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GUJRANWALA CANTT CAMPUS Subject: Physics Subjective Time Allowed: 1.45 Hours Type: Max. Marks: 48

Note: Out of Question no. 2, 3 and 4 write any fifteen (15) short answers. While writing answers write Q. No. and part carefully each part caries two marks.

Write short answers of the following questions: (i). Mechanics and sound are the branches of physics. Define these. (ii). Define momentum and write its units. (iii). Explain Vibratory Motion with example. (iv). What is difference between rest and motion? (v). A body is moving with a uniform speed. Will its velocity be uniform? (vi). A car covers a distance of 400m in 20 S. what will be its average speed? (vii). A brick is dropped from the height of 80m. How long will it take to reach the surface of earth? Q.3 Write short answers of the following questions: (i). Define scalar quantities with give an example (ii). What mean by plumb line and write its uses? (iii). Describe the conditions of equilibrium. (iv). Define the centripetal acceleration and write its formula. (v). Why the outer edge of a road is kept higher than the inner edge at a turn? (vi). Define work and write its formula. (vii). What is meant by elastic potential energy and give its an example? (viii). What is difference between load and effort? Q.4 Write short answers of the following questions: (i). Differentiate between real and apparent expansion. (ii). What is meant by specific heat? Write its units. (iii). Television announced 300 C temperature of Lahore. How much this temperature be in Fahrenheit and Kelvin Scales? (iv). Why are gapes left while laying rail tracks? (v). Define pressure. Write its formula. (vi). On what principle the hydraulic brakes can work?



Under what condition objects sink?

Note: Attempt any two questions.

Q.5 (a)

Explain different types of motion.

(b) The diameter of a metallic sphere is 2.22 cm. find out the volume of metallic sphere. Q.6 (a) Define the Kinetic Energy and prove that K.E=1/ 2mv2

(b) A satellite is revolving in a circular orbit at a height of 400 Km from the surface of the earth. Find out its speed M= 6 x 1024 kg, R= 6.4X106m Q.7 (a) Explain in detail the peculiar characteristic of anomalous expansion of water. (b) Find the water pressure on a deep sea diver at depth of 10 m, where the density of sea water is 1030kg-3.

GUJRANWALA CANTT CAMPUS Subject: Physics Type: Objective Time Allowed: 15Minuts Max. Marks: 12 Note: write answer to questions on the objective answer sheet provided. Four possible answers A, B, C and D to each question are given. Which answer you consider correct, fill the circle in front of A, B, C or D with Marker or Pen ink to each question on the answer sheet provided.

Q.1 Four possible answers are given for the following Questions. Tick Mark ( ) the correct answer:
15 i.

The study of Biological Sciences on the basic principles of physics is called: a. Bio Physics b. Plasma Physics c. Astro Physics d. Geo Physics The average mass of sun: a. 1.0 x10-15kg c. 2.2 x1040kg b. d. 2.0 x1030kg 7.4 x1022kg b. d. Rotatory Motion Random Motion c. 1786 d. 1886


iii. Motion of gas molecules is called: a. Translatory Motion c. Vibratory Motion

iv. When did Newton State laws of motion: a. 1586 b. 1686 v. The scalar quantity is:







d. d. d. d.

Volume Zero 106w Inclined Plane

vi. The rotation of the body is anticlockwise then the torque is: a. Positive b. Negative c. Neutral vii. One mega watt is equal to: a. 103w b. viii. Is a wheel type disk: a. Lever b. 104w Pulley c. c. 105w Fulcrum

ix. The unit of length in SI is called: a. cm b. mm x. the unit of tension is: a. Newton b. Meter

c. c. c. c.

dm Second

d. d.

m kg Experiment 1.00

xi. First Step of scientific method is: a. Law b. theory xii. The value of tan 450 is: a. 0.866 b. 0.577

Observation d. 0.707 d.