles of drugs from the vegetable kingdom and as a result a stronger and better action of drugs can be utilized by using lesser quantity has become more certain and specific. 3. the purity test and standardization of drugs is a vital problem in which chemistry alone can help. 4. chemistry helps in determining the expiry date of a medicine in allopathic pharmaceutics. 5. allopathic pharmacology attempts to explain the mode of action and metabolism of drug with the help of chemistry. 6. the names of drug of mineral kingdom are used according to the international rules of nomenclature of chemical substances. 7. the solubility of a substance , the techniques of preservation , he knowledge of preservatives is known though the subject of chemistry 8. most of the laboratory technique, methods and processes like percolation, filtration etc used in the preparation of drugs can learnt through chemistry. 9. chemistry helps in detection the adulteration in medicine or vehicles.

PhysiologyIt is the science which deals with the living things, with normal vital processes of animal and vegetable organism, which treats of the function of the living organism and its parts and of the chemical and physical factors and processed involved. The knowledge of cell, tissue, organs and systems have exerted its influence on pharmacopoeia and pharmacology. Substance like Vitamins, hormones and enzymes have come to be used as drug after their importance in physiological functions. BiochemistryIt is a science defined as a science which is concerned with a chemical nature of cell components and various aspects of cellular and intercellular changes. Modern biochemistry can be divided into two parts descriptive biochemistry and dynamic biochemistry. Descriptive biochemistry deals with the chemical nature of cell components where as Dynamic biochemistry deals with various aspects of metabolism, chemical regulation and structural changes occurring with in and between living cells. By Dr Rajeev Khanna Reader Department of Pharmacy Swasthya Kalyan Homeo. Med. College, Jaipur.