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The first purpose of any student’s dictionary is to provide the basic information necessary to be able to understand a meaning, decipher a pronunciation, make a correct syllable break, and employ vocabulary appropriate to a particular situation. The Facts On File Student’s Dictionary of American English is designed to provide such information as accurately, concisely, and clearly as possible. Its modest entry list of about 90,000 words includes the vocabulary most of us use every day in ordinary writing and encounter in reading a newspaper, novel, magazine, or online article. It also includes a selection of widely used new terms in English from science and technology and contemporary American culture. Each entry of the standard vocabulary has been evaluated and revised according to current usage. The English language often adds new meanings to “old words,” which have been pressed into service to describe changing times, perceptions, and attitudes. In order to call attention to extended and new meanings for older words, the editor of this dictionary has made free use of the label Fig. (Figurative) to mark usages that have strayed from the bounds of a term’s core meaning. Such adaptability is surely what makes English a lively and inventive language. Along with abundant use of the figurative label, this Student’s Dictionary of American English radically differs from more expansive dictionaries, and even collegiate dictionaries, in its concise treatment of function words—come, have, go, for, open, etc. These are the words so essential to the basic formulations of English that traditional dictionaries often identify scores of meanings for them. Except for the language specialist, most of these meanings are separated

by so little difference that the ordinary student or general user is hard pressed to understand the distinction. In this dictionary, such entries have been trimmed to core meanings; shades of meaning are illustrated by phrases or sentences that follow a definition, not by different definitions entirely. The editor has eschewed overreliance on usage labels (Slang, Informal) as well, using them only where the user should be alerted to the level of use, so that an informed decision can be made as to whether a particular word is appropriate to a particular context. Likewise, archaic vocabulary has been systematically reduced to those poetic archaisms and other vestiges of ancient vocabulary that students are most likely to encounter. The argument that a student might encounter a particular archaic term does not outweigh the necessity of using available space in the dictionary to cover more completely current usage of words whose definitions have expanded in recent years. While a glossary in a literary text will most likely define an archaism, it will not do the same for the expanded meanings of terms such as marriage or partner, which today have new and different meanings in addition to their core meanings. Any dictionary is a reflection of the work of many people who have contributed their ideas and knowledge of language to the long line of dictionaries compiled over the years, and any new dictionary draws heavily on works that have preceded it. The editor has drawn on the experience, expertise, and traditions of the people and tools of the dictionary trade. One such tool, without which the dictionary would descend into a personal account of today’s Eng-

The Facts On File Student’s Dictionary of American English v

lish, is a citation file, the editor’s primary source. It is a collection of examples of vocabulary and usage taken from contemporary newspapers, magazines, journals, novels—and including, transcripts of television and radio broadcasts, newsletters, and other casual written materials. This editor had unrestricted access to one of the word’s largest citation files of American English. This editor has benefited greatly from the advice and assistance of many people, includ-

ing Robert K. Barnhart, an especially gifted and experienced dictionary maker whose insights and balanced views have been of great value. And without the help of Albert Crocco and Vivien Gentile, individuals willing to number, check, copy, and keep pages in order, the project would surely have foundered. Cynthia A. Barnhart Garrison, New York, 2007

The Facts On File Student’s Dictionary of American English is a dictionary for the general user who has questions about contemporary English vocabulary. The following notes explain how the dictionary is organized to make it easier for the user to find information. under arrest, held by the authorities; in custody. [< OF < VL, < L ad– + re– back + stare stand] —ar·restʹer, n. —ar·restʹment, n. The entry word, in boldface, is broken into syllables. The pronunciation is a phonetic respelling of the entry word, including accents indicating stress in pronunciation. Variant pronunciations, including those for foreign words, are also provided. A pronunciation key is provided on page viii. ar·tic·u·late (adj. är tikʹyә lit; v. är tikʹyә lāt) . . . bi·va·lent (bī vāʹlәnt; bivʹә–) . . . Inflected forms follow the pronunciation. They are given for all entry words where the spelling for different parts of speech differs from the form of the entry word, as in the following example: blab (blab), v., blabbed, blab·bing . . . Inflected forms are also individually pronounced where there might be a question about their pronunciation: for·mu·la . . . n., pl. –las, –lae (–le) . . . The part of speech indicates the grammatical function of a word. In the case of words that have more than one part of speech, each is labeled and defined separately within an entry. Labels provide various kinds of information, and most of them are self-explanatory, such as part of speech or a language (French, Latin, etc.). For example, ex li·bris . . . Latin . . . a ri·ve·der·ci, ar·ri·ve·der·ci . . . Italian . . . or, sometimes, a regionalism, ar·roy·o . . . SW U.S.

The entries in the dictionary are arranged in one alphabetical list. Guide words at the top of the page indicate the alphabetic span of each two-page spread. Entry words that have the same spelling (homographs) but are different words altogether are listed separately and marked by a superscript homograph number. For example, bit1 . . . part of a bridle . . . bit2 . . . small piece . . . bit3 . . . unit of information . . .

The sample entries below show the order of information in this dictionary. ac·tion (akʹshәn), n. 1 process of acting: a machine in action. 2 thing done; act. 3 way of moving or working; movement. 4 a minor battle or combat between military forces. 5 a lawsuit. actions, conduct; behavior. take action, a become active. b start working. c Also, bring action, start a lawsuit. [< F < L actio. See act.] —acʹtion·less, adj. ar·rest (ә restʹ), v. 1 seize by legal authority; apprehend. 2 catch and hold; capture. 3 stop; check; halt. —n. 1 a seizing by legal authority. 2 a stopping; checking. 3 any device for arresting motion in a mechanism.

The Facts On File Student’s Dictionary of American English vii

A label also shows the level of usage, for example, Informal or Slang. (See also Special Features, below.) The label Archaic indicates that a term is not considered part of the modern vocabulary; writers will sometimes deliberately use an archaism for effect. Numbered definitions distinguish between different meanings for an entry word. In general, the most common meaning is given first. Figurative meanings are often given after the core or concrete meaning to highlight semantic development. Idioms associated with an entry word are listed separately and defined after the last definition. The full idiom (and any variant forms) is printed in boldface type followed by the definition or definitions for it. The etymology, a brief language history of a word, comes at the end of all definitions, including the idioms. A complete list of abbreviations and symbols used in the etymologies is provided below. The last part of the entry contains derived forms for the entry word. They are printed in boldface type and broken into syllables, followed by a part of speech, as at the entry ex·haust . . .

Ar·ca·di·a . . . 1 a mountain district in the S part of ancient Greece, famous for the simple, contented life of its people. 2 Fig. a place of contentment. Many usages marked Informal are widely used in conversation and can be freely used in writing except when a more formal tone may be required, as, for example, in applying for a job, writing a term paper, etc. We have used the label Informal very liberally because of the widespread use among writers of many words and usages that entered English as slang but have become integral parts of the common vocabulary. By contrast, the Slang label has been used very sparingly. The writer should be aware that slang is generally not used in formal writing but is usually acceptable to use in emails and other writing among friends and contemporaries. The dictionary also distinguishes between combining for ms, which are abstracted from whole words and which combine with other words to make new ones (bio–, as in biodegradable), and pref xes (arch–, as in archduke, archliberal, archencephalon).

—ex·haustʹi·ble, adj. —ex·haust´i·bilʹi·ty, n.

The equal sign (=) is used in the dictionary for exactly equivalent terms and cross-refer to the preferred or more widely used term that has the same meaning (for example, ben·zol . . . 1 benzene . . .). Words added to a definition following a semicolon can be used as substitutes for the entry word (for example, bit·ing . . . adj. . . . 2 sarcastic; sneering). They are not, however, exact equivalents of the entry word. The figurative label (Fig.) generally indicates that a particular meaning for a word has been broadened to encompass more than a word’s core or literal meaning. For example,

The pronunciation of each word is shown just after the word, in this way: ab·bre·vi·ate (ә br¯ʹvi ¯ t). The letters and signs used are e a pronounced as in the words on page viii. The mark ʹ is placed after a syllable with primary, or strong, accent, as in the example above. The mark ´ after a syllable shows a secondary, or lighter, accent, as in ab·bre·vi·a·tion (ә br¯´vi ¯ ʹshәn). e a Some words, taken from foreign languages, are spoken with sounds that otherwise do not occur in English. Symbols for these sounds are given as “Foreign Sounds.”


Explanatory Notes

a a ¯ ã ä b ch d e e ¯ ėr f g h

hat, cap age, face care, air father, far bad, rob child, much did, red let, best equal, see term, learn fat, if go, bag he, how


¯ ı j k l m n ng o o ¯ ô oi ou

it, pin, antimatter; final syllable as in city ice, five jam, enjoy kind, seek land, coal me, am no, in long, bring hot, rock open, go order, all oil, toy out, now

p r s sh t th

u u  ü u ¯ v w y z zh

pet, cup run, try say, yes she, rush tell, it thin, both then, smooth cup, son put, book rule, move use, music very, save will, woman you, yet zero, breeze measure, seizure


occurs only in unaccented syllables and represents the sound of a in about, e in taken, i in pencil, o in lemon, and u in circus.

y as in French lune, German süss. Pronouce ¯ as in equal with the lips e rounded for ü as in rule. as in French peu, German könig. Pronounce ¯ as in age with the lips a rounded for o as in open. ¯ n as in French bon. The n is not pronounced, but shows that the vowel before it is nasalized. as in German ach, Scottish loch. Pronounce k without closing the breath passage.



abl. accus. alter. appar. assoc. compar. dial. dim. fem. gen. imit. inf. infl. irreg. lang. ablative accusative alteration apparently associated, association comparative dialect, dialectal diminutive feminine genitive imitative infinitive influenced irregular, irregularly language lit. masc. neut. orig. pp. ppr. (prob.) ref. superl. trans. ult. uncert. var. ? < literally masculine neuter origin, original, originally past participle present participle probably reference superlative translation ultimately uncertain variant possibly from, derived from, taken from

The Facts On File Student’s Dictionary of American English ix

AF Anglo-French Am. Ind. American Indian Ar. Arabic Aram. Aramaic Dan. Danish Du. Dutch E English Egypt. Egyptian F French Flem. Flemish Fris. Frisian G German Gk. Greek Gmc. Germanic Heb. Hebrew HG High German Hind. Hindustani Hung. Hungarian Ital. Italian Jap. Japanese L Latin LG Low German LGk. Late Greek (300–700) LL Late Latin (300–700) M Middle ME Middle English (1100–1500) Med. Medieval Med.Gk. Med.L Mex. MFr MHG MLG NL Norw. O OE OF OHG OS Pers. Pg. Pol. Pr. Rom. Rum. Russ. Scand. Scot. Skt. Sp. Sw. Turk. VL Medieval Greek (700–1500) Medieval Latin (700–1500) Mexican indigenous languages Middle French (1400–1600) Middle High German (1100–1450) Middle Low German (1100–1450) New Latin (after 1500) Norwegian Old Old English (before 1100) Old French (before 1400) Old High German (before 1100) Old Saxon Persian Portuguese Polish Provençal Romanic Romanian Russian Scandinavian Scottish Sanskrit Spanish Swedish Turkish Vulgar Latin

(Note: Certain abbreviations used chiefly in the etymologies will be found in the complete etymology key on the previous page.) ab. about abbrev. abbreviation a.d. anno Domini; in the year of the Lord; since the birth of Christ adj. adjective adv. adverb Am. Americanism (applied to words or meanings that originated in the United States) Anat. Anatomy Ant. Antonym Archit. Architecture Astron. Astronomy Bacteriol. b.c. Bacteriology before Christ; before the birth of Christ Biochem. Biochemistry Biol. Biology Bot. Botany Brit. British C central Chem. Chemistry Class. Myth. Classical Mythology (Greek and Roman Mythology) Colloq. Colloquial Com. Commerce compar. comparative conj. conjunction def. definition Deut. Deuteronomy

x Explanatory Notes

Dialect east; eastern Economics Education Electricity Embryology especially et cetera; and others; and the rest; and so forth; and so on; and the like fem. feminine Fig. figurative Fr. French ft. foot; feet Gen. Genesis gen. genitive Geol. Geology Geom. Geometry Ger. German Gk. Myth. Greek Mythology Gram. Grammar Hist. History in. inch; inches interj. interjection Mach. Machinery masc. masculine Math. Mathematics Matt. Matthew Med. Medicine Mil. Military Myth. Mythology N north; northern n. noun Naut. Nautical NE northeast; northeastern

Dial. E Econ. Educ. Elect. Embryol. esp. etc.

nom. NW Obs. Pathol. pers. Philos. Phonet. Photog. Physiol. pl. poss. pp. ppr. prep. pres. pron. Psychol. pt. Rom. Cath. S Scot. SE sing. SW Theol. Trigon. U.S.

v. W Zool. =

nominative northwest; northwestern Obsolete (applied to words and meanings not used now) Pathology person Philosophy Phonetics Photography Physiology plural possessive past participle present participle preposition present pronoun Psychology past tense Roman Catholic south; southern Scotch; Scottish southeast; southeastern singular southwest; southwestern Theology Trigonometry United States (applied to words or meanings that are used chiefly in the United States but originated elsewhere) verb west; western Zoology synonym of

A, a (ā), n., pl., A’s; a’s. 1 the first letter of the alphabet. 2 first in a series: questions A through L. 3 best; first: grade A; all A’s in history. 4 one of four main blood groups 5 the sixth note in the scale of C major. a (ә; stressed ā), adj. or indefinite article. 1 any: a tree. 2 one: a pound of butter. 3 to or for each: ten dollars a day. [var. of an1] a–1, prefix. not; without, as in atonal. [< Gk.; a– becomes an– before a vowel or h] a–2, prefix. 1 in; on; to, as in abed. 2 in the act of ——ing, as in a-fishing. [OE an, on] A, 1 Physics. angstrom unit. 2 Chem. argon. a., 1 about. 2 acre; acres. 3 adjective. A 1 Colloq. A one. AA, 1 Alcoholics Anonymous. 2 antiaircraft. A.A., Associate in Arts. AAA, American Automobile Association. AAAS American Association for the Advancement of Science. Aa·chen (äʹhәn), n. city in W Germany, French, Aix-la-Chapelle. aard·vark (ärdʹvärk´), n. a burrowing African mammal that eats ants and termites. [< Afrikaans < Dutch aarde earth + vark pig] Aar·on (ãrʹәn), n. the brother of Moses and first high priest of the Jews. AARP, American Association of Retired Persons. ab–, prefix. from; away from; off, as in abnormal, abduct, abjure. [< L ab, prep.; ab– appears as a– before m and v, and abs– before c and t. Akin to Greek apo– from, and English of and off.] AB, one of the four main blood groups. A.B., Bachelor of Arts. Also, B.A. a·ba (ăʹbә), n. 1 loose, sleeveless outer garment worn by Arabs. 2 woolen fabric, usually striped, woven in Arab countries. a·ba·cá (ä´bә käʹ), n. 1 hemp made from the fibers of a Philippine banana plant; Manila hemp. 2 the plant itself. [< Malay] a·back (ә bakʹ), adv. taken aback, suddenly surprised. ab·a·cus (abʹә kәs), n., pl. –cu·ses, –ci (–sī). frame with rows of counters or beads that slide back and forth, used for calculating. [< L < Gk. abax] a·baft (ә baftʹ; ә bäftʹ), prep. back of a boat or ship; behind. —adv. toward or at the stern. ab·a·lo·ne (ab´ә lōʹnē), n. an edible mollusk, with a large, rather flat shell lined with mother-of-pearl. [< Am. Sp. abulón < Am. Ind. aulun] a·ban·don (ә banʹdәn), v. 1 give up entirely; renounce; relinquish: abandon a career. 2 leave without intending to return to; desert; forsake: abandon one’s



home. 3 yield (oneself) completely (to a feeling, impulse, etc.); succumb; surrender: abandon oneself to grief. —n. freedom from conventional restraint. [< OF a bandon at liberty] —a·banʹdoner, n. —a·banʹdon·ment, n. a·ban·doned (ә banʹdәnd), adj. 1 deserted; forsaken. 2 wicked; immoral. 3 unrestrained. —a·banʹdonedly, adv. a·base (ә basʹ), v., a·based, a·bas·ing. make lower in rank, condition, or character; degrade: a traitor abases himself. [< OF < LL, ad– + L bassus low] —a·baseʹment, n. a·bash (ә bashʹ), v. embarrass and confuse; disconcert. [<OF esbaïr be astonished] —a·bashedʹ, adj. —a·bashʹment, n. a·bate (ә bātʹ), v., a·bat·ed, a·bat·ing. 1 make less; decrease: the medicine abated his pain. 2 become less; diminish: the storm has abated. [< OF abatre beat down] —a·batʹa·ble, adj. —a·bateʹment, n. —a·batʹer, n. ab·at·toir (abʹә twär; –twôr), n. slaughterhouse. [< F] ab·ba·cy (abʹә si), n., pl. –cies. 1 position, term of office, or district of an abbot. 2 an abbey. [< LL abbatia. See abbot.] ab·bé (abʹā; a bāʹ), n. in France: 1 an abbot. 2 any clergyman, esp. a priest. [< F] ab·bess (abʹis), n. woman at the head of a community of nuns. [< OF < LL abbatissa] ab·bey (abʹi), n., pl. –beys. 1 building or buildings where monks or nuns live a religious life ruled by an abbot or abbess; a monastery or convent. 2 the monks or nuns living there. 3 building that was once an abbey or a part of an abbey. [< OF < LL abbatta] ab·bot (abʹәt), n. man at the head of an abbey of monks. [OE < LL < LGk. < Aramaic abbā father] —abʹbot·ship, n. abbrev., abbr., abbreviation. ab·bre·vi·ate (ә brēʹvi āt), v., –at·ed, –ating. 1 make (a word or phrase) shorter so that a part stands for the whole: abbreviate “hour” to “hr.” 2 make briefer; condense. [< L, < ad– + brevis short. Doublet of abridge.] —ab·breʹvi·a´tor, n. ab·bre·vi·a·tion (ә brē´vi āʹshәn), n. 1 shortened form of a word or phrase standing for the whole: “in.” is an abbreviation of “inch.” 2 act of shortening; abridgment. ABC (ā´bē´sēʹ), n., pl. ABC’s. 1 elementary principles. 2 ABC’s, the alphabet. ab·di·cate (abʹdә kāt), v., –cat·ed, –cating. 1 give up or renounce formally; relinquish: the king abdicated his throne. 2 renounce office or power: why did the king abdicate? 3 ignore an obligation or duty: abdicated her responsibility for the children’s welfare. [< L, < ab– away + dicare proclaim] —ab´di·caʹtion, n. —abʹdi·ca´tor, n. ab·do·men (abʹdә mәn; ab dōʹmәn), n. 1 the part of the body containing the

stomach and other digestive organs; belly. 2 the last of the three parts of the body of an insect or crustacean. [< L] ab·dom·i·nal (ab domʹә nәl), adj. of, in, or for the abdomen. —ab·domʹi·nally, adv. ab·duce (ab düsʹ; -dūsʹ), v., –duced, –ducing. lead away; abduct. ab·duct (ab duktʹ), v. 1 carry away (a person) unlawfully and by force; kidnap. 2 pull (a part of the body) away from its usual position. [< L, < ab– away + ducere lead] —ab·ducʹtion, n. —ab·ducʹtor, n. a·beam (ә bēmʹ), adv. directly opposite to the middle part of a ship’s side. a·bed (ә bedʹ), adj., adv. in bed. A·bel (āʹbәl), n. in the Bible, second son of Adam and Eve, killed by his older brother Cain. Ab·er·deen (ab´әr dēnʹ), n. city in E Scotland. ab·er·rant (ab erʹәnt), adj. deviating from what is regular, normal, or right. [< L, < ab– away + errare wander] —ab·erʹrance, ab·erʹran·cy, n. ab·er·ra·tion (ab´әr āʹshәn), n. 1 deviation from the right path or usual course of action. 2 deviation from a standard or type. 3 temporary mental disorder. 4 failure of rays of light coming from one point to converge to one focus. 5 apparent change in the position of a celestial body when viewed from earth. —ab´erraʹtion·al, adj. a·bet (ә betʹ), v., a·bet·ted, a·bet·ting. encourage or help, esp. in something wrong; support; assist. [< OF abeter arouse < L ad- + Frankish bētan cause to bite] —a·betʹment, n. —a·betʹtor, abetʹter, n. a·bey·ance (ә bāʹәns), n. temporary inactivity: hold the question in abeyance. [< AF < OF abeance expectation < L ad– at + VL batare gape] —a·beyʹant, adj. ab·hor (ab hôrʹ), v., –horred, –hor·ring. feel disgust or hate for; detest; loathe. [< L, < ab– from + horrere shrink] —abhorʹrer, n. ab·hor·rence (ab hôrʹәns; –horʹ–), n. 1 feeling of very great dislike. 2 something detested. ab·hor·rent (ab hôrʹәnt; –horʹ–), adj. 1 causing horror; disgusting; repugnant (to). 2 feeling disgust or hate (of). 3 having dislike of. —ab·horʹrent·ly, adv. a·bide (ә bīdʹ), v., a·bode or a·bid·ed, abid·ing. 1 continue to stay. 2 dwell. 3 put up with; stand: she cannot abide dirt. 4 endure bravely, defiantly. abide by, a accept and follow out. b remain faithful to. [OE ābīdan stay on, and onbīdan wait for] —a·bidʹer, n. a·bid·ing (ә bīdʹing), adj. continuing; lasting. —a·bidʹing·ly, adv. Ab·i·djan (ab´i jänʹ), n. capital of Ivory Coast (Côle d’Ivoire). a·bil·i·ty (ә bilʹә ti), n., pl. –ties. 1 power to do or act in any relation; cleverness: give according to your ability. 2 skill; capacity: mechanical ability. 3 power to


ab·nor·mal·ity (ab´nôr malʹә ti), n., pl. –ties. 1 abnormal thing. 2 abnormal condition. abnormal psychology, the study of abnormal behavior in people, including the causes and treatment of mental disorders. a·board (ә bôrdʹ; ә bōrdʹ), adv. 1 in or on a ship. 2 in or on a train, bus, airplane, etc. 3 alongside. —prep. on board of. a·bode (ә bōdʹ), n. place to live in; dwelling. —v. pt. and pp. of abide. [OE ābād] a·bol·ish (ә bolʹish), v. do away with (a law, institution, or custom) completely; suppress: abolish slavery. [<F abolir <L abolere destroy] —a·bolʹish·a·ble, adj. —a·bolʹish·er, n. —a·bolʹish·ment, n. ab·o·li·tion (ab´ә lishʹәn), n. 1 act or fact of abolishing. 2 suppression of black slavery. —ab´o·liʹtion·ism, n. —ab´oliʹtion·ist, n. ab·o·ma·sum (ab´ә māʹsәm), ab·o·masus (–sәs), n. the fourth stomach of cows, sheep, and other cud-chewing animals. [< L] A-bomb (āʹbom´), n. the atomic bomb. —v. bomb with an atomic bomb. a·bom·i·na·ble (ә bomʹnә bәl; ә bomʹә nә–), adj. 1 causing disgust; loathsome; detestable; odious. 2 unpleasant. —a·bomʹi·na·ble·ness, n. —a·bomʹi·nably, adv. a·bom·i·nate (ә bomʹә nāt), v., –nat·ed, –nat·ing. 1 feel disgust for; abhor; detest; loathe. 2 dislike. [< L, deplore as an ill omen, < ab- off + ominari prophesy < omen omen] —a·bomʹi·na´tor, n. a·bom·i·na·tion (ә bom´ә nāʹshәn), n. 1 a disgusting thing. 2 a shamefully wicked action or custom. 3 a feeling of disgust. ab·o·rig·i·nal (ab´ә rijʹә nәl), adj. 1 existing from the beginning; first; original; native: aboriginal inhabitants. 2 of the earliest known inhabitants. —n. aborigine. —ab´o·rigʹi·nal·ly, adv. ab·o·rig·i·ne (ab´ә rijʹә nēz), n. 1 the earliest known inhabitant of a country. 2 aborigines, the native animals and plants of a region. [< L, < ab origine from the beginning] a·bort (ә bôrtʹ), v. 1 miscarry. 2 fail to develop. 3 check the development of. [< L, < ab- amiss + oriri be born] a·bor·tion (ә bôrʹshәn), n. 1 birth that occurs before the embryo has developed enough to live; miscarriage. 2 failure to develop properly. 3 something that has failed to develop properly. —a·borʹtional, adj. a·bor·tion·ist (ә bôrʹshәn ist), n. person who produces abortions, especially illegal abortions. a·bor·tive (ә bôrʹtiv), adj. 1 coming to nothing; unsuccessful. 2 born or begun before the right time. —a·borʹtive·ly, adv. —a·borʹtive·ness, n. a·bound (ә boundʹ), v. 1 be plentiful: fish abound in the ocean. 2 be rich (in): America abounds in many natural resources. 3 be well supplied (with): the ocean abounds with fish. [< OF < L, < ab– off + undare rise in waves < unda a wave] —a·boundʹing, adj. —a·boundʹing·ly, adv. a·bout (ә boutʹ), prep. 1 of; concerned with: a book about bridges. 2 near: he was about five miles from home. 3 around: a fence about the garden; scatter papers about the room. 4 ready: a plane about to take off. —adv. 1 nearly; almost: about full. 2 somewhere near: loiter about. 3 all around: the boy looked about. [OE onbūtan on the outside of] a·bout-face (n. ә boutʹfās´; v. ә bout´fāsʹ), n., v., –faced, –fac·ing. —n. 1 a turning or going in the opposite direction. 2 a turning to the opposite opinion or point of view. —v. turn or go in the opposite direction. a·bove (ә buvʹ), adv. 1 in or at a higher place: the sky is above. 2 higher in rank or power: the courts above. 3 earlier, in a book or article. —prep. 1 in or to a higher place than: birds fly above the earth. 2 higher than; over: a captain is above a sergeant. 3 more than: the weight is above a ton. —adj. written above. —n. the above, something that is written above. [OE abufan] a·bove·board (ә buvʹbôrd´; –bōrd´), adv., adj. without tricks or concealment. ab·ra·ca·dab·ra (ab´rә kә dabʹrә), n. 1 word supposed to have magical powers, used in incantations, or as a charm to ward off diseases. 2 gibberish. [< L] a·brade (ә brādʹ), v., a·brad·ed, a·brading. wear away by rubbing; scrape off. [< L, < ab– off + radere scrape] —abradʹer, n. A·bra·ham (āʹbrә ham; –hәm), n. in the Bible, the ancestor of the Hebrews. Gen. 12–25. a·bra·sion (ә brāʹzhәn), n. 1 place scraped or worn by rubbing. 2 act of abrading. a·bra·sive (ә brāʹsiv; –ziv), n. substance used for grinding, smoothing, or polishing, as sandpaper. —adj. tending to abrade. a·breast (ә brestʹ), adv., adj. side by side. abreast of or with, up with; alongside of: keep abreast of what is going on. a·bridge (ә brijʹ), v., a·bridged, a·bridging. 1 make shorter by using fewer words. 2 make less: abridge the rights of citizens. 3 deprive (of): abridge citizens of their rights. [< OF abregier < L, < ad– + brevis short. Doublet of abbreviate.] —a·bridgʹa·ble, a·bridgeʹa·ble, adj. —abridgedʹ, adj. —a·bridgʹer, n. a·bridg·ment, a·bridge·ment (ә brijʹmәnt), n. 1 condensed form of a book, long article, etc. 2 an abridging. 3 a cutting back or reduction: abridgment of the right to privacy. a·broad (ә brôdʹ), adv. 1 in or to a foreign land or lands: go abroad. 2 out in the open air. 3 going around; current: a rumor is abroad. 4 far and wide. ab·ro·gate (abʹrә gāt), v., –gat·ed, –gating. 1 abolish or annul (a law or custom)

do some special thing; talent: musical ability, natural abilities. [< F < L. See able.] ab·ject (abʹjekt; ab jektʹ), adj. 1 wretched; miserable. 2 deserving contempt; contemptible; despicable. [<L, < ab– down + jacere throw] —ab·jecʹtion, n. —abjectʹly, adv. —ab·jectʹness, n. ab·jure (ab j˙ rʹ), v., –jured, –jur·ing. 1 u renounce on oath; repudiate; forswear. 2 refrain from. [< L, < ab– away + jurare swear] —ab´ju·raʹtion, n. —abjurʹa·to´ry (ab j˙ rʹә tô´ri;–tō´–), adj. u —ab·jurʹer, n. abl., ablative. ab·late (ab lātʹ), v., –lat·ed, –lat·ing. 1 remove or be removed by burning. 2 melt away or vaporize. ab·la·tion (ab lāʹshәn), n. 1 melting or burning away of the nosecone of a spacecraft or missile on reentry into the atmosphere. 2 removal or wearing away. ab·la·tive (abʹlә tiv), n. 1 the case in Latin expressing removal or separation. 2 a word or construction in this case. [< L ablativus < ab– away + ferre carry] a·blaze (ә blāzʹ), adv., adj. 1 burning; blazing. 2 brilliantly lit. 3 showing great excitement or anger. a·ble (āʹbәl), adj. a·bler, a·blest. 1 having ordinary capacity, power, or means to do; capable: a man able to work. 2 having more power or skill than most others have; talented; clever; expert: a supreme court justice should be an able lawyer. 3 competently done; effective: an able speech. 4 qualified, especially legally. [< OF < L habilis easily held or handled < habere hold] –able, suffix. 1 that can be ——ed; able to be ——ed: obtainable = that can be obtained. 2 likely to or suitable for: comfortable = suitable for comfort. 3 inclined to: peaceable = inclined to peace. 4 deserving to be —ed: lovable = deserving to be loved. 5 likely to be —ed: chargeable likely to be charged. See –ible. [< OF < L -abilis] a·ble-bod·ied (āʹbәl bodʹid), adj. physically fit and competent; strong and healthy. a·bloom (ә blümʹ), adv., adj. in bloom. ab·lu·tion (ab lüʹshәn), n. 1 washing of one’s person. 2 washing or cleansing as a religious ceremony of purification. 3 the liquid used. [< L, < ab– away + luere wash] a·bly (āʹbli), adv. with skill or ability. ab·ne·gate (abʹnә gāt), v., –gat·ed, –gat·ing. deny (anything) to oneself; renounce; give up. [<L, ab– off, away + negare deny] —ab´ne·gaʹtion, n. —abʹne·ga´tor, n. ab·nor·mal (ab nôrʹmәl), adj. deviating from the normal, the standard, or a type; markedly irregular; unusual; exceptional. [< ab– from + normal] —ab·norʹmally, adv. —ab·norʹmal·ness, n.

abuse 3
by an authoritative act; repeal. 2 do away with. [< L, < ab– away + rogare demand] —ab´ro·gaʹtion, n. —abʹro·ga´tor, n. a·brupt (ә bruptʹ), adj. 1 sudden; unexpected: an abrupt turn. 2 very steep. 3 (of speech or manners) short or sudden; blunt; brusque. 4 (of style) disconnected. [< L abruptus < ab– off + rumpere break] —a·bruptʹly, adv. —a·bruptʹness, n. Ab·sa·lom (abʹsә lәm), n. in the Bible, David’s favorite son, who rebelled against him. ab·scess (abʹses; –sis), n. a collection of pus in the tissues of some part of the body. [< L abscessus < ab– away + cedere go] —abʹscessed, adj. ab·scis·sa (ab sisʹә), n., pl. –scis·sas, –scissae (–sisʹē). Math. line running from left to right on a graph that defines a point in a system of coordinates. [< L (linea) abscissa (line) cut off ] ab·scond (ab skondʹ), v. go away suddenly and secretly; go off and hide; flee. [< L, < ab– away + condere store] —abscondʹer, n. ab·sence (abʹsәns), n. 1 a being away: absence from work. 2 time of being away: an absence of two weeks. 3 a being without; lack: absence of light. 4 absentmindedness. absence of mind, inattentiveness. ab·sent (adj. abʹsәnt; v. ab sentʹ), adj. 1 not present (at a place); away: John is absent today. 2 not existing; lacking: snow is absent in some countries. 3 absent-minded. —v. take or keep (oneself) away: absent oneself from class. [< L absens < ab– away + esse to be] —ab·sentʹer, n. —abʹsent·ness, n. ab·sen·tee (ab´sәn tēʹ), n. person who is absent or remains absent. —adj. of or for a voter or voters permitted to vote by mail. —ab´sen·teeʹism, n. ab·sent·ly (abʹsәnt li), adv. absent-mindedly. ab· sent-mind· ed (abʹ sәnt mīnʹ did), adj. inattentive; forgetful. —abʹsentmindʹed·ly, adv. —abʹsent-mindʹedness. n. ab·sinthe, ab·sinth (abʹsinth), n. a bitter, green liqueur flavored with herbs, wormwood, and anise. [< F < L < Gk. apsinthion wormwood] ab·so·lute (abʹsә lüt), adj. 1 complete; entire: absolute ignorance. 2 free from imperfection; perfect: absolute purity. 3 free from control or restrictions: absolute liberty. 4 not compared with anything else: absolute velocity, absolute zero. 5 certain; infallible: absolute proof. 6 forming a part of a sentence, but not connected with it grammatically. In “The train being late, we missed the boat,” the train being late is an absolute construction. —n. the absolute, that which is absolute. [< L absolutus, pp. See absolve.] —abʹso·lute´ness, n. ab·so·lute·ly (ab´sә lütʹli), adv. 1 completely. 2 positively. 3 yes. absolute majority, more than one-half the total votes cast. absolute monarchy, monarchy which has no limits to its power. absolute pitch, pitch of a tone according to the frequency of its vibrations per second. absolute value, value of a real number regardless of any signs attached to it. absolute zero, temperature at which substances would have no heat whatever; –273.13° centigrade or –459.72° Fahrenheit. ab·so·lu·tion (ab´sә lüʹshәn), n. 1 remission of guilt and punishment for sin by a priest after the sinner confesses and does penance. 2 act of declaring such remission. 3 formula declaring remission of sin. 4 release from consequences or penalties. ab·so·lut·ism (abʹsә lüt iz´әm), n. government whose rule has unrestricted power; despotism. —abʹso·lut·ist, n., adj. —ab´so·lut·isʹtic, adj. ab·solve (ab solvʹ; –zolvʹ), v., –solved, –solv·ing. 1 declare free from sin, guilt, or blame; exonerate; acquit; forgive. 2 set free (from a promise or duty); release; exempt. [< L, < ab– from + solvere loosen] —ab·solvʹa·ble, adj. —ab·solʹvent, adj., n. —ab·solvʹer, n. ab·sorb (ab sôrbʹ; –zôrbʹ), v. 1 take in or suck up (liquids): a towel absorbs water. 2 swallow up and make a part of itself; assimilate. 3 take in and hold: absorb noise. 4 interest very much: the circus absorbed the boys. 5 take up by chemical or molecular action: charcoal absorbs gases. 6 take (digested food, oxygen, etc.) into the bloodstream by osmosis. [< L, < ab– from + sorbere suck in] —absorbʹa·ble, adj. —ab·sorb´a·abilʹi·ty, n. —ab·sorbʹer, n. ab·sorbed (ab sôrbdʹ; –zôrbdʹ), adj. very much interested. —ab·sorbʹed·ly, adv. —ab·sorbʹed·ness, n. ab·sorb·ent (ab sôrʹbәnt; –zôrʹ–), adj. absorbing or capable of absorbing. —n. any thing or substance that absorbs. ab·sorb·ing (ab sôrʹbing; –zôrʹ–), adj. extremely interesting. —ab·sorbʹing·ly, adv. ab·sorp·tion (ab sôrpʹshәn; –zôrpʹ–), n. 1 an absorbing. 2 great interest (in something). 3 process of taking digested food, oxygen, etc., into the bloodstream by osmosis. 4 in plants, process of taking in nutrients through the roots. —ab·sorpʹtive, adj. —ab·sorpʹtive·ness, n. ab·stain (ab stānʹ), v. do without something voluntarily; refrain (from); forbear; cease: abstain from smoking. [< F < L, < ab– off tenere hold] —abstainʹer, n. ab·ste·mi·ous (ab stēʹmi әs), adj. moderate in eating and drinking; temperate. [< L, < ab– off + unrecorded temum intoxicating drink] —ab·steʹmi·ous·ly, adv. —ab·steʹmi·ous·ness, n. ab·sten·tion (ab stenʹshәn), n. act of abstaining; abstinence. —ab·stenʹtious, adj. ab·sti·nence (abʹstә nәns), n. 1 partly or entirely giving up certain pleasures, food, drink, etc.; abstention. 2 act or practice of refraining (from); abstention: abstinence from smoking, sexual abstinence. total abstinence, a refraining from the use of any alcoholic liquor. —abʹstinent, adj. —abʹsti·nent·ly, adv. ab·stract (adj. abʹstrakt, ab straktʹ; v. ab straktʹ for 1, 3, 4, abʹstrakt for 2; n. abʹstrakt), adj. 1 thought of apart from any particular object or real thing; not concrete: an abstract number. 2 expressing a quality that is thought of apart from any particular object or real thing: “goodness” is an abstract noun. 3 ideal; theoretical. 4 hard to understand; difficult. 5 not representing anything material or concrete: abstract paintings. —v. 1 think of (a quality) apart from a particular object or real thing having that quality. 2 make an abstract of; summarize. 3 remove, esp. dishonestly. 4 withdraw attention; preoccupy; disengage. —n. a short statement giving the main ideas of an article, book, etc.; summary. in the abstract, in theory rather than in practice. [< L abstractus < ab– away + trahere draw] —ab·stractʹer, n. —abʹstract·ly, adv. —abʹstract·ness, n. ab·stract·ed (ab strakʹtid), adj. absentminded; preoccupied; inattentive. —abstractʹed·ly, adv. —ab·stractʹed·ness, n. abstract expressionism, style of painting that expresses emotions rather than the concrete. —abstract expressionist, n. ab·strac·tion (ab strakʹshәn), n. 1 idea of a quality thought of apart from any particular object or real thing having that quality. 2 formation of such an idea. 3 removal. 4 absent-mindedness. 5 a work of abstract art. ab·struse (ab strüsʹ), adj. hard to understand; profound; recondite. [< L abstrusus < ab– away + trudere thrust] —abstruseʹly, adv. —ab·struseʹness, n. ab·surd (ab sėrdʹ; –zėrdʹ), adj. plainly not true or sensible; foolish; ridiculous. [< L absurdus out of tune, senseless] —ab·surdʹly, adv. —ab·surdʹness, n. ab·surd·i·ty (ab sėrʹdә ti; –zėrʹ–), n., pl. –ties. 1 something absurd. 2 an absurd quality or condition; folly. a·bun·dance (ә bunʹdәns), n. great plenty; full supply; profusion. [< OF < L. See abound.] a·bun·dant (ә bunʹdәnt), adj. more than enough; very plentiful. —a·bunʹdantly, adv. a·buse (v. ә būzʹ; n. әbūsʹ), v., a·bused, abus·ing, n. —v. 1 put to a wrong or bad use; misuse: abuse a privilege. 2 treat badly; mistreat; maltreat: abuse a child. 3 use harsh and insulting language to; revile. —n. 1 a wrong or improper use. 2 harsh or severe treatment of a person.

without instrumental accompaniment. assent. accomplice.. in Com..C. adv. a former French territory in SE Canada. n. 3 change the speed or velocity of (a moving object). 2 school for instruction in a particular art or science: a military academy. inches. 1 give consent (to). or use. a·ca·cia (ә kāʹshә). —A·caʹdi·an.. approve: Einstein’s theory was widely accepted. 1 thing that accelerates. n. n.. A. in the manner of chapel (music)] acc. n. approachable. —accesʹso·ri·ness. n. n. c prime. 6 emphasis on or approval of: an accent on good taste. ac·cent (n. —ac·cesʹso·ri·ly. adj. n.. from a government. n. adv. Esp. v. assume: accept a position as cashier. 3 that can be obtained. n. either a gradual increase (positive acceleration) or decrease (negative acceleration). 1 of or having to do with schools. b the draft or bill itself. 2 change in velocity. gradually increasing in speed. –thus·es. a·byss (ә bisʹ). hasten. —ac´a·demʹi·cal. 3 an increase. scholars. pl. 5 outburst (of anger). border (on or upon): his land abuts upon mine. 2 active. 1 touch at one end or edge. 1 take or receive (something offered): accept a gift. [< OF abisme] a·bys·mal (ә bizʹmәl). admission: access to the library. –at·ing. adj. –mies. adj.. adj. 4 theoretical. ac·cen·tu·ate (ak senʹch˙ āt). adj. [< L < Gk. student or teacher. favorable reception. 2 agree to. ac·cel·er·a·tor (ak selʹәr ā´tәr). agree: please accede to my request. [< L. [< L < Gk. ac·ces·si·ble (ak sesʹә bәl). 7 mark to indicate vowel quality in foreign languages. akʹsent. toothed leaves that grows in Mediterranean regions. adv... ac– prefix. n. n.. 1 freedom of a teacher to teach and explore controversial subjects without fear of interference or loss of position or standing. 10 mark used with numbers showing: a minutes or seconds of a degree. 4 a corrupt practice or custom. —v. 2 acceptance. or art. n. colleges. b feet. available. the ocean. n. a·cad·e·my (ә kadʹә mi). or circumflex (ˆ). v. Also. anything too great to be measured. ac·ces·sion (ak seshʹәn). n. accessory after the fact. 2 easy to get at. ak sentʹ). 3 scholarly. adj. [< L. adv. 11 light or color used to emphasize something in a picture. etc. a·but·ting. n. etc. —ac·cesʹsa·ri·ness. 1 of or u formed by accent. Law. –ating. 1 right to approach. welcome. 2 condition of being easy or hard to reach: access to the mountain town was difficult. 3 take as true or satisfactory. 2 freedom of an educational institution to set academic standards and curriculum without interference. adj. adj. 3 attain (to an office or dignity). generally accepted meaning. –at·ed. 4 accents. 3 of or pertaining to the deepest parts of the ocean. 2 join at a boundary. —ac·cenʹtual·ly. actinium. 1 account. susceptible. adj. 2 accusative. adj. reach or gain access to: easy to access your data files. 1 emphasize. to pay a draft or bill of exchange when it is due. technical. esp. 2 device or pedal that controls the speed of the engine in a vehicle.. 2 cause to happen sooner. —ac´ademʹi·cal·ly. n. esp.). person who shields the offender after the commission of an offense. esp. 1 too deep to be measured. accessory before the fact. —n. accessary. –atu ed.. a·bu·sive (ә būʹsiv. ak´ә dә–). an abyss. 2 the lowest depths of anything. a·but (ә butʹ). n. enter. n. academic freedom. double prime. ac·ces·so·ry (ak sesʹә ri). ac·cede (ak sēdʹ). adj. 2 an architectural ornament imitating these leaves. 3 harsh and insulting language. ac·cep·ta·tion (ak´sep tāʹshәn). consent to. 2 a yielding or agreeing (to a plan. a. —ac·cept´a·bilʹi·ty. capable of being influenced by. n. 2 the locust tree of North America. 5 undertake as a responsibility. Music.. 6 increase. –ced·ed. adj. adv. for encouraging literature. adj. etc.4 abusive A·ca·di·a (ә kāʹdi ә). 3 fig. Law. 1 act of accepting. n. science. 2 concerned with general rather than commercial.. —ac·ceptʹa·bly. –thi (-thī). 2 mark to indicate special force or emphasis of pronunciation. [< Ital. n. 1 using harsh or insulting language. adv. 4 receive with favor. ac·cess (akʹses). a private high school. or professional education.. subsidiary. giving aid as an accessory. agreeable. a·bysm (ә bizʹәm). —accesʹsion·al. adj. busy.. 1 a bottomless or immeasurably deep space. bottomless. etc. –ziv). accentuate. science. accede: accept a proposal. acknowledge: accept an excuse. –ced·ing. accessory. a·but·ted. n. Akademeia the grove where Plato taught] . Ethiopia. v. < ake thorn] a cap·pel·la (ä´ kә pelʹә). v. a·buzz (ә buzʹ). several species of which yield gum arabic. a·but·ting (ә butʹing). 1 member of a society for encouraging literature. —n. —acces´si·bilʹi·ty. subordinate part or detail. 1 pronounce or mark with an accent. akʹsent.+ celer swift] —ac·celʹera´tive. n. —ac·cen´tuaʹtion. 1 act of attaining to a right. 1 a support for an arch or bridge. or art. 3 way or means of approach: access to powerful men. 1 helping something more important. n. 5 following rules and traditions. 2 state of being accepted. [< OF] a·but·ment (ә butʹmәnt). scholar. worth accepting.c.. v. adv. 4 thing added. satisfactory.. [< L < Gk. photograph. [< Ital. n. 2 containing abuse.. come (to): the king’s oldest son acceded to the throne. n. demand. ac·ceptʹa·bleness. —a·bysʹmal·ly. akakia a thorny Egyptian tree] ac·a·dem·ic (ak´ә demʹik). 1 any of a genus of trees native to warm regions. esp. easy to reach. —v. 2 of very bad quality. pl. < ad. n. 1 filled with sounds of buzzing. adv. scientists. v. chasm. 2 (of poetry) using stress instead of quantity. adjacent. 3 cyclotron. 1 high school. addition. ac·cept·ance (ak sepʹtәns). n. 2 the point or place where the support joins the thing supported. 2 emphasize. n. 1 special force or emphasis given to a syllable or a word in pronouncing it.] ac·cel·er·ate (ak selʹәr āt). 1 that can be entered or reached. approval. form of ad–. consent. esp. [< L acceptare < ad– to + capere take] —ac·ceptʹer. 1 go or cause to go faster. ac·cel·er·an·do (ak sel´әr anʹdō). pl. —adj. < ad– to + cedere come] —ac·cedʹence. person who encourages someone to commit an offense. 3 a agreement as to terms. end (on or against): our house abuts on the street. tone of voice: in soothing accents. 1 an accelerating or being accelerated.. 5 distinctive character or quality: accent on grammar. believe. a·cad·e·mi·cian (ә kad´ә mishʹәn. ac·cept·a·ble (ak sepʹtә bәl). alternating current. 4 an attack (of disease). or lines. 1 an extra thing added to help something of more importance. adj. < a– without + byssos bottom] Ab·ys·sin·i·a (ab´ә sinʹi ә).. 1 usual meaning.. 6 sign and promise to pay: accept a note. 9 emphasis on certain notes or chords. artists. 2 Law. 8 emphasis on certain words or syllables in a line of poetry to give them rhythm. etc. 1 a prickly plant with large. –ries. [< F < L abusus < ab– away + uti use] —a·busʹer. 2 pronounce or mark with an accent. 3 society of authors. n. ac·cel·er·a·tion (ak sel´әr āʹshәn). 3 characteristic manner of pronunciation: a foreign accent. 3 rate of change in the velocity of a moving body. as acute (´). pl. Ac. —a·buʹsive·ness. [< L accentus < ad– to + canere sing] ac·cen·tu·al (ak senʹch˙ әl). 2 become a party (to): our government acceded to the treaty. accessible to. a·can·thus (ә kanʹthәs). grave (`). —Ab´ys·sinʹi·an. 2 student or teacher. adj.. [< L <Gk. adv. —a·buʹsive·ly. –ries. opinion. 2 person who encourages or helps someone commit an offense against the law. [< L accessus < ad– to + cedere come] ac·ces·sa·ry (ak sesʹә ri). attainment. ac·cepʹtor. and their studies. susceptible. office. ac·cept (ak septʹ). adv. formal. —ac·cedʹer. without being present at the time of the offense. —ac·cesʹsi·bly. esp. —ac·cesʹsa·ri·ly.

2 announce with signs of approval. akʹlә māt). See climate. pl. < L ad– + computare compute] ac·count·a·ble (ә kounʹtә bәl). and keys. of no account. [< F] ac·count (ә kountʹ). ac·com·plished (ә komʹplisht). 2 thing accomplished. applaud. adjust. 6 make fit.. —n. n. adj. n. [< F accompagner < à to + compagne companion] —accomʹpa·ni·er. [< L. explain. address. adj. [< L accidens < ad– to + cadere fall] ac·ci·den·tal (akʹsә denʹtәl). 7 reconcile. agreeing. obliging. 2 expert. 2 oral vote.. or tone. according to. Music. n. 1 something incidental that goes along with something else. applause [ < L. ac·count·ing (ә kounʹting). n. outfit. n. description: please give an account of your trip. report. Fr. seaport in W Africa. n. supplement (with) : accompany a speech with gestures. n. the examining or keeping of business accounts. tending to have accidents. ac·com·mo·da·tion (ә kom´ә dāʹshәn). 2 accomodations. ac·ci·dent (akʹsә dәnt). 4 play or sing a musical accompaniment. –ny·ing. 2 grant.. –tred. all together. 1 responsible. —n. suitably. 2 finish. n. –ter·ing. —adj. 6 settlement of differences. 1 an undesirable or unfortunate chance happening: an automobile accident. < L ad– to + costa side. [earlier a complice a confederate < F complice < L.. array. unexpected. —ac·comʹmo·dat´ingly. —v. b scold. [< F accoutrer] ac·cou·ter·ments (ә küʹtәr mәnts). [< OF < VL acchordare bring into harmony < L ad. 1 give a statement of money received or paid out. at one’s own risk. ac·count·an·cy (ә kounʹtәn si). —ac´ci·denʹtal·ness. v. pl. v. –mated. 3 skilled in social arts and graces. ac·cliv·i·ty (ә klivʹә ti). of no importance or value. ac·cou·tre (ә küʹtәr). accordare harmonize] —accorʹdi·on·ist. [< OF aconter count up < LL. harmony: opinions in accord. a give a reason for. equip. ac·cord·ant (ә kôrʹdәnt). 3 furnish with lodging and sometimes with food as well. [< L. n. –ties. adj. n. 1 an accomplishing or being accomplished. make suitable. b make a note of note. ac·cord·ance (ә kôrʹdәns). v. 1 show satisfaction and approval of by words or sounds. for one’s own purpose. greet. [< G < Ital. v. v. incidental. b for the sake of. n. —ac´ci·denʹtal·ly. a portable musical wind instrument with a bellows. < com– together with + plicare fold] ac·com·plish (ә komʹplish). theory or system of keeping. lying-in. —ac·cliʹma·tizʹa·ble. ac·cor·di·on (ә kôrʹdi әn). completion. ac·com·pa·nist (ә kumʹpә nist). n. ә kostʹ). tense. fortuitous. [< OF < LL. on one’s account. –tered. 3 statement of money received and paid out. ac·cord·ing (ә kôrʹding). with one accord. 5 a periodic record of purchases for which a customer is billed. a make allowance for. accordingly. harmony: in accordance with the plan. –lädʹ). achievement. n. correspond: his report accords with yours. on any account. adv. obliging. reconciliation. adv. agree. accordingly. accustom or become accustomed to a new climate or to new conditions. 1 happening by chance. call to account. in harmony. in harmony. adv. hold comfortably. Brit. —ac·cordʹant·ly. outfit or equip. 3 loan. take account of. 3 a nonessential. adj. etc. a because of. 1 succeed in completing. 1 in agreement with something that has 5 been stated. 2 a soldier’s equipment with the exception of his weapons and clothing. 5 provide (a person) with (a loan of) money. 2 hold to be. ac·claim (ә klāmʹ). as part payment. adj. [< F acclimater. achieve: accomplish nothing. 4 supply. actually do. adv. rib] ac· couche· ment (ә küshʹ mәnt. person who aids another in committing an unlawful act. part of grammar dealing with word order and those changes in words that show case. v. turn to account. c on the authority of: according to this book. 1 shout of approval by a crowd. adv. b in proportion to: spend according to your income. Ac·cra (ә kräʹ). significance: a report of little account. consider: Solomon was accounted wise. furnish. ac·cou·ter. 1 have room for. carry out. attainment. capital of Ghana. 2 nonessential. ac·cost (ә kôstʹ. —ac·count´abilʹi·ty. confinement for childbirth. 1 personal equipment. —ac·comʹplish· + chorda string] —ac·cordʹa·ble. 3 skill in some social art or grace: good manners are a desirable accomplishment. n. ac·com·plish·ment (ә komʹplish mәnt). person who plays an instrumental accompaniment. ac·com·mo·dat·ing (ә komʹә dāt´ing). 3 Music. 2 be or happen in connection with: fire is accompanied by heat. having folds like the bellows of an accordion. v. number. < adtoward + clivus rising ground] ac·co·lade (ak´ә lādʹ. n. 2 an informal agreement between nations. analyzing. ac·cord (ә kôrdʹ). oblige. ä küsh mänʹ). 4 willingness to help out. on one’s account. n. a in agreement with: according to his promise. —ac´climaʹtion n. 1 anything that helps. adj.] —ac·cliʹma·ta·ble adj. adv. < ad– + com– with + modus measure] —accomʹmo·da´tor. v. n. without being asked. by accident. ac·countʹa·ble·ness. for one’s sake. esp. ac·com·mo·da·tive (ә komʹә dā´tiv). carried out. for any reason. 5 adjustment. acclimate. < ad– to + clamare cry out] —ac·claimʹer. n. skilled. as of ground. a sign used to show a change of pitch after the key signature and before the note to be changed. 2 worth. –nied. on one’s own account. pitch. for one’s account. ac·com·pa·ny (ә kumʹpә ni). fulfill: accomplish a purpose. 1 go along with. n. ac·cli·ma·tize (ә klīʹmә tīz). ac·ci·dent-prone (akʹsә dәnt prōnʹ). 1 agreement. 2 a ceremony used in making a man a knight.. —adj. without being planned or anticipated. 2 an unexpected or unintentional happening: their meeting was an accident. –tized. adj. –mat·ing. ac·cli·mate (ә klīʹmit. b answer for. –dat·ing. hail. approach and speak to first. completed.Accra ac·ci·dence (akʹsә dәns). applause. n. acolada an embrace about the neck < L ad– to + collum neck] ac·com·mo·date (ә komʹә dāt). 3 cause to be attended by. n. metallic reeds. 2 explainable. 1 done.. —ac·cordʹer. escort: accompany a friend on a walk. —ac·comʹmo·da´tive·ness. on account. convenience. ac·cord·ing·ly (ә kôrʹding li). of one’s own accord. —accountʹa·bly. [< F < Pg. for one’s sake. 1 honor. ac·cla·ma·tion (ak´lә māʹshәn). ac·com·pa·ni·ment (ә kumʹpә ni mәnt). ac·com·plice (ә komʹplis). lodging and sometimes food as well: the hotel has accommodations for one hundred. on account of. 2 supplementary instrumental or vocal music that supports or enriches a vocal or instrumental solo. award: accord the boy praise for good work. < LL. by chance. get profit or advantage from. according as. adaptation. account for. < ad– + complere fill up] —ac·comʹplisha·ble. n. 1 detailed or explanatory statement. person who examines or manages business accounts. v. pl. 3 harmony of color. shout or show of approval. an upward slope. and interpreting business accounts. n. n. n. n. 2 do a kindness or favor to. in proportion as. agreement. –dated. 1 be in harmony. adj. –tizing. I need an account of your actions. adj. reprimand. –tring. —ac·cli´ma·ti·zaʹtion. [< F < Ital. favor. consider. therefore. —n. 4 a record of business dealings between a bank and a depositor. of or having to do with an accidental. n. adj. 2 for this reason. . n. ac·count·ant (ә kounʹtәnt). n. praise. unintentional. a demand an explanation.

accusative. addition. akene. 2 find fault with. inflammable liquid.. 2 harshness of manner. ac·e·tate (asʹә tāt). v. ac·et·an·i·lid. n. ac·cuse (ә kūzʹ). combined with oxygen. < ad– up + cumulus heap] —ac·cuʹmula´tor. n. ac·e·tyl·sal·i·cyl·ic acid (asʹә til sal´ә silʹik. 2 sour. except in the heel. pl. a·cid·u·lous (ә sijʹә lәs). ach·ing. —acʹcurate·ness. —acidʹu·lous·ness. used as a solvent and in making varnishes.6 ac·cred·it ac·cus·tom (ә kusʹtәm). –cus·ing. –cused. ac·curs·ed (ә kėrʹsid. sourness. [< OF acostumer] ac·cus·tomed (ә kusʹtәmd). —v. –fy·ing.. 2 any synthetic resins or fibers made from cellulose acetate. or side of a die having a single spot. n. 1 annoying and detestable. [<L. admit] —ac·knowlʹedgea·ble. 1 grow or come about as a result of investment. 2 change into an acid. adj. 4 thing added. A·chil·les (ә kilʹēz). usually reacts with a base to form salt and water. a harmful condition in which the blood and tissues are less alkaline than is normal. accus. –lating. a thorough test. get used. adv. a·cid·u·late (ә sijʹә lāt). n. and turns blue litmus paper red. 1 give (a person) credit (for something). 2 recognize the authority or claims of. message. legendary hero of the Greeks at the siege of Troy. —acʹe·tat´ed. –ә līd). n. measure. ac·i·do·sis (as´ә dōʹsis). because it ripens without bursting] Ach·er·on (akʹәr on). . of great skill. 1 serve an ace to an opponent. 1 the hip socket. 2 colorless. a colorless gas. 1 compound that yields hydrogen ions when dissolved in water. —a·cidʹifi´er. –crued. 1 of or having the properties of an acid. –fied. 1 admit to be true. ack-ack (ak´akʹ). —ac·cusʹtomed·ness.. n. v. 2 amount accrued or accruing. abominable. severity. 1 collect or heap up little by little. sourness. —accursʹed·ly adv. a·cet·i·fy (ә setʹә fī). -lә tiv). ac·knowl·edgement (ak nolʹij mәnt). —a·cet´i·fi·caʹtion. turn into vinegar. adj. < (venir) a chief (come) to a head] —a·chievʹa·ble. ә setʹik). 3 LSD. [< Gk. 5 accept as worth believing. of or derived from vinegar or acetic acid. 3 recognize as meeting an official standard: an accredited high school. a white.. –fied. concede.). —ac·creʹtive. adj.. [< L acidus sour] —acʹid·ly. n. [OE acan] —achʹing·ly. long. (as´әt anʹә lid. accusing. adv. –edg·ing.. ac·cu·rate (akʹyә rit). –fy·ing. ach·ro·mat·ic (ak´rә matʹik). [British radio operator’s code word for AA (anti-aircraft)] ac·knowl·edge (ak nolʹij). v. 6 give authority to. 5 recognize or certify in legal form: acknowledge a deed. 1 be in continued pain. —adj. any small. hurt. steady pain. –edged. habituate. 2 the lower world. authorize. —acʹid·ness. ac·id (asʹid). –ties. n. < a– without + chroma color] —ach´ro·matʹi·cal·ly. rain that contains acidic pollutants. adj. dry. etc. ac·cru·al (ә krüʹәl). [< OF. ached. aced.. objective. smallest unit (of coinage. used in medicines to relieve pain and lessen fever. in a class. country in ancient Greece. sharp. < ad– to + cura care] —acʹcu·rate·ly. 1 a u charge of wrongdoing. finish. 2 act of admitting the existence or truth of anything. ac·et·an·i·lide. 1 transmitting white light without breaking it up into the colors of the spectrum. that burns with a bright light and very hot flame. 1 a playing card. etc. ace (ās). 1 making few or no errors. Achilles heel. adv. n. –lin). n. etc. colorless acid. acknow admit + knowledge. a colorless. in the S part. n. showing the direct object. 3 act of accusing. etc. 2 Colloq. n. –lat·ing. –lat·ed. adj. n. adj. a·chieve (ә chēvʹ). adj.. n. attain: achieve distinction. 2 without errors or mistakes. gain. pl. adv. accomplish. n. adv. volatile. a·cet·y·lene (ә setʹә lēn. 2 act of achieving. No weapon could injure Achilles anywhere. 1 make or become sour. [< NL < Gk. 1 sharpness of taste. v. slightly acid or sour. customary. favor. n. ac·crue (ә krüʹ).. used for lighting and. 1 gradual collection. n. [< OF as < L. wish very much. esp. [< L. Also. adv. 5 a combat pilot who has shot down five or more enemy planes. CH3COOH. ac·cu·mu·la·tive (ә kūʹmyә lā´tiv. 2 substance having a sour taste. 4 consider (a thing) as belonging or due (to a person): we accredit the invention of the telephone to Bell. n. adv. etc. A·chae·a (ә kēʹә). a·chieved. —ac·cuʹmu·la´tive·ly. ac·cu·sa·tion (ak´y˙ zāʹshәn). 1 the objective case. precise: an accurate observer. 2 under a curse. –lin). adj. 1 growth in size. make familiar by use or habit. [< F accréditer] ac·cre·tion (ә krēʹshәn). –ties. Achilles tendon. etc. a·chene (ā kēnʹ). for welding metals. weak or vulnerable point. 3 a point won by a single stroke in tennis and certain other games. 3 express appreciation of (a gift. a·cid·i·ty (ә sidʹә ti). –lat·ed. a·chieve·ment (ә chēvʹmәnt).. 2 a single spot. 2 a growing together of separate things. —a·chievʹer. —ac·knowlʹedged·ly.. v. 4 an expert. —Ach´il·leʹan. collective. —ac·knowlʹedg·er. adv. [< OF < L accusare < ad– to + causa cause] —ac·cusʹer. tendon at the back of the leg. 2 do extremely well on a test. crystalline drug. containing an accusation. ac·cred·it (ә kredʹit). acct. a·ce·tic (ә sēʹtik. v. a·cid·i·fy (ә sidʹә fī). 1 river in Hades. 5 a whole that results from such growths or additions. in tennis. attribute: accredit her with kindness. C8H9NO. accept. usual.. n. n. 2 come as a natural product or result. 2 word used as an object of a verb or preposition.. –tō´–). acing.. n. n. favor. acid rain. biting in taste or manner. v. complete: achieve one’s purpose. n. 1 thing achieved. —a·cidʹu·lous·ly. 2 any cup-shaped structure. n. —ac·cusʹing·ly. adj. arraign. 1 charge with some crime. yearn. ac·knowl·edg·ment. 2 send or provide with credentials: accredited to be our ambassador to the UN. v. 1 an accruing. mass. < ad– to + crescere grow] —ac·crueʹment. adj. n. —a·cid´i·fi·caʹtion. blame. n.. 1 any salt or ester of acetic acid. < a– not + chainein gape. n. 2 accountant. v. 2 grow into a heap or mass. exact: accurate measure. a very sour. acid quality or condition. 1 thing given or done to show that one has received a gift. ac·cu·mu·late (ә kūʹmyә lāt). 1 account. adj. [blend of obs. tending to accumulate.. —v. Hades. anti-aircraft fire.)] a·cer·bi·ty (ә sėrʹbә ti). n. 1 bring to a successful end. correctness. 4 make known the receipt of: acknowledge a letter. adj. hard fruit consisting of one seed with a thin outer covering that does not burst when ripe. forming acid. n. v. [< L acetum vinegar] acetic acid. 2 get by effort. n. —ac·cuʹmula´tive·ness. 2 material collected. make slightly acid or sour. CH3·CO–. < acerbus bitter] ac·e·tab·u·lum (as´ә tabʹyә lәm). n. [<F <L. adv. ac·cu·sa·tive (ә kūʹzә tiv). domino. —adj. 2 the offense charged. present in vinegar. a·chieving. expert. ac·cu·mu·la·tion (ә kūʹmyә lā´s hәn). rock music with a beat and words that suggest drug-induced experiences. [< L. ә sēʹtәl–). n. pl. n. –la (–lә). —acid´u·laʹtion. a·cid·ic (ә sidʹik). credit. < acetum vinegar] —ac´e·tabʹu·lar.. adj. –cru·ing. accomplishment. ә kerstʹ). accrue. n. —A·chaeʹan. 3 an increase in size by natural growth or gradual external addition. —n. acid test. adj. a dull. chemical compound that transmits nerve impulses. adj.. n. n. ac·cu·ra·cy (akʹyә rә si). adj. ac·curst (ә kėrstʹ). [< F < L. n. C2H2. trust: accredited as an authority in mathematics. ac·cu·sa·to·ry (ә kūʹzә tô´ri. v. ache (āk). ac·e·tone (as´ә tōn). n. aspirin. v. —ac·cuʹsative·ly. amass: accumulate a fortune. cup-shaped holder for vinegar. condition of being without errors or mistakes. offense. ac·e·tyl·cho·line (as´ә til kōʹlēn. acid rock. n. —adj. n.

as NAFTA. or certain other letters of each line. poisonous liquid. from one side to the other: the distance across? across the board. start . adj. –quit·ting. –nies. 2 make more or less familiar. < Gk. n. a·cre (āʹkәr). ac·quis·i·tive (ә kwizʹә tiv).. 2 drug used to relieve inflammation and pain.. gain: acquire an education. acʹrid·ness. or yellow flowers shaped like hoods. –quired. n. 3 pay off or settle (a debt. [< L. ac·qui·si·tion (ak´wә zishʹәn). n. 3 painting done with acrylic paint. 1 a setting free by declaring not guilty. conduct. with blue. [< Gk. 1 person known to one. n.. a·cous·tics (әküsʹtiks). 2 skillful. act up. etc. akme point] ac·o·lyte (akʹә līt). submitting with apparent consent. found in pitchblende. 2 payment of a debt. conduct oneself. ac·quire (ә kwīrʹ). daring. give consent by keeping silent. —ac´rimoʹni·ous·ly. 2 (sing. 2 acres. akme point] ac·ne (akʹnē). āʹkәrn). adj. a·cros·tic (ә krôsʹtik. deed: an act of kindness. 2 sharp or irritating in manner. of or forming an acrostic. v. language. a radioactive chemical element. or skin. —acʹro·batʹical·ly. —acquisʹi·tive·ly. 3 acted on or directed by sound waves: an acoustic mine. 2 producing chemical changes by radiation. n. ac·ro·meg·a·ly (ak´rō megʹә li). a disease in which the head. aktis ray] ac·tin·ism (akʹtәn iz әm). the high. nimble performer. in use) science of sound. –escing. —acquaintʹance·ship. substitute. n. a·cous·ti·cal (-tә kәl). 2 get by one’s own efforts or actions. 2 thing done. 1 any of a genus of poisonous plants. ac·ri·mo·ni·ous (ak´rә mōʹni әs). claim. 1 thing done. —adv. adj. adj. 4 produced on a musical instrument without amplification. 4 expression of thanks. 1 of actinism. adv. 1 act of acquiring.560 square feet. ac·ro·nym (akʹrә nim). acceptance. take the place of. get oneself organized. 1 release from a debt or obligation. Bot. adj. < a. familiarize: acquaint oneself with the facts. the nut. come across. adj. 2 process of doing: in the act of stealing.). 160 square rods or 43. 1 a measure of land.. –esced... sharpness or bitterness in temper. 2 beyond: across the sea. n. American College Testing Program. 1 number of acres. adv. etc. prep. a hormone of the pituitary gland. —ac´quiesʹcent·ly. 3 attendant. but not a close friend. seaport in NW Israel. such as the ferns and mosses. n. pl. 5 play a part. ACTH. ac·qui·es·cent (ak´wi esʹәnt). n. ә krosʹ-). hand over. n. 5 official certificate in legal form. adv. plant growing only at the apex. bitter. n. n.+ quitte free < L quietus quiet] —ac·quitʹter. n. actions. fond of acquiring. 1 put forth effort: act at once. admit. act. < ad– to + quiescere to rest] —ac´qui·escʹing·ly. akolouthos follower] ac·o·nite (akʹә nīt). tell: acquaint him with your intention. taken in order. submit quietly: we acquiesced in their plan. 4 one of several performances on a program. used in treating arthritis. perform in a theater. property. in use) the qualities of a room. the Acropolis of Athens. obligation. n. adv. property in light that causes chemical changes. n. v. n. n. n. C3H3N. 2 performance (of a duty. ac·qui·esce (ak´wi esʹ). discharge. 1 gymnastic feats. [< OF acointer < LL. 1 sharp or stinging to the nose. ac·tin·ic (ak tinʹik). n.action 7 admission. 1 altar boy. esp. release. etc. < akros highest part of + polis city] a·cross (ә krôsʹ. etc. exonerate. n. adv. a pay up. [< OF. n. n. obtain: acquire land. —v. n. acoustic qualities. –quir·ing. mouth. auditorium. a·cre·age (āʹkәr ij).). pl. 1 act of acquiring. get one’s act together. 2 feats like those of an acrobat. —acʹridly. < akros tip (of the toes) + –batos going] —ac´ro·batʹic. 2 set free (from a duty. n. ac·quire·ment (ә kwīrʹmәnt). spell a word or phrase. [OE œcern] a·cous·tic (ә küs´tik). 1 process of acting: a machine in action. important during the Crusades. [< Med. n. akoustikos having to do with hearing < akouein hear] —a·cousʹtical·ly. ac·tin·i·um (ak tinʹi әm). a tightrope. —ac´ri·moʹni·ousness. < akros tip + stichos row] —a·crosʹti·cal·ly. assistant. ac·ti·no·zo·an (ak´tә nә zōʹәn). —adj. —a·crogʹe·nous·ly. 3 a main division of a play or opera. somewhat like radium. bring action. 1 receive or get as one’s own. ACT. [ <F. n. ac·ri·mo·ny (akʹrә mō´ni). ac·me (akʹmē). hands. [< Gk. [< L acrimonia < acer sharp] ac·ro·bat (akʹrә bat). ac·rid (akʹrid). 3 way of moving or working. 2 something acquired. attainment. used in synthetic rubber. [< Gk. c Also. 2 acrylic paint. have personal knowledge of: he is acquainted with my father. —ac·quisʹi·tiveness. v. āʹkәr). akros tip + megas big] —ac´rome·galʹic. 2 perform specific duties. plastics. last. akros tip + –genes born] —ac´ro·genʹic. n. apex.). or manner. n. 2 knowledge of persons or things gained from experience with them. [< L < Gk. 2 puzzle having acrostic clues to its solution. [?< Gk. ac·quaint (ә kwāntʹ). 2 thing acquired. be acquainted with. –quit·ted. 3 a written acknowledgment. 1 (pl. behave: the soldiers acquitted themselves well in battle. lands. an obligation. the highest point. take action. akros tip + onyma name] a·crop·o·lis (ә kropʹә lis). [OE œcer field] A·cre (äʹkәr. anthozoan. etc. act (akt). b make mischief. etc. < ad– to + quaerere seek] —acquirʹa·ble. ac·quit (ә kwitʹ). [< L actus a doing and actum (thing) done < agere do] —actʹa·ble. consent without making objections. 4 have an effect: yeast acts on dough. 1 temporarily taking another’s place. behavior.. adj. akoniton] a·corn (āʹkôrn. adj. often causing pimples. that determine how well sounds can be heard in it. [< F < Gk. n. ac·qui·es·cence (ak´wi esʹәns). n. adv. without any exceptions. ac·ro·bat·ics (ak´rә batʹiks). b start working. 2 having to do with the science of sound. [< F < L. act as or for. 4 a minor battle or combat between military forces. etc. b own up. of an oak tree. purple. a·crogʹe·nous. 3 recognition of authority or claims. a become active. fortified part of an ancient Greek city. Ac. n.. rheumatic fever. follower. 3 arranged for the use of actors. n. adv. adv. 2 that acts or functions. n. n. —ac·quirʹer. adj. n. obtained from one of these plants. adj. over: across a river. 1 acrylic resin. 1 declare (a person) not guilty (of an offense). [< F < L < Gk. n. 1 having to do with the sense or the organs of hearing. likely to get and keep. a skin disease in which the oil glands in the skin become clogged and inflamed. hormone involved in muscle contraction. [< Gk. word formed from the first letters or syllables of other words. 1 composition in verse or an arrangement of words in which the first. 5 a law: an act of Congress. 1 inform. [< Gk. ac·ry·lo·ni·trile (ak´rә lō nīʹtrәl). 2 person ordained to a minor order in the Roman Catholic Church. a colorless inflammable. act·ing (akʹting). and feet become permanently enlarged. v. [< F < Gk. submitting quietly. < L ad– to + cognitus known < com with + gnoscere come to know] ac·quaint·ance (ә kwānʹtәns). of acrylic. a·cryl·ic (ә krilʹik). —adj. 2 piece of land sold by the acre. 1 from side to side of. movement. hall. ac·tion (akʹshәn). fabrics. [< L acer sharp] —a·cridʹi·ty. acquit oneself. including wolf ’s-bane and monkshood. 3 behave: act tired. ac·ro·gen (akʹrә jәn). a behave badly. adv. n. adj. 5 a lawsuit. adj. ac·quit·tal (ә kwitʹәl). 3 into contact with: come across a new word. n. caustic and stinging. ә krosʹ).L < Gk. release. ac·tin (akʹtәn). ac·quit·tance (ә kwitʹәns). 1 person who can perform on a trapeze. or fruit.

—adv. n. toward.. 4 keen: an acute sense of smell. supplementary. ad·duce (ә düsʹ.] —acʹtu·al·ness. give as proof or evidence. 3 puff adder. or in a broadcast. as–. ag–. —n. 1797–1801. —n. n. ap–. n. 7 having the mark (´) over it.. ad·dict (n. person to whom a letter. a sudden. or habits to fit different conditions. u 1 put into action. 1 make fit or suitable. angle less than a right angle. in moving pictures.. [< OF adamaunt the hardest stone ( diamond) < L < Gk. n. < L actus action] —ac´tu·aʹtion. 1 easily changed to fit different conditions. receives mail. to. n. a·dapt·a·ble (ә dapʹtә bәl).. n. In “He broke the window. n. the capital of Ethiopia. appendix. [ < Ital. adroitness. See act. since Christ was born. —adj. adj. the active voice. doer. in u fact. sharpness. strongly inclined. active duty or service. def. 1767–1848. n. ac·tiv·i·ty (ak tivʹә ti). 2 find the sum of. 3 change in structure. 3 vigorous action. –tīn). adv. sphere of action: outside activities. a female actor. as in admit. is addressed. n. n. unyielding. See act. an area that extends existing development. 3 part added to a building. See act. the first man. n. adj. 3 brief and severe: an acute attack of appendicitis. confused: addlebrained. 1 acting. shrill. adj. n. 4 a land added that is next to existing holdings. 3 make capable of reacting or of speeding up a chemical reaction. 1825–29. 3 showing much or constant action. 2 moving rather quickly. in the Bible. n. 2 sharp and severe: an acute fuel shortage. —a·dapʹtive·ly. [<L. –tēn. –at·ing. n. in addition to. —ac´tu·al·i·zaʹtion. prep. by reduction before sc. acute accent. 1 adjustment to new or different circumstances. the lump in the front of the throat formed by the thyroid cartilage. as in Spanish adiós. [< F < L adagium] a·da·gio (ә däʹjō. ac·tor (akʹtәr). < acuere sharpen] a·cute (ә kūtʹ). something added to improve flavor. [< L. sharpness and quickness in seeing and understanding. unforeseeable. —v.. n. n. Adam’s apple. ac·tiv·ism (ak tә vizʹәm). –ducing. ac·tu·al·ize (akʹch˙ әl īz). n. adj. 2 now existing. 2 service in the armed forces in time of war. af–. involving addition. [< Med.. ә dūsʹ). v.: food additives. 2 result of altering for a different use. a brief. al–. to be added. poisonous snake of Europe. n. adj. 2 place at which a person. advertisement. 2. effective: take an active part. [< F < L actio. working: an active volcano. 1 state of being active: mental activity. ad·di·tion (ә dishʹәn). pl. st. appears also. [< F addresser direct to < OF < L. n. 2 too hard to be cut or broken. Music. [OE adela liquid filth] ad·dress (ә dresʹ. lively. —n. prefix. n. 1 a speech: the President’s inaugural address. true. a·daptʹa·bleness. direct one’s energies. in the year of the Lord. acute angle. n. nimble. 1 that can adapt. 4 purify (sewage) by treating it with air and bacteria. —acʹtivist. [< L. harmless snake of North America. n. pl. sp. adj. –ties. 1 act or process of adding. substance too hard to be cut or broken. adv. adv. immovable. ad·dress·ee (ә dres ēʹ. 1 existing as a u fact. ac·tress (akʹtris). acute accent. 3 apply or devote (oneself). [< L < an African word] ad·dend (adʹend).. 1 join (one thing to another): add another stone to the pile. by assimilation to the following consonant. ad´res ēʹ). 1 u actual existence. n. a·dap·tive (ә dapʹtiv). adv. location in a computer where email addreses are stored. 2 John Quincy. and. —ac´tu·arʹi·al·ly. < ad– to + ducere lead] . at–.” broke is in the active voice. give (oneself) over. business. < ad– to + directus straight] —ad·dressʹer. a·dapt (ә daptʹ). 4 symbol that shows location of a data file in a computer. –ar·ies. adj. n. etc. n. 2 make or become rotten. in ME a nadder was taken as an adder] ad·der’s-tongue (adʹәrz tung´). besides. adj. 2 result of adding. etc. ad·der (adʹәr). –izu ing. or to show stress. adamant. 1 make active.] —ac´tu·arʹi·al. ac·tion·a·ble (akʹshәn ә bәl). the fifth book of the New Testament. –vat·ed. 5 anything active. [< F < LL < L actus a doing. pl. ac·tu·al·ly (akʹch˙ әl i). adv. –da (–dә). a large antelope of Arabia and N Africa. 5 intense. ad·dle (adʹәl). for insurance companies. [OE nœdre. or Acts of the Apostles. thing added. –ties. esp. package. –dress·ing. –dressed or –drest.. —acʹtion·a·bly. active force. v. –at·ed. adʹres). ac·tu·al (akʹch˙ әl). current: the actual state of affairs. slowly. Acts (akts). 1 person who acts on the stage. also. effectiveness. < ad– to + dicere say] —ad·dicʹtion. ac·tu·ar·y (akʹch˙ er´i). firm. storm. ac·tu·al·i·ty (ak´ch˙ alʹә ti). 1 make or become confused. ethylene is now a common additive in gasoline. 1 direct speech or writing to: the President addressed the nation on TV. –vating. 1 a small. present. v. See add. v... n. 2 influence to act. ar–. n. 3 increase: add to our pleasure. 2 rotten: addle eggs. adv. [< L actuarius account keeper. v. —ad´ap·taʹtional. justifying a lawsuit. 5 causing action or change. < ad– to + dare put] —addʹa·ble. pl. Ad·dis Ab·a·ba (adʹis abʹә bә)..] —acʹtive·ly. —n. 6 (of sounds) high in pitch. n. [< L. n. —acʹtu·a´tor. 4 real. 2 things added. form. an–. adj. sixth president of the United States. 1 military service with full pay and regular duties. —a·dapt´a·bilʹi·ty. —addʹer. administer. v. [< L.. impenetrable. n. ad–.) where it is to be sent. etc. –gios. ad agio at ease] Ad·am (adʹәm). ac·tive (akʹtiv).. added. 1 muddled. n. —acʹti·va´tor.. for n.8 actionable a lawsuit. slavishly following (a habit. [< F < L.. addʹi·ble. as in French abbé. adv. 2 person who acts.] —acʹtion·less.. –ized. 2 changing easily to fit different conditions. ad·dax (adʹaks). familiar proverb. 2 the dogtooth violet. or earthquake. ad·ap·ta·tion (ad´әp tāʹshәn).. adj. act of God.. –dled. 1 having a sharp point. b in a city. an old saying. etc. adj. u person whose work is figuring risks. son of John Adams.. n. ad·di·tive (adʹә tiv). ad (ad). —n. such as flood. ad·a·mant (adʹә mant). n. [< F < L activus. n. number or quantity to be added. policy or practice of personal involvement in activities that advance one’s own political or philosophical beliefs. n. practice). 4 say further. —ac´ti·vaʹtion. 1735–1826. [< L. ac·tu·ate (akʹch˙ āt). 3 skill. adj. vigorous: an active market. Ad·ams (adʹәmz). rates. accommodate: adapt oneself to a new job. really. keen insight. fact. pl. attention paid in courtship. 2 modify or alter for a different use: adapt a novel for the stage. 1 John. etc. —v. addresʹsor. ac·ti·vate (akʹtә vāt). 1 unyielding. –duced. < acuere sharpen] —acuteʹly. ә diktʹ). ad·den·dum (ә denʹdәm). real. [< LL. < a– not + damaein subdue] ad·a·man·tine (ad´ә manʹtin. v. a slow part in a piece of music. make actual. liveliness: no activity in the market. adj. address book..L < OF agüeté < agu sharp < L acutus] a·cu·men (ә kūʹmәn). add (ad). as a–] A. n.. [< L ad. second president of the United States. mark (´) used to show the quality of a vowel. ad·dict·ed (ә dikʹtid). doing: the activities of enemy spies. —n. 2 actual thing. 1 a variety of small fern with a fruiting spike. –dling. adverb. adv. 4 thing to do. adj. poignant: acute jealousy. 2 write on (a letter.. n. —a·cuteʹness. acuteness. genuine: the actual as opposed to the imaginary. adj. as to a habit. advert. —v. addresses. offer as a reason. v. 1 thing to be added.] ad·di·tion·al (ә dishʹәn әl). –zhi ō). adj. 2 action. slow. v. as ac–. 2 make radioactive. adj. 2 a small. —a·dapʹtive·ness. adjust. 6 showing the subject of a verb as acting. —adj. See act. adʹikt. [for LL anno domini] ad·age (adʹij). and uncontrollable action of natural forces. —acʹtiveness. n. a·cu·i·ty (ә kūʹә ti). < ad– to + aptare fit] —a·daptʹer. adj.D. 2 showing adaptation. a person who is a slave or devotee to a habit. —ad·diʹtion·al·ly. n.

). a·dieu (ә düʹ. administer. without transmission as a gain or loss of heat. n. performs. v. –cies. 1 fit or adapt (one thing to another): adjust a seat to the height of a child. 1 act of adjourning. pl. adj. pl. thoroughly skilled. Latin. lawmaking body. get used: adjust well to army life. 1 act or process of adjusting. [< L. –ziv). n. See adjoin. [< F ajuster < a– (< L ad–) + juste right < L justus] —ad·justʹa·ble. [< OF ajoindre < L. 3 word or phrase qualifying or modifying another word or phrase. compound of adenine and ribose and formed in living cells. adv. pl. ad·junct (ajʹungkt). 2 hold closely or firmly (to): adhere to a plan. n.. [< L.. 1 management (of a business. ad·ja·cent (ә jāʹsәnt). helping. adhering easily. n. 1 nearness. ad·ju·di·cate (ә jüʹdә kāt). [< L adjudicatus. a thoroughly skilled person. n. n. adj. —adv. –hered. adj. ad·e·noi·dal (ad´ә noiʹdәl). n. 4 accommodate oneself. ad·ja·cen·cy (ә jāʹsәn si). 3 means of adjusting. [< L. < ad– to + jurare swear] —ad·juraʹtion. ā´dī–). –trated. ә dūʹ).] —adducʹtive. —adj. giving messages. adj. omit. a farewell. for this] ad·i·a·bat·ic (ad´i ә batʹik. ad·e·noid (adʹә noid). ad·just (ә justʹ). [< L adjectivus that is added to < ad– to + jacere throw] —adʹjective·ly.. is adjourned.. ajʹik ti vәl). adhering. n. –her·ing. 2 a holding to and following closely. adjutant of a division or a larger military unit. —ad·herʹently. 1 be next to. ad·ju·tant (ajʹә tәnt). good-by. –jur·ing. 2 that which is adjacent. n. n. 1 adjective. adjoining. n. n. 1 as much as is needed. ad´i·posʹi·ty. —adʹe·quate·ness. ad·he·sion (ad hēʹzhәn).. ad·just·ment (ә justʹmәnt). forever.] —ad·ju´di·caʹtion. 2 give out. sticky. [< L ad libitum at pleasure] ad lib·i·tum (ad libʹә tәm). —ad´i·a·batʹi·cal·ly. —ad·heʹsiveness.. rank or position of an adjutant in the army. ad·jec·ti·val (aj´ik tīʹvәl. Admiralty. —ad·juʹdi·ca´tor. –libbed. etc.. v. < L dies day] ad·journ·ment (ә jėrnʹmәnt). a·dieux (ә düzʹ. adv. n. a word used to qualify or limit a noun or pronoun. –cat·ed. < ad– to + jungere join] —ad·joinʹing. —adjuʹdi·ca´tive. —adj. —adjurʹer. 4 a the period of office of these officials. a·dieus. good-by. interj. ad·ept (n. lying near or close. —ad·juncʹtive·ly. [< L. interj. 1 put off until a later time: the club adjourned consideration of the question. expert. at the moment. adv. —ad·minʹis·trant. –cat·ing. 1 holding fast. [< F à dieu to God] ad in·fi·ni·tum (ad in´fә nīʹtәm). two angles that have the same vertex and the same line as one of their sides. 3 decide or settle by law. ad·e·noids (adʹә noidz). —ad·justʹa·bly. pl. n. v. ә deptʹ. 2 glandular. adj. 2 be next or close to each other.] 9 —ad·juncʹtive. —n. ad– + ministrare serve < minister servant] —ad·minʹis·tra·ble. 5 take charge of (an estate) as administrator. a·di·os (ä´di ōsʹ. n. ad in·te·rim (ad inʹtә rim). adj. –lib·bing. faithfulness. v. without limit.. —n. extemporized. word or words used as an adjective. Admiral. judge. the Cabinet. enough: means adequate to the object. n. 1 u command or charge (a person) on oath or under some penalty (to do something). v. [< Sp. 3 stop business or proceedings for a time: the court adjourned from Friday until Monday. [< L adeptus < ad– to + apisci get] —a·deptʹly. 2 smeared with a sticky substance for holding (something) fast: adhesive tape. n. n. Adjutant. < ad– near + jacere to lie] —ad·jaʹcent·ly. group. gummed tape used to hold bandages in place. that often interfere with natural breathing and speaking. settle: adjust a difference of opinion. 1 steady attachment or loyalty (to a person. ad·journ (ә jėrnʹ). adv.] —adjudgeʹa·ble. or ad libit. 2 regulate for use: adjust a radio dial. a dios to God] ad·i·pose (adʹә pōs). v. —ad·ducʹtor. —n. animal fat. ad·her·ent (ad hirʹәnt). [< Gk. < ad– to + juvare help] adjutant general. v. 4 go to another place. fully sufficient. v. ad·jure (ә j˙ rʹ). adv. n. adj. ad·e·qua·cy (adʹә kwә si). control on behalf of others: administer a government department. fatty. Latin. sufficiency. –cies. 2 suspend a meeting to a future time or to another place: the judge adjourned the court for two hours.administration ad·duct (ә duktʹ). a claim. ad·ju·tan·cy (ajʹә tәn si). adj. 3 a very large species of stork of India and Africa. —adj. v. 2 the management of public affairs by executive government officials. adv. adj. < ad– to + haerere stick] ad·her·ence (ad hirʹәns). 4 the attraction that holds molecules together. —n. ult.. 4 award or assign by law. [< L adjunctus. < ad– to + aequus equal] —adʹequate·ly. ad·lib (ad libʹ).. Doublet of adjudge. 2 following and supporting. 3 be devoted (to): most people adhere to the church of their parents. and officials appointed by the President. 2 temporary. make up as one speaks. [< L. 4 offer formally (an oath). as much as is needed for a particular purpose. Ad·i·ron·dacks (ad´ә ronʹdaks). n. a sticking fast. ad·duc·tion (ә dukʹshәn). —a·deptʹness. [< L. 2 an adducting. ad·juʹror. adv. ad·min·is·ter (ad minʹәs tәr). ad·here (ad hirʹ). Adjt. 1 of an adjective. [< OF ajugier < L. n. —ad·jurʹa·to´ry.. ad·min·is·trate (ad minʹәs trāt). adj. faithful supporter. [< L adjutans. —adj. at pleasure] Adm. 3 a public officials as a group. 2 used as an adjective. etc. ad·jec·tive (ajʹik tiv). 4 settlement of a dispute. of adjungere join to. pp. dispense: administer relief.. ad·jusʹtor.). pl. adʹept. esp. Doublet of adjudicate. town. 1 army officer who assists a commanding officer by sending out orders. —adj. —ad´jectiʹval·ly. adv. b the term or terms during which a . add something. –judged. [< NL < L adeps fat] —adʹi·poseness. for a certain purpose. 3 adjustment. adj. See adduce. farewell. 1 decide or settle by law. 2 time during which a court. 3 agreement. pull (a part of the body) inward toward the main axis. pp. a direction to change. Physics. contribute.). 1 decree or declare by law: the accused man was adjudged guilty. ad·judge (ә jujʹ). ult. 3 arrange satisfactorily. ad hoc (ad hokʹ). adj. ad·e·quate (adʹә kwit). but helpful. etc. 1 in the meantime. 2 suitable. —adj. bordering: the garage is adjacent to our house.. 2 a subordinate colleague. Music. ad lib. n. < ad– to + judicare judge. ad´i–). 6 be helpful. ә deptʹ). —ad·justʹer. etc. [< L adductus. 2 helper. or expand a passage as much as the player wishes. —ad·heʹsive·ly. n. 3 deliver or apply: administer punishment to a person. be in contact. adjutants general. 1 something added that is less important or not necessary. of or used as an adjective. be in contact with: Canada adjoins the United States. adj. n. v. 2 ask earnestly or solemnly. 2 act as judge. special.. writing letters. adj. 2 condemn or sentence by law: the thief was adjudged to prison for two years.. —n. adj. belief. n. ad·he·sive (ad hēʹsiv. 1 act or state of adhering. adv. 5 the growing together of tissues that should be separate. 1 stick fast (to): mud adheres to your shoes. adj. –trat·ing. 1 an adducing. [< OF ajorner < a– for (< L ad–) + jorn day < LL diurnum. adv. n. etc. –judg·ing. assistant. or acts. 1 of the lymphatic glands. n. pl. –jured. [< NL. extemporize freely. —ad·justʹed. ad·join (ә joinʹ). Music. 2 adjunct. city. growths of glandular tissue in the part of the throat behind the nose. v. ad libitum. b the President of the United States. < aden gland] a·den·o·sine (ә denʹә sēn´). 1 manage the affairs of (a business. assent. competent: an adequate person for the job. for privacy. ә dūzʹ). adʹjunct·ly. ad·min·is·tra·tion (ad min´әs trāʹshәn). adj. 2 orderly arrangement of parts or elements. pp. n. a farewell. a mountain range in NE New York. etc. adjacent angles.

n. n. —adʹu·la·to´ry. n. 2 Law. ad·mi·ra·tion (ad´mә rāʹshәn). idolize. –mired. —adʹmi·ra·ble·ness. 6 allow or have space for: the harbor admits three ships. –zôrbʹ). n. admonishing. –lat·ing. 3 price paid for the right to enter. –lat·ed. [<L. permissible. adv. and pleasure. 2 trouble. ADP. adj. 1 right to go in. 5 any of several species of colorful butterflies. n. 2 act of adorning. 2 the act of regarding with delight something fine or beautiful. and cloves. 1 stir. gather (a gas. –zôrpʹ–). n. 1 intellectually resourceful. arm of the Mediterranean between Italy and the Balkan Peninsula. [< admonition] —ad·monʹisher. —ad·mis´si·bilʹi·ty. warn: the police officer admonished him not to drive too fast. an admonishing. [ME at do to do] a·do·be (ә dōʹbē). adv.) to enter: admission of aliens. artificial adrenalin. vinegar. 1 a feeling of wonder. 2 the Admiralty. ad·u·late (ajʹә lāt). 2 admire very much. add in mixing. —ad·minʹis·tra´tive·ly. 1 lovely. < adobar to daub < Gmc. worshipful. adj. dandy. liquid. adj. ad·mir·ing (ad mīrʹing). adv. adj. ingenious: an adroit diplomat. a·dorn (ә dôrnʹ). —adorʹing. a·dorn·ment (ә dôrnʹmәnt). [< L ad– near + renes kidneys] adrenal gland. n. epinephrine. 4 take (a person) into close relationship. immature. 2 act of admitting. n. difficulty. Navy. adv. skillful: an adroit climber. manager. n. 1 executive. ad·min·is·tra·tive (ad minʹәs trā´tiv). Law.. —adultʹly. person appointed by a court to take charge of or settle an estate or manage the affairs of person judged incompetent. 1 act of allowing (a person. 3 anything added in mixing. 1 near or on the kidney. 2 of or characteristic of adolescents. 2 accept formally: the committee adopted the report. 5 take a word from another language without changing its form: English adopted “déja vu” from French. v. a·dopt (ә doptʹ). adj. –mir·ing. Latin. —ad·monʹish·ing·ly. 3 allow to enter or use. [< Sp. 1 hormone secreted by the adrenal glands. ad·sorp·tion (ad sôrpʹshәn. etc. compound formed in the muscles. —n. the U. A·dri·at·ic Sea (ā´dri atʹik). n. —adroitʹness. 1 add beauty to. grace. adv. slavishly flatter. 7 fact or point acknowledged. 2 period or time of this growth. 5 a giving out. ә dōrʹ–). n.. 1 take or use as one’s own.. a·doring. 2 Adrenalin. n. 1 law or court dealing with affairs of the sea and ships. ad·mis·sive (ad misʹiv). adj.. adj. v. or dispensing (medicine. n. —ad·mirʹing·ly. 2 condition of being adsorbed. 2 act like an adolescent. 1 advise against something. 1 admiral. —adj. 2 feel or express admiration for. revere. adj. advise. 4 recall to a duty overlooked or forgotten. a·drift (ә driftʹ). 2 highest respect. remind. 3 allowable as evidence or proof. ad·mire (ad mīrʹ). 2 of or from the adrenal glands. n. < ad– at + mirari wonder] —ad·mirʹer n. akin to amir] ad·mi·ral·ty (adʹmә rәl ti). —n. v. —adʹula´tor. n. 2 worthy of being adored. ad·mi·ra·ble (adʹmә rә bәl). —a·dopʹtive·ly. a·dored. let in. ad·mit (ad mitʹ). [earlier amiral < OF < Ar. –mit·ted. n. –ties. adv. venerate. beautify. condensation of a gas. or dissolved substance on the surface of solids. —a·dopt´a·bilʹi·ty. ad·mit·ted·ly (ad mitʹid li). 2 accept as true or valid. 1 person who administers. at a loss. 3 Fig. —a·dorʹable·ness. a·dor·a·ble (ә dôrʹә bәl. adʹult). adj. 1 something that adds beauty. —ad·sorpʹtive. bustle. 2 any handsome young man. in England (until 1963). decorate. —ad·misʹsi·bly. 4 flagship. a commander of a navy or fleet. n. 3 any vain young man. the government department in charge of naval affairs. warning. grown-up. increasing available energy. ad·ren·al·ine (–in. 1 capable or worthy of being admitted. President. 6 an acknowledging. adj. permit. liquid. 1 growth from childhood to adulthood. [< L adolescens < ad– to + alescere grow] A·don·is (ә donʹis. Myth. and approval. very good. —n. esp. 1 respect very highly. 1 act of mixing. 2 adenosinediphosphate. n. ornamentation. or rear admiral. 3 for adults only: adult videos. pleasure. a·dore (ә dôrʹ. ad·min·is·tra·trix (ad min´әs trāʹtriks). praise excessively. v. to a disgusting extent. < ad– to + mittere let go] —ad·mitʹter.). justice. amīr al chief of the. 2 excellent. a spicy sauce for chicken and pork made of chilis. adv. adj. adulterating. director. –mit·ting. or dissolved substance) in a thin layer on a solid substance. < ad– + ornare fit out] —adornʹer. tending to admit. [< L. ә dōrʹ). 1 regard with wonder. something accepted as true or valid. 2 a brick or bricklike piece of such bricks or sun-dried clay. 1 drifting. a handsome young man loved by Aphrodite (Venus). n. n. ad·re·nal (ә drēʹnәl). by general consent. 3 take (a child of other parents) and bring up as one’s own. [< OF < L. 1 a brick of sundried clay or mud.] a·do·bo (ә dōʹbo). < ad– to + optare choose] —a·doptʹa·ble. etc. n. ad·misʹsible·ness. n. —a·dornʹing·ly. n. n. 3 make greater the splendor or honor of. 1 be or become an adolescent. animal. ad·mix (ad miksʹ). youth. n.. —adj. revered. v. –ēn). [< L admixtus < ad– in addition + miscere mix] ad·mon·ish (ad monʹish). ad·mis·sion (ad mishʹәn). ad·mo·ni·tion (ad´mә nishʹәn). a·dult (ә dultʹ. devoted love. built or made of sun-dried bricks: an adobe house. admit of. 1 related by adoption. Trademark.S. –әm). embrace. decoration. 5 confession of an error or a crime. adv. a·droit (ә droitʹ). pl. 1 worth admiring. wonder. ad nau·se·am (ad nôʹshē am. 5 allow. < ad– to + monere warn] ad·mon·i·to·ry (ad monʹә tô´ri. 2 tending to adopt. adj. ad·min·is·tra·tor (ad minʹәs trā´tәr). adv. n. a·dor´a·bilʹi·ty. delightful. 1 Class. n. a·do (ә düʹ). 4 Archaic. adj. [< F à droit rightly < L ad– to + directus straight] —a·droitʹly. [< L adultus < ad– to + alescere grow up] —a·dultʹhood. 2 of the administration. adj. 1 grown-up person. [< Spanish adobo (pickle sauce)] ad·o·lesce (ad´ә lesʹ). full of admiration.S. v. be capable of: his answer admits of no reply. n. female administrator. ad·ren·al·in (ә drenʹәl in). person from about 12 to about 20 years of age. –lesced. —admonʹish·ment. suprarenal gland. [< L adulatus] —ad´u·laʹtion. adv. —a·dorʹing·ly. v. —adj. adv. n. 1 process of adsorbing. n. substance used to adulterate. —adʹmi·ra·bly. one of the two endocrine glands above the kidneys. ad·sorb (ad sôrbʹ. adv.. [< L ad– to + sorbere suck in] —ad·sorbʹent. ad·o·les·cent (ad´ә lesʹәnt). 1 worship. 3 wonder at. 1 acknowledge: admit a mistake. —ad·minʹis·tra´tor·ship. n. 2 permitted according to an authority or rules. adv. n. without denial. –tō´–). v. accepting as true or valid. 3 someone or something so admired. v. ad·mis·si·ble (ad misʹә bәl). n. v. [< L. approval. 2 mixture. adj. < ad– to + orare pray] —a·dorʹer. which stimulates the heartbeat. —a·dorʹably. warning. n. 2 of or for adults. 1 having full size and strength. 1 growing up from childhood to maturity. without direction. a·dop·tive (ә dopʹtiv). [< adolescent] ad·o·les·cence (ad´ә lesʹәns). 3 actual entrance. 3 worship.. 3 urge strongly. . an adrenal gland.. a·dul·ter·ant (ә dulʹtәr әnt). —a·doptʹer. clever. adj. ә dōʹnis). [< L. ad·mi·ral (adʹmә rәl). n. 2 reprove gently: admonish a student for careless work. 4 give the right to enter to. [< OF < L. applying. have room for.10 administrative government holds office. 4 acceptance into an office or position. viceadmiral. 2 skilled in the use of the hands or body. reverence. 2 fig. ad·o·ra·tion (ad´ә rāʹshәn). ad·mix·ture (ad miksʹchәr). ad·mit·tance (ad mitʹәns). –sē–. —a·dopʹtion. 2 a full-grown plant or animal. mix in. 2 put ornaments on. —a·dultʹness. 3 naval officer having the highest rank next below a fleet admiral. love very greatly. 1 automatic data processing. adj. 2 in the U. n. 2 power or right to enter. –lescing. adopted. n. recognize.

[< OF < L. ad·ver·sar·y (adʹvәr ser´i). word that extends or limits the meaning of verbs and qualifies adjectives or other adverbs. 2 containing advice. attentive. 2 soldier who is available for hire to any army. pl. n. n. 7 raise (prices): advance gas prices. of a tax on merchandise.. further: advance a cause. [<OF. be promoted: advance the profession. n. –vis·ing. [< obs. < L ab– from + ante before] —ad·vancʹer. v. 3 seeking excitement or danger: spirit of adventure. adj. Zool. information. —ad·venʹtur·ousness. —ad·visʹed·ness. F advis. adv. 3 make progress.. 3 a rise in price. etc.. n. 1 having power to advise. 3 make generally known. means helpful in getting something desired. —n. ad va·lo·rem (ad vә lôʹrәm. ad·ven·ti·tious (ad´ven tishʹәs).. —ad´vantaʹgeous·ly. benefit. usually exciting and somewhat dangerous. 9 make earlier. adj. circumstance. n. adʹvėrs). –vänʹ–). ad·ven·ture·some (ad venʹchәr sәm). —adj. –lōʹ–). b the birth of Christ. 2 ask by public notice (for): advertise for a job. v. a·dul·ter·er (ә dulʹtәr әr). opinion about what should be done. giving advantage. advices.) in order to promote sales. ad·verse (ad vėrsʹ. and not are adverbs. ad·ven·ture (ad venʹchәr). hostile: adverse criticism. notify. –brat·ing. n. –ties. benefit. -vänsʹ). esp. 1 indicate faintly. ad·ver·tis·ing. confer: he advised with friends. 5 publicly praise the good qualities of (a product. 2 person or group on the other side in a contest. v. give an advantage to. See advert.] —ad·verseʹly. adj. publicize: advertise a house for sale. 2 indicate beforehand. [< L adulteratus. n.. hasten: advance the time to meet. harmful. n. forward. 2 unfavorable. 4 help forward. 1 coming from outside. ad·vis·ed·ly (ad vīzʹid li). gain. foe. n. offer: advance an opinion. —n. esp.. on security: advance a loan. or where. n. advances. deliberately. ad·ven·tive (ad venʹtiv). considered. –tis·ing. 4 inform. the coming of Christ at the Last Judgment. ready to take risks. n. not native. adv. 10 move a timepiece ahead: advance clocks one hour. adj. 1 movement forward. dangerous.. or distress. v. But and yet are adversative conjunctions. n. 3 person who schemes to get money. suggest. caution: advise care. Zool. to benefit oneself. 2 teacher who is appointed to advise students. n. sketch. after careful consideration. 3 far along in life. heedful. opposing: adverse winds. as to how. etc. Soon. —ad·verʹbial·ly. adj. —v. help. different] —a·dul´ter·aʹtion. 1 female who schemes to get money. 3 promotion.. venture. a in front. n. 6 issue advertising: it pays to advertise. [< Med. —adulʹter·ous-ly. 2 Bot. debase: adulterate milk with water. –saries. —ad´ven·tiʹtious·ness. var. b ahead of time. 1 fond of adventures. to advantage. See advent. 7 call attention to (oneself). < ad– + alter other. ad·vertʹency. 2 Advent. [< L. ad– to + vertere turn] ad·vert·ent (ad vėrʹtәnt).] ad·ven·tur·er (ad venʹchәr әr). progress: the troops advanced. n.] ad·van·ta·geous (ad´vәn tāʹjәs). n. 2 progress. (adʹvәr tīz´ing). suggestion. adventurous. of avis < L ad– + visum thing seen] ad·vis·a·ble (ad vīzʹә bәl). (of words. social position. adv. 1 adverb. ult. direct attention. ad´vәr tīzʹ). adj. 6 rise in rank. 1 give advice to. a public notice or announcement in the media. n. n. ad·verb (adʹvėrb). [< L adversus. See advert. 1 planned. 3 Second Advent. 3 advertisement. 2 full of risk. v. bulletin or report to advise of . 2 better or superior position. or impure materials. counsel. ad·ver·sa·tive (ad vėrʹsә tiv). —v. profitable. —a·dulʹter·ous. 4 the furnishing of money or goods before they are due or as a loan. increase. < avant before < LL.. a use to help or benefit oneself. daring. ad·vent (adʹvent). Bot. –at·ed. —ad´van·taʹgeousness. 1 person who seeks or has adventures. —n. financial. improve: we advance in understanding. n.. a man. though growing with cultivation. n. ad·ver·si·ty (ad vėrʹsә ti). recommend: I shall act as you advise. announce. ad·vi·so·ry (ad vīʹzә ri). n. 2 a step forward. See advance. < ad– to + verbum verb] —ad·verʹbi·al. –tris). 3 give notice. 4 speculator. allude: advert to the need for more parks. –brat·ed. here. ahead. misfortune. in advance. [< OF aviser < avis opinion. 2 adverbial. advance. esp.. n. publishing. 1 an exciting or unusual experience. very. n. adv. < ad– + umbra shade] —ad´umbraʹtion. -vänstʹ). sensible. –ating. 3 partially conceal. n.] —adʹver·tis´er. adv. 2 a bold undertaking. [< OF avancier < LL. ad·vance·ment (ad vansʹmәnt.) expressing contrast or opposition. appearing in an unusual position or place. –tag·ing. —ad´ven·tiʹtious·ly. etc. news: financial advices. 2 give advice. [< obs. commercial speculation. adj. bold and daring. 2 female adventurer. 2 bring forward: advance a theory. 1 business of preparing. –vänsʹ–). —v. 3 bringing to public notice through advertisements. inimical. 1 coming. v. 1 move forward. a·dul·ter·ess (ә dulʹtәr is. 2 ahead of time. 4 the first point scored in a tennis game after deuce. foreshadow. 1 unfriendly opponent. n. —a·dulʹter·a´tor. ad·vis·er. adj. adv. and phrases esp. belief that the second coming of Christ is near at hand. —ad·visʹably. wise. gladly. [< L. adv. assessed in proportion to the value esp. n. n. take advantage of. progress. adj. voluntary sexual relations of a married person with any person other than the lawful mate. –tured. 1 unfriendly in purpose. adv. or opportunity. a nonnative plant or animal. n. –tur·ing.] ad·vised (ad vīzdʹ). counsel.advisory 11 a·dul·ter·ate (ә dulʹtәr āt). ad·visʹa·ble·ness. careful consideration: take a case under advisement. 2 informed: kept me advised. –vanced. ad·ven·tur·ess (ad venʹchәr is). to be recommended. 1 going before. 1 in front of others. or circulating advertisements. –tised. make lower in quality or purity by adding inferior improper. introduced into a new environment. n.. 8 rise in price: the stock advanced three points.. 2 beyond most others. ad·vanced (ad vanstʹ. to make an acquaintance. pl.. adj. to one’s advantage. —ad·verseʹness. < ad– to + venire come] Ad·vent·ism (adʹven tiz әm. [<L. –taged. 4 opposite in position. –ter·ies. approach or offer to another or others to settle a difference. b impose upon. arrival. 5 raise to a higher rank. opponent. adj. refer (to). (adʹvәr tīz. 2 advertisements. acquaint: we were advised of the dangers. female who commits adultery.L] ad·vance (ad vansʹ. improvement. n. promote: advance him from lieutenant to captain. clauses. 1 movement forward. 4 business undertaking. adj. consult. 1 person who gives advice. ad·ver·tise. 5 the money or goods furnished. 3 acting in a contrary direction.. a the season of devotion including the four Sundays before Christmas. ad·vice (ad vīsʹ) n. ad venʹ–). –vanc·ing. ad·vi·sor (ad vīzʹәr). to a good effect. etc. ad·ver·tise·ment. overshadow. antagonist. adv. social position. who commits adultery. superiority. 11 supply beforehand: advance funds for expenses. —Adʹvent·ist. with a useful effect. v. Adverbs are freely formed by the addition of -ly to adjectives and participles. n. 13 put forward. a·dul·ter·y (ә dulʹtәr i). 1 any favorable condition. ad·vise·ment (ad vīzʹmәnt). adʹәm brāt). adj. —ad·vis´abilʹi·ty. ad·van·tage (ad vanʹtij. 4 talk over plans. ad·vise (ad vīzʹ). 2 instance of misfortune. adj. adj. See advice. 1 condition of unhappiness. person. 1 give public notice of. —n. pl. 12 lend (money). inform. F advertir < L. —ad·vertʹence. —advenʹtur·ous·ly. 6 a forward position. —n. when. [< L. ad·vert (ad vėrtʹ). ad·ven·tur·ous (ad venʹchәr әs). etc. ad·um·brate (ad umʹbrāt. enemy. 3 the result of a better position. old. v. dare. –vise.

[< Gk. study of beauty in art and nature.. [< Med. < Gk. imaginary. 2 expose to and mix with air. —aer´o·nauʹti·cal·ly. ae·ther (ēʹthәr). ā irʹ–). tenderness. 1 convert into vapor. peculiarity. af·fect·ing (ә fekʹting). eon. Mount. science of the motion and equilibrium of air and other gases. inclination. ae·the·re·al (i thirʹi әl). adj. v. and operation of aircraft. aer·ie. or frequent by preference: he affects carelessness in dress. feign. esthetics. 1 Also. —ae´ti·o·logʹi·cal. 3 (of things) pleasing. –fied. atmospheric. [< L aerius < Gk. af·fect·ed1 (ә fekʹtid). air] —aer·aʹtion. 1 expose to air. balloonist.. artistic. [< L aer < Gk. love affair. audio frequency. —aer´o·me·chanʹic. n. a·feard. and industry dealing with the flight of rockets. 2 outward appearance. 2 profession of pleading a case in court. unnaturally for effect. 1 anything done or to be done. aisthetes one who perceives] aes·thet·ic (es thetʹik). Greek tragic poet and dramatist. v. ā irʹi әl. missiles. –di–). statos standing] aer·o·stat·ics (ãr´ә statʹiks). n. aigis] Ae·ne·as (i nēʹәs). aer·ies. Also. not natural. —aer´o·statʹic. See Etna.. aer´o·me·chanʹi·cal. 1 behavior that is not natural. n. airplane. as of the movement and direction of a hurricane. Also. aes·thete (esʹthēt). –fy·ing. —v. advertisement. n. n. adj. vehicles. 1 Gk. adv. and pleasant. adj. ãrʹi әl. 2 person who travels in an airship or balloon. 2 protection. advt. ãʹәr āt). —affecʹtion·ate·ness. artificial. adz. ae·gis (ēʹjis). ethereal. 2 young eagles or other birds of prey. the branch of physics that deals with the forces exerted by air or other gases in motion. adv. adj. n. [< aero– + Gk. Effect is most commonly a noun. 2 atmosphere. and with the equilibrium of solid objects floating in air and other gases. 5 growing in the air. n. wire or wires used in radio. af·fec·tion·ate (ә fekʹshәn it). as distinguished from the useful. etc. adv. an aerosol spray. courteous. Greek writer of fables. aer·i·al (adj. 1 person who pleads or argues for: an advocate of peace. v. –at·ed. eyrie. adʹvә kit. n. esp. aer·o (ãrʹō). 1 Air Force. 2 aerate. writing.c. n. adv.. fondness. —af·fecʹtion·ate·ly. adj. matters of interest. meaning “result”: long-lasting effects of the storm. 1 science. 2. n. —af·fectʹedness.. n. 620?–650? b. of or in the Aegean. AF. of gas or gases. this will affect the lives of thousands. n. n. 4 (of animals and plants) inhabit naturally. adj. philosophy of beauty. Esp. ad·vo·cate (v. 1 pretend to have or feel. aer·o·brak·ing (ār´ō brāʹking) n. n. public recommendation. technology. friendly. n. n. Class. or radar for sending out or receiving electromagnetic waves. n. adv. aer·o·stat (ãrʹә stat). aesthetic philosophy or point of view. aetat. < Gk. n. adv. speak in favor of.. thin and light as air. injuriously: disease affects the body. touch. support. 2 earth’s envelope of air and the space enclosing it.E. afraid. 6 romance. 2 lawyer who pleads in a law court. aer air + bios life] —aer·oʹbic. Aet·na (etʹnә). 2 American Expeditionary Forces. simulate: affect ignorance. Electronics. n. aer·o·plane (ãrʹә plān). love. –kāt). activity. adʹvә kāt. as a balloon or dirigible. [OE adesa] A. business matters. having to do with the beautiful.. egis. aer´ostatʹi·cal. adv. aer´o·nauʹti·cal. n. Also. [< NL < Gk. —aerʹa·tor.F. use of friction to slow or stop a spacecraft. af·fec·tion (ә fekʹshәn). n. n. < ad– to + vocare call] —ad´vo·caʹtion. god of the winds. [< Gk. –cat·ed. mild. 1 person who pretends to care a great deal about beauty. the shield of Zeus. ēʹon). adj. adj. recommend publicly: he advocates building more schools. 2 behaving. adj. n. television. —n. aeria < OF < L area area or atrium atrium] aer·i·fy (ãrʹә fī. aer·o·space (ãrʹә spās). 1 speaking in favor. science or art having to do with the design. af·fect·ed2 (ә fekʹtid). 3 disease. aer·y (ãrʹij irʹi). af·fec·ta·tion (af´ek tāʹshәn. —aer·oʹbi·cal·ly. n. 2 gracious. adze (adz). [< L affectus < ad– to + facere do] affect. adj. ad·vo·ca·cy (adʹvә kә si). 4 of or for aircraft. speaking. 4 ideal. Ae·ge·an (i jēʹәn). aerial acrobat.. aer·o·me·chan·ics (ãr´ō mә kanʹiks). aerodynamics and aerostatics. aes·thet·ics (es thetʹiks).. n. adj. pl. A. aer air] —aerʹi·ally. 1 pilot of an aircraft or balloon. [ < F < L affectare strive for < ad– to + facere do] —affectʹer. aer·i·al·ist (ãrʹi әl ist). 3 gas. aer·o·sol (ārʹә sol). 3 like air. 525–456 b. –at·ing. 3 seem to be fond of. any microorganism that requires oxygen to live or grow. 3 particular action or event (referred to in vague terms). —afʹfa·bly. adj. esp. af·fair (ә fãrʹ). ae·o·li·an harp or lyre (ē ōʹli әn). Also. of the air. aer·o·naut (ãrʹә nôt). aer air] aer·obe (ãrʹōb. Archaic frightened.. 2 affairs. adj. 3 patronage. [< OF a faire to do < L ad– to + facere do] af·fect1 (ә fektʹ). n. meaning “to influence”. scientific. tender.. used also by Athena. aer air + nautes sailor] aer·o·nau·tics (ãr´ә nôʹtiks).. of the feelings. —adj. –ik–). Affect is nearly always a verb. castle. —aer´o·dy·namʹic. —adʹvo·ca´tor. carbon dioxide. meaning to “bring about”: the change was effected peaceably. af. esthetic. ether. 3 house. eyry. Allied Expeditionary Forces (World War II). Physics. adj. n. benign. stirring the emotions —af·fectʹing·ly. any lighter-thanair aircraft. a·far (ә färʹ).12 advocacy developments. —n. [< F < L affabilis easy to speak to < ad– to + fari speak] —af´fa·bilʹi·ty. emotional. adj. af·fect2 (ә fektʹ). performer on a trapeze or high wire. –cat·ing. 6 relating to aircraft. —aes·thetʹi·cism. n. Mount. unhealthy condition. adv. ae·ti·ol·o·gy (ē´ti olʹә ji). aet. Ae·sop (ēʹsәp.L. 3 fill with a gas. Aes·chy·lus (esʹkә lәs). of or for aircraft. Brit. 1 easy to speak to or approach. a·feared (ә firdʹ). Gk. Effect is also a verb in formal English. Trojan hero who escaped from Troy and settled in Italy. af·fa·ble (afʹә bәl).. aer·ate (ãrʹāt. etiology. n. aero-. —Ae·o·li·an (ē ōʹli әn). built in a high place. n. [< L. 1 have an effect on. adj. adv. use. afʹfable·ness. 5 thing: this machine is a complicated affair. —Ae·soʹpi·an. 2 person who is sensitive to or loves beauty. through the atmosphere or through space: studies in aerospace. adj. adj. esthete. theory of the fine arts. devoted. n. n. —aes·thetʹi·cally. happening: a jolly affair. Myth. —aer´ifi·caʹtion. Also. etc. 2 (of persons) sensitive to beauty. 1 having affection. 1 in the air. —af·fectʹed·ly. 2 of or pertaining to the air. like: she affects anything antique. 2 assume. —aer´o·nauʹtic. arm of the Mediterranean between Greece and Turkey. n. . af·fec·tive (ә fekʹtiv). 1 influenced. aesthetʹi·cal. n. manufacture. branch of physics that deals with the equilibrium of air and other gases. 2 showing affection. 1 air. influence. effect. esp. fine particles of a liquid or solid suspended in a gas: Fog is an aerolsol. adj. Ae·o·lus (ēʹә lәs). aer·o·dy·nam·ics (ãr´ō dī namʹiks. 1 from a distance: see from afar. 2 far away: stand afar off.. 4 expose to chemical action with oxygen. Legend. ēʹsop). n. 2 stir the emotions of. etc. n. [< F. 3 moved emotionally. 1 put on for effect. tool somewhat like an ax but with a blade set across the end of the handle and curving inward. combining form. āʹәr ōb). n. 2 Anglo-French.. etc. 1 the lofty nest of an eagle or other bird of prey.F. 1 friendly feeling. v. pretense. 2 influenced injuriously. n. n. a boxlike stringed instrument that produces musical sounds when currents of air blow across it. n. n. n. —n. ãrʹi әl)..c. [< L. ae·on (ēʹәn. at the age of. 4 private concern: that’s my affair. feeling. v. Myth.. 3 the pleading of a case.

a·fore·men·tioned (ә fôrʹmen´shәnd. n. äfʹ–). An affidavit is usually made before a judge or notary public. adv. af·ter·burn·er (afʹtәr bėr´nәr. visual sensation that persists or recurs after the stimulus that caused it is gone. adj. 2 of or belonging to the people of Africa. [< L. 3 make an impression of (a seal. adj. n. the side arguing in favor of a question being debated. wretchedness. misfortune. n. burning. äfʹ–). cause pain to. a·flut·ter (ә flutʹәr). Latin. get into difficulties with. before. suffix. in a tangle. n. n. v. 4 person to whom one is especially attracted. continent south of Europe. [< OF affrei.. adj. asserting that a statement is a fact.. misery. [ < Med. 2 confront. n. adj. af·firm·a·tive (ә fėrʹmә tiv). —af·firmʹa·bly. n. equivalent to taking an oath. a·float (ә flōtʹ). adj. —v.. af·fray (ә frāʹ). n. adj. 2 u abundant. 1 on or in the field. n. —n. all the more. < L ex– out of + unrecorded Frankish frithu peace] af·front (ә fruntʹ). < ad– on + flare blow] af·flict (ә fliktʹ). he has stated on oath] af·fil·i·ate (v. 2 nearer or toward the stern of a boat. 13 a·fore·thought (ә fôrʹthôt´. [orig. 2 a slight or injury to one’s dignity. v. n. [OE geforthian further. [ < L.L affixare. yield: some trees afford resin.. conj. betroth. feeling fear. (of nerves or blood vessels) carrying inward to a central organ or point. < ad– to + ferre bring] af·fi·ance (ә fīʹәns). a·fore·said (ә fôrʹsed´. a·foot (ә f˙ tʹ). äfʹ–). n. af·ter·glow (afʹtәr glō´. 1 wealth. in marriage. äfʹ–). Af·ri·can (afʹrә kәn). Af·ri·kaans (af´rә känsʹ. etc. v. 1 state of pain or distress. association. South African Dutch. relation.afterimage af·fer·ent (afʹәr әnt). 2 afghan. of or pertaining to American blacks. 4 flooded. af·rit (afʹrēt. 3 declare solemnly.. river. bear: I can’t afford to take the chance. stream flowing into a larger stream. a·foul (ә foulʹ). 2 African. Af·ri·ca (afʹrә kә). 2 excited. trouble. ult. enthusiastic. subsequent: in after years he regretted the mistakes of his boyhood. —n.. äfʹ–). 2 a + fidus faithful] —af·fiʹanced. af·flic·tion (ә flikʹshәn). 3 intense feeling of pleasure that remains after an experience. trouble greatly. [< OF < VL < L ad frontem on the forehead] —af·frontʹer. adv. 2 solemn declaration. < L ad– + filius son] af·fil·i·a·tion (ә fil´i āʹshәn). aircraft. AFL-CIO or A.. n. of archaic v. thought of beforehand. adj. Afr. [< F < L. Afro-American. 1 connect in close association: affiliated clubs. adj. v. provide: reading affords pleasure. See affect2. 1 on foot.. adopt. pp. . [OE œftan from behind] af·ter (afʹtәr. mentioned above. [ < F < L. 1 insult openly. business. –at·ed. < ad– to + fluere flow] af·flu·ent (afʹl˙ әnt). —n. 2 the affirmative. n. adj. on fire. away. or toward the stern of a boat. adv. 2 confirm. 2 later: three hours after. 5 going around: rumors of an outbreak were afloat. adv. v. 3 relationship by marriage. in progress: mischief afoot. –ancing. 2 add at the end. African-American.. ә fōrʹ–). [< L afflictus < ad– upon + fligere dash] —af·flictʹer. plentiful. ә fiksʹ. –känzʹ). [< OF < L. 3 out of the way. profusion. to the field. 1 glow after something bright has gone. 2 away from home. we shall eat. —affirmʹa·tive·ly. 1 Africa.] a·field (ә fēldʹ). plan or program designed to improve employment or educational opportunities for women or minorities. 1 on fire. [< LL. 1 of or from Africa. [< OF afiancer ult. af·fir·ma·tion (af´әr māʹshәn). adj. fluttering. ә fōrʹ–). af·fix (v. etc. usually of Dutch or Huguenot descent. n. ә fōrʹ–). af·fi·da·vit (af´ә dāʹvit). African-American (afʹrә kәn ә merʹә kәn) n. ratify: the higher court affirmed the lower court’s decision.. 2 in search of: run after him. –at·ing. engage. offend purposely. near. n. –ties. adj. adj. later] af·ter·birth (afʹtәr bėrth´. [< Sp. af·ter·deck (afʹtәr dek´. a·fire (ә fīrʹ). a noisy quarrel. n. a·flame (ә flāmʹ). adv. pl. —af·firmʹer. at sea. aircraft. financially secure. —adv.: after sails.F. pledge solemnly. person born in South Africa. entangled. [< Med. adj. prep. a for·ti·o·ri (ā fôr´shi ôʹrī. 1 make firm or fix (one thing to or on another). country in SW Asia. —conj. lit. n. Afro-American (af´rō ә mәrʹә kәn). –ōʹ–. affirmative action. connection. 1 a positive statement.. 4 because of: after the selfish way she acted. 1 word or statement that gives assent or agrees. —n. adv. in Arabian myths. 5 furnish from natural resources. 2 glow in the sky after sunset. < L ad– to + figere fix] —af·fixʹer. 4 connect with. American black. af·ter·ef·fect (afʹtәr i fekt´. Un– and –ly are affixes. 1 thing affixed. adj. af·ter·im·age (afʹtәr im´ij. later than the time that: after he goes. ә fōrdʹ). walku ing. adv. [< Ar.L. variety of Dutch spoken in South Africa. fasten. 2 cause of pain. 2 spare: can you afford the time? 3 manage. pp. 1 floating. adv. (in the engine of a jet plane) a device which supplies additional fuel to the exhaust and reignites it to increase the thrust of the plane. –dos. äft). spoken of before. n. —n. result or effect that follows later. esp. -āt). —v. 2 u abundant supply. 3 later in time than: after supper. Af·ghan (afʹgәn.O. adv. 1 behind: follow after. 3 act of confirming. devotee. 3 bring into relationship. deck toward or at the stern of a ship. < ad– on + finis boundary] af·firm (ә fėrmʹ). 1 placenta and membranes expelled from the uterus after birth. distress. 1 later. 6 in operation. 1 person who is very enthusiastic about anything. of Afghanistan or its people. ә filʹi āt. run afoul of. a·fi·cio·na·do (ә fē´syә näʹdō). äfʹ–). n. adv. v. af·fin·i·ty (ә finʹә ti). [OE œfter more to the rear. n. 1 native or person living in Afghanistan. Af·ghan·i·stan (af ganʹә stan). statement written down and sworn to be true. attach: affix blame. or distress.I. fond of < afición affection < L affectio < affectus. adj. 2 relation. 1 a native of Africa. n. n. but who is not a bullfighter. accomplish] —af·fordʹa·ble. assertion.. 5 resemblance. n. adj. or infix. once more. assert. insult. union formed by the merger of the American Federation of Labor and the Congress of Industrial Organizations. n. 1 a word or act expressing openly intentional disrespect. organization or group associated with other similar bodies. 1 natural attraction to a person or liking for a thing: an affinity for dancing. 1 spare the money for: we can’t afford a new car. aft (aft. –anced. 2 person who takes a very great interest in bullfighting. mentioned above. prep. a powerful evil demon or giant. a·fore (ә fôrʹ. ә fōrʹ). adj. but without taking an oath. —adj. who could like her? 5 lower in rank or importance: a captain comes after a general. spoken of before. 2 a prefix. 1 behind in place: in line one after another. < L ad. adv. Af·ri·kan·er (af´rә kanʹәr). —adj. –gan). ult. for a still stronger reason.. äfʹ–). abaft. adj.). frightened. adj. brawl. 1 very wealthy. inspiration. ‘ifrīt] a·fresh (ә freshʹ). —n. v. adv. torment. af·fla·tus (ә flāʹtәs). likeness. adv.-C. —afʹfluent·ly. 1 declare to be true. enthusiast. afʹiks). deliberately planned. etc. 6 force that attracts certain chemical elements to others and keeps them combined. 2 associate oneself (with): affiliate with a political party. n.. again. 4 yield or give as an effect or a result. 3 adrift. a·fraid (ә frādʹ). < ad– + firmus strong] —af·firmʹa·ble. 2 on shipboard.. ә filʹi it.. n. —adj. at. –ri).. af·ford (ә fôrdʹ. esp. divinely imparted.L. n. esp. af·flu·ence (afʹl˙ әns). astray. 2 going on. etc. n. blanket or shawl often made of knitted or crocheted wool. the second largest continent. affray frighten] af·reet. fight in public. n. eager. ә frētʹ). pl. made by a person whose conscience forbids his taking an oath.. in collision. n.

glowing. < ad– + glomus ball] —ag·glomʹer·a´tive. adj. [< NL < Gk. Agaue. collect. 1 ability to move quickly and easily. often. of age. sisal. irritate. 5 home of. v. age·less (ājʹlis). –at·ing. lively. —v. adv. ag·nos·tic (ag nosʹtik). < L ad– + grandis great] —ag·granʹdize·ment. pl. ag·glu·ti·nate (v. math a mowing] af·ter·most (afʹtәr mōst. n. adj. [< NL < Gk. A. < ad– on. adv. active. ag·gran·dize (ә granʹdīz. 2 ability to think nimbly. n. fungi. or words and affixes.] a·ghast (ә gastʹ. besides: again. a·gar (äʹgәr. nimble. increase. –gat·ing.] —agʹgravat´ing. n. –āt). adv. ag·glu·ti·nin (ә glütʹin әn). –nat·ed. –diz·ing. etc. adv. agʹәr agʹәr). v. –dum (–dәm). a country.. any of several plants of the aster family with small. n. group of. ag·gres·sion (ә greshʹәn). a·ga·ve (ә gāʹvē). 2 mentally quick or inventive. adj. 1 having lived a long time. 2 whole amount... –at·ed. terrified. 1 move or shake violently. 1 act of. 4 means. 2 of the age of. af·terwards (–wәrdz). n. capital of Guam. 5 traveling salesman. ә garʹik). —agʹgra·va´tively. adv. esp. n. intensify. make greater. adj. 1 Adjutant General. 2 having the quality of aggression. later. n. 1 things to be done. move] —agʹi·tat´edly. n. or suitable for the afternoon. —n. age·long (ājʹlôngʹ. [< L. n.. provoke. adj. 4 too confident or assertive. never growing old. [See again] Ag·a·mem·non (ag´ә memʹnon. 2 office of such a person or company. 1 person or company that has the authority to act for another. adj. achates] —agʹatelike´. wronged. adj. sing. 2 a period in life: middle age. 1 mass of things gathered together. 1 gathered together in one mass or group. 2 total. a·gen·da (ә jenʹdә). —agʹile·ness.] a·ged (āʹjid for 1 and 3. including the century plant. äf´–. as in peerage. place name] ag·ate (agʹit). ag·a·ric (agʹә rik. used in making cultures for bacteria. —adj. 1 injured. –vating.. agar.. ag·i·tate (ajʹә tāt). together. a·gil·i·ty (ә jilʹә ti). as much again.. ag·er·a·tum (aj´әr āʹtәm. –tat·ed. 2 disturbed. n. as in baggage. as at a meeting. Doublet of aggrieve. adj.14 aftermath af·ter·math (afʹtәr math. 1 first step in an attack or quarrel. shocked. with the mouth wide open in wonder or surprise. –vat·ed. 2 annoy. [< OF < L –aticum < Gk. ә jerʹә–). Brit. [< L aggressio < ad– to + gradi to step] ag·gres·sive (ә gresʹiv). 2 volcanic rock formed by heat. representative. as the blackberry or raspberry. 3 department of government. very old. —n. —ag´gra·vaʹtion. [< after + dial. 2 agglomerated condition. dense flower heads... n. frequently. —ageʹist. agʹrәn dīz). 3 characteristic of old age. af·ter·noon (n. cluster. ә gästʹ). rank of. n. ag·ing or age·ing. again and again. —v. n. –cies. 18 or 21 years old. v. 1 mass of separate things joined together. n.. things to be done] a·gent (āʹjәnt). and having full legal rights. esp. –gat·ed. I must say. adj. adj. 1 in opposition to: against reason. [< Malay] a·gar·a·gar (ä´gәr äʹgәr.. ә glüʹtә nit. ult. n. alcoholic drinks. ag·i·ta·tion (aj´ә tāʹshәn). 6 substance that is capable of causing a chemical reaction. as with glue. 2 make old: age with makeup. äfʹ–). —agʹgra·vat´ing·ly. n. last. —ag·gresʹsive·ness. afʹtәr nün´. excite feelings or thoughts. lasting a long time. n. 1 thought that comes after the time when it could have been used. 3 hostility toward others. [OE ongegn < on– on + gegn direct] a·gainst (ә genstʹ. —agʹgra·va´tor. adv. n. [< L agilis < agere move] —agʹile·ly. ag·gres·sor (ә gresʹәr). —ag·gresʹsive·ly. adj.G. a·gen·cy (āʹjәn si).. 3 condition of. ag·gre·gate (v. Doublet of aggravate. 3 active power or cause that produces an effect. agast terrify. discuss vigorously. –nāt). adj. 1 once more. 1 a violent moving or shaking. instrument: a drying agent. [< L < Gk. ājd for 2). 4 cost of. af·ter·thought (afʹtәr thôt´. n. adv. [< L. adv. n. or troubled state. esp. [< L. 2 troubled. 3 active. 1 grow old: he aged rapidly. ә glüʹtә nāt. fem. n. 2 practice of making assaults or attacks. of. adj. adj. A·ga·ña (ä gänʹyә). agʹәr). adj. n. another time: try again. n. as in orphanage. –nәn). ag·i·ta·tor (ajʹә tā´tәr). n. 1 person or company that has the authority to act for another.. —agʹgre·ga´tive. for a cause. a·gape (ә gāpʹ. 3 make mature: age wine. n. filled with horror. wealth. the part of the day between noon and evening. 1 make worse or more severe. old. age·ism (āʹjiz әm) n. collection. Brit. 5 means of producing an effect. usually blue. reach legal adulthood. 3 an agglomerating... [< OF agrever < L. aged. discrimination against older people. ә gānstʹ). —agglu´ti·na´tive. come of age. adv. esp. n. [< OF aage < VL aetaticum < L aetas age] –age. pushy. ә glomʹәr āt. ag·glom·er·a·tion (ә glom´әr āʹshәn). twice as much. as a whole. adj. 1 length of life: he died at the age of eighty. proper name. and rope are made from some kinds of agave. adj. 4 keep arguing and discussing to arouse public interest: agitate for a shorter working day. king of Mycenae and leader of the Greeks in the Trojan War. n. —aʹgedly. n. n. an unprovoked attack. —adj. intermediary. 2 law enforcement officer or member of the secret service. 1 person who stirs discontent among others.. debate. 4 a long time: I haven’t seen you for an age. [< L. 2 hindmost. [< Gk. 3 a period of history: the golden age. as in breakage. –nat·ing.. adj. prep. v. 2 later thought or explanation. agʹrә git. suffix. to + gravis heavy. in. 2 disturb. collection. n. 1 gather into a mass or group.. stuck together or joined: “never-to-be-forgotten” is an agglutinate word. n.. Gk. one that begins an attack or quarrel. a variety of quartz with variously colored stripes or clouded colors. af·ter·ward (afʹtәr wәrd. v. 4 organization or bureau that provides a public service: adoption agencies. 2 moreover. 1 moving quickly and easily. 3 argue about. < agere do] —a·genʹtial. 1 stick or join together. ancient. as in postage. 2 device for shaking or stirring. age-old (ājʹōld´). adj. person who believes that nothing is known or can be known about the existence of God or about things outside of human experience. [pp. —adj. adj. äfʹ–). out of date. mass. < Agaria. [< L. antibody that causes bacteria or blood cells to agglutinate. action. adv. increase.. aircraft. ә glomʹәr it. 2 Attorney General. v. n. n. silver. —adj. n. etc. 3 argument or discussion to arouse public interest. < ad– to + gluten glue] —ag·glu´ti·naʹtion. unite. äfʹ–). äfʹ–). . n. —n. any of several North American desert plants. –dized. as in power. a·glow (ә glōʹ). 1 nearest the stern of a boat. nimbleness. noble] age (āj). 1 packed together in a mass. gather together in a mass. adj. ә gānʹ). 1 beginning an attack or quarrel. < a– without + geras old age] ag·glom·er·ate (v. adj. rank. —adj. ә gapʹ). adj.. upset. etc. n. a gelatinlike extract obtained from certain seaweeds. [< L aggregatus < ad– + grex flock] in the aggregate. [< F agrandir. of agnostics or their beliefs. —v. [< L agitatus < agere drive. 2 form (words) by joining words. –tat·ing. pl. 2 in preparation for: against a rainy day. adv. [< F < L < Gk. af´tәr nünʹ. of obs. agʹrә gāt. a·gain (ә genʹ. any of several fungi. fruit made up of clusters of ripened ovaries. aggregate fruit. v. etc. result. total. ag·gra·vate (agʹrә vāt). -longʹ). Soap. 2 list of items of business to be considered. Ag.. < a– not + gnostos (to be) known] —ag·nosʹti·cal·ly. akin to ghost] ag·ile (ajʹәl). äfʹ–). including mushrooms and toadstools. Legend. consequence. —v. 2 collection of. ag·grieved (ә grēvdʹ). 2 amount to. collection of separate things into one mass or whole. —ag·granʹdizer. energetic. adj. or coming to an end. –gāt). ag·gre·ga·tion (agʹrә gāʹshәn).

1 tuft of feathers worn as an ornament on the head. 4 consent (to): he agreed to accompany us. whose roots are used as an astringent. of aile < L ala wing] ail·ment (ālʹmәnt). [< LL < Gk. 3 mark aimed at. past (always after the noun): a year ago. 2 help to accomplish or achieve something: exercise aids recovery. –rae (–rē). ag·o·ny (agʹә ni). [< F. ag·ri·mo·ny (agʹrә mō´ni). be to the good. artificial intelligence. [< OF < L acuta (febris) severe (fever)] —aʹgu·ish. 2 promoting the interests or the study of agriculture. n. —ag´ro·bi´o·logʹi·cal. onward: go ahead with this work. AI. n. target. gender. especially to a person of high rank. dim. —adv. case. the belief or intellectual attitude of agnostics. —a·greeʹa·bly. n. [< F < Sp.] ag·o·ra·pho·bi·a (ag´ә rә fōʹbi ә). 1 help. 4 public mention: he gave air to his feelings. agonia struggle] ag·o·ra (agʹә rә). 2 sameness of opinion. Ai·nu (īʹnü). farming. express doubt. an aide-de-camp. n. business of producing agricultural products. a·grar·i·an (ә grãrʹi әn). —ag´robi´o·logʹi·cal·ly. adj. n. n. 6 Gram. 1 farmer. or excitement. and OF aesmer < VL adaestimare] —aimʹer. surprise. usually part of the trailing edge. 1 fixed by common consent.S. agreeing. [< OF. 1 great pain or suffering. [< L < Gk. a disease that attacks and suppresses the body’s immune system and leaves it vulnerable to other infections or disease. a·gou·ti (ә güʹti).S. adv.. —aimʹless·ness. adj. 3 egret. n. soil: agrochemical. n. agent. n. of agriculture. assist: aid flood victims. n. n. gain time. pl. a·gree·ing. a·head (ә hedʹ). support. adj. n. a·hold (ә hōldʹ). b are not. < native Indian name] A·gra (äʹgrә). in the past: he went long ago. < ager field + cultura cultivation] ag·ri·cul·tur·ist (ag´rә kulʹchәr ist). not forming an angle. line of sighting. pl. AIM. atmosphere. < a gre to (one’s) liking < L ad– to + gratus pleasing] a·gree·a·ble (ә grēʹә bәl). –nized. a·greed. —a·gronʹomist. with eagerness. science or art of cultivating the ground. 2 forward. U. adv. in the Bible. n. ah (ä). 5 document that sets forth an understanding. on the bottom in shallow water. exclamation of pain. n. v. 3 intend: I aim to go. aid-de-camp (ādʹdә kampʹ). n. by Gk. sound made to attract attention.. site of the Taj Mahal. acquired immunodeficency syndrome. agriculturist. breeze. 1 point or direct (a gun. or groups of persons among themselves. 4 try: he aims to be helpful. adv. n. a movable part of an airplane wing. Dial. [< L agrarius < ager field] —agrarʹi·an·ism. suit (with): this food does not agree with me. 1 having to do with farming. king of Israel who was led into idolatry by his wife Jezebel. get ahead. [< Gk. 2 be in harmony. 2 a light wind. –nies. 6 have a good effect on.. A·hab (āʹhab). is not. combining form. n. adv. v. pl. [< Gk. case. n. [blend of agriculture + business] ag·ri·cul·tur·al (ag´rә kulʹchәr әl). —aidʹless. intent. adj. curious. adj. eager. —n. a·ground (ә groundʹ). 3 agricultural. [< OF esmer < L aestimare appraise. v. < a– without + gonia angle] ag·o·nize (agʹә nīz). 1 give support to. person. a·greeʹa·ble·ness. See egret. be ahead. n. match. used primarily to maintain lateral balance while flying. blow. gender. form infl. ag·ro·bi·ol·ogy (ag´ro b¯ olʹәjē). 3 agricultural plus ——: agro-industrial. esp. ➔ Ain’t is not acceptable in formal English. 3 harmony: corresponence. ail (āl).] ai·ki·do (ī kēʹdō). city in N India. etc. 2 direct one’s efforts: man aims at happiness. 1 consent. 3 strive painfully. 3 get along well together. ai·grette (āʹgret. help. –nies. [< F] AIDS (ādz).. 1 the mixture of gases that surrounds the earth. an understanding reached by two or more nations. pl. 3 the struggle often preceding death. exclamation of triumph. pl. adv. study of crop production and farm management. persons. chocaholic. study ı of plant nutrition and soil composition. ais (īz). tune. correspondence of words with respect to number. 7 Gram. or its ownership. pl. 5 come to an understanding. 2 for the support and advancement of the interests of farmers. —aimʹless·ly. an Asiatic tree with many leaflets and clusters of small. anthos flower] ai·ler·on (āʹlәr on). n. —adv. —a·gree´a·bilʹi·ty. the raising of crops and livestock. joy. trouble: what ails the man? 2 be ill. —ag´ro·nomʹi·cal. etc. –tis.) in order to hit a target: aim a gun. obtain. on the ground. bad-smelling. ag·ri·busi·ness (agʹrә biz´ness). 4 purpose. n. [< NL < Amboinan (language of Amboina in the Dutch East Indies) aylanto tree of heaven. 2 intense mental suffering. gone by. before: walk ahead of me. struggle. its use. but having longer legs. curiosity. n. person who favors a redistribution of land. without purpose. n. a call used by sailors to hail persons at a distance. husbandry. irrational fear of open spaces. 1 be the matter with. 1 act of aiming. surpass. 4 in advance: ahead of his times. 4 an agreeing. pleasing: agreeable manners. get ahead of. aide-de-camp. n. contraction of the phrases: a am not. —agʹo·niz´ing·ly. 2 agriculture: agroclimatology. < ad– to + juvare help] —aidʹer. (with): that verb agrees with its subject. 2 anything shaped or used like this. aim (ām). adv. 2 fit of shivering. argemone] ag·ro–. ә gonʹ–). ā gretʹ).. 2 pain very much. a rodent of tropical America related to the guinea pig. —n. Japanese method of self-defense without weapons. satisfaction. a·gron·o·my (ә gronʹә mi). 3 in an advanced or successful position or state. a·gree·ment (ә grēʹmәnt). suitable (to): music agreeable to the occasion. etc. succeed. correspond (with). 3 melody. [< OF aidier < L. 1 field. n. 1 malarial fever characterized by intermittent incidents of sweating and shivering. coincide (with): your story agrees with mine. [OE āgān gone by] a·gog (ә gogʹ). combining form. adj. ain’t (ānt). a·ha (ä häʹ). 1 member of an aboriginal.. 2 of like mind. adj. n. etc. pity. aidsde-camp. a·greed (ә grēdʹ). plant with slender stalks of feathery leaves and yellow flowers. adj. interj. adj. —ag´ro·bi·olʹogist. [taken from alcoholic] a·hoy (ә hoiʹ). [< Gk. aim·less (āmʹlis). [? < F en gogues in happy mood] a·gon·ic (ā gonʹik. 2 direction aimed in. surprise. ag·ri·cul·tur·al·ist (ag´rә kulʹchәr әl ist). aides-de-camp... n. —n. adj. n. anguish. 1 have the same opinion or opinions: I agree with you. 3 in agreement. a slight sickness. greenish flowers. interj. adv. 2 ready to agree. person.. in settling a dispute. n. adj. willing to agree: agreeable to a suggestion. has not. [< F. compulsively addicted to: workaholic. n. chill. –ties. c have not. n. –aholic. excited. market place in an ancient Greek city. light-skinned race in N Japan. a·gue (āʹgū). ai (ī). 1 assistant. a·go (ә gōʹ). air (ãr). [OE eglan] ai·lan·thus (ā lanʹthәs). have the same number.. n. 3 U. a·gree (ә grēʹ). < agros land + nemein manage] —ag´ro·nomʹic. n. 1 to one’s liking. aide (ād). assistant.. —agʹri·culʹtur·ally. etc. ag·ri·cul·ture (agʹrә kul´chәr).. a·hem (ә hemʹ). adj. get ahold of. v. object. etc.air 15 ag·nos·ti·cism (ag nosʹtә siz әm). pl. 2 an expert in farming. American Indian Movement. 2 helper. 1 feel very great pain. 5 general character or appearance . 1 having to do with land. 2 the language of these people. n. interj. 1 in front. now becoming extinct. adj. v. feel sick: he is ailing. —agʹo·niz´ing. army or navy officer who acts as an assistant to a superior officer. a three-toed sloth of South America. agt. [< L. torture. n. intention. aide-de-camp (ādʹdә kampʹ). interj. n. aid (ād). adj. torment. 2 aide-de-camp. –niz·ing.

air pressure. etc. air chamber. ditz. n. trains.. a separate branch of the armed forces of the U. air·liner (¯ rʹl¯n әr). Brit. 1 small sac in the lung. 1 system of transpora ı tation of people and things by aircraft. 2 pilot of an aircraft. adj. 2 such machines collectively or as a class. alveolus. 1 thin sheet of paper for writing a short letter and folding to form an envelope. by air. in an airy manner. 2 remove heat in a room by blowing cool air in. etc. pl. pl. speed of an aircraft measured by its greater movement than that of the air. but to the side so that the kiss does not touch the cheek. etc. 2 treat (air) by means of air conditioning. emptyheaded person. supplies. headquarters and airport for military aircraft. air·crew (ãrʹ krü´). air mile. sick as a result of traveling by air. connected with the lungs. etc. ride. equipment. etc. ballistic missile. —airʹcool´er. v. aircraft carrier. air·less (ãrʹlis). [< OF < L < Gk. air·ing (ãrʹing). adj. air base. air mattress. a means of treating air in buildings to regulate its humidity and temperature and to free it from dust. 2 company operating such a system. —airʹ-cooled´. by air. broadcasting. air time. large aircraft for a ı carrying many passengers. —adj. on an airplane or airline. adj. n. n. a uncertain. large body of air that moves through the atmosphere over long distances without great change in temperature. v. by exhaust from burning fossil fuels and from waste products produced by industrial processes. an air of importance. 1 so tight that no air or gas can get in or out. air-con·di·tion (ãrʹkәn dish´әn). esp.. device operated by compressed air that is used to spray paint on a surface. aer] air bag. n. England] air-express (ãrʹik spres´). air·foil (ãrʹfoil´). v. mention publicly: do not air your troubles. 1 branch of the military or naval forces that uses aircraft. 2 letter sent by air. air strike. any surface. air-borne (ãrʹbôrn´. air·head (ãrʹhed´). air pump. refueling. etc. n. that includes aviation personnel.S. adj. pressure of the atmosphere. air field. shipment of letters. —v. n. attack from aircraft on a particular target. daydream. that part of it regarded as under the control of a particular country. 2 air pocket. v. air service. 1 start of a radio or television broadcast. measure of distance of aircraft. with bombs. landing field of an airport. and servicing aircraft. 2 make known. exploding of a bomb in the air. adj. criticism. any compartment filled with air. packages. 1 low-cost class of air travel. 2 mail so sent. hijacking of an aircraft. attack by aircraft. a space in the ice on a river. delivery of food. dromos race course] air drop. n. 1 opening through which air can pass. 2 carried by air. air coach. gun worked by compressed air. n. 1 transportation of people or things by aircraft. etc. –pōrt´). such as a wing. v. and goods by air. airy quality. inflatable bag used as a mattress. 3 goods and people transported. having air conditioning. n... the atmosphere as used by aircraft. 2 Air Force. etc. 1 put out in the air: air clothes. etc. etc. etc. in the air. Aire·dale (ãrʹdāl). esp. 2 without a breeze. air brake. 2 using or worked by compressed air: air drill. air·port (ãrʹpôrt´. 1 interested in aviation. —v.16 air bag of anything: an air of mystery. b uncertain. to use an airbrush. air·line (¯ rʹl¯n). 2 a walk. group that flies an aircraft. 2 fond of traveling by air. aerodrome. large terrier having a wiry brown or tan coat with dark markings. air bladder. ship packages. —airʹ-mind´ed·ness. a regular route used by aircraft. rooms. express views. -kräft´). a vertical current in the air that causes a sudden drop of an airplane. air·man (ãrʹmәn). air conditioner. etc. related to its speed. an airtight compartment between places where there is a difference in air pressure. 2 air-filled space in the body of a bird. n. air boat. contamination of the air. air·space (ãrʹspās´). air-con·di·tioned (ãrʹkәn dish´әnd). n. Also. 3 one of the crew of an aircraft. 1 supply with the equipment for air conditioning. emotions. aeroplane. 1 carried in aircraft or gliders. adv. unnatural or affected manners: put on airs to impress us. up in the air. one in a hydraulic engine. n. 2 air force (def. embrace and kiss. —v.: the proposed ordinance is due for an airing. airs. 2 aircraft with low passenger rates. filled with air. the structural part of an airplane. 3 group of fliers for military aircraft. air hole. n. clear the air. air·ship (ãrʹship´). 1 machine for air navigation that is supported in air by buoyancy (such as a balloon) or by dynamic action (such as an airplane). esp. air express. air·burst (ãrʹbėrst´). 3 exposure to public discussion. n. n. to reduce tension or misunderstanding. n. 1 conducting or supplying air: air duct. [< air. in the open air. as relief to victims of a disaster or to supply troops. 1 remove heat produced in a motor by blowing air on it. send mail by air. 1 system of sending mail by aircraft. airport. n. designed to help lift or control an aircraft. n. air raid. air conditioning. air kiss. rudder. transport by airlift. air rifle. flow of air around a flying object. 1 system of using aircraft for transporting people and freight to a place when land approaches are closed. tract of land or water where aircraft can land or take off. air·lift (ãrʹlift´). air·tight (ãrʹtīt´). air·craft (ãrʹkraft´. —airʹsick´ness.+ Gk. –bōrn´). air castle. air·frame (ãrʹfrām´). esp. on the air. from aircraft. n. apart from propulsion and guidance components. air-cool (ãrʹkül´). air·speed. sent or to be sent by air. esp. air-mind·ed (ãrʹmīn´did). Brit. brake operated by a piston or pistons worked by compressed air. n. n. esp. 1 enlisted man in the air force. bag that fills with air automatically to protect passengers in an automobile from serious injury in a collision. adj. apparatus for forcing air in or drawing air out of something. etc. adj. air force. air mass. a paved or cleared strip on which aircraft land and take off. [< Airedale in Yorkshire. air letter. air pocket. –men. 1 exposure to air for drying. 3 route for aircraft. air·strip (ãrʹstrip´). air lane. for use in shallow water. a frivolous. air piracy. 2 length of time a show is . adj. pond. air·mail. air·plane (ãrʹplān´). 1). with facilities for catering to passengers. warship designed as a base for aircraft. air·drome (ãrʹdrōm´). 2 aircraft used in such an operation. nautical mile. esp. n. —adj. etc. etc. n. small boat with a flat bottom and driven by a large propeller fastened above the back of the boat. 3 done by means of aircraft: air photography. a mechanically driven heavier-than-air aircraft supported in flight by the action of the air flowing past or thrusting upward on its fixed wings. –craft. b very angry or excited. air·brush. —airʹline´. —v. dirigible. air·i·ly (ãrʹә li). n. a machine for air-conditioning buildings. 1 without fresh air. 2 having no weak points open to an opponent’s attack. air lock. sac in most fishes and various animals and plants. a going around: wild rumors were in the air. —air kisser. air·stream (ãrʹstrēm´). air·sick (ãrʹsik´). stuffy. air sac. esp. air·i·ness (ãrʹi nis). air pollution. Also. —airʹdrop´..

emperor of Japan (1989– ). 2 a variety of calcite. n. < álamo poplar] Al·a·mo (alʹә mō). Alaska Highway. Archaic. pl. often banded like marble. —adj. –cores or (esp. n. adv. n. theater. esp. Poetic. [< L –ale. having the nature of. 2 alike: similar. n. C2H5OH. and pink eyes. grief. of obs. palace of the Spanish Moors. al·a·bas·ter (alʹә bas´tәr. adv. Alabama. Ala. al kazʹәr). —airʹwor´thi·ness. [< F] Al·a·ric (alʹә rik). [ < L albumen < albus white] al·bu·min (al būʹmәn). [< OF < Ital. –nos. [ME in kene bowe. adv. at a sharp angle] a·kin (ә kinʹ). n. 4 call to arms or action. esp.. 2 warn (anyone) of approaching danger. adv. affected. n. Alaska.. 2 any intoxicating liquor containing this liquid. a·larm (ә lärmʹ). n. 6 of air. adj. n. adj. n.. promenade with trees. regret. to another: air-to-air rockets. al´ә–). 3 thing that gives such a warning. [< Med. in form by isle and in meaning by alley] —aisled (īld).alcohol broadcast. a mission in San Antonio. magic power or process for changing one thing into another... ә läsʹ). [< OF < L ala wing. as in a store. —a·larmʹing·ly.] Al·bu·quer·que (alʹbә kėr´kē). etc. SW U. whiskey. al·be·it (ôl bēʹit). < all’arme! to arms!] alarm clock. Alcohols contain a hydroxyl group and react with organic acids to form esters. —Al´a·bamʹan. See albumen.” then “essence”) < Ar. n. —A·lasʹkan. 2 light as air. Alaska. air·y (ãrʹi). 1 passage between rows of seats in a hall. 2 any animal or plant that has pale. ethyl alcohol. 1 book with blank pages for pictures. “fine powder. a (of desserts) served with ice cream. A·lad·din (ә ladʹәn). liveliness. act of ——ing. n. [< F] a·lack (ә lakʹ). alcatras frigate bird < Sp. conj. adj. air·i·est. a·las (ә lasʹ. C72H112N18O22S. n. even though. between the former 17 Yugoslavia and Greece. a long-finned. your cousins are akin to you. —al·chemʹi·cal. province in W Canada. –al1. school. [< L. form of ad– before –l–. a·lat·ed (–id). 2 Cookery. 3 any of a group of similar organic compounds. —alchemʹi·cal·ly. n. n. [< Pg. and as a fuel. al·ca·zar (alʹkә zär. al-qaşr the castle < L castrum fort] al·che·mist (alʹkә mist). 2 between two flying aircraft: air-to-air refueling.L < Ar. or a·la·mode (ä´ lә mōdʹ. air waves. 2 Fig. a·lar·um (ә larʹәm. person who studied alchemy.d. 1 medieval chemistry. who found a magic lamp and a magic ring. as a measure for pricing advertisements. or dread.. adj. Al·bi·on (alʹbi әn). n. –kôr). n. 1 route for aircraft.. of –alis] AL. n.. [ME al be it although it be] Al·ber·ta (al bėrʹtә). n. 5 reaching high into the air. 1928– . n. any of a class of proteins soluble in water and found in the white of egg and in many other animal and plant tissues and juices. L (orig. a·jar1 (ә järʹ). clock that can be set to make a noise at any desired time. n. n.. beer. 1 fill with sudden fear. alas. < alacer brisk] —a·lacʹri·tous. n. n. grain alcohol. 1836. n. n. 2 passage for air. al·a·me·da (al´ә māʹdә). adj. Canada. –bäs´–). Al·ba·ny (ôlʹbә ni). Mexicans captured it from Americans on March 6. collectively) –core.a. Alcohol is used in medicine. -in). 1 colorless liquid. American playwright.k. al´che·misʹti·cal. creamed with pimiento or green pepper: chicken à la king. a·late (āʹlāt). Greek hero at the siege of Troy. 2 cheerful willingness. a youth in The Arabian Nights. [< L (vestis) alba white (robe)] al·ba·core (alʹbә kôr. poplars. n. adj. 1 sudden fear or fright. 1 a smooth white. chyma molten metal] —al·chem´ic. Al·ca·traz (alʹkә traz). < ala wing] alb (alb). of albus white] al·bu·men (al bū´mәn. 2 Chem.. etc. with the hand on the hip and the elbow bent outward. —v.. Texas. to Fairbanks.. frightening. hindrance. also known as. pity. translucent variety of gypsum. the largest state of the United States. Archaic. adj. air·i·er. as on a CD. n. adj. b (of meat) cooked with vegetables. in style. a la mode. graceful. on each side. in the air. person who is easily alarmed or alarms others needlessly or on very slight grounds. < albo < L albus white] —al·bin´ic. city in central New Mexico. adj. n. to or toward. astatine. appar. al-bakūra] Al·ba·ni·a (al bāʹni ә. chymeia < Gk. defective coloring. lofty. < Ar. southern state of the United States. n. a·larm·ist (ә lärʹmist). albumin. Gk. al·bum (alʹbәm). American Kennel Club. stamps. suffix. A·las·ka (ә lasʹkә). [< OF a ah + las miserable < L lassus weary] Alas. [< L. –tros). al-qādus the bucket < Gk. ә lärʹ-). adj. 7 unnatural. after.. 1 person lacking pigmentation. alabast(r)os an alabaster box] à la carte (ä´ lә kärtʹ). 2 any long or narrow passageway. Al´a·bamʹi·an adj. having wings or winglike parts. air·wor·thy (ãrʹwėr´thi). adv. a white linen robe worn by Roman Catholic and some Anglican priests at the Eucharist. 4 open to the air. n. French à la (ä lä). interj.. of or like alabaster. of. –ale pertaining to] –al2. [< L. —al´che·misʹtic. in wine. esp. air-to-air (ãrʹt˙ ãrʹ). delicate. n. 2 former U. [< OF < Med. tablet. 3 Bot. consisting mostly of albumin dissolved in water. —Al·baʹni·an. à la king (ä´ lә kingʹ). [< Pg. 2 Fig. –bānʹyә). gin. like. found in the Atlantic. king of the Visigoths who captured Rome in 410 a. fit or safe for service in the air. adj. Albinos have pale skin. n. al·a·bam·ine (al´ә bamʹēn. although. 1 related by blood. endosperm. aka or a... broadcasting. a la (äʹlә). air·way (ãrʹwā´). [< L < Gk. aisle (īl). al-kuhl powdered antimony] . a·larm·ing (ә lärʹming). that makes them intoxicating. After a siege. n. n. interj. adj.d. light hair. n. [for of kin] al– prefix. a·lac·ri·ty (ә lakʹrә ti). [ME on char on the turn. the search for a process by which baser metals could be turned into gold. [< L. French name of Aachen. n. as in ornamental. al·bi·no (al bīʹnō). al-kīmiyā’. exclamation of sorrow. [var.S. burden. < LGk. light-hearted. 1 any of various web-footed sea birds related to the petrel. < Pg. al·co·hol (alʹkә hôl. —alarmʹism. aluminum. Aix-la-Cha·pelle (āks´lä shä pelʹ).. 2 collection of recordings. exclamation of sorrow or regret. –hol). n. not solid or substantial. breezy. 5 a device that makes noise to warn or awaken people. al·abas·trine. neut. England. a·kim·bo (ә kimʹbō). 1 island in San Francisco Bay. [< Ar. [< a– in + jar discord] A·jax (āʹjaks). in keen bow. 3 part of a church along the side of the nave. separated from it by columns or piers. with a state price for each dish. n. in manufacturing. capital of New York State. [< L –alis. penitentiary there. n.S. adv. adj. pl. alarm. —al´bi·nism. 1 brisk and eager action. neut. edible fish related to the tuna. al·ba·tross (alʹbә trôs. n. 1 like air. kados < Phoenician] Al·bee (ôlʹbē). not in harmony. (zip code) Alabama. AK. in NW North America. suffix. adj. 1 according to the prevailing fashion. 2 a warning of approaching danger. 1 white of an egg. AKC. n. British Columbia. achene. etc. partly opened. (zip code) Alaska. country in Europe. 370?–410 a. infl. 3 light in manner. Chem. Al·a·bam·a (al´ә bamʹә). as in refusal. adj. OE cerr turn] a·jar2 (ә järʹ). Also. that alarms. A·ki·hi·to (ä´kē hēʹtō). adj. esp. à la mode. < Ar. n. [< Sp.. according to: a la Roman. Edward. a·kene (ā kēnʹ). a highway that extends from Dawson Creek. Al. al·che·my (alʹkә mi). Legend. 1 launched from u one flying aircraft.

n. [< Ital. adj. 3 suffering from the excessive use of alcoholic liquors. al·der (ôlʹdәr). hence. 2 in English and Irish cities. –zänʹ–). —a·lignʹment. 6 connected for broadcast or recording. –at·ing. al·ien·ate (ālʹyәn āt. John. a·lert (ә lėrtʹ). as from horseback.c. n. Al·ham·bra (al hamʹbrә). 5 connected to an electric source. and pp. nourishment. al·cove (alʹkōv). computer language. seaweed] al·ge·bra (alʹjә brә). n. –drēn. al·i·quant (alʹә kwәnt). 1 small room opening out of a larger room. city in NW Syria. look alive. —al´de·hyʹdic. 2 on fire. [OE ālīht illuminated] a·lign (ә līnʹ). 2 an Indian belonging to an Algonkian tribe. [ < L alimonia < alere nourish] a·line (ә līnʹ). Spain. 1 in the same way. n. —al´i·menʹtally. lively. king of the West Saxons.. active. 3 any Algonkian. n. n. wide-awake. —a·linʹer. al·ge·bra·ist (alʹjә brā´ist). pl. seaport in N Egypt. n. < alius other + quantus how much] al·i·quot (alʹә kwәt). 1 capital of Algeria. –ranʹ). adv. Al·ex·an·dri·an (al´ig zanʹdri әn. [OE alu] a·lee (ә lēʹ). nutritious. 4 active. 1 turn away in feeling or affection. n. Al·ge·ri·a (al jirʹi ә). ale (āl). n. ambix cup] A·lençon (ä län-sônʹ for 1.. adj. adv. alive to. nimble. onlīc] al·i·ment (alʹә mәnt). others. 1 one of a group of British islands in the English Channel. < a– to + ligner < L. n. 2 a diseased condition caused by drinking too much alcoholic liquor. and turns red litmus blue. or Aleutian Islands. sensitive to.. n. al·i·mo·ny (alʹә mō´ni). 1 the most widespread linguistic stock of American Indians... 1 a transparent. alive with. Al·ex·an·der the Great (al´ig zanʹdәr. alimentary canal. king of Macedonia from 336 to 323 b. 2 in continued activity or operation: keep the principles of liberty alive. n. equally. live. with a suffocating smell. al-qubba the vaulted chamber] Ald. n. 2 nourishing. 1 member of a family of North American Indian tribes living in eastern Canada. Al·gon·quin (al gongʹkin. a·lined. Al·e·ut (alʹi üt). [< L.. —al´gal. < linea line] —a·lignʹer. 2 brisk. –lies. algebra. on or toward the side of a ship that is away from the wind. a·light·ed or a·lit. not dead: the man is alive. [< Med. A·lep·po (ә lepʹō). something that transforms or refines. Al·gon·ki·an (al gongʹkē әn). chain of many small islands SW of Alaska. n. of alight1. –hol–). adj. Al·co·ran (al´kō ränʹ. on the alert. pl. to be ready for action. member of a council that governs a city. get off. n. ә lenʹsәn. –son for 2). of or belonging to this linguistic stock. align. adj. or leaves. 3 join with others in or against a cause: Britain aligned with the U.. pl. a sea fish related to the herring and the shad. —al´ge·braʹi·cal·ly. Al´ge·rine. v. < L erigere raise up] —alertʹly. roots. 1 having to do with food and nutrition. adv. n. etc. [ < F < Ital. 1 nutrition. [OE gelī Alderman. 2 notify. [<Med. n. lee] ale·house (ālʹhous´). n. n. procedure for solving a mathematical problem. —n. —al·der·man´ic. n. 1 lighted up: her face was alight with joy. al anbīq the still < Gk. –menʹtri). palace of the Moorish kings at Granada. –men. esp. branch of mathematics in which quantities are denoted by letters..] alg. 1 a disease having as its chief symptom the inability to drink alcoholic liquors in moderation. 3 of all living: happiest man alive. a heavy. 2 a signal to troops.. place where ale or beer is sold. —a·lertʹness. adj. adj. [OE alor] al·der·man (ôlʹdәr mәn). al·i·men·ta·ry (al´ә menʹtә ri. 3 summerhouse.. a plant of the pea family. expert in algebra. 1 U. dismount..c. [< L alimentum < alere nourish] —al´i·menʹtal adj. 2 support. one of the Pilgrims who settled at Plymouth. adj.S. wideawake. on the Mediterranean. Some algae are single-celled and form scum on rocks. 1 living. one who testifies in court. < Ar. adj. 2 part in a wall set back from the rest. Al·ex·an·dri·a (al´ig zanʹdri ә. [see elder1] —alʹder·man·cy. n. CH3CHO. the digestive tract of any animal. n. ult. 1 of Alexandria. similar. 1599?–1687. 1 city in NW France.. not dividing a number without a remainder: 5 is an aliquant part of 14. 1 native of the Aleutian Islands. one of the algae. n. —al´go·rithʹmic. n. like one another. adjust to a line: align the sights of a gun. pl. on the lookout. 2 any similar organic compound. -kwin). the Koran. 1 a signal warning of an air attack. —n. arouse.. Aldm. [< F < Sp. lucerne. n. n. –zänʹ–). adj. al·fres· —v. full of. bitter beer. —Al´geәri·an. –wives. 2 transfer the ownership of (property) to another. [OE ālīhtan] a·light2 (ә lītʹ). [< Sp. adj. al·de·hyde (alʹdә hīd). al-fas fasah the best · · kind of fodder] Al·fred (alʹfrid). al·fal·fa (al falʹfә). happen to find. n. grown for pasture and forage. 1 any base or hydroxide that is soluble in water.. 2 of Alexander the Great. pl. dividing a number without a remainder: 3 is an aliquot part of 12. al-jebr the bone setting. adv. 2 any salt or mixture of salts that neutral- al·co·hol·ic (al´kә hôlʹik.. n. n. al fres·co (al fresʹkō). hurry up! [OE on līfe in life] —a·liveʹness. awake to. extending from the mouth to the anus. –zänʹ–). n. 3 come upon by chance. [< Scand. ale·wife (ālʹwīf´).L < Ar. (“Alfred the Great”) 849–899 a.d. such as the seaweeds.S. al·co·hol·ism (alʹkә hôl iz´әm. n. pt. —adj. alʹgebraʹi·cal. any of several trees and shrubs that usually grow in wet land and have clusters of catkins. < alius some + quot how many] a·lit (ә litʹ). –lis. a·lem·bic (ә lemʹbik). swarming with. n. –zänʹ–). 2 similarly. [< L. 871–899 a. in the open air. n. line of poetry having six iambic feet. 2 lace made there. 2 Algeria. 2 language of these people. country in N Africa. v. –at·ed. —a·lineʹment. alʹder·man·ship´. AL·GOL (alʹgol). v. < ā on + hlē shelter. adj. group of plants that have chlorophyll but do not have true stems. are very large. n. make unfriendly. all’ erta on the watch.d. 3 of Alexandrine verse. al·ka·li (alʹkә lī). —al´ien·aʹtion. negative numbers as well as ordinary numbers are used. n. 2 the language of any of these tribes. —adj. n. a member of a city or county council next in rank to the mayor. v. 3 providing support. al·gae (alʹjē). —al´i·men´tative. 2 come down from the air and settle: a bird alights on a tree. adj. regular payment of money that a person must make to a spouse after a legal separation or divorce. 2 one of a breed of dairy cattle. 2 form in line: the troops aligned. āʹli әn-). adj. al·ga (alʹgә). n. a·lin·ing. adj. āʹli әn–). al·i·men·ta·tion (alʹә men tāʹshәn). Al·den (ôlʹdәn). al·ien·ist (ālʹyәn ist. pub. aline. 356–323 b. n. alight·ing. [< F. n. outdoors.. 1 get down. adv. adj. 1 warn against and prepare for an approaching air attack. al·go·rithm (al go rithʹәm). Al·der·ney (älʹdәr ni). watchful. 1 of alcohol. 2 Fig. 2 containing alcohol. reduction] —al·ge·bra´ic. belonging to the United States. Am. . produced by the partial oxidation of ordinary alcohol. colorless liquid. 1 a glass or metal container formerly used in distilling. Al·ex·an·drine (al´ig zanʹdrin. n.. neutralizes acids and forms salts with them. adv. with a caesura (pause) after the third foot. Massachusetts. n. n. n. in the Iraq War. n. 1 bring into line. psychiatrist. and problems are solved in the form of equations. a·live (ә līvʹ). adj. v. —Aleuʹtian. –holʹ–). Al·giers (al jirzʹ).18 alcoholic A·leu·tians (ә lüʹshәnz). sprightly. food. n. [< F < L alienus insane] a·light1 (ә lītʹ). n. 1 watchful. < Ar. [< L. a·like (ә līkʹ). Also. adj. –gae (-jē).L < Ar.. person suffering from alcoholism. adv. adj. –neys. fermented from hops and malt.

2 leather prepared from its skin. adv.. al·lo·cate (alʹә kāt). narrow enclosed place for bowling. etc. especially one that is behind a row of buildings in a city or town. 1 put at rest. < Heb. n. al·le·ga·tion (al´ә gāʹshәn). as a share. thing that causes or reveals an allergy in a person or animal. [OE eall] Al·lah (alʹә. liturgical form of hallelujah. al·le·gor·ic (-ik). [< NL < Gk. 1 nations that fought against Germany and Austria in World War I. n. method of treating a disease by using remedies to produce effects different from those caused by the disease treated (opposite of homeopathy). adj. alʹә gә rist). pl. a player on a team. —n. –lot·ting. 1 all four legs of an animal. April 1. n. [< LL. any organic base containing nitrogen. all in. using allegory. one of the several individual sounds belonging to a single phoneme.. 2 act of alleging. [< Sp. adj. n. 2 use alliteration.. 1 begin with the same letter or sound. such as strychnine. al·ka·loi·dal (al´kә loiʹdәl). An alliance may be a joining of family interests by marriage. –at·ing. 3 connected by nature. –rizing. [< L < Gk. n. faithfulness. 1 American reptile. —al·litʹer·a´tive. –leg·ing. Maryland. esp. a narrow street. allos other + –pathy] —al´lo·pathʹic. assertion: the lawyer’s allegation was proved. alʹīd). n. —al´ka·li·zaʹtion. adj. —adv. 3 give or bring forward as a reason.L.. al·ley (alʹi). All Fools’ Day. —al·litʹer·a´tive·ness. persons. v. —al´le·gorʹical·ness. 2 each: the score was one all. < allos other + agoreuein speak] al·le·gret·to (al´ә gretʹō). n. al·lit·er·ate (ә litʹәr āt). adj. etc. –gies. 1 assert without proof. n. adj.·lop·a·thist (ә lopʹә thist). strange + ergon action] al·le·vi·ate (ә lēʹvi āt). morphine. The t in take and the t in try are allophones of the phoneme t. hands and knees. v. adv. and West Virginia. with sense of L allegare charge] —al·legeʹable. n. signal indicating the end of danger. n. [< Gk. < ad– to + ligare bind] al·lied (ә līdʹ. Example: the sun sank slowly. al·lit·er·a·tion (ә lit´әr āʹshәn).. lively tempo. 2 locate. bordered by trees. —al·lerʹgi·cal·ly. a mountain range in Pennsylvania. allos different. —v. al·le·go·rist (alʹә gô´rist. in use) the whole number: all of us are going. adj. —al·legʹer. adv. adj. al·lay (ә lāʹ). a moderately fast musical passage or piece. alkaline-earth metals. [< G < Gk. –at·ed. al·li·ga·tor (al´ә gā´tәr). äʹlә). n. 2 relieve. n.allotropic izes acids. 1 the whole of: all Europe. al·lege (ә lejʹ). Al·lies (alʹīz. alkaline earths. n. 4 similarity in structure or descent. hallēlūjāh praise ye Jehovah] al·ler·gen (alʹәr jәn). strontium.. 1 a narrow lane in a city or town. < L ad– up + levis light] —al·le´vi·aʹtion. < L alacer brisk] al·le·lu·ia (al´ә lüʹyә).. 1 united by agreement or treaty: allied nations.. according to what is or has been alleged. 2 arms and legs of a person. [< OF. cite. –gorʹ–). 1 a narrow back street. —al·litʹer·a´tively. 4 Allied. adv. 3 selected as the best in the United States. a joining of national interests by treaty. devotion. alʹә gā´niz). 2 nations. n.. adj. distribute. 2 appropriate to a special purpose. n. n. al·leg·ed·ly (ә lejʹid li). in use) everything: all that glitters is not gold.. —al·layʹment. 3 the greatest possible: with all speed. v. 1 of or like an alkali. especially one that is behind buildings. 1 make easier to endure (suffering of the body or mind). –rized. 2 made up entirely of Americans or American elements. 1 union formed by agreement. al·ka·loid (alʹkә loid). 3 path in a park or garden. al-qalī the ashes of saltwort (a genus of plants)] al·ka·line (alʹkә līn. al·ler·gic (ә lėrʹjik). [ME ligeaunce < OF. al·le·go·rize (alʹә gә rīz). produce. 4 characteristic of America or Americans. –at·ing. occurring in two or more forms that differ in physical and chemical properties but not in the kind of atoms of which they . weary.. 2 a narrow passageway. 3 use allegory. 1 assertion without proof. 3 association. adj. affirm: this man alleges that his watch has been stolen. n. < alier unite < L. –liz·ing. —pron. b in any way. adv. al·lot·ment (ә lotʹmәnt). in a quick. [< OF aloter. group of elements including calcium. 1 doctor who uses allopathy. lively musical passage or piece. n.. al·ler·gy (alʹәr ji). the Muslim name of the Supreme Being. —al·leʹvi·a´tor. an allotropic form. quick. v. pl. hymn of praise to the Lord. ә līzʹ). or Allegheny Mountains. —al´le·gorʹi·cal·ly. all clear. adj. adj. barium. magnesium. n. after all. [< L < Gk. —al·ler·genʹic. v. 1. Nov. –lay·ing. all-A·mer·i·can (ôl´ә merʹә kәn). allay. v. 2 having an allergy. 1 of allergy. n.. —adj. All·hal·lows (ôl´halʹōz). —allʹ-a·roundʹness. —adv. n. -gō´-). al·lop·a·thy (ә lopʹә thi). 2 every one of: all men. n. 1 make into allegory. become cracked or blistered on the surface. Al·le·ghe·nies (al´ә gāʹniz. n.. the alleged theft never happened. –lin). lively. [< Med. al·le·giance (ә lēʹjәns). [< OF alee a going] al·ley·way (alʹi wā´). in a moderately fast 19 al·li·ance (ә līʹәns). n. initial rhyme. n. mitigate. a under any conditions. ә legʹrō). 2 treat or interpret as an allegory. 2 including all. al·le·gro (ә lāʹgrō. avocado. –layed. adj. adj. pl. before everything else. n. similar to the crocodile but having a shorter and flatter head. n. 1 assign or allot. connection. < lige liege] al·le·gor·i·cal (al´ә gôrʹә kәl. etc. n. 1 division and distribution in parts or shares. n. etc. b completely. [< MF < Ar.. who belong to such a union. el lagarto the lizard < L lacertus lizard] alligator pear. 2 lessen. —al·leʹvi·a´tive. 2 state positively. adj. of or having to do with an alkaloid or alkaloids. al·lo·trop·ic (al´ә tropʹik). al·le·go·ry (alʹә gô´ri. n. 2 nations that fought against Germany. al·ka·lize (alʹkә līz)... –cat·ed.. adj. in all. 4 a long. pl. —allʹ-clearʹ. [< AF alegier < L ex– + litigare strive. 1 entirely: the cake is all gone. a quick. meaning “praise ye the Lord. 2 share. 1 able to do many things. 2 loyalty. –leys. all-a·round (ôlʹә roundʹ). al·lo·trope (alʹә trōp). unusual sensitiveness to a particular] —al·lotʹta·ble. as certain pollens and dusts. —al´lopathʹi·cal·ly. diminish. portion. Many alkaloids from plants are drugs.. n. Virginia. repetition of the same first letter or sound in a group of words or line of poetry. –at·ed. nevertheless. joining of interests. adv. 1 the loyalty owed by a citizen to his country or by a subject to his ruler. all fours. < L ad– to. an all-American person. al·lo·phone (alʹә fōn). altogether. Italy. —n. n. all but. sue. April Fools’ Day. adj.. check: fever allayed by medicine. 2 person who favors allopathy. n. n. adj.. 3 assertion made as a plea or excuse. –cat·ing. al·lo·path (alʹә path). All Saints’ Day. –lot·ted. —adj. story which is told to explain or teach something: Many nursery rhymes are allegories. adj. –lized. —al´ka·linʹi·ty. n. oxides of the alkalineearth metals. n. and radium. —Al´legheʹni·an. [< L ad– to + litera letter] —al·litʹer·a´tor. 1 (pl. v. 3 make less. a everything. moderately fast. –ries. all (ôl). 2 associated: allied banks. –leged.. pl. 2 impregnated with alkali. above all. akin: allied animals. —adv. [< Ital. adv. —al´le·gor´i·zaʹtion. 1 representing the whole United States. of the Allies of World War I and II. 2 Brit. make alkaline. –gros. v.. 1 divide and distribute in parts or shares: profits allotted to the partners. nearly.. v. calm: his fears were allayed. —alʹle·goriz´er. n. –gō ´–. at + locare to place] —al´lo·caʹtion. See lot. at all. 2 (sing. quiet. n. all in all. —allʹ-a·round´er. adj. one who uses allegories. n.. —n. allos other + phone sound] al·lot (ә lotʹ). [OE ālecgan] —al·layʹer. and quinine. useful in many ways. n. –tos. —al·lotʹter.” —n. and Japan in World War II.

< ad– to + ligare bind. n. not bother. 3 admit. n. 1 allowed by law or by a person in authority. the Almighty. put upon an allowance. —al´lo·tropʹi·cal. let alone. 3 the century plant. in use). (sometimes sing. supporter. —n. correct. al·oe (alʹō). giving help to the poor. –vi·a (–vi ә). [< OF almosnier < VL alemosynarius of alms] al·mon·ry (alʹmәn ri. —al·lurʹing·ly. nourishing mother] al·ma·nac (ôlʹmә nak). 2 book published yearly that gives summaries of world events and other information. grant: allow $10 a week for lunch. Allhallows. n. adv. —allurʹer. —n. < Ar. or league (to or with): France allied itself with England. —n.L < Sp. 2 subtraction or addition to make up for something: an allowance on a used car. al·lu·vi·um (ә lüʹvi әm). n. 1 arranged in the order of the alphabet. u —v. 3 without anything more. adv. —n. [< OF alouer < L allaudare (< ad– + laudare praise) and allocare allocate] —al·lowʹer. n. prob. loudly. attractiveness. 1 lengthwise: cars parked along by the stadium. 3 using an alphabet. See also Allies. [< VL < L < Gk. [< OF alurer lure] —al·lureʹment. n. eleemosyne compassion < eleos mercy] alms·giv·ing (ämzʹgiv´ing). 3 cloth made from this wool. etc. 1 person or nation united with another for some special purpose. 1 table or book of tables containing a calendar. —al·mightʹily. n. adv. al·low·ance (ә louʹәns). adj. al·lude (ә lüdʹ). –anc·ing. adj. –ries. give. provide for. [< L. consisting of or forming alluvium. alluvial soil.. 2 its wool. adj. 1 apart from other persons or things: he was alone. –lied. adj. 1 a spice having a flavor like a mixture of cinnamon. 5 satisfactory. exceedingly. as of likeness. all-round (ôlʹroundʹ). –shōr´). 1 definite portion or amount given out: a weekly allowance. –vi·ums. kinship. long. ә loiʹ. or friendship. adj. the property or fact of being allotropic. all·spice (ôlʹspīs´). < Ar. astronomical data. to the greatest possible extent. al·phabet·ic (–betʹik). < ad– to + ligare bind. al·loy (n. n. 3 any injurious addition: no happiness is without alloy. apart: aloof from the others. welcome. v. 1 the nut. make allowance for or make allowances. Nov. near or along the shore. adv. al·low·ed·ly (ә louʹid li). 3 elementary principles. 1 having supreme power. —al·luʹsiveness. lengthwise of: walk along a river. interj. strongest: alpha female. n. a not bother.. loef] —a·loofʹly. 1 the first letter of the Greek alphabet (A. —adv. n. adj. 1 tempting.) to a fixed. beside: alongside the wharf. Doublet of ally. 1 a variety of llama with long. 3 helper. Al·ma Ma·ter (alʹmә mäʹtәr. [< Scand.. n. or seed. amygdale] —alʹmond·like´. —v. –ly·ing. —al´lo·tropʹical·ly. 2 aloes (sing.20 allotropy al·lure (ә l˙ rʹ). 1 plant having a long spike of flowers and thick. adj. 3 certainly. < alpha A + beta B] al·pha·bet·i·cal (al´fә betʹә kәl). [OE eal māst nearly] alms (ämz). to limit (supplies. —v. al the + Peruvian paco alpaca] al·pen·horn (alʹpәn hôrn´). narrow leaves. house endowed by private charity for the poor to live in. sand. etc. —al·luʹsive·ly. merely. a·long (ә löngʹ. a·long·side (ә lôngʹsīdʹ. adv. adv. [< Sp. 3 an allowing: allowance of a claim. —v.] –ally. [< Hawaiian] a·lone (ә lōnʹ).. a strong staff with an iron point. etc. 2 good-by. v. charm. Rufus is the alpha of the pack. all right. adv. 2 yes. adv. —prep. treaty. –oes. adj. 1 make into an alloy. adj. nutmeg. etc. al·pac·a (al pakʹә). n. a·loud (ә loudʹ). ә līʹ). —adv. pl. alʹī. refer indirectly. or thing. used in writing a language. adj. person who distributes alms for a king. < ad– up + luere wash] al·ly (v. best. —al´pha·betʹi·cally.. v. 4 add or subtract to make up for something: allow an extra hour for traveling time. 1 permit: smoking is not allowed. [ME al one all (completely) one] —a·loneʹness. alʹmә māʹtәr). n. < Du. v. on or by the length of. n. 1 series of characters or signs representing sounds. —adv. God. 2 let have. n. al·pha·bet (alʹfә bet). adv. al·lu·sive (ә lüʹsiv).. α). all-powerful. etc. 3 first. 5 say or think. v. a bitter drug made from the leaves of this plant. that grows in South Africa and other warm. all along. left by flowing water. 2 tempt by some advantage. alp·horn (alpʹhôrn´). All Saints’ Day. only. 2 permitted by the rules of the game. n. n. recognize: allow a claim. —al·lurʹing·ness. 4 tolerance: no allowance of smoking. 1. n. [< a– on + loof windward. take into consideration: make allowance for their inexperience. n. See agave.. adv. food. adv. [< OF alier < L. plant. allow for. n. ә longʹ–). ә loftʹ). —al·lowʹa·ble·ness. all-star (ôlʹstärʹ). ә līʹ. or a metal and a nonmetal.. < LGk. 2 u attractive. —adj. almenichiakon calendar] al·might·y (ôl mītʹi). unsympathetic. [< LL < Gk. 1 an indirect or casual reference. 4 in good health. 1 without error. äʹmәn–). as oxygen and ozone. n. 2 lower in value by mixing with an inferior metal: alloy gold with copper. [< Gk. al·lu·vi·al (ә lüʹvi әl). college. regular amount. pl. 3 enter into an alliance. n. al·lot·ro·pism (-piz әm). 1 an inferior metal mixed with a more valuable one. < allos other + tropos way] all-out (ôlʹoutʹ). –lud·ing. used in climbing mountains. n. a·loof (ә lüfʹ). n. 1 all-around. 2 onward: let us walk along. äʹmәn–). 1 unite by formal agreement. 2 great. adv. b not to mention. 2 tree that it grows on. ә longʹ). greatest possible. 1 fascinate. appar. 2 reference to a well-known quotation or fact to give emphasis. [< Med. mud. mention slightly (to): do not mention or even allude to his deformity. 2 of the alphabet. ä lōʹhä). adj. n.] all-pur·pose (ôlʹpėrʹpәs). —al·mightʹi·ness. [< G] al·pen·stock (alʹpәn stok´). 2 only: he alone remained. are composed. powerful horn used in Switzerland for calling sheep.. [< OF almande < L < Gk. adj. 2 high above the deck of a ship in the rigging. a church festival honoring all the saints. Brit. nearly. n. 2 connect by some relation. alms·house (ämzʹhous´). 3 make worse.. of a peachlike fruit growing in warm regions. 2 letters of a language arranged in the customary order. prep.] a·loft (ә lôftʹ. amʹәnd). very. adj. all the time. [< L < Gk. n. slight mention. take into consideration. 2 in a loud voice. n. al·low (ә louʹ). beginning... —aloofʹness. al·lu·sion (ә lüʹzhәn). that can be used for any end: all-purpose thread. 2 the berry of the West Indian pimento tree that it is made from. person’s school. soft. member of an all-star team or group. äl–. —almsʹgiv´er. 1 loud enough to be heard: read aloud. alʹoi. adj. [< G] al·pha (alʹfә). Doublet of alloy. or university. containing allusions. in a manner: frantically in a frantic manner. 2 extending everywhere around. n. side by side: anchor alongside. 1 hello. silky hair or wool. 2 the first. adv. n. composed of the best players or performers. pl.. [OE andlang] a·long·shore (ә lôngʹshôr´. admittedly. high up. 1 far above the earth. –lies. v. al·lur·ing (ә l˙ rʹing). place where alms are distributed. –lud·ed. —allowʹa·bly. n. 2 a related animal. n. ôl mōstʹ). pl.. and cloves. al·mond (äʹmәnd). al·low·a·ble (ә louʹә bәl). monastery. —adv. signals. 4 unique. —n. dry climates. almanākh. adj. al·mon·er (alʹmәn әr. [< L. –lured. [< OF alei < L. ә loiʹ). leave alone.. as by marriage. –anced. < ad– with + ludere play] . al·most (ôlʹmōst. al·ma ma·ter. not forbidden. in use) money or gifts to help the poor. debase: happiness alloyed by misfortune. ā lopti in the air] a·lo·ha (ә lōʹә. n. –lur·ing. withdrawn. forming adverbs. al·lot·ro·py (ә lotʹrә pi). 2 metal made by the fusion of two or more metals. acknowledge. omnipotent. ә longʹ–. suffix. adv. 3 together (with): I’ll go along with you. —n. [< L.

—adj. ridge behind and above the upper front teeth. n. 2 arrange by turns: alternate work and pleasure. 6 distance of a spacecraft from the surface of some reference body. n. alʹsas–). 5 the angular distance of a star. or device for aircraft navigation (an aneroid barometer. < alternus every second < alter other] —alʹter·nate·ly. the base. –tūd). n. 1 a of or pertaining to a socket. 1 alternate. n. Alsace and Lorraine. adj. stream of alpha particles. al·um (alʹәm).. –pin). adv. practice or art of measuring altitudes. al·tim·e·try (al timʹә trē). person who helps a priest during certain religious services. angry dispute. adj. alpha particle. 2. causing change. sextant. 2 formed by touching the tip of the tongue to or bringing it near the alveoli. n. adj. deeply pitted. as leaves. substitute. a brass musical instrument similar to the French horn. or university. 1 a the lowest female voice. adj. —alʹpha·bet·iz´er. 3 take turns: the sisters will alternate setting the table. –sas. 1 astringent crystalline substance. alto horn. as of a baseball team. –wāz). occurring in clay. [< L. alʹ–. –tos.. 1 arrange in alphabetical order. adj. focus of something. etc. [< NL < L alumen alum] a·lu·mi·nous (ә lüʹmә nәs). [< L. the earth’s surface. n. n. English t and d are alveolar sounds. having u regard for the well-being and best interests of others. adj. by this time. 2 socket of a tooth. —al·ve´o·laʹtion. –li (–lī). adj. pl. –nae (–nē). 3 high position. Al·sace (alʹsās. al·ve·o·li (al vēʹә lī). adj. al·ter·na·tive (ôl tėrʹnә tiv. —n. adj. n. al·ter·na·tor (ôlʹtәr nā´tәr. 2 elevation or high place: mountain altitude. alʹtә mē tәr). althaia wild mallow. trans. 1 all the time. 3 placed singly at different heights along a stem. 2 one of the things to be chosen: we have no alternative but to leave. –izing. person who is roundly defeated in a contest. –cat·ed. used in dyeing. etc. pl. 2 act of altering. disintegration of a radioactive substance by emission of alpha particles. al·ter·cate (ôlʹtәr kāt. of alveus cavity] al·ways (ôlʹwiz. selection: alternative results of two different actions. as an election. dynamo or generator for producing an alternating electric current. 2 singer with such a voice. —adj. 1 of or containing alum. v. as a quadrant. 1 by turns. a·lu·mi·num (ә lüʹmә nәm). —n a silver-white. –nat·ing. radar. choice. adv. 2 on the whole: altogether. alpha ray. < alere nourish] al·ve·o·lar (al vēʹә lәr). region in NE France.). b of or pertaining to the air cells of the lungs.. 2 become different: her whole outlook has altered. al·ve·o·lus (al vēʹә lәs). –ni (–nī). giving or requiring a choice between two or more things. a·lum·nus (ә lumʹnәs). albeit. —adj. 2 a former member. foster child. esp. despite. 4 instrument playing such a part. entirely. 5 reverse direction of electric current at regular intervals. a double sulfate of aluminum and potassium. all right. a of high mountains. —v. 1 choice between two or more things: he had the alternative of going home or staying all night. adv.. —Al·saʹtian. 1 Phonet. neuter.. n. —al·terʹna·tive·ly. —al´ter·a·bilʹi·ty. 2 alpine. < L alter other] alter. n.. al·tru·is·tic (al´tr˙ isʹtik). al·ve·o·late (al vēʹә lit. college. n. –kāʹ–). al·to (alʹtō). adj. v. 1 make different in some respect without changing into something else: alter a dress. [ME altogeder] alto horn. as the moon. —alterʹna·tive·ness. though. positively charged particle consisting of two protons and two neutrons. completely: altogether wicked. al·ter·a·ble (ôlʹtәr ә bәl). adj. Al·sace-Lor·raine (alʹsās lә rānʹ. as radium. alpha decay. al´–). 1 happen or be arranged by turns. [ME al thogh even though] al·tim·e·ter (al timʹә tәr. I’m sorry it happened. or university. [< Ital.. dispute < alter other] al·ter·ca·tion (ôl´tәr kāʹshәn. adv. n. [<L. a decorated panel or wall behind or above an altar. –ized. al sāsʹ). before this time. —alʹter·a·bly. al·ter·a·tion (ôl´tәr āʹshәn). quarrel. It is a metallic element that occurs in nature only in combination. of alveolus. al·the·a. KAl(SO4)2·12H2O. n. use of nontraditional treatments. quite so] also ran (ôlʹsō ran´). mountain system in S Europe. pl. 1 table or stand in the most sacred part of a church. as of a tooth. unselfish u devotion to the interests and welfare of others. b the 21 highest male voice. power. —al´pha·bet·izaʹtion. n. n. 4 the vertical distance from the base of a geometrical figure to its highest point. instruments. al–). first one and then the other. 3 aluminum sulfate. ôlʹtәr nit. etc. —n. sung by. 2 at all times: he always comes home on Saturday. al·ter (ôlʹtәr). 2 every other. any instrument for measuring altitudes. 3 an alto part. quarrel. alternating current. —n. 2 pl.... 2 one of a class of double sulfates analogous to the potassium alum. in addition. n. rose of Sharon. conj. egʹō). alʹter·a·bleness. n. –cat·ing. 1 another aspect of one’s nature. [< OF < L alumen] a·lu·mi·na (ә lüʹmә nә). a woman graduate or former student of a school. or temple. —al´tru·isʹtical·ly. 3 castrate or spay (an animal). –lāt). alʹtәr. adv. altrui of or for others < L alter other] —alʹtru·ist. See alumnus. 1 the vertical height above sea level. alt. as an ideal: the altar of ambition. 3 all included: altogether there were 14 books. ductile metal that resists tarnish and is used for making utensils. adv. al·tar·piece (ôlʹtәr pēs´). n. adv. n. al·thae·a (al thēʹә). heteros ego] al·ter·nate (v.. —n. <L altus high] altar boy. alʹ–). ? < althainein heal] alt·horn (altʹhôrn´). —alʹternate·ness.. al·ter·na·tion (ôl´tәr nāʹshәn. a name bestowed by the Central Intelligence Agency] al·read·y (ôl redʹi). Alps (alps). several alternative suggestions. region in NE France. very light. dim. released in the disintegration of radioactive substances. al·ter e·go (ôlʹtәr ēʹgō. Al2(SO4)3·18H2O.always al·pha·bet·ize (alʹfә bә tīz). alʹ–). 1 result of altering. n. etc. althorn. alʹ–). synagogue. 2 a very intimate or close friend. n.. pl. electric current that reverses its direction at regular intervals. a whole. adj. al·so (ôlʹsō). of Gk. n. al Qaida (al kīʹdә. etc. Al·pine (alʹpīn. < L altus high] al·to·geth·er (ôl´tә gethʹәr). medicine. even now: the house is already full. n. adv. Al2O3. 2 express by an alphabet. as acupuncture and herbal remedies. [< L. or composed for an alto. college. occurring by turns.. al·ti·tude (alʹtә tüd. 3 Fig. 1 graduate or former student of a school. continually: she is always cheerful. al·though (ôl thōʹ). ôlʹtәr nāt. [< Ar. n. n. general effect. unselfish. 2 altitude. [all + way] . [< OE ealswā all so. 1 a little cell or cavity. famous for its beautiful scenery. [< OF < LL. n. [< L < Gk. adj. acolyte. 1 wholly. person appointed to take the place of another if necessary. n. or some other reference plane. al·right (ôl rītʹ). alternative medicine. Also. act of alternating. 4 interchange regularly. [< L. change. aluminum oxide. too. [< F altruisme < Ital. v. of. b very high. n. n. Mass. a shrub like the mallow. al·ter·a·tive (ôlʹtәr ā´tiv). as the air cells of the lungs. al·tar (ôlʹtәr). n. of or containing aluminum [< alumina] a·lum·na (ә lumʹnә). v. 1 of the Alps. 2 an elevated structure on which sacrifices are offered to a deity. that can be altered. of or containing aluminum. etc. contralto. above the horizon. –nat·ed. < altus high] —al´tituʹdi·nal. [< LL. al·tru·ism (alʹtr˙ iz әm). as a principle of action. adv. esp. loosely connected Muslim organization that follows Islamist principles. [< L. n. al´–). adj. n. n.

adj. as in ambidexterity. [< L. also (before vowels) amb–. 1 of or fitted for walking. adj. amoeboid. n. v. present indicative of be. amplitude modulation. [< L amatorius < amare love] a·maze (ә māzʹ). [< OF. 1 of the amaranth. a·mazing. 1 unite together. 1 an alloy of mercury with some other metal or metals.. n. a·mal·gam (ә malʹgәm). 1 highest representative sent by one government or ruler to another who speaks and acts in behalf of his government. amoeba. n. 1 a hard.M. 3 dessert of orange and banana slices with shredded coconut. Legend. puzzling. or purple flowers. one of a race of women warriors living near the Black Sea. 3 put (soldiers or other persons) in hiding for a surprise attack. am·big·u·ous (am bigʹy˙ әs). [< OF < Ar. 2 easy. [< Med. —n. -tō´-). ambush. am·a·to·ry (amʹә tô´ri. [OE āmasian] a·mazed (ә māzdʹ). the first person singular. –bas. 1 strong desire for fame or honor. 2 color of amber. 1 walk at a slow. prefix.. etc. adj. am·ber (amʹbәr). u –ty˙ r–. n. 1 collect or accumulate for oneself: amass a fortune. —ambigʹu·ous·ness. am·a·ryl·lis (am´ә rilʹis). adj. 1 ability to use both hands equally well. 1 a plant of the mustard family. –thīn).. [< L ambiguus < ambi– in two ways + agere drive] —am·bigʹu·ous·ly. adj. 2 alloy (one or more metals) with mercury. < (hôpital) ambulant walking (hospital)] am·bu·lant (amʹbyә lәnt). some with colorful red or purple flowers. (before p) am–] am·bi·dex·ter·i·ty (am´bә deks terʹә ti). am·bi·dex·trous (am´bә dekʹstrәs). n. easy pace. dabbler. 2 purple or purplish red. [< NL < Gk. 1 America. walk. union. pl. infl. n. —a·mazʹed·ness. blend.. by Gk. Am·a·zon (amʹә zon. 1 Class. 1 able to use both hands equally well. n. a·me·ba (ә mēʹbә). 1 having or guided by ambition. with large red. pl. adv. —am´a·teurʹish·ness. –ty˙ r. [< L ambitio a canvassing for votes < ambi– around + ire go] —am·biʹtionless. n. v. –lating. around. —amʹbling·ly.. food of the ancient Greek and Roman gods. am·ble (amʹbәl). —amʹbushment.. a·meer (ә mirʹ). a·meʹbic. amarantos everlasting < a– not + marainein wither. sudden wonder. –at·ing. any of a group of microorganisms found in fresh and salt water that moves by forming temporary projections that are constantly changing. 2 something especially pleasing to taste or smell. adj. –bae (–bē). embassador. 3 imaginary flower that never fades. —a·mazʹing·ly. AM. –ries. < L < Gk. having small white or yellow flowers. 2 unusual skillfulness. not confined to bed. —v. Also. typical name of a country girl] a·mass (ә masʹ). –ties. —ambroʹsial·ly. < a– not + brotos mortal] —am·broʹsial. 1 largest river in the world. slow pace in walking. [for L ante meridiem] A. coexistence of contrary tendencies or feelings. adj. n. —ambasʹsa·dor·ship´. used esp. adv. in perfumes.. n. combine. n.. [< Gk. 2 collect into a mass or heap. 2 being an amateur. adj. as in the mind. –lat·ed. —am´bu·laʹtion. n. 3 superficial student or worker. cloister. adv. 1 made of amber. n. adv. v.. –zәn).L.A. [OE eom] Am. imboscata < imboscare ambush] —am´bus·cadʹer. n. n. malagma emollient < malassein soften] a·mal·gam·ate (ә malʹgә māt). adv. on both sides. boat. 2 person thought to represent special characteristics or qualities: the violinist was America’s ambassador of music. 2 place where they are hidden. 2 Gk. amoibe change] —a·meʹba·like´. adj. —adj. astonish. n. n. —am´bi·dexʹtrous·ness . a·man·u·en·sis (ә man´y˙ enʹsis). name of a plant thought to cure rabies] am (am. n. 1 possibility of two or more meanings. wonderfully.. —v.M. 2 an ambiguous word or expression. 1 any of a large genus of plants. 1 attack from an ambush. white. 2 thing strongly desired or sought after. am·bu·lance (amʹbyә lәns). n. adj. 2 Americanism. surrounding. adj. 2 person who does something rather poorly. u –ses (–sēz). 3 amazon. . formerly used for filling teeth. used for jewelry. v. 3 purplish-red. –bling. [< L. A. –ated. 3 official messenger with a special errand. yellow or yellowish-brown fossil resin of pine trees. —amassʹer. —n. a. v. adj. n. A. –chәr–. pl. or aircraft equipped to carry sick or wounded persons. —a·meʹban. covered place for walking. 1 person who does something for pleasure. [< L < Gk. Am. [< F. unstressed әm). adj. a·mazed. v. 2 moving from place to place. person who writes what another says. vague. move about. n. [< L < Gk. –cad·ing. < en– in + busche bush1] —amʹbusher.. am·bro·sia (am brōʹzhә). greatly surprised. translucent. a bulbous plant related to the lily. —am·biʹtious·ly. 3 obscure. wonderful. adv. made or done by amateurs. adj. n. am·bush (amʹb˙ sh). a·maze·ment (ә māzʹmәnt). changeable. 2 wait in hiding to make a surprise attack. [< F ambre gris gray amber] ambi–. [< LL < L ambi– both + dexter right] —am´bi·dexʹtrous·ly. pl. 1 of amateurs. am´u u ә tėrʹ). astonishment. of love. 3 strongly desirous. –cad·ed. amateur pianist. seeking after a high position or great power. adj. having to do with making love or with lovers. a·maz·ing (ә māzʹing). 2 time from midnight to noon. —a·mazʹed·ly. anthos flower] am·a·ran·thine (am´ә ranʹthin. 2 very skillful. n. alysson. n. n. n. < (servus) a manu secretary] am·a·ranth (amʹә ranth).. aspiration. 1 gait of a horse in which both legs on one side are moved at the same time. am·a·teur (amʹә ch˙ r. Am. 2 sweet alyssum. n. —a·massʹment. American. n. —a·malʹgama´tor. n. [< OF embusche. 2 arising from or showing ambition. am·broʹsian. am·biv·a·lence (am bivʹә lәns). ‘anbar ambergris] am·ber·gris (amʹbәr grēs. < a– to + masse mass] —a·massʹa·ble. a vehicle. americium. n. not for money or as a profession. —adj. am·bu·la·to·ry (amʹbyә lә tô´ri. n. great surprise. etc.22 alyssum a·lys·sum (ә lisʹәm). flowing from the Andes Mountains in NW South America across Brazil to the Atlantic. am·bi·ent (amʹbi әnt). silvering mirrors. adv. 3 act or condition of lying in wait. round about. appar. n. —am´a·teurʹish·ly. 1 soldiers or u other enemies hidden to make a surprise attack. a·mal·gam·a·tion (ә mal´gә māʹshәn).. adj. n. 4 athlete who is not a professional. am·a·teur·ism (amʹә ch˙ r iz´әm. n. —amʹa·teurship´. adj. a waxy intestinal concretion of the sperm whale. –dōr). [< F < Ital. amir. —a·malʹgam·aʹtive. undying. of or like an ameba. am·bas·sa·dor (am basʹә dәr. am·bi·tion (am bishʹәn). ult. n. [< L ambiens < ambi– around + ire go] am·bi·gu·i·ty (am´bә gūʹә ti). adj. v. strike with sudden wonder.. am·bu·late (amʹbyә lāt). 2 (of a horse) move at an amble. –bled. 3 able to walk. adj. surprise greatly. blend.. very surprising. mixture. Also. —Am´azoʹni·an adj.M.. astonishing. pretentious.m. adj. ambasciatore] —am·bas´sa·doʹri·al. 2 mixture. a·me·boid (ә mēʹboid). 2 position of an amateur. esp. adv. [< OF < L ambulare walk] —amʹbler. n. 1 havu ing more than one possible meaning. causing love. am·bus·cade (am´bәs kādʹ).. —am·biʹtious·ness. Myth. [< F < L amator < amare love] —am´ateurʹish. [< L < Gk. yellowish-brown... 1 amateuru ish way of doing things. —adv. adj. –chәr. or copies what another has written. am·bi·tious (am bishʹәs). 1 before noon. astound. –tō´–). a warlike or masculine woman. n. —amʹbush·like´. American Medical Association. —v. walking. equivocal. eager (of): ambitious of power. 2 never-fading. 4 showy. [< F < Ital. adj. dilettante. Also. –gris). combination. n. —am·bivʹa·lent. am´ә tėrʹiz әm). n. 2 yellow. n. —a· mal´ gam· a· ble. 4 not permanent. n. 2 of uncertain meaning or nature. AMA. —adj.

its history. 3 change made to remove an error. 1 a colorless. 3 native only or specific to the United States: American eagle. n. interj. am·ice (amʹis). < L amicus friend] am·me·ter (amʹmē´tәr. esp. 1 punish by an arbitrary or discretionary fine.. amʹi·ca·ble·ness. n.] Am·ish (amʹish. —n. am·e·thyst (amʹә thist). –rat·ing. a·mend (ә mendʹ). —adj. . 2 American. simple cell division without exact division of chromosomes. wrong: it is not amiss to ask advice. A·merʹi·can·iz´ing. 3 custom or trait peculiar to the United States. said after a prayer or wish and used as an expression of assent. which never appears in a free state by itself. 1 citizen of the United States. n. a·mi·go (ә mēʹgō). [< AF. < ex– out of + mendum fault] —amendʹa·ble. of this sect or its members. adj. —am´itotʹi·cal·ly. —a·meʹna·bly. < L amicus. 1 of. [< OF < L < Gk. n. n. amʹә nō). aʹmi·able·ness. Also. [< Ar. [< am(pere) + –meter] am·mo (amʹō) n.) by addition. radioactive metallic element. one of the people who were already living in America long before Europeans arrived. a long. ammo·ni·a·cal (am´ә nīʹә kәl). v.. adv. —Amʹishman´. adj. American language. n. colorless crystals or white powder used in medicine. adj. —a·mercʹer. n. 4 South America. in Muslim countries. idea of success and achievement as being available or possible in the United States. ә mēʹli ә–). A·mer·i·can·ize (ә merʹә kәn īz). [< OF < LL amicabilis < L amicus friend. etc. adj. —a·mendʹer.. 1 a purple or violet variety of quartz. improper. n. a·midst (ә midstʹ). or idiom originating in the United States. —A·merʹi·can·ized. ә mēʹli ә–). good-natured and friendly. ә mēʹkәs ky˙ rʹi ī). in or toward the middle of a ship.] a·mine (ә mēnʹ. —adj. amʹē´tәr). certainly < āman strengthen] a·me·na·ble (ә mēʹnә bәl. Also. [< L amentum thong] Amer. a·mercing. See miss1. a·merce (ә mėrsʹ). 1 war fought by the American colonies from 1775 to 1783 to win their independence from England. [< NL ammonites < Med. am·mo·nia (ә mōʹnyә. 3 pleasantness. A·mer·i·can (ә merʹә kәn). pleasant and agreeable: an amiable disposition. 2 change for the better. –rat·ed. 2 native or inhabitant of the Western Hemisphere. n. –kanʹә. [< NL. —Amer´i·can·i·zaʹtion. 3 North America and South America. n. 2 punish by any penalty. [< L < Gk. [< LL amicabilis < L amicus friend. 2 violet-colored corundum. pl. ruler. 1 the United States of America. having to do with. [< AF. in use) compensation for a loss or injury. amethystos < a– not + methy wine. adv.. n. n. a·mid·ships (ә midʹships). American aloe. pungent gas. n. adj. 2 this gas dissolved in water. [< Sp.. adv. 1 America. bill. etc.. 1 change the form of (a law. [< OF < L. v. friendly. ә menʹә–). a·merced. [< MF amitié. ameer. [< ME a mis by (way of) fault. consisting of nitrogen and hydrogen. 1 open to suggestion or advice: amenable to persuasion. among. < Heb. ә moʹni ә). amʹin).pl. 2 change for the better. —a·merceʹment. adj. or prince.. n. –ties. adj. etc. < a merci at the mercy (of)] —a·merceʹa·ble. n. < a– to + mener lead < L minare drive] —a·me´na·bilʹi·ty. a·mend·ment (ә mendʹmәnt). the Western Hemisphere. äʹmish). ult. the word amen. < L melior better] —a·mel´io·raʹtion. —a·melʹio·ra´tor. but acts as a unit in chemical reactions. its customs. of or like ammonia. n. adj. 2). pleasing manners or courteous acts that lead to agreeable social relations. slender spike covered with rows of bracts having flowers of one sex and no petals. friendly relations: treaty of amity. am·in (amʹin). 2 North America. a compound produced by replacing one or more of the hydrogen atoms of ammonia by univalent acid radicals. adj. 3 free from faults. v. peace and friendship. Am. instrument for measuring in amperes the strength of an electric current.] —a´mi·a·bilʹi·ty. English as written and spoken in the United States. Am·ish. āʹmәnt). [< L. 4 become better. a·mends (ә mendzʹ).] am·i·to·sis (am´ә tōʹsis). prep. collection of objects or documents about America.. a·men·i·ty (ә menʹә ti. 2 series of protests and acts of the American colonists from 1763 to 1783 against England’s attempts to increase its power over them. —a·midʹic . friend.L cornu Ammonis horn of Ammon (Egyptian god)] am·mo·ni·um (ә mōʹni әm). or motion. a·men (āʹmenʹ. phrase. or in the United States: an American citizen. truth. that amends or corrects. –ized. 2 pleasant feature. Doublet of amicable.ammonium hydroxide 23 a·mel·io·ra·ble (ә mēlʹyә rә bәl. am·i·ty (amʹә ti). 1 devotion or loyalty to the United States. applied to a salt obtained near the shrine of Ammon in Libya] am·mo·nite (amʹә nīt). the radical NH4. used for jewelry. 2 a word. 2 of or in the Western Hemisphere: the Amazon and other American rivers. or character. a·mel·io·rate (ә mēlʹyә rāt. a·miss (ә misʹ). American English. (sometimes sing. A·mer·i·can·ism (ә merʹә kәn iz´әm). agreeableness. n. Doublet of amiable. n. worn by priests at Mass.. 1 amenities. ә mēʹnә–). –id) amid (–id). in printing cloth. wrongly. complex organic compounds of nitrogen that combine in various ways to form proteins. n. etc. —n. friend of the court] a·mid (ә midʹ). make or become American in habits. ammonia (def. ult. adj. an oblong piece of linen covering the shoulders.. n. 2 accountable. n. member of a strict Mennonite sect. –mos. [ < F améliorer. adv. person with no u interest in a legal case who is called in to advise the judge. –iz·ing. —am´i·totʹic. the American Indian. n. adj. a·mi·a·ble (āʹmi ә bәl). omission. —a·melʹio·ra´tive. NH4OH. pl. adj. be offended at.] —am´ica·bilʹi·ty. correct: amend the spelling of a word. ammunition. a commander. American Indian. 3 American English. correction. make or become better. adj. ammoniakon. etc. n. n. See admiral. American Dream. —n. a compound produced by replacing one or more of the hydrogen atoms of ammonia by univalent hydrocarbon radicals. bill. n. peaceable. halfway between the bow and stern. n. thought to prevent intoxication] —amʹe·thystlike´. Am·er·ind (amʹәr ind). v. n. –kāʹnә). —aʹmi·a·bly. 1 be it so. A·mer·i·ca (ә merʹә kә). n. n. sal ammoniac. customs. motion.. so named because obtained from sal ammoniac] am·mo·ni·ac (ә mōʹni ak). a·mi·no acids (ә mēʹnō. answerable: amenable to the law. < amoenus pleasant] am·ent (amʹәnt. adv. am·er·i·ci·um (am´әr ishʹi әm). adv. American Revolution. improvement. founded in the 17th century. a·mid·ship (–ship). —n. n. catkin. a·mir (ә mirʹ). 1 change made in a law. improve: amend one’s conduct. [< NL. n. improve: new housing ameliorated living conditions in the slums. a·meʹna·ble·ness. am·i·ca·ble (amʹә kә bәl). am·ide (amʹīd. —Am´er·inʹdic. adj.. —Am´er·inʹdi·an. as raccoon. take amiss. ammonium hydroxide. 4 thing considered typically American. ammonium chloride. in a faulty manner. NH4Cl. that can be improved. adj. used as a precious stone. 2 an expression of approval. in the midst or middle of. [< OF < L amictus cloak] a·mi·cus cu·ri·ae (ә mīʹkәs ky˙ rʹu i ē. American English.: a constitutional amendment. < LL. gum ammoniac. Am. n. adj. A·mer·i·ca·na (ә mer´ә käʹnә. äʹmenʹ). a·mend·a·to·ry (ә menʹdә tôr´ē). as by reform or by regaining health. —amʹica·bly. commander. pl. pl. one of the spiraled fossil shells of an extinct mollusk. adj. NH3. –ties. [< L < Gk. traditions. artificial.

1 able to live both on land and in water. water...] a·mour (ә m˙ rʹ). [< L < Gk. –ties. a·muck (ә mukʹ). [< L. the character &. < L amor love] amp (amp). as some leaves do at their bases. [< OF. membrane lining the sac which encloses a fetus. —am´phi·the·atʹrical·ly. size. [< L < Gk. See amphora. etc. sufficiently. [< Gk. 3 showing love. 4 principal plus interest. n.. adj. a·mok (ә mukʹ.. 2 a lopping off. am·pho·ra (amʹfә rә). (to): his answer amounted to a threat.. reach (to): the debt amounted to $50. < Pr. –tat·ed. n. fond. 2 able to take off and alight on either land or water. as in amphitheater. am·o·rous (amʹә rәs). [See amuck. 1 able to live both on land and in water. a·moe·ba (ә mēʹbē). prob. v. plentiful: ample food for the table. etc. n. am·nes·ty (amʹnәs ti). v. 1 a Hebrew prophet who lived about 760 b. —a·morʹphousness. adj. amt. n.. to an ample degree. adj. 1 amperage. with. –tiz·ing. big. enlarge. n. 2 in love. or through the whole of: political unrest among the people. adj. by disease. n. of amphora. meaning “and. adv. etc. F amunition. a·mor·al (ā môrʹәl...c. develop fully: amplify a theory. < a mont up. a·mount (ә mountʹ). 1 around. clasping the stem. –tized. 4 increase in the strength of an electric current. adj. [< OF amortir deaden < a– to + mort death < L mors] —amʹor·tiz´able. v. 3 an expanded statement. –ni·a (–ni ә). —am´or·ti·zaʹtion. force. It is the current one volt can send through a resistance of one ohm. to the mountain. or extent: the amount of evidence against him is this. [< OF. shells. as of intelligence. used for munition] am·ne·sia (am nēʹzhә). adv. amorphous condition. Their young usually develop as tadpoles that have gills and live in water. pl. n. n. [< L < Gk. 3 not crystallized. —adj. amnesʹtic. a·mor·phism (ә môrʹfiz әm). natures. adv. important seaport and capital of the Netherlands. expansion. See ample. loving. adj. effect.. am´phithe·atʹri·cal. adj. 1 bullets. 4 having to do with love or courtship: amorous poems. unit for measuring the strength of an electric current. salamanders. adj. amount. tall two-handled jar. used by the ancient Greeks and Romans. adv. enamored. or parts. etc. 1 of no particular kind or type. n. –bae (–bē). 2 having no definite form. dim. adj. am·pli·fy (amʹplә fī). Am·ster·dam (amʹstәr dam). French physicist] am·per·sand (amʹpәr sand). [< F < L ampulla jar. n. a·moeʹbio. 1 act of amplifying. devoted. 2 abundance. amplifʹi·ca·to´ry. n. total: amount of the day’s sales. n. n. am·phi·the·a·ter. prep. a–). [< obs. —am·phibʹi·ous·ness. am·pule (amʹpūl). am·pu·tee (am´pyә tēʹ). sugar is crystalline. 1 animal that lives on land and in water. ameba. of two kinds. as a transistor. 2 device for strengthening electrical impulses. n.. —n. 1 person who has undergone an amputation by surgery. 3 quantity viewed as a whole: a great amount of intelligence. am·phib·i·an (am fibʹi әn). –pūl). n. 2 by. Compare frequency modulation. or by shock. [< OF. am·phi·the·a·tre (amʹfә thē´ә tәr). ample praise. (amʹәr tīz. adj. examples. [< Gk. prune. with ref. 3 plant that grows on land or in water. pl. [< Malay amoq] . –tied. adv. run amuck. a·morʹtizement. 3 having two qualities. 1 not involving any question of morality. pl. lop off something. narrative. to handles] am·ple (amʹpәl). < amphi– both + bios life] —am·phibʹi·ous·ly. etc. understanding. lit. –min). toads. e 1 drug that relieves value. –tūd). 2 stimulant drug. shapeless. 2 suited for use on land or water: an amphibious tank. vacuum tube. n. 2 one of the Amphibia.” [alter. 1 a circular or oval building with rows of seats rising around a central open space. value. am·poule (amʹpül. etc. am·per·age (amʹpәr ij. etc. strength of a current measured in amperes.. 3 increase the strength of (a sound or an electrical impulse). in an ample manner. 1 a love affair.). —amʹo·rous·ness. ә môrʹtīz). that amplifies a statement.. example. 1 inclined to love: an amorous disposition. etc. pl. —a·moeʹba·like´. n. 2 something resembling an amphitheater in shape. fullness. [< F < L.. 2 ampere. liberally. 3 surrounded by: a house among the trees. [< F < L amplus] —amʹpleness. amuck. [OE amang < on (ge)mang in a crowd] a·mongst (ә mungstʹ). [< NL. n. < amplus ample + facere make] am·pli·tude (amʹplә tüd. —a·moeʹban.] am·pu·tate (amʹpyә tāt). –bas.. newts. give amnesty to. run about in a murderous frenzy. 1 be equal. characterized by a period of depression followed by a murderous frenzy. 2 detail. 2 in two ways. etc. [< L amplitudo. n. –tat·ing. etc. am·ply (amʹpli). n. adv. < a– not + mnasthai remember] —am·neʹsic. amnestia < a– not + mnasthai remember] am·ni·on (amʹni әn). methamphetamine amphi–. —v. 2 unable to distinguish right from wrong. usually by surgery. am·phib·i·ous (am fibʹi әs). n.. –plest. 2 be equivalent in quantity. n. —a·morʹal·ly. n.. amok. a·mor·phous (ә môrʹfәs). 2 an u illicit love affair. a·moe·boid (ә mēʹboid). roomy: an ample room. am pirʹ). Glass is amorphous. < a– without + morphe shape] —a·morʹphous·ly. v. as in amphibious. of amnos lamb] —am´ni·otʹic. adv. —v. < ambi– about + putare prune] —am´pu·taʹtion. adj. [< NL < Gk. 5 by the combined action of: settle it among yourselves. set aside money regularly for future payment of (a debt.24 ammunition am·mu·ni·tion (am´yә nishʹәn). including frogs.. Ampère. hand. n. n. class of cold-blooded vertebrates with moist. small glass tube or bulb filled with a drug and hermetically sealed. 3 means of attack or defense. 1 in the number or class of: the best among modern novels. 1 sum. Also. nonmoral. 5 tank or other vehicle for use both on land and in water. and air forces: amphibious attack. for guns or other weapons.. 2 the full effect. A·mos (āʹmәs). See mount2. purposeful alteration of the amplitude of radio waves. of and per se and. pardon. [< a– not + moral] —a´moralʹi·ty n. n. breadth. 4 to each of: divide the money among them. —adv. amplifier. amp or amp. —n. prep. –rae (–rē). —amʹpu·ta´tor. am·plex·i·caul (am plekʹsә kôl). M. 2 book of the Old Testament. adj. etc. n. ā morʹ–. loss of memory caused by injury to the brain. 1 make fuller and more extensive. kinds. —amʹpli·fi·ca´tive. adv. 1 fully sufficient for any purpose. 3 one half the range of symmetric vibrations. dim. 4 aircraft that can take off from and alight on land or water. comparisons. < amphi– on all sides + theatron theater] —am´phi·the·atʹric. n. –ni·ons. [< Gk. Much ordinary broadcasting uses amplitude modulation. < L amplexus an embrace + caulis stem] am·pli·fi·ca·tion (am´plә fә kāʹshәn). ә mokʹ). n. < amour love < L amor] —amʹo·rous·ly. 1 cut off part of a leg.. n.. a general pardon for past offenses against a government. 4 by the combined action of land. on both sides. as information that can be used against someone. –ty·ing. nervous disturbance of the Malays. abundant. combining form.] a·mong (ә mungʹ). 2 expand by giving details. am·pere (amʹpir. am·pli·fi·er (amʹplә fī´әr). adj. n. 2 Fig. among. –fy·ing.] amplitude modulation. am pirʹ–). [< L < Gk. –pler. ameboid. adj.] Am·phib·i·a (am fibʹi ә). & by itself and] am·phet·a·mine (am fetʹә m¯n. 2 thing or things that can be shot or thrown. < amphi– on both sides + phoreus bearer. n. 1 width. –fied. expand. am·or·tize. scaleless skin. as of an arm or leg. 2 large. [for A. 1 person or thing that amplifies. gunpowder. 4 the peak strength of an alternating current in a given cycle..

n. v. —an·arʹchi·cal·ly. 1 separate into its parts. 3 statement of the results of an analysis. n. an’ (an. n. n. mathematical or algebraic analysis. anat. 3 analysis. similar. [< Gk. adj. anesthetic.) rather than a numerical code. —anʹa·lyz´a·ble. n. –lyz·ing. a·muse·ment (ә mūzʹmәnt). u a·muse (ә mūzʹ). amylon starch. n. n. 2 anagrams (sing. —a·nalʹo·gous·ness. —n. conj. of or using analysis. v.. a·nal·o·gize (ә nalʹә jīz). —an´aly·zaʹtion. [< OF amuser divert. 1 of or near the anus. –ses (–sēz). —a·nalʹo·gously.. an·a·logic (–lojʹik). It would be an anachronism to speak of Julius Caesar using a telephone. drug or other agent causes analgesia. —an´a·phy·lacʹtic.. n. and. etc. n. n. 2 having personality traits such as obsessive neatness. anapaistos < ana– back + paiein strike] —an´a·pesʹtic. an·a·con·da (an´ә konʹdә). –lyzed. 3 subject to chemical analysis.L < Gk. n. n.. —a·musʹing·ness. [< L < Gk. adj. n. 2 anatomy. adv. such as the python. lengths. a·mused (ә mūzdʹ). adv. used for rhetorical effect.. 2 thing that amuses. < ana– backwards + chronos time] a·nach·ro·nis·tic (ә nak´rә nisʹtik).. n. adj.. whether actually obtained in separate form or not. —an´aer·oʹbic. [< NL < Gk. 1 likeness in some ways between things that are otherwise unlike. some object worn as a magic charm against evil or harm. [< F < Gk. b determination of the kind or amount of one or more of the constituents of a substance. 2 each...anathematize 25 am·u·let (amʹyә lit). [< L –ānus] An·a·bap·tist (an´ә bapʹtist). 2 corresponding in function. –shә). —anaeʹmic. anesthetize. adj. 2 organ or body part that is analogous to another organ or part. —an´alytʹi·cal·ly. anesthesia. [OE (unstressed) ān (before vowels)] an2. a·nach·ro·nism (ә nakʹrә niz әm). a·naph·o·ra (ә nafʹәr ә). 3 of organs. or indefinite article. insensibility to pain without losing consciousness. 1 corresponding in some way. an·ar·chism (anʹәr kiz әm). 2 person or thing accursed. –sik). in use). C5H11. pancreatic juice. —anʹa·lyzʹer. orig. n. [< L < Gk. an´a·paesʹtic. an·a·gram (anʹә gram). 2 Dial. –tiz·ing. unground < a– not + myle mill] —a·mylʹic. am·yl (amʹil). n. analog computer. 1 a very large tropical snake that crushes its prey in its coils. n. adj. or event in a period of time where it does not belong.. [var. 1 word or phrase formed from another by transposing the letters. pl. [< Med. [var. n. an·a·phy·lax·is (an´ ә fә lakʹsis). —a·musʹer. n. 1 explain by analogy. etc. n. n. as in anhydrous. if. an·aes·the·tist (ә nesʹthә tist). adv. placed or occurring out of the proper time. a·nath·e·ma (ә nathʹә mә). adj. 2 examine the parts or elements of critically: analyze an argument. —an´aer·oʹbi·cal·ly. See a. n. but not in structure and origin. a·mus·ing. lawlessness. an·a·lyt·ics (an´ә litʹiks). examination of a thing’s parts to find out their essential features: analysis of a book. —adj. An·a·ni·as (an´ә nīʹәs). n. 1 one who analyzes. adj. increased sensitivity to a usually nontoxic substance. correspondence in function but not in structure and origin. adj. adj. –gized. 2 any large snake that crushes its prey in its folds. comparable. lawlessness. 1 Dial. a·nal·o·gy (ә nalʹә ji). < an– without + archos ruler] —an·arʹchic. that acts as a unit in forming compounds. enzyme in saliva. —amusʹing·ly. a·nach·ro·nous (ә nakʹrә nәs).. pl. of or causing analgesia. [< L < Gk. 2 a intentional separation of a substance into its ingredients or elements to determine their amount and nature. adj. water boa. a breaking up. thing devoted. n. anesthetist. < a– + muser stare] —a·musʹa·ble. v. adv. adj. amusement park.. 1 anatomical. an āʹәr ōb).. as in republican. Example: lived—devil. 2 any liar. river in NE Asia. an·aes·the·sia (an´әs thēʹzhә). 2 something placed or occurring out of its proper time or era. a·nad·ro·mous (ә nadʹrә mәs). of and] an–. adj. analogue. ana– up] —an´a·bolʹic adj. adj. thing. game in which players make words by changing and adding letters. etc. –tiz·ing. —anachʹro·nous·ly. an·a·lyt·i·cal (–ә kәl). n. measure or foot in poetry consisting of two unaccented syllables followed by an accented syllable. an·a·pest. n. as the wing of an insect and a bird. not. every: twice an hour. having or involving an anachronism. n. pl. etc. rides. —a·musʹed·ly. of a–1 before vowels and h] –an. pleasantly entertained. an·aes·the·tize (ә nesʹthә tīz). an·arʹchical. an·aer·obe (an ãrʹōb.. –mas. adv. 2 causing laughter. [<LGk. having to do with analogy. –gies. –tized. an·ar·chy (anʹәr ki). [< L amuletum] A·mur (ä m˙ rʹ). without. an·al·ge·si·a (an´әl jēʹzi ә. —an·aes´theti·zaʹtion. 2 use analogy. unstressed әn). an·a·lyt·ic (an´ә litʹik). esp. to evil. suffix. < ana– up + dromos a running] a·nae·mi·a (ә nēʹmi ә). adj. curse. any: an apple. similarity. Acts 5:1–10. repetition of a word or phrase at the beginning of a series of clauses or sentences. . sometimes causing severe or fatal shock. 2 comparison of such things: it is risky to argue by analogy. adj. anagrammatizein transpose letters < ana– up or back + gramma letter] a·nal (āʹnәl). —an´ar·chisʹtic. parallel. v. analogia] a·nal·y·sis (ә nalʹә sis). curse.. smiles. a·mused. an·ar·chist (anʹәr kist). on rollercoasters. –zha. 2 native or inhabitant of. as in American. an·a·log (anʹә lôg). [< L < Gk. n. 2 organism that can live without free oxygen. –log). entertain: new toys amuse children. 1 one. v. adj. adj. adj. —An´a·bapʹtism. of or having to do with analog computers. a·nab·o·lism (ә nabʹ ә liz әm). n. n. [< amyl] an1 (an. –gizing. n. constructive metabolism in which matter is changed into the tissues of a living animal or plant (opposite of catabolism). etc. adj. an·a·paest (anʹә pest). n. going up rivers from the sea to spawn. 1 entertaining. —anath´e·ma·ti·zaʹtion. 1 person or thing that is detested and condemned. 1 condition of being amused. 2 one who practices psychoanalysis. 3 terrorism. adj. n. < ana– up + lyein loose] an·a·lyst (anʹә list). —an´a·logʹi·cally. etc. a·mus·ing (ә mūzʹing). adj. –tized. –si ә. that helps to change starch into sugar.. adv. 4 analytic. am·yl·ase (amʹә lās). an·a·lyze (anʹә līz). prefix. n. 3 solemn curse by church authorities excommunicating some person from the church. n. 1 analogous. place outdoors offering games. 1 placement of a person. an·a·log·i·cal (an´ә lojʹә kәl). anemia. n. an·aes·thet·ic (an´әs thetʹik). [< NL < Gk. adv. 2 confusion. adj. 2 analogy. 2 keep pleasantly interested. control. —a·nathʹe·matiz´er. using analogy... person who wants to overthrow established governments and have a world without rulers and laws. [coined from metabolism by substitution of Gk. n. 2 practice or support of this doctrine. 1 political theory that all systems of government and law are harmful and prevent individuals from reaching their greatest development. calculating machine or automatic control which deals directly with physical quantities (weights. —a·nalʹo·gist a·nal·o·gous (ә nalʹә gәs). unstressed әn). 1 cause to laugh or smile: amuse an audience.. member of a Protestant sect opposing infant baptism. 1 liar who was struck dead for this fault. n. or in parts of plants. 4 denouncing and condemning some person or thing as evil. anal. adv. denounce. < ana– up + tithenai set] a·nath·e·ma·tize (ә nathʹә mә tīz). 1 absence of a system of government and law. 1 organism that cannot live in the presence of free oxygen. n.. 1 something analogous. 1 separation of a thing into parts. n. < an– not + algeein feel pain] an·al·ge·sic (an´әl jēʹzik. 1 of or having to do with. group of carbon and hydrogen atoms. an·a·logue (anʹә lôg.

short account of some interesting incident or event. an·cho·vy (anʹchō vi. aphye] an·cien ré·gime (än syanʹ rā zhēmʹ). raise the anchor to sail on. 1 an expert in anatomy. Danish writer of fairy tales. grandparents. musical piece in andante time. a·nem·o·ne (ә nemʹә nē). of anecdotes. –ret). a·nat·o·my (ә natʹә mi).pl. n. n. 1 structure of an animal or plant. an´e·mo·metʹri·cal. 1 hold in place by an anchor: anchor a ship. 2 honorable descent. 2 person who dissects or analyzes. —an´esthetʹi·cal·ly. [< L < Gk. aneurysma dilatation. as in importance. –tiz·ing. blue. —an·es´theti·zaʹtion. an·eu·rysm. an·e·mom·e·ter (an´ә momʹә tәr). 1 person who lives alone in a solitary place for religious meditation. a Greeks and Romans and other civilized people of antiquity. and other ancestors. n. —an´ec·doʹtal·ist. suffix. adj. an·ec·dote (anʹik dōt). lineage. etc. containing anecdotes. robot that resembles a person. insufficiency of red corpuscles or hemoglobin in the blood. an·ec·do·tal (anʹik dō´tәl. 1 of great age. conj.. 2 of or with anesthesia: anesthetic effects..26 Anatolia An·a·to·li·a (an´ә tōʹli ә). adj. 2 science of the structure of animals and plants. an·ces·try (anʹses tri). < L ante before] —anʹcient·ness. —a·nat´o·mi·zaʹtion. chloroform. a– without + LGk. [< Gk. n. unstressed әnd. —An´a·toʹli·an. n.). –ancy. both or either. n. 1 the loyal wife of Hector. an´ec·dotʹical. way things used to be done. 2 assisting. old order of things. —an·esʹthe·tiz´er. n. v. [< F < L –antia. or white flowers. neros water] aneroid barometer. 4 to: try and come. an·chor (angʹkәr). —An·deʹan. 1 shaped piece of iron attached to a chain or rope and used to hold a boat or ship in place. 1 last person to compete on a relay team. n. adj. adj. 2 early form from which the species or group in question has descended. An·drew (anʹdrü).L < LL < Gk. adj. 2 projection like a bracket. n. –dorʹә). < ana– up + eurys . adv. an·coʹne·al adj. n. as ether. –mies. n. an aneroid barometer. stay anchored in a place. let down the anchor to hold in place. 4 something to hold on to or depend on. of or having to do with anatomy. n. —an·cesʹtral·ly. in andante time. at anchor. adj. 1 subordinate. instrument for measuring the velocity or pressure of the wind. held by an anchor. b the classical authors of ancient times. one of Jesus’ apostles. 2 hermaphroditic. 3 something that makes a person feel safe and secure. used to support a cornice. 4 thing that ——s. adj. on efn on even (ground with)] an·er·oid (anʹәr oid). cold. adj. 3 the precursor of a later type. cast or drop anchor.L < Gk...d. as in infancy. n. adj. 2 hold in place. an·cho·ret (angʹkә rit. adj. an·es·the·sia (an´әs thēʹzhә). 3 as a result: the sun came out and the grass dried.. –iron by association with iron] and/or. permanent swelling of an artery. variant of –ance. pl.. n. n. Gk. 1 anecdotes. anemos wind] a·nent (ә nentʹ). –tized. әn). n. adv. Also. due to pressure of the blood on a part weakened by disease or injury. [< OF andier. 2 inherited from ancestors. Hans Christian. än dänʹtā). 1 having male and female flowers in the same cluster. prep. 3 dissecting of animals or plants to study their structure. anekdota (things) unpublished < an– not + ek– out + didonai give] —an´ec·dotʹic. an·co·nes (ang kōʹnēz). n. adj. [< Gk. an·dan·te (an danʹtē. anaemia. an·cil·lar·y (anʹsә ler´i). adj. anchova < VL apiuva < Gk. region in S Spain. adj. 2 plant of the same genus with much larger. weigh anchor. an·cho·rite (angʹkә rīt). an·eu·rism (anʹyә riz әm). [< Sp. or as the result of hysteria. an·a·tom·i·cal (an´ә tomʹә kәl). [< L < Gk. n. adj. very old: an ancient city. [< OF ancien < LL. n. person who administers anesthetics during operations. an·dro·gen (anʹdrә jәn). n. —adv. 2 money paid for the right to anchor. 1805–1875. an´ik dōʹtәl). as in avoidance. –ance. –vies. an·es·the·tize (ә nesʹthә tīz). n. adv. 3 sea anemone. 1 causing anesthesia. 2 last person on line in a tug of war. as in conveyance. n. 4 anchorman. mountain system in W South America. touch. 2 northern constellation. 1 social and political structure of France before the Revolution of 1789. [< L < Gk. An·des (anʹdēz).. with: ham and eggs. —n. an·atom·ic (–tomʹik). ride at anchor. 2 talkative old age. [< F anéroïde < Gk. –miz·ing. 2 Fig. 1 line of descent from ancestors. –mized. paralysis. etc. an·droid (anʹdroid). a·nat·o·mize (ә natʹә mīz). produced] —an´dro·genʹic. 5 what is ——ed. < ancilla handmaid] an·con (angʹkon). forefather. [OE] An·da·lu·sia (an´dә lüʹzhә.. n. 2 the ancients. 3 last team member to bowl a frame in a bowling match. –tries. 1 elbow. pl. analyze. adj. 1 of or pertaining to ancestors: the ancestral home of the Pilgrims was England. a·ne·mi·a (ә nēʹmi ә). < an– without + aisthesis sensation] an·es·thet·ic (an´әs thetʹik). barometer that works by the pressure of air on the elastic lid of a box containing no air. n. fix firmly. —adj. French. < aner (andr–) man + gyne woman] —an·drogʹy·ny. n. n. and·i·ron (andʹī´әrn). [< L < Gk. n. ankyra] —anʹchor·less. —n. —an´a·tomʹi·cal·ly. —n. an·cient (ānʹshәnt). 1 a small country between France and Spain. anemos wind + –meter —an´e·mo·metʹric. Asia Minor. 4 having to do with the ancients. < andare walk] An·der·sen (anʹdәr sәn). and (and. pl. wind flower. any substance that induces or strengthens masculine characteristics. v. An·drom·a·che (an dromʹә kē).. 2 thing for holding something else in place. 2 added to. —An´da·luʹsian. an·cient·ly (ānʹshәnt li). 2 hermit. n. aner (andr–) male + –genes born. [< Ital. 1 as well as: nice and cold. n. an·es·the·tist (ә nesʹthә tist). Anchovies are pickled or made into a paste. n. 3 an anchoring or being anchored. [< OF ancestre < L antecessor < ante before + cedere go] an·ces·tral (an sesʹtrәl). adj. pl.. 4 person who introduces various reports on a television or radio newscast. make unable to feel pain. dissect. —anʹchor·like´. an·drog·y·nous (an drojʹә nәs). an´choretʹic. and Pg. in ancient times. [< NL < Gk. anachoretes. n. adj. loss of sensation produced by ether. ankon bend] —anʹco·nal. bright-red. ancient. 1 plant with small white flowers that blossoms early in the spring. [< NL < Gk. substance that causes anesthesia.. etc. 1 deficiency of the blood.. 2 examine the parts of. [< Gk. n. as in annoyance. 2 quality or state of being ——ed. make insensible. n. n. 1 act or fact of ——ing. as in contrivance.. 1 person from whom one is descended. anaimia lack of blood < an– not + haima blood] —a·neʹmic. An·dor·ra (an dôrʹә. < ana– back + choreein withdraw] —an´cho·ritʹic. hypnotism. –chә vi. 1 divide into parts to study the structure. one of a pair of metal supports for wood burned in a fireplace. a·nat·o·mist (ә natʹә mist). n... very small fish that looks somewhat like a herring. suffix. [OE on emn. 3 parents. 1 place to anchor. 3 quality or state of being ——ant. of musical tempo.. 1 a very old person. an chōʹvi). n. —adj. 2 its capital. using no fluid. 2 beside. [< Med. < ana– up + tomos cutting] anc. –shә). –entia] an·ces·tor (anʹses tәr). [< L. or disease. —v. moderately slow. [< LL < Gk. 3 pertaining to the period of history before the fall of the Western Roman Empire (476 a. an·chor·age (angʹkәr ij). as a male sex hormone.. an·ec·dot·age (anʹik dōt´ij). an·chor·man (angʹkәr man´). 2 general weakness. n. [< Med. n. 2 existing or occuring in time long past: ancient records. adv. 1 concerning. Legend.

silky hair. encourage. —adj. an·hy·drous (an hīʹdrәs). gay. angst (ãngst). < angere choke] angina pec·to·ris (pekʹtә ris). 1 a space between two lines or surfaces that meet. collectively) –fish. 1 fish with a hook and line. such as croup or mumps. innocent. pl. —adj. < anima life.. natural liveliness. An·ge·lus (anʹjә lәs). or angstrom unit. n. —an·gelʹi·cal·ly. showing anguish. anʹә māt. —an´i·mal·isʹtic. 1 of animals. or angel food cake.. n.S. C6H5NH2. living. adj.animate 27 wide] —an´eu·rysʹmal. 1 of or having to do with the Church of England or other churches of the same faith elsewhere. 5 person who pays for producing a play. one ten-millionth of a millimeter. again: try anew. alive: all plants and animals are animate. ә nūʹ). noon. 1 move at an angle. [< L. a unit of measurement of the wave lengths of various radiations. as in Anglo-Catholic church. –gling. a Germanic tribe that settled in England in the fifth century a. An·glo-Sax·on (angʹglō sakʹsәn). often anʹjә nә). 2 yarn made from the hair of Angora goats or rabbits. an·gle1 (angʹgәl). pl. –mat·ed.. beast. phase. An·glo·phile (angʹglә fīl). n. v. 2 full of anguish. 1 without water. 3 of a person.. used in making dyes. an·gry (angʹgri). n. [from first word in service] an·ger (angʹgәr). –cized. 2 in a new form or way. 4 give life to. v. 1 one of an order of spiritual beings that are attendants and messengers of God. infuriated: an angry reply. 4 stiff and awkward. 2 of Anglo-Saxon. —Anʹgli·canism. an·gi·o·gen·e·sis (an´ji o jenʹә sis). 2 conventional representation of such a being. adj. an·i·lin (–lin). n. 2 animal life. citizen of English descent. heavenly. –gri·er. def. 1 mohair. 1 of angels. [< G] ang·strom (angʹstrәm). adv. anxiety. 2 turn or bend at an angle. –gled. –fish·es or (esp. and a little flour. 2 like an angel. an·gel·ic (an jelʹik). An·gli·can (angʹglә kәn). [< Gk. —An´gli·ci·zaʹtion. while most plants cannot.. An·glo-Nor·man (angʹglō nôrʹmәn). 1387– 1455. 2 small silver fish with wing-like fins and black bars on its body. 2 an inferior living being. 8. n. < an– without + hydor water] an·i·line (anʹә lin. an·gel·i·ca (an jelʹә kә). an·hy·dride (an hīʹdrīd. 3. —anʹgu·larly. –gri·est. [< Scand. An·glo·phil (–fil). n. strip of iron or steel bent at an angle. 2 corner. adj. torment. delicate. plastics. —adj. 3 present with bias or prejudice. –gōʹ–). n. —anʹgri·ly. n. an·i·mal·i·ty (an´ә mal´ә ti). a U. animal spirits. nitrogen. 2 become angry: he angers easily. 3 variety of rabbit with long. sugar. n. plant having its seeds enclosed in an ovary. or character. an·i·mate (v. a minute or microscopic animal. An·gli·cism (angʹglә siz әm). [< OF < L angustia tightness < angustus narrow] an·guished (angʹgwisht). —Anʹgli·an. —n. adj. . habits. most animals cannot make their own food from carbon dioxide. —n. the feeling one has toward something that hurts. or annoys. member of an Anglican church. rage. etc. n. nature. —n. the dialect of French spoken by the Normans in England (esp. an·gling (angʹgling). < anima life. An·glo-French (angʹglō frenchʹ). 2 raging or stormy: angry sky. 3 Fig. earthworm. 1 any inflammatory disease of the throat. white American not of Spanish or Mexican descent. 2 an angular part. person as good or lovely as an angel. 3 point of view. –ties. adv. of L animal] —an´i·malʹcular. cause to act or work. adv. used in cooking. 2 of Anglo-Americans. an·gle2 (angʹgәl). person who lives in Los Angeles. an·gel·fish (ānʹjәl fish´). thin and bony. —v. dim. 1 suffering anguish. 3 Anglo-French. —adj. gaunt. furious. make alive. white. An·go·ra (ang gôʹrә. n. adj. n. fury. angle iron. [< L < Gk. angelos messenger] angel cake. n. obtained from coal tar and esp. n. n. —adj. 1 make angry. —anʹgu·lar·ness. Italian painter. an´eu·risʹmal. n. See new. brute. breath] —anʹi·mate·ly. adj. n. Fra. def. serious disease of the heart that causes sharp chest pains and a feeling of being suffocated. –gled. –glos. 1 one of the Normans who lived in England after its conquest in 1066. n. 2 Esp. 1 any of several showy tropical fish. An·gli·cize.. b figure formed by two such lines or surfaces. 2 any compound formed by removing water. –mat·ing. n. 1 once more. 3 angina pectoris. pure. 2 animal existence. n. sensual. adj. and night as a signal for Roman Catholics to say this prayer. 2 descendant of an English Norman. or vigorous. as in the Anglo-American alliance. —an·gelʹi·cal. An·glo-A·mer·i·can (angʹglō ә merʹә kәn). as of light. U. Most animals can move about. pronunciation. n. 3 member of the English-speaking world. [< F < L angulus] —anʹgled. 1 U. 1 doctrine that human beings are mere animals without souls. See incidence. an angle. an·go·ra (ang gôʹrә). –drid). An·gles (angʹgәlz). an·hydrid (–drid). flowering plant. adv. 1 make lively. customs. 2 measured by an angle. 2 his speech. in Med. [< L. v. anʹә mit). 1066–c1154). 2 like an animal. v. a colorless liquid.S. as distinguished from human. 1 any oxide that unites with water to form an acid or base. n. n. adj. any guardian or guiding spirit. formation of blood vessels. offends. Norman-French.] an·gel (ānʹjәl). 1 English and American. 2 English and. 1 of the Anglo-Saxons. adj. An·glo (angʹglō). adj. 1 English... in medicine. esp. an American. 5 plain English. good and lovely. an·gle·worm angʹgәl·wėrm´). an·gi·o·sperm (anʹji ō spėrm´). adj. opposes. person who greatly likes or admires England or the English. [OE ofniowe. Anglo-Norman. n. pl. 4 person of English descent. 3 person like a brute or beast. English. wrath. n.. adj. —anʹgri·ness. usually with a halo and wings. an·i·mal (anʹә mәl). See reflection. 1 any living thing that is not a plant. [< NL animalculum. –ciz·ing. an·i·mal·ism (anʹә mәl iz´әm). breath] an·i·mal·cule (an´ә malʹkūl). hallucenogenic drug. an´glici·zaʹtion. named from its use as an antidote] An·ge·li·co (an jelʹә kō). —n. Chauffeur and garage are French words that have been Anglicized. angel dust. an·gu·lar·i·ty (ang´gyә larʹә ti). act or art of fishing with a rod and line. c difference in direction between two such lines or surfaces. 1 feeling or showing anger. —v. spongy cake made of the whites of eggs. from nitrobenzene. –līn). 1 angular quality or form. 2 containing no water of crystallization.. 4 one aspect of something. 2 variety of goat with long. 2 any sudden and sharp pain. n. sharp-cornered. n. adv. [< NL. very great pain or grief.S. quinsy. 2 lively. 2 bell rung at morning. 4 Fig. an·guish (angʹgwish). made from aniline. vigorous. —anʹi·mal·ist. 3 put into action. etc. while most plants can. an·gu·lar (angʹgyә lәr). angle of reflection. 1 Englishman of the fifth to twelfth centuries. or enjoyment. 1 animal nature or character in humans. n. n. –gling. n. n. —v. Am. 1 variety of long-haired cat. angeion vessel + sperma seed] —an´gi·o·sperʹmous. —adj.L. etc. angle of incidence. Anglo–. < Gk. 1 prayer said by Roman Catholics in memory of Christ’s assuming human form. angr grief] an·gi·na (an jīʹnә. An·ge·le·no (an´jә lēʹnō). 3 not plump. 1 having angles. 2 custom or trait peculiar to the English. n. adj. n. n. perennial plant of the same family as the carrot. 3 inflamed and sore: an infected cut looks angry. 2 inspire. adj. English and Norman. of or having to do with England and France together. [< Med. a·new (ә nüʹ. water. 1. n. silky hair. adj.. 2 scheme to get: she angled for an invitation to his party by flattering him. make or become English in form. an·gli·cize (angʹglә sīz). [< L. n. word element. a Briticism.d. adj. PCP. [OE angel fishhook] —anʹgler.

–ries. irregularity. n. –tat·ed. rub with ointment. an·kle (angʹkәl). an– not + homalos even] —a·nomʹa·lous·ly. < L ad– + nullus none] —an·nulʹla·ble. (thing) going up. n. [< OF anuier < LL. seed of anise. —a·nomʹa·lous·ness. —an·nulʹment. [< L anima life] —anʹi·mist. 1 an annoying. < ankyloein stiffen < ankylos crooked] —an´ky·lotʹ 1 the yearly return of a date: a birthday is an anniversary. [< L. ankh (ängk). adj. a the angel Gabriel’s announcement to the Virgin Mary that she was to be the mother of Christ.. anʹi·ma´tor. —v. 1 in a little while. adj. n. –ated. 2 right to receive or duty to pay such a yearly sum. 2 a being annoyed. 2 the Annunciation. –ties. [< F < Med. any one of the segmented worms. [< L. adv. n. 1. —an·nulʹler. 3 ever . n. —an´i·misʹtic. [< L annulus. an·nex·a·tion (an´ik sāʹshәn. adj. 4 take as one’s own. animated cartoon. rather than a straight upper part. on a radio or television broadcast. adj. —an·noyʹing·ly. etc. 1 violent hatred. —adj. pl. v. Dan. an·nu·al (anʹy˙ әl). 2 person who announces. –nul·ling. 1 an annual publication..) by heating and then cooling. n. 3 thing that annoys. 1 joint that connects the foot and the leg. n. 2 something abnormal. pl. [< F < OF annel ring < L anellus. inspiring. of anus ring] —annelʹi·dan. 3 investment that provides a fixed yearly income. < ad– + nota note] —anʹno·ta´tor. 3 add to a book. ann. –lating.L. n. cross with a loop at the top. adj. < ad– + nuntius messenger] —announceʹment. 1 positive electrode. rocks. talus. n. n. spirit] an·i·on (anʹī´әn). adv. 1 a short sock. an·o·dyne (anʹә dīn). a growing together of bones as a result of disease or injury. n. n. capital of Turkey. n. ill will. Anne (an). —an·niʹhi·la´tive. –ties. 2 of or for a year. 1 Anat. ankel. –shi–). 4 living but one year or season: annual plants. soothing. n. –lies. n. molest: annoy the enemy by raids. a ringlike part. [< OF < L < Gk... an·i·ma·tron·ic (an´ә mә trônʹik). v. n.. history. adv. –li (–lī). < annus year + vertere turn] an·no Dom·i·ni (anʹō domʹә nī). 2 moving spirit. an·ne·lid (anʹә lid). —n. an·noy·ance (ә noiʹәns). appropriate. [< OF enoint < L. symbol of life in ancient Egypt.. 2 hurt. 1 destroy completely. that can be annihilated. 1702–14. An·jou (anʹjü). an·nals (anʹәlz). n. 2 note of explanation. < L annus year] an·nul (ә nulʹ). 2 historical records. document. an·nex (v. n. 1 annals. –tating. 1 celebrated each year at the same date. A No. –nūʹ–). etc. an·nu·lar (anʹyә lәr). pl. anything that relieves pain or soothes. n. v. < annus year] An·nap·o·lis (ә napʹә lis). —an·niʹhi·la´tor. v. giving life to. [< Med. ängʹ–). of anus ring] an·nun·ci·ate (ә nunʹshi āt. n. 1 something annexed.. 2 the seed. metals. queen of Great Britain and Ireland. an·nu·i·ty (ә nüʹә ti. pl... adj. 2 make explanatory notes or comments. n.L < L. v. —n. Luke 1:26–33. adj. 1 an annexing or being annexed. 1 a written account of events year by year. [< L < Gk. –at·ing. an·ky·lo·sis (ang´kә lōʹsis). adj. returning annually. often ornamental. an·nounce (ә nounsʹ). any year of the Christian Era. 1 put oil on. n. an·na (anʹә). a·nom·a·lous (ә nomʹә lәs). n. n. smear. adj. annointing of the sick. < L in odio in hatred] —an·noyʹer. 2 atom or group of atoms having a negative charge. —anointʹment. 1 give formal or public notice of: announce a wedding in the papers. –nūʹ–). adj. –si–). harm. active enmity. 1 someone or some thing that announces. 1 act of annotating. an·noy·ing (ә noiʹing). abnormal. n. an·no·tate (anʹō tāt). –nulled. band. n. anʹeks). —anʹnu·lar·ly adv. a·nom·a·ly (ә nomʹә li). —anʹi·mat´ed·ly. an·no·ta·tion (an´ō tāʹshәn). 2 something annexed. adv.. 1 a negatively charged ion that moves toward the positive pole in electrolysis. < an– without + odyne pain] a·noint (ә nointʹ). dim. n. L. —an·nexʹment. intention. wipe out of existence. anʹis sēd). an·ni·hi·la·ble (ә nīʹә lә bәl). adv. n. v. 2 at another time.S. 2 having to do with an anniversary: an anniversary gift. < L annexus < ad– to + nectere bind] —an·nexʹa·ble. v. as the earthworms and leeches. 2 plant that lives one year or season. disturbing. [< OF < LL. read news. of or having to do with annelids. adj. irregular. [< Scand. etc. make known. n.d. 3 accomplished during a year: the earth’s annual course around the sun. n. an·i·mos·i·ty (an´ә mosʹә ti). —anomʹa·lism n. used as a flavoring or in medicine. site of the U. n. active dislike or enmity. [< LL. [< LL. 1 coming once u a year: annual celebration. ә neksʹ. A one. double dim. making lively. stiffness of a joint caused by this. n.. soon. an·nounc·er (ә nounʹsәr). Lady Day. –ek–). bother: annoy by teasing. 2 annuals. toughen (glass. ringlike. n. announce. n. [< LL < Gk. An·ka·ra (angʹkә rә.. destroy the force of. n. n. 2 bring to ruin or confusion. person who receives an annuity. yearly: an annual salary of $30. ringed. a·non (ә nonʹ). an·neal (ә nēlʹ). 2 a supplementary building. < L ad– + nihil nothing] —anni´hi·laʹtion. an·nal·ist (anʹәl ist).28 animated —anʹi·mat´er. pl. [< animated-electronic robotic] an·i·mism (anʹә miz әm). —an·ni´hi·la·bilʹi·ty. 2 part of the leg between this joint and the calf. n. 3 annuity. [< NL < Gk. and other natural objects have souls. an·i·mat·ed (anʹә māt´id). v. n. [OE anœlan < an– on + œlan burn] ¯ ¯ —an·nealʹer. irritate. Each drawing shows a slight change from the one before it creating the illusion of movement. n. b Annunciation Day. n. esp. 2 celebration of the yearly return of a date. in India and Pakistan: a one-sixteenth of a rupee. 3 be an announcer. an·nu·i·tant (ә nüʹә tәnt. make void: annul a marriage. n. pest. [< Gk. series of drawings arranged to be photographed and shown like a motion picture. n. adj. –nounc·ing. 2 negative terminal on a battery. 1 sum of money paid every year. n. the belief that animals. —an·noyʹingness. [< OF < L. n. Abbrev. 1665–1714. seaport and capital of Maryland. 1 join or add to a larger thing: the United States annexed Texas in 1845. an·noy (ә noiʹ). extreme unction. an·i·mat·ing (anʹә māt´ing). —an´nal·isʹtic. –lat·ed. 1 plant of the carrot family grown for its fragrant seeds. an·klet (angʹklit). < in– on + unguere smear] —a·nointʹer. ad– to + nuntius messenger] an·nun·ci·a·tion (ә nun´si āʹshәn. —an´nex·aʹtion·ist. 2 band. encouraging. a former duchy in W France. disturb. 1 provide with explanatory notes or comments. an·ni·hi·late (ә nīʹә lāt).. adj. n. 1 lively.000. an·nu·lus (anʹyә lәs). [< L. Cf. trees. n.. < L annus year] —anʹnu·al·ly. departing from the common rule.: a. 2 make known. ringshaped. 2 attach as a limitation or consequence. –nounced.. an·i·mus (anʹә mәs). 4 make known the presence or arrival of: a flurry of activity announced their arrival. [< Gk. an·ode (anʹōd). —n. n. —an´imaʹtion.. bother. 4 years. animated electronically: the versatile animatronic process. —adj. < ana– up + ienai go] an·ise (anʹis). anison] an·i·seed (anʹә sēd. [< Med. n. 1 departure from a common rule. —adj..] an·kle·bone (angʹkәl bōn´). temper. [< L. n. again. writer of annals. n. make evident. adj. n. in the year of our Lord. an added part. adv. n. [< L. < annulus ring] —an´nu·larʹi·ty. n. —anʹi·mat´ing·ly. violent hatred. 1 make angry. an·ni·ver·sa·ry (an´ә vėrʹsә ri). 2 Pathol. or space. < ana– up + hodos way] —an·odʹic. trouble. Naval Academy. –luses. adj. introduce broadcasts. v. 2 consecrate by applying oil. n. adj. 1 announcement. worn around the ankle. 2 living. b a coin having this value.

an·te·date (anʹti dāt. [< LL < Gk. an·o·rec·tic (an´ә rekʹtik). [< VL < LL < Gk. n. —n. –ten·nae (–tenʹē) for 1. n. an·te·di·lu·vi·an (an´ti di lüʹvi әn). crystalline compount. in their absence. –in). earlier. [< OF < Med.. 2 antiquary. old-fashioned. a the past life or history. human being. 2 before the Flood. b ancestors. an·ser·ous (–әs). usually with words from some passage in the Bible. an·tag·o·nist (an tagʹә nist). [< L. often fatal. [< L. shaggy. running parallel to the equator at 23°30´ north of the South Pole. 3 counteract. 2 give too early a date to. cost. an·thra·cene (anʹthrә sēn). that feeds on ants. 1 very old. –teing. n. –r˙ m´). 1 a prior date. b pay (one’s shares). antholops] an·te me·rid·i·em (anʹtē mә ridʹi әm). n. ant– prefix. arouse dislike in. or patriotism: the national anthem.L < LGk. —anʹswer·ably.. 2 also anorexia nervosa. 2 having no name. 3 one of the same kind. phrase.m. –ten·nas for 2. devotion.. n. films. –ant. 1 before the war. an agency that cuts in on the telephone circuits of its clients to answer calls.m. < anthos flower + legein gather] —an´tho·logʹical. 2 going before.. an·te·cham·ber (anʹti chām´bәr). [< L] ant·eat·er (antʹēt´әr). before noon. opposing. –lope. 1 person who fights. adj. 1 reply to: he answered my question. n. coming or happening before. —an·tag´o·nisʹti·cal·ly. –dated. ant (ant). of or near the South Pole or the south polar region. third from the end. 1 song of praise. C14H10. as in assistant. ant·arc·tic (ant ärkʹtik. 2 stupid. Antarctic Ocean. of such polyps. before birth. [< ante– + L diluvium deluge] an·te·lope (anʹtә lōp). an·them (anʹthәm). –les. or clause that is referred to by a pronoun. 1 a large. the south polar region. before the war] an·te·ced·ence (an´tә sēdʹәns). 2 before the Civil War. pl. counteracting acidity. 3 hymn sung in two alternating parts. an·te·ri·or (an tirʹi әr). änʹ–). carbuncle. [< Gk. etc. ante– before + cedere go] —an´te·cedʹent·ly. orig. prior: an event antecedent to this one. –niz·ing. pl. sticky tongue. sheep. an·te (anʹtē). any member of a family of small hymenopterus insects that live with others in colonies. antiphona antiphon. sail yard] an·te·pe·nult (an´ti pēʹnult. n. prefix. adj. 2 muscle that contracts when another muscle relaxes.. insight.. 2 anorexic. sheep. any sea anemone. –thra·ces (–thrә sēz). or pertaining to a goose or geese. such as the pangolin or ant bear. —n. an·teʹri·or·ness. –lopes. an infectious. adversary. onyma name] —anonʹy·mous·ly. prenatal.: a. neutralizing acids.. Antarctic Circle or antarctic circle. 1 put (one’s stake) into the pool. 1 make an enemy of. 2 different: another matter. 3 word. substance that neutralizes acids. slender. 4 the first term in any ratio. adj. gray anteater of South America. or other polyp with radial segments. —an·tholʹo·gist. 2 collection of paintings. a·non·y·mous (ә nonʹә mәs). –id·i·a (–idʹi ә).. —adj. adj. mosquito that can transmit malaria. —anʹswer·a·ble·ness. n. 2 amount required. form of anti– before vowels. that may be transmitted to human beings. deerlike animal related to cattle. [See ante–] ante–. ante up. 2 reply: he would not answer. [< L. 1 antonym. 1 one more: have another. an·tag·o·nism (an tagʹә niz әm). an·o·rex·i·a (an´ә rekʹsē ә). previous. n. adj.] an·ther (anʹthәr). an·ser·ine (anʹsәr īn. part of the stamen of a flower that bears the pollen. In an te ri or. < an– without + dial. a·noph·e·les (ә nofʹә lēz). disease of cattle. hostility. 1 old-fashioned person. compliant. 1 of.. etc. adv. preceding. –ted or –teed. —v. –ärʹtik). previous. lobster. adj. such as baking soda. adj. 2 date earlier than the true date. adj.. —n. coal that burns with very little smoke or flame. adj. n. adv. v. live coal] anthrop– or anthropo–. 2 oppose. fore. the first or third term in a proportion. < anthrax charcoal] —an´thra·citʹic. n. ant·ac·id (ant asʹid). n. 3 leather from the hide of any of these animals. human. n. n. an·tag·o·nize (an tagʹ nīz). before midday] an·te·na·tal (an´ti nāʹtәl). conflicting. before. esp. region between the Antarctic Circle and the South Pole. answering service. moss. 1 one more: another glass of milk. an·te·bel·lum (anʹti belʹәm). < anser goose] an·swer (anʹsәr. acting against each other. part of a fern. adj. an·thol·o·gy (an tholʹә ji). answering machine. continent around or near the South Pole. n. an·ten·na (an tenʹә). –ens] ant. n. as in buoyant. that produces male reproductive cells. [< L. etc. counting back from the end of a word. adv. adj. pl. n. —an´ther·idʹi·al. 2 pay (one’s share). adj. etc. an·te·pe·nul·ti·mate (an´ti pi nulʹtә mit). 1 a cud-chewing. n. an´ti dātʹ). –gies. u an·te·room (anʹti rüm´. [OE œmete] ¯ —antʹlike´. —v. ocean of the south polar region. adj. as in antenatal. te is the antepenult.. like. foolish. n. adj. 1 of unknown or unacknowledged authorship: an anonymous letter. [< L. triumphant.. –ärʹtә–). a. name of a gem. [< L < Gk. device that records messages from telephone callers in the absence of a person to respond to a call. an·te·ced·ent (an´tә sēdʹәnt). n. 1 ——ing. n. n. n. adj. n. an·oth·er (ә nuthʹәr). 1 be or happen before. 2 pronghorn. [< NL < Gk. a small room leading to a larger one. mammal with a long. imaginary boundary of the south polar region. 2 a different one. < anthos flower] an·ther·id·i·um (an´thәr idʹi әm).. n. active opposition. priority. —n. n. a waiting room. —pron... n. < anti– against + agon contest] —antagʹo·niz´er. 2 apparent motion of a planet from east to west. 2 very old person. 3 drug that counteracts another drug. an·o·nym·i·ty (an´ә nimʹә ti). 1 stake in the game of poker that every player must put up before receiving a hand or drawing new cards. n. Doublet of antiphon. perceptiveness. [for an other] ans. 1 a previous thing or event. an·thra·cite (anʹthrә sīt). anteroom. comparative of ante before] —an·te´ri·orʹi·ty. 2 aardvark. [< F < L –ans. coral. anteroom. a colorless. 2 piece of sacred music. the third syllable. opponent. Ant·arc·ti·ca (ant ärkʹtә kә. 4 be responsible: answer for your mistakes. an·swer·a·ble (anʹsәr ә bәl. 3 person who lived before the Flood. etc. adv. and goats. 1 collection of poems or prose selections from various authors. 1 one of two feelers on the head of an insect... adj. v. n. 2 solution to a problem. pl. änʹ–).. adj. —v. as . –pi nultʹ). [< Gk. 1 a going before. to a document. [OE andswaru < and– against + swerian swear] —anʹswerer. –dat·ing.anthrop.. or Antarctic Continent. anonymous. adj. Colloq. precedence. adj. 1 toward the front. pl. 5 correspond (to): this house answers to his description. pl. nameless. at once] anon. suffix. 1 responsible. 3 serve: a poor excuse will not answer.29 and anon. n. 3 Fig. See also –ent. [< L < Gk. a put (one’s stake) into the pool. struggles or contends with another. 2 aerial. pamphlet. state of being anonymous. an·tho·zo·an (an´thә zōʹәn). —an´o·rexʹic. man. answer. hard coal. 1 aversion to or avoidance of food. [< L. antepenult. v. an·thrax (anʹthraks). Abbrev. on āne in one. answered. [OE on ān into one. 2 one that ——s. 1 having little appetite.. etc. —n. 2 that can be answered. Antarctic Zone. an·tag·o·nis·tic (an tag´ә nisʹtik). condition marked by avoidance of food so extreme that it sometimes leads to death by starvation. combining form. used in making alizarin dyes. –nized.. 2 antecedents. —n. 1 words spoken or written in reply to a question: a quick answer. ant bear.. now and then. n.

—n. 1 an abrupt descent from the important to the trivial. out-of-date. –bod·ies. 4 of or belonging to ancient Greece . n. an·ti·fric·tion (an´ti frikʹshәn). etc. an·ti·quar·y (anʹtә kwer´i). any substance that stimulates the production of antibodies. great enemy and last opponent of Christ. antico old (with sense of grottesco grotesque) < L antiquus ancient] an·ti·christ (anʹti krīst´). contrary or opposed in nature or disposition. as in antisocial. an·ti·bi·ot·ic (an´ti bī otʹik). adj. silly gesture or action. [< Ital. product of an organism. resembling man. having to do with antiques or antiquaries. an·thro·po·mor·phic (an´thrә pә môrʹfik). 1 medicine or remedy that counteracts a poison. an·thro·po·mor·phism (an´thrә pә môrʹfiz әm). —an´thro·po·morʹphist. 6 placed in opposition or moving in opposition to. 5 preventing. in the West Indies. pl. –ticked.. [< L anticipatus < ante before + capere take] —an·ticʹipa´tor.. n. an·tip·a·thet·i·cal (–ә kәl). n. [< L < Gk.30 anthropogenic in anthropology. student or collector of antiques. n. that works against harmful microorganisms. —an´ti·cy·clonʹic adj. sofa. anthropos] an·thro·po·gen·ic (an´thrә pә jenʹik). an·ti·quar·i·an (an´tә kwãrʹi әn). an·ti·pro·ton (an´ti prōʹton). adj. n. an·ti·quark (an´ti kwarkʹ). make old-fashioned or outof-date. exactly contrary: antipodal ideas. opposed to. used in defense against ballistic missiles. –pat·ing. an·tip·a·thy (an tipʹә thi). n. n. [< Med. an·tic·i·pa·tion (an tis´ә pāʹshәn).. checking or preventing fever. groups. 2 of people. —anʹtiquat´ed·ness. n. pl. central character in a novel. [< Gk. < anti– against + pathos feeling] an·ti·phon (anʹtә fon). an·ti·dote (anʹti dōt). —an´ti·cli·macʹtic. adj. adj. pl. which also moves.. 2 not. an opponent of colonialism.. antilock brakes or antilock disk brakes. drug used to reduce mental depression. etc. –quat·ed.. an·ti·co·lo·ni·al·ist (an´ti kә lōʹni ә list). Med. n. interest. —an´thro·pomʹetrist. n. adj. science that deals with the origin. —an´ti·coloʹni·al·ism. 3 of or from times long ago. attributing human form or qualities to gods or things. n. adv. rockets. [< anthropo– + –genic producing] an·thro·poid (anʹthrә poid).] —an·tiphʹo·nal. n. n. protein produced in the blood or tissues that destroys or weakens bacteria or neutralizes toxins. an·thro·pol·o·gy (an´thrә polʹә ji). —adj. an·tip·o·des (an tipʹә dēz). n. etc. a particle of the same mass as a proton. –quaries. chain of islands in the West Indies. Sb. adj. v. branch of anthropology that deals with the measurement of the human body. —v. adj. [< L < Gk. an·ti·cler·i·cal (an´ti klerʹә kәl). –logʹ–). antidoton (thing) given against < anti– against + didonai give] —anʹti·dot´al. 2 use or realize in advance: anticipate the disaster. n. -gwә).. an·ti·co·lo·ni·al (an´ti kә lōʹni әl). as in anti-British. anticipating. esp. anti–. —an·tiphʹo·nally. n. perform antics. adj. v. adv. –ticking. n. [< Gk. n. 2 object of intense dislike. an·ti·gen (anʹtә jәn). as penicillin. Chimpanzees and gorillas are anthropoids. an´thro·po·logʹic. an·ti·her·o (an´ti hirʹō). n. n. tending to anticipate. any medicine or remedy for checking or preventing fever. adj. n. adj. opposed to colonialism.. 4 preventing or counteracting. caper. expect: anticipate a good vacation. adj. —n.—an´thro·po·logʹi·cal. n. used in defense against enemy aircraft. an·ti·pode (anʹtә pōd). 1 humanlike. caper. –tis. n. as in antituberculosis. —n. silly. computer-regulated brakes on a vehicle that prevent skids on icy or very wet pavement. created when a proton hits a neutron. antics. An·til·les (an tilʹēz). adj. n. an·ti·py·ret·ic (an´ti pī retʹik). 1 person who opposes or denies Christ. an·ti·quate (anʹtә kwāt). idea. number corresponding to a given logarithm. antiquary.. with a bluish-white luster. anticolonial. person opposed to some plan. 3 rival. an´ti pә–). 3 take care of ahead of time: anticipate a person’s wishes. prevention or reduction of friction. adv. an·ti·quat·ed (anʹtә kwāt´id). antiphona sounding in response < anti– opposed to + phone sound. as in anticyclonic. an·ti (anʹtī. party... winds moving around and away from a center of high pressure. development. playful trick. gods. the direct opposite. island SE of Puerto Rico. 1 against. acting. n. an·tip·o·dal (an tipʹә dәl). –kräft´).) contrasting with a previous rise or peak. n. small creek in Maryland near which a major battle of the Civil War was fought in 1862. n. —an´thro·po·metʹric. anthropometry. caused by humans. as in antitrust. adv. adj. adj. n. n. an·ti·freeze (an´ti frēzʹ). an·tic·i·pa·to·ry (an tisʹә pә tô´ri. an· ti· his· ta· mine (an´ ti hisʹ tә mēn. n. n. etc. out-of-date. a manlike ape. having anticipation (of). verses sung or chanted by two groups alternately in a church service. n. 1 on the opposite side of the earth. an·ti·cy·clone (an´ti sīʹklōn). the opposite of. ant–] an·ti-air·craft (an´ti ãrʹkraft´. [< anti– against + macassar a hair oil from Macassar] an·ti·mat·ter or an·ti-mat·ter (anʹti mat´әr). Doublet of anthem. –min). an·tic (anʹtik). 1 old-fashioned. n. an·ti·bod·y (anʹti bod´i). or alleviating. 2 Antichrist. an·tic·i·pate (an tisʹә pāt). adj. adj. n.. curing.L antimonium] an·ti·pas·to (än´tē päsʹtō). adj. n. –quat·ing. also (before vowels and h). an·ti·de·pres·sant (an´ti dē presʹәnt). an appetizer consisting of fish. adj. 1 act of anticipating. [< LL < Gk. an·ti·log·a·rithm (an´ti lôgʹә rith әm. an´thropo·metʹri·cal. substance added to a liquid to prevent it from freezing. substance that slows the process of blood clotting. a metallic. 2 remedy for any evil. opposed to the influence of the church and clergy. grotesque. play. —an´ti·quarʹi·anism. 1 intense or fixed dislike. Italian. an·ti·cli·max (an´ti klīʹmaks). an·ti·mo·ny (anʹtә mō´ni). n. n. an·tique (an tēkʹ). a small covering to protect the back or arms of a chair. —an·tip´a·thetʹi·cal·ly. in public affairs. in use) a place on the opposite side of the earth. n. customs.. or things. < anti– opposite to + pous foot] —an·tip´o·deʹan. an·tip·a·thet·ic (an tip´ә thetʹik. adj. —adj. –pat·ed. v. —n. —an´thro·poiʹdal. —anʹti·dot´al·ly. adv. who has none of the usual qualities of a hero. 2 expectation. etc. adj. —an´thro·polʹo·gist. an attributing of human form or qualities to as told in the Bible. resembling an ape. —adj. as in antipope. n.. ancient. –tō´–). An·tie·tam (an tēʹtәm). —an·tic·i·pa·to´ri·ly. an·ti·co·ag·u·lant (an´ti kō agʹyә lәnt). [< L < Gk. an·ti-mis·sile (an´ti misʹәl). an·tic·i·pa·tive (an tisʹә pā´tiv). 2 in the style of times long ago. –thies. –ti). but negatively charged. —an´thropo·morʹphi·cal·ly. n. 1 two places on directly opposite sides of the earth. an·thro·pom·e·try (an´thrә pomʹә tri). pl. 2 directly opposite. crystalline element. adj. —an´ti·genʹic. pl. —an´ticlerʹi·cal·ism. adj. chemical compound used esp. an·ti·ma·cas·sar (an´ti mә kasʹәr). -tos. n. against allergies. 2 descent (in importance. hypothetical elementary particle of antimatter analogous to the quark. 1 oldfashioned. 2 old. prefix. used chiefly in alloys and medicinal compounds. 1 look forward to. etc. n. —an´thro·po·logʹical·ly. An·ti·gua (an tēʹgә. and beliefs of humankind. a feeling against. physical matter identical to normal matter except for having reversed electric charges of its particles. adj. meats. etc. 2 (sometimes sing. 4 be before (another) in thinking. in use) the direct opposite. n.. 3 (sometimes sing.

ap·a·thet·ic (ap´ә thetʹik). [< L anxius troubled < angere choke. v. appanage.. adj. swiftly. 2 lacking in feeling. ä pā rē tēfʹ).. adv. anywhere. in any way. [< NL or Med. 1 any person or thing: I don’t want any. especially of a vowel. pron. v. or uneasy feeling. Doublet of overture. an·ti·trust (an´ti trustʹ). adj.” [< Gk. 2 in any case. n. at all. ring] an·vil (anʹvәl). a·or·ta (ā ôrʹtә). and gibbons are apes. a wild sheep of N ˙ Africa. to a. n. n. 1 uneasy because of thoughts or fears of what may happen. apprehension. adj. adv. 2 lack of feeling. —n. n. ap·a·thy (apʹә thi). adv. A·pach·es. nervous. 1 openu ing. any thing. orangutans. 1 any person. mountain system extending north and south in Italy.L < Gk. 3 opposition. laxative. an·ti·so·cial (an´ti sōʹshәl).. 83?–30 b. orig. an·ti·thet·ical (–ә kәl). adv. aside: he stood apart from the others. a·pace (ә pāsʹ). first-rate. an·ti·tox·ic (an´ti tokʹsik). 2 appetizer. 1 prevention of infection. ants·i·est.. pl. n. A·pach·e (ә pachʹē). ants·i·er. Associated Press.P.. Chimpanzees. pl. an·ti·sep·sis (an´tә sepʹsis).. adj. —an·tiqueʹness. n. 1 any of various large. < anti– against + tithenai set] an·ti·thet·ic (an´tә thetʹik). an·ti·scor·bu·tic (an´ti skôr būʹtik). esp. in. a mild laxative. adv. n. an·y·thing (enʹi thing). concerned. Marcus (Mark Antony). loss of the ability to use or understand words.. adj. (ā´ō kāʹ). tailless monkeys that can stand almost erect and walk on two feet. adv. A-OK or A-O.. dread. 2 incus. [< F < Berber audad] A. an·y·one (enʹi wun. –wәn). excellent. adv. –sēn) n. 2 its larva. cause distress] —anxʹious·ly. troubled. A one (āʹ wunʹ). adj. —an´ti-Semʹite. in pieces. an·ti·slav·er·y (an´ti slāvʹәr i). 2 some: have you any? —adv. etc. —n. < anti– against + strephein turn] —an´ti·strophʹic. pl. < aperire open] a·pe·ri·tif. Apach·e. 2 branch of such a horn. pl. —n. an·tiq·ui·ty (an tikʹwә ti). interj.. adj.. pl. dislike or hatred for Jews. 1 something made long ago.d. —a·phaʹsic. n. 1 great age. worried. n. 1 part of an ancient Greek ode sung by the chorus when moving from left to right.. –ties. n. –ties. remedy for 3 attended by uneasiness or anxiety. a·pex (āʹpeks). hole. 1 of or using antithesis. adv. [OE apa] —apeʹlike´. [Afrikaans. adj. 1 harmful to the public welfare. n. camera. at all: has the sick child improved any? [OE œnig] ¯ an·y·bod·y (enʹi bod´i). –li·a (–li ә). 1 insect whose larva digs a pit. opening at the lower end of the alimentary canal where waste is eliminated from the body.. friend of Julius Caesar. —adv. 2 having to do with or like an antitoxin.. 1 substance formed in the body to counteract a disease or poison. Also aphaeresis. 2 contrasted. 2 eagerly desiring. 2 in a telescope. adj. preventing infection.apheresis 31 or Rome. 2 in any case. [< L. AP. 2 any monkey. 2 some: any fresh fruit? 3 every: any child knows. etc. [< F à part to the side. adv. —an´ti·thetʹical·ly.. n. ap·i·ces. substance. gorillas. anyone: has anybody been here? 2 important person: is he anybody? an·y·how (enʹi hou). Also. a·pet·al·ous (ā petʹәl әs). opposed to slavery. 1 in any way whatever. 3 person who imitates or mimics.c. an·y (enʹi). 2 a single room. [< L] a·pha·sia (ә fāʹzhә). See part. racial segregation. having no petals. 3 to one side. ant·ler (antʹler). pl. b customs and life of ancient times. n. 1 counteracting diseases or poisonings caused by toxins. designed for use against armored vehicles. n. [< NL < Gk.. a things from ancient times.K. an·y·where (enʹi hwãr). [< L. n. pl. the period from 5000 b. —pron. worried. n. –vil·ing. n. An·to·ni·us (an tōʹni әs). separateness < apart separate < F à part] a·part·ment (ә pärtʹmәnt). as iodine. onyma word] ants·y (anʹtsi). any person. tip. A 1. contrast (of or between): antithesis of theory and fact.. point most distant from the sun. barbary sheep. 2 stanza following a strophe and usually in the same meter. n. 1 a set of rooms in a building for a single household. adj. an·y·wise (enʹi wīz). 1 anxious state or feeling. imitate. gap. n. 1 member of a tribe of nomadic Indians living in the SW United States. winds that blow in a direction opposite to the trade winds on a level above them and descend beyond the trade-wind belt.. against the common good. adv. aorte] —a·orʹtic. the main artery that conveys blood from the left side of the heart to all parts of the body except the lungs. fast. adj. an·ti·tank (an´ti tangkʹ). 2 method or medicine that prevents infection. adj. form or shape on or as on an anvil. from the beginning of a word. –ses (–sēz). early ages of history. 1 to pieces. adj. [< OF antoillier < L ante before + oculus eye] ant lion. adj. mimic. n. 476. anybody. 3 carelessly. adj. –tae (–tē). ap·er·ture (apʹәr ch˙ r. adj. 2 contrast of ideas. an·ti·sep·tic (an´tә sepʹtik). —v. [< L apertura < aperire open. —adj. pl. at all. 3 at least. —an´ti-Se·mitʹic. —n. preventing or curing scurvy.. as formerly enforced in the Republic of South Africa. OK. usually of Greek or Roman art. –bod·ies. n. n. indifference. [< L < Gk. jumpy. . adj. adv. —n.c. an·tith·e·sis (an tithʹә sis).. and rival of Augustus. —v. wishing very much. a·ou·dad (äʹu dad). 1 in any way whatever. 1 one out of many: any book. [< LL < Gk. adj. a·pe·ri·ent (ә pirʹi әnt). in the orbit of a planet or comet. an·y·way (enʹi wā). < anti– opposite to + dial. pl.] —a·partʹness. 1 with little interest or desire for action. indifferent. adj. apo– away from + helios sun] a·pher·e·sis (ә ferʹә sis). 2 antique style. 2 their language... adj. 4 carelessly. the diameter of the exposed part of a lens. ap·ing. Med. n. –tas. n. an·y·place (enʹi plās). ap·a·nage (apʹә nij). word that means the opposite of another word (contrasted with synonym) : “hot” is the antonym of “cold. French. opposed to large corporations that control the trade practices of certain kinds of business. apprehensive. a·pex·es. —ap´a·thetʹical·ly. against slavery. [< NL < Gk. 1 alcoholic drink taken as an appetizer. a·part (ә pärtʹ). n. —n. –viled. —n. n. n. 4 antiquities. an·ti-Sem·i·tism (an´ti semʹә tiz әm).. —anxʹious·ness. 2 a serum containing antitoxin. adj. a–). in separate parts: take the watch apart. tanks. a·pé·ri·tif (ә per´ә tēfʹ. quickly. Roman general. —an´ti·sepʹtical·ly. 2 away from each other: keep the dogs apart.. –thies. a·part·heid (ä pärtʹhāt). n. a·nus (āʹnәs). where it lies in wait to catch ants.. an·ti·trades (anʹti trādz´). unsociable. an·ti·tox·ine (–sәn. [< L < Gk. angʹ–).. 1 the highest point. 2 eager desire: anxiety to succeed. 1 a branched horn of a deer or similar animal. at. 2 times long ago. 3 people of long ago. 2 climax. 2 averse to social relations. Fr.. < a– not + phanai speak] —a·phaʹsi·ac. n. n. esp. an·ti·tox·in (an´ti tokʹsәn).. or to any place. n. adv. n. first-class. < a– without + pathos feeling] ape (āp). n. Ap·en·nines (apʹә nīnz). omission. a thing of any kind whatever. pron. troubled. –chәr). 1 an iron or steel block on which metals are hammered and shaped. aped. pron. 1 lack of interest or desire for activity. an·to·nym (anʹtә nim). [OE anfilt] anx·i·e·ty (ang zīʹә ti). a·phe·li·on (ә fēʹli әn. an·tis·tro·phe (an tisʹtrә fē). anx·ious (angkʹshәs. that prevents infection. opposite. [< L antiquus < ante before] —an·tiqueʹly. 1 the direct opposite: hate is the antithesis of love.] —apʹer·tured. prejudice against Jews. adv.

n.. See apostrophe2. Apostles’ Creed. —a´pi·culʹtur·ist.. apostolos messenger < apo– off + stellein send] —a·posʹtle·ship. ap·o·plec·tic (ap´ә plekʹtik). n. n.. < apo– off. < à plomb according to the plummet. system of units used in the U. —ap´o·thegmatʹi·cal·ly. a short. extending from Quebec to Alabama. proverb.] a·poc·a·lypse (ә pokʹә lips). get rid of. [< L. the dropping out of the last sound. belief. n. < apo– away from + stenai stand] a·pos·tate (ә posʹtāt. Also. aphorismos definition < apo– off + horizein to limit < horos boundary] —aphʹo·rist. —a·pol´o·getʹical·ly. afʹid). n. a·plen·ty (ә plenʹti). to the port side of a ship or boat. —a·pos´to·licʹi·ty. in compounding and dispensing liquid drugs.. n. n. n. 2 according to the beliefs and teachings of the Apostles. [< Med. poem. guilty of apostasy. –log). ap´o·plecʹti·cal. —apʹishly. See plumb. —n. a·plomb (ә plomʹ). 1 fourteen books included in the Roman Catholic Bible. –gized. –lachʹi әnz. 1 of the Apocalypse. < apo– off. exaltation. etc. [< F. adv. [< Med. Ap·pa·la·chi·ans (ap´ә lāʹchi әnz. adj.L < Gk. pharmacist. ap·o·plex·y (apʹә plek´si). 3 glorification. as in two o’s. afʹis). —ap´os·tolʹi·cal·ly. v. n. adj. forceful saying.. Apostolic See. [< L < Gk. esp.. 1 words of regret for an offense or accident. [< LL < Gk. —ap´o·phthegʹmat·ic.. apothecaries’ weight. 3 showing symptoms of a tendency to apoplexy. [< LL apothecarius warehouseman. apology. —apʹi·cally. 1 stroke. n. –tit). . etc. express regret. forsake completely one’s religion. —ap´ostolʹicism. each. 2 raising of a human being to the rank of a god. apologia a speech in defense. [< L < Gk. –gies. n. a·pol·o·gist (ә polʹә jist). n. poise.. [< L apis bee + E culture] —a´pi·culʹtural. a·pol·o·gy (ә polʹә ji). –ōʹ–). A·pol·lyon (ә polʹyәn). —a·poc´a·lypʹti·cal·ly. 1 Greek and Roman god of the sun. adv. ap´o·theg·matʹi·cal. n. to the left. an aphrodisiac drug or food. ap·ish (āpʹish). aph·ro·dis·i·ac (af´rә dizʹi ak). adv. a·phis (āʹfis. n. –phiz·ing. deification. 2 defense in speech or writing. adj. esp. –caries. ap´ә thēʹә sis). adv. –siz·ing. < apo– + theos god] a·poth·e·o·size (ә pothʹi ә sīz.. 2 point most distant from the earth in the orbit of a planet. pl. [< LL < Gk. n. b the possessive forms of nouns. place where bees are kept.999. n. a·poc·alyp·ti·cal (–tә kәl). a·pos·tro·phize (ә posʹtrә fīz). four 9’s in 9. of the Apocrypha. 2 the Apocalypse. ap´ә thēʹә sīz). –los. one of the twelve disciples chosen by Christ to go forth and preach the gospel to all the world. principles. papal. words addressed to an absent person as if he or she were present or to a thing or idea as if it could appreciate them. exalt. a·pi·ar·y (āʹpi er´i). syllable. of great turmoil and upheaval. branch of theology that deals with the defense of Christianity on the basis of reason. or letter in a word. 3 Apocryphal. the raising and caring for bees. —apocʹry·phal·ness. ap·os·tol·i·cal (–ә kәl). apparently. –ar·ies. sudden loss or impairment of the power to feel or think rationally. as in o’er for over. [< L < Gk. person guilty of apostasy. adj. a short sentence stating a general truth. counterfeit. c certain plurals. statement of belief that contains the fundamental doctrines of Christianity. but not accepted as genuine by Jews and Protestants. 5 one of the council of twelve officials of the Mormon Church who help administer the affairs of the church. n. apophthegma < apo– forth + phthengesthai utter] —ap´o·theg·matʹic. —adj.. n. adj. makeshift. 2 suffering from apoplexy. n. maxim. 1 make an apology. 3 foolish. pl. maxim. last book of the New Testament. 2 any early Christian leader or missionary. principles.S. a·pol·o·get·ics (ә pol´ә jetʹiks). āʹpә–). deify. self-possession. n. [< L < Gk. 1 Apostle. 2 make a god of. 2 appendix. 1 revelation. the lions’ den. < apo– off + legein speak] ap·o·phthegm (apʹә them). apothecaries’ measure. un– + kalyptein cover] a·poc·a·lyp·tic (ә pok´ә lipʹtik). adv.. a pos·te·ri·o·ri (ā pos tir´i ôʹrī. poetry. adj. the Devil. 2 apocrypha. 1 glorify. a·poth·e·o·sis (ә poth´i ōʹsis. justification: an apology for the Christian religion. chief mountain system of E North America. usually with emotion. pl. —aph´o·risʹti· < apo– away from + ge or gaia earth] —ap´o·geʹal. < apo– away from + strephein turn] —ap´os·trophʹic. pl. adv. very small insect that lives by sucking juices from plants.32 aphid a·phid (āʹfid. n. Th’ for the is an example of apocope. 1 making an apology. n. faith.] a·pos·tro·phe2 (ә·posʹtrә fē). adj. 2 based on actual observation or experience. 2 like a revelation. thro’ for through. 2 address an apostrophe to. excusing failure. apophthegm. ap·o·lo·gi·a (ap´ә lōʹji ә). ap·o·gee (apʹә jē). as in John’s book. a·pos·ta·tize (әposʹtә tīz). n. Aph·ro·di·te (af´rә dīʹtē).. 4 leader of any reform movement or belief. ap·i·ces (apʹә sēz. A·pol·lo (ә polʹō). —n. or political party. unfaithful. bishopric of the Pope.S.. n. 4 Fig. beekeeping. 2 senselessly imitative. a·poth·e·car·y (ә pothʹә ker´i). adv. system of weights used in mixing drugs and filling prescriptions. 1 apparent. a·pol·o·gize (ә polʹә jīz). a defender.. aph·i·des (afʹә dēz). sign (’) used to show: a omission of one or more letters. 2 false. ap·o·logue (apʹә lôg. n. writings or statements of doubtful authorship or authority. caused by shock or surprise. n. –lachʹәnz).L. of or at the apex. [< Gk. Ap·pa·la·chia (ap´ә lāʹchә). adj. in the Bible. a·phids. a·poc·o·pe (ә pokʹә pē). ap·i·cal (apʹә kәl. apothegm. apostrophos (prosodia) omission (mark) < apostrephein avert. adv. n. the twelve Apostles. adv. 3 mark with an apostrophe. 1 of doubtful authorship or authority.. and address some person or thing. < apis bee] —aʹpi·a·rist. [< NL aphis] —a·phidʹi·an. n. sham. —aph´o·risʹtic. aph·o·rism (afʹә riz әm). –gizing. acknowledging a fault. app. adj. silly. Also. fable with a moral: Aesop’s fables are apologues. pl. from + plessein strike] a·port (ә pôrtʹ. 1 of or having to do with apostles. v. adv. prophecy. adj. 1 a glorified ideal. n. pl. etc. a·poc·ry·phal (ә pokʹrә fәl). 2 an extremely handsome young man. 1 of or causing apoplexy. expressing regret. extremely excited or angry. 1 furthermost point. ap´o·phthegmatʹi·cal. 2 defending by speech or writing. music. —a·polʹo·gizʹer. statement in defense or justification. pl. < apo– off + koptein cut] A·poc·ry·pha (ә pokʹrә fә). n. –ri. –lāʹchәnz. a·pi·cul·ture (āʹpә kul´chәr). n. adj. highest point. n. adv. for each one. 2 make a defense in speech or writing. 2 Fig. n. religion. -ses (–sēz). giving a revelation. a·piece (ә pēsʹ). exciting sexual desire. [< F < Gk. —ap´o·plecʹti·cal·ly. –phized. n. druggist. ә pōrtʹ). and healing. in plenty. 1 from particular cases to a general rule.. –sized. –sies. 1 stop in a speech. Greek goddess of love and beauty. a·pol·o·get·ic (ә pol´ә jetʹik). [< LL < Gk. a·pos·ta·sy (ә posʹtә si). or political party. < apo– away + tithenai put] ap·o·thegm (apʹә them). n. adj. [< F < LL < Gk. ap·os·tol·ic (ap´әs tolʹik). 1 like an ape... —apʹish·ness... rural region of the southeastern U. –tized. 3 the first Christian missionary to any country or region. [< LL < Gk. ap´ogeʹan. v. apoplexia. person who defends an idea. 3 of the Pope. from what comes after] a·pos·tle (ә posʹәl). erotic. marked by great poverty and the survival of folk culture. n. 3 a poor substitute. adj. āʹpә–). a·pos·tro·phe1 (ә posʹtrә fē). n. of apex. adj. complete forsaking of one’s religion. ult. ult. identified by the Romans with Venus. plant louse. –tizing.. n. forming the apex. faith. pl. < L apotheca storehouse < Gk. n. n. —a·pocʹry·phal·ly.. a·pol·o·geti·cal (–ә kәl). v. in speech or writing. adv. person who has or is likely to have apoplexy. adj.

. adj. property. 2 according to appearances. fill with horror. medicine. 1 addition at the end of a book or document. small machine. n. 1 put: apply paint. n. [< OF. ap·pear (ә pirʹ).. so plain that one cannot help seeing it. equip. 1 attraction. adj. ornaments made of one material sewed or otherwise fastened on another. ap·pear·ance (ә pirʹәns). or money set aside to support the younger children of kings.] ap·pel·la·tion (ap´ә lāʹshәn). [< L. adjunct. addition. 2 make calm. plainly. 2 assimilation of a new perception by means of a mass of ideas already in the mind. 3 a request to have a case heard again before a higher court or judge. guise. pl. 2 approval. 2 seem. < ad– + parere come in sight] —ap·pearʹer. [< OF. ap·pli·ca·tion (ap´lә kāʹshәn). a potential enemy): No one could appease Hitler and prevent war. appearance. < apareiller clothe. commendation. title. v. —ap·pealʹing·ness. as a political party. 5 use (a word or words) appropriately: apply a nickname. See perception. job.. 3 outward look. 2 the coming into court of a party to a law suit. 3 ask that a case be taken to a higher court or judge to be heard again. 2 express approval of in this way. easily understood. semblance. < ad– + parare make ready] ap·par·el (ә parʹәl). ә pãrʹ–). terrifying. terrify. 2 person’s assigned portion. 5 apparition. 4 territory under the control of another country. v. etc. obviously. ap·poin·tive (ә poinʹtiv). ap·pen·dec·to·my (ap´әn dekʹtә mi). 1 desire for food. —v. 1 act of putting to use.] ap·per·cep·tion (ap´әr sepʹshәn). attire. —n. 2 decide on.. adj. –peased. addition. —apʹpli·ca´tive. or unexpected. 2 the tree. —v. 3 be useful or suitable. < appliquer apply] ap·ply (ә plīʹ). —ap·peasʹer. 3 act of ordaining. etc. n. See append. craving. 3 act of appearing. 1 clear perception. n. —ap·pealʹer. –plied. ap·pog·gia·tu·ra (ә poj´ә t˙ rʹә. ap·point·ee (ә poin tēʹ. ap·pa·nage (apʹә nij). adv. alcoholic liquor distilled from apple cider. v. horrifying. 4 engagement to be somewhere or to meet someone. set: appoint a time. ә pãrʹ–). 1 clothing. adj. adj. 3 give in to the demands of (esp. n. –tus. n. 1 the firm. adj. —ap·pealʹing. acclaim. [< appellatus. 4 present oneself publicly or formally: appear on stage. something that arouses the appetite or gives relish to food. 2 earnest request. —ap´pariʹtion·al. such as a leg. —adj. –ratʹәs). ap·pend (ә pendʹ). [< OF < L. ap·pli·qué (ap´lә kāʹ). adv.. 3 entitled to inherit a throne. –quéd. ap·plaud (ә plôdʹ). 6 set to work and stick to it: he applied himself to learning French. etc. interesting. plea. that names. —ap·pallʹing·ly. 1 express approval by clapping hands. ap·pen·di·ci·tis (ә pen´dә sīʹtis). adj. used in doing something. 1 thing like a tool. ap·pend·ant. 1 thing attached. ap·pli·ca·ble (apʹlә kә bәl. longing. ap·pli·cant (apʹlә kәnt). n. device. etc. 2 applying or putting on. [< F < NL. pp. 1 satisfy. ap·pease (ә pēzʹ). interest. the vermiform appendix. n. 2 appearance of something strange. [< OF < L. village in C Virginia where the Civil War ended . [< L. exciting the appetite. v. equipment. hunger. [< L. –tus·es. phantom. ult. 1 name. 1 act of appearing.. –palling. Also. –quéing. etc. grace note. pl. belong as a part. [< OF aplier < L. fleshy fruit of a tree of the rose family widely grown in temperate regions. as paint. n. 2 any complex appliance or piece of machinery for a particular purpose. dress. n. n. 4 outward show or seeming. < apaner give bread to.. n. 1 act of naming for an office or position. [< F. official of a political party or a bureaucrat. ap·pen·dix (ә penʹdiks). 33 ap·plause (ә plôzʹ). 2 an applying. —n. ap·per·tain (ap´әr tānʹ). trim or ornament with appliqué. air. 3 any of various other fruits or fruitlike products. preparation. 5 appointments. —ap·pelʹla·tive·ly. [< L. unmistakable. < L ad– to + pertinere pertain] ap·pe·tite (apʹә tīt). [< F.). name. petition. relate. —ap·pendʹaged. adj. n. < ad– to + parere come in sight] —ap·parʹent·ness. person appointed. mien. n. as an appetite or desire: appease one’s hunger. praise... apanage. 5 become known to the mind: it appears that we must go. clothe. [< OF apointer. 1 apples cut in pieces and cooked with sugar and water until soft. ult. n. title. something that clothes or hides: the apparel of deception. n. ap´plica·to´ry. < appoggiare lean. [< OF < LL. 2 desire to satisfy a need. ap·point·ment (ә pointʹmәnt). n. n. Ap·po·mat·tox (ap´ә matʹәks). brush. 2 Fig. mercy. ap·pel·late (ә pelʹit). ap·pe·tiz·ing (apʹә tīz´ing).] —ap´per·cepʹtive. n. —ap·poinʹtive·ly. —ap·pealʹing·ly. 1 be seen. n. adj. [< OF < L appetitus < ad– + petere seek] ap·pe·tiz·er (apʹә tīz´әr). rightful property. person who applies (for loan. adv. appear in court. adv. –el·ing. v. etc. appendage. n. 1 ghost. –dix·es. < L ad– to + panis bread] ap·pa·rat·chik (ä´pä râtʹchik). —ap´per·cepʹtive·ly.. add. seeming: the apparent truth was really a lie. n. 1 name for an office or position. u u n. 3 fix. ap·pli·ance (ә plīʹәns). —ap·pointʹer. full understanding. as the oak apple. choose. person who appeals. n. adj. remarkable. inflammation of the vermiform appendix.n. etc. n. suitable. 2 put to practical use. ә poinʹ tē). —v. ult. ult. 1 approval expressed by clapping the hands. 2 make an earnest request. n. makeup. put to practical use. 3 an administrative organization. adv. princes. [OE œppel] ap·ple·jack (apʹәl jak´). ad– up + pellare call] —ap·pealʹa·ble. 3 something that is a natural accompaniment. adj. < L ad– to + punctum a point] —ap·pointʹa·ble. v. n. 4 a request. < ad– on + pendere hang] ap·pend·age (ә penʹdij). adv. choosing. v. shouting. —ap·peas·ing·ly. adv. n. added. 1 be attractive. adj. n. ap·peal (ә pēlʹ). aspect. fit: when does this rule apply? 4 make a request. ap·par·ent·ly (ә parʹәnt li. 2 act or mode of naming. praise. 1 appealed to. lay] —ap·pliʹer. 1 land. < L ad– + par equal] ap·par·ent (ә parʹәnt. 2 nonsense. esp.: heir apparent. supply: a well-appointed office. n. v. sympathy. 1 seemingly. n. tail. ap·pel·lant (ә pelʹәnt). ap·pel·la·tive (ә pelʹә tiv). capable of being applied. 3 thing applied. 3 be published. [< OF apallir become or make pale < a– (< L ad–) + pale pale1] ap·pall·ing (ә pôlʹing). ap·pli·ca·tor (apʹlә kā´tәr). –palled. ap·pa·ri·tion (ap´ә rishʹәn). adj. attached. adj. 2 outgrowth of some part of the body. filled by appointment. —apʹpe·tiz´ing·ly. 2 having the power to examine again and reverse the decisions of a lower court. [< OF < L. evident. n. –ty˙ rʹә). use. 2 office or position. n. –peas·ing. originally of the former Soviet Union. shouting. —ap·peaseʹment. dismay. etc. —adj. a pl. 1 plain to see. ә plikʹә–). solicit: apply for a job. v. –mies. adj. prescribe: appointed death as punishment for murder. n. designate: appointed postmaster. removal of the vermiform appendix by surgical operation. fin. —ap´pli·ca·bilʹi·ty. < L ad– on + < podium podium] ap·point (ә pointʹ). [< Russian] ap·pa·ra·tus (ap´ә r¯ ʹtәs. etc. n. favor.. dress up. < ad– + plaudere clap] —ap·plaudʹer. < a to (< L ad–) + pais peace < L pax] —ap·peasʹ·a·ble. petition. adv. adj.Appomattox ap·pall. 1 things necessary to carry out a purpose or for a particular use: chemical apparatus. ap·pend·ent (ә penʹdәnt). 3 approve. —apʹpli·ca·bly. appellate. etc. 2 any of various external or subordinate parts. trimmed in this way. pertain. 2 clearly. 4 furnish. adv. ap·pal (ә pôlʹ). n. obvious. n. ap·ple (apʹәl). ap·ple·sauce (apʹәl sôs´). call for help. apply for help. [< Ital. n. quiet. adj. attach. —adj. apʹpli·ca·bleness. look: he appears very old. come in sight: the sun appeared on the horizon. –eled. fitting. < ad– on + plicare fold. v. 5 close attention. ap´oin tēʹ. furniture. n. post. dismaying. –di·ces (–dә sēz). —n. pad. title. See appeal. or other device for applying a substance.. or enjoyable. –ply·ing. ap·plied (ә plīdʹ).

suitable. learner. ap·pur·te·nance (ә pėrʹtә nәns). n. ? after prize3. 2 minor right or privilege. n. orange-yellow. adj. 3 quick to learn. —ap·proʹpri·a´tor.. ap·proach (ә prōchʹ). n.] ap·prize2. worried. –prized. 2 come near: winter approaches.. 2 beginner. v. ә prōʹpri it. v. laud. v. sanction.. able to learn. –ōʹ–). 1 approving. —adj. accessory. 2 a determining of representation in a legislature. [< L aptus joined. approximately. < ad– to + probus good] —ap·provʹa·ble. See apprehend. with permission to return (an article purchased). –tūd). 1 garment worn over the front part of the body to cover or protect clothes. v. appropriate. as in the House of Representatives. apt. –priz·ing. 3 position side by side. v. –prized. —ap´po·siʹtion·al. –pris·ing. –prised. apts. 2 sanction. —ap·posʹi·tively. —ap´prehen´si·bilʹi·ty. ult. etc. ap·por·tion (ә pôrʹshәn. n. arch < haptein fasten] apt (apt). n. 2 way by which a place or a person can be reached. favorable opinion. n. 5 estimate correctly. n. orange-colored fruit somewhat like both a peach and a plum. pl. < Sp.. n. praise. ap·pre·hend (ap´ri hendʹ). pl. [< F à propos to the purpose] apse (aps). 2 arrest. 1 an approximating.) in value. < L. —ap´pre·henʹsive·ly. [< L aprilis] April fool. ap·prais·al (ә prāzʹәl). v. 2 nearly correct amount. 1 set apart for some special use. 2 tree that it grows on. capacity. 4 understand. 2 based on opinion or theory rather than on actual observation or experience. has a new car. –prised. ap·pre·ci·a·ble (ә prēʹshi ә bәl. 1 think highly of. —ap·prenʹticeship. adj. 1 fear. ap·proachʹa·ble·ness. ap·prox·i·ma·tion (ә prok´sә māʹshәn). n. n. with regard to. belonging (to). v. be almost equal: approximate the truth. 1 put next. ability. opportunely. advise. —ap´po·siʹtion·al·ly. —adj. 2 a a placing together in the same grammatical relation. 4 awareness. n. inform. albricoque).. wingless.. —ap·preʹci·a·to´ry adj. quickness to understand. 1 estimate the value. ap·prove (ә prüvʹ). n. April 1. notice. –ter·yx·es (–tәr ik siz). adv. 3 sanction. [< F appris. –shә tiv). n. ap·priseʹment. allot: appropriate money for roads. 3 approximation. adj. [< NL. adj. 3 be sensitive to: a blind man cannot appreciate color.] —ap·prenʹtice·ment. dread. adv. n. our neighbor. pertaining. appraise: appreciate knowledge. –posed.] —ap·preʹci·a´tor. —ap·proʹpri·a´tive. –at·ing. hapsis loop. —approvʹer. 1 act of coming near. 3 understanding. pose] —ap·posʹa·ble. < a– without + Gk. concerning. 5 bring near to something. 1 come near or nearer to: approach the gate. 2 speak or think favorably (of). n. apprize2] —ap·praisʹa·ble. dim. noun added to another noun as an explanation. placed in apposition. 3 make advances or overtures to. adj. adv. ME a napron taken as an apron] ap·ro·pos (ap´rә pōʹ). authorize. distribute according to some rule. —ap·provʹing·ly. –proved. < ad– to + proximus nearest < prope near] —ap·proxʹi·mate·ly. ap·pro·pri·a·tion (ә prō´pri āʹshәn). n. —n. [< L appositus < ad– + ponere place] —apʹpo·site·ly. —ap·praisʹer. 4 begin to work on something. 3 favorable criticism. ap·po·si·tion (ap´ә zishʹәn). esp. < approbare approve] ap·pro·pri·ate (adj. apt. suitable. apartment. 4 a rise in value. ap·prise1.. containing 30 days.. 2 an appropriating. ap·pren·tice (ә prenʹtis). See appertain. < a– to + poser put. 1 fitted by nature. of. —ap·praiseʹment. 3 pale orange-yellow color. commendation. 2 set a price on. n. appropriate: an apt reply. ә pōrʹ–). v. appraise. bind or take as an apprentice.. adv. approach. ap·praise (ә prāzʹ). adv. 2 come near. ә prokʹsә mit. < ad– upon + prehendere seize] . adj. In “Mr.. 1 a roundish.] —ap·prizeʹment. 1 act of putting side by side. be pleased with.. clever. < ad– to + proprius one’s own] —ap·proʹpri·ate·ly. —apʹpo·siteness. access.. [ LL. [< AF. a pri·o·ri (ä pri ôʹri. fix the value of.L. v. ap·por·tion·ment (ә pôrʹshәn mәnt). ap·po·site (apʹә zit). —ap·preʹcia´tive·ness. adv. v. adj. [< OF aprentis < aprendre learn. a accessories. usually at the east end. 1 nearly correct. etc.. n. notify. ap·pre·ci·a·tion (ә prē´shi āʹshәn). ap·ter·yx (apʹtәr iks). the fourth month of the year. prize: appreciate good food. a new or difficult task. —adj. bright: an apt pupil. —ap´pre·henʹsive·ness. later infl. [< OF aprochier < LL. —v. Apr. n. —n. consent to. ā prī ôʹrī. 1 anticipate with fear. as at the front of a stage or a garage. ap·pose (ә pōzʹ). pteryx wing] ap·ti·tude (apʹtә tüd. 1 a valuing. ә prokʹsә māt). < Ar. n. 2 take for oneself. 1 natural tendency. —ap·preʹci·a´tive·ly. [< L < Gk. ap·pro·ba·tion (ap´rә bāʹshәn). —v. ripen] A·pril (āʹprәl). 3 a being appropriated. [< L. [< L. n. phrase or clause in apposition. v. All Fools’ Day. fitted] —aptʹly. esteem. —adj. —ap·proʹpri·ate·ness. enough to be felt or estimated. kiwi. —ap·prizʹer. of apprendre learn. n. [< F. 2 consent. v. having or showing appreciation. –proving. 1 a dividing and distribution in fair shares. 4 estimate the value or worth of. adj. ap·pre·ci·a·tive (ә prēʹshi ā´tiv. –praised. [earlier apricock (< Pg. 2 apropos of. Brown. fitting.34 apportion ap·pre·hen·si·ble (ap´ri henʹsә bәl). —appreʹci·a·bly. –at·ed. 7 rise in value. —adj. –at·ing. n. 3 special fitness.] with Lee’s surrender to Grant. –shә bәl). quality. pp. b an area at an airport in front of a hangar or terminal. dread.. proper fitting: clothes appropriate for school.. adv.] ap·pur·te·nant (ә pėrʹtә nәnt). April Fools’ Day. adj. < L ad– to + portio portion] —apporʹtion·er. inclined: apt to make mistakes. [< L apretiatus appraised < ad– + pretium price. adj. [< praise. n. n. 1 approval. [< obs. —ap·proach´abilʹi·ty. a·pri·cot (aʹprә kot. adj. 1 think or speak well of. Brown and neighbor are in apposition. n. 1 come near to. –priz·ing. divide and give out in fair shares. < prae before + coquere cook. 1 an appraising. a semicircular or manysided arched or vaulted recess in a church. n. approach manhood. likely. from (something) previous] a·pron a·pron (āʹprәn). b special equipment. See apprehend. v. adv.. –ticed. n. capable of being apprehended. person who gets fooled on April 1. v. n.” Mr. See apt. 1 fittingly. adj. a day observed by fooling people with tricks and jokes. apʹrә–). 1 sum of money or other thing appropriated. ap·prox·i·mate (adj. ap·pos·i·tive (ә pozʹә tiv). [< OF < L appretiare. approach: the crowd approximated a thousand people. n. amount. ap·prize1 (әprīzʹ). n. April 9. place side by side. April. Doublet of appreciate. 1 person learning a trade or art. –mating. approx. appurtenances. —ap·praisʹing·ly. [< L. ә prōʹpri āt). ap·prov·al (ә prüvʹәl). –at·ed. prone. 6 raise (property. < L ad– to + prope near] —ap·proachʹa·ble.. by F abricot < Pg. adj. ap·pre·hen·sive (ap´ri henʹsiv). n. of nape < L nappa napkin. 2 readiness in learning. commend. 2 sympathetic understanding. b relation of two words or phrases when the second is added to the first as an explanation. –praising. –mat·ed. F. n. adv. –tic·ing. n. [< LL aptitudo. 2 arrest. n.. adv. 3 on approval. adv. 2 estimate of the value. 2 put (one thing to another). ap·prise2 (ә prīzʹ). adj. ap·ter·ous (apʹtәr әs). 2 be thankful for. –pos·ing. < Gk. 1 from a general rule to a particular case. endorse: Congress approved the bill. 2 suitable. –pris·ing. ap·pre·ci·ate (ә prēʹshi āt). 2 quick to understand. anxious. [< OF < L. 2 a an area in front of an opening in a wall. [< OF naperon. ap·prisʹer. 1 added thing. 1865. adj. fitting. ap·pre·hen·sion (ap´ri henʹshәn). close estimate. 3 become aware of. Doublet of apprize2. suitable. —aptʹness. 2 very like. 1 afraid. —v. [< Med. adj. adj.

n. ar·bi·tra·tion (är´bә trāʹshәn). 3 position in ballet. ә kwotʹ–). Yemen. 1 of or like trees. n. belonging to Arabia. 1225?–74. —adj. —v. Arabian Sea. a large peninsula in SW Asia. 1 pond. fit for plowing and producing crops: arable land. tree of life] ar·bo·vi·rus (ärʹbә vī´res). ar·bi·tra·tor (ärʹbә trā´tәr). —v. 2 the 11th sign of the zodiac. 3. Saint Thomas. n. 2 bluish green. n. fanciful. 2 shrub or tree of the heath family. 2 curved like an eagle’s beak. Arabic numerals figures 1. ar·a·ble (arʹә bәl). person chosen to decide a dispute. geometrical figures. Jeanne d’. part of the Indian Ocean between Arabia and India. –ho or –hos. sports that take place in or on water. Ar·ca·di·a (är kāʹdi ә). since 1945. [< L arcus bow] ARC1 or A. ar·bor1 (ärʹbәr). 1 passageway with an arched roof. arced (ärkt). –bōʹ–). Mayflower. [< F arbre] Arbor Day. umpire. or arbiter. like a tree in structure or growth. [< Gk. [< L. n. Arab. adj. pl. E. —n. n. formerly a kingdom. 2 person with full power to decide. n.. decision by an arbitrator or arbiter. 6. ar·bi·trar·y (ärʹbә trer´i). [< OF arbaleste < LL. inland sea between the republics of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Ar. n. 2 place where collections of living fish. < arare plow] Arab League. any of a large group of small arthropods including spiders. scorpions.. of Egypt. ar·ba·list (ärʹbә list). adj. n. ar·bi·ter (ärʹbә tәr). 1 any part of a circle or other curved line. ar·bo·re·tum (är´bә rēʹtәm). mountain in E Turkey.. < L arcus bow + ballista military engine. ak´wi–). 2 settle by arbitration. hooked. ak´wә tānʹ). adj. ride on such a board for sport. or arcked. . Aramaic. etc. n. n. n. 3 Aramaic. Ar·ab (arʹәb). or ar. [< L. Ar·a·bic (arʹә bik). n. n.Arcadia aq·ua (akʹwә). branching. arc·ing (ärʹking). a·quari·ums. 1 arrival. [< L. The supply of air to the diver is regulated automatically by a valve. —arʹbi·trar´i·ness. [< L. 3 tyrannical. ar·bu·tus (är būʹtәs). royal water. an elaborate and fanciful design of flowers. n. 1 based on one’s own wishes. orig. ar·bi·trate (ärʹbә trāt). light bluish-green. adj. n. —n. AR. or glass bowl in which living fish. adj. < aquila eagle] A·qui·nas (ә kwīʹnәs). or Arab. not going by rule or law. judge. 35 ar·bit·ra·ment (äar bitʹrә mәnt). [< L. n. the Semitic language of the Arabs. āʹkwә). whiskey. aq·ui·line (akʹwә līn. a Semitic language or group of dialects. settlement of a dispute by the decision of somebody chosen to be a judge. adj. Lebanon. mites.. See Joan of Arc. [< F < Pr. trailing arbutus. –tums. 1 Arabic. Aram. Ar. a·quar·i·a (ә kwãrʹi ә). [< AF erber < L. n. 5. 1 process in which spaces. water of life] aq·ue·duct (akʹwә dukt). ARC2. a·rach·nid (ә rakʹnid). umpire. adv. 1 carved or painted in arabesque. 7. aq·ua·ma·rine (ak´wә mә rēnʹ). v. day observed in many states of the United States by planting trees. bluish-green precious stone. of or in Aramaic. 2 one of a breed of swift. ar·ba·lest. 1 an artificial channel or large pipe for bringing water from a distance. like water. < Gk. arck·ing. 2 containing water. strong water] aq·ua·lung (akʹwә lung´). etc. 2 taking place in or on water: aquatic sports. arabesco < Arabo Arab] A·ra·bi·a (ә rāʹbi ә). 3 row of arches supported by columns.C. etch by the aquatint process. arcado < OPr. —n. n. adj. 8. willful. 4 argentum. Ar·a·ma·ic (ar´ә māʹik). –planed. not lines. member of an Algonkian tribe. and other Arab states. < aqua water] A·quar·i·us (ә kwãarʹi әs). aq·ua·tint (akʹwә tint´). watery liquid that fills the space in the eye between the cornea and the lens.. convey] a·que·ous (āʹkwi әs. that has clusters of large white flowers and scarlet berries. 1 native or inhabitant of Arabia. –plan·ing. [< NL. adv. Roman Catholic theologian and philosopher. Iraq. or will. despotic. including Syriac and the language spoken in Palestine at the time of Christ. member of a Semitic race now widely scattered over SW and S Asia and N. n. a·quat·ic (ә kwatʹik. AIDS-related complex. etc. American Red Cross. Ar·al Sea (arʹәl). n. of the Arabs or Arabia.. —ar´bi·traʹtion·al. botanical garden of trees and shrubs. capable of being decided by arbitration.R. ar·bo·re·al (är bôʹri әl. —adj. powerful crossbow with a steel bow. because it dissolves gold] a·quar·i·um (ә kwãrʹi әm). —A·raʹbi·an. < aqua water + ducere lead. pl. n. n. wide board on which a person rides for sport as he is towed by a speeding motorboat. notions. [< F < L aqua marina sea water] aq·ua·plane (akʹwә plān´). raising of fish or cultivation of plants in water. 1 plant that has clusters of fragrant pink or white flowers and grows in patches on the ground. 4. 0. 2 Arabian. form an electric arc. 1 alcohol. 4 set or determined by chance: an arbitrary date to begin the process. ar·a·besque (ar´ә beskʹ).. of or coming from the Arabs. n. [< L] ar·bor vi·tae (ärʹbәr vīʹtē). the main shaft or axle of a machine. aq·ua vi·tae (akʹwә vïʹtē. and water plants are kept. and C Africa. 3 submit to arbitration. arʹba·list·er. watery. famous for the simple. unreasonable. n. n. Saudi Arabia. 1 a mountain district in the S part of ancient Greece. adj. [< L. n. graceful horses. aq·ua for·tis (akʹwә fôrʹtis.. n. n. 1 growing or living in water. 2 capricious. umpire. adj. āʹkwә). a shady place formed by trees or shrubs or by vines growing on latticework. 2 a curved stream of brilliant light or sparks formed as a current jumps from one conductor to another. –ta (–tә). 1 water. —adj. a variety of beryl.. [< L] arc (ärk). Ar·a·rat (arʹә rat). are etched by acid. 1 a diving device consisting of cylinders of compressed air strapped to the diver’s back and a clear mask placed over the eyes and nose. 2 living in or among trees: an arboreal animal. 1 person chosen to decide a dispute. Ar·a·gon (arʹә gon). 1 a transparent. [< F < Ital. n. etc. adj. v. —Ar·caʹdi·an.. 1 Arabia. mixture of nitric acid and hydrochloric acid. –trating. adj. a loose confederation. region in NE Spain. —arʹbi·tra´tor·ship. n. Syria. n. act as arbiter. 2 light bluishgreen color. an evergreen tree of the pine family often planted for hedges. –trat·ed. [< Latin] aq·ua·cul·ture (ak´wә kulʹchәr). 1 of water. ballein throw] —arʹba·lest·er. 3 Arabic. n. region in SW France. 2 Fig. āʹkwә). tank. water animals. argon. arca arch1] —ar·cadʹed. 2.. [< L aqua water + E plane1] aq·ua re·gi·a (akʹwә rēʹji ә. 2 elaborate. n. 2 brandy. —arʹbitrar´i·ly. n. n. 2 aquatics. ult. Aq·ui·taine (akʹwә tān. 2 arrive. 2 any covered passageway. 1 give a decision in a dispute. 1 of or like an eagle. adj. 2 etching made by this process. aqueous humor. —v. (zip code) Arkansas. leaves. trademark for the device. nitric acid. a place of contentment. 9. mariculture. ar·bo·res·cent (är´bә resʹәnt). —n. 1 a northern constellation supposed to represent a man pouring water out of a vase. < arbiter arbiter] —arʹbi·tra´tive. judge. pl. 3 canal or passage in the body. one who approaches (two disputants) < ad– up to + baetere go] ar·bi·tra·ble (ärʹbә trә bәl). [< NL.. arbitrator. 2 Arabian. of water. n. A·rap·a·ho (ә rapʹәhō). ar. adj. 2 Aqua-Lung. 2 structure that supports such a channel or pipe. are exhibited. Arc (ärk). n. n. —a·quatʹi·cal·ly. [< L. adj. –lin). —adj. ar·cade (är kādʹ). arachne spider. < herba plant] ar·bor2 (ärʹbәr). [< L.. web] —a·rachʹni·dan.. 1 plant or animal that lives in water. Jordan.. virus transmitted chiefly by ticks and fleas the cause of some hemorrhagic fevers. adj. contented life of its people. v.

seaport in N Russia. 2 arctics. out-ofdate. —arʹdu·ous·ness. ar·che·ol·o·gy (är´ki olʹә ji). Archbishop. arch·duch·y (ärchʹduchʹi). arch·bish·op·ric (ärch´bishʹәp rik). structure. chief magistrate in ancient Athens. in the metric system. primitive part of the brain. –dūkʹ). archfiend. —ar´chae·olʹo·gist. —arʹdent·ness. ocean of the north polar region. fervent. 1 bend into an arch. < archaios ancient + logos discourse] —ar´chae·o·logʹi·cal. n. n. 2 using up much energy. being ardent. and inventor. n. position. 1 hard to do. ult. 2 rocks from this period. 3 region. –sēs). arch·way (ärchʹwā´). Arcadia. arch·di·o·cese (ärch´dīʹә sis. 2 position. n. –ries. 3 ancient. 1 wife or widow of an archduke. < arci– chief (ult. adj. adj. —v.. arch·en·ceph·a·lon (ärk´en sefʹә lon).c. 2 building where such events take place: sports arena. n. n. you are.. pl. 4 a building. Arc·tu·rus (ärk t˙ rʹәs. < archi– chief (ult. arch·duke (ärchʹdükʹ. u requiring much effort. difficult. 2 burning heat. n. 1 of or near the North Pole or the north polar region. ar·chae·ol·o·gy (är´ki olʹә ji). fiery. span. a·re·na (ә rēʹnә). adj. n. –na (–nә).. Ar·che·o·zo·ic (är´kē ә zōʹik). archi–) + pelago sea (ult. adj. 2 Archer. adv. n. n. 1 archdiocese. n. irreg. n. adj. 2 use of something out of date in language or art. 1 chief. arch·duch·ess (ärchʹduchʹis). —archʹness.. plural of the present indicative of be: we are. arch·du·cal (ärch´düʹkәl. arch·dea·con·ry (ärch´dēʹkәn ri). 1 the north polar region. 1 sea having many islands in it. 1 person whose profession is to design buildings and superintend their construction. [< later var.. ar´che·ologʹic. n. ar·chi·e·pis·co·pal (är´ki i pisʹkә pәl). 1 full of zeal. 1 passageway with an arch above it. [< L. architecture. of . ar·cha·ic (är kāʹik). [< L < Gk. [< L < Gk. < arche beginning] —ar·chaʹi·cal·ly. church district governed by an archbishop. adv. arch·er (ärʹchәr). —arch´deaʹconship. Arctic Ocean. 2 the molding around a door. 3 archway. extent of surface: an area of 600 square feet. ar·cane (är kānʹ). 1 space where contests or shows take place. a very u u bright star in the northern sky. —adj. pl. [< L. zeal. n. är). n. ar·chi·tect (ärʹkә tekt). 3 maker. —ar´che·o·log´i·cal. region between the Arctic Circle and the North Pole. n. arch·con·serv·a·tive (ärch´kәn sėrʹvә tiv). In sooth is an archaism meaning in truth. n. ar·cha·ism (ärʹki iz әm. a secret. n. < Gk. [< Gk. –gos. of politics. ar·che·go·ni·um (är´kә gōʹni әm). keen. great enthusiasm. —ar´chi·tecʹtur·al·ly. prince of the former ruling house of Austria. —ar´che·olʹo·gist. angel. archaism. n. including design. n. area serving as a passageway between buildings. —archi·tec·tonʹi·cal·ly. as in archencephalon. adj. 1 having to do with architecture.) + trave beam (< L trabs)] ar·chives (ärʹkīvz). adj. the Aegean] —ar´chi·pelʹa·gic. arch·bish·op (ärchʹbishʹәp). pl. person who is a reactionary. n. ar·e·a·way (ãrʹi ә wā´). frigid. 2 extremely cold. [< F < L area area] ar·e·a (ãrʹi ә). adj. n. hot. < ardere burn] ar·du·ous (ärʹj˙ әs).. adj. very enthusiastic. 1 practice or art of shooting with bows and arrows. the female reproductive organ in ferns. they are. adj. prefix.] Arch·an·gel (ärkʹān´jәl). < ardere burn] —arʹdent·ly.. tools. physicist. adj. [OE (Northumbrian) aron] are2 (ãr. n. adj. 3 hard to climb. —arʹchi·vist. 2 the polar region surrounded by this parallel. of an archbishop or archbishopric. adv. 3 directive. ar·chae·op·ter·yx (ar´kē opʹtәr iks). ar·che·type (ärʹkә tīp). architecture. ar·den·cy (ärʹdәn si). creator. 2 chief assistant to a bishop and dean of a cathedral chapter. adv. adj. as in archbishop. unstressed әr). archaikos. n. 2 Arch. arch(e)–. n. Also. n. archit. [< F < L < Gk. 2 playfully mischievous. [< L < Gk. 2 extent of knowledge or expertise. 2 furnish with an arch. ar·chi·trave (ärʹkә trāv). 3 form an arch over. mysterious. study of the people. n. or 119. adj. –goes. < VL arca. arch·dea·con (ärchʹdēʹkәn). < arca chest] arch1 (ärch). 2 an arch covering a passageway. ar·chi·e·pis·co·pate (är´ki i pisʹkә pit. Greek mathematician. Poetic. fervor. adj. 1 chief priest. arch·priest (ärchʹprēstʹ). (thing) hidden. window. curve. n. adv. arch·an·gel (ärkʹānʹjәl). [< NL. 2 Satan.. arc·tic (ärkʹtik. 4 instep. arch2 (ärch). n. See arch–. adj. arʹchaeo·logʹic. n. n. adv. eager. —arch´priestʹhood. 1 a curved structure that bears the weight of the material above it. n. n. archeology. —ar´cha·isʹti·cal·ly. ar·chon (ärʹkon). arch–.36 Arcady Ar·ca·dy (ärʹkә di). n. waterproof overshoes. assistant to a bishop in the Church of England.. —arʹchon·ship. —ar´chae·o·logʹi·cal·ly. [< L. 2 style or special manner of building: Greek architecture made much use of columns. [< arch–] —archʹly. 3 primitive. 1 imaginary boundary of the north polar region running parallel to the equator at 23°30´ south of the North Pole. adv. of L arcus bow] —arched. 1 the main beam resting on the top of a column. 2 burning. adj. Frigid Zone. 1 chief fiend. —n. 3 glowing. or residence of an archdeacon. tract: the Rocky Mountain area. arch·fiend (ärchʹfēndʹ). adj. —ar´che·goʹniate. as in archliberal. —Ar´chimeʹde·an. rank. bishop of the highest rank. on the White Sea. ult. or design. 1 chief. n. n. 2 group of many islands. n. 287?–212 b. lead] arch. n.6 square yards. 1 warmth of emotion. customs. archeia < arche government] —ar·chiʹval. construction. etc. ar·dor (ärʹdәr). –nums. [< F < L. n. n. n. and life of the remote past by excavating and classifying the remains of ancient cities. rank. an original model or pattern from which copies are made. orig. secret. etc. pelagos). oldest fossil bird. esp. [< Ital.] —arʹche·typ´al. archit. 2 princess of the former ruling house of Austria. adv. strenuous. [< AF < 5 something like an arch. 1 oldest geological period. construction. n. monuments. archduke. arche beginning + gonos race] —ar´che·goʹni·al. angel of highest rank. < archi– chief + tekton builder] ar·chi·tec·ton·ic (är´kә tek tonʹik). warm. –duchies. adj. [< L arduus steep] —arʹduous·ly. piece of level ground] —arʹe·al. 3 construction.. n. principal. n. archbishopric. 1 word or expression no longer in general use. < Gk. n. 1 science or art of building.. var. ar·dent (ärʹdәnt). 1 no longer in general use. 2 monument forming an arch or arches. steep. edifice. mystery. 2 person skilled in architecture. 2 old-fashioned. Sagittarius. n. v. 1 person who shoots with a bow and arrows. adj. or out of which later forms develop. –kā–). ar·chi·tec·ture (ärʹkә tek´chәr). etc. 1 place where public records or historical documents are kept. 3 any place of conflict and trial or effort: in the public arena. and decorative treatment. pl. 2 extreme. n. 1 amount of surface. [< Ital. —arch´deaʹcon·ate. 2 public records or historical documents. territory under the rule of an archduke or archduchess. < Gk. ar·chi·pel·a·go (är´kә pelʹә gō). n. a surface measure equal to 100 square meters. archaeology. area code. arktikos of the Bear (constellation) < arktos bear] Arctic Circle or arctic circle. 3 Also. —ar´che·o·logʹi·cal·ly.. pl. < arcus bow] arch·er·y (ärʹchәr i). n. of an archduke or an archduchy. [< L < Gk. —ar´cha·isʹtic. adv. –pāt). group of three numbers used to call another region by telephone. mosses. ar·ca·num (är kāʹnәm). 1 archaic. archi– < archein be first. adj. –ty˙ rʹ–). [< Gk. 4 level space. or dignity of an archbishop. n. n.. n. reactionary. –dūʹ–).. 2 archers. —ar´chi·tecʹtur·al. ar´che·typʹi·cal. < Gk. ärʹtik). Arctic Zone. are1 (är. –ni·a (–ni ә). 2 showing skill in construction or design. [< L < Gk. [< OF. Ar· chi· me· des (är´ kә mēʹ dēz). 3 weapons of an archer.

3 process of equipping or arming for war. adj. Ar´gen·tinʹi·an. Ragusea ship of Ragusa. a·ris·to·crat·ic (ә risʹtә kratʹik. 1 a large wild sheep of Asia with big curved horns. n. n.: Ark. —Ar´i·zoʹnan.. n. show. < L armata armare to arm. 1 a northern constellation that was thought of as arranged in the shape of a ram.] Ar·i·ad·ne (ar´i adʹnē). with open arms. 3 provide with a means of defense or attack.. Doublet of army. 1 discuss with someone who disagrees. ә rīʹәs).. Ar·go (ärʹgō). an element that forms a very small part of the air. n. –gәt). 2 fleet of such ships.. Abbrev. 4 originate. n. arʹ–). 1 supply with weapons. Legend. n. site of battles in World War I. –māʹ–). n. —ar´ith·metʹi·cal·ly. < aristos best + krateein rule] a·ris·to·crat (ә risʹtә krat. poem. n.. [OE earm] —armʹless. —n. twist one’s arm. until we meet again. a·rith·me·tic (ә rithʹmә tik). distant. [< F < L arma. 1 place of a great and final conflict between the forces of good and evil in the book of Revelations. —v. ar·ga·li (ärʹgә li). ar·gil (ärʹjil). 1 science of positive.. Arkansas. daughter of a king of Crete.. 1 dry. n. 1 Gk. [< NL < Med. arʹis–). his family. and other military forces of a nation. adj. Arizona.. Ar·kan·sas (ärʹkәn sô for 1. 2 any great and final conflict. Ariz. —arʹid·ly. n. prove. Aryan. adj. 2 army. 1 discussion by persons who disagree. 3 government in which a privileged upper class rules. clay. Ar·es (ãrʹēz). [< Sp. intelligence.. of or pertaining to Arius or his doctrines. authority. n. 1 belonging to the upper classes. opinions. adv. n. 1 ship in which Jason and his companions sailed in search of the Golden Fleece. —Arʹi·an·ism. arm in arm. n. 3 person who favors government by an aristocracy. 2 discussion. –li. < arguere make clear] —arʹgu·a·ble. n. är kanʹzәs for 2). 1 fleet of warships. n. real numbers. 2 large southern constellation. colored area surrounding something. Abbrev. Ar·i·an2 (ãrʹi әn. < arere be dry] —a·ridʹi·ty. a·ris·en.d. Ar·ling·ton (ärʹling tәn). n. 2 fleet of military aircraft. at arm’s length. 3 the Armada.L arilli raisins] —arʹil·ate. ar·id (arʹid). 2 branch of the military. —Ar´gen·tinʹe·an. n.. silver. ar·gent (ärʹjәnt). arʹid·ness. 448?–385? b. 1 person who belongs to the aristocracy. Italian. navy. n. 2 watchful guardian. a·rith·me·ti·cian (ә rith´mә tishʹәn. 2 the bighorn.] —armʹer. n. 2 like an aristocrat in manners. any of several small burrowing animals of South America and S North America. adv. Ar·gus (ärʹgәs). arithmetic. clumsy boat or vehicle. n. Greek philosopher. Alexandrian priest who asserted that Christ the Son was subordinate to God the Father. –cies. < armare arm] Ar·ma·ged·don (är´mә gedʹәn). < L aer air < Gk. n. 2 forelimb of an animal.. arm2 (ärm). expert in arithmetic. goode by. adj.. 1 war equipment and supplies. because floor of Roman arenas was sand] ar·e·na·ceous (ar´ә nāʹshәs). 4 try to prove by reasoning. or wealth. pl. arm1 (ärm). ar·gu·men·ta·tive (är´gyә menʹtә tiv). noble. —adj. a·rise (ә rīzʹ). n. ability to throw powerful pitches.. debate.. Gk. n. See arms.. Legend. Athenian statesman and general. Legend. an arm of the sea. < argos shining] Ar·give (ärʹjīv. ar·ri·ve·der·ci (ä r¯´va derʹe ch¯). 2 person who has the tastes. 2 prepare for war. n. culture. giant with a hundred eyes. appear. Greek writer of comedies. upper class. sandy. –i ēz). 1 a u piece of soft iron placed in contact . or other wild sheep. ark (ärk). –lae (–lē). pl. demonstrate. the largest national cemetery in the United States. n. ärʹkәn sô. 2 process of reasoning. 2 controversial. –los. Gk. such as a political strategy. a colorless.. a·rose. 4 Fig. 4 dignified. Ar·i·zo·na (ar´ә zōʹnә). 3 having to do with an aristocracy. n. ar´ith–). jargon or slang used by a group of persons: argot of thieves. [< NL < Gk. Ar·is·toph·a·nes (ar´әs tofʹә nēz). come about. 3 reason or statement intended to persuade or convince. nobility. –las. pl. argos idle < a– without + ergon work] Ar·go·naut (ärʹgә nôt). esp. begin: a great wind arose. ar·gu·men·ta·tion (är´gyә men tāʹshәn). 2). dim. of the upper classes.. a ri·ve·der·ci. 3 persuade by giving reasons: he argued me into going. 1 weapon. lifeless. adj. a·ri·a (äʹri ә). v. Ar·i·an1 (ãrʹi әn. adj. 2 any large. adj. 1 process of arguing. 1 rise up. —arʹgu·er. southwestern state of the United States. adj. proud. —ar´gumenʹta·tive·ness. who gave Theseus a ball of thread to help him find his way out of the Labyrinth of the Minotaur. n. Italian port formerly trading extensively with England] ar·got (ärʹgō. adj. [< L. killed by Hermes. 1 part of the human body between the shoulder and the hand. arith. 2. n.. –chәr). in NE Virginia. n. and a pair of each kind of animal from the Flood. —Ar´is·to·teʹlian. [< F < L argentum] Ar·gen·ti·na (är´jәn tēʹnә). adj. cordially. art of computing by figures. n. ar·go·sy (ärʹgә si). detached. are not. 1 large boat in which Noah saved himself. [< F] ar·gue (ärʹgüu). [< Ital. 4 country or state having such a government. n. a. ar·gu·ment (ärʹgyә ment). —Ar·kanʹsan. silvery. 3 come into being or action. —a·ris´to·cratʹical·ly. 2 textbook or handbook of arithmetic. a·rising. Greek... ar·ma·ture (ärʹmә ch˙ r. the Greek god of war. rightly. 5 indicate. country in S South America. [< L arca chest] Ark. Archaic or Poetic.. adj. –gu·ing. d. adj. adj. —Ar´gonauʹtic. 4 short statement of what is in a book. 1 large merchant ship. n. 2 move upward ascend. adj. power. 2 any class that is superior because of birth. with an armorlike shell of bony plates. ar·il (arʹil). Ar·ies (ãrʹēz. aren’t (ärnt). [< L < Gk. 2 bring forward reasons for or against: argue a question. [< Ital. 5 in baseball. identified with the Roman god Mars.. ar·ma·da (är mäʹdә. Gk. noble. of armado armed (one) < L. n. accidents arise from carelessness. barren: desert lands are arid. n. n. –gued.c. pl –sies. 336. 5 rebel. n. v. n. imply: her rich clothes argue her to be wealthy. [< F < L < Gk. adv. n.c. believer in the doctrines of Arius. n. [< LL < Gk. ar·is·toc·ra·cy (ar´әs tokʹrә si).] ar·ma·dil·lo (ärʹmә dilʹō).c. manners. pl. 2 dull.. gen. [< Sp. uninteresting. —ar´gu·menʹta·tive·ly. n. ar·ma·ment (ärʹmә mәnt). 2 the first sign of the zodiac. a·re·o·la (ә rēʹә lә). etc.armature 37 L harena sand. accessory covering of certain seeds. potter’s clay. correctly. 3 anything resembling an arm in shape or use: the arm of a chair. a·right (ә rītʹ). 530?–468? b. arithmetical. the Spanish fleet sent to attack England in 1588. pl. arithmetical progression. Arʹi·zoʹni·an. Ar·gonne (ärʹgon). with arms linked. one of the men who sailed with Jason in search of the Golden Fleece. n. 1 southern state of the United States. etc. n. n. river flowing from C Colorado SE into the Mississippi. Ar·i·us (ārʹi әs. adv. 3 calculation of the possible outcome of something.: Ariz. n. air or melody. adj.. Ar·is·tot·le (arʹәs tot´әl). melody for a single voice with instrumental or vocal accompaniment. adv. n. 3 the repository of the Jewish tables of the law in a synagogue. arʹis–). mount: vapors arose from the swamp. 1 a ruling body of nobles. arʹ–). ar·gon (ärʹgon). n. [OE ārīsan] Ar·is·ti·des (ar´әs tīʹdēz). n. get up: the audience arose. n. odorless. adj. the Ram. n. debate. [< OF < L. Legend. put pressure on. forest in NE France. n. –gīv).. maintain: Columbus argued that the world was round. adj. See progression (def. A·ri·e·tis (ә rīʹ әtis). n. —Arʹis·to·teʹlian·ism. 5 government by the best citizens. 384–322 b. inert gas. 5 snobbish. arithmetike < arithmos number] —ar´ith·metʹi·cal. —Arʹgen·tine. 1 fond of arguing.

troops. 1 bring before a court for trial. under arrest. [var. n. arm·ful (ärmʹf˙ l). v. —v. etc. a·roused.. cover or protect with armor.: work around the clock. troops. too proud. of coats of arms or heraldry. n. –gat·ed. find fault with. stimulate. buzzer. 1 arrange in order. settlement. –mōʹ–). 2 Fig. automobile. n. –rived. adj. upset. n. [< OF ar(r)iver < VL. Music. etc. 1 a healing liquid used on bruises. Ar·me·ni·a (är mēʹni ә. 2 the plant itself. overbearing pride. —adv. 3 person who made or repaired armor. ar·ron·disse·ment (ä rôn dēs mänʹ). 2 Often. 3 somewhere near: play around the house. —n. –fuls. 2 display of persons or things. n. n. come to a place. adv. 3 any device for arresting motion in a mechanism. pl. the design of a coat of arms. 1 put in the proper order. < L ad– + re– back + stare stand] —ar·restʹer.. overbearing. 2 stir to action. 1 order. 2 closely surrounding: she had a coat around her shoulders. 1 person in charge of firearms on a ship. 1 easily u digested starch made from the roots of a tropical American plant. n. American general in the Revolutionary War who turned traitor. etc. caterpillar that travels in large numbers and is destructive to crops. n. —a·rousʹal. 2 interested or informed about something but not directly involved. harquebus. held by the authorities. 2 distinctive fragrance or flavor. in custody. adj. –gat·ing. 2 manufacturer of firearms.] —ar·rangeʹa·ble. 1 act of arriving. ar·rest·ing (ә resʹting) adj. 1 large. 2 a small inlet. ar·rive (ә rīvʹ). ar·rear·age (ә rirʹij).38 armchair with the poles of a magnet. 1 covering worn to protect the body in fighting. ar·mor·er (ärʹmәr әr). adj. ar·ro·gate (arʹә gāt). etc.] ar·mor·bear·er (ärʹmәr bãr´әr). 1 place where weapons are kept. spice] ar·o·mat·ic (ar´ә matʹik). adorn. –ranged. from the dried flowers. viburnum or u other shrub with a tough. n. pointed shaft or stick for shooting from a bow. stand] arm·let (ärmʹlit). –riv·ing. etc. < L ad ripam to the shore] ar·ro·gance (arʹә gәns). capturing and holding attention. 5 metal frame to support a clay sculpture. soldiers. group. < ad– to + rogare ask] —ar´ro·gaʹtion. n. ar·ni·ca (ärʹnә kә).. n. ar·rayʹment. 2 unfinished work. 2 catch and hold. as much u as one arm or both arms can hold. n. preparation. n. 1 reach the end of a journey. halt. bear arms. behind in payments. —n. n. 2 anything resembling an arrow in shape or speed. spicy odor. temporary stop in fighting. —arʹmorplat´ed. 3 any organized group of people: the Salvation Army. –mies. —arrangʹer. adj. coming. pl. [< OF. 1 an ornamental band for the upper arm. 3 protective covering. 1 covered or protected with armor. thoroughgoing. n. 1 expressing opinions about something without having experience or actual involvement in it. fragrant plant or substance. adv. n. —arʹro·ga´tor. [< OF < L armata.. —a·rousʹer. 2 composed of or using armored vehicles. 2 tapestry screen or hangings. debts. arms race 1 competition between countries to build and maintain supremacy in military might. v. prepare. 2 attribute or assign without good reasons. check. the largest administrative subdivision of a department. serve as a soldier. [named for Arras. v. n. attire: bridal array. —ar·raignʹment. < arpa harp < Gmc. 5 something arranged in a particular way. 1 weapons. 1 a putting or being put in proper. n. 2 any kind of protective covering. 1 claim or take without right. a·rous·ing. 2 on all sides: a dense fog lay around. Army. straight stem. 2 chord sounded in this way. n. take up arms. ar·mor·y. < L ad– to + ratio account] —ar·raignʹer. [< OF arere < LL ad retro to the rear] ar·rest (ә restʹ). 1 debts. 1 awaken. [< Ital. 1741–1801. ar·ro·gant (arʹә gәnt). 1 in a circle: the tree measures four feet around. pl. adj. n. n. of errant] —arʹrantly. chair with side pieces to support a person’s arms or elbows. [< L < Gk. 3 military force. n. —adj.. n. arm·rest (ärmʹrest´). 3 steel or iron plates or other protective covering of a warship or fortification. etc. downright. airplane. armorial bearings. 3 stop. Doublet of armada. arrangements. work. [< OF armeüre < L armatura < armare arm. ar·row·root (arʹō rüt´. 2 person or thing that arrives.] arm·chair (ärmʹchãr´). arrears. a·rouse (ә rouzʹ). (ärʹmәr i). competition to add strength to a team. 4 very large number. pl. 5 adapt (a piece of music) to voices or instruments for which it was not written. b revolving part of an electric motor or dynamo. ar·mor (ärʹmәr). angry. 3 symbols and designs used in heraldry or by governments. ar·range·ment (ә rānjʹmәnt). pl. . prepared. –ments (-mänʹ). [< NL] Ar·nold (ärʹnәld). 2 a stopping. the hollow under the arm at the shoulder. exclusive of its navy. fragrant. ar·peg·gi·o (är pejʹi ō). devise. 4 come. 4 clothes. 1 fragrance. adj. n. v.] army worm. attendant who carried the armor or weapons of a warrior. 2 call in question. as a time. organization. [< NL armistitium < L arma arms + sistere stop. 1 a seizing by legal authority. [< OF < VL. –gi·os. organize. haughty. 4 plan. aircraft.. n. ar·ras (arʹәs). 1 seize by legal authority. 1 head or tip of an arrow. ar·row·wood (arʹō w˙ d´). closing. host. a city in France] ar·ray (ә rāʹ). prep. ar·my (ärʹmi). adv. subtle quality. arm·hole (ärmʹhōl´). of arise. ar·range (ә rānjʹ). 3 be successful. a·round (ә roundʹ). pl. n. etc. [< AF arainer < VL. [< L. around the clock. n. excite.... occur. n. 2 fighting. ar·rears (ә rirzʹ). ar·mored (ärʹmәrd). haughtiness. –mor·ies.. [< L. 2 dress in fine clothes. —v. v. capture. 1 a slender. a former country of W Asia. Iran. etc. plan. n. war. Benedict. —ar·restʹment. sprains. throng. [< OF a to + rei order < Gmc. —Armeʹni·an. support for the arm while seated in a chair. 3 come to an agreement.. military organization of a nation. and Russia. v. 2 administrative district of Paris. etc. a·ro·ma (ә rōʹmә). truce. n. n. n. arms (ärmz). 2 place where weapons are made. c a movable part of an electric relay. for militia. accuse. n. Doublet of armor. < a to + rang rank1 < Gmc. n. 1 the sounding of the notes of a chord in rapid succession instead of together. pl. Doublet of armature. 4 Usually. –r˙ t´). n.] —ar·rayʹer. steel or iron plating to protect warships. now divided among Turkey. dress. ar·raign (ә rānʹ). etc. n. n. —arʹomatʹi·cal·ly. –mēnʹyә). as a piece of music. [OE arwe] ar·row·head (arʹō hed´). pt. 2 way or order in which things or persons are put. 4 armor. –ranging. offices. up in arms. 2 reach a point in any course of action: arrive at a decision. armor plate.. v. a·rose (ә rōzʹ). formation: in battle array. ar·rant (arʹәnt). 2 the plant itself. hole for the arm in a garment. checking. ar·mo·ri·al (är môʹri әl. 1 in France. 3 a sign (→) used to show direction or position.. apprehend. adj.. n. or roots of a plant of the aster family. n. opportunity. tanks. 2 plant with leaves shaped like arrowheads. leaves. n.. adj. < ad– to + rogare ask] —arʹrogant·ly. without stopping. arm·pit (ärmʹpit´). 1 kind of tapestry. marshal. 3 building with a drill hall. ar·row (arʹō). ar·mi·stice (ärʹmә stis). 2 settle (a dispute). n. organized group of soldiers trained and armed for war. 3 adjustment. 1 in a circle about: travel around the world.] ar·que·bus (ärʹkwә bәs). [< L armatura < armare arm. ar·riv·al (ә rīvʹәl). arm to attack or defend. multitude. n. 2 wire wound round and round a cable. in arrears.

[< Sp. 1 person who paints pictures. works of art. –ties. does.. pl. “Thou art” means “You are. decorative style of the 1920s and 1930s. ar·ti·fact. —n. är tikʹyә lāt). v. pl. adj.. decorative style of the early 20th century distinguished by its use of natural and flowing forms. 3 Jerusalem artichoke. —ar·ticʹula´tive. 2 a small river. [< L articulatus divided into single joints.. Ar·thur (ärʹthәr). sculptures. inflammation of a joint or joints. n. —ar´ti·fiʹcial·ness. v. and of the moon. u u of King Arthur and his knights. distinguished by bold use of color and geometric forms. adj... important channel. 1 place for ——. 3 made up of distinct parts. 4 act or manner of connecting by a joint or joints. cannon. Arian. 3 skill. as in supplementary. 4 of or pertaining to ——. —artʹful·ly. See article. < Provençal < Ar. [< French] ar·tis·tic (är tisʹtik). 1 without any trickery or deceit. 8 principles. or book. 3 branch of learning that depends more on special practice than on general principles: writing compositions is an art. ar·tic·u·late (adj. of the joints: arthritis is an articular disease. 2 fit together in a joint. ar·ti·fi·ci·al·i·ty (är´tә fish´i alʹә ti). —artʹless·ly. a white. having the nature of ——. the 21st president of the U. or literature. –ter·ies. 3 performer or actor. ar·te·fact (ärʹtә fakt). 4 having or showing appreciation of beauty. –lat·ed. 1 thistlelike plant whose flowering head is cooked and eaten. 2 an articulate sound. 2 a main road. n. 1 the dry bed of a stream. 1 a plant having heartshaped or sword-shaped leaves and a partly hooded flower cluster. 2 made as a substitute for or in imitation of. adj. [< Ital. store or supply of something. n. 7 some kind of skill or practical application of skill: cooking is a household art. 1 drawing. n. art·ist (ärʹtist). of wild animals. adj. adj.. 4 person who does work with skill and good taste. music. 2 Chester A. 1 of art or artists. suffix. painting. 1881–85. unstressed әz). ar·ti·san (ärʹtә zәn). 4 one of the words a. as in library. adv. a salt of ar· arsenic acid. accuse. adj. conviction that does not change. n. adv. 3 artist. n. a hardening of the walls of the arteries that makes circulation of the blood difficult. n. such as sculpture. such as the insects.” [OE eart] art. unaffected. pl. a deep-drilled well. 3 serving as a main transportation and supply route. artista < VL. [< F < L articulus. naive. workmanship of an artist. n. simple. ar·til·ler·y (är tilʹәr i). Ar·te·mis (ärʹtә mis). 3 joint. —adj. 4 in Nazi use. art nou·veau (nü vōʹ). 3 descendant of this assumed prehistoric group of people. Also. ——. —ar´tifiʹcial·ly. segmented. —ar·thritʹic. but forming part of a magazine. n. arteria] ar·te·sian well (är tēʹzhәn). 1 made by human skill or labor. 2 drawings. not natural. n. enunciation. adj. n. pl. –ists. adj. < L arrugia mine shaft] ar·se·nal (ärʹsә nәl). soldier who belongs to the artillery. as dogs. 2 trickery. —adj. 1 a grayish-white chemical element. 2 calla lily. as in commentary. n. 5 being. adj.. v. deceitful. not real. identified by the Romans with Diana. 3 artificial. mechanic. dim. —arthropʹo·dous. art·y (ärʹti). n. n. artificial intelligence. province where such wells first existed] art·ful (ärtʹfәl). n. 2 for example: animals. arʹ–). < L ars art] ar·tiste (är tēstʹ). as in honorary. n. 2 the flowering head. n. and sculpture. paintings. clever. adv. v. [< F < L artificium < arti– art + facere make] ar·tif·i·cer (är tifʹә sәr). especially one who regards work as art. the crime of intentionally setting fire to a building or other property. ar·te·ri·al (är tirʹi әl). 1 ability through programming of a computer to perform tasks requiring thought when done by a person. of or containing arsenic. adv. –men. n. 2 done with skill and good taste. ar·um (ãrʹәm). ar·ter·y (ärʹtәr i). 6 human skill.. Gk. Myth. –cling. —v. Ar·thu·ri·an (är th˙ rʹi әn. dār assinā‘a house (of) the manufacturing] ˙ ˙ se·nate (ärʹsә nāt. As. fertilization of an ovum by injection of sperm. 2 collection of ——. Also. anything made by human skill or work. golden] ar·son (ärʹsәn). ar·tic·u·la·tion (är tik´yә lāʹshәn). 1 the assumed prehistoric language from which the Indo-European languages are derived. 3 particular thing. arty. 3 person or thing that is. treaty. n. ar·ti·fi·cial (är´tә fishʹәl). 2 person who is skilled in any of the fine arts. As2O3. 2 maker. adj. –lat·ing. complete in itself. belongs to. 5 skill. 1 uttered in distinct syllables or words. ärʹsә nik. —v. –nit). 1830–86. 1 any of the blood vessels or tubes that carry blood from the heart to all parts of the body.. n. 1 article. 1 Indo-European. as1 (az. of the forests. 1 equally: as black as coal. [< F artésien of Artois. [< Ital.. especially in breeding livestock. < Ar. är senʹik).. grammar is a science. —artisʹti·cal·ly. [< L –arius or (neut. trying to be artistic. 1 a legendary king of ancient Britain who gathered about him a famous group of knights. 1 literary composition. [< F new art] art·sy (ärtʹsē). –cled. a nonJew. 2 a violent poison that is a compound of this element. n. —conj. 3 assumed. ar·ticʹu·la´tor. adv. [< L < Gk. [< OF. 2 natural. n. 4 jointed. 3 having pleasing color and design. craft. 2 artillery. adj. art·ist·ry (ärʹtis tri). or the or the corresponding words in certain other languages. al-kharshūf] ar·ti·cle (ärʹtә kәl). etc. adj. ar·tic·u·lar (är tikʹyә lәr). adj. tasteless powder. [< F < Ital. —ar·ticʹu·late·ness. a place for storing or manufacturing weapons and ammunition for the military. express clearly.. [< L < Gk. 1 way of speaking. [< L < Gk. —artʹi·ness. as in statuary. any of a phylum of invertebrate animals having segmented legs. ar·thri·tis (är thrīʹtis). adv. art·si·er. as in legendary. an. pl. craftsman. n. ar·se·nic (n. 1 skilled workman. item: bread is a main article of food. eat meat. affected.. ar·te·ri·o·scle·ro·sis (är tir´i ō sklә rōʹsis). unskilled. gully. of artus joint] article of faith. n. —ar·teʹri·al·ly.] —ar·ticʹu·late·ly. —artʹful·ness. ar·tis·ti·cal (–tә kәl). 2 bring charges. false. 1 39 ar·roy·o (ә roiʹō). statute. ar·ti·choke (ärʹti chōk). 2 of the Aryans. —adj. methods. pl. 1 rocket launchers and mounted guns.) –arium] Ar·y·an (ãrʹi әn. n. < a– + tire order] ar·til·ler·y·man (är tilʹәr i mәn). adv. art·si·est. arsenʹi·cal. newspaper. art·i·er. 2 branch of computer science concerned with the use and development of computer intelligence. arsenikon < Heb. 4 the arts. n. SW U. [< L ars art + factus made] ar·ti·fice (ärʹtә fis). 1 to the same . 2 capable of expressing thoughts clearly. 2 clause in a contract. etc. n. are. aron] –ary. 2 pertaining to the bright-red blood of the arteries. [< OF < L ars] art2 (ärt).. [< OF < LL arsio a burning < L ardere burn] art1 (ärt). 1 bind by contract: an apprentice articled to serve for seven years. workman skilled in some industry or trade. [< F < Ital. art·less (ärtʹlis). 1 artificial quality or condition. and crustaceans.S. 2 something unnatural or unreal. very skillful performer or worker. adj. n. n. 1 pertaining to or resembling the arteries. artificial insemination. 3 Fig. n. 9 skillfull act. n. as distinguished from small arms. —ar·te·ri´o·scle·rotʹic adj. < OPers. 6 characterized by ——... –roy·os. art·i·est.. having a metallic luster and volatilizing when heated. är tikʹyә lit. 2 person who spoke this language. artistic work. distinct. n. 2 skillful. artigiano < L ars art] —arʹti·san·al. n. –thy˙ rʹ–). ingenuity. an arsenal of facts. 3 science of ballistics and firing of large weapons. ar·til·lerist (–әr ist). 1 speak distinctly. 10 trick. 2 part of an army that uses and manages such weapons. n. 2 supply of weapons. –ries.S. < artiller equip. adj. branches or divisions of learning as a group: literature is one of the liberal arts. Archaic or Poetic. craftsman. ult. —artʹless·ness. Art De·co or art de·co (deʹkŏ). the goddess of the hunt. ar·thro·pod (ärʹthrә pod). arachnids. 3 without art. 1 a clever stratagem or trick.

—as·cendʹer. as·cen·sion (ә senʹshәn). a·sex·u·al (ā sekʹsh˙ әl). of askos bag] a·scor·bic acid (ā skôrʹbik. aspis] as·par·a·gus (әs parʹә gәs). as yet. silly.P. scale. b increasing in power or influence. as·cer·tain (as´әr tānʹ). 1 act of going up. of or having to do with Asia or its people. Ash Wednesday. 2 unwilling because of shame. [OE (unstressed) ealswā quite so. tied so that the ends may be laid flat. as·pect (asʹpekt). adj. adv. —ascer·tainʹment.. 1 of or like an ass. 1 person who practices unusual self-denial and devotion. 3 one side or part or view (of a subject): various aspects of a plan. necktie with broad ends. n. adv. esp. baglike or pitcherlike part of a plant.. pale as ashes. 1 a mineral. —adj. position of power. a·sep·sis (ә sepʹsis. A·sia (āʹzhә. —ashamʹed·ly. ә shōrʹ). n. vitamin C. n. to one side. poisonous snake of Europe. –kot). as·cend·an·cy. once used in medicine to prevent spasms.: put one’s troubles aside. asbestos unquenchable (orig. as·cet·ic (ә setʹik). as her work shows. asp (asp). 1 on one side.. –cribed. as·bes·tus (as besʹtәs. 1 look... as·cend (ә sendʹ). n. pl. refraining from pleasures and comforts. [< L < Gk. silliness. < asa (< Pers. ash·es (ashʹiz). springy wood. move upward. pale as ashes. about. [< OF. 2 that: do the same as I do. 1 feeling shame. as it would be if. —a·sepʹti·cally. [< Gk. n. native or inhabitant of Asia. 2 made from the wood of the ash tree. 2 powdered lava. appearance: aspect of the countryside. adv. asparagos] as·par·tame (a spärʹtām). adv. n. a church festival in honor of this on the fortieth day after Easter. adv. ad– before s. 2 superior. controlling influence. away: move the table aside. into a condition of sleep. n. 1 go up. 5 need. 2 small. 2 a climbing. self-denying. 1 to the shore. peninsula of W Asia. 4 go back in time. n. diseased condition of the lungs caused by inhaling asbestos particles. [< L ascendere < ad– up + scandere climb] —as·cendʹable. n. [< L] as– prefix. 2 a fireproof fabric made of these fibers. —n. 1 ascending. n. as·i·nine (asʹә nīn). 1 act of ascribing. a·skew (ә skūʹ). A. ash·en2 (ashʹәn). a·sleep (ә slēpʹ). used as a vegetable. —adj. See also. as·cend·ence (ә senʹdәns). 2 any similar retreat or community. as for.] as2 (as). so far. 3 claim. adj. n. v. 4 dead. n. < asinus ass] —asʹinine·ly. n. as·cribe (әs krībʹ). n. n. A. 6 go up in pitch. kind of influenza caused by a strain of virus first identified in Hong Kong in early 1957. < askeein exercise. n. 1 not interested in observing social customs. 4 because: as he came early. a·shram (äʹshram). a·slope (ә slōpʹ). adv. as·ses (asʹiz). concerning. ā–). while: she sang as she worked. actor’s remark that the other actors are not supposed to hear. 3 covered with ashes. 2 countenance. go to or toward the top of.. Asia Minor. referring to. ruling. find out with certainty.S. 1 what remains of a thing after it has been thoroughly burned. 1 like ashes. adv. n. at a slant. —a·sexʹu·ally. to one side. < a– + certain certain] —as´cer·tainʹa·ble. 2 ancient Roman coin. 2 doctrine that abstinence and self-denial will train a person to live in conformity with God’s will. ә släntʹ). ash·i·est. consideration. as·cid·i·an (ә sidʹi әn). 2 out of one’s thoughts. 3 go toward the source or beginning. slantingly across. azā) mastic + L fetidus stinking] as·bes·tos. 5 though: brave as they were.. [< Med. adder. attribute: the police ascribed the automobile accident to fast driving. adj. in a slanting direction. 4 place or way that slopes up. in the ascendant. adv. 2 statement or words ascribing something. one across the other. 4 side fronting in a given direction: the southern aspect of a house. 1 what remains of a thing after it has been burned. adj. between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. controlling influence.C. 3 when. stupidity. 3 remains. dim. [< OF < L. gum resin with a garliclike odor. [< NL < Gk. < a– not + sbennunai quench] as·bes·to·sis (as bes tōʹsis). that does not burn or conduct heat. 2 of ashes. as·cot (asʹkәt. 2 aseptic methods or treatment. adj. n. 2 of ashes. adv. adj. asʹcer·tain´abilʹi·ty.. āʹshә). —n. inquire of. controlling. equal to twelve ounces. assafetida. ash·y (ashʹi). adv.L. determine. dead body. turned or twisted the wrong way. arsenic. 3 numb: my foot is asleep. American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. ASAP. doing the work of: who will act as teacher? —pron. n. 1 assign. 2 consider as belonging: she ascribed her talent to her mother. v. AS. a rising. artificial sweetener. as·cid·i·um (ә sidʹi um). a·so·cial (ā sōʹshәl). China and India are in Asia. adj. 2 masonry made of ashlars. 2 independent of sexual processes: reproduction by spore formation is asexual. 1 sleeping. demand: ask too high a price. a in control. pl. askidion.. 5 slope upward. 2 person who refrains from pleasures and comforts. the first day of Lent. Asian flu or Asiatic flu. adj. of quicklime). 1 a condition or fact that: she is very careful. 2 what remains of a body after cremation. as·crip·tion (әs kripʹshәn). as·cent (ә sentʹ). 1 of the ash tree. as·cendʹi·ble. etc. sea animal with a tough saclike covering. 4 invite. pl. –crib·ing. 1 try to find out by words: why don’t you ask? 2 put a question to. adv. 2 on the shore. adv. n. As. A·si·at·ic (ā´zhi atʹik. expression: the solemn aspect of a judge. as·i·nin·i·ty (as´ә ninʹә ti). v. 5 relative position of planets . —adv. ash·ler (ashʹlәr). [OE œsc the tree] a·shamed (ә shāmdʹ). ā–).. 2 sideways. n. we left sooner. n. ascetical. a·side (ә sīdʹ). a silicate of calcium and magnesium. 1 having no u sex. —a·shamʹed·ness. ascent. n. rise.40 as degree or extent that: she worked as she was told to. 1 life or habits of an ascetic. 3 a going back toward a source or beginning. b except for. as·cet·i·cism (ә setʹә siz әm). 1 act of ascending. slanting. as·a·foet·i·da (as´ә fetʹә dә). adj. 1 ancient Roman pound. adj. Also. a·skance (ә skansʹ). 2 stupid. a·sep·tic (ә sepʹtik. ask (ask. äsk). upward movement. as·cend·ance. the danger made them afraid. n. unsociable. hence. [< OF < L < Gk. or severe self-discipline for religious reasons. 2 green tender shoots of one species. as·cend·en·cy (ә senʹdәn si). Asian. < ad– to + scribere write] —as·cribʹa·ble. adj. [< OF < VL axillarium < axis plank] a·shore (ә shôrʹ. n. poisonous snakes of Africa. 2 dull. —prep.S. assafoetida. adj. 2 climb. n. the largest continent. [OE œsce ashes] ash2 (ash). as·a·fet·i·da. —as´cer·tainʹa·ble·ness. a apart from. Anglo-Saxon. n. 2 Ascension. usually occurring in fibers. adj. ash·lar. 2 not interested in associating with other people. worth a few cents. —as´cer·tainʹa·bly. Also. C6H8O6. ash·i·er. —a·sex´u·alʹi·ty. adj. ā´shi-). 1 rural retreat or religious community in India. ә–). as soon as possible. —as·cenʹsional. b Also. n. 1 any of several small. a·skant (ә skantʹ). [< L < Gk. 2 its tough. as·cend·ant. discipline] —as·cetʹical·ly. A·sian (āʹzhәn). [< L. as if. 1 with suspicion. n. –ties. [OE āscian] —askʹer. dominant. 1 aseptic condition. 1 like ashes. —prep. 1 square stone used in building. ash1 (ash). require.A. free from germs causing infection. ash·en1 (ashʹәn). as·cend·ent (ә senʹdәnt). aside from. 1 perennial plant of the lily family having scalelike leaves and stems with many branches.. –cid·i·a (–sidʹi ә). rising. v. n. n. adj. a·slant (ә slantʹ. the Egyptian cobra. Ascension Day. n. 1 timber or shade tree that has straight-grained wood. inactive.. pl. adj. a the bodily passing of Christ from earth to heaven. adj. ascendancy. 2 in the same way that: run as I do. az–). —adj. n.

] —as·sidʹu·ous·ly. n. ult. —as·sesʹsor·ship. plant with large. a right. kill by a sudden or secret attack. is legally transferred. 1 give as a share. –men. v. poplar tree whose leaves tremble and rustle in the slightest breeze. —as·pirʹing·ly. [< L. 1 state positively. –nated. –nat·ing.). asʹpә rit). v. [OE assa < OWelsh < L asinus] —assʹlike´. careful and ˙ attentive. n. 1 something having value. as·pi·ra·tor (asʹpә rā´tәr). 2 duty. n. 2 set upon vigorously with arguments. See aspire. 4 final phase of an attack. n. v. murder.. sure-footed beast of burden when domesticated. v. asʹā). –pir·ing. v. as·sault (ә sôltʹ). n. damages. diligent. declaration. as·pire (әs pīrʹ). n. examine. as·sid·u·ous (ә sijʹu әs). colds. close hand-to-hand fighting. meet. 1 set upon with violence. [< L < Gk. —as·serʹtive·ly. n. —as·sas´si·naʹtion. used as a house plant. It is the acetate of salicylic acid. ә sāʹ. 1 plant of the lily family with spikes of white or yellow flowers. etc. 3 Phonet. adv. Phonet. —v. gathering: unlawful assembly. –rat·ing. etc. 3 put a tax or fine on (a person. maintain. 1 estimate the value of (property or income) for taxation. etc.. as·si·du·i·ty (as´ә düʹә ti. as·sem·blage (ә semʹblij). adj. n. 3 the substance analyzed or tested. breathing. etc.). —n. abuse. property. etc. –falt). 3 Law. agreement. [< OF < L. 2 come together. ә sāʹ. vigorous attack. alloy. adj. set. 1 act of assessing. slander. as·sign·ee (ә sī nēʹ. apportion. a certain proportion of metal. [< F] as·pi·dis·tra (as´pә disʹtrә). found in various parts of the world or obtained by evaporating petroleum. < L ad– at + saltare leap] —as·saultʹa·ble. silly person. —adj. n. pl. as·per·i·ty (as perʹә ti). donkey. an attempt or offer to do violence to another. n. right. refuse to be ignored. 1 analysis of an ore. too confident and certain. —as·sertʹer. trembling. [< OF as(s)embler < VL assimulare bring together < L. charge. as·phalt (asʹfôlt. [< L. positive. as·sent (ә sentʹ). congregate. 2 act of asserting. 4 list of the results of assaying an ore. adj. with ref. as·sertʹi·ble. n. [< L. 6 Assembly. esp. 3 a bringing or coming together. affirm. —n. examination.. opinions. —assailʹer. adv. —assidʹu·ousness. state positively. as·ses·sor (ә sesʹәr). as shown by analysis. < ad– + severus serious] —assevʹer·aʹtion. roughness. attribute. as·serʹtor. [< OF < VL < L ad– at + salire leap] —as·sailʹa·ble. as·pi·rin (asʹpә rin). or simul together] —as·semʹbler. 2 act of drawing air into the lungs. [from trademark] ass (as). [< L. designate.).. declare. 1 analyze (an ore.. declare solemnly. as´ә nēʹ). flower of the Greek paradise. 1 illicit meeting of lovers. aspiring. 2 rise.. the lower branch of the state legislature. n. v. etc. adj. 1 earnest desire. as·sem·bly (ә semʹbli). n. 2 quivering. 2 collection. ascribe. adj. v. n. onslaught. 4 withdrawal by suction. —as·sign´a·bilʹi·ty. etc. –at·ed. much like tar. suffocation or unconscious condition caused by lack of oxygen and excess of carbon dioxide in the blood. v. –blies. n. [< L. etc. n. —as·phyx´i·aʹtion. 4 refer. statement. 2 appointment for a meeting. [< L aspiratus. See assess. make an assault on. asphaltos < Semitic] —as·phalʹtic. n. etc. —v. defend. silver. suffocate because of lack of oxygen. asʹpә rāt. C9H8O4. kind of jelly made from meat. –pired. etc. 5 consider the importance or value of.assignment 41 as determining their supposed influence upon human affairs. 1 pronounce with a breathing or h-sound. 3 an assembling. v. —adj. n. roofs.] as·pi·ra·tion (as´pә rāʹshәn). green leaves and very small flowers.. pl. etc. cover a surface with asphalt. 2 withdraw by suction. < ad– toward + spirare breathe] —as·pirʹer. 5 parts put together to form a unit. as·sail (ә sālʹ). etc. to find out the amount of metal in it. —v. as·ser·tion (ә sėrʹshәn).. as·sem·ble (ә semʹbәl). b an aspirated sound. given to one to perform or fill. —adj. 4 portion out as a tax. as·sem·bly·man. ad– along with + sentire feel. < LL. one hired to murder. 3 . [< NL < Gk. 2 fix the amount of (a tax. —as·serʹtive·ness. 2 try. –ating. as·sign·ment (ә sīnʹmәnt). n. 1 group of persons gathered together. adv. as·pho·del (asʹfә del). asʹpә rәnt). as parts of a machine. person to whom some property. n. as·phyxʹia´tor. etc. adj. used for pavements. murderer. hashshāshīn hashish eaters. a right. pl. —as·sasʹsi·na´tor. n. 2 Gk. drug. 2 insist on (a right. etc. person who aspires. 1 sudden. row of workers and machines along which work is successively passed until the final product is made. [< OF a(s) sayer. 2 a single item of property. —as·saultʹer. 1 things of value.. legislature. n. member of a lawmaking group. as·say (v. 1 have an ambition for something. test. attack. or other metal in it. etc.. institutions. [< NL < Gk. adj.) to find out the quantity of gold. in some states. pronounced with a breathing or h-sound. damaging or false report. alloy. Myth. adv. agree. n. –bled. v. etc.) legally. as·pi·rate (v. n. n. 1 dark-colored substances. [< OF. –at·ed. < asper rough] as·per·sion (әs pėrʹzhәn. diligence. n. for + signum mark] —as·signʹa·ble. as·set (asʹet). 3 name definitely. —n. n. [< OF < VL assessare fix a tax < L assidere < ad– by + sedere sit] —assessʹa·ble.. put oneself forward. —as·signʹer. 2 trial. as·ser·tive (ә sėrʹtiv). < ad– to + serere join] —as·sertʹa·ble. 5 transfer or hand over (property. ult. allot. n. as·pic (asʹpik). [< LL < Gk. < Ar. 4 an allotting. harshness. fix. as to a post or duty. n. as·sets (asʹets). assembly line. to fanatics who murdered while under the influence of hashish] as·sas·si·nate (ә sasʹә nāt). 2 amount assessed. —as·sailʹment. careful and steady attention.. n. 2 stupid fool. 4 the act or process of putting or fitting together. aspis shield + astron star] as·pir·ant (әs pīrʹәnt. as·sign (ә sīnʹ). n. n.. 1 of this tree. 5 work of art made from miscellaneous things. n. property. n. 1 group of people gathered together for some purpose. a claim.. 1 positive statement. n. n. ad– to. express agreement. aspirated sound. as·sig·na·tion (as´ig nāʹshәn). n. 3 legal transfer of property. 4 a putting or fitting together. meeting. adj. —as·sentʹing·ly. 3 put or fit together. acceptance of a proposal. n. a right. person who seeks a position of honor. –ating. The h in hot is aspirated. fine. n. 3 (of ore) contain. as·sail·ant (ә sālʹәnt). n. < a– without + sphyxis pulse < sphyzein throb] as·phyx·i·ate (as fikʹsi āt). severity. 2 vigorous attack made on traditions. n. a an aspirating (of sounds). As·sem·bly·man (ә semʹbli mәn). test. tomato juice. person who attacks. n. adj. n. —as·signʹa·bly. apparatus or device employing suction. v. n. –shәn). compare. assert oneself. pl. 3 appraisal of the value or importance of something. longing.. [< OF < L. 2 mixture of this substance with crushed rock. n. < ad– to + similis like. 1 something assigned. adv. task. think] —as·sentʹer. adj. [< OF < L. etc. n. < assidere sit at.. < ad– at + specere look] as·pen (asʹpәn). asphodelos] as·phyx·i·a (as fikʹsi ә). as·sess (ә sesʹ). pl. —n. is legally transferred. n.. 3 daffodil. –ties. position. group. adj. –dūʹә–). adj. —adj. person to whom property. [< OF asez enough < L ad– to + satis enough] as·sev·er·ate (ә sevʹәr āt). –rat·ed. as·sert (ә sėrtʹ). 1 gather or bring together. 2 lawmaking group. 1 a long-eared mammal of the horse family. convention. as·sas·sin (ә sasʹәn). drug for headaches. meeting. assembly. v. –bling. serving as a patient. < VL exagere weigh] —as·sayʹa·ble. assailing.. 2 appoint. person who assesses taxes.. –ties. [< F < Ital. desire earnestly. —as·sayʹer. n. as·sess·ment (ә sesʹmәnt). 2 property that can be used to pay debts. n.

1 with one leg on each side. astrol. [< F < L. adv. n. help given to put a runner out. —a´sym·metʹric. Cf. 1 institution for the support and care of people who cannot care for themselves. 1 session of a law court. digest.. 4 associate. asylon refuge < a– without + syle right of seizure] a·sym·me·try (ā simʹә tri. adj. etc.. science that deals with spacecraft and space travel. adj. n. that is government-sponsored. dim. adj. an astronomical instrument formerly used for measuring the altitude of the sun or stars.. 3 agree. —as·simʹi·laʹtive·ness. as·sist (ә sistʹ). shrewd. Anat. 1 at or toward the rear of a ship. adj. practical astronomy. Brit. separate. indicate an omission. helper. Law assisʹtor. as´tro·logʹic. —as·toundʹing·ly. candidate. adv.. —as´tro·physʹi·cist. —n. 2 backward. aid. –lating. amaze. 1 having astigmatism. out of the right way. adj. 2 pertaining to association. straying. adv. as alum. 2 suffering from asthma. adj. 1 of astronomy. v. adv. —as´trologʹi·cally. < ad– by + sistere take a stand] —as·sistʹer. Archit. as·trol·o·gy (әs trolʹә ji). amaze. n. n. v. 3 behind. L attonare. associative memory or storage. Fig. [< L < Gk. astron. 2 be absorbed. as–). as·tro·nau·tics (as´trә nôʹtiks). 2 pertaining to astigmatism. —as´tigmatʹi·cal·ly. n. adj. classify.. 3 make like or cause to be like in language. adv. type of computer data memory. having to do with astronomy. or Assn. as·tig·mat·ic (as´tig matʹik). adj. adv. various. convex molding cut into the form of a string of beads. and other celestial bodies. < ad– to + similis like] —as·sim´i·laʹtion. —v. [< a– without + Gk. n. as·sim·i·late (ә simʹә lāt). distances. as the China aster. n. 2 arranged by kinds. —as·sistʹantship. judgment. sudden wonder. a·sy·lum (ә sīʹlәm). as·size (ә sīzʹ). 2 be an assistant. as·sort (ә sôrtʹ). as´ә nôrʹ). classified. adj. [named for Astrakhan] as·tral (asʹtrәl). etc. surprise greatly. as·so·ci·a·tive (ә sōʹshi ā´tiv). –tūtʹ). lack of symmetry. [< OF < Med. [< L. < ad– to + stringere bind] —astrinʹgency. As·tro Turf (asʹtrō tėrf´). as·tro·nom·i·cal (as´trә nomʹә kәl). astronomy. adv. n. adj. a–). < azein breathe hard] asth·mat·ic (az matʹik. [< L. n. science of the sun. adj. 1 absorb. of astoun < OF estoner < VL extonare. arrange in sorts. adj. their composition. adj. astound. n. asʹ–). n. anklebone. —as·tuteʹness. very surprising. defect of the eye or of a lens whereby rays of light fail to converge to a focus. n. Trademark. etc. adj. crafty. incorporate. n. [< L < Gk. 1 sort out. –lat·ed. n. complete a play. thus making objects look indistinct or imperfect. 2 verdict. adv. a district in SW Russia.] —as·tonʹished·ly. adv. [< OF] assn. adj. –li (–lī). soccer. phoney grassroots movement or support for a position. planets.L < Gk. etc. a·strad·dle (ә stradʹәl). adv. ass’n. as·sim·i·la·tive (ә simʹә lā´tiv). customs. [< L < Gk. that can be assimilated. etc. as·tro·naut (asʹtrә nôt). amazing. right. etc. n. events. 4 absorb a consonant sound into the sound before or after it. n. orig. as´tro·nauʹtic. —as´tro·nomʹi·cal·ly. —a´sym·metʹri·cal·ly. < astron star + nomos distribution] as·tro·phys·ics (as´trō fizʹiks). var.. 1 resemblance in sound. adj. as·sim·i·la·ble (ә simʹә lә bәl). as·trin·gent (әs trinʹjәnt). [earlier astoun. a´symmetʹri·cal. assimilating. adv. 2 furnish with various sorts. moon. etc. as·sist·ance (ә sisʹtәns). as·trag·a·lus (as tragʹә lәs). as·tra·chan (asʹtrә kәn). of the stars. a star-shaped mark (*) used in printing and writing to call attention to a footnote. match. a·stig·ma·tism (ә stigʹmә tiz әm). events. 1 tending to associate. n 1 the curly furlike wool on the skin of young lambs from Astrakhan. law of numbers that the product or sum of two or more numbers will not change regardless of their order in combination. (4 + 3) +5 and (5 + 3) + 4 both yield 12.. adj. as·ton·ish (әs tonʹish). adj. adj. v. association football. 1 having the property of shrinking or contracting. astragalos] as·tra·khan.. as·ter·isk (asʹtәr isk).. as a church for a fugitive or country of sanctuary. starry. 2 refuge. help. astronom·ic (–nomʹik). n. mark with an asterisk.. 1 help. etc. branch of astronomy that deals with the physical and chemical characteristics of celestial bodies.42 assignor an assigning. —asʹtronauʹti·cal. as·sign·or (ә sī nôrʹ. help a teammate score or complete a play. lone—show. as·tound (әs toundʹ). v.. [< F. aid. esp. n. —as·simʹila´tor. adj. and coughing.. [< LL < Gk. —as´tro·physʹi·cal. —asth·matʹi·cal·ly. assisting. artificial grass. assisted living. —prep. 3 of or having to do with the associative law of numbers. —as´trologʹi·cal. as·tute (әs tütʹ. n. adj. capital of Paraguay. astride. astronomical. —adj. 2 a woolen cloth resembling it. as·ter (asʹtәr). as·tra·gal (asʹtrә gәl).. into separate parts. person who legally transfers to another some property. as·ton·ish·ing (әs tonʹish ing). 1 great surprise. helping. motions. astronomer. as·tro·turf (asʹtrō tėrf´). n. a pilot or member of a crew of a spacecraft. 2 with legs far apart. positions. of astony astonish] —as·toundʹing. adv. startaking < astron star + lambanein take] as·trol·o·ger (әs trolʹә jәr). stars. —n. the uppermost bone of the tarsus. 2 any starfish. n. n. 2 a substitute for rhyme in which the vowels are alike but the consonants are different. adv. 1 of or pertaining to asthma. in pieces. amazement. astron] a·stray (ә strāʹ). as·tron·o·mer (әs tronʹә mәr). as·ter·oid (asʹtәr oid). —as·trinʹgently. a chronic disease that causes difficulty in breathing. < a– to (< L ad–) + sorte sort] —as·sortʹer. panting. [< F < L. astrology. . [< L < Gk. 2 Archaic. asth·ma (azʹmә. substance that shrinks tissues and checks the flow of blood by contracting blood vessels. sagacious. sizes. association.. a·stride (ә strīdʹ). adv. n. daisylike blossoms. as·tro·labe (asʹtrә lāb).. periodical sessions of court held in each county of England. n. star] —asʹter·like´. as·sort·ed (ә sôrʹtid). [< LL. 4 legal transfer of some property. n. n. talus. adj. n. [var. n. n. 2 plant of some allied genus. —as·tonʹish·er. adj. a feeling of suffocation.. of aster star] a·stern (ә stėrnʹ). right. n. —adv. n. astrolabon. person suffering from asthma. n. n. with one leg on each side of (something). —as´ter·oiʹdal. 1 study of the supposed influence of the stars and planets on persons. as in brave—vain. astrologer. —n. 2 severe. as·so·nance (asʹә nәns). n. n.. solar year. [< L. a·sun·der (ә sunʹdәr). type of housing for people who need some assistance in daily life but are not infirm. person who claims to interpret the influence of the stars and planets on persons. apart. esp. pl. v. —as·sortʹment. aid. in sports. —as·sim´i·la·bilʹity. 2 extremely large. < ad– to + sonare sound] —asʹso·nant. < astus sagacity] —as·tuteʹly.. 3 in sports. period of the earth’s revolution around the sun. adv. as·sist·ant (ә sisʹtәnt). —as·tonʹish·ingly. suit. n. 1 any plant of a widespread genus with colorful. 3 correcting astigmatism. n. —assoʹciaʹtive·ly. a small. associative law. adv. as·tron·o·my (әs tronʹә mi). 2 anything that causes great surprise. astronomical year. —as´sonanʹtal. etc. project. [< Gk. n. 1 selected so as to be of different kinds. < astrum star < Gk. 3 assizes. stigma point] a·stir (ә stėrʹ). adj. expert in astronomy. as·ton·ish·ment (әs tonʹish mәnt). A·sun·ción (ä sün syônʹ). 1 any of the very numerous small planets revolving about the sun between the orbit of Mars and the orbit of Jupiter. in motion. adj. surprise very greatly.

adj. number used in describing an element and giving its relation to other elements. v. crosswise. 2 the Atonement. 8 combine with. legendary sunken island in the Atlantic. atomic theory. –athon or a-thon. in the NW part. bomb that uses the splitting of atoms to cause an explosion of tremendous force. ult. At·lan·tic (at lanʹtik). person trained in exercises of physical strength. the capital of Georgia. —a´tonalʹi·ty. and skill. 2 having. 1 act or state of ——ing. pt. reconciliation of God with sinners through the sufferings and death of Christ. 1 of.. a·tone·ment (ә tōnʹmәnt). industries. at. 1 thirsty. extremely small. atomic pile or reactor. Pallas. as in admiration. At·lan·tis (at lanʹtis). adv. n. speed. very savage or brutal. by. a straight line that continually approaches a curve. adv.) exercises of strength. theory that all matter is composed of atoms. 3 Atlas. a·tri·a (āʹtri ә). magistrate. like. A·te (āʹtē). 2 having to do with. [< L –ativus] At·lan·ta (at lanʹtә). adv. that uses atomic vibrations as its standard of accuracy. arts. 1 resemblance to a remote ancestor. ath·let·i·cism (ath letʹә siz әm). At·a·lan·ta (at´ә lanʹtә). at·el·ier (atʹәl yā). 3 result of ——ing. court. 2 atomic. 3 having to do with NATO and its member nations. < athlon prize] athlete’s foot. most qualified group available for a usually difficult task. ath·e·ne·um (ath´ә nēʹәm). —as´ymp·totʹic. [< NL. —at´avisʹti·cal·ly. 1 active and strong. 2 athletic quality. library. suffix. n. atomic submarine. automatic teller machine at·mos·phere (atʹmәs fir). . ate (āt). no. as in maturate. atomos indivisible < a– not + tomos a cutting] a·tom·ic (ә tomʹik). adv. as in a bomb. toward: look at me. at·a·vism (atʹә viz әm). v. the Greek goddess of blind recklessness. n. See reactor. Athens was famous in ancient times for its art and literature. identified with the Roman goddess Minerva. containing. 2 hall. adj. Chem. make amends (for). weight of an atom of a chemical element. suffix. 2 of. the best. —aʹton´al·isʹtic. A·the·na (ә thēʹnә). 4 on or near the time of: at midnight. a·the·is·ti·cal (–tә kәl). the modern theory that an atom is made of a nucleus of neutrons and protons around which electrons speed. 1 tending to. on the top of. adj. 3 separated into atoms. a ring-shaped coral island enclosing or partly enclosing a lagoon. adj. 2 across the line or course of. atomic age. suffix. involving endurance. orig. produced. as´ymp·totʹical. 7 supply or treat with. –iz·ing. [< L atavus ancestor] —atʹa·vist. atom bomb. 5 cause to be. across from side to side. —at´mos·pherʹi·cal·ly. adv. [< NL < Gk. prep. as in caliphate. a·tilt (ә tiltʹ). giant who supported the heavens on his shoulders. a maiden famous for her beauty and her speed in running. atomic mass. or condition of. 1 of or having to do with. usually in the afternoon. mountain range in NW Africa. 5 surrounding influence. [< L] a·tro·cious (ә trōʹshәs). capital of Greece. against. as in collegiate. [< at onement a being at one.. 1 belief that there is no God. < L astula] a·the·ism (āʹthi iz әm). ath·lete (athʹlēt). n. near: at school. endings] –ate2. and skill. atomic weight.e. Legend. esp. —A·theʹni·an. n. [< atonement] —a·tonʹer. adj. energy present in atoms and released either under control in a reactor or uncontrolled. atomic energy. Gk. [< L –atus. 3 in a condition of: at war. adv. [< F. n. as in alienate. It is the number of positive charges on the nucleus of an atom of the element. Atlas Mountains. n. —prep. as in qualitative. –atum. 2 air in any given place: a damp atmosphere. at·las (atʹlәs). 43 at·oll (atʹol. 2 caused. a highly accurate clock. pile of chips. 1 the practice of athletics. a·tin·gle (ә tingʹgәl). 3 any of various cavities or sacs in marine animals. —a·troʹciousness. —a·tonʹal·ly. as in stellate. adv. on or at the top. suffix. < Gk. 2 condition or state of being ——ed. it). extending to Europe and Africa. like. 1 (usually pl. minute. mass of an atom. n. submarine powered by a reactor. adj. adj. 3 mass of gases that surrounds any celestial body. n. Gk. adv... as in aerate. 2 a very small particle. n. —atʹom·izʹer. tiny bit. adj. v. < OF astele chip. n. —n. as in agitation. —a´the·isʹtical·ly. from 4th declension nouns] A team. 2 reversion to a primitive type. loss. 2 reading room. 1 giving satisfaction for a wrong. or worked by the atmosphere. in. Greek goddess of wisdom. –ate1. atheos denying the gods < a– without + theos a god] —aʹthe·ist. as in oxygenate. Also. 1 across. one who competes. n. Legend. a·toned. atmos vapor + sphaira sphere] at·mos·pher·ic (at´mәs ferʹik). or having to do with the atmosphere. atmospherics. adj.. 3 in opposition to. 6 produce. —prep. pl.. —at´om·i·zaʹtion. 5 because of. 1 the main room of an ancient Roman house. 3 having the form of. n. 4 become. adj. [? < Malayalam a¸ al uniting] d at·om (atʹәm). Also. studio. n. Pallas Athena. a·ton·ing. –ized. of eat. a contagious skin disease of the feet. n. a·tone (ә tōnʹ). as in ulcerate. 2 change (a liquid) into a fine spray. A-bomb. atomic bomb. < a– without + taxis order] —a·taxʹic. or suited to an athlete. adj. n. n. workshop. 1 separate into atoms. [< F. in the SE part. an informal reception. later regarded as an avenging goddess. —at´mos·pherʹi·cal. a·thirst (ә thėrstʹ). abominable. —a·tonʹal·ism. —as´ymp·totʹi·cal·ly. amends. irregularity in bodily functions or muscular movements. Am. 1 book of maps. adv. a walkathon to raise money for the hospital. era marked by the first use of atomic energy. n. Gk. [< L –atio] –ative. 4 having to do with active games and sports. 5 Fig. n. tingling. caused by a fungus. –ation. —a·tomʹi·cal. 2 godless living. inability to coordinate voluntary movements. Math. in accord] a·top (ә topʹ). at·om·ize (atʹәm īz). office. 1 atmosphere. esp. a·tri·um (āʹtri әm).) the principles of athletic training: athletics is recommended for every student. adj. adj. adj. n. 2 book of plates or tables illustrating any subject. 1 in. —ath·letʹical·ly. physical atomic weight. ocean east of North and South America. ә tolʹ). the air. ath·let·ics (ath letʹiks). pp. Ath·ens (athʹәnz). a·thwart (ә thwôrtʹ). as in sulfate. n. 1 scientific or literary club. A·the·ne (–nē). n. atomic clock. 1 air that surrounds the earth. radio static. ath·let·ic (ath letʹik). n. n. as in compassionate. —at´a·visʹtic. n. ath·e·nae·um. 2 (usually as sing. 4 of or pertaining to atomic bombs. adv. especially of a difficult or exhausting event: a six-day sale-athon. at-home (әt hōmʹ).. tilted. without tonality. [special use of –ate1] –ate3. 4 unit of pressure equal to 14. 3 for ahtletes. and prudent warfare. adj. a·ton·al (ā tōnʹәl). atomic number. 1 of.S. on.. 2 using atomic energy. on. [< L < Gk. —a·troʹcious·ly. ATM. n. n. i.. as in civilization. rule. or near the Atlantic Ocean. 1 smallest particle of a chemical element that can take part in a chemical reaction without being permanently changed. [< L < Gk. combining form. n. make up. [OE œt] at. speed.69 pounds per square inch. 2 eager. —adj. 2 very bad. as in talkative. suffix. 1 very wicked or cruel.. or injury. n. a salt formed by the action of an ——ic acid on a base. a·the·is·tic (ā´thi isʹtik). n. unstressed әt. atomic number. of atheism or atheists. —a·tomʹical·ly. 1 of or having to do with atoms. at (at. 2 to.atrocious as·ymp·tote (asʹim tōt). but does not meet it within a finite distance. n. active games and sports: athletics include baseball and basketball. n. 2 of or on the Atlantic coast of the U. a·tax·i·a (ә takʹsi ә). adv.. adj. [< L –atus.

—n. 1 wearing away by friction. —interj. 5 bond of affection. —attackʹer.. –tūd). at·tor·ney (ә tėrʹni). 2 act or fact of attacking. n. 2 a being attached. magnetic. 1 make an effort at. 1 act of attending. v. 3 offensive part of an action or proceeding. ancestor of OF tache a fastening. —n. 2 thing attributed. v. —attemptʹer. At·ti·ca (atʹә kә). 3 apply oneself. n. –tuning. person belonging to the official staff of an ambassador or minister to a foreign country. 3 accomplishment. adj.. n. an attributive word. 1 fasten (to). —n. 1 waiting on another to help or serve. v. of Athens. 1 very great wickedness or cruelty. —n. as the horizon. 5 make an attack. n. at·ten·u·ate (ә tenʹu āt).. 2 that attributes. 1 lawyer. n. –ut·ing. at·ten·tion (ә tenʹshәn). [< L attractus < ad– to + trahere draw] —at·tractʹa·ble. at·trib·ute (v. Athenian. adv. —at·tribʹut·er. [< Pers. 7 take (property) by legal authority. that relaxes muscles and dilates the pupil of the eye. —at·tenʹtive·ly. n. 5 fasten itself. criticize: the article attacked the mayor’s record. In the phrase “big brown dog. at·tractʹer. achieve. < ad– to + tangere touch] —attainʹa·ble. 2 be pleasing to. adj. 2 attracting. testify. 1 condemn to death and loss of property and civil rights. 2 accompanying thing or event. b the chief law officer of a state of the United States. at·ta·ché (atʹә shāʹ. 2 declare to be true or genuine. < LL aptitudo aptitude] at·ti·tu·di·nize (at´ә tüʹdә nīz. 3 present: attendant hearers. as on one’s life. —attenʹtive·ness. –tuned. < ad– to + testis witness] —at´tes·taʹtion.] —atʹtachéʹship. stand straight and still. 1 think of as caused by: attributed her success to hard work. < ad– toward + tendere stretch] —at·tendʹer. 1 expressing a quality or attribute.d. 1 pleasing. winning attention and liking. v. 433–453. 3 very bad blunder as something inappropriate or in bad taste. 3 position of an aircraft. 453. v. [< OF atirer arrange < a– to (< L ad-) + tire row < Gmc. —at·tirʹer. n. n. n.. attorney general. by F taindre taint] at·tain·ment (ә tānʹmәnt). which holds them together. 4 affix: attach one’s signature. put in tune or accord. 3 person who is present. 1. adj. at·tend·ance (ә tenʹdәns). n. at·tar (atʹәr).. loss of property and civil rights as the result of being sentenced to death or being outlawed.. n. of an admirer.” big and brown are attributives. n. certify. –at˙ ing. n. n. —attribʹutive·ness. < ad– to + tribuere assign. 1 act or power of attracting. v. n. 3 assign. 2 thing that delights or attracts people. at·tain (ә tānʹ). concentration. fascinate. n. ә tribʹūt. perfume made from the petals of roses or other flowers. adj. –tired. command to soldiers to come to attention. adj. adj. pl. attaccare. [< L. [< OF atachier < L ad– to + Gmc. fastening. array. at·ti·tude (atʹә tüd. waste away. 3 care and thought. at·trib·u·tive (ә tribʹyә tiv). such as a servant. 1 disposition or manner toward a person or thing. accomplish. ability. –tūʹ–). king of the Huns a. at·tracʹtive·ly. —at·tractʹa·bilʹity.. n. 1 sudden occurrence of illness. n. atty. pp. adj. n. Atropos one of the Fates] at·tach (ә tachʹ). attentions. v. reduce. at·tend (ә tendʹ). 3 begin to work vigorously on: attack a problem. assail. at·tri·bu·tion (at´rә būʹshәn). all-terrain vehicle. at·tack (ә takʹ). . 3 thing attached. pay attention: attend to directions.). 1 act or fact of attending. 2 attributive. at·tribʹu·tor. 3 adjective. 2 gain. adj. –pin). 4 force exerted by molecules on one another. 4 act harmfully on: a virus that attacks both young and old. r] t at·tempt (ә temptʹ). v. appoint: a captain attached to a new ship. —at·tainʹa·bilʹi·ty. [< L. at·tract (ә traktʹ). n. 2 person who has power to act for another. –phied. 2 weaken. 3 of or like an attribute. adj. or office. 3 charm. trait. < atrox fierce < ater dark] at·ro·phy (atʹrә fi). at·tain·der (ә tānʹdәr). 2 any gradual process of wearing down: war of attrition. etc. at·ro·pin (–pin). civility. ә tūnʹ). 4 go with. 2 courteous. as by effort or progress. [< OF ataindre attain. < ad– + temptare try] —attemptʹa·ble. 1 be present at: attend class. a wasting away of a part or parts of the body. ATV. 1 act of attributing. —n. at·tach·ment (ә tachʹmәnt). [< OF < L. posture. [< F < L Atticus Attic < Gk. 1 the chief law officer of a country. 2 simple. —atʹtituʹdinizʹer. [< F < Ital. 1 giving attention. 4 start of vigorous work on something. n. divide among the tribes < tribus tribe] —at·tribʹut·a·ble. 2 ability to give care and thought. C17H23NO3. care for. 2 talk or write against. See attach. 2 a low story above an entablature or main cornice of a building. 3 succeed in coming to or getting. a characteristic.. 1 give proof or evidence of. n. 2 something attained. esp.. refined. 2 disgrace.d. [< L. n. 1 act or fact of attaining. v. at·test (ә testʹ). 6 legal taking of a property. n.. appoint < a– to + tourner turn] —at·torʹney·ship. 2 try to take or destroy (life. etc. 3 make less dense. adv. come to attention.] —at·tireʹment. 1 of Attica. ә tashʹā). a nail. tune. –tir·ing. n. [< OF ataint. [< L. agent. v. district in ancient Greece which included Athens. n. purpose emotion. [< OF ataindre < VL. atʹrә būt). [< F < Ital. at·tri·tion (ә trishʹәn). rank.] At·tic (atʹik). n.] at·ten·tive (ә tenʹtiv). —at·tempt´a·bilʹi·ty. < Ar. 6 bind by affection: attached to his dog. in flight in relation to some reference line or plane. tend: a nurse attended the injured. n. n. acts of devotion or courtesy. 2 going with as a result. 5 military attitude of readiness.44 atrocity a·troc·i·ty (ә trosʹә ti). at·trac·tion (ә trakʹshәn). v. –ties. n. stand at attention. ascribe. died a. —n. 3 bear witness. 2 an attack. 2 persons attending. alluring. n. < ad– + tenuis thin] —attenʹu·aʹtion. endeavor. 2 consider (something) as belonging or appropriate (to a person or thing). adj. orig. n. —at·testʹer. 1 an attaching. n. atomic weight. attn or attn. dilute. [< L. n. win the attention and liking of. attorneys general. pose. 1 draw to oneself: a magnet attracts iron. n. of atourner assign.. 2 a the chief law officer of the United States. n. deference. adj. at·trac·tive (ә trakʹtiv). assault. at·taint (ә tāntʹ). 1 make or become thin or slender. 1 attribute. —at·tracʹtive·ness. pose for effect. wt. adj. –nized. adj. 1 a putting forth of effort to accomplish something. polite. 1 space just below the roof in a house. as a problem or task. at·tic (atʹik).. v. 2 very cruel or brutal act. [< L attentio. —v. [< LL < Gk. accompany: attend the king. take a straight and still position. at. adj. esp. try. At·ti·la (atʹә lә). attrib. 2 position of the body appropriate to an action. obtained from belladonna and similar plants. n. See attach. —at·tainʹer. 2 an object considered appropriate to a person. v. disgrace. —n. n. 1 use force or weapons on to hurt. spacecraft. pl. arrive at in due course. n. [< NL Atropa belladonna < Gk. etc. n. at·tire (ә tīrʹ).. v. belong: the blame attaches to you. —at·tribʹu·tive·ly. fascination. symbol. –at·ed. word or phrase used as an adjective. 6 wait on. [< F. n. etc. at·ro·pine (atʹrә pēn. n. adv. –phying. attorney. pl. application. See attend. a poisonous drug. [< L attritio < ad– against + terere rub] at·tune (ә tünʹ. accompanying. 1 a quality considered as belonging to a person or thing. attention.. 2 join. —atʹro·phied. dress.] —at·tackʹa·ble.. something difficult. 4 means of attaching. 5 go with as a result: disease attends filth. of ataindre attain] —at·taintʹment. –neys. [< OF atourné. n. —v.] —at·tachʹa·ble. attorney generals. —at·tracʹtor. —attuneʹment. attainʹa·ble·ness. reach. 4 courtesy. infl. < a– without + trophe nourishment] —a·trophʹic.. —attachedʹ. –niz·ing. –ut·ed. credit: attribute loyalty to a dog. 2 give care and thought. 1 person who waits on another. See tack. n. at·tesʹtor. i. discomfort. elegant. at·tend·ant (ә tenʹdәnt). pp.

Aus·tin (ôsʹtәn). in the SW part. ō grä tanʹ). Scot. See def. Aus.. –tō´–). ult. —au·daʹcious·ness. –rōʹ–). adj. au·rochs (ôʹroks). indication of success. 1 European bison. or magazine. n. favorable. frequency of sound vibrations from about 20 to about 20. adj. theater. Au·gus·tine (ôʹgәs tēn. 2 rude boldness. 2 art or practice of foretelling the future. n. Scot. n. as in audiovisual sound and sight. [ L. au·rae (ôʹrē). yielding gold. gräʹtәn. of auris ear] —auʹri·cled. 1 person who audits accounts. reproduction of sound. —v. adj. orig. adv. till we see each other again. Aust. [< Scand. 1 auspices. n. 1 encircling radiance. sign. bishop of N Africa and one of the great leaders in the early Christian church. —auʹdi·bly. austeros < auein dry] —aus·tereʹly. personified in ritual service. adj. streamers or bands of light appearing in the sky at night. 2 auditorium. 3. —aug·mentʹer. pl. [< L. I hear] audio-. adv. au·re·ate (ôʹri it. au·rif·er·ous (ô rifʹәr әs). 1 Saint. as sound waves. < augere increase] au·gu·ry (ôʹgyә ri). John James. 1 audience. < aurum gold] au·re·ole (ôʹri ōl). 3 divination or prophecy. n. —au·roʹral. 2 Saint. adv. 1 predict. severity. —augmentʹa·tive. 1 of or near the ear. auld (ôld). 2 something that comes from or is given off by a substance. or both. 1 a chamber of the heart that receives the blood from the veins. au·di·ence (ôʹdi әns). a naught taken as an aught] aug·ment (ôg mentʹ). —adj. n. n. –ā´lis. n. glowing. adj. n.. 1 priest in ancient Rome who made predictions and gave advice. n. growth (of crops). concerts. —v. as the scent of freshly mown hay. capable of being heard. . [< L. n. 1 something supposed to come from and surround a person or thing as an atmosphere. 2 be a sign. pl. < re– again + videre see] au·ri·cle (ôʹrә kәl). ô gusʹtin). adj. 1 hearing. 1 sternness. < augere increase] —aug·mentʹable. adj. stern in manner.. [< L < Gk. not typical. —v. n. 2 favorable circumstance. severe practices. n. –to·ri·a (–tôʹri·ә. —auspiʹcious·ly. n. au·di·o·phile (ôʹdi ә fīl´). 3 hearer. n. adj. 2 aurora.d. [< F < L auspicium < avis bird + specere look at. nothing. —v. Also. b outer part of the ear. 14. sell at an auction. 63 b. mobile telephones.Austin 45 a·typ·i·cal (atipʹә kәl). aus·pice (ôsʹpis). reddish brown. adj. Au. —au·roʹrally. impudent. n. or the organs of hearing. —aus·piʹcious·ness. n. power < augere to increase] —au·gustʹly. 3 power or sense of hearing. 2 person who attends a course. 2 prophet. of the ear. n. old. audio frequency. containing 31 days. –to·ri·ums. adj. give (a person) an audition. person who conducts auctions. 2 strict in selfdiscipline or in self-restraint. inspiring reverence and admiration.] au·ral (ôʹrәl). the eighth month of the year. adj. etc. died a. pl. esp. 2 Austria.) < L audacia. —n. au·di·to·ri·um (ô´dә tôʹri әm.L. 2 a ring of light surrounding the sun. adv. [< F. aus·pi·ces (ôsʹpә siz). but not for credit toward a degree. n. —v. n. adj. < audere dare] —au·daʹcious·ly. au·ras. tape record¯ ing of sound. 1 an official examination and check of accounts.. the sense of hearing. n. 3 chance to be heard.. [< L < Gk. au·dac·i·ty (ô dasʹә ti). (Augustus Caesar). abnormal. foretell. 2 act of hearing. [< L auricula. now almost extinct. 2 sound. 2 said privately. –ries. northern sea bird with short wings used only as paddles. [OE nafugār. revoir < L. au·gur (ôʹgәr). n.–a. etc. n. 2 extinct wild ox. Also. 3 Austrian. 14. —auʹral·ly. [after Augustus] au·gust (ô gustʹ). –rochs. [< Med. 2 of or pertaining to the transmission or reception of sound in television. 1785–1851. 3 severely simple. au·re·o·la (ô rēʹә lә). aunt (ant. < unrecorded augus increase. änt). American ornithologist and artist. Au·gus·ta (ô gusʹtә). of or having to do with hearing. etc. 1 a large room for an audience in a church. 5 act or fact of hearing. small kind of auk. 1 Australia. 1 harsh to the feelings. 2 statement of an account that has been examined and checked authoritatively. cooked with crumbs or cheese.d. n.. n. au grat·in (ō gratʹәn. [OE āwiht < ā– ever + wiht a thing] aught2 (ôt). capital of Texas in the C part.. ālka] auk·let (ôkʹlit). combining form. Au·gust (ôʹgәst). 4 formal interview with a person of high rank. 2 fortunate. 5 having to do with an auricle of the heart. —Au´gus·tinʹi·an. school. 1 a hearing to test the voice of a singer. bō´–). ought. –ries. Aus·sie (ôʹsē).. au lait (ō lāʹ). –tōʹ–). —n. n. 2 building especially designed for the giving of lectures. 2 uncle’s wife. majestic. v. au·di·tor (ôʹdә tәr). a public sale in which each thing is sold to the highest bidder. n. 2 too bold. gold. 2 brilliant. [< L auctio < augere increase] auc·tion·eer (ôk´shәn irʹ).c. etc. 1 golden. 2 any person within hearing. reckless daring. adj. [< L. 1 people gathered in a place to hear or see. –tō–). [see naught. aus·ter·i·ty (ôs terʹә ti). n. 6 readers of a book. adv. n. Fr. having to do with hearing. –ties. < L audire hear] —au´di·bilʹi·ty. adj. increase. 1 boldness. listener. speaker. n. Aug.–a. [< OF auborne < L alburnus whitish < albus white. 604. hearing. tool for boring holes in wood. sell at an auction. aus·tere (ôs tirʹ). au·ric·u·lar (ô rikʹyә lәr).000 cycles per second. au·ger (ôʹgәr). zīn´). Roman monk sent to preach Christianity in England in a. 2 austerities. 1 Roman goddess of the dawn. etc. n. 2 earlike part. 1 Australia. dim.] aus·pi·cious (ôs pishʹәs). confused with brown] auc·tion (ôkʹshәn).d. < audace daring (n. [< OF < L amita father’s sister] au·ra (ôʹrә). adv. 4 shaped like an ear. 1 bold. 2 Austria. 1 examine and check (accounts) officially. au·burn (ôʹbәrn). 4 omen. 354–430. sign. —aug´men·taʹtion.d. pl. pl. one made from the flight of birds. 1 sister of one’s father or mother. 1 indication. August. auld lang syne (ôldʹ lang sīnʹ. n. French. increase. au·di·ble (ôʹdә dәl). -āt). [< F.c. adv. —Au·gusʹtan. French with milk. appar. adj. 3 perceived by the sense of hearing. streamers or bands of light appearing in the northern sky at night. pl. [< OF < L audientia hearing < audire hear] au·di·o (ôʹdi ō). 27 b. n. person who is an enthusiast of high-fidelity sound reproduction. title of Gaius Octavianus (Octavian) as first emperor of Rome. n. n. anything: you may go for aught I care. adj. appar. [< L aureola (corona) golden (crown) < aurum gold] au re·voir (ō rә vwärʹ). at all: help came too late to avail aught. newspaper. n. capital of Maine. au·da·cious (ô dāʹshәs). 4 somber. aurora bo·re·a·lis (bö´ri alʹis.. au·dit (ôʹdit). n. omen.d. nought. adv. streamers or bands of light appearing in the southern sky at night. —auʹdi·torship´.. rock. 2 attend (a course) as an auditor.. n. zero. n. [< L. old times. auk (ôk). a nave borer < nafu nave of a wheel + gār spear. auʹdi·ble·ness. [< L. good-by. pl. n. adj. Australian. gilded. adj. 597.. ME a nauger taken as an auger] aught1 (ôt). fortuneteller. long ago in one’s life. Au·gus·tus (ô gusʹtәs). —au·gustʹness. adj. halo. [< G auerochs] Au·ro·ra ô rôʹrә. especially electronically. n. cipher. 1 with signs of success. —au·ricʹu·lar·ly. –ties. au·di·o·tape (ôʹdē o tāp´). as in audiometer device that measures hearings. daring. < aurum gold + ferre bear] —au·rifʹer·ous·ly. enlarge. —adv. [< L auditus a hearing < audire hear] au·di·tion (ô dishʹәn). patronage.. venerable. pl. adj. ought. au·di·to·ry (ôʹdә tô´ri. n. aurora aus·tra·lis (ôs trāʹlis). 1 having to do with electronic frequencies that are audible. adv. Au·du·bon (ôʹdә bon). a.

au·to·nomi·cal (–ә kәl). 1 person who writes books. —au´thor·i·zaʹtion. adj. adj. 2 write with one’s own hand. n. [< F < L auctoritas] au·thor·ize (ôʹthәr īz). [< F. au·tos·da-fé 1 public ceremony accompanying the passing of sentence by the Spanish Inquisition. Austl.. n. —au·thorʹi·ta´tive·ly. adj. passenger vehicle with four wheels that is self-propelled. —au·thorʹita´tive·ness. 4 expert on some subject. pl. n. v. –chies. au·tos. b independent of external stimuli. < L actus and fides] au·to·fo·cus (ô´tә fōʹkәs). a government officials. au·to·crat (ôʹtә krat). n. Authorized Version. –bi–). n. 1 selfgoverning. adj. favoring obedience to authority instead of individual freedom. 2 establish the authorship of. pl. ou´–). v. n. —au´to·cratʹi·cally. au·to·graph (ôʹtә graf.46 Austl. Australia. person who supports authoritarian principles. —auʹthor·iz´er. country that includes this continent and Tasmania. cooking. 2 source. 2 absolute authority. adj.. 2 reacting independently. caused by internal stimuli. au·to·clave (ôʹtә klāv). spontaneous. as certain muscular reactions. ô´tә mә bēlʹ. au·to·mate (ôʹtә māt). adj. 2 automatic quality. [< Gk. dispenses withdrawals. adj. self-donated: an autologous blood transfusion. adv. —au´to·troph´ic. adj. 3 source of correct information or wise advice. automatic pilot. 1 film director whose films have the distinctive personal style of an author. au´to·bi´o·graphʹi·cal. [< L < Gk. au·then·ti·cal (–tә kәl). [< automation] au·to·mat·ic (ôʹtә matʹik). and nearby islands. 2 make legal. au·tar·ky (ôʹtär ki). < auto– self + kratos strength] au·to-da-fé (ô´tō dә fāʹ. –shә). –tәn). 1 continent SE of Asia. adj. 2 autarky. operate automatically by self-regulating controls. 1 of automobiles. a former monarchy in C Europe. au·tom·a·ton (ô tomʹә ton. —v. au·to·im·mu·ne (ô´tō i myünʹ). adv. 2 act of burning a heretic. 2 self-moving. –biled. au·ton·o·mous (ô tonʹә mәs). n. Aus·tri·a (ôsʹtri ә). pl. [< F. 1 having authority. 2 authorized. the ganglia and nerves that control digestive and other involuntary reactions. au·to·nom·ic (ô´tә nomʹik). au·ton·o·my (ô tonʹә mi). 2 influence that creates respect and confidence. writer. stories. –mies.. —Ausʹtro-Hun·garʹi·an .. Tasmania. 2 a self-governing community. au·thor (ôʹthәr). 1 establish the truth of. 1 transplanted from one’s own body. n. ә thorʹ–). au·thor·i·ty (ә thôrʹә ti. adj. on automatic pilot. 2 author. act of the faith. 2. adj. combining form. –cat·ing. –phies. pl. altitude. au´to·cratʹi·cal.. cook or sterilize using an autoclave.. 3 of plants. adj. 3 thing able to move itself. au·thor·ized (ôʹthәr īzd). au·to·ma·tion (ô´tә māʹshәn). etc. New Zealand. n.. adj. n. 2 donated and preserved for one’s own future use. –mat·ed. independence of imports from other nations. automatic pistol or rifle. n. [< OF < L auctor < augere increase] au· thor· i· tar· i· an (ә thôr´ ә tãrʹ i әn.. adj. the King James Version. 1 person or animal whose actions are purely mechanical. n. –mōʹbēl). n. adj. –cat·ed. or articles. adj. auto–. French. n. n.... as in autobiography. –tons. country in C Europe. reloading itself. 2 person having unlimited power over a group of persons. Australia. –ta (–tә). [< Pg. n.. Aus·tri·a-Hun·ga·ry (ôsʹtri ә hungʹgә ri). characterized by an inability to relate to others. n. n. 1 southern. Aus·tral·ia (ôs trālʹyә). pl. —v. au·then·tic (ô thenʹtik). autopilot. 2 genuine: an authentic signature. —n. 1 author.. pl. [< Gk. autonomic nervous system. medical examination of a dead body to find the cause of death. automatic focus of a camera lens. 1 legal power to enforce obedience. b persons in control. adj. –sies. Fig. attacking the body’s own cells: autoimmune response. in Germany. 1 government having absolute power over its citizens. origin. —au·thenʹti·ca´tor. —auʹtar·kist.. n.. 2 supported by authority. creator. au·tar·chy (ôʹtär ki). –gräf). au·teur (ô tœrʹ). —v. n. n. aus·tral (ôs´trәl). . au·top·sy (ôʹtop si. or Austr. electronic banking machine that receives deposits. < auto– for oneself + opsis a seeing] au·to·sug·ges·tion ô´ tō sәg jesʹchәn. 1 reliability.. 2 automobile.. Aus·tro·ne·sia (ô´strō nēʹzhә). suggestion to oneself of ideas that produce actual effects. automatic teller machine. 3 autonomous. –bēl. [< Gk. adj. n. South and mid-Pacific islands. which is marked secretly. –bahns. —n. 1 self. organism capable of making its own food from inorganic substances. spontaneous.. n. also (before vowels and h). —Ausʹtri·an. jurisdiction. 1 moving or acting by itself: automatic pump. —Ausʹtro·ne´sian. 2 an author’s publications: have you read this author? 3 person who creates or begins anything. control. closed vessel used for sterilizing. 2 a done unconsciously. 1 of or having to do with the autonomic nervous system. n. adv.. sanction. n. 2 Austral. —au´to·bi´o·graphʹic.. adv. ôʹtә mә bēl. au·thor·ship (ôʹthәr ship). —au´tobi´o·graphʹi·cal·ly. 1 autocracy. a four-lane highway with no speed limit. as in autobus.. —au·then´ti·caʹtion. au·tism (ô´tizʹәm). < auto– by oneself + hentes one who acts] —authenʹti·cal·ly. officially ordered. justify. automatic pilot. ballot with the names of all candidates on it. v. —au·tarʹki·cal. n. 2 machine that has its motive power concealed. Aus·tral·ian ballot (ôs trālʹyәn). –cies. autarʹchi·cal. n. 3 of a firearm. n. —Aus·tralʹian. n.. unlimited power over a group. 2 in plants. —au·to·crat´ic. au·to (ôʹtō). adj. –kies. pistol. n. ә thorʹ–). adj. –bil·ing. v. au·to·bi·og·ra·phy (ô´tә bī ogʹrә fi... 1 ruler who has absolute power. 1 occupation of an author. prestige. au·to·pi·lot (ôʹtә pī´lәt). —au·tarʹchic. 1 reliable: an authentic count. –sә jesʹ–). —au·tis´tic. pl.. adv. aut–] Au·to·bahn (ouʹtō bän´). < auto– self + L clavis key] au·toc·ra·cy (ô tokʹrә si). 5 legal opinion that can serve as a precedent. etc. [< L.. au·to·troph (ôʹtә trof). the English translation of the Bible published in 1611. n. 1 power or right of self-government. adj. acting by one’s self] au·to·mo·bile (n. n. pl. travel by automobile. [see automaton] —au´to·matʹi·cal·ly. n. 3 give authority for. [< autom(atic) + (oper)ation] au·tom·a·tism (ô tomʹә tiz әm). 1 use of automatic controls and systems to operate machinery. n. pl. –thor´–). –iz·ing. n. of or having to do with the automobile. adj.] au·to·mo·tive (ô´tә mōʹtiv). n. au·tol·o·gous (ô´tolʹәg әs). 1 person’s signature. n. n. v. au·thor·i·ta·tive (ә thôrʹә tā´tiv. auto-intoxication. 3 that ought to be believed or obeyed. 2 commanding: authoritative tones. independent. 2 genuineness. adv.. etc. au·then·ti·cate (ô thenʹtә kāt). pl. ô´tә mōʹbil. adj. ôʹtәp–). pl. —au´tobi·ogʹra·pher. 3 authoritative. –ized. convert to or make use of automation. empower. automobile. —adj.. < auto– of oneself + nomos law] —autonʹo·mist. n. disorder that appears in young children. —Aus´tral·aʹsian. 1 write one’s signature in or on. mechanism in an aircraft or spacecraft that regulates its course. akin to east] Aus·tral·a·sia (ôs´trәl āʹzhә. as the beating of the heart. 1 having authority.. method of making a production line. –mō´bēl. a strong. 1 action not controlled by the will. n. 1 give power or right to. n. adj. –ties. –mating. au·then·tic·i·ty (ô´then tisʹә ti). See mobile. —au·thor´i·tarʹi·an·ism. auth. —au·tonʹo·mous·ly. 2 Commonwealth of. b Australasian... n. n. n. [< NL < Gk. the authorities. [< Gk. etc. acting or behaving without thinking. 2 something written in a person’s own handwriting. a Australian. < auster the south wind. etc. —n. ô´tә mә bēlʹ. story of a person’s life written by himself or herself.

make use of. See equinox. fem. —av´a·riʹcious·ness. art or science of navigating aircraft.. —a·voidʹa·bly. interj. A·ve Ma·ri·a (äʹvā mә rēʹә. A. [< OF. adv. literature. the lower world. awaken to. av´i-). āʹvē). the sacred writings of ancient Zoroastrianism. 1 pear-shaped tropical fruit with a dark green skin. prize. —A·verʹnal. conscious. v. n. interj. avʹәn). city in SE France. 2 guarantee. av·o·set (avʹә set). [< L avunculus mother’s brother. —a·voidʹance. the prayer Ave Maria. ә väntʹ).. 2 the prayer. < a– to (< OF < L ad– + vail < F < L valere be worth] a·vail·a·ble (ә vālʹә bәl). v.] —awaitʹer. adv. 1 helping. be of use or value to. 2 average. ult. acknowledge. avenue. [< L autumnus] —au·tumʹnal. a·verse (ә vėrsʹ). hail! farewell! —n. A·ve Mar·y (āʹvē mãrʹi). 3 the aircraft industry. do. äʹvē). alert. n. 3 way of approach or departure. n. a·ware (ә wārʹ). adv. n. a·venged. autumnal equinox. 1 of an uncle. class of vertebrates comprising the birds. —adj. avosetta] a·void (ә voidʹ). 2 auxiliary verb. n. he will go. n. 1 obtained by averaging. avoid. be in store for. —a·vengʹer. avʹәr ij). n. [< F avarie damage to ship or cargo < Ar. awak·ing. v. benefit. n. [< OF avoir de pois (goods that) have weight < L habere have. –zilʹә–). pp. n. 1 strong or fixed dislike. arouse. hobby. –aged. a·vow·al (ә vouʹәl). adj. stop! stay! [prob. they are lost. n. 1 something given after careful consideration. infl. pilot. [OE āwacian + OE onwœcnan] a·wak·en (ә wākʹәn). < Du. —adj. —v. etc. of avus grandfather] a·wait (ә wātʹ). of avenir < L. dim. [< L avidus < avere desire eagerly] —a·vidʹi·ty. n. avoirdupois weight. —a·vowʹed·ly. 2 that can be had. a·woke or a·waked. 1 get revenge for. –dos. [< OF < L. av·id (avʹid). [< L. turn aside. [< AF var. can.. a·venging. < a– for (< L ad–) + waitier wait < Gmc. a·ward (ә wôrdʹ). 1 flying in aircraft. pl.. foreign or allied troops that help the army of a nation at war. eager. Myth. realize. –ar·ies. < L ad– to + verus true] —a·verʹment. —adj. n. such as be. person who flies an aircraft. See vouch. 1 find the average of.. v. 1 season of the year between summer and winter. 3 do on an average: he averages six hours work a day. a·vun·cu·lar (ә vungʹkyә lәr). be expectant. opposed. a·vow (ә vouʹ). adv. n. a·verred. adj. rocketry. of ships or boots. 3 in law. < L avis bird] a·vi·a·tor (āʹvi ā´tәr. moods. 2 at a distance. science of adapting electronic devices to aviation. 2 like an uncle. 3 wait. verb used to form the tenses. v. use.. far. river in C England. [appar. experimental and inventive. a·way (ә wāʹ). < ad– to + venire come] a·ver (ә vėrʹ. n. n. 3 ratio or percentage that indicates a record of achievement or success. sliding or falling down a mountainside.. adj. adj. come to realize. ordinary amount or rate. A·vi·gnon (ä vē nyônʹ). –nü). adj. 1 quantity found by dividing the sum of all the quantities by the number of quantities: the average of 3. < ab– away + vocare to call] av·o·cet. running at right angles to others called “streets. unwilling. 1 helper. adj. av·er·age (avʹrij. < a– (< L ad–) + vouer < VL votare vow] —a·vowʹer. interj. < auxilium aid] auxiliary verb. n. –lanch·ing. Ave. [< OF. a·vowed (ә voudʹ). a·wak·en·ing (ә wākʹәn ing). Avenue. avʹi-). of OF esvuidier empty. 2 design and manufacture of aircraft. make void. knowing. —n. n. —n.. —a·vertʹi·ble. —a·vailʹably. < L ab– from + vertere turn] —a·vert´edly. 2 additional. and astronautics. ә wôshʹ). Rom. aux or aux. 2 decision by a judge. adj. —n. pl. adv. in front] a·ve (äʹvā. Archaic. 1 just covered with water.] —a·wardʹa·ble. 1 give after careful consideration. antipathy. avail oneself of. adj. a·vast (ә vastʹ. and may: I am going.. –länch). [< OF < LL. —v. ә västʹ). [< F. 1 “Hail Mary!”. greedy. –lanched.. v. n. in art. realizing. go away! [< F < L ab ante forward.. 1 wait for. < avarus greedy] —av´a·riʹcious. 2 have as an average. assert. adjudge. state to be true. n. A·ver·nus (ә vėrʹnәs). help.. [< OF. —v. system of weighing in which a pound containing sixteen ounces is used. [< avi(ation) + (electr)onics] av·o·ca·do (av´ә käʹdō. awake to. they were lost.. 1 keep away from. take advantage of. assistant. n. –ag·ing.V. [< L] A·ves·ta (ә vesʹtә). a·venge (ә venjʹ). 2 washed over. n. n. ’awārīya damage from sea water. 2 efficacy for a purpose. 1 that can be used. openly declared. v. being an average: an average price. n. of OF esguarder observe. a·vail (ә vālʹ). aid. —n. [< F < Swiss F lavenche. [< L] Ave. 2 object of dislike. adv. ave. act of awaking. –shәn). expect. pl. n. of aguacate < Mexican ahuacatl] 47 av·o·ca·tion (av´ә kāʹshәn). adv. n. a·vailʹa·ble·ness.. n. affirm. and 10 is 6. [OE gewœr] —a·wareʹness. —a·vertʹer. adj. var.. admitted. n. adv. 2 season of maturity. 2 decide or settle by law. 2 be ready for. n. 2 keep out of the way of. passage. < avis bird] a·vi·a·tion (ā´vi āʹshәn. a·wake (ә wākʹ). [< F < avant forward + garde guard] —a·vantʹ-gardʹist. 1 prevent. not asleep.] —a·verseʹly. —adj. music. ordinary: average intelligence. 1 help. v. —a·verseʹness. av·e·nue (avʹә nü. decide < L ex– from + wardare guard < Gmc. n. grant. 3 avoirdupois. by F avaler go down < à val < L ad vallem to the valley] a·vant-garde (ä vän gärdʹ). alligator pear.away au·tumn (ôʹtәm).. a·wash (ә woshʹ. place where many birds are kept. —Avesʹtan. 3 unwillingness. 3 floating. —avʹerag·er. admit. 2 usual. the first words of the Latin form of a prayer of the Roman Catholic Church. confession. v. auxiliary. quit < es– out (< L ex–) + vuidier < VL vocitare empty] —a·voidʹa·ble. adj. including employees and equipment. av. n. of autumn. aux·il·ia·ry (ôg zilʹyә ri. adj. wake up. admission. flooded. av·a·rice (avʹә ris). adv. v. acknowledged. —a·wakʹener. —a·wardʹer. adj.. av·oir·du·pois (av´әr dә poizʹ). 4 out of one’s possession: he . declare frankly or openly. —n. a·ver·ring. n. n. benefit. frank or open declaration. n. a·vertʹa·ble. 3 in another direction: turn away. confess. pl. [< L. [< L aversus. adj. [< Sp. or of dirt and rocks.. A·von (āʹvәn. and pensum weight] avoirdupois weight. n. n. Hades. 2 anything like an avalanche. 2 turn away. wake up. n. A·ves (āʹvēz). a·vi·on·ics (ā vi onʹiks). coming in autumn. arouse. < a– to (< L ad–) + vengier < L vindicare punish < vindex champion] —a·vengeʹment. filled to overflowing. 1 a large mass of snow and ice. [< OF. adj. [< OF avochier < a– + vochier. adj. Authorized Version.” [< F. —a·vowʹed·ness. a webfooted wading bird. a·vert (ә vėrtʹ). av·a·lanche (avʹә lanch. those who are most experimental and inventive in a particular period. 5. 3 acknowledge. adj. 2 tree that it grows on. n. a·ver·sion (ә vėrʹzhәn. de of. 3 get revenge. or voices of other verbs. —avʹid·ly. 1 wide or main street. n.. v. 2 road or walk bordered by trees. 3 auxiliaries. 4 a city thoroughfare. adj. —av´a·riʹcious·ly. greedy desire for money. [< L. slide down in or like an avalanche. look forward to. arousing. 1 from a place. 4 Fig. adv. 4 divide among several proportionately. 1 avenue. v. See avert. annul [< AF var. –ries. a·vouch (ә vouchʹ). houd vast hold fast] a·vaunt (ә vôntʹ. minor occupation. 2 get revenge on behalf of. a·vi·ar·y (āʹvi er´i). ä´vә–). have. 2 usual kind or quality. v.. n. —adj. —avʹer·age·ly. [< F < Ital.] —a·vouchʹment n. —a·vail´abilʹi·ty. adj. 1 declare to be true. n.

adj. adv. 2 on or around an axis. adj. pl. 2 established principle. —v. in + wry] ax. crossbar that connects two opposite wheels. [< Scand. group of islands in the Atlantic west of and belonging to Portugal. 1 blue copper ore. < Pers.. fill with awe. absent without leave or permission. 2 discharge an employee. window. 1 with a twist or turn to one side. adj. 1 shrub with many showy flowers. adj. fire. axe (aks). n. a velvetlike carpet. n. etc. always. n. of axis. awk·ward (ôkʹwәrd). one of the bristly hairs forming the beard on a head of barley. pl. adj. wonderful. adj. [< awe + –ful] —awʹful·ness. —n. ax·es.. āʹzhәr).. . ax·il (akʹsil). AZ. ax·i·al (akʹsi әl). have a personal reason or special purpose for doing something or having an interest in something. ever. Az·tec (azʹtek). get the ax. n. member of a highly civilized people who ruled Mexico before its conquest by the Spaniards in 1519. 2 axletree. pl of ax. 1 imaginary or real line that passes through an object and about which the object turns or seems to turn. tool used for making small holes in leather or wood.. aw·ing. ax·le·tree (akʹsәl trē´). impressive. pl. —adj. 1 dreadfully. ax·il·lae (ak silʹē). n. < axios worthy] —ax´i·o·matʹic. ax·ile (akʹsil. ay1 (ā). etc. adj. be fired. 2 influence or restrain by awe. adv. 3 central or principal structure extending lengthwise. gave his boat away. [< L axilla armpit] ax·il·la (ak silʹә). [OE eaxl shoulder. adv. pl. 1 causing awe. fearful: an awful storm. as-sumūt the ways < samt way] —az´i·muthʹal. 1 of or near the armpit. n. used for chopping. —v. imam. 3 deserving great respect and reverence. 3 not easy to manage or deal with. 2 in or growing from an axil. ? infl. adj. n. a squirrellike lemur of Madagascar. axed. ei] ay2 (ī). angle between the upper side of a leaf or stem and the supporting stem or branch. n. a·woke (ә wōkʹ). or pronounced as initials). n. adv. öxl axle] —axʹled. 1 clumsy. 1 cut or shape with an ax. 1 statement seen to be true without proof. 4 embarrassing. n. 3 reduce greatly. 2 wrong. —awnʹless. a·weigh (ә wāʹ). ever. —Azʹtecan. adv. agi] —awʹless. Also. raised off the bottom: anchors aweigh. awe-struck (ôʹstruk´). n. yes. oats. sky-blue. cool. n. in the wrong way (< Scand. āʹzōrz). n. during World War II. 1 cause to feel awe. 1 tool with a bladed head on a handle. [< a on. adv. az·ure (azhʹәr. adv. adj. [< L] ax·le (akʹsәl). 3 a blue pigment. a·while (ә hwīlʹ). aweʹless. ax·es (akʹsēz). n. —ax´i·o·matʹi·cal·ly.. and their allies. amazing. AZT. eax axle. 1 bar on which or with which a wheel turns. 2 fear and reverence. [OE gī yea] aye-aye (īʹī´). —aweʹsome·ness. [OE onweg] awe (ō). trying. n. used in the treatment of AIDS. (zip code) Arizona. adj. 4 the Axis. filled with awe. antiviral drug. Also. The azimuth of the North Star is 0 degrees. AWOL (āʹwôl. n. blue. 4 filling with awe. [< Scand. awed. terrible. a rooflike shelter of canvas. 2 showing awe. adv. n. awed. Germany. by Scand. dry.. adj. 1 of an axis. —az´imuthʹal·ly. forming an axis. porch. āʹzôrz. 5 continuously: she worked away at her job. awe-strick·en (ôʹstrik´әn).. etc. 2CuCo3·Cu(OH)2 2 form of azurite used in jewelry. ögn chaff ] —awned. —aweʹsome·ly. n. etc. 2 very bad. ôʹfәl i). 2 axil. n. 2 central or principal line around which parts are arranged regularly. [< Scand. ugly. imposing. Italy. aye1 (ā). adj. great. 2 the flower. 2 not well-suited to use. [< OF l´azur the azure < Ar. [< NL < Gk. ax·is (akʹsis). —awkʹward·ness. aw·ful (ôʹfәl). azidothymidine. adj. n. ax´i·omatʹi·cal. < azein parch] az·i·muth (azʹә mәth). very: he was awful mad. adj. terribly. awk perversely. aw·ful·ly (ôʹfli. v. yes. sky blue. a·ya·tol·lah (ä´ya tōʹlә). pt. the angular distance east or west from the north point. of the Aztecs. [< L < Gk. adv.48 awe a·wry (ә rīʹ). 2 very. n. öfugr turned the wrong way) + –ward] —awk´ward·ly. adv. [OE œx] —axʹlike´. a·zal·ea (ә zālʹyә). adj. self-evident truth. [OE œl] awn (ôn). etc. lajward lapis lazuli] az·u·rite (azhʹә rīt). have an ax to grind. n. 1 dreadful. n. aye.. n. adj.. adv. 2 the blue sky. It is a basic carbonate of copper. awl (ôl). pl.. 2 battle-ax. n. of awake. n. —axʹi·al·ly. v. 1 blue.. A·zores (ә zôrzʹ. Muslim religious leader. not graceful or skillful. ә zōrzʹ. awn·ing ônʹing). 1 great fear and wonder. n. adv. v. ax·es1 (akʹsēz). -sō). aye2 (ī). ax·i·om (akʹsi әm). [< obs. axing. always. ax·es2 (akʹsiz). grand. aye. —adj. 3 Informal. awe·some (ôʹsәm). Ax·min·ster (aksʹmin stәr). mullah. and pp.. sublime. [< L] ax·il·lar·y (akʹsә ler´i). —adv. [< F < Ar. Japan. for a short time. —n. over a door. 1 armpit.

card game in which the players bet against a banker. —adj.. 2 Bible. 3 make or be a back for. —backʹbit´er. 3 young knight who served under the banner of another. n. b (bē). n. a move backward. [< Hind. 5 in reserve.] —babʹbler.backhand B... fierce monkeys of Arabia and Africa. back formation. Class. + gammon game. –bit. back·er (bakʹәr). 1 woman’s u head scarf worn tied under the chin. baa·ing.A. game for two played on a special board. n. 2 foolish talk. 2 any of the bacteria. back and fill. —Baʹalism. back·door (bakʹdôr´.. n. 1 support. adj. pl. n. 4 seventh note in the scale of C major. 1 a very young child. bab·ble (babʹәl). Bab·y·lon (babʹә lәn. 3 second highest grade in school or college. L baccalārius. [< Med. adj. adj. 2 Also. 3 bay. Ba·al·im (bāʹәlim). adj. n. —v. back·bite (bakʹbīt´). baa (bä). couch. —n. 2 person who has the first degree of a college or university. bac·chants. bachʹlәrz–). that supports the back of a person sitting down. imit. ba·cil·lus (bә silʹәs). give up. babu] ba·boon (ba bünʹ). n. or toward an earlier place. used in bearings to lessen friction. the spine. –boos. very hard. 4 book. 3 belonging to the past. an ancient empire in SW Asia.. any of various (usually) large. 1 base. treat as a baby. B. person who backs or supports another person. –bit·ten or –bit. —bac·chan´tic. n. Bakchos] Bac·cha·na·li·a (bak´ә nāʹli ә. pain in the back. helping. 2 talk or speak foolishly. B. etc. [OE bœc] —backʹless. pl.. 1 Babylon. 3 tell secrets. –fired. v. —v. adj.. b’s. n. 1 baby. 1 main bone along the middle of the back in vertebrates. Bac·chus (bakʹәs).) came: put the books back. help. 2 any rich or wicked city. adj. back·hand (bakʹhand´). n. –bies. 1 stroke made with back of the hand turned outward. 1 cornflower. —v. 3 an adverse reaction. b Fig.. b place of noise and confusion. –bling. German composer and organist. a in the rear of. a confusion of sounds. 3 small. 3 British.. n. 1 priest or worshiper of Bacchus. bac·chan·te (bә kanʹtē. n. [< back1. tall herb bearing numerous small. 3 drunken revelry. of aback] back·ache (bakʹāk´). [< F] bac·cha·nal (bakʹә nәl. back·gam·mon (bakʹgam´әn. 2 in or toward the past. secret. n. bacchic. A.. n.. ba·by’s-breath (bāʹbizbreth´). priestess or female worshiper of Bacchus. n. 4 overdue. 6 in check. v. 5 part of a chair. b supporting. 1 curtain at the back of a stage. —babʹbling·ly. 1 part of a person’s body opposite to the face or to the front part of the body. —baʹby·ish·ness. back up. 4 Bacchanals. n. Ba. etc. —baʹby·like´. bakʹәnt). with a doglike face and a short tail. a move in a zigzag way. ba·boonʹlike. –sat. bac·ca·ra (bakʹә rä. 3 Fig. 11:1–9. back2 (bak). 4 murmur. Ba·bel (bāʹbәl. riotous. having to do with Bacchus or his worship. god of wine. n. film. pl. 2 sermon or address delivered to a graduating class at commencement. 1 the chief god of the Canaanites and Phoenicians. knowledge. bab·bitt (babʹit). –bled. 2 second best. [< OF babouin stupid person] —baboonʹish. Gen. 3 person who acts like a baby. The Greeks also called him Dionysus. noise. break a promise to. —bachʹe·lorhood´. as of radio signals. 2 any of several button-shaped flowers or the plants that bear them. 2 background. adj. –bus. 49 B Bab·y·lo·ni·a (bab´ә lōʹni ә). 2 a false god.” 2 Indian clerk who writes English. 1 man who has not married. bә kantʹ. [< LL. n. n. —Baʹal·ist. 2 fire set to check a forest or prairie fire by burning off the area in front of it. n. 2 drunken reveler. because the men are sometimes set back] back·ground (bakʹground´). Ba·al (bāʹәl. 2 in baseball. L. etc. barium. n. [var. noisy Roman festival in honor of Bacchus. adv. out of sight. 4 Fig. n. b help. b. –bied. 2 grandmother. bāl). two halfbacks.. [ME babi] —baʹby·ish. back·breaking (bakʹbrā´king). v. 1 explode prematurely. —Bab´y·loʹni·an.. v. Bab·bitt (bab´it). from 2800 to 1000 b. —v. 1 behind. babe (bāb). the building of a lofty tower intended to reach heaven was begun and a confusion of the language of the people took place. —n. n. —backʹbit´ing. —bac´cha·naʹli·an. Bach (bäh). adv. back of. bleat. —adj. etc. a self-satisfied businessman who conforms to middle-class ideas of respectability and success. antimony. 1 explosion of gas occurring too soon or in the wrong place in a gasoline engine. n. bak´gamʹәn). Bachelor of Arts. v. 6 interference from radiation. n. n. Baʹal·ite. drunken. n. —babʹbitt·ry. Bac·chic (bakʹik). adj. adv. 2 anything resembling a backbone. adj. 1 capital of ancient Babylonia. 2 bass. 1 in football. 4 part opposite the front. 2 .c. most important part. –bit·ing. n. 3 murmur. 2 an innocent or inexperienced person. pl. bac·ca·lau·re·ate (bak´ә lôʹri it). 1 talk that cannot be understood. bak´ә räʹ). ba·bush·ka (bә b˙ shʹkә). —baby sitter. white or pink flowers. adj.. B. n. v. [ME babel. [< L. in the background. –cil·li (–silʹī). strength of character. a word formed on analogy with other words and usually needed to serve as a different part of speech. —n. 2 the upper part of an animal’s body 3 the backbone. sly. not apparent. 4 past experience. —baʹby·ish·ly. position. [< OF < Med. bach·e·lor (bachʹә lәr. n. etc. back·field (bakʹfēld´). a plan or idea. n. noted for its wealth and wickedness. n. 3 in return. pl. 2 move backward. small landowner] —bachʹe·lor·dom n. 1 degree of bachelor given by a college or university. back·bone (bakʹbō´). n. 1 Bay. –nālʹyә). Johann Sebastian. dim of baculus rod] —baʹcil·lar´y. n. bach·e·lor’s-but·ton (bachʹә lәrz butʹәn. 2 set a backfire. bacchan·tes (bә kanʹtēz). —backʹboned´. —n. slander (an absent person). 2 one of the four main blood groups. players behind the front line quarterback.. pamper. 1 make indistinct sounds like a baby... orgy. bachʹlәr). 1 worshiper of Bacchus. n. pl. 1 wild.. back·fire (bakʹfīr´). –lon). 2 young. bac·chant (bakʹәnt). the outfield. with pieces moved according to the throw of dice. < Bacchus god of wine < Gk. 1 any of the rod-shaped bacteria. Myth. keep changing one’s mind. 1 part of a picture or scene toward the back. Also. adj. [< Heb. 1 of Bacchus or his worship. 1 of or for a baby. 2 drunken reveler. ba·by-sit (bāʹbi sit´). B’s. where. n. –dōr´). n. n. [< Russian grandmother] ba·by (bāʹbi). 6 player whose position is behind the front line in certain games. 1 boron. according to the Bible. back·drop (bakʹdrop´). 3 have adverse results. fragrant. back down. and training of a person. –by·ing.B. 2 at. and copper. adj. 4 in the place from which it (he. take care of a child during the temporary absence of its parents. and fullback. she. 3 earlier conditions or events that help to explain some later condition or event.. n. 2 the youngest of a family or group. 4 childish. n. n. etc. ba·bu (bäʹbü). 2 surface against which things are seen or upon which things are made or placed. alloy of tin. 2 Also. Diagnose is a back formation of diagnosis. –sit·ting. exhausting. n. 1 opposite the front.] ba·bies’-breath. the Bacchanalia.. 1 second letter of the alphabet. —bachʹe·lor·ship´. 3 girl or young woman. 5 born. < baccalarius] bac·ca·rat. baaed. drunken revelry.. –fir·ing. n. 2 bacchanalia. in. n. 1685–1750. go back on.. pl. chief support. to. adj. 5 in distant or frontier regions. back1 (bak). babel. 5 accompanying music or sound effects in a play. 1 Hindu title meaning “Mr. behind. adj. babʹәl). appar. ba·boo. –nal). adj. n. n.

n. pulp of sugar cane after the juice has been extracted [< F < Pr. backwood. Also. 2 Fig. [< F. 2 with the back first. that can be closed at the top. —bac·te´ri·olʹo·gist. having a bad temper or disposition. —backʹward·ness. n. n. 1 a reserve of orders. but played with a feathered cork instead of a ball. authority. [? < badge. n. 2 crude. back·hoe (bakʹhō). baf·fle (bafʹәl). bag and baggage. experiences. —Ba·co´ni·an. n. back·stay (bakʹstā´). beliefs.. 5 from better to worse.. 1 directed toward the back: a backward glance. –fling. quality. 2 movement between worn or loosely fitting parts. n.. 4 done in reverse order. [< Scand. –gi·er. bag·gy (bagʹi). adv. etc. that are part of a person’s character. sure. 1 toward the back: walk backward. –wôsh´). etc.. not good. –te·ri·a (–tirʹi ә). 6 toward the past. 3 Fig. n. back·log (bakʹlôg´. ba·con (bāʹkәn). dangerous. material for making bags. back·ward (bakʹwәrd). and philosopher. n. etc. barren. in the bag. 5 catch. 1 fence or screen used in various games to keep the ball from going too far away. n. uncivilized place. n. badly. 2 portable equipment of an army. substance that destroys bacteria. 1561–1626. camel with two humps.. . reaction after some significant or stressful event. —backʹhandʹed·ly. back slash. banter. Francis. 1 swelling. v. —adj. slide back into wrongdoing or former bad habits. worse. n. 8 behind time. 3 back part supporting or strengthening something: fabric backing. adj. badge (baj). a person takes while traveling. –fled. as of work or traffic. blood. with ref. bac·te·ri·cide (bak tirʹә sīd). desolate place. back-to-back (bakʹtә bakʹ). stagnant condition. back·stroke (bakʹstrōk´). etc. etc. 2 with the back first. 3 backwash. 8 incorrect. —bafʹfle·ment. pouch. opinions. pl. –slidden or –slid. 2 backward current. esp. —v. sign. n. bac·te·ri·a (bak tirʹi ә). of bid (defs. n. [< F < Ital. talking back. 2 sac in an animal’s body. 2 slanting to the left. [ME bakward < bak back1 + –ward) —backʹward·ly. urine. [< NL < Gk. back number. 4 indirect. as aiding digestion. 3 struggle without success. [< bacterium + –logy] —bac·te´ri·o·logʹi·cal... position.. adj. n. —adj. badʹә nij). v. one of the bacteria. paddle wheels. —n. 2 a large log at the back of a wood fire. achievements. adj. bad·ly (badʹli). etc. adj. 1 go back over a course or path. adj. a be left to take the blame. 3 something suggesting a bag by its use or shape. 1 any of various burrowing carnivorous mammals of Europe and America related to the weasels. 1 u uncleared regions far away from towns. capital of Iraq. late. wicked. bulging. retrogressive. barren region in SW South Dakota and NW Nebraska. of baga berry] bag·gage (bagʹij). adj. adv. 1 someone or something kept in readiness to assist or substitute for. baggi pack] ba·gasse (bә gasʹ). 1 rugged.. bagasso husks] bag·a·telle (bag´ә telʹ).50 backhanded handwriting in which the letters slope to the left. science that deals with bacteria. game like tennis. n. n. hold the bag. back·side (bakʹsīd´). v. 1 support. —adj. —bac·teʹri·al. n. pp. or membership... etc. faulty. bags. worst. keep on teasing or annoying. multiplying by fission and spore formation. bagged. 5 from better to worse. back seat. 1 in a bad manner. an old issue of a magazine or newspaper. 2 hinder. 2 accumulation. 3 disagreeable.. 3 Fig. —v. —adj. [< OF < Gmc. steal. 4 kill or catch in hunting. furnish with a badge or as with a badge. n. 6 reaching back into the past. English essayist. leather.. joking. v. n. pl. backhanded. —v. 2 tractor with such a mechanism. 1 water held or pushed back. 9 not valid. 2 greatly. –log´). bactericide produced within the body and normally present in the intestines. clumsy. —adv. 5 a base in baseball. n. 1 ready to assist. mounted on a tractor for digging trenches and small excavations. 7 worthless: a bad check. back·wash (bakʹwosh´. pt. insincere. etc. 1 back. 2 supporting or checking device on a mechanism. 1 of the backwoods. 3 toward the starting point. n. –slid. [< bacterium + –cide < L –cida killer < caedere kill] —bac·te´ri·cidʹal. bad condition. bad·min·ton (badʹmin tәn). 3 awkward. of bid. –gi·est. < badiner banter < badin silly < VL batāre gape] Bad Lands. sound. 3 reversed. 1 be too hard for (a person) to understand or solve. [< bacterium + –phage eating < Gk. statesman. back·up (bakʹup´). 1. 2 hanging loosely. support. with all one’s belongings. torment by nagging. bad2 (bad). adv. n. [< OF. help. as a valise. bad1 (bad). Also backwards. < bagues bundles] bag·ging (bagʹging). 1 done or made with the back of the hand turned outward.. 2 crude. udder. much. adj. painful. 3 hang loosely. back·slide (bakʹslīd´). sack. entirely. backstage. to white spot on head] bad·i·nage (bad´ә näzhʹ. 2 game somewhat like billiards. back·hand·ed (bakʹhanʹdid). back·stage (bakʹstājʹ). 6 unfavorable: he came at a bad time. of OE bœdan defile] —badʹness. —backʹslid´er. n. Bagh·dad (bagʹdad). helpers. dull. 1 shovel at the end of a mechanical arm. of baktron] Bac·tri·an camel (bakʹtri әn). bag (bag). suitcase. dim. [named for Duke of Beaufort’s estate] bad-tem·pered (badʹtemʹpәrd). adv. 9 shy. return. —bafʹfler. –slid·ing. 1 trunks. or substitute for. injured. 2 supporters. —n. back talk. cloth. back·lash (bakʹlash´). 4 opposite to the usual way: read backward. that have not yet been filled. —n. located. 1 not as it ought to be. rough. 10 rotten. dim. n. —bacteʹri·al·ly. 2 following closely one after another. n. adv. —adj. —bagʹgi·ness. thwart. baktērion. n. [ME bage] —badgeʹless. a wall or screen for hindering or changing the flow of air. n. pt. n. n. back·wa·ter (bakʹwô´tәr. n. etc. n. take. 2 swell. water. 2 symbol. v. 11 hostile. pl. n. 4 game killed or caught by a hunter. —n. 3 any sudden. bashful. capture. backward place. 1 placed or standing with backs near or against each other. 1 container made of paper. 2 toward the rear of a stage. bac·te·ri·o·phage (bak tirʹi ә fāj). 7 slow in development. adv. n. place of inferiority or insignificance. bacteriology. bagatella. bag·ging. 2 rump. n. —bagʹgi·ly. suitcases. commitments. badg·ing.. 1 water thrown back by oars. n. back·ing (bakʹing). 1 in the dressing rooms of a theater. bulge. —v. 2 player who stops balls in various games. n. etc. bacteriol. impudent answers. virgule. –wot´әr). n. back·stop (bakʹstop´). unfavorable reaction. 1 put in a bag. salted and smoked meat from the back and sides of a hog. —bafʹfling. badged. 1 a token or device worn as a sign of occupation. returning. back·woods (bakʹw˙ dzʹ). the catcher in baseball. supporting. 2 evil.) bade (bad. n. 2 assisting. etc. badg·er (bajʹәr). bād). a sluggish. adv. 1 rope extending from the top of the mast to the ship’s side. 4 harmful. 2. the passing of a ship. on the Tigris River. n. 2 Fig. microscopic organisms.. usually single-celled and having no chlorophyll. v. adj. 2 withdraw from an undertaking. adj. back·track (bakʹtrak´). 1 the jarring reaction of a machine or mechanical device. [orig. —adj. b be left with nothing. 2 its fur. 5 sick. adj. 1 swimming stroke made with the swimmer lying on his back. v. adv. n. 1 a mere trifle.] Ba·con (bāʹkәn). certain. 2 backhanded stroke in racquet sports. —backʹwoodsʹman. spoiled: a bad apple. adj. happening. phagein eat] bac·te·ri·um (bak tirʹi әm). Various species of bacteria cause disease while others perform useful functions.. bac·te·ri·ol·o·gy (bak tir´i olʹә ji).

n. balance of trade. baize (bāz).. amount. bal·a·ta (balʹә tә). n. n. electric insulators. balance of power. etc. n. dessert made of thin layers of pastry. a Russian musical instrument somewhat like a guitar. scale. 1 a baking. 2 thwart. 4 harmony. 1 cook (food) by dry heat without exposing it directly to the fire. a supply bail for. 2 having to do with the Balkan countries or people. or power. [akin to MHG balderich girdle] bale1 (bāl). bak·sheesh. check. Bal·kan (bôlʹkәn). See bail1. 1475?–1517. bale2 (bāl). batch.. of something else. of. . usually having three strings.. Bah·rain.. in the balance. strip left unplowed.. —v. importance. n. < L baculum staff ] Ba·ha·mas (bә häʹmәz. v. [prob. check. 3 ridge between furrows. < Flem. bakhshīsh < bakhshīdan give] Ba·ku (bä küʹ). bairn (bãrn). —v. 5 steady condition or position. the assets and liabilities. child. bail1 (bāl). etc. adj. make into bales.. 1 evil. [prob. offset. 3 comparison as to weight. Spanish adventurer. 2 its juice. barrier] bail·iff (bālʹif). 1 weigh in a balance. bail2 (bāl).. n. a thick woolen cloth used for curtains. 1 district over which a bailiff has authority. bak·ing (bākʹing). 1 the arched handle of a kettle or pail. 4 torment or worry by unkind or annoying remarks. hinder. Bah·rein (bä rānʹ). n. 1513. bak·shish (bakʹshēsh). 2 thing used to tempt or attract. 10 preponderant weight. island in SE Indonesia. bald·pate (bôldʹpāt´). 2 without its natural covering. —n. —balʹanc·er. n. [< F baies. bak·la·va or bak·la·wa (bäk lä väʹ). and the net worth of a business. 2 person’s field of knowledge. miss. [< Russ. bail out. a group of Spanish islands in the W Mediterranean. bald eagle. 2 sorrow. cakes. used to raise biscuits. 1 having to do with the Balkan Peninsula. Scot. difference in value between the imports and the exports of a country. —v. 1 wholly or partly without hair on the head. < balco scaffold < OHG balcho beam] —balʹconied. –ancing. beygla] bail3 (bāl). a written statement showing the profits and losses. etc. bail4 (bāl). thin loaf of French bread. bale·ful (bālʹfәl). 2 a small portable oven. (OE balca ridge] —balkʹer. force. 1 a tropical tree whose dried gumlike juice is used in making chewing gum. diet having the correct amounts of all kinds of foods necessary for health. weight. a baker’s shop. n. —n. [OE bacan] Ba·ke·lite (bāʹkә līt). —balkʹing. n. Often. 3 compare the value. 4 in England. 1 put bait on (a hook) or in (a trap). 1 guarantee necessary to set a person free from arrest until he is to appear for trial. 2 a social gathering at which a meal is served: a New England clam bake. let slip. hung from one shoulder to the opposite side of the body. 2 amount guaranteed. baker’s dozen. after considering everything. [< ME bailie bailiff + wick office < OE wīce] bails·man (bālzʹmәn). 3 fail to use. n. adj. brothel. used to attract fish or other animals so that they may be caught. —baleʹful·ly. especially out of a difficult situation. scoop or pail used to throw water out of a boat. often used in parades and funerals. discovered the Pacific. a large. bak·er·y (bākʹәr i). etc. n.. < OF < OHG balla ball1 —balʹer. —bailʹa·ble. bagpipes. bak·er (bākʹәr). n. etc. adj. south of Borneo. neck. [ME balled. 4 make or be proportionate to. baulk. balance sheet. n. 2 equality in weight. 6 anything that counteracts the effect. force. obtain the freedom of (a person under arrest) by guaranteeing to pay bail. —Ba·haʹmi·an. help someone. Archaic. 8 part that is left over. of. —v. n. 1 projecting platform with an entrance from an upper floor of a building. bә lirʹik). 6 counteract the effect. defeat. food.. poise. n. 2 dip water from. 7 difference between the debit and credit sides of an account. adv. n. 2 kind of duck. n. –nies. n. esp. [< Scand. Ba·laam (bāʹlәm). —baldʹpatʹed·ness. 1 act or process of baking. 5 stop and feed. n. 4 a large beam or timber.. 9 hesitate. –men. shrill-toned musical instrument made of a windbag and pipes. 2 amount baked at one time. —bagʹpip´er. [< OF < LL bilanx two-scaled < bi– two + lanx scale2] —balʹance·able. [< Ital. make up for. bagn·ios. n. adj. n. plain. bal·a·lai·ka (bal´ә līʹkә). n. n. 4 undisguised. Turkey. trademark for an artificial material used to make beads. [OE bealu] Bal·e·ar·ic Islands (bal´i arʹik.] Bal·bo·a (bal bōʹә). 11 balancing movement in dancing. beita cause to bite] —baitʹer. —v. bal·co·ny (balʹkә ni). pain. —baldʹpatʹed. custody. adj. n. 1 Also baguet. remainder. a large bundle of merchandise wrapped or bound for shipping or storage: a bale of cotton. 1 hindrance. effect.. gem that is cut in a narrow oblong shape. 2 a hooplike support. 1 stop short and stubbornly refuse to go on. surplus.Balkan bagn·io (banʹyō. bal·ing. n. [< F < Ital. n. 2 dry or harden by heat. n. balance. —Ba´li·neseʹ. bal.. etc. 5 having a white spot on the head. 3 person or persons who stand ready to pay the money guaranteed. 2 gallery in a theater or hall. India. n. bal·der·dash (bôlʹdәr dash).] bal·ance (balʹәns). bal·dric (bôlʹdrik). proportion. n. [< Ital. 1 person who has a bald head. and tail. importance. adj. capital of Azerbaijan on the Caspian Sea. 2 make or be equal in weight. in the Bible. a dipper. baking soda. —bailʹment. baked. 7 make the debit and credit sides of (an account) equal. adj. amount. etc. honey. on balance. n. v. 5 failure of a pitcher to complete a pitch. n. 3 bare. 2 house of prostitution. ult. n. [OE bearn] bait (bāt).. 1 anything. harm. even distribution of power among nations or groups of nations. the chief magistrate in certain towns. amount. thirteen. Also. waver.. n. etc. 51 balanced diet. work. steadiness. adv. effect. either of two small bars that form the top of a wicket in cricket. etc. v. bak·ing. influence. 3 overseer or steward of an estate. —n.. prophet who was rebuked by the ass he rode. < obs. pl. attract. ball white spot] —baldʹly. nuts. 3 become baked: cookies bake quickly. –er·ies. –hāʹ–). amount. < baillier deliver < L bajulāre. appar. group of islands in the Persian Gulf. b Fig. pl.. [< Sp. 1 throw (water) out of a boat with a pail. n. pl.. pl. evil. etc. —baleʹful·ness. n. adj. harmful. adj. mistake. 9 wheel that regulates the rate of movement of a clock or watch. n. horn. bail out. —baldʹness. sodium bicarbonate. 2 officer of a court who has charge of prisoners while they are in the courtroom. [< OF baillif < baillir govern. 1 person who makes or sells baked goods. 5 bring into or keep in a steady condition or position. n. Vasco de. n. pl.. 2 blunder. baking powder. drop from an airplane in a parachute. mixture of soda and cream of tartar. —v. [< F baille < L bajulus carrier] —bailʹer. n. 2 tempt. [< n. etc. ba·guette (ba getʹ). 2 long. person who gives bail. powerful eagle with white feathers on its head. n. table covers. n. of bai chestnut-colored < L badius] bake (bāk). etc. 4 fail to complete a pitch in baseball. n. balk (bôk). v. [< OF. Ba·li (bäʹli).. 1 assistant to a sheriff. baled. belt for a sword. n. adj.. etc. or any other container. [< Pers. 8 be equal in the debit and credit sides of an account. steady. 1 prison.] —n. balaneion bath] bag·pipe (bag pīp´). [< OF. undecided. –anced. 3 set dogs to attack and worry for sport.] bail·i·wick (bālʹi wik). bald (bôld). or of other substances. group of islands in the West Indies. bänʹ–). n. nonsense. money given as a tip in Egypt. < L balneum < Gk. 1 instrument for weighing. < Scand. n. pl. n. estimate. or authority.

2 puzzle. 2 game in which some kind of ball is used. Bal·kans (bôlʹkәnz). [var.. mountain range in the Balkan Peninsula. sea in N Europe. n. 1 noisy advertising. –zling. banned. adj. sometimes. 1 ride in a balloon. —v. esp. hackneyed. 3 sentence of outlawry. [< F bal < baler dance < LL ballāre] bal·lad (balʹәd). one that tells a popular legend. —balmʹi·ly. or public opinion. –zled. n. bôlʹ–). that allows it to rise and float in the air. north of Germany and southeast of Sweden. balmi·est. [< L < Gk. adj. Brit. of barmy] —balmʹi·ly. projectile powered by a rocket engine or engines and aimed at its target when launched. airtight bag filled with gas lighter than air. Baltimore oriole. confuse.. —v. n.) barlast < bar bare + last load] —balʹlast·er. or unites. –lot·ed.. —v. v. of bamboo. group. n. Albania. [< Du. Balkan Peninsula. trademark for this bandage. or not over the plate. balk·i·er. n. bal·lis·tics (bә lisʹtiks). Latvia. [< OF < Pr. v. 2 secret voting by ballot. silly. < Ital. the church. c work together.. 2 fragrant. 1 a baseball player. [< Ital. pertaining to the motion of projectiles. later. [< OF < L balsamum balsam] balm·y1 (bämʹi). 1 an elaborate dance by a group on a stage.. play ball. 5 fragrant plant of the same family as mint. [< F. 2 put a band on. —n. Slang. such as bullets and shells. 1 fragrant ointment or oil used in anointing or for healing or soothing. dim. [appar. bal·us·ter (balʹәs tәr). bal·loon (bә lünʹ). balk·i·est. n. Bal·zac (balʹzak. adv. balada dancing song] bal·last (balʹәst). that the batter does not strike at. n.. balsam fir. v. 3 mark with stripes. trite. < Malay] bam·boo·zle (bam büʹzәl). [< Sp. ba·nan·a (bә nanʹә). nonsense. 1 number of persons or animals joined or acting together. pl. prob. usually worn on the head or neck. 3 baseball. Finland. sticky substance obtained from certain kinds of trees. “open to the community”] —ba·nalʹi·ty. —balʹlyhoo´er. n. Baltic States. band + F bande < Gmc. ban·dan·a (ban danʹә). n. balaustion pomegranate blossom. advertise noisily. Bulgaria. 1 a tropical American tree with very lightweight wood. [< Scand. bland. on Chesapeake Bay. pl. Baltic Sea. Romania. go ballistic. a pillarlike support for a railing. Macedonia. —v. n. and even houses. 3 drove or flock of animals. strip of cloth or other material used in binding up and dressing a wound or other injury. 1 furnish with ballast. 3 load or weigh down. böllr] ball2 (bôl). n. v. 1799–1850. 4 fragrant. 4 baseball pitched too high. 1 impose upon. [< F. —v. 5 a garden plant with seed vessels that burst open violently when ripe. –ag·ing. —adj.. vote by ballots. [< F bande. binds. 3 Fig. alert. a large u room for dancing. commonplace. 1 an evergreen tree of North America that yields turpentine. anything that steadies a person or thing. —n. oily. yellow or red fruit with firm. sense. n. < bande band1] —bandʹag·er. 1 bearing in which the shaft turns upon a channel filled with a number of loose metal balls to lessen friction. adj. banʹәl). raft] bal·sam (bôlʹsәm). n. balʹi hü. keep something moving ahead by doing one’s part. trimming. bananas. formal dance party. Bal·ti·more (bôlʹtә môr. n. n. [< Scand.] bal·let (balʹā. North American bird with orange and black feathers.. ban (ban). a begin or resume a game. bamboes. etc. 2 one of the metal balls. sweet odor. sticky substance obtained from certain kinds of trees. adv. 1 the forbidding of an act or speech by authority of the law. —baʹnally. and European Turkey.] bal·lis·tic (bә lisʹtik). b get busy. v. banna forbid] ba·nal (bāʹnәl. pl. adj. keep the ball rolling. 1 an ointment or preparation for healing or soothing. of bambo silly] bam·boo (bam büʹ). become active. become very angry and upset. –boos. n. [< Ital. crazy. n. –nas. 2 steps and movements of this of dance. –mōr). a species of poplar grown as a shade tree. dim. 1 prohibit. balmi·est.. 1 something heavy carried in a ship to steady it. company. little child.. forbid. bind. –lot·ing. orig. n. 5 bullet. bal´i hüʹ). —v. adj. 2 its wood. 5 stripe. ball up. n. adv. 2 person who plays ball. 2 a fragrant. —bal´lis·tiʹcian. creamy flesh. 6 collar with two strips hanging in front. bal·le·ri·na (bal´ә rēʹnә). ball·play·er (bôlʹplā´әr). 2 of the Baltic States. 2 group of musicians playing various instruments together. –aged. balm (bäm). [< Pg. 3 tree that yields balsam. 2 anything that heals or soothes. n. pronounce a curse on. tie up. Ba·lu·chi·stan (bә lü´chә stänʹ. or Sp. 1 box into which voters put their ballots after they have voted. 2 likely to balk. 3 aromatic fragrance. 2 the wood. 4 music for this kind of dance. See ball2. 1 of the Baltic Sea. baby. French novelist. of balla ball1] ballot box. ban·ning. (ODan. adv.. [prob. –hoos. [< Scand. —balmʹi·ness. [< F < Ital. [< F. 1 stopping short and stubbornly refusing to go on. balm·i·er. —n.52 Balkan Mountains Balkan Mountains. < L < Gk. 1 mild and soothing. 2 a solemn curse by the church. furniture. n. Informal. Greece. balsam fir. 2 weight carried by a balloon or dirigible to control it. of bal dance.. ba lāʹ). n. make or form into a ball. Bal·tic (bôlʹtik). 2 the total number of votes cast. ult. former country on the Arabian Sea. —n. n. 3 a raft or float. n. n. peninsula in SE Europe. bә lüʹchә stan). < Gmc. countries of the Balkan Peninsula. dim. –ni (–ni). [< Ital. 1 unite in a group. 2 place a ban on. 2 uproar. n. balʹi hü. flat strip of material for binding. —v. crazy. or some other purpose. n. n. science that deals with the motion of projectiles. oily. Croatia. row of balusters and the railing on top of them. band-aid (banʹād´). ball bearing. on the ball. including Slovenia.. temporary solution to a problem. —bambooʹzler. cooperate. 2 swell out like a balloon. –nälʹ. n. n. —balmʹi·ness. 1 piece of paper or other object used in voting. 1 a simple song. n. n. from the shape] bal·us·trade (bal´әs trādʹ). balm·i·er. ballotta. ballistic missile. bāndhnū tie-dyeing] . n. 6 anything that heals or soothes. –r˙ m´). a large. large. boloney. adj. colored handkerchief. balsam poplar. balsamon] —balsamʹic adj. 3 Fig. 2 a narrative poem.. anything that ties. Also. –hooed. herd. too low.] band·age (banʹdij). ban·dan·na. Estonia.. Serbia. outcry. ball·room (bôlʹrüm´.] band2 (band). 4 gravel or crushed rock used in making the bed for a road or railroad track. pl. bälʹ–). and. bam·bi·no (bam bēʹnō). 7 a particular range of wave lengths in broadcasting. ready for planting. 6 roots of a plant gathered and tied into a ball. n. balk·y (bôkʹi). v. Lithuania. city in N Maryland. bal·ly·hoo (n. temperate. —v. [< F. now partly in Pakistan. bal·sa (bôlʹsә. —bal·lisʹtical·ly. 2 Band-Aid. n. Honoré de.. —bam·booʹzle·ment. <Scand. ball1 (bül). n. a female ballet dancer. —adj. 3 the dancers. 2 give steadiness to. ballone < balla ball] —bal·loonʹist. balm·y2 (bämʹi). < Hind. worn by certain clergymen. 1 sterile adhesive bandage for small cuts. any of various woody or treelike tropical or semitropical grasses whose stiff. n. hollow stems are used for making canes. n. cheat. [< Ital. balustro baluster] —bal´ustradʹed. —bal·samʹi·cal·ly.] band1 (band). adj. “of feudal service”. bә nalʹ. < ban proclamation < Gmc. 1 slightly curved. 2 treelike tropical plant on which bananas grow in large clusters. –hooing. ba·lo·ney (bә lōʹni). 4 a thin. 1 anything round or roundish: ball of the foot. n. bal·lot (balʹәt). Bosnia. trick. n. knowledgeable. adv. 4 any transparent liquid turpentine. n. or dress with a bandage.

harmful. –tu. bank3 (bangk).. 2 hit with violent and noisy blows. in. depend on. a small flag. < Gmc. adj. noisy blow. as a sign of washing away of sin and admission into the Christian church. 3 cover (a fire) with ashes or fresh fuel so that it will burn long and slowly. –jos. n. 2 a small person who is fond of fighting. small. banca. ban·dits. —bap·tisʹmal. <Skt.] ban·de·role. [var. n. –tizing. n. ban·deau (ban dōʹ. [cf. –died. –joes. n. 1 flag. money in a bank that can be withdrawn by a depositor. —v. n. 2 popular. Bantam. an outdoor platform. [< Indian dial. very small or weighing little for its kind or type. arrange in rows. [alter. 1 cause of death or harm. —adj. expel. [OE bana murderer] bane·ful (bānʹfәl). [prob. adv. Ban·tu (banʹtü). < Gmc. 2 fund of money out of which the dealer in games pays losses or players draw. 1 light in weight. as John the Baptist. bench < Gmc. —v. of bande band2. bap·tism (bapʹtiz әm)..] —banʹquet·er. < bandiera banner] ban·di·coot (banʹdә küt). bancarotta bankruptcy < banca bank2 + rotta. pl. etc. [short for bangtail docked tail (of a horse)] Bang·kok (bangʹkok). pl. bank1 (bangk). 4 of bankrupts. –legd´). —v. note issued by a bank that must be paid on demand. adj. curved outward. a fig tree of India whose branches have hanging roots that grow down to the ground and sprout. bap·tize (bap tīzʹ. ban·ter (banʹtәr). bowlegged. exchange: bandy words. or winning group. pl. slam. playful teasing. in which baptism is administered. —v. [< F] ban·shee. 1 condemn to leave a country. n. a Japanese greeting or patriotic cheer. n. ban·quette (bang ketʹ).. building. akin to bench] —banked. 1 make a sudden loud noise.] —banʹish·er. adj. climb or jump on the bandwagon. impetus. a small-sized kind of fowl. 1 keep a bank. bandit·ti (ban ditʹi). —adj. 1 band worn about the head. n. v.. 4 handle roughly. of bans proclamations] ban·quet (bangʹkwit). bank2 (bangk). bank·er (bangkʹәr). 1 throw back and forth. n. dim. —v. country in S Asia. 2 put (money) in a bank. 3 any place where reserve supplies are kept. toss about. 3 bench for rowers in a galley. –deaux (–dōzʹ. vanij merchant] ban·ish (banʹish). ban·yan (banʹyәn). 1 suddenly and loudly. or ankle. n. along a wall in a restaurant. capital of Thailand. –dōz). adv. [< Pg. 2 row of keys on an organ. n.. for band concerts. 2 upholstered bench. se bander band together] ban·dy-leg·ged (banʹdi leg´id. ban·zai (bänʹzīʹ).. bankrupt condition. in Irish and Scottish folk belief. mound. Bap·tist (bapʹtist). 1 baluster. v. [< F < Ital. n. of bandore < Sp. 2 force to go away. n. 3 . Esp.] —banked. —baneʹful·ness. [< OF < LL bancus < Gmc. orig. lacking. and issuing money. brigand. n. —n. n. ult. –quet·ing. arm. < Ar. make bankrupt. n. n. 2 banisters. 2 ridiculously cocky and agressive. —n. 3 a shallow place in a body of water. balustrade of a staircase. as of blood for transfusions. send away. person declared by a law court unable to pay debts and whose property is distributed among creditors. adj. band·wag·on (bandʹwag´әn). —adj. —v. ban shēʹ). or a part of a church. bank card. bandito. book in u which a record of a person’s account is kept. adj. be sure of. 1 member of a large group of peoples living in C and S Africa. electronic card issued by a bank that allows a depositor to carry out electronic banking and make purchases. ban·shie (banʹshē. n. n. loud noise. –tized.. 2 give and take.. n. typewriter. stringed musical instrument of the guitar class. —banʹter·er. n. boxer who weighs 118 pounds or less. n. in baptism. —n. 1 give a banquet to. cleanse. n. dim. —n. Ban·gla·desh (bängʹglә desh´). n. [< Irish bean sidhe woman of the fairies] ban·tam (banʹtәm). n.] —banʹnered. Also. banyān < Gujarati (a language of western India). –dies. –quet·ed. —adj. pandikokku pig-rat] ban·dit (banʹdit). bar. [< F < Ital. n. 2 talk in a joking way. —Ban´gla·deshʹi. ban·do·leer. strike noisily. v.. Baptist. usually roofed. bank note. ring worn around the wrist. hair cut straight over the forehead. 4 kick. [prob. —adv. pl. 2 thing that ruins or spoils. esp. [< F < Ital. n. Brit. banian. bane (bān). of or having to do with the Baptists. outlaw.. adj. –tus. n. –cies. highwayman. given three times in church. n. [? < Scand.. bap·tis·ter·y (bapʹtis tәr i. public notice. banʹdō). —adj. 2 a Hindu merchant of a caste that eats no meat. n. about two feet long. proscribe. 1 person or company that keeps a bank. banga to hammer] bang2 (bang)... played with the fingers or a plectrum. –ries.baptize band·box (bandʹboks´). 2 piece of cloth with some design or words on it. baptist·ry (bapʹtis tri). bangri glass bracelet] ban·ian (banʹyәn). —v. deadly. 2 a violent. fashionable. n. of rompere break < L rumpere] bank·rupt·cy (bangkʹrupt si. –ter·ies. 3 vigor. 1 feast. 2 person who baptizes. 2 any of the languages of these peoples. —baneʹful·ly. prob. exile. 2 ground bordering a river. destitute.. ban·gle (bangʹgәl).. 1 a long pile or 1 a sudden. n. 4 slope of an airplane when making a turn. ban·ner (banʹәr). bank on.] —bankʹa·ble. 3 shut with noise. n. —banʹtering·ly. ridge. F bander bandy. 2 make (an airplane) bank. joking. adj. 1 tease playfully. 1 a very large rat of India. 1 rite or sacrament in which a person is dipped into or sprinkled with water. leading. pp. It means “May you live ten thousand years!” Bap. n. –rәp si). n. ult. ensign. bank·rupt (bangkʹrupt). Bapt... —adj. 1 pile or heap up. lake. [< Ital. n. thrill. —v. pl. ban·dy (banʹdi). a shoulder belt having loops for carrying cartridges. n. foremost. bank account. adv. join the winning side or group. ult. 2 enjoy a banquet. business of a bank. 1 member of a Christian church that believes in baptism by submerging a person in water. –mäs´–). ban·do·lier (ban´dә lirʹ). n. 4 row or tier of oars. spirit whose wails mean that there will soon be a death in the family. [< F bandeau. adj. n. bank·ing (bangkʹing).. akin to ban] —banʹdit·ry. pp. –dy·ing. 2 a ratlike marsupial of Australia.. 3 wanting. band·mas·ter (bandʹmas´tәr. cut squarely across. n. 2 dealer in a game. [< Hind. city in Java] ban·tam·weight (banʹtәm wāt´).. scarves. interj. —v. < banda band1] band·stand (bandʹstand´). [var. adj. lending. that a certain man and woman are to be married. n. —bap·tisʹmal·ly. [< OF <LL bannīre ban < Gmc. [< F < Ital. n. —adj. etc. 2 a formal dinner with speeches. n. the game of hockey. 1 declared legally unable to pay debts. 2 violently and noisily. [< F < Sp. trend.. bangs. pandoura 3-stringed instrument] —banʹjoist. 1 banyan. attached by its upper 53 edge to a pole or staff. having legs that curve outward. n. drive away. bank·book (bangkʹb˙ k´). of banco bench < Gmc.. adj. 1 row of things: bank of relay switches. 2 experience that cleanses a person or introduces one into a new kind of life. of baluster] ban·jo (banʹjō). n. –tis tri). n. etc. —banʹish·ment. pl. banns (banz). 1 Often. ban·is·ter (banʹis tәr). shoal. 2 purify. ban·de·rol (banʹdә rōl). 2 a narrow band. named for Bantam. bang1 (bang). bapʹtīz). standard. < Scand. etc. 2 at the end of one’s resources. of bandire banish. of these peoples or their languages. 1 dip into water or sprinkle with water. robber. 1 an institution for keeping. 1 wagon that carries a musical band in a parade. exchanging. [< OF baniere < LL bandum < Gmc. n. leader of a band of musicians. v. fem. banchetto. pl. 1 platform along the inside of a parapet or trench for gunners. < LL < Gk. a light cardboard box to put hats.

1 Venetian boat song. n. bar·bi·tu·ric acid (bär´bә t˙ rʹik. 3 any trade or exchange. 8 place containing such a counter. v. window. n. 1 roast (meat) before an open fire or on a grill. bar (bär). n. adj. n. 1 point projecting backward from the main point. wearing nothing on the head. bare·hand·ed (bãrʹhandʹdid). 3 Fig.. pageants. [OE beorcan] bark3 (bärk). impudent. etc. adj. bar·ba·rous (bärʹbә rәs). c device on which the food is prepared. island country in the West Indies. 4 stripe. [< Gk. dim. bar·bar·i·an (bär bārʹi әn). barge (bärj). bäʹbә dōz). —adj. v. 2 a beardlike growth or part of a plant or animal. 2 part to be sung by such a voice. n. reveal. come to terms. bar·ba·rism (bärʹbә riz әm). mineral form. 1 only just. scarcely: barely enough. stammering] —barʹba·rous·ly. orig. v. flat-bottomed boat for carrying freight. 1 fasten or shut off with a bar. only the essentials of something. 2 Fig. besides. bare2 (bãr). bar·ite (bãrʹīt. 2 fish having such growths. shout sharply. 3 trade. –ty˙ rʹ–). 1 condition of uncivilized people. 1 the short. barytes.. 1 without any covering on the hands. etc. 2 a sound like this. 1 agreement to trade or exchange. [< NL < Gk. bar·i·tone (barʹә tōn). b food at such a feast. barbarous. 2 differing from the speaker or writer in language and customs. bared.. pl. n. adv. without stockings. 1 person who is not civilized. n.). prep. baris boat used on Nile] —bargeʹman. 3 scrape the skin from (shins. —n. seaport in NE Spain. n. —bar´ba·ri·zaʹtion. etc. < barbaros foreign] —barbarʹi·cal·ly. 1 barometer. etc. speak gruffly. uncover. 9 railing around the place where lawyers sit in a court. —v. bare bones. 5 differing from the language and customs of the speaker or writer. bar·ca·role. 2 without any extra thing. [< Sp. 10 profession of a lawyer. adj. barbaros foreign.). 11 lawyers as a group. [< OF bargaigne] —barʹgain·er. forbid. bare·ly (bãrʹli). Bar·ba·ry (bärʹbә ri). 3 person who sings this part. adj. custom. n. < Haitian barboka framework of sticks] barbed wire or barb·wire (bärbʹwīr´). n.. 1 make this sound or one like it. 3 animal roasted whole. 1 uncivilized. barg·ing. 1 ancient Celtic poet and singer.. branches. 1 salt or ester of u u barbituric acid. [< OF < Med. 1 not clothed. 3 openly. 4 a musical instrument that has the quality or range of this voice. —bareʹfoot´ed. 2 with the face bare.. bär´bә t˙ rʹāt. bar·gain (bärʹgin). —bareʹheadʹedness. —n. 4 houseboat. [< F < Ital. bar·be·cue (bärʹbә kū).. also. [< L < Gk. be ready for. Also. —v. Archaic. —barʹba·rous·ness. bark1 (bärk). n. 2 move clumsily like a barge. wire with sharp points on it every few inches. –ties. adv. adj.. bard (bärd). –cuing.. n. barometric.54 bar and Tripoli. 3 crudely rich or too splendid. 2 music imitating such a song. –ries. 3 barrier. [< Scand. –tal). v. 1 try to get good terms. or trait. adj. used as a sedative or to induce sleep. 1 meat roasted before an open fire or on a grill. tower for defense built over a gate or bridge to a city or castle. longer than it is wide or thick: bar of soap.. n. barcarola boatman’s song < barca bark3] Bar·ce·lo·na (bär´sә lāʹnә). 3 savagely cruel. 3 cough. –riz·ing. barbarian. [< F < L barba beard] —barbed.. [< F < Ital. adv. 6 filled with words or expressions not in accepted use. bargain for. [< AF < L barba beard] bar·ber·ry (bärʹber´i. [< OF < LL < Gk. 2 barrel. bare·faced (bãrʹfāstʹ). barʹ-). 4 plain. 1 brutal cruelty. make or become barbarous. –rit. without a saddle. —v. adj. —barʹer. n. 2 foreigner differing from the speaker or writer in language and customs. —n. bar·er. bare·head·ed (bãrʹhedʹid). 2 rough. n. —bar·bar´i·an·ism. [OE bœr] —bareʹness. –legd´). adj. bar·est. —prep. bark2 (bärk). plainly. adj. 1 a male voice between tenor and bass.. 1 a long. 2 boat. —bareʹfacʹed·ness. soft. bar·bar·i·ty (bär barʹә ti). taste. lay bare. person whose business is cutting hair. n. reveal. n.. cut the hair of. [< OF < L < Gk. into the bargain. n. börkr] —barkʹer. 3 use of a word or expression not in accepted use. 2 Fig. Also. BaSO4. gate. n. Also. adv. n. [< L < Gk. bar·ber·shop (bärʹbәr shop´). 1 strip the bark from (a tree. shop where barbers work. 2 a feast at which animals are roasted whole. n. expect. 3 push oneself rudely. 1 carry by barge. barium sulfate in its natural. 2 not concealed. knuckles. n. 4 act as barker. [< OF < VL barra thick ends of bushes (collectively) < Celtic] bar. a sulfate of barium. n. 2 the berry. 6 line between two such units on a musical staff. –rized. yelp. bar·bel (bärʹbәl). —barbʹless. adj. except. n. bar code. n. adv. < LL barca] christen. 1 shameless. n. 2 poet. and roots of trees and plants —v. once famous havens for pirates. n. n. 3 exclude. —v. 2 something offered for sale cheap or bought cheap. shaving. electronically coded lines and numbers stamped on product packaging and used to monitor prices and inventory. used as the basis of sedatives and sleep-inducing drugs. former name for the countries of Morocco. of bear1. open. barʹ–). trim the beard of. —bareʹbacked´. furnish with barbs. 3 a large motorboat or rowboat used by the commanding officer of a flagship. 1 a large. C4H4O3N2. –cued. apply a bar code to. 1 ship with three masts. —v. 2 cover with bark. 2 roast (an animal) whole. Barbary ape. 5 just enough and no more. as “his’n” for his. appar.. 2 of or like that of barbarians. the tough outside covering of the trunk. anything that wounds or strings. 4 crude.. with empty hands. bar·bi·tu·rate (bär bichʹә rāt. 7 counter where drinks are served to customers. rude. Barbary States. pt. barytes weight] —barʹic. harsh. n. bar·ca·rolle (bärʹkә rōl). adj. –it. naked. on a horse’s bare back. contract. n. the Muslim countries west of Egypt on the N coast of Africa. n. bare1 (bār). 2 pole or rod put across a door. reach an agreement.. used for fences. 3 not disguised. —v. adv. 3 empty. barred. 3 barbaric manner. 2 make a bargain. drug containing barbituric acid. 4 word or expression not in accepted use. ship. without u shoes and stockings. shave. —v. adj. bare·back (bārʹbak´). < barys deep + tonos pitch] bar·i·um (bãrʹi әm. Algeria. 2 barbarous act. bar·ing. n. n. 2 a large boat used for excursions. barque. 2 any one of a group of drugs derived from barbituric acid. bare·foot (bãrʹf˙ t´). 2 block. n. sharp sound that a dog makes. n. of barbus a kind of fish < L barba beard] bar·ber (bärʹbәr). obstruction. strike a bargain.. expose. bar·ring. bare·leg·ged (bãrʹleg´id. adv. Bar·ba·dos (bär bāʹdōz. v. thin growth hanging from the mouths of some fishes. 3 cook (meat or fish) in a highly flavored sauce.L barbicana] bar·bi·tal (bärʹbә tôl. barium sulfate. square-rigged on the first two masts and fore-and-aft-rigged on the other. barged. adj. 5 unit of rhythm in music. —barkʹless.. bar·bi·can (bärʹbә kәn). uncover. as a remark. rough and rude. as of a fishhook. —bareʹfac´ed·ly. –ty˙ rʹ–). u u an acid. Tunis. n. pl. adj. adj. adj. . bar·ba·rize (bärʹbә rīz). barb (bärb). etc. obstruct. n. of or for a baritone. v. and trimming beards. < baptein dip] —bap·tizʹer. [< OF < LL barbellus. [< Scotch Gaelic and Irish] —bardʹic. 3 person without sympathy for culture or art. barytone. 2 act of cruelty. a tailless monkey that lives in N Africa and on the Rock of Gibraltar.. or style. unadorned. bar·bar·ic (bär barʹik). n. 1 not civilized.. Ba. 1 not civilized. —v. adj. –bәr i). 1 an evenly shaped piece of some solid. —v. brutal. 1 shrub with sour red berries. silverywhite metallic element. —adj.

bar·ley (bärʹli). [< Gk. –men. [OE bearwe. n. bar´oscopʹi·cal. —bar´o·metʹri·cal·ly. n. b something in a baroque style. unproductive. bar·ris·ter (barʹis tәr). barm·y (bärʹmi). fantastic. 1 barrier of artillery fire to check the enemy or to protect one’s own soldiers in advancing or retreating. n. n. except. n. hastily made barrier for defense. 1 person who owns or operates a bar where alcoholic drinks are sold. bar·o·ny (barʹә ni). adj. n. n. modeled on brigantine] bark·er (bärʹkәr). fermenting. female bartender. –r˙ m´). instrument for showing changes in the pressure or density of the air. adj. 2 exchange. n. Usually. –raging. [< Gk. not including. adj. 1 nobleman of the lowest rank in Great Britain and other countries. bar·row1 (barʹō). used for carrying a load. [< AF < LL. n. 1821–1912. 1 and 2 and v. akin to bear1] bar·row2 (barʹō). n. bar·ter (bärʹtәr). made of casks. 2 Fig. [OE beorg] Bar·row (barʹō). 1 member of a hereditary order of honor in Great Britain ranking next below a baron and next above a knight. n. 2 marked with stripes. ba·rom·e·ter (bә romʹә tәr). a art in the baroque style. [< Sp. [< F <Ital. bar·ti·zan (bärʹtә zәn. bar·on·ess (barʹәn is). [< bar + –ster] —bar´ris·teʹri·al. n. n. etc. [< dial. —barnʹstorm´ing. bar·tend·er (bärʹten´dәr). horses. 2 fundamental. a hard.. n. bar·o·graph (barʹә graf. [< OF < L barō man. a building for storing hay grain. bar·ken·tine. —n. bar·on (barʹәn). 1 container with round. dull. n. n. n.. [< OF. —v. –nies. a crustacean that attaches itself to rocks. < barater exchange. n. [< F. accusations.. 2 plant yielding this grain. bar·ri·er (barʹi әr). < barrier bar] bar·ra·try (barʹә tri). n. baritone. 1 artistically irregular. orig. lodge in barracks. bar·on·age (barʹәn ij). n. –da. a foamy yeast that forms on malt liquors while they are fermenting. v. n. –cad·ed. show. 2 amount that a barrel can hold. n. room u with a bar for the sale of alcoholic drinks.. bärʹij for n. bar·rel (barʹәl). a clasp to hold the hair in place. [alter. the bottom of the barrel. barn (bärn). n. of bratticing < brattice parapet < OF.. v. n. < Pr. bar·room (bärʹrüm´. basʹôlt). n. –relled. three-masted ship with the foremast square-rigged and the other masts fore-and-aft-rigged. bar·rack (barʹәk). n. grotesque. bar·quen·tine (bärʹkәn tēn). barʹә kād). darkcolored rock of volcanic origin. n. [< LL basaltēs. mound of earth or stones over an ancient grave. —v. n. adj. adj. bar·keep·er (bärʹkēp´әr). prob. 1 informal dance held in a barn. [< F < Pg. 3 something bartered. 2 exchange. adj. put in barrels. northernmost point of land in Alaska. bar·kan·tine (bärʹkәn tēn). etc. barm·i·er. 1 a rough. 2 title indicating this rank. basic. See barrel. –reled.. –cad·ing.. pl. n. n. American showman. etc. stave] barrel organ. American woman who organized the American Red Cross in 1881. n. plain building in which many people live. adj. Baronet. n. [OE bœrlīc] barm (Bärm). —barʹren·ness. barricada < barrica cask. bar·man (bärʹmәn). Point. 1 the seed or grain of a cereal grass used for food and for making malt. [OE beorma] bar·maid (bärʹmād´). barn·storm (bärnʹstôrm´). v. adj. < West Indian name] bar·rage (bә räshʹ for n. 1 wife or widow of a baron.. over a barrel. n. 2 bartender. voracious fish of the seas near the West Indies. adj. Bar·num (bärʹnәm). bar sinister. probable changes in the weather. adj.. –rel·ling. 2 something that keeps apart. ba·salt (bә sôltʹ. 2 irregular in shape. barkentine. lawyer in England who can plead in any court. pl. a hand organ. a manuscript corruption of L basanītēs < Gk. cask. 3). n.. 1 all the barons. bar·ri·cade (bar´ә kādʹ. 2 the nobility. etc. –gräf). adj. 3 something somewhat like a barrel: the barrel of a drum.. bar´o·metʹri·cal. —barʹon·et·cy. Phineas Taylor. —v. 2 act or practice of stirring up lawsuits or quarrels. supposed sign of illegitimacy. adv. —n.. 1 instrument for measuring the pressure of the atmosphere. —n. [< Gk. 1 of or at the base. —n. barm·iest. unprofitable. Bart. n. –rel·ing. prep. 4 the metal tube or a gun. flat top and bottom and slightly curved sides. n. fire at with artillery. n. < basanos touchstone] .. 1 wheelbarrow. the bottoms of ships. 1 trade by exchanging one kind of goods for other goods without using money. n. [< OF barater exchange. 2 person who stands in front of a store. 1 one or that which barks. < OE brittisc British (type of fortification)] Bar·ton (bärʹtәn). barite. 2 rank or title of a baron. adj. usually made of thick boards held together by hoops.. bar·on·et (barʹәn it.. —barnʹstorm´er. etc. basal metabolism. barrens. ornate. bar·ren (barʹәn). akin to barratry] —barʹter·er.. tastelessly odd. [< OF bernac] barn dance. 3 artificial bar in a river. n. —v. Clara. forming the base. 2 powerful merchant or financier. barroco irregular] bar·o·scope (barʹә skōp). urging people to go in. 1 having bars: a barred window. [< OF baril. 2 any barrier or obstruction. 4 without interest. n. < barra bar] bar·ring (bärʹing). cheat] —barʹra·trous. dam. –raged. v. 2 a lively dance resembling a polka. tend a bar. barquentine. esp. 1 lands of a baron. fellow] —ba·roʹni·al. n. 1 fraud or gross negligence of a ship’s officer or seaman against owners.] —bar´ricadʹer. n. most unpromising: applicants from the bottom of the barrel. sterile. n. Brit. bar·rette (bә retʹ). [OE bœrn < bere barley + œrn place] bar·na·cle (bärʹnә kәl). 1 building or group of buildings for soldiers to live in. 2 silly. n. n. something stopping progress or preventing approach. ba·ry·tes (bә rīʹtēz). < VL barra bar. v. 2 woman whose rank is equal to that of a baron. 1 act of bartering. –et). in a defenseless position. adv. ba·roque (bә rōkʹ. < L birotus two-wheeled < bi– two + rota wheel] barque (bärk). adv. amount of energy used by an animal at rest. 2 handcart. a four-wheeled carriage with two seats facing each other and a folding top. travel to small towns and rural areas to perform. bas·al (bāsʹәl). 1 something that stands in the way. baros weight + –graph] —bar´o·graphʹic. Usually.. 1810–91. give plays. Also. n. skopein look at] —bar´o·scopʹic. b the least desirable. pl. etc. baros weight + –meter] —bar´o·metʹric. etc. —n. baros weight + E –scope instrument for viewing < Gk. barn·yard (bärnʹyärd´). [< OF baraine] —barʹren·ly. 3 rank or title of a baron. 1 full of barm. barren stretch of land. barkeeper. prob. n. bär´tә zanʹ). block or obstruct with a barricade. yard around a barn for livestock. appar. a small overhanging turret on a wall or tower. a large. or and sheltering cows. directed at a person. a the last of one’s resources. 2 stream of questions. barred (bärd). G < Ital. instrument that automatically records changes in air pressure. barracks. bar keeper. [< bark3. something that indicates changes: barometer of public opinion. and thus determining the height above sea level. –das. make speeches. —v. person who serves alcoholic drinks to customers at a bar. n. bark3. 5 great deal of something: barrel of laughs. 3 fruitless. 2 not able to bear offspring. adj. baracca] bar·ra·cu·da (ba´ә küʹdә). 3 frame with two short shafts for handles at each end. 1 not producing anything. —basʹal·ly. etc. ba·rouche (bә rüshʹ). insurers. bar·y·tone (barʹә tōn). –rokʹ). 2 large.basalt 55 bar·keep (bärʹkēp´). —n. [< F.

adv. bäsk). [< OF < L < Gk. written statement of the organization of a government. v. marking the start of the French Revolution. basis base. basilikon royal] bas·i·lar (basʹә lәr). adj. n. ba·sis (bāʹsis). bas·ing. n. base. [? imit. [< F. —basʹket·like´. n. 3 anything resembling or shaped like a basket. pl. [< L < Gk. basʹә net). 1 member of a people living in the Pyrenees in S France and in N Spain. 2 baby carriage of similar shape. drip or pour melted fat or butter on (meat. —baseʹless·ness. [< F < LL bastilia < bastire build] bas·ti·na·do (bas´tә nāʹdō). 1 oblong building with a broad nave separated from side aisles by rows of columns. such as baseball. n. next to the floor. n. –bōrd´). 2 bastille. selfish. adj. groundless. adj. 3 coarse in quality. seesaw. on the soles of the feet. adj. 2 line between bases in baseball. 3 title conferred by the Pope on a Roman Catholic church. 1 game played with a large ball by two teams of five players each who try to score by tossing the ball through the basket.. OHG bestan tie up. 2 art of making baskets. 6 starting place. bas·set (basʹit). bas·ket·ry (basʹkit ri.. [< F < Ital. used as a goal in basketball. 2 anything inferior or spurious. basis. v. bassone < basso basso] —bassoonʹist. 3 lowest part in harmonized music. bazʹ–). bowl. 1 the lowest male voice. like a dachshund. 1 line of boards around the walls of a room. air force. n. bastile. based. pl. In a bascule bridge the rising part is counterbalanced by a weight. 4 all the land drained by a river and the streams that flow into it. base·less (bāsʹlis). –ses (–sēz). 2 crested lizard of tropical America. Ba·sel (bäʹzәl). n. 1 low or deep in sound. n. v. cudgel. grasses. fabled reptile whose breath and look were thought to be fatal. of humble origin. n.] bast·ings (bāsʹtingz). basʹ–). dim. bastonada < bastón cudgel. adj. n. low sound when struck. 1 Also. 1 mean. 2 a relating to. n. size. bast·ing. 2 of or for the lowest part or voice. basso] bass2 (bas). or basset hound.. —adj. 4 chemical compound that reacts with an acid to form a salt. [< Scand. having to do with the Basques or their language. 1 born of parents who are not married to each other. bassu wood tree. adj. n dog with short legs and a long body.. —baʹsin·like´. foundation. beat or flog with a stick. 1 of or at the base. b alkaline. 2 an early Christian church built in this form. n. bas·er. bas·ket·work (basʹkit wėrk´. carving or sculpture in which the figures project only slightly from the background. n. wickerwork. v. 1 wide. or navy operates. [B(eginners) A(ll-purpose) S(ymbolic) I(nstruction) C(ode)] Basic Law or basic law. adv. esp. adj. of barse perch. 1 basketwork. Am. at the base. n. Also Basic. –do·ing. device that works like a seesaw. shallow bowl. n. pl. base·born (bāsʹbôrnʹ). 1 make or form a base or foundation for. and other fibers woven together. v. bas´–. bast·ed. a linden tree. timid. bas·re·lief (bä´ri lēfʹ. [var.. collectively) bass. –sos. BASIC (baʹsik). 1 story of a building partly or wholly below ground. adj. v. See base1. ba·sil·i·ca (bә silʹә kә). 6 score made in basketball by tossing the ball through a ring and the basket. v. [< F. 1 bottom. —adj. dim.. 2 amount that a basin can hold. [< OF bastir. of base2. –does. base line. adj. of abash) + –ful] —bashʹful·ly. thrash [Scand. —adj. n. 1789. [< L < Gk. 2 board forming the base of anything. baste1 (bāst). pl. [< OF < L < Gk. bäsʹ–). long. used in cooking. 2 inferior. 2 a fundamental principle. [alter. etc. –si (–si). Legend. . [OE bœst] bas·tard (basʹtәrd). —n. beat. prison. sew with bast. large drum that makes a deep. baste3 (bāst). as the black bass. 2 the lowest division of the wall of a building. See base1. [< Ital. n. 2 wood of either of these trees. n. [< Sp. ult. or containing a chemical base. style. [< F. 2 a fundamental principle or set of principles. common. base·ment (bāsʹmәnt). n. forming the base. 2 bast. sew with long stitches to hold the cloth until the final sewing.. of bast] bass drum (bās). cowardly. [< L < Gk. —v.56 bascule bas·il (bazʹәl). bäsʹ–). warm oneself pleasantly. inferior. n. 4 instrument for such a part. n. after Ital. fundamental. < Gmc.. of basis. work woven like a basket. baskets. 2 their language. bass1. [< OF < LL bessus low] —baseʹly. a step] base2 (bās). lit. bass viol (bās). n. used in ancient Rome for law courts and public meetings. bathask bathe oneself] —baskʹer. of bassin basin] bas·so (basʹō. (var. b tulip tree. n. [< bash. 4 menial. by bas low) + cul posterior] base1 (bās). any of various spiny-finned fish that live in fresh or salt water.. 2 establish. bäsʹ–). of bas low] bas·si·net (bas´ә netʹ.. adj. 1 main part. pl. < battre beat (infl. 1 inner layer of bark that contains cells for carrying sap. —basʹical·ly. 2 ball used in this game. 5 Archaic. 1 basketlike cradle with a hood. 1 line used as a base. bas·cule (basʹkūl). [< OF bacin < LL baccinum < bacca water vessel] —baʹsined. 1 a beating with a stick. 2 singer with such a voice. singer with a bass voice. bas·i·lisk (basʹә lisk. bäsʹō). n. 2 stick. Basque (bask). bast·ed. —n. n. base hit.. dim. ba–). found (on): his large business was based on good service. n. strike with a smashing blow. n. destroyed by a mob on July 14.) while roasting. —baseʹness. [var. basiliskos. basilike (oikia) royal (house) < basileus king] —ba·silʹi·can. 2 illegitimate. bas·ket (basʹkit. n. pl. bast·ed. n. uneasy and awkward in the presence of strangers. —n. 5 goal in certain games. 2 amount that a basket holds. 8 number that is a starting point for a system of numeration. of base1. basso-rilievo low relief] bass1 (bās). n. 3 the principal ingredient. shy. a smashing blow. 3 hollow place containing water. n. —bashʹfulness. —n.] bash·ful (bashʹfәl). 1 Class. adj. base·board (bāsʹbôrd´. base·ball (bāsʹbôl´). 1 game played with bat and ball by two teams of nine players each on a field with four bases. n. 7 place from which an army. bas·est. pl. n. a deep-toned wind instrument with a doubled wooden tube and a curved metal mouthpiece. baste2 (bāst). n. bas·ic (bāsʹik). ba·ses1 (bāʹsēz). made of basswood. having the nature of. n. 3 essential part. 1 old fort in Paris used as a prison. bast·ing. adv. bast (bast). [< OF < (fils de) bast packsaddle (child)] —basʹtardy. n. ult. —adj. etc. n.. bas·es2 (bāsʹiz). 1 container made of twigs. bass·wood (basʹw˙ d´). –doed. 9 line or surface forming that part of a geometric figure on which it is supposed to stand. 2 the ball used.] bas·soon (bә sünʹ. adj. city in NW Switzerland. n. —v. —n. a deep-toned stringed instrument like a very large violin. 5 net shaped like a basket.] bask (bask. sweet-smelling plant of the same family as mint. 3 irregular or unusual in shape. bash (bash). beysta] Bas·tille (bas tēlʹ). successful hit of the baseball so that the batter reaches at least first base without the help of an error.] —bastʹer. n. 4 the structure beneath a balloon for carrying passengers or ballast. OE bears] bass3 (bas). 4 a starting point. 2 the tough fibers in this inner layer. bas·i·lar·y (–lәr´i). bast·ing. 1 born of humble parents. of basileus king] ba·sin (bāʹsәn). computer language based on English. illegitimate child. bas·ket·ball (basʹkit bôl´. v. bass·es or (esp. loose stitches to hold the cloth in place until the final sewing. but larger and heavier. 1 child whose parents are not married to each other. < Gmc. bäsʹ–). 2 spurious. 1 basswood. —adj. [< F < Ital. bäʹri lēf. Cf.

[< Gk. 2 set of one or more cells that produce electric current. a showy trifle having no real value. who keeps a brothel. on the Mississippi. [ult. coats. etc. place where a battle is fought or has been fought. –ti әn). beaten together for pancakes. depth] —ba·thetʹic.] . 4 in baseball. [< OF babel toy] baulk (bôk). baths. —v. n. 1 quantity of bread made at one baking.] bawd·ry (bôdʹri). cry hard. n. n. n. brightly or gaily colored. v. —v.. bat·ten2 (batʹәn).. etc. city in SW England. bat·ting. 2 any heavy object similarly used. 6 any act of beating or battering. battle cry. 2 the game itself. 6 liquid in which something is washed or dipped. go from place to place without plan or purpose.. n. 2 fight. [OE bathian] —bathʹer. 3 army. 1 a stout wooden stick or club. 1 batlike. 2 prostitute. 1 beat with repeated blows. —bawdʹi·ly. bat·tle·front (batʹәl fruntʹ).] —basʹtioned. 2 in baseball. 1 room fitted up for taking baths. bōʹzīt). with bated breath. u n. etc. 2 battery. place where combat between armies takes place. —adj. 4 go swimming. gay time. thin. bat·ting. holding the breath in great fear. wash or moisten with any liquid. < OE bāt boat] bath (bath.] bat·tik (batʹik). n. 2 fighting. bath·house (bathʹhous´. deep-diving craft that can be navigated underwater. 3 any fight. 5 Often. bath·tub (bathʹtub´. 2 toilet. bawl (bôl). 1 shout or cry out in a noisy way.. n. a claylike mineral from which aluminum is obtained. [< bat1] bat·ter2 (batʹәr).S. fortification. n. 4 organized group. 2 like batik. —bawdʹi·ness. 2 quantity of anything made as one lot. 4 stick carried by a relay runner and passed to the next runner on the team. abate. extending into the land. 2 damage by hard use. 1 wall with indentations for soldiers to shoot through. -tanʹ). n. 1 a ludicrous descent from the lofty or elevated to the commonplace in writing or speech. 2 give a bath to. pl. 1 noisy shout at the top of one’s voice. n. 4 stroke. adj. bawd·i·er.. n. bat·ted. See bat3. bat2 (bat). (Dan. < OF bastiller fortify] bat·tle·ship (batʹәl ship´). 3 feed greedily. n. lewd. v. v. 5 cover. 1 board used for flooring. n. —n. 3 a tub. n. anticlimax. chorus. etc. bat·tle (batʹәl). battle cruiser. a light boat with a flat bottom and tapering ends. bathed. 2 any large part of an army organized to act together. obscene. room.L baulare bark] —bawlʹer. n. [< OF baud gay < Gmc.. wink. do battle (with or over). —v.. 2 assertive. n. etc. n. battik. Zool. 1 made by batik. Also. v. 3 hollow metal stick twirled by a drum major or majorette in a showy display. 2 building containing dressing rooms for swimmers. 2 strip of wood nailed across parallel boards to strengthen them. 3 turn at batting. a long. 3 number of persons or things taken together. from name of maker] ba·ton (ba tonʹ. cakes. n. 2 excessive or insincere pathos. especially in Roman times. 2 weep loudly. n. [< Gk bathys + skáphē bowl. spree. n. a nocturnal flying mammal characterized by modified forelimbs which serve as wings. etc. bäthʹ–). battaglione. 1 ax formerly used as a weapon in war. a fine. bathe (bāth).. especially a woman. n. made of batik. [< Malay] ba·tiste (bә tēstʹ). peninsula near Manila in the Philippines. contend. pound. adj. awe. [< F. neurosis from stress of combat. n. reprimand. in the SE part. adj. –ti·er. [< OF < LL battalia < L battuere beat] —batʹtler. struggle. capital of Louisiana. n. a round. pl. of baton] bat·ter1 (batʹәr). batch (bach). sphaira sphere] ba·tik (bә tēkʹ. begin to fight. 2 water. —n. 5 the unlawful beating of another person. 1 shout of soldiers in battle. bat·ed. —v. 2 crazy. battering ram. bat3 (bat). [< F] Bat·on Rouge (batʹәn rüzhʹ). bat·ter·y (batʹәr i). France] Ba·var·i·a (bә vārʹi ә). n. for a bath. bat around. warfare.) –bakke] —batʹlike´. bawl out. battle fatigue. fight over. cover cracks. 3 Mil. of battaglia battle] bat·ten1 (batʹәn). n. [< F < Ital. largest and most heavily armored warship. player whose turn it is to bat in baseball. bau·ble (bôʹbәl). —adj. part of a sea or lake. bay1 (bā). 2 motto or slogan in any contest. [OE batt] at bat. bat·tle·ax. [< F < Ital. n. bath·ing. n. a tailless amphibian. 7 container holding the liquid. odd. 5 wild. bat·ty (batʹi). < OF. 2 staff or stick used as a symbol of office or authority..bay bas·tion (basʹchәn. n. in which people descend to the ocean depths to study animal and plant life. b large number. [< Gk. bat·ted. 1 take part in a battle. n. the pitcher and catcher together. [var. 1 building fitted up for bathing. 1 military machine with a heavy horizontal beam used in ancient times for battering down walls. ult. 1 fight between armies or navies. gates. of abate] ba·teau (ba tōʹ). 1 hit with a bat. cotton cloth. contend. bäthʹ–). Slang. bat·tle·ment (batʹәl mәnt). especially in a parade. 1 grow fat. bath·y·scaph or bath·y·scafe (bathʹә skaf). –tling. used to hit the ball in baseball. etc. n. baux·ite (bôkʹsīt. batrachos frog] bat·tal·ion (bә talʹyәn). –dōr). adj. n. milk. in the batter’s position. [< Scand. bäthz). 2 a loud crying. 1 set of similar or connected things. watertight chamber with glass windows. bäth). baths. adj. n. bat·tle·axe (batʹәl aks´). bat·ing. batt. fast warship. b these guns together with the soldiers and equipment for them. obscenity. or other place for bathing. [< F Baptiste. lewdness. —n. bathys deep + E –sphere < Gk. n. –tled. v. bawd·y (bôdʹi). v. pl. [< Scand. [< Gk. 2 defense. 1 a washing of the body. –ter·ies. 3 apply water to. eggs. n. 1 of or belonging to the division of vertebrates consisting of tailless amphibians. bath·room (bathʹrüm´. [prob. n. See bastille. 1 person. [from Les Baux.. wool or other fibers pressed into thin layers used in quilts. bäth). baths (bathz. 2 act of batting. < Med. bāthʹ–). 3 design formed in this way. as frogs and toads. adj. to indicate tempo and direct the performance. bat·tle·field (batʹәl fēld´). —Ba·varʹi·an. resort with baths for medical treatment. adj. join battle. adv. fasten or strengthen with strips of wood. ba·tra·chi·an (bә trāʹki әn). 1 small racket used to hit a shuttlecock back and forth in the game of battledore and shuttlecock. etc. hit. batʹik). 1 stick used by the leader of an orchestra.. contest. struggle. 1 battalion. bat·tle·dore (batʹәl dôr. bath·robe (bathʹrōb´.. a state in SW Germany. strong-willed woman. –r˙ m´. n. [< OF < L battuere beat] bat. usually part of a regiment. –ti·est. 2 cloth dyed in this way. [prob. ba·thos (bāʹthos). bäthʹ–).. n. n. prob.. –teaux (–tōzʹ). balk.. bawdi·est.. a armies. cricket. lessen. blow. Ba·taan (bә tänʹ. a set of big guns for 57 combined action in attack or defense. bә–). v.. [ME bacche < OE bacan bake] bate (bāt). batallions. [< F. n. a large. 4 often. bat·ting (batʹing). 2 wall built like this for ornament. n. v.. tub to bathe in. bastione < bastire build. 1 take a bath. hit safely balls served by the pitcher.. n. 1 a projecting part of a fortification. < battre beat. dim. 2 like frogs and toads. batik. etc. n. tactical military unit made up of two or more companies. [var.. tub] bath·y·sphere (bathʹә sfir). surround. < batre bat3] bat·ter3 (batʹәr). 1 method of making designs on cloth by covering with wax the parts not to be dyed. [< OF baie < Gmc. n. not as heavily armored as a battleship. mixture of flour. battle. 1 U. n. 2 fatten. n. bat1 (bat).. etc. [OE bœth] Bath (bath. etc. batna < bati improvement] —batʹten·er. for warmth. bat·tle·ground (batʹәl ground´). an elaborate establishment for public bathing and exercise. bawd (bôd).. loose garment worn after bathing or while lounging.

BBC. 1 board. 1 smooth. n. 1 put beads on. 3 Be is used as an auxillary verb. etc. head. 1 space or division of a wall or building between columns. —v. adj. 1 large cup or drinking glass. < VL batare gape] —bayʹer. bark. b one of the berries. etc. a string of beads as a necklace. made of small beads. long. bay2 (bā). 4 give birth to. n. a worthy cause. 2 form beads. 4 ray of light or heat. beading. operate for a decline in stocks. n. run or draw (a boat) ashore. n. bear·ing. —n. and wheat. 3 direct (a broadcast): beam telecasts to a satellite. esp. 2 reddishbrown horse. 2 British Columbia. B-bop (bēʹbop´). reddish-brown. etc. pl. hold off. window or set of windows that projects from a wall. 2 smile radiantly. be·ing. beam·ing (bēmʹing).. —v. Astron. bear out. ba·zar (bә zärʹ). 2 trimmed with beads..58 bay building a house. the first position established by an invading army on an enemy beach or shore. 1 carry: bear a burden. [OE bēacn] —bea´conless.. [< Scand. —bearʹa·bly. bear down. 3 front sight of a rifle. baseball thrown by the pitcher so as to hit or attempt to hit the batter’s head. bea·dle (bēʹdәl). n. bean (bēn). —v. 2 smiling brightly. or count one’s beads. pointed.. 2 narrow trimming.. beryllium. —beamʹlike´. as if from space. adj. 5 spout. 2 bays. 2 Be is used as a linking verb between a subject and a predicate modifier or to form infinitives and participial phrases: you will be late. n. say. bikarr] beam (bēm). bebop. with: a the present participle of another verb to form the progressive tense: he is . France] bay·ou (bīʹü). beads. bark at. marshy inlet or outlet of a lake.. attached to a gun. adj. try to be just. b rosary. or the direction at right angles to the keel. river. a laurel wreath worn by poets or victors. not lose hope or faith. a put pressure on. are. metal. [OE bēam tree.. tell. or gulf in the southern United States. 3 make. were. resist successfully. bāzār] ba·zoo·ka (bә züʹkә). sing. adv. the almost flat shore of sand or little stones at the edge of the sea. 2 bond. silver. bay window. permit: the accident bears two explanations. ornament with beads. 1 fire or light used as a signal to guide or warn. a on the right course or track. shine. 3 crosswise bar of a balance. blade for piercing or stabbing. storms. bead·ing (bēdʹing).. ppr. have (offspring): bear a child. on the beam. ray of light] —beamed. —v. n. pl.C. 1 hair growing on a man’s face. n. semicircular molding. —beamʹingly. [OE bēon] be–. —beakʹless. adj. 8 widest part of a ship. was. support. semicircular molding. —beamʹless. bright. hit on the head. 3 supply with beacons. 2 similar part in other animals. 4 narrow. beach·comb·er (bēchʹkōm´әr). [< OF bai < L badius] bay·ber·ry (bāʹber´i). [OE bydel] bead·work (bēdʹwėrk´). n. esp. n. to. 1 bird’s bill. B. B/E. exist. 2 long wave rolling in from the ocean onto a beach. [OE bedu prayer. v. adj. 2 shot of this size. 2 main horizontal support of a building or ship. b honor.. —beakʹlike. 1 before Christ. 5 Informal. bea·gle (bēʹgәl). beach (bēch). —v.] —bead´ed. 1 street or streets full of shops. go. 8 allow. BE. etc. esp. bbls. bore or (Archaic) bare.c. a minor officer in the Church of England. n. one eaten as a vegetable. —v.. [OE] —beardʹed. 350 b. adj. 2 at. 2 the long pod containing such seeds. 4 projecting bow of an ancient warship. B cell or B-cell (bēʹsel´). put up with. 1 trimming made of beads threaded into patterns. American humorist] BB. b the past participle of another verb to form the passive voice: the date was fixed. a small hunting dog with short legs and drooping ears. unstressed form of bī by] Be. —v. 1 small. having to do with lowering prices in the stock market. am. pierce or stab with a bayonet. pl. 2 endure: he can’t bear the noise. adj. adv. or a large lake.. n. 2 something resembling or suggesting this. round object like a drop or bubble: beads of sweat. [< OF bayer. bear·ing. as in bespangle. pp. 1 send out rays of light. beard (bird). 3 bound. 7 side of a ship. adj. bea·con (bēʹkәn). b Fig. shiny leaves. bbl. [< F baïonnette. 4 any seed shaped somewhat like a bean. [< Louisiana F < Choctaw bayuk small stream] bay rum. used as a lotion. tend in direction: the ship bore north. was. 1 a large quadruped animal that has coarse hair and a very short tail. –ous. v. and shiny. bead (bēd). adj. hold or keep at bay. 7 move. live. projecting out from a wall. bay·o·net (bāʹә nit. 2 a gruff or surly person. 1 a small ball or bit of glass. 3 plant that beans grow on. been. n. n. 3 sale held to benefit a charity. with reference to wind. as the chin tuft of a goat. ba·zaar. 1 a North American shrub with grayishwhite berries coated with wax. etc. adj. 5 bright look or smile. as in bespatter. bead·i·er. 1. take aim at. a fragrant liquid made from the leaves of the bayberry tree. awns. —n. bear with. See def. 2 signal to guide aircraft and ships through fogs. ships. adj. n. for. nose on a person. sing. borne or born. [OE bēan] bean·ball (bēnʹbôl´). 3 bay window. [ME begle] beak (bēk). be (bē). sea. bead·y (bēdʹi). relate to: his story does not bear on the question. [from resemblance to trombonelike instrument created and named by Bob Burns. adj. v. 3 person who tries to lower prices in the stock market. bear up. 6 press: push. defy. using a rosary. rocket gun used against tanks. 1 shining. 3 covered with drops or bubbles. —adj. were. 6 radio signal used to guide aircraft. beam down. prove. 3 pattern or edge on woodwork. 2 West Indian tree whose leaves contain an oil used in bay rum. British Broadcasting Corporation. so that it can be strung on a thread with others like it. [< F baie opening < VL batare gape] bay3 (bā). 2 space with a window or set of windows in it. bear1 (bār). etc. n. n. n. n. long piece of timber or metal ready for use in building. type of lymphocyte that produces antibodies. indic. piece of wood. pl. named for Bayonne. the Little Bear or the Great Bear. —beanʹball´er. n. pl.. 2 shine brightly. n. are. pres. all around. a river. 2 place for the sale of many kinds of goods. —v. 2 contents of a beaker. [OE beran] bear2 (bãr). pl. strand. is 100 years earlier than 250 b. 4 Bear. 3 Fig. —v.e. that can be borne.reddish brown. on. bead·i·est. as in belittle. adj. 1 thoroughly. exactly. barrel. is. warn. on. n. < Pers. kidney-shaped seed used as a vegetable. one that is strong and hooked and useful in striking or tearing. n. n. n. endurable. 3 a tall tower for a signal. –net). 4 provide with. n. prob. from the ends of which the scales or pans are suspended. 3 yield: bear fruit.. beared. one of two northern groups of stars. adj. barley. indic. prefix. just right. against. bay4 (bā). b. –ries. 3 hairs on the heads of plants like oats. draw a bead on. –net·ing. pt. etc. with a hole through it. about.. n. adj. etc. [OE. laurel tree. etc. [OE bera] bear·a·ble (bãrʹә bәl). as in bewail. lighthouse. [< OF < L beccus < Celtic] —beaked. 4 narrow. 2 any small. beak·er (bēkʹәr). deep bark of a dog or similar animal. 2b. 1 standard size of shot. bds. face boldly. appear suddenly. b approach. 3 thin glass or metal cup used in laboratories. before the birth of Christ. pillars. renown: fame. say a prayer.. especially shot used in an air rifle. beach·head (bēchʹhed´). 5 have an effect. n. [< OF baie < L baca berry] bay5 (bā). bill of exchange. etc. guide. large. —bearʹa·ble·ness. 1 have reality. esp. 1 large. bd. v. n. 1 give light to. —beachʹless. n. Slang. 1 vagrant or loafer on beaches. 1 a small evergreen tree with smooth..c. round. –neted. [< F < Ar.

v. take a beating. 8 mark (time). bear·ish (bãrʹish). —beau´te·ous·ly.. verses in the Bible beginning “Blessed are the poor in spirit. etc.. b lose decisively. v. happen. surly. thrash. archbishop of Canterbury. 2 Fig. –dūʹ). befall. –chänsʹ). bed·ded. 2 coarse. grow to be. relation: the question has no bearing on the problem. beat-up bāt´upʹ). suit. —be·comʹing·ly. —v. —adj. 5 layer. pessimistic. n. n. bed·ding (bedʹing). bed·bug (bedʹbug´). direction. n. bed·clothes (bedʹklōz´. v. n. —be·diʹzenment. 5 pallbearer. 3 a regular route of a policeman.. 8 single device in a coat of arms. b under one’s complete control. 3 the Beatitudes. bless. beat·en or beat. –dimming. 2 its soft brown fur. —adj. beautiful. power. invisible rays given off by radioactive substances. lover. 3 become of. esp. —v. pl. overcome. —v. beau·ti·ful (būʹtә fәl).. beast·ly (bēstʹli). 2 annoying. 1 put to bed. v. a suffer physical punishment. bottom layer. be·dev·il (bi devʹәl). n. a small. murdered on orders of Henry II. make or become beautiful or more beautiful. 3 quality that pleases the intellect or moral sense.. 2 confuse completely. n. 4 make flat: beat gold into gold leaf.bedlam —beardʹless. 2 whipping. a person who lives in an unconventional way. ornament with showy finery. painting. thrashed. be·bop (bēʹbop´). 4 that which is produced. bed (bed). –fy·ing. 1 strike again and again. delighting the mind or senses. —bearʹishness. Beck·et (bekʹit). torment. beat a retreat. —beardʹless·ness. n. not hopeful or confident. 3 foundation. n. 9 go through in a hunt or search.. beaux gestes (bō zhestʹ). obscure. inasmuch as. —be·dazʹzle·ment. n. —beauʹtifi´er. 1 act of one that beats. v. 6 move up and down. beau·te·ous (būʹti әs). –li·est. because of. [< OF beauté < beau beautiful. stratum: a bed of coal. 2 material for beds. [< OF < LL besta] —beastʹlike´.. adj.. beat·ing (bētʹing). bed·ding. —bearʹish·ly. 6 in nuclear physics. adj.. —beauʹte·ousness. conj. [< L beatitudo < beare bless] beat·nik (bētʹnik). hurry away. bear·ing (bãrʹing). 2 make calm. a beckoning gesture. 3 defeat. appropriate: becoming conduct for a gentleman. —beau´ti·fi·caʹtion. 2 insane asylum. adv. 1 good looks. v. 2 reference. be·dew (bi düʹ. v. etc. flap: the bird beat its wings. 2 shaped by blows. –fied. bedding. skin. —beauʹti·ful·ly. property possessed by a bottom quark. confuse. v. n. 5 something remarkable or excellent. n. adj. beau·ty (būʹti). or note for payment. branches. go away. —be·devʹil·ment. –chanced.. bear·er (bãrʹәr). as by nodding the head or waving the hand. 2 person who holds or presents a check. noted for its ingenuity in damming streams with mud. –fy·ing. adv.. dazzle completely. darken. 1 blow made again and again: the beat of a drum. n. [ME bicause by cause] be·chance (bi chansʹ. etc. adj. 3 beastly person.. adv. a four-footed animal. 3 much walked on or traveled: beaten path. n. Beau·fort scale (bōʹfәrt). bedridden. 4 defeated. < L bellus fine] —beauʹish. n. confusion. embed. beaut (būt). adv. unit of time. adj. or brutal person. 1 amphibious rodent with a broad. bliss. Bohemian. –adv. –ties. be·deck (bi dekʹ). quilts. wet with dew or with drops like dew. 4 holder of a rank or office. —becomʹing·ness. 2 throb: her heart beats fast with joy. 3 act. v. n. for the reason that. n. adj. 3 man’s high silk hat. —beat´i·fi·caʹtion. sitting. v. be·at·i·fy (bi at´ә fī). –iled. showing evidence of hard use. be·a·tif·ic (bē´ә tifʹik). n. —adj. adj. esp. 3 defeat. irksome. place where women have their hair. 2 French. coarse. or thing. 1 way of standing. on account of: we did 59 not go because of the rain. etc. associate. n. 3 Fig. n. draft. 2 fix or set in a permanent position. etc. beau (bō). [< F. muddle. beat up. v. pl. 2 declare (a dead person) by a decree of the Pope to be among the blessed in heaven. position in relation to other things: the hiker got his bearings from the sun. be·cause (bi kôzʹ). beat it. v. 5 mix by stirring rapidly: beat eggs. 2 dandy. 1 whipped. 1 sharer of one’s bed. handsome. 1 any animal except man. 4 throbbing. bedroom. at one’s beck and call. –tüd). something amazing or outstanding: a beaut of an accident. Also. 2 be suitable for. overcome. bed·cham·ber (bedʹchām´bәr). pp. 5 exhausted. n. bed·fel·low (bedʹfel´ō). 1 a suitor. n. be·daz·zle (bi dazʹәl). 3 ground under a body of water: the bed of a river. French. –zling. Saint Thomas à. be·dim (bi dimʹ). decorate. surpass: we beat! —n. v. adj. beat. 2 making blessed. 7 supporting part. pt. 1 supreme happiness. 3 tree or plant that produces fruit or flowers. unpleasantly annoying. bed·fast (bedʹfast´. pl. drive away with blows. —n. n. beast (bēst). n. internationally used scale of wind velocities. beat (bēt). 1 like a beast. in very bad condition. beat·en (bētʹәn).” Matt. n. n. form of jazz characterized by unusual rhythms. pl. fine arts. esp. madhouse. beau·ti·fy (būʹtә fī). be·at·i·tude (bi atʹә tüd. be·cloud (bi kloudʹ). be·come. suitable. bed·lam (bedʹlәm). obscure. beau geste (bō zhestʹ).] beauty salon or parlor or shop. exhausted. beaus. motion of the head or hand meant as a call or command. sustaining. —bedʹlike´. bear·skin (bãrʹskin´). beaux-arts (bō zärʹ). fitting. music. 3 put under a spell. pretense of kindness merely for effect. 1 come to be. 5 lay flat. adj. bea·ver (bēʹvәr).. a beautiful woman. as of a structure. etc. sculpture. bop. flat bloodsucking hemipterous insect. [OE bēatan] —beatʹer. 1 anything to sleep or rest on. 4 piece of ground in which plants are grown. supporting. dirty. ranging from 0 (calm) to 12 (hurricane). 6 part of a machine on which another part turns or slides. Informal. make dim. blissful. —beastʹli·ness. 7 make a sound by being struck: the drums beat loudly. be·calm (bi kämʹ). be·come (bi kumʹ). happen to: what will become of her? [OE becuman] be·com·ing (bi kumʹing). and nails cared for. –chanc·ing. 1 showing great happiness. 2 foundation. of become. thrashing. –fied. v. one who lacks self-control. [OE beofor] —beaʹver·like´. be·di·zen (bi dīʹzәn. signal (to a person) by a motion of the head or hand. n. very pleasing to see or hear. of beat. —beardʹlike´. v. music. 5 act of a person or thing that bears. happen to. adj. B-bop. 2 blessing. n. beating. a ready whenever wanted. adj. and improvization. walking. pl. 1 uproar. 3 plant in a garden bed. 4 beautiful person. beck·on (bekʹәn). n. carriage: a dignified bearing. 1 sheets.. attack. pictures. be·com·ing. n. [OE bēcnan] —beckʹon·er. adv. brutal. bewitch. 1 person or thing that carries. dissonance. Becque·rel rays (bekʹrel). rough. 3 . bedclothes. loveliness. animal. adv. -klōthz´). n. beat off. fur of a bear. adj. n. n. –dizʹәn). n. flat tail. 10 win. beckon to. –li·er. –dimmed. 1 make supremely happy. beck (bek). [< L beatificus < beare bless + facere make] —be´a·tifʹi·cal·ly. or season of bearing or producing as offspring or fruit. –zled. See beau. beaux (bōz). –fäst´). n. —adv. adj. 1 prevent from moving by lack of wind. 2 Music. n. 1 a graceful or kindly act.. 1118?–70. since. v. —n. by reason of. v. 1 like a bear. be·came (bi kāmʹ). adj. n. adorn. blankets. –il·ing 1 trouble greatly. [OE bedd] —bedʹless. 5:3–12. 2 quality that pleases in flowers. 2 aiming at or tending to lower prices in the stock market. be·came. —beauʹtiful·ness. n. adj. 4 form a compact layer. bearings. adj.

n. n.] beeves (bēvz). or pollen mixed with honey. v. –gled. stupefy. 2 earlier: 3 until now: I didn’t know that before. special. n. 1 act. n. bed·rid (–rid´). fit for a beggar. n. –tled. shiny cases to cover the wings when folded. beech (bēch). –stid). bitter substance consisting of pollen. n. patron of botany] be·got (bi gotʹ). time to go to bed. weight. or treat with beeswax. 3 fellow. 1 ask for (food. side of a bed. be suited to. 1 solid rock beneath the soil and looser rocks. be·grime (bi grīmʹ). beg (beg). of begin. rather than. 1 be reluctant to give (something). v. adj. 3 ask earnestly or humbly. b in behalf of. 2 make seem poor. 3 entertain. –fogged. occur. n. n. bed·stead (bed´sted. 4 origin. 1 person who is doing something for the first time. 1 thick root of a plant. esp. v. —n. pt. —adv. act as a friend to. n. 2 conduct (oneself or itself) in a certain way. on the side of] be·have (bi hāvʹ). 2 caused by beer. confined to bed for a long time because of sickness or weakness. money. [OE bēce] —beechʹen. n. n. confuse. be·got or (Archaic) begat.60 Bedouin make a beeline for. 1 any of an order of insects with two hard. make limp and soiled. [from Michel Bégon. or pl. –tled.. as with dirt. be·fall (bi fôlʹ). -tling. –griming. be [< OF boef < L bos ox] —beefʹless. beef·i·est. n. cow. in advance. —begʹgar·li·ness. beest·ings (bēsʹtingz).. 1 make dirty. –gird·ing.. beeves (bēvz for 2) or beefs (for 5). beef·i·er. go away. –gonʹ). pp. –fit·ting. n. be·gird (bi gėrdʹ). interest. lowest level. n. v. beef·y (bēfʹi).. 1770–1837. 2 happen. or sing. initiation. ahead of time. pp. overhanging. v. adj. 3 act well. bee·line (bēʹlīn´). be·gin (bi ginʹ).. n. —adj. charm. n. bed·time (bedʹtīm´). be proper for. [OE bēo] bee·bread (bēʹbred´).c be·gan. be·fud·dle (bi fudʹәl). —conj. beer (bir). n. make dirty. first milk from a cow after it has given birth to a calf. pt. be·got·ten or be·got. –grudg·ing. in the interest of. used by bees as food. 2 entangle. v. [OE beforan] be·fore·hand (bi fôrʹhand´. adj. be·guile (bi gīlʹ). bed·rid·den (bedʹrid´әn). n. –fall·en. bee·tle1 (bēʹtәl). gray bark and glossy leaves that bears a sweet edible nut. 2 take away from deceitfully or cunningly. be·gin·ning (bi ginʹing). –haved. and forming highly organized colonies. insane asylum in London. —bedragʹgle·ment. and pp. etc. very great poverty. n. n. depart. producing honey and wax. n. 2 time when anything begins. bed·rock (bedʹrok´). beg·ging.. 1 meat from a steer. grievance. 2 Fig. produce. n. –hav·ing. pp. —v. n. pl. 3 first part. bed·pan (bedʹpan´). n. confuse. 2 any similar insect. n. prep. –falling. usually decorative. 1 of or like beer. —begʹgar·dom. 3 be near. amuse. beef·steak (bēf´stāk´). —beefʹi·ness. slice of beef for broiling or frying. —adj. strength. [OE beginnan] be·gin·ner (bi ginʹәr). a tree with smooth. something excellent. a as a representative of. bed·room (bedʹrüm´. project. be·get (bi getʹ). v.) as a charity. —v. adv. on behalf of. in use) weed on which such burs or seeds grow. [OE bedecian] be·gan (bi gan´). overhang. –grudged. v. beggar’s-lice. —adj. fundamental or essential principle. v. n. bed·spread (bedʹspred´). [alter. –grimed. straightest way or line between two places. muscular. 3 Fig. sooner than: come before five o’clock. 1 start. v. adj. entreat.. 2 wanderer. of beget. cover for a bed. –fogging. 2 come into being. 1 any of various hymenopterous insects. or bull. 4 while away (time) pleasantly. Sugar is made from white beets. beech·nut (bēchʹnut´). —be·grudgʹing·ly. n. 2 the plant.. be·go·ni·a (bi gōʹni ә. nomad. 2 a devil. n. n. of beget. v. sullen. –girt (–gėrtʹ) or –gird·ed. 4 Fig. 1 deceive. 3 gathering for work or amusement: a quilting bee. 2 any of various similar insects. 1 in front of: walk before me. of be. German musical composer. [ME bitel biting + brow. come near: that suit doesn’t even begin to fit you. 2 drink made from roots or plants. –fōrʹ–). –fell. be·half (bi hafʹ. –gōnʹyә). —be·getʹter. 2 envy (someone) the possession of. novice. adv. –dling. See beetle1. 2 steer. 2 scowling.. adj.. be·friend (bi frendʹ). bottom. 1 Am. —be·fitʹting·ly. –gling. n. The leaves are sometimes eaten as greens. projecting. with alcoholic drink. or N Africa. swarming place. in use) burs or seeds of various plants that stick to clothes. beef (bēf). hurry or race directly toward. 1 happen to. 3 Fig. [< beetle-browed] bee·tle-browed (bēʹtәl broud´). beet (bēt). 1 having overhanging eyebrows. 1 the Devil. a brownish. bee (bē).. adj.. beer·i·est. 5 complaint. pound with a beetle. have a bee in one’s bonnet. [OE bēor] beer·y (birʹi). of begin. complain loudly. 1 alcoholic drink made from malt and usually hops. the common honeybee. in behalf of. n. bedroom community.] Bed·ou·in (bedʹu in). v. be·get·ting. v. be·gun (bi gunʹ).. go begging. of Bethlehem. Red beets are eaten as vegetables. favor: his friends will act in his behalf. 1 hive or house for bees. 2). I will die before giving in. v. 1 (pl. beg·garticks (begʹәr tiks´). make grimy. 1 become the father of. implore. 2 Fig. strengthen: beef up defenses. 1 heavy wooden mallet. n. —v. beer·i·er. beg·gar’s-ticks (begʹәrz tiks´). rarely bēn). do what is right. n. v. 1 bring to poverty. be suitable for. 2 a very poor person. of beef (def. be·grudge (bi grujʹ). room to u sleep in. –guil·ing. person who lacks skill and experience. move or hurry someplace in the most direct way. Bedlam. amateur. esp. beg·gar (begʹәr). cheat. 2 (pl. 3 in the presence of: stand before the king. v. [ME behalve beside.. 2 for use while in bed: bedside table. v. 2 pan filled with hot coals for warming a bed. —beerʹi·ness. v. [OE bôysting < bēost beestings] bees·wax (bēzʹwaks´). 2 a busy. obscure. 1 surround with fog. begged. –fôgʹ). from which they make their honeycomb. adj. 2 its wood. –guiled. adj. adj. v. adv. 1 in front: go before. been (bin. bee·hive (bēʹhīv´). —v. the small. n. the bee’s knees. be·gone (bi gônʹ. sing. for. be·got·ten (bi gotʹәn). —n. n. —be·guilʹing·ly. be·drag·gle (bi dragʹәl). firm foundation. be·fore (bi fôrʹ. v. beef up. beg·gar’s-lice (begʹәrz līs´). 2 ask help or charity. muscle. adv. adj. be·fit (bi fitʹ). beg·gar-lice (begʹәr līs´). Be·el·ze·bub (bi elʹzә bub). triangular nut of the beech tree. –tling.. 2 a wooden household utensil for beating or mashing. n. v. as root beer. 1 a wandering ˙ Arab who lives in the deserts of Arabia. —v. . make an excuse for not doing something. 1 start. begin·ning. make foggy. cover with filth. find no acceptance or support.. place where commuters live. the wooden or metal framework of a bed. that begins. be·gun. v. be·fog (bi fogʹ. clothes. –r˙ m).. bed·side (bed´sīd´). Ludwig van. —be·fitʹting.. 1 with or attending the sick: a bedside vigil. 4 Fig. n. begʹgar·hood. or bull when full-grown and fattened for food. pl. be·foul (bi foulʹ). wax given out by bees. v. –dled. cow. [OE bitela < bītan bite] bee·tle2 (bēʹtәl). —v. 2 person who begins anything. interj. Syria. stong. n. encircle. v. a tropical plant with handsome leaves and waxy flowers. side. n. polish. –fit·ted. solid. –fōrʹ). rub. beg·gar·y (begʹәr i). —be·guilʹer.. 2 cause to be. 1 person who lives by begging. 2 earlier.. surround. [< L beta] Bee·tho·ven (bāʹtō vәn). [OE bīetel < bēatan beat] bee·tle3 (bēʹtәl). n. -häfʹ). beg off. beg·gar·ly (begʹәr li). originate. 4 ask formally and courteously. be preoccupied by one idea or thing. poor. pan used as a toilet by sick people in bed.

n. bel·lig·er·ent (bә lijʹәr әnt). n. adv. disparage. bel·la·don·na (bel´ә donʹә). [< L bellicosus < bellum war] —belʹli·cose´ly. —be·hav´ior·isʹtic. akin to belly] bell·weth·er (belʹweth´әr). n. trust. Bei·rut (bāʹrütʹ). OE bealcian] —belchʹer. [ME bilonge(n) < bi– be– + longen belong. –liev·ing. adv. Belgium. slow. 2 acceptance as true or real. n. –el·ing. 3 beat with a belt. 3 think (somebody) tells the truth.. [OE belgas. 2 less than: four degrees below freezing. v.. 1 state of being at war. –hooved. pugnacious. dear. 3 having to do with nations or persons at war. 5 in hell. –әs). roar as a bull does. be·lie (bi līʹ). v. < belle fair) + dam dame] be·lea·guer (bi lēʹgәr). misrepresent. n. or pl. 2 any broad strip or band. n. adj. 3 faith. 3 on a lower floor or deck. hind1. n. 1 way of acting. [OE behōfian to need] beige (bāzh). n. bellboy. —be·leaʹguer·er. bel grādʹ). 1 a beautiful woman or girl. —n. prove to be mistaken. pt. 2 fighting. —n. something unpleasant. —be·liʹer. Alexander Graham. n. bell buoy. bel·ly (belʹi). be·low (bi lōʹ). 1 such a roar. (bel). 2 expel with force: the volcano belched fire. v. deportment. person who is loved. be·head (bi hedʹ). etc. of beau. —be·havʹioral. bulge. n. engaged in war. unfairly. Cf. adj. 2 under part of an animal’s body. n. 1 accept as true or real. be·jew·el (bi jüʹel). n. fighting. v. loud. 2 drug made from this plant. Belg.] belles-let·tres (bel´letʹrә).. nation or person at war. the devil. pl. 2 shout loudly or angrily. acts. [< bel– grand– [< OF. adj. 1 besiege. adj. n. that is. Be·li·al (bēʹl әl. —belatʹed·ly. be·long·ings (bi longʹingz). adj. under: below the third floor. be·hav·ior·ism (bi hāvʹyer iz әm). n. c be a member of. sing. thrash. things that belong to a person. fond of fighting. 1 give a false idea of. bēlʹyәl). Cf. n. 2 nature. pin on a rail of a ship or boat around which ropes can be wound and fastened. suppose. [cf. disappoint. —v. [< F] Bei·jing (bāʹjing´). –lied. 1 tower for a bell or bells. 2 concealed by: treachery behind his smooth manner. –longʹ–). be·lov·ed (bi luvʹid.] —be·lievʹa·ble. 2 person or thing that sets a standard. —behavʹior·ist. v. [< OF berfrei < Gmc. —n. advantage. bel·dam (belʹdәm). man or boy whose work is carrying hand baggage and doing errands for the guests of a hotel or club. 1 an old woman. deep. be·hove (bi hōvʹ). be·lat·ed (bi lātʹid). v. belly laugh. –eled. 2 Fig. n. –lieved. 1 lower than. adj. bell (bel). 2 belligerence. n. any of the social sciences that objectively deals with human behavior. 1 fond of fighting. worn around the body. be·he·moth (bi hēʹmәth.] —belʹfried. [< F.. See beau. used for blowing fires or sounding an organ. n. zone: the cotton belt. sing or play forcefully. deep noise. 1 expel gas from the stomach through the mouth. adv. –luvdʹ). —n. be·lit·tle (bi litʹәl). [< Heb.] belaying pin. –fries. 1 being a part of a group. be·lief (bi lēfʹ). adj. below the belt. —be·hav´ior·isʹti·cal·ly. 1 instrument for producing a strong current of air. 2 in a lower rank. bel·dame (–dәm. 3 in debt. 1 make a loud. 1 be necessary for.. OE gelēafa. demeanor. see. constitution. v. 1 at or toward the back. 2 Fig. be·ing (bēʹing).] be·hind·hand (bi hīndʹhand´). —believʹa·ble·ness. swell out. late. See be–. —adv.] be·lieve (bi lēvʹ). 1 strip of leather. existence. buoy with a bell rung by the movement of the waves. [OE belecgan. be·hoof (bi hüfʹ). 2 an ugly old woman. strong thing. n. n. 1 a male sheep that wears a bell and leads the flock. n. belegeren < leger camp] —be·leaʹguered. in a book or article. 2 space for the bell in a tower. 1 delayed. v. bell·hop (belʹhop´). bel·lig·er·ence (bә lijʹәr әns). 4 think. and unrestrained laugh. 2 the prettiest or most admired woman or girl. 4 the bulging part of anything. bel·low (belʹō). any very large. 1 late. adj. n. seaport and capital of Northern Ireland. –lit·tled. n. 3 be false to. –ly·ing. 2 stop. Bel·fast (belʹfast. 3 person. —bellʹ-like´. —be·leaʹguer·ment. bēʹә–). —v. adj. command. –lied. be·long (bi lôngʹ. a foul. opinion. cause to seem little or unimportant. 1 put a bell on. Am. –dām). adj. v. —bel´li·cosʹi·ty.. capital of Serbia on the Danube River. witch. adv. look at. warlike. 1 fasten (a rope) by winding it around a pin or cleat. behind the lens. < bellum war + gerere wage] —bel·ligʹerent·ly. prep. belong to. be·holding. b’hēmōth. doctrine that the objective acts of persons and animals are the chief or only subject matter of scientific psychology. n. —be·litʹtler. 3 slow. belt out. [OE behōf need] be·hoove (bi hüvʹ). be·layed.. bel·lows (belʹōz. ult. See be–. attack with too much criticism or advice. 2 fasten on with a belt. n. conduct. n. bel·li·cose (belʹә kos). n. thing believed. –hoved. adj. pl. [OE beheaidan —be·holdʹer. be·hold (bi hōldʹ). 1 what is held true. 2 too much of something. –fäst). 1 put a belt around. esp. 2 manners. 1 in or to a lower place. 2 be proper for. adj. trust: he expressed his belief in the boy’s honesty. living creature. 2 flare like a bell. n. –lit·tling. 1 as much as fills u the stomach or satisfies the appetite. 5. [OE belg] bel·ly·ful (belʹē f˙ l). 1 fondness for fighting. b be a part of. adorn with jewels. be·held. 2 sound of a bell. —be·latʹed·ness. be·hold·en (bi hōlʹdәn). —prep. belch (belch). warlike. 4 an endless band that moves the wheels and pulleys it passes over. war. –hoov·ing. 61 bel·lig·er·en·cy (bә lijʹәr әn si). be·lay·ing. 2 something that belongs. 1847–1922. . hollow space in a bulging part. OE gellefan. pale brown. < OE gelang belonging to] be·long·ing (bi lôngʹing. —be·litʹtle·ment. act of belching. n.. n. bel·fry (belʹfri). n. adv. 2 backward. friends behind him. n. 1 beat vigorously. dearly loved. n. n. 2 any noise made by bellowing. Bel·gium (belʹjәm). [ME bileve(n). [OE belle] —bellʹless. n. 1 a hollow metal cup that makes a musical sound when struck by a clapper or hammer.. unfair. Bel·grade (belʹgrād. [< L. benefit. 1 the lower part of the human body that contains the stomach and intestines. pl. 1 life. interj. capital of China. n. present: the time being. 2 Fig.. [< Ital. [ME bileafe. American inventor of the telephone. capital of Lebanon. be·held (bi heldʹ). indebted. behavioral science. Brit. adj. after: behind time. cut off the head of. —be·lievʹer. the finer forms of literature. lay1. have one’s or its proper place: that book belongs on this shelf. 1 at the back or far side of: behind the hill. too late. be·lay (bi lāʹ). 2 overtaken by darkness. Bell. conviction. 2 have faith in. [< F] —bel´letʹrist. n. n. v. —n. 2 farther back. v. a small country in W Europe. actions. 2 folding part of a camera. n. 3 inferior to. –longʹ). n. be·la·bor (bi lāʹbәr). –lies. fair lady] bell·boy (belʹboi´). 1 huge animal mentioned in Job 40:15–24. 4 hit. —Belʹgian. use. adv.. —bel´le·trisʹtic. 1 a poisonous plant with black berries and red flowers. v.. possessions. –hov·ing. 2 show to be false. –lying. v. 4 on earth. 6 after. n.belt be·hav·ior (bi hāvʹyәr). n. n. n. order. v. a be the property of.. adj. fem. n. [OE behindan.. —v. [ME bilooghe by low] belt (belt).. adj.. [< Du. of b’hēmah beast] be·hest (bi hestʹ). 3 stroke of a bell every half hour to tell time on shipboard. esp. darling. [OE bylgan] —belʹlow·er. 3 stomach. abdomen. [OE beh¯ s promise] œ be·hind (bi hīndʹ). adj. v. Belgian. and pp. 2 at war. Am. cloth. 3 region having distinctive characteristics. b foully. surround. n. belle (bel). —adj. 4 later than. of behold.

3 doing no harm. doing good. confuse. 3 inclination. volatile. 2 overtaken by night. n. kindly. ben·zine (benʹzēn. See benefactor. n. v. adj. salt or ester of benzoic acid. n. —ben´e·fiʹcial·ness. –fishʹәr i). —ben´efiʹcial·ly. 1 curve. [< L.d. a bequeathing. 2 seat where judges sit in a law court. adj. 4 submit. a drug. reprimand. 1 bent condition. —adj. —ben´e·dicʹto·ry. pl. by an insurance company. –kwēthʹ). n. for + cwethan say] —be·queathʹment. < bene well + dicere say] ben·e·dict (benʹә dikt). [< F < Sp. bench (bench). 1 not straight. rope. underneath.] be·nef·i·cence (bә nefʹә sәns).S. —prep. person who has given money or kindly help. 2 hand down to posterity. n.. band] —bendʹa·ble. doing good. the painful cramps associated with it. —n. of Saint Benedict or a religious order following his rules. [< OF < L beneficium benefit. 2 person who receives money or property from an insurance policy. —be·nightʹed·ness. legacy. a sitting in a law court. < L balteus girdle] —beltʹed. productive of good: sunshine and moisture are beneficial to plants. —v. 2 beneficial. 6 fasten (a sail. be·nev·o·lence (bә nevʹә lәns). [OE becwethan < be– to. bias.. and pp. 2 help given for any good purpose. probably composed in England about a. 2 Bay of. on the bench. twist. ult. 3 judge or judges sitting in a law court. one who was a bachelor for a long time. ben·e·fit (benʹә fit). help. 3 knot for tying two ropes together or tying a rope to something else. ben·e·fice (benʹә fis). 2 a kindly act. [< L. mild: a benign climate. < Ar. –ties. Latin word that means Bless you! or Bless us! or Bless me! —n. C6H6. be·moan (bi mōnʹ). adj. . disabled. decompression sickness. n. [< Benedick. ben·i·son (benʹә zәn. —be·nigʹnant·ly. n. wiry grass that grows on sandy or waste land. < bene well + facere do] ben·e·fac·tress (benʹә fak´tris. charitable. favor. on the Mediterranean. n. –ar·ies. etc. —v. be·neath (bi nēthʹ). 2 favorable. profit. volatile. 2 a kind act. blessing. bend (bend). be·nef·i·cent (bә nefʹә sәnt). 1 an express highway that goes around a city. 1 kindness. bay between India and Myanmar. 5 work table of a carpenter or other person who uses tools. be good for. 1 kindly. n. Ben·in (bә nēnʹ). v. 2 stupefy. below. be·queath·al (bi kwēthʹәl). generous. 1 invocation of a blessing. b sitting among substitute players on a team. belt·ing (belʹting). 1 anything which is for the good of a person or thing. —n. 1 monk or nun following the rules of Saint Benedict or the order founded by him. 2 capacity of enduring. ben´ә fakʹ–). bow. adj. bend·ing. 2 blessing. be·rate (bi rātʹ). to raise money which goes to a worthy cause. 1 person or thing that bends. 2 stoop. n. be·nig·ni·ty (bi nigʹnә ti). inflammable liquid. lower than. or Pg. ben zōʹin). as the center of the U. cranberries. Ben·gal (ben gôlʹ. 2 stoop. charitable gift. tendency. kind act. an acid. ben·zene (benʹzēn. 3 force to submit. tighten one’s belt. n.C. ben·e·fi·cial (ben´ә fishʹәl).. dyeing. 3 performance at the theater. 2 the Beltway. a colorless. stiff. —benigʹnan·cy. etc. adv. v. as a penalty. bewail. etc. hymn of praise to God. etc. 1 good will. something good that is done. scold sharply.. C9H13N. graciousness. government agency. –sәn). 2 money paid to the sick. turn. helpful. gracious. C6H6. etc. [OE. esp. favorable opinion or judgment about someone or something despite lingering questions. n. woman benefactor. 2 liquid containing about 70 percent of benzene and 20 to 30 percent of toluene. v. advantage. adj. [< OF < L benignus < bene well + –gnus born] —be·nignʹly. –fit·ed. 1 below. 1 former province of NE India now divided between India and the country of Bangladesh. republic in W Africa on the Atlantic ocean. n. lament. 1 a fragrant resin obtained from certain species of trees of Java. See benefactor. —be·nefʹicent·ly. lubān jāwī incense of Java] ben·zol (benʹzōl. 2 one of the twelve tribes of Israel. –it). curve. be·nign (bi nīnʹ). adv. n. adv. 1 something bequeathed. bend·er (benʹdәr). Washington. as a judge. ben·zo·ate (benʹzō āt. v. ben·e·dic·tion (ben´ә dikʹshәn). 480?–543?. be·nig·nant (bi nigʹnәnt).62 belting ben·e·fac·tion (ben´ә fakʹshәn). be·night·ed (bi nītʹid). n.. adj. v. pt. kindly feeling. ben·e·fac·tor (benʹә fak´tәr. n. appar. –mus·ing. –mused. 1 give or leave (property. adj. belt·way (beltʹwā´). used in perfume and medicine. [< AF benfet < L benefactum. that causes wakefulness. 2 receive good. 1 Old English u epic poem. n. stupefy. bent or (Archaic) bended. ben´ә fakʹ–). benefit of the doubt. 1 and adj. city in Libya. 2 act of bequeathing. 2 drinking spree. generous gift. 1 the asking of God’s blessings at the end of a church service. moor. crooked. 2 Archaic. 2 a married man. character in Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing] Ben·e·dict (benʹә dikt). 1 person who receives benefit. [OE benc] —benchʹless.) by a will. curved. not dangerous to health: a benign tumor.. —adj. etc. n. ben·e·fi·ci·ar·y (ben´ә fishʹi er´i. n. used in cleaning. esp. adv. 2 substance somewhat like camphor made from this resin. used as an antiseptic or as a food preservative. 1 a recently married man. 2 Benedicite. a written order from a judge or law court to arrest a person. 1 a doing good. occurring in benzoin. bent2 (bent). [OE beonet] be·numb (bi numʹ). bent grass. –tīn for n. ben zēnʹ). n. etc. 2 act of kindness. bench warrant. n. n. under. upbraid. benefit of clergy. —n. etc. v. < bene well + velle wish] be·nev·o·lent (bә nevʹә lәnt). deaden.] —benʹe·fit·er. n. usually of wood or stone. be·quest (bi kwestʹ). etc. permanent ecclesiastical office or position consisting of a sacred duty and the income that goes with it. a game. n. of bend. ben zēnʹ). 2 hero of this poem. 2 favorable. [OE bendan bind. Sumatra. 1 material for making belts. 2 strongly inclined. n. worthy not even of: beneath contempt. n. Saint. n. n. n. 4 law court. adj. adv. be·muse (bi mūzʹ). –rat·ing. –tēn. n. n. n. Ben·e·dic·tine (ben´ә dikʹtin. Be·o·wulf (bāʹә w˙ lf). [< L benedictio. Ben·gha·zi (ben gäʹzē). –rat·ed.). bow. gift. youngest and favorite son of Jacob. —beltʹless. [< OF < L. ben·zo·in (benʹzō in: –zoin. 1 gentle: kindly: a benign gentleman. a colorless. bewilder. v. –zol). etc.. n. warp. n. interj. 1 make numb. congested area. determined. 2). 5 direct (mind or effort). 2 unworthy of. the bends. –fit·ing. n. bent1 (bent). a will. —be·nevʹo·lently. 1 kindliness. ignorant. C6H5COOH. n. 2 belts. profit. 2 a kind of liqueur. adj. –drin). See benedicite. ben´ә dikʹtēn for n.. ben·zo·ic acid (ben zōʹik). 1 a long seat. heath.] —ben´e·dicʹtional. 1 give benefit to. 1 in the Bible. Italian founder of the Benedictine order. be or become more thrifty. be·queath (bi kwēthʹ. trademark of amphetamine. government and all the people connected with it. [OE beneothan < be– by + neothan below] ben·e·dic·i·te (ben´ә disʹә tē).. adv. 1 former privilege of being tried in church courts instead of regular courts. D. adj. obtained chiefly from coal tar and used for removing grease and in making dyes. adj. adj. Ben·ze·drine (benʹzә drēn. [< OF beneison < L benedictiō] Ben·ja·min (benʹjә mәn). 1 not knowing right and wrong. 2 services or approval of the church. workbench. beneficial. resolved. take (a player) out of a game. —v. beng–). 1 Also. 1 benzene. n. inflammable liquid consisting of a mixture of hydrocarbons obtained in distilling petroleum. pl. 700. 1 kind.

[? < bear1] ber·yl (berʹәl).. adj. be·ret (bә rāʹ. –sieg·ing. be·reaved or be·reft (bi reftʹ). be·spread (bi spredʹ). be·ta·tron (bāʹtә tron. –set. esp. 1 anything. bern). train. –strode or –strid. See biretta. 2 the side of a road.. Ber·ge·rac (bãrʹzhә räk). out of one’s senses. n. b apply oneself.. Cyrano de. begarmudi prince’s pear] Ber·gen (bėrʹgәn). v. –rying. –dled. best (best). sea in the N Pacific. v. and pp. v. 3 thing to bet on. —be·siegeʹment. v. be·som (bēʹzәm). mild onion grown in Bermuda. 2 stride across. 1 the most desirable.betel Ber·ber (bėrʹbәr). 1 place to sleep on a ship. particle accelerator in which electrons are accelerated to high speeds. Ber·nard (bėrʹnәrd. under the most favorable circumstances. produced by the cyclotron at the University of California. spread over. 1 moreover. —v. capital of Germany. capital of Switzerland. be·strew (bi strüʹ). 580 miles east of North Carolina. as grapes or tomatoes. rare metallic element.. range of hills and mountains in W Massachusetts. 1090–1153.. smear over. 1 small. bestʹyәl). etc. be·sought (bi sôtʹ). reduplication of beri weakness] Ber·ing Sea (birʹing. round woolen cap. entreat. [OE betst] be·stead (bi stedʹ). –sot·ted. situated. method of making steel by burning out carbon and impurities in molten iron with a blast of air. 2 largest: the best part of the day. iceberg. besides. be·spec·ta·cled (bi spekʹtә kәld). give. v. n. glass. encompass. —be·spatʹter·ment. 2 tree on which it grows. brutal. [< Scand. adv. be·stir (bi sterʹ). 2 produce berries. an electron. give a wide berth to. 2 the second of a series. —besʹtial´ly. [< be– + stead. adj. v. 1 strew. bestride. [OE besettan < be– around + settan set] be·set·ting (bi setʹing). Be. —adj. [< F berme < MDu.] berg (bėrg). adv. n. be·tel (bēʹtәl). bet·ting. chief attendant of the bridegroom at a wedding. [OE besma] be·sot (bi sotʹ). n. 1 gather or pick berries. n. Bering Strait. (superlative of good). —Bes´sa·raʹbi·an. –spread. mad. [< Singhalese (the lang. —be·reavʹer. 3 place for a ship to anchor conveniently or safely. bēʹ–). and wasting away. n. in the N part. 2 ship’s place at a wharf. reserve: bespeak tickets for a play. one in a stream of electrons. glucinum. help] bes·tial (besʹchәl. –stirred. radioactive element. n. 3 simple fruit with the seeds in the pulp and a skin or rind. 2 slander. a silicate of beryllium and aluminum. [OE berie] ber·serk (bėrʹsėrk. adv.. a go: betake oneself to the mountains.. v. –sieged. ber·i·ber·i (berʹi berʹi). —v. be·smear (bi smirʹ). help. —n. . < bestia] —bes·ti·alʹity. be·ta (bāʹtә. beta rays. 2 surround. of Sri Lanka). questions. [< Berkeley. be·take (bi tākʹ). [OE berēafian < be– away + rēafian rob] —be·reaveʹment. —bespatʹter·er. betake oneself. [OE be sīdan by side] be·sides (bi sīdzʹ). bәr närdʹ). n. rob: bereft of hope. get the best of. [< F < Ital.. n. of beseech. 2 except: we spoke of no one besides you. etc. n. pl. bēʹ–). —n. unsound. —n. bėr sėrkʹ). 2 deprive (of) ruthlessly. keep well away from. —v. or stand over with one leg on each side. n. beta particle. [< Pg. —be·sotʹtedly. ber·ry (berʹi). adv. position. do as well as possible with. wearing eyeglasses. be·spat·ter (bi spatʹәr). beside oneself. ask earnestly. at best. used in perfume. berm (bėrm). wager. seaport in SW Norway. 1 promise (money or a certain thing) to another if he or she is right and you are wrong. pt. n.. French abbot. job. –steaded or –stead. v. n. California (site of the university)] Berk·shires (bėrkʹshirz. adj. Bern. –gled. n. the leaves of which are chewed with the nut. –spo·ken or –spoke. –strid·den or –strid. n. a book. n. β). juicy fruit with many seeds. Berne (bėrn. be·speak (bi spēkʹ). 2 dry seed or kernel. adj. adorn with or as with spangles. Bermuda onion. 2 in addition: we tried two other ways besides. exert. beastly. esp. v. as of wheat. hero of a famous play by Rostand. [< L. a large. 63 be·sprin·kle (bi springʹkәl). trousers that end about an inch above the knee. bãrʹ–). bet (bet). 1 sand and stones deposited at the top of a beach.. beg. disease affecting the nerves. prep. –strewed or –strewn. v. v... v. —be·seechʹing·ly. 3 overwhelm with requests. v. be·smirch (bi smėrchʹ). adj. be·stow (bi stōʹ). 2 in the highest degree. —be·siegʹer. defeat. 2 intoxicate. soft. (superlative of well1). n. n. –strew·ing. v.. n. —adj.. –sought or –seeched. –shәrz).. in the W part. —bestowʹa·ble.. 1 spatter all over. 2 the money or thing promised. v. –spread·ing. Ber·lin (bėr linʹ). Bes·sa·ra·bi·a (bes´ә rāʹbi ә). region in E Europe. 4 appointment. 1 get on.. sprinkle all over. outdo. v. —Ber·muʹdian. n. v. 3 oil obtained from its rind. 1 in addition to. be·set (bi setʹ). apply. usually green or greenish-blue. appar. –took. be·seech (bi sēchʹ). best seller. 3 set with decorative bits of gems. 4 single egg of a lobster or fish. be·reav·ing. be·strad·dle (bi stradʹәl). —besmirchʹment. 1 give as a gift. n. 1 make foolish. n. 1 leave desolate and alone. in a frenzy. of the Berbers or their language. –kled. –sot·ting. valuable. as the strawberry. n. v. –stead·ing. make the best of. –seech·ing. bet or bet·ted. —prep. Emeralds and aquamarines are beryls. and California.. –speak·ing. very hard mineral. 1 member of a group of Muslim tribes living in N Africa. —be·stowʹal. adj.. Bes·se·mer process (besʹә mәr). 2 make a bet. ber·ga·mot (bėrʹgә mot). 2 have or occupy a berth. 2 strew (things) around. 1 pear-shaped variety of orange. –strewed. v. berserkr wild warrior] berth (bėrth). straddle. 2 make use of. kind of pepper plant of the East Indies. be·stride (bi strīdʹ). scatter about. hem in. v. 2 author of such a book. v. ber·ke·li·um (bėr kēʹli әm). 1 make a long-continued attempt to get possession of (a place) by armed force: besiege a city. n. —adv. 1 near. n. confer. 1 the second letter of the Greek alphabet (B. strait between Bering Sea and the Arctic Ocean. –striding. n. n. 1 broom made of twigs. —be·smirchʹer. —adv. –ried. n. —v. close to: beside the fire. < Turk. 2 the broom plant. –set·ting. defeat. Bermuda shorts. between Alaska and Siberia. –stead·ed. sit on. < Malayalam vettila] . or airplane. adj. stir up. 1 put in a berth. 2 in addition to: others beside ourselves. 1 indicate: a neat appearance bespeaks care. best man. soil by spattering. –tak·en. 3 compared with. –gling. 2 their language. placed... beryllos] be·ryl·li·um (bә rilʹi әm). –ries. 2 crowd around. 4 aside from: beside the point. rouse to action. French dramatist and poet. —v. habitually attacking: laziness is her besetting sin. be·siege (bi sējʹ). adj. assist. n. accompanied by weakness. group of British islands in the Atlantic. Bk. stream of electrons from radium and other radioactive substances. adv. step over. v. n. [< L < Gk. serve. –dling. sully. n. that has a very large sale. Saint. upset. 1 in the most excellent way. –stir·ring. vile... n. soil. –kling. [ME biseche(n) < be– thoroughly + seche(n) seek] —be·seechʹer. 1 attack on all sides. loss of weight. besiege. 1 the best thing or state. provide with a berth. 1 act of betting. and G] Ber·mu·da (bәr mūʹdә). Texas. [< F. –taking. n. n. be·reave (bi rēvʹ). n. v. make dirty. be·span·gle (bi spangʹgәl). berʹā). —be·sotʹtedness. –spoke. n. be·side (bi sīdʹ). n. 2 engage in advance. n. 1619–55. assail.

about a subject or person by a certain author. pl. –sik´әl). —bewailʹer. adj. in medicine. —be·trayʹer. [< F. bib·li·cal (bibʹlә kәl). adj. –phies. dim. 2 betwixt and between. n. v. —n.. oblique.. bi–. n. n. ? < L bibere] bi·be·lot (bibʹlō. bevʹ rij). n. v. n. show. n. —bib´li·omaʹni·ac. —be·wilʹdered. —bib´li·o·graphʹi·cal·ly. Cloth is cut on the bias when it is cut diagonally across the weave. used in solution as an antiseptic. be·wail (bi wālʹ). bib·li·o·ma·ni·a (bib´li ō māʹni ә).. comparative of good). –cled. or state. See camera. 3 had better. adv. one’s superior. be·ware (bi wãrʹ). bet·tor (betʹәr). n. –klō-). –trôthʹ). and wine are beverages. [OE betwēonum < be– by + twā two] be·twixt (bi twikstʹ). 3 out of the reach. —adj. 1 fond of drinking alcoholic liquor... bet·ter1 (betʹәr). OE trēowth pledge] —be·trothʹment. lament. 2 its celebration. Fr.. –trôthʹ–). adv. n. n. v. and a seat Be·tel·geuse (bēʹtәl jüz. –tid·ing. 1 think about. bīt-al-jāuza shoulder of the giant] betel nut. beys. better off. be·witch (bi wichʹ). 2 of superior quality. —bib´lio·graphʹic. –lә hem). Asiatic palm tree on which the betel nut grows. bib (bib). adj. be on one’s guard against. v. 2 doubly. —be·witchʹer. b the large muscle in the back of the thigh. prep. –nar·ies. make slope. –think·ing. —be·wilʹder·ing. a doublepointed tooth. fascinate. —bi·anʹnu·al·ly. n. 2 connecting. 1 a slanting or oblique line. 3 less sick. bev·el (bevʹәl). adv. n. bichlo·rid (–rid). —be·wailʹing·ly.] bi·car·bo·nate (bī kärʹbә nit. n. space. n. better person. n. tea. a life after death. 2 instrument or tool for drawing angles.64 Betelgeuse bev·a·tron (bevʹә tron). v. 1 of or in the Bible. be·troth (bi trothʹ. usually not fairly. Beth·le·hem (bethʹli әm. 2 in a higher degree. occurring u twice a year. n. < Gk. —be·wilʹder·ment. bī´sentenʹәr i). etc. adj. n. black beast] beth·el (bethʹәl).. 1 happen to. n. u be·tray (bi trāʹ). 1 a 200th anniversary. n. bib·li·og·ra·phy (bib´li ogʹrә fi). improvement. bib´li·o·graphʹi·cal. craze for collecting books. of biblos book] Bib·li·cal.. n. [OE begeonden < be– at. useful. 2 charm. –trôthtʹ).. bête noire (bāt´ nwärʹ). card game somewhat like pinochle. and in dyeing. 1 the collection of sacred writings of the Christian religion. [ME biker(en)] bi·cus·pid (bī kusʹpid). or rarity. 4 more than. exceeding. [< F] Bi·ble (bīʹbәl). 1 between. bev·er·age (bevʹәr ij. a metal frame with two wheels. adv. —adj. articles. be a sign or token of. –eled. 1 cloth worn under the chin by babies and small children to protect their clothing. —be·toʹken·er. bet·ter2. of betreuthien < be– + treuthe. house of God] be·think (bi thingkʹ). adv. 2 Turkish title of respect. person engaged to be married. 1 having to do with a period of 200 years. [ME betrouthe(n). n. bi·cen·te·nar·y (bī senʹtә ner´i. 1 twice. v. —n. n. 3 give away (a secret). prep. [< F biais slant < VL biaxius having a double axis] bi·ax·i·al (bī akʹsi әl). betʹәl jœz). 1 in a superior manner. a high-energy cyclotron. [OE betera] —betʹter·er. —adv. 2 the Old Testament in the form received by the Jews. n. 2 part of an apron above the waist. 1 put under a spell. near + geondan beyond] be·zique (bә zēkʹ). as in bicarbonate. in the intervening space or time. 2 later than. bi·as (bīʹәs). adj. —be·witchʹer·y. having or consisting of two legislative assemblies. [< Gk. 1 the angle that one line or surface makes with another when not at right angles. [< bi– two + L cuspis point] bi·cy·cle (bīʹsә kәl. bi·an·nu·al (bī anʹy˙ әl). [< Heb. 3 two. slanting. bi·cen·ten·ni·al (bī´sen tenʹi әl). n. n. v. 2 happen. billion electron volts. [< Turk. the great beyond. liquid for drinking. adv. a small object of curiosity. be·took (bi t˙ kʹ). var. biblia.. coffee. < biblion book + graphein write] —bib´li·ogʹra·pher. n. pl. esp. promise in marriage. adv. 2 small group. in better circumstances. indicate. defeat. 1 in the range. n. n. bet·ter·ment (betʹәr mәnt). v. adv.. bichloride of mercury. book accepted as an authority. [< L bibulus < bibere drink] —bibʹulous·ly. v. v. as in biweekly. as in bicuspid. –nāt). mourn. 2 absorbent. 1 flock of birds. etc. cut a square edge to a sloping edge. disclose unintentionally. 3 involving: war between two countries. an extremely poisonous. adv. betel palm. oblique. perplex. n. 1 compound containing two atoms of chlorine combined with another element or radical. —v..: a the large muscle in the front part of the upper arm. n. 1 holy place. bey (bā). quarrel. HgCl2. confuse completely. neither one nor the other. thing or person dreaded or detested. bib·li·o·hile (bibʹli ә fīl).. promise of marriage. be·tween (bi twēnʹ). consider. v. beg] be·yond (bi yondʹ). [< phrase be ware! See wary.. pl. bicentennial. 1 governor of a Turkish province. . [< Med. –rid. [< L. Milk. bick·er (bikʹәr). b anything that lies on the other side or far away. n. biblion book + philos loving] bib·u·lous (bibʹyә lәs). [< bib drink.. (comparative of well1). bicarbonate of soda. adj. bib·li·o·phil (–fil). —adv. n. very large reddish star in the constellation Orion... orange-colored nut of a tropical Asiatic palm tree. range. as in biannual. as in bipinnate. prep. beauty. be careful. white substance. —v. n. n. should. v. adj. [< bi– two + L camera chamber. be·troth·al (bi trōthʹәl. Bhu·tan (bü tanʹ). —n. n. get the better of. birthplace of Jesus. betters. —be·wilʹder·ing·ly. 2 bichloride of mercury. be·trothed (bi trōthdʹ. bi·asing. –tid·ed. 2 church or chapel for seamen. –el·ing.. etc. adj. adv. —adv. n. pl. —be·witchʹing. having two axes. 1 more desirable. salt of carbonic acid that contains a base and hydrogen. be·tide (bi tīdʹ). bi·ased. [< L. two-headed. adj. v. [OE betweox] Bev (bev). —n. bibʹli·cal·ly. [< F. 3 the sacred writings of any religion. any muscle having two heads or origins. —adv. –thought. sodium bicarbonate. of betake. bē blōʹ). n. —v. [< OF bevrage < bevre drink < L bibere] bev·y (bevʹi). [ME bitraien < be– (intensive) + traie(n) betray < OF < L tradere hand over] —be·trayʹal. engagement. 1 on or to the farther side of: beyond the barn.L < Gk. adj. 2 remember. n.. lover of books. 2 opinion before there is basis for it. ? < Ar. adj. 4 larger: the better part of a week. pl. bi·ceps (bīʹseps). adj. 1 give away to the enemy. —adj. bgs. n. 4 every two. 4 bible. pt. 2 soon. adj. adj. 2 surpass. puzzle. prefix. or understanding of: beyond help. —be·witchʹing·ly.] be·wil·der (bi wilʹdәr). small kingdom between Tibet and NE India. n. 1 improve. bev·ies. —Bibʹli·cal·ly. handles for steering. or time separating: between New York and Chicago. 2 according to the Bible. v. more. prejudice. 1 early. diagonal. beer. 2 recurring every 200 years. [ME bitime by time] be·to·ken (bi tōʹkәn). engage. 2 be unfaithful to.. —be·wilʹdered·ly. —n. 5 having two parts. n. –cling.. obliquely. thing.. bag. person who bets. pl. six miles south of Jerusalem. [ME betide(n) < be– + tiden happen] be·times (bi tīmzʹ). [< F bésigue] bg. < bis] Bi. bismuth. comprising the Old and New Testaments. < bi– two + caput head] bi·chlor·ride (bī klôʹrīd. [< F. farther away: beyond were the hills. influence. having two points. 4 in the combined possession of: they caught twelve fish between them. bi·cam·er·al (bī kamʹәr әl).. adj. adv. list of books.

4 amount bid in a card game. < bigame < Med.. kindly. adj. n. —n. foot the bill. generous. vine with showy. 3 affecting or influencing two sides. 1 account of money owed for work done or things supplied. < bi– two (i. n.. 1 ride a bicycle. p.] —biʹcy·cler. a bigoted person. ride a bicycle.. (Dan. n. 1 person who rides a bicycle. bi·ki·ni (bi kēʹni). hen.L bulla document. –ries. 1 having to do with bile. n. person who talks too much. —bigʹot·ed·ly. –cat·ed. great. adj. n. 2 shrub that it grows on. —n. one who brags or gossips. n. a woman’s two-piece swimsuit. adj. 1 touch bills: two birds billed and chirped. biding. adj. n. —adj. –let·ing. 2 any very wealthy person. u bil·liard (bilʹyәrd).) böllebœr after berry] bile (bīl). n. n. [< F. curved horns. bide one’s time. 2 on two sides. big·a·my (bigʹә mi). 2 containing or written in two languages. n. of or for billiards. n. adv. 1 send a bill to. 2) or bid (for 3. handbill. 2 bilge water. 4 nonsense. big top. —adv. 1 person who has a billion or more dollars. of Scand. —v. wait for a good chance. bi·en·ni·al (bī enʹi әl). [< NL. in Australia. n..L. bids collectively. adj. adj.. tigers. n. n. n. n. n. of Med. adv. n. adj. 2 piece of paper money: a dollar bill. dim. 1 command. biker (bīʹkәr). anger. bid·ding (bidʹing). signboard for posting advertisements or notices. 4 offer a price. —bilʹious·ness. [< F < L bilis] bilge (bilj). [appar. dim. n. the upper for far vision. pl. adj. trumpet-shaped orange flowers. 1 occurring every two years. v. wallet. 1 having two lips. of bille log. branch of a river flowing away from the main stream. A long stick called a cue is used to hit the balls. bill1 (bil).. [ < F] bill-fold (bilʹfōld´). big·ot·ry (bigʹәt ri). 3 the bulging part of a barrel. –horns. bil·ber·ry (bilʹber´i). biked. satisfy requirements. 2 say. bight (bīt). gamos married] —bigʹa·mist. adj. 4 list of items. n. bi·fur·cate (v. adj. —n.. big·gest. group of stars in the constellation of Ursa Major. v. meaning infl. named for Abbé Bignon] big·ot (bigʹәt). the lower for near vision. v. big·wig (bigʹwig´). 3 amount offered. 3 important. wait. esp. divide into two branches. big-heart·ed (bigʹhär´tid). also –kit). —v. a circus. position. –horn. 6 proposed law presented to a law-making body. tell: bid farewell. 2 bar of iron or steel. [ < F. 2 grown up. [ < OF billette. 2). –let·ed. [OE biddan ask. n. 7 written request or complaint presented to a court. bīʹfәr kāt. forked. 1 able to speak one’s own language and another equally well. 4 loud: a big voice.. slap. bill2 (bil)...bill of attainder 65 for the rider who pushes pedals with the feet. 5 theater program. prejudice.. pair of glasses having bifocal lenses. seal. —adj. 2 Fig. [ < F billette. bilk (bilk). 1 Archaic or Dial. dwell. n. bī fėrʹkāt. [< bi– two + L jugatus yoked] bike (bīk). [OE bīdan] —bidʹer. bikeway. [< F] bi·ju·gate (bīʹj˙ gāt. [< Anglo-L billa. 1 a bidding. such as elephants. pl. as some plants. deceive. —n. bi·ger. 3 bilious. adj. wild. of bille bill1] bil·let2 (bilʹit). 2 person who rides a motorcycle. bier (bir). adj. swell out. etc. —v. as to what one proposes to win in some card game.. bī jüʹgāt). bode or bid·ed. game played with balls on a special table. bid·ed. [< L biennium < bi– two + annus year] —bi·enʹni·al·ly. n. bi·lin·gual (bī lingʹgwәl). intolerant. very important thing that is sought. bull2] —billʹa·ble. 1 in the United States and France. n. alter. to the second power) + (mi)llion million] —bilʹlionth. adv. bifocals. Big Dipper. n. 1 an edible berry much like a blueberry. 1 command. n. having two pairs of leafu lets. —n. n. big·no·ni·a (big nōʹni ә). —n. —bilʹious·ly. 3 proclaim. [< F. bid up. –ries. 2 defraud.. bill·board (bilʹbôrd´. —v. —bi·latʹer·al·ly. –cating. 1 of bile.e. orig. 2 living two years. [OE bil] bil·la·bong (bilʹә bong). 1 beak. —v. 2 in Great Britain and Germany. n. 2 anything shaped like a bird’s bill.. n. [OE bile] bill3 (bil). 2 place where a soldier is lodged. big game. or lions. 2 bay1. adj. bid·den or bid. having an upper and a lower lip. bade or bad (for 1. adj. without reason and not tolerating other views. tool for pruning or cutting. –bōrd´). 2 plant that lives two years. uncert. bi·la·bi·ate (bī lāʹbi āt. bi·jou (bēʹzhü). bill3 (def. bi·latʹer·al·ism. 1 Usually. adj. bilʹā–). bil·i·ar·y (bilʹi er´i). 3 job. cycle. —bi·linʹgual·ly. < L bi– two + furca fork] —biʹfur·cate·ly. 1 having two focuses. [ME. n. m. n. n. n.. n. big·horn (bigʹhôrn´). 2 formed by both lips. 2 show affection. 1 spring a leak. paved path especially for bicycle riding. —bi·linʹgual·ism. boastfully. love letter. intolerance. adv. bill of attainder. declare. bad-tempered. marks. 1 written order to provide board and lodging for a soldier. as some plants. bike·path (bīkʹ path´). cheat. n. bill·head (bilʹhed´). bil·ious (bilʹyәs). movable stand on which a coffin or dead body is placed. v. 1 having two sides. 5 appeal: a bid for sympathy. important person. v. —v. 2 invitation. Also. invoice. bide (bīd). yellow or greenish liquid secreted by the liver and stored in the gall bladder to aid digestion. n. —bidʹder. abide. 2 ride a motorcycle. [< Med. 2 Archaic or Dial. as some plants. b bottom of a ship’s hull. bid·ding. 1 avoid payment of. assign to quarters by billet. bik·ing. 2 person who avoids paying his bills. —v. adj. pl. dim. bi·ju·gous u (bīʹj˙ gәs). See bi–. with large.. 1 large. adv. folding pocketbook for money. state a price. tree trunk] bil·lion (bilʹyәn). bilʹā–). n. point made by hitting the balls in billiards. adv.] —bigʹly. n. one thousand millions. —v. divided into two branches. v. esp. 3 slack of rope between the fastened ends. —bigʹness. 2 bulge. 2 ill humor. deception. pl. 1 a lowest part of a ship’s hold. 3 poster. 1 a bitter. 2 carrying bile. n. 3 offers at an auction. pl. sticking to an opinion. [OE bēr < beran bear1] biff (bif). pl. 2 something small and fine. by OE bēodan offer] —bidʹda·ble. [< F] big·ot·ed (bigʹәt id). adv. —n. n. . and w.. 1 large animals sought by hunters. —bilkʹer. 2 announce by bills. n. adj.. adv. bid (bid).. [ < F billard(s). —billʹer. etc. adj.L.. –it). bi·la·bi·al (bī lāʹbi әl). —bigʹa·mous·ly. bi·lat·er·al (bī latʹәr әl). bid·dy (bidʹi). < bi– twice + Gk. 5 boastful: big talk. dirty water that collects in the bottom of a ship. bi·fo·cal (bī fōʹkәl). bi·cy·clist. francs. 1 long curve in a coastline. as b. adj. v. bigoted conduct or attitude. bil·let1 (bilʹit). bil·lion·aire (bil´yәn ãrʹ). fill the bill. bill·hook (bilʹh˙ k´). bil·liards (bilʹyәrdz). 2 suffering from or caused by some trouble with bile or the liver. one million millions. [OE byht] big·mouth (big mouth). adj. billets-doux (bilʹi düzʹ. sound formed by both lips. 1 event that occurs every two years. a legal act depriving a person of property and civil rights because of a sentence of death or outlawry. —n. –dies. bilg·ing. tree trunk] bil·let-doux (bilʹi düʹ. bilatʹer·al·ness. hit. n. n. bicycle. having two wives or two husbands at the same time. n. 4 in card games. party. of bille log. 2 (used of glasses) having two parts. belief. 4). cross. adj. pay or settle the bill.. 1 a jewel. continue. 2 bifocal lens. grayish-brown sheep of the Rocky Mountains. adv. n. name and business address printed at the top of a sheet of paper with space below for a bill. v. bilged. –joux (–zhüz). n. 3 peevish. —bi´fur·caʹtion. 2 an offer. —bigʹamous. bilge water. alter. —n. 1 fraud. n. 1 thick stick of wood.. big (big). raise the price of by bidding more.

bi·plane (bīʹplān´). a form of influenza transmitted by wildfowl. canoe made of birchbark. bi·o·metrics. —adj. 8 constipate. bi·ol·o·gy (bī olʹә ji). adj. —adj. or Pg. 2 its closegrained wood. [OE binn] bi·na·ry (bīʹnә ri). 2 shuttlecock. bi·par·ti·san (bī pärʹtә zәn). —n. 2 any great wave. bi·o·log·ic (–lojʹik). science of life or living matter in all its forms and phenomena. b any favorable or good report. place where books are bound. birch (bėrch). biological clock. attach. and domesticated fowl. whip with a birch. n. bi·month·ly (bī munthʹli). pl. —n. etc. 1 measurement of life. —bi´o·chemʹi·cal·ly. 2 Also. bi·nate (bīʹnāt).. 2 for both eyes. 1 a great wave or surge of the sea.66 bill of exchange bill of exchange. [< bio– + picture] bi·o·sphere (bī ōʹsfir). 1 either of the digits 0 or 1. [< Gk. a certification of the absence of infectious disease. bin·na·cle (binʹә kәl). n. study of the origin. v. adj. especially by the action of bacteria. 1 happening once every two months. 2 stick together. n. bylgja] bil·low·y (bilʹō i). branch of biology that deals with living things by measurements and statistics.. –phies. birchbark canoe. —v. receipt given by a carrier showing a list of goods delivered to it for transportation. time to settle down and have children. —bi´o·logʹical·ly. n. doubly pinnate. often used in making furniture. bi·me·tal·lic (bī´mә talʹik). [< L < Gk. 2 having force or power to hold to some agreement. bulging. game derived from lotto. adv. airplane having two wings. bi·o·gen·e·sis (bī´ō jenʹә sis). [< LL binomius having two names < bi– two + nomen name] —binoʹmi·al·ly. written order to pay a certain sum of money to a specified person. bind·ing. 2 cover for holding loose sheets of paper together. 2 of or based on bimetallism. biological chemistry. trash. adv. —n. involving two. bios life + E chemistry] —bi´o·chemʹi·cal. n. ecosphere. n. adj. —bi´o·graphʹi·cal. adj. —v. 1 written story of a person’s life. combining two different political groups. adj. 1 a little bird. n. —n. 2 Bill of Rights. n. 1 rising or rolling in big waves. bulge. bill of health. adj. structure. clean bill of health. n. [< L.. biographer. n. —bindʹing·ly. 2 swelling out. adv. n. bi·om·e·try (bī omʹә tri). < bios life + graphein write] —bi·ogʹra·pher.. –lies. 1 tree whose smooth bark peels off in thin layers. formerly used for whipping. 2 twice a month. divided into two parts nearly to the base. adj. n. against an enemy. store in a bin. 2 score of one stroke less than par for any hole on a golf course. 1 person or thing that binds. bi´ometʹri·cal. –er·ies. biol. biographical. club. adv. box or enclosed place for holding grain. n. —n. bin (bin). bird] bird dog. n. guy. the study of the anatomy and physiology of animals as a basis for new or improved electronic devices or methods. 3 fellow. 2 bit3. 2 biological: biochemistry = biological chemistry. –ries. . theory that living things can be produced only by other living things. 2 having to do with biology. male goat. 1 that binds. n. certificate stating whether or not there are infectious diseases on a ship or in a port. —bindʹing·ness. variety of different animals and plants living in a place. 1 once every two months. n. n. animal having two feet. 1 tie together. adj. fastens. flog.. bi·no·mi·al (bī nōʹmi әl). the first ten amendments to the Constitution of the United States.. 6 put a bandage on. obligatory. 2 Fig. of bittacle < Sp. 4 oblige: she was bound to help. calculation of the probable duration of human life. adv. [ < L binarius < bini two at a time] binary digit. 1 of plant and animal life. n. adv. binary star. [< Gk. n. adj. bios life + –logy] —bi·olʹogist. bird flu. birds. 1 rise or roll in big waves. 1 life. —bi·metʹal·list. bi·os. anything that binds or ties. —bilʹlow·i·ness. n. n. 1 having two parts. n. or connects. biog. —bi´o·chemʹist. pl.. dog trained to find or bring back birds for hunters. 2 swell out. pair of stars that revolve around a common center of gravity. n. adj. n. etc. 8a + 2b is a binomial. bound. 2 of plants. of or representing two political parties. n. v. biology.. biographical film. such as photosynthesis in plants. binoculars. 7 fasten (sheets of paper) into a cover.. n. use of both gold and silver at a fixed relative value as the basis of the money system of a nation. –lies. bi·on·ics (bī onʹiks). reproduction. a whole composed of two.. 1 mechanism in plants and animals that regulates the rhythm of functions and activities. adj. [< Gk. metron measure] bi´o·metʹric. 2 happening twice a month. 1 any of a class of warmblooded vertebrates having a body covered with feathers and the forelimbs modified to form wings by means of which most species fly. biological warfare. bind·er·y (bīnʹdәr i). bi·og·ra·phy (bī ogʹrә fi. adj. —bi´o·metʹri·cal·ly. chemistry of living animals and plants. 1 using both eyes. adj. n. that can be broken down.. bird (bėrd). binding energy. bi·pin·nate (bī pinʹāt). etc. Also biogeny. bi·ped (bīʹped). bill of fare. bind·ing (bīnʹding). bi·o·chem·is·try (bī´ō kemʹis tri). bill of rights. bin·ning. —bi·parʹtite·ly. of a person’s qualifications. adj. magazine published bimonthly. 3 bundle of birch twigs or a birch stick. < L habitaculum dwelling place < habitare dwell] bi·noc·u·lar (bә nokʹyә lәr. —v. [alter. biochemistry. expression or name consisting of two terms. energy necessary to break a particular atomic nucleus into its smaller component parts. n. binned. 2 Also. placed near the helm. having two petals. combining form. 1 covering of a book. biography. plant that twines around the stems of other plants. n. [ < L bini two at a time + oculi eyes] —bi·noc´u·larʹi·ty. —adv. 3 restrain. 5 put under legal obligation: bound to keep the peace.. binate leaves. —bi·nocʹu·lar·ly. n. biochem. billy goat. —n. adv. –low·i·er. [< Gk. 1 using two metals. etc. stick. bi´o·graphʹic. n. bi·o·log·i·cal (bī´ә lojʹә kәl). esp.. < bi– two + pes foot] bi·pet·al·ous (bī petʹәl әs). —bi´par·tiʹtion. made of or covered with birchbark.. adj. bio–. n. bi·o·di·ver·si·ty (bī´ō di vėrʹsә tē). n. double. bil·low (bilʹō). bi·par·tite (bī pärʹtīt). bi–). —v. adj. field glass or opera glass for both eyes. Often. bind·weed (bīndʹwēd´). box or stand that contains a ship’s compass. bi·o·de·grad·able (bī´ō di grāʹdә bәl).. biography. 2 strip protecting or ornamenting an edge. adj.. etc. 2 any great wave. bi·o (bīʹō). n. 3 device that fastens a ski to a boot. adv. pl. having two feet. 1 statement of the fundamental rights of the people of the nation. [OE bierce] —birchʹen. bi·par·ty (bīʹpär´ti). system of counting using only the symbols 0 and 1.. bī–). —bi´o·graphʹical·ly. pledge. bin·go (bingʹgō). bi·o·pic (bīʹō pik´). one above the other. —adj. living things: biology = study of living things. menu. consisting of two. —biʹo·ge·netʹi·cal·ly. [OE bindan] bind·er (bīnʹdәr). n. n. 1 bark of a birch tree. pl. bill of lading. growing in pairs. —n. birch·bark (berchʹbärk´). 1 rise or roll in big waves. –lowi·est. written statement transferring ownership of something from seller to buyer. —biparʹti·san·ship´. adj. —adj. a waging of war by using disease germs. 3 machine that cuts grain and ties it in bundles. bird·ie (bėrʹdi). bind (bīnd). pl. dual. —adj. of plant and animal life. adv. adv. bios life + E genesis] —bi´o·genetʹic.. [OE bridd. adv. bi·met·al·lism (bī metʹәl iz әm).. adj. bil·ly (bilʹi). —biʹnate·ly. binary notation. 2 part of literature that consists of biographies. bi´ochemʹic. bill of sale. n. pl. bios life + E –metry < Gk. [ < Scand. consisting of two terms. used in binary notation. —v.

bi·sul·phate (bī sulʹfāt). grip. –tūʹ–. [OE bite a bite < bītan bite] bit2 (bit). or a thing began. etc. n.. grotesque. v. family: of humble birth.two + L sectus. n. —bizarreʹness. [< bird·lime (bėrdʹlīm´). [< F. n. n. n. over + skopos watcher] —bishʹop·less. –ki). 3 sharp. (bī sulʹfīd. pl. camp outdoors. bi·va·lent (bī vāʹlәnt. n. [ME birthe. odd. pl. bivʹwak). v. n. 4 121⁄₂ cents. 1 a dark-brown coloring matter made from soot. 2 having markings somewhat like birds’ eyes. prob. semiweekly. pierce. n. misery. bird of prey.. adj. 1 bale. 1 position. bish·op·ric (bishʹәp rik). etc. birth (bėrth). 3 attracted to both sexes. cut into. bl. adj. used in medicine. —v. 4 something very difficult. having a valence of two. a stiff. —adv. [< L bissextilis (annus) leap (year) < bis twice + sextus sixth. a liquid. n..] bis·ter. v. –r˙ t´). bit·ting. fangs. brittle. make or become bitter. Bis·cay (bisʹkā. 2 cut. 2 having the reproductive organs of both sexes. adj. [< OF butor] bit·ter·root (bitʹәr rüt´. in the S part. n. —bi·secʹtion·al. n. 3 block. bitterness. —v. n. newspaper or magazine published biweekly. slightly larger than the American buffalo and now almost extinct. Bir·ming·ham (bėrʹming ham). of birrus cloak] birl (bėrl). blab·bing. bisexual animal or plant. < LL birretum cap. 2 divide into two equal parts. 2 person who blabs. 2 bark. The Julian calendar added an extra day after the sixth day before the calends of March. Bismarck Archipelago.. leap year. 2 term of contempt for a woman. part of the Atlantic. birth·mark (bėrthʹmärk´). (–fid). general: a bird’s-eye view. —v. n. are fastened. n. as oysters and clams.. Bi.. 3 short time. 2 somewhat. black (blak). n. adj. [< F < Sp. any mollusk whose shell consists of two parts hinged together. bis·tre (bisʹtәr). to revolve a log in the water while standing on it. bungle. v. bichʹu–). bis·cuit (bisʹkit). adj. —n. 1 bank. < Swiss G bīwache < bī by + wache watch] bi·week·ly (bī wēkʹli). [var. n.. 2 diocese. ˙ –acked. —adj. restrain. birth control. harsh. 2 beginning. ult. square cap with three upright projecting pieces. bi·sul·fid. n. bit·ten (bitʹәn) or bit. ppr. 1 sharp. 1 happening once every two weeks. smooth. 2 twice a week. bit·ted. v. –fid).. —n. city in C Alabama. pl. that which is bitter. severe. family planning. or fox. of L episcopus < Gk. disulfide. < Basque bezar beard] —bi·zarreʹly. 1 a kind of bread in small soft cakes. n. bit·ters (bitʹәrz). any of a group of flesheating birds. 2 very dark. put (ropes.. made with baking powder. n. Bay of. bi·tu·men (bi tüʹmәn. of bit1] bit·ter (bitʹәr). —bitʹing·ly. hawks. adj. [< F] bis·sex·tile (bi seksʹtil). —adj. n. of cuire cook (< L coquere)] bi·sect (bī sektʹ). —bi·secʹtion·al·ly. episkopos overseer < epi on. unpleasant taste. [OE bītan] —bitʹer. including eagles. —n. 3 a pale brown. group of islands NE of New Guinea. var. [< VL (e) biscopus. blab (blab). [< bi(nary digi)t] bitch (bich).. having a dark . cables. scarlet berries. 4 cause a sharp. 3 wound with teeth. and scarlet arils growing from orange capsules. n. [OE bicce] bite (bīt). etc. —v. vultures. 1 put a bit in the mouth of. having two parts hinged together. smarting pain. cables. —v. 2 barrel. 1 place where a person was born. 1 seen from above or from a distance. adj. 1 seize. bi·valʹvu·lar. [OE biter. 3 sharp. n. pl. n. reddishwhite metallic element. semiweekly. —adj. bird of passage. containing the extra day of leap year. taken from a total: the tax bite.. pp. bird of New Guinea noted for its magnificent plumage. –zәn). n. n.) around the bitts. 1 a small piece. [< G] —bisʹmuth·al. byrth]. worn by Roman Catholic or Episcopal priests. n. birth·right (bėrthʹrīt´). birth·stone (bėerthʹstōn´). n. of valere be worth] —bi·vaʹlence. 1 clergyman of high rank who has certain spiritual duties and who administers the affairs of a church district. v. 3 complaint. usually alcoholic. 5 take a tight hold on. a wild ox with a big.. bay N of Spain and W of France. akin to bite] —bitʹter·ish. soda. bitʹәr swēt´. 2 complain. 2 Brit. 1 part of a bridle that goes in a horse’s mouth. bi·son (bīʹsәn. 2 act of biting. 1 the American buffalo. adj. n. 2 curb. n. prob. bish·op (bishʹәp). —n. bk. < Scand. naphtha. 4 amount of money. salt of sulfuric acid in which half of the hydrogen is replaced by a metal. —bi·tuʹmi·nous. or cut off with the teeth. dim. a bit much. adv. n. biv·ou·ac (bivʹu ak. bi·vaʹlen·cy. origin.. bi·valve (bīʹvalv´). jewel associated with a certain month of the year. 4 book. [< OF bescuit < bes twice (< L bis) + cuit. –ack·ing. bring forth. —bitʹter·ly. 1 having a sharp. basic unit of information in a computer. etc. n. 2 happening twice a week. 2 anything that curbs or restrains. 1 a climbing plant with purple flowers and poisonous. petroleum. bird of paradise. coal that burns with much smoke and a yellow flame. n. bit·ter·sweet (n. found in the northern Rocky Mountains. 1 spoil. —v. bitʹәrswētʹ). [< F bistre] —bisʹtered. a sticky substance smeared on twigs to catch small birds. bi·zarre (bi zärʹ). such as asphalt. bit1 (bit). sneering. 2 sarcastic. bituminous coal. birth rate. bird’s-eye (bėrdzʹī´). or rank of bishop. [< bi. chatter. adj. adv. —adj. adv. 1 divide into two parts. 4 of weather. 1 once every two weeks. n. –cuit. 2 a climbing shrub of North America. more than is convenient or appropriate. —n. small amount.] bisque (bisk). n.. [< L] —bituʹmi·noid. [< L < Gmc. capital of North Dakota. cracker. proportion of the number of births per year to the total population or to some other stated number. 2 hard to admit or bear. talk too much. adj. pl. soft coal. bisʹtred. spot or mark on the skin that was there at birth. adv. with greenish flowers. n. a strong post on a ship’s deck to which ropes. —adj. [< bi– two + L valens. 2 one of the pieces in the game of chess. pp. tell (secrets). do one’s share. —blabʹber. be restless or impatient. adj. etc. b be the origin or cause of. —biʹvalved´. a bear. right belonging to a person because of any fact about his or her birth. –lies. n. n. blabbed. brave. among lumberjacks. hermaphroditic. a little. 2 anniversary of the day on which a person was born. adj. bitt (bit). bi·sul·fate. 1 of or having to do with both sexes. 2 a dark brown. 3 tool for boring or drilling. a small u plant with pink flowers. creamy soup. —bi·secʹtor. office. 1 opposite of white. adj. 1 bit of food. etc. [OE bita < bītan bite] bit3 (bit). n. shaggy head and strong front legs. adj. very cold. 2 the European buffalo. bit·tern (bitʹәrn). etc. bird that flies from one region to another as the seasons change. a small kind of heron that lives in marshes and has a peculiar booming cry. —n. 1 day on which a person was born. 5 a stage routine.. –cuits. n. n. 4 descent. bis·muth (bizʹmәth). ˙ mineral that will burn. 1 a female dog. 3 Also. wolf. n. bit. smarting 67 pain to. do one’s bit. bi·sex·u·al (bī sekʹ shü әl). bit·ing. bridle.. give birth to. n. governed by Australia. –son. adj. of secare cut] —bi·secʹtion. contraception. both bitter and sweet. champ at the bit. Bis·marck (bizʹmärk). 5 expressing grief. bi·ret·ta (bә retʹә). bit·ing (bītʹing). n. —bitʹter·ness. bi·sul·fide. birth·day (bėrthʹdā´). bls. flavored with some bitter plant. adj. 3 a bringing forth. cutting. pain. fantastic. 1 blabbing talk. Black. bivʹә–). 2 place of origin. 1 being born. birth·place (bėrthʹplās´). adv. adj. n.

suspicion. Black Sea. —blandʹness. deserving blame. adv. blade (blād). black·ber·ry (blakʹber´i). abuse with vile language. adj. n. adj. blamed. as a protection. feeling bored or depressed. etc. black-heart·ed (blakʹhär´tid). esp. n. (case of) the blahs. black·bird (blakʹbėrd´). adj. black bass. n. v. 2 turn white or pale: blanch with fear. n. plant with white flowers. adv. [< OF < L Gk. blain (blān). n. adj. –ened. Blacksmiths mend tools and used to shoe horses. 1 vote against. blasphemeein. —blackʹguard·ly. —blameʹless·ly. the selling of goods at illegal prices or in illegal quantities. black·top (blakʹtop´). a vote against a person or thing. 2 the tall tree that it grows on. 1 a large American bear. black-tipped lump in a pore of the skin. 1 a soft. 1 make or become black. blanch (blanch. dull. —n. blame·wor·thy (blāmʹwėr´tħi). black·board (blakʹbôrd´. n. so called from its color and its habit of eating its mate. deserving blame. graphite. evil magic. black·jack (blakʹjak´). adv. adv. e. 1 oily nut that is good to eat. —adj. list of persons who are believed to deserve punishment.. n. mountains covered with forests in SW Germany. —blamʹer. black polish used on shoes. evil. medal] —blackʹmail´er. –feet (–fēt´). black pepper. –en·ing. 2 experience a blackout. 1 responsibility. 6 temporary blindness or unconsciousness experienced by a pilot. 2 an infectious.. 4 Also. 1 space left empty or to be filled in. ? < blapsis harm + –phemos speaking] —blameʹful. black eye. black·guard (blagʹärd. 1 condition of having no electric power. 1 money obtained from a person by threatening to tell something bad about him or her. n. v. 2 a turning out or concealing of all the lights of a city. Black Hills. 1 darken completely. black spruce. 1 make or become black. n. —v. 7 a turning off of all the lights on the stage of a theater. black·smith (blakʹsmith´). [< F blanc skin. sea between Turkey and S Russia. adj. wide part of a leaf. district. Black. —bladeʹlike´. blister. Black Death. [< OF blanchir < blanc white. mourning. [with ref. —blackʹball´er. and poisonous leaves. 1 not written or printed on. n.g. shoulder blade. n. 3 empty. esp. put on a black list. –ry·ing. 3 piece of metal to be filed into a coin or key. 2 thorny bush or vine that it grows on. black·a·moor (blackʹә m˙ r). 1 confederacy of Algonkian Indians of the northern plains and Canada. violent plague that spread through Asia and Europe in the 14th century. 2 any device or system whose operation seems mysterious or is poorly understood. 3 disease that attacks turkeys. —v. n. adj. —n. v. black or dark-purple. 4 lacking some usual feature: a blank cartridge. edible fruit of certain bushes and vines. of a sports event. deserve blame. 2 finding fault. 2 any similar bird. black·thorn (blakʹthôrn´). 2 find fault with. gather blackberries. 1 bleach: almonds are blanched. mark of criticism or punishment. 2 large drinking cup or jug. as the European blackbird. having dark bark and foliage. a sweet dessert made of milk thickened with gelatin. n. scoundrel. —blamʹa·ble·ness. —blameʹless. —blackʹjack´. 3 black flag of a pirate. —blanʹdish·ment. black marketeer. blänch). n. n. black market. —bladʹder·y. adj. —n. 2 put blacking on (shoes. . black·mail (blakʹmāl´). –bōrd´). v. —v. 3 an Algonkian Indian. 2 anything like this. n. n. n. blan·dish (blanʹdish). worthless member of a decent family. 1 small. adj. adv. a darku skinned person. black·head (blakʹhed´). poisonous black berries. etc. mountains in W South Dakota and NE Wyoming. n. n. [OE blœc] —blackʹer. polite. get or try to get blackmail from. thin bag in the body that collects urine from the kidœ neys. black bear. 1 opposite of white. black·face (blakʹfās´). black·out (blakʹout´). n. —blameʹful·ly. often used for furniture. esp. blank] —blanchʹer.. resulting from loss of oxygen to the brain. v. v. n. tribute. 1 hit (a person) with a blackjack. adj. blah (blä). 2 coerce. adj. 2 theatrical entertainment given by blackfaces. adj. v. the performance of various systems on an aircraft. black sheep. n. adj. iron] black·snake (blakʹsnāk´). –әrd). others take root in mud. —n. be to blame. 3 its dark-brown wood. black·en (blakʹәn). [var. a North American game fish that lives in fresh water. cornstarch. 1 seasoning with a hot taste. of black Moor] black art. —bladeʹless. black·ball (blackʹbôl´). [< L blandus soft] —blandʹly. —blameʹwor´thiness. Some varieties float on the water. –ried. coax. 6 sullen. black·leg (blakʹleg´). etc. scoundrel. v. —blameʹless·ness. 2 act of blackmailing. 1 electronic device that monitors something. etc. black nightshade. usually fatal disease of cattle and sheep. 2 paper with spaces to be filled in: an application blank. Black Forest. a thorny European shrub of the peach family that has dark-purple. 2 cause of disgrace or discredit. 2 any of various birds that have a black head. v. 5 the flat. very poisonous spider. flatter. dull. blame (blām). 2 the plant itself. black out.. 1 the cutting part of a knife or sword. 2 speak evil of. an inflamed swelling or sore. 3 swordsman. 3 failure in radio reception. gloomy. u –foot..68 blackamoor black·ing (blakʹing). —n. smooth surface for writing or drawing on with chalk or crayon. —blackʹness. n. used as a weapon. [OE blœd] —bladʹed. 4 smart or dashing fellow. 1 mild. black-list (blakʹlist´). adj. 2 their language. n. n. etc. —n. 7 evil. pl. It is made by grinding the berries of a plant. n. 5 dismal. n. —blamʹably. etc. 2 agreeable. any of various plants with yellow flowers. 1 North American evergreen tree with dark-green foliage. man who works with iron. gentle: a bland spring breeze. 1 any American bird so named because the male is mostly black. blank (blangk). black oak. boring. 1 swindler. black widow. 2 its wood. —blackʹen·er. [< F < L blandiri flatter < blandus soft] —blanʹdish·er. [< black + mail rent. blad·der·wort (bladʹәr wėrt´). black mark. 1 black minstrel. one who deals on the black market. adj. 3 makeup for black parts in a show. wide part of anything: blade of a paddle. 2 a large Asiatic bear. 4 withholding of a television broadcast in a particular area. 5 withholding of information. 1 a small. evil magic. 2 black coloring matter. [< black + guard] —blackʹguard·ism. blame. Black·foot (blakʹf˙ t´). 1 club with a flexible handle. plumlike fruit called sloes. from newspapers. n. n. to black metals. asphalt.). medaille coin. filthy. n. —v. [OE bl¯ dare] —bladʹder·like´. power failure. as the red-winged blackbird. —blameʹful·ness. dark-colored snake of North America. —v.. pustule. black magic. black lead. black list. pl. blad·der (bladʹәr).. 2 its light. n.. n. black walnut. [OE blegen] blam·a·ble (blāmʹә bәl). blanc·mange (blә mänzhʹ). adj. n. 2 ostracize. a harmless. somewhat black. 1 bruise around an eye. 1 any of various American oaks. black·ish (blakʹish). —blackʹly. black-eyed Su·san (blakʹīd´ süʹzәn) yellow daisy with a black center. —adj. 4 dirty. television broadcasts. n. black box. 3 black clothes. n. n. 2 with spaces to be filled in: a blank check. having a black face. —adj. person who has dark skin. 2 sword. –ries. [< OF blancmanger white food] bland (bland). adj. of or having to do with the Blackfeet or their language. n. blam·ing. coin < OF maille < mail. soft wood. 1 hold responsible. 6 a flat.

5 covered. —v. —blankʹness. 6 guard. a signed check that allows the bearer to fill in the amount. 1 person who bleaches. 2 giving of God’s favor. 2 display. pp. bleat (blēt). desolate. blear·i·est.. 3 display. scar: a blemish on the skin.] —blankʹly. having eyes dim with tears. little by little. 3 burst out in anger or excitement. with the eyes covered. cover. n. make known. —adj. hidden: a blind driveway. blem·ish (blemʹish). adj. n. v. 1 coat of arms. n. n. pl. trail.) with a blaze. bless·ing (blesʹing). bläst). hemophiliac. —adj. v. 2 mixture of several kinds: a blend of coffee. ruined. [ME blere(n)] blear·y (blirʹi). of OE blandan] —blendʹer. n. thing covering the eyes. bless·ing. 2 darken. covering several or all: blanket insurance policy. 5 lose sap. 1 bright flame or fire. full blast. 1 mark made on a tree by chipping off a piece of bark. blank verse. v. OE bl¯ c. bldgs. harmonize. bleed·ing. n. 3 wish good to. [appar. 1 chemical used in bleaching. 2 decorate. 2 a white spot on the face of a horse. blat·ting. blend·ing.. v. etc. 1 stain. OE blencan deceive] —blenchʹer. blew (blü). n. ruin..adj. [OE bl¯ cean. v. 1 burn with a bright flame. 1 make holy or sacred. etc. œ 2 act of bleaching. —n. 2 speak evil of. adv. proclaim. n. [OE blētsian consecrate (i. cold. 3 take blood from: doctors used to bleed sick people. —v. adj. from. v. bleareyed. n. [var. adj. n. designation for “limp dirigible”] blind (blīnd). —n. blazed. Cf. –phem·ing. earth. 6 take sap. 1 whiten by exposing to sunlight or by using chemicals. n. bla·zon (blāʹzәn). —n. u embryo of an animal. blared. with blood) < blōd blood] —blessʹer. stone in a castle in Ireland. —v. building. —v. cursed. 3 shade into each other. 4 in heaven. goat. infl. 2 brilliance of color. [< LG bläse] blaze3 (blāz). 3 an area of poor radio or television reception. blat·ted. . v.. etc. n. bla·sé (blä zāʹ. —n.. said to give skill in flattery to those who kiss it] —blarʹneyer. or calf. bldg. abuse or contempt for God or sacred things. 7 extend text or illustrations into the margins of a page.blind spot white. bläsʹ–). adv. n. 1 make a loud. blurred. —blaʹzon·ment. 2 turn white. blar·ing. stain. 8 drain slowly from. n. n. adj. harsh sound: the trumpets blared. a small. —blindʹly. —blaʹtant·ly. —bleakʹness. shrink away. sightless. dim. –neyed. —blindʹness. 3 happy. n. 3 rob of power to understand or judge. v. Also. glare. cry made by a sheep. n. show. 2 show bright colors or lights. from Type B limp. [coined by Spenser < L blatire babble] —blaʹtan·cy. —v. ruin. of blow2. 1 swept by winds. 2 damned. 1 turn pale. etc.. n. 1 mix together thor- 69 oughly so that the things mixed cannot be distinguished. 5 annoying. 1 a soft. 4 anything that makes one happy or contented. dim. 2 injure. [< Blarney stone. at highest œ speed or greatest capacity. horn. juice. bleary-eyed (blirʹi īd´). n. v. or a sound like it. [appar. blaren] blar·ney (blärʹni).. n. juice. —n. bleach (blēch). —v. adj. blas·phe·my (blasʹfә mi). shining < Gmc. 1 lose blood. heavy covering of wool or cotton. n. etc. 3 hiding place for a hunter. cursed. –mies. 2 insect or fungus that causes such a disease. mark (a tree. a distinctively colored jacket. germ] —blasʹtu·lar. adj. 1 noisy.. blaze2 (blāz). blast furnace. disœ mal. in full operation. —blessʹed·ness. 1 a loud. of Gk. sympathy. blinker for a horse. —n. or grief (for). 1 prayer asking God to show His favor. spot. or judgment: blind to the dangers ahead. blastos sprout. cover the eyes of. directing an aircraft by instruments only. blench2 (blench). —v. gunpowder. 7 make the sign of the cross over. sacred. spot. n. 4 cause of blight or ruin.. akin to bleak] bleach·er (blēchʹәr). 2 utter harshly or loudly. dim. furnace in which ores are smelted by blowing a strong current of air into the furnace to make a very great heat. 2 ask God’s favor for. sorrow. coax.. adorn.. dim. blaze1 (blāz). utter blasphemy.. blasen] blaz·er (blāzʹәr). blan·ket (blangʹkit). 2 lacking discernment... n. bless (bles). 7 with only one opening: a blind alley. blurred.e. 2 thing that bleaches or is used in bleaching. merge. adj. mar. n. n. See blame. [ME bleke pale... n. by fold] blind spot. —v. –lae (–lē). manner. proclaim. n. 2 showy in dress. 1 any disease that causes plants to wither or decay. 1 unrhymed poetry having five iambic feet in each line. adv. [< OF blankete < blanc white] —blanʹket·less. etc. low-priced. show. conceal. blend·ed or blent. bleat. 2 matter on which a person does not know that he or she is prejudiced or poorly informed. 1 something that keeps out light or hinders sight. bless·ed (blesʹid. 9 get money from by extortion. —blearʹi·ness. n. 4 make happy or successful. as cinemactress. blest). 4 violent outburst: a blaze of temper. adj. blessed or blest. 1 a strong sudden rush of wind or air. blurt out. harsh sound. adv. 2 say loudly and foolishly. blank check. —blessʹedly. —v. 2 make by mixing several kinds together. [OE blēdan < blōd blood] bleed·er (blēdʹәr). successful. —v. of fiell fall. of blanch] blend (blend). [OE blœse] —blazʹing·ly. adj. 1 garden plant that has drooping clusters of red or pinkish flowers. 2 unrhymed poetry. often with a syllable in common. adj. make dim or blurred. 2 make white. [OE bl¯ st] —blastʹer. bläʹzā). —n. adv. n.] bla·tant (blāʹtәnt). 1 blow up (rocks. [< OF < L blasphemare. 3 dreary. —n. blat (blat). blas·tu·la (blasʹch˙ lә). 1 speak about (God or sacred things) with abuse or contempt. pl. loudmouthed. 1 cover with a blanket. make such a cry. 1 make unable to see temporarily or permanently. blaz·ing. [< OF ble(s)mir make livid] —blemʹish·er. bled (bled). cow. blare (blãr). glorify. 3 word made by fusing two words.—blasʹphe·mous. blazed. 2 destroy. 3 anything that causes destruction or ruin. 2 chilly. coaxing talk. [pt. 2 the blowing of a trumpet. 3 bleachers. [OE blœtan] —bleatʹer. 5 praise.. etc. 3 a blasting. draw back. often roofless seats at outdoor sports events. [< NL. adj. person who bleeds excessively when injured because the blood fails to clot. n. blast·ed (blasʹtid. —v. v. 1 holy. n. [< F. [< MDu. flattering. 4 made without thought or good sense: a blind guess. 2 obscure. n. adv. v. as fluid from hydraulic brakes. flatter. [imit. —n. understanding. bored. adv. etc. 4 feel pity. 2 anything that conceals an action or purpose. pt. 2 person who expresses insincere or exaggerated pity. 3 not controlled by reason: blind fury. of blaser exhaust with pleasure] blas·pheme (blas fēmʹ). v. 2 glare. blight (blīt). adv. tired of pleasures. blench1 (blench). 8 of or for blind persons. blast (blast. 1 cry like a calf or sheep. 2 shed one’s blood. etc. blaz·ing. 2 blight. nonrigid dirigible airship. [< MDu. —bleatʹing·ly. v. bare. 1 cause to wither or decay. blazed. 3 bright display. suffer wounds or death. blaʹzon·ry. 2 anything like a blanket. Blotch is a blend of blot and botch.. n. tarnish: blemish one’s reputation. —blindʹing·ly.) with dynamite. 1 a round spot on the retina of the eye that is not sensitive to light. 6 without an opening: a blind wall. blimp (blimp). used to keep people or animals warm. blind flying. blaz·ing. 1 make known. bleeding heart. v.. explosion. blind·er (blīnʹdәr). 3 wish for happiness or success. —v.] —blasphemʹer. etc. 4 area of poor visibility. adj. 2 beatified. blāc. –neying. –phemed. protect. 1 blighted. —blasʹphe·mous·ness. bleed (blēd). pl. fatigue. [< OF blason shield] —blaʹzon·er. [OE] —blindʹing. [OE blindfellian < blind blind + fell. 1 not able to see. blear·i·er. 4 go well together. adv. var. —blasʹphemous·ly. n. v. blind·fold (blīndʹfōld´). bleak (blēk). blear (blir).] —bleakʹly. scar. v. 1 thorough mixture. n.

blood·ied. 5 high lineage. 1 raise a blister on. —v. bloom (blüm). etc. blood·i·er. tinged with blood. n. —blitheʹsome·ness. powerful dogs with a keen sense of smell. v. passion: bad blood between them. cheerful. cruel. 1 act of opening a vein to take out blood. —n. a stupid person. adj. n. fill up to prevent passage. –ading. block·bust·er (blokʹbus´tәr). puff up. [< F < Gmc. 4 cold-hearted. hindrance. Slang. 1 light-colored. A man is a blond. 2 Fig. blinder. —blitheʹness. 6 bloodshed. sport that involves killing animals. 2 stained with blood. orig. 11 pulley in a casing. block·y (blokʹi). n. injection of blood from one person or animal into another. violent attack using many airplanes and tanks. 2 having yellow or light-brown hair. block·i·er. blink·ered (blingʹkәrd). n. adv. cruel. vein. septicemia. eyes.. blithe·some (blīthʹsәm. confounded. adj. often caused by burns or rubbing. as fox or boar hunting. a cruelly. pale. blood·shed (bludʹshed´). 6 number of buildings close together. on the blink. stupid. curdle one’s (or the) blood. and skin. slaughter. 1 have flowers. something insignificant. blood sugar. cursed. descent. red and sore. fair. blood·let·ting (bludʹlet´ing). [< OF blestre tumor. blood·stained (bludʹstānd´). adj. terrifying. bloodi·est. 1 great happiness. blood count. 2 bloodshed. having holes for guns. adj. n. soft < Scand. etc. swell up. n. bubble. or beauty. blossom. blood brother. in cold blood.. 2 be in the condition or time of greatest health. 2 any sudden violent attack: endure a blitz of criticism. blood·y (bludʹi). anything that is forceful or overwhelming. slaughter. blood transfusion. 1 fill so as to prevent passage or progress. —v. blīthʹ–). person having such hair. 12 mold on which things are shaped. —v. —bloodʹless·ly. cruel. outline. 2 stain with blood. hinder. bloc (blok). n. 1 animal that sucks blood. 13 piece of wood. —blissʹful·ly. 1 a blinking. tube in the body through which the blood circulates. 8 short section of railroad track with signals for spacing trains. 1 a leather flap to keep a horse from seeing sidewise. blōm] —bloomʹing·ly. —blockʹish·ness. 2 the corresponding liquid in invertebrate animals. prob. [< bloat. arteries. blautr] blob (blob). blood type. blood type. extortioner. adj. blood group. n. –r˙ t´). 1 of good stock or breed. n. emotion. pressure of the blood against the inner walls of the blood vessels. adj. adv. of eyes. —v.70 blink blink (blingk). plant u that has a red root. [< F. n. 1 place for storage of blood. blood·ed (bludʹid). n. adv. blood relation or relative. adj. blocki·est. n. a woman is a blonde. 9 support for the neck of a person condemned to be beheaded. —v. cheerful. obstruct. 1 flower. 3 glow with health and beauty. 2 person who is involved in doing this. blood sport. drop. —blitheʹsome·ly. or capillary. 2 person who gets all he or she can by any means. blood·less (bludʹlis). 3 with much bloodshed. n. any small fortified building with ports for gunfire. or beauty. 6 Brit. not working or not working properly. adj. 1 control of who or what goes into or out of a place by the use of an army or navy. blood·stone (bludʹstōn´). blitz (blits). a diseased condition of blood usually caused by bacteria. vigor. 1 sudden. 2 wink: blink one’s eyes. [var. block·ade (blok ādʹ). 2 obstruct. vigor. 2 the joy of heaven. n. engraved for printing. inflict damage or pain. 10 platform where things are put up for sale at an auction. 2 a warning signal with flashing lights. v. royal lineage. block·house (blokʹhous´). 1 stained with blood. 1 a solid piece of wood.] —blondʹness. —bloodʹi·ness. blood bank. Cf. —v.] —blockʹer. eager for bloodshed. 3 without energy.. parentage. varying with exertion. blood·y·ing. close off. [OE blīthe] —blitheʹly. a semiprecious green stone with specks of red jasper scattered through it. 1 put under blockade. —blissʹful·ness. OE blysian burn. n. and capillaries of the vertebrates. plan roughly. metal. 3 a hindering of an opponent’s play. —bloodʹily. of blizzer blow. v. [ME blenken] —blinkʹingly. —n. blip (blip). blond. adj. excitement. attack by a blitz. blood pressure. blink·er (blingkʹәr). blood·shot (bludʹshot´). blaze. See block. 5 powdery coating on some fruits and leaves. block·ade-run·ner (blok ādʹrun´әr). n. –ad·ed. too much being an indication of diabetes. sap. on the block. n. 2 army or navy used to blockade a place. blood·hound (bludʹhound´). blis·ter (blisʹtәr). [OE blīths < blīthe blithe] —blissʹful. 7 temper. blood group. red sap. open into flowers.. 5 of the color of blood. lump. blood·root (bludʹrüt´. 5 length of one side of a city block. 2 guilty of murder or bloodshed. 1 Am. stone. n. blue or gray eyes.. flash. —n. block and tackle. < Gmc. and light skin. n. n. 1 bleeding. happy. adv. often with a jutting second story. n. block up. 2 similar swelling on a surface. [< Scand. b on purpose. 1 cause to bleed. terrify. n. 1 the red liquid in the veins. 1 look with the eyes opening and shutting: blink at a sudden light. adv. block·head (blokʹhed´). slaughter. —block·adʹer. . 4 glow of health and beauty. 4 eager for bloodshed. 2 the blood kept in storage. n. blood·cur·dling (bludʹkėrd´ling). 7 group of things of the same kind: a block of ten tickets for a play. age. adj. adj.. 2 detective. 2 obstruction.. for sale or auction. block off. adj. n.—bloodʹthirst´iness. 2 Mil. blood (blud). —adj. blessedness. n. person related by birth. block·ish (blokʹish). member or members of a group combined for a purpose. 1 money paid to have somebody killed. adj. adv. ignore. adj. pulleys and ropes to lift or pull something. house of square logs. 1 one of a breed of large. 2 put things in the way of. bliss (blis). 1 without blood. birth. blood·thirst·y (bludʹthėrs´ti). blonde (blond). blood money. chunky. draw blood. n. 2 without bloodshed. spiritless. [OE blōd] —bloodʹlike´. violent. blithe (blīth. —blockʹish·ly. 2 having patches of light and shade. blossom. as an artery. 4 family. dull. health. 1 like a block. the shedding of blood. leech. relationship.] block (blok). adj.] —blisʹter·y. and a white flower. happy. n. blīth). restricted in outlook. brother by birth. murderous. 2 condition or time of flowering. perfect joy. any one of the four groups into which blood is divided. as a group of politicians or various nations: the farm bloc. n. glucose in the blood. n. shot. 8 man of dash and spirit. blood·suck·er (bludʹsuk´әr). —bloodʹlessness. 4 space in a city enclosed by streets. a count of the number of red and white corpuscles and the amount of hemoglobin in a sample of a person’s blood to see if it is normal. 1 small baglike swelling under the skin filled with watery matter. 4 look with indifference at. blondeʹness. 1 ship that tries to sneak into or out of a port that is being blockaded. adv. 2 money paid as compensation. 3 anything that blocks up or obstructs. block in or out. v. 2 glimpse. frighten very much. 3 shine with an unsteady light: a lantern blinked in the darkness. small lump. 2 become covered with blisters. adj. 3 condition or time of greatest health. narrow-minded. 1 image on a radar screen. n. etc. n. 3 mount on a block.] bloat (blōt). 3 juice. —bloodʹthirst´i·ly. blinding snowstorm with a very strong wind and very great cold.adv. [< G Blitzkrieg lightning war] bliz·zard (blizʹәrd). 2 having a certain kind of blood. blood vessel. esp. adj. n. blood poisoning. adv. [< OF bloc < Gmc. 3 attack with sharp words. horrible.

chattering bird with a crest and a blue back. —v. —n. v. open into flowers. blot.. adj. blurred. disgrace. weep noisily. destroy. 2 underwear made like these. blow·y (blōʹi). the blue. 3 cornflower. frank. 1 have flowers. adj. 2 blue coloring matter or pigment. 4 smear. pl. 2 person who blunders. 1 spot with liquid. blowz·i·er. –ries. blu·ing or blue·ing. blue·grass (blüʹgras´. 3 the melting of an electric fuse caused by too much current. 2 stock issued by a well-established and profitable company. blue (blü). edit. etc. blow·fly (blōʹflī´). of Du. make blue. blue·print (blüʹprint´). tube through which a person blows arrows. 1 a blurred .. 1 send forth a strong current of air. adj. —bludgʹeon·er. b fill with air. 2 frighten with a threat that cannot be carried out. 1 show of pretended confidence. steep bank or cliff. 3 a sudden attack or assault. [first referred to in magazine published by Amelia J. —blueʹishness. blue·bon·net (blüʹbon´it). adj. adv. [OE blōstma] blot (blot). 1 fat of whales and other sea animals. –gräs´). 2 do clumsily or wrongly. become stronger: a storm suddenly blew up. with lightning speed: talk a blue streak. comprised of or selected as representative of the best. of a plant that produces fruit. blue blood. 2 red-faced and coarse-looking. blow·ing. irregular spot or stain. outspoken. in the top of the head of whales and some other animals. blue·stock·ing (blüʹstok´ing). n. blue·bird (blüʹbėrd´). big party or meal. a small songbird of North America whose prevailing color is blue. abuse. any of various North American jays. blue·bot·tle (blüʹbot´әl). —v. n. 2 bluefish. Blue Ridge. adv. n. n. esp. windy.. twowinged fly that deposits its eggs on meat or in wounds. blow·gun (blōʹgun´). stupid mistake. –fish·es or (esp. Bloomer. Kentucky bluegrass. v. eucalyptus. 3 quarrel. blos·som (blosʹәm). 1 deceive by a show of pretended confidence.blur 71 bloom·ers (blümʹәrz). adj. 2 dim: tears blurred my eyes. blown. f Informal. 1 hole where air or gas can escape. adj. n. 4 Informal. [< OF bleu < Gmc. —blueʹness. —blunʹder·er. blow·hole (blōʹhōl´). 2 noisy weeping. n. expose. a high. book for writing down happenings. a small torch that shoots out a very hot flame. 1 tainted by flies. dull. 1 the bursting of an automobile tire. donderbus thunder box] blunt (blunt). adj. adj. bungle. n. —v. etc. blot out. esp. [ME blaw] blow2 (blō). v. n. n. 1 loose trousers. small plant of the U. 2 threat that cannot be carried out. See blues. 9 pant. frowzy. n. stain. the blues. 1 rising with a straight. 2 baseball hit high into the air. now no longer used.. 3 become dim or indistinct. blot·ter (blotʹәr). any of various plants with blue flowers shaped like bells. 2 place where the skin is red or broken out. blotch (bloch). 1 without a sharp edge or point. esp. woman who displays great interest in intellectual or literary subjects. bluff1 (bluf).. 2 a sudden or violent escape of air. 8 break by an explosion. 1 explosion. 2 abrupt. bluff2 (bluf). blueish.. blue-ribbon (blüʹrib´әn). blouse (blous. Also. 2 sad. spend (money. 1 color of the clear sky in daylight. 1 make confused in form or outline: mist blurred the hills.. 1 a poker chip of high value. any of various American grasses with bluishgreen stems. and hearty in manner. steam. n.) recklessly. 3 slow in perceiving or understanding. –ciling. 2 bully. n. [prob. [ —n. 1 very foolish mistake. adj. n. n. n. 3 blemish. knock. v. 1 a small. blue streak. —bluffʹness. 2 flourish. n. e arise. etc. etc. pl. n. 1 a blowing. [alter. broad front.. 2 blemish. 2 plain-spoken. a noisy. –ciled. blow in. –dry·ing. of blow blossom. n. blow·torch (blōʹtôrch´). collectively) –fish. blur (blėr). 2 slow.. 1 tube for blowing air or gas into a flame to increase the heat. with a blue pencil. n. a blue-and-silver saltwater edible fish of the Atlantic Coast. develop. —blotʹless. somewhat blue. adj. short club with a heavy end. 1 make a stupid mistake. n. cause to pant. 1 dry or style the hair with a blow dryer. n. stain of any kind. blown1 (blōn). n. adj. d scold. 10 Slang. cover up. blowzi·est. —v. v. out of the blue. blu·er. n. blun·der (blunʹdәer). disgrace. adv. blew. adv. blouz). involving the use of a blow dryer. 1 plant with blue flowers resembling sweet peas. blow1 (blō). —v. blue·ish (blüʹish). blued.. 7 puff up: blown up with pride. blue·jay (blüʹjā´). —blubʹber·y. blot·ted. 2 condition or time of flowering. —bluntʹly. —v. blu·est.. 1 blue ribbon awarded to the winner of a contest. blue chip. 3 Fig. 2 dry (liquid) with paper that soaks it up. —v. n. n. 1 depression of spirits. adj. 3 move clumsily or blindly. drop in. blunder. –dried. 2 any similar fly. esp. 2 shaped by blowing. 1 having the color of the clear sky in daylight. 1 strike with a club. —adj. 1851] bloop·er (blüpʹәr). blow·i·er. 2 blow-dry the hair of. —blueʹblood´ed. blue jeans. 1 large blowfly that has a blue abdomen and a hairy body. n. n. 4 blurt out.] —blueʹly. 1 a loose garment like a shirt for the upper body. —v.. —adj. blaf broad flat face] —bluffʹly. OE blōwan] blow·out (blōʹout´). stumble. —bluʹish·ness. despondency. darts. 2 bachelor’s button. blue gum. —v. n. 1 flower. [< blowze wench. n. melancholy jazz song. [because blue stockings were affected by a group of such women in London c 1750] —blueʹstock´ing·ism. of a building plan. 2 hole for breathing. 2 short loosely fitting coat. 11 reveal. 6 make a sound by a current of air or steam. —v. —blowʹi·ness. n. transactions. —v. 2 gale of wind. blur·ring. blow-dry (blōʹdrī´). 2 move in a current. —n. gloomy. blow dryer. n. —v. blue·ber·ry (blüʹber´i. threaten. short (wool)] —blouseʹlike´. v. —bluffʹer. b the sea. 2 a severe shock. 1 a hard hit. pl. 2 blowgun. misfortune. make or become blunt. n. blow·up (blōʹup´). a explode. blu·et (blüʹit). n. appear unexpectedly.. n. a the sky. —blueʹ-chip´. blow·i·est. 1 detailed plan or outline of a project. 12 melt (a fuse) or cause (an electric light) to burn out. stain. go to pieces emotionally. 5 form or shape by air: blow glass. used to deceive or mislead. formerly worn by women and girls for physical training. 2 outburst of anger. —bluntʹness. gathered at the knee. blun·der·buss (blunʹdәr bus). a hide. blowz·y (blouzʹi). 2 the shrub that it grows on. b wipe out. —n. n. 1 short gun with a wide muzzle. 3 drive by a current of air. n.. c become very angry. 1 untidy. n. 1 a large. cover or mark with blotches. blues (blüz). 3 person who bluffs. worn as part of a military uniform. bluish. [OE blāwan] —blowʹer. of blow2. n. esp. pl. adj. blot·ting. —n. sweet. —blunʹder·ing·ly. –bәr i). blow·pipe (blōʹpīp´).S. –flies. n. blu·ish (blüʹish). blue-pen·cil (blüʹpenʹsәl). n. Pr. adj. [blend of blot and botch] —blotchʹy. adj. jeans. n. —adj. bludg´eon·eerʹ. fully opened. 4 force a current of air into. 1 spot. n. 2 photograph that shows blue or white outlines. edible berry that has smaller seeds than the huckleberry. bludg·eon (blujʹәn). arrests. with pale bluish flowers. completely unexpected. portable electric blower for drying and styling the hair. discouraged. [< F. n. blow up. frank. extending from E Pennsylvania to N Georgia. blue ribbon. blue·bell (blüʹbel´). aristocratic descent. pp.. n. anything of high value or quality. 2 first prize. n. blue·fish (blüʹfish´). n. slattern] blub·ber (blubʹәr). —blubʹber·er. adj. blown2 (blōn). <Du. range of the Appalachian Mountains. v. n.

having a —— body: light-bodied having body of a light-weight material. —v.. n. people forming a political group with an organized government. bob1 (bob). Bo·az (bōʹaz). rap lightly. —blusʹter·y. [OE bodig] —bodʹied. n. 1 short haircut. 2 animal having a bobtail. v. or room and meals. dimness. house or shed at the water’s edge for sheltering a boat or boats. n. n. —v. [OE bodian < boda messenger] —bodeʹment. bod·y·ing.. —boastʹful·ness. 1 the whole material part of a human. 1 slight up and down movement. 1 small. blurbed. —n.. as one group. school where pupils live during the school year. mass: a lake is a body of water. embody. portend. —v. move with short. or room and meals. 4 make or get by blustering. —adj. [var.] bob·sled (bobʹsled´). v. bob2 (bob). rope or chain to hold a bowsprit down. 3 either of the short sleds. boat·load (bōtʹlōd´). a on a ship. boarding school. bod·kin (bodʹkin). blvd. 9 group of persons managing something. 6 meals provided for pay. v. Also. 2 a flat piece of wood used for some special purpose: an ironing board. stain. adv. —v. board·walk (bôrdʹwôk´. bob3 (bob). bob·o·link (bobʹә lingk). bod·i·ly (bodʹә li). American songbird that lives in fields. by girls. worn esp. 2 its call.. 1 move up and down slightly.. bōr. n. [< G Bockbier for Einbocker Bier beer of Einbeck. yarn. n. etc. 2 thing to be proud of. —n. adj. council. bob·cat (bobʹkat´). [OE bār] board (bôrd. a ship’s officer in charge of anchors. adj. 1 boards. 1 storm or blow noisily and violently. 2 the main part of anything. v. usually brewed in the spring. train. a light rap. for pay. caused by rippling water. [imit. bōrdʹ–). 3 a group of persons or things: a body of troops. n. etc. –bies. [? var. 3 be or become rosy. etc. 5 food served on a table. –sled·ded. or excitement. 8 stock exchange. —boastʹing·ly. bock beer (bok). bod·ice (bodʹis). unconscious movements of the body. 2 a long hairpin. pl.. n. the covers of a hardcover book.] —blushʹful. natural rhythms of the body dictating when a person sleeps. policeman. n. 1 cut (hair) short. 2 put or carry in a boat. bob·by (bobʹi). –men. worn around a woman’s neck. —blusʹtering·ly. 2 wide girdle worn over a dress and laced up the front. 6 come alongside of or against (a ship). escort. adj.. n. provide with a body. body clock. anklelength socks. 1 cover with boards. adj. 1 praise oneself. in the same boat. 3 smear. disturb or upset the way things are. sailing. boat·man (bōtʹmәn). 2 person who blushes easily. blunt needle used for drawing tapes. 4 get on a plane. bod·ed. [< F bobine] bob·ble (bobʹәl).. body language. esp. 2 fish with a bob.. n. [ME blusche(n). miss an opportunity. adj. —v. wildcat of N America. dark beer. —adj. n. or plant. bod·ied. —n. pl. 2 ship. in the same condition or position. of blear] —blurʹry. bob·bing. in agreement. –sleigh·ing. 3 weight on the end of a pendulum or plumb line. —n. cut short the tail of. [imit. bōrd). –bled. 5 portion of matter. —v. through loops. v. —n. etc. [OE bāt] boat·house (bōtʹhous´). or to and fro. ribbons. n. Brit. or room and meals. v. bod·ing. etc. large tropical American boa. 4 float for a fishing line.. a short. n.. —blushʹingly. [< Du. n. adolescent girl. n. the stage of a theater. rowing. body politic. bode2 (bōd). sauce. of or in the body. 3 a pointed tool for making holes. adv. 1 as much or as many as a boat can hold or carry. confusion. of the 1940s who followed every new fad. 10 side of a ship. 1 person who guards another. quick motions. substantial quality: wine with an excellent body. —n. error. bob·stay (bobʹstā´). promenade made of boards. 2 two short sleds fastened together by a plank. n. blus·ter (blusʹtәr). lynx.. rock the boat. 2 long scarf made of fur or feathers. bōr). Brit. bob·bing. —v. 1 cosmetic that adds rosy color to the skin. v. quick motion up and down. —n. bragging. bo·as. or excitement. 1 sled for coasting made of two pairs of runners connected by a long board.] blush (blush). tail cut short. table. Boer (bôr. boat (bōt). animal. ship. n. metal hairpin whose prongs are close together. —blusʹter·er. bob4 (bob). rigging. as a form of communication. reel or spool on which thread. bobbed. 4 table to serve food on. bo·a (bōʹә).. n. esp. on a book jacket or cover. 1 in person. bob·bing. n.. 1 person who pays for meals. give substance to. b Fig. made of boards. open vessel for traveling on water.72 blurb condition. n. bo’s’n. 2 all together. blurb·ing. in. v. 1 go in a bob·by·sox·er (bobʹi sok´sәr). 2 structure made of boards. city in Germany] bode1 (bōd). tap. 2 horse’s docked tail. bod·y (bodʹi). n. OE blyscan be red. 2 load that a boat is carrying. bōrʹ–). 2 the wild boar. on board. boar (bôr. house where meals. board measure. combining form. [coined by Gelett Burgess. 3 get meals. 5 go on or into a vehicle. pl. bob·tail (bobʹtāl´). bod·y·guard (bodʹi gärd´). 144 cu. who improved the London police system] bobby pin. n. The unit is the board foot. 1 the close-fitting upper part of a dress. are provided for pay. less often bōtʹswān´). blot. b˙ r). be a sign of... bobbed. of body. –sled·ding. bosun.. bobbed. boarding house. boat·ing (bōtʹing). or for room and meals. of bide. part of a dress] –bodied. –bling. 1 a reddening of the skin caused by shame. tap. 3 be proud. n. —v. 11 border.. 1)] boa constrictor. board foot. 1 any of various large nonpoisonous tropical American snakes that kill their prey by squeezing with their coils. esp. ropes. n. 1 American quail that has a grayish body with brown and white markings. in the Bible. 7 chalkboard. 2 make a bobble. thin piece of wood ready for use in building. bob. 1 boasting. etc. —n. 1 become red because of shame. –sleighed. boast (bōst). 2 talk noisily and violently. having a bobtail. n. pl. the husband of Ruth. adv.. adj. 2 retinue. v. v. boulevard. —n. strong. etc. 2 be ashamed. confusion. n. 2 blunder. 4 have and be proud of: our town boasts many fine parks. 4 corpse. —v. is wound. gestures. bōrʹ–). pt. 2 one of the men assigned to board an enemy ship. blush·er (blushʹәr). 1 stormy noise and violence. train. 3 pupil living at a boarding school. 1 praising oneself. boast·ful (bōstʹfәl). call attention to by use of blurbs. n. 3 pasteboard. v. 6 substance. 2 provide with regular meals. unit of measure equal to a board 1 foot square and 1 inch thick. —v. [for Sir Robert Peel. —boastʹful·ly. n. bob·white (bobʹhwītʹ). 3 a boat-shaped dish for gravy. 3 do or say noisily and violently. shilling. n. 2 fond of boasting. n. 2 brag about. —adv. along a beach. 2 thing seen dimly or indistinctly. [OE bord] board·er (bôrʹdәr. [< L (def. etc. edge. system for measuring logs and lumber. n. brag. blusʹter·ous. for pay. hems.. blurb (blėrb). 1 male pig or hog. 1 a large. bod·ies. American humorist] blurt (blėrt). n. boat·swain (bōʹsәn. miss the boat. etc. say suddenly or without thinking: blurt out a secret. n. the boards. —boastʹer. bob·by·socks (bobʹi soks´). n. bob·sleigh (bobʹslā´). 1 a short tail. n. etc. farmer] . —v.. bob·bin (bobʹәn). pl. n. person of Dutch u descent living in South Africa. Cf. v. n. advertisement or announcement full of extremely high praise. n. 2 noisy and violent talk. board·ing (bôrʹding. of pl. man who manages or works on a boat.. 2 rosy color. esp. n. 1 a broad. ride on a bobsled. at another’s house. adv.

bolr] bo·le·ro (bә lãrʹō). marsh. Often. [OE] —bolʹster·er.. 1 support with a bolster. 1 issue bonds on. 2 put in a warehouse until taxes are paid. a painful. adv. 1 accidental discovery of a rich mass of ore in a mine. v. n. attack with bombs. dweller] bond·age (bonʹdij). bo·gey. piece of candy. —v. to the majority of the party] Bol·she·vism (bōlʹshә viz әm. bo·lo·ney (bә lōʹni). bomb·shell (bomʹshel´). [< Sp. with ref. n. bonds. 6 roll of cloth or wallpaper. 3 gypsy. 4 bind or join firmly together. –gled. country in W South America. 2 a sliding fastener for a door. 1 sink or get stuck in a bog. 1 blunder.. [< obs. 3 any rich source of profit. heavy type that stands out clearly. and pork. 1 container filled with an explosive charge or a chemical substance. [< Scand. [< F bombarder < bombarde cannon. [< OF < L bullire form bubbles] boil2 (boil). 4 be very excited or angry. often one with a fancy shape.. a come to the boiling point and overflow. 3 break away from one’s political party or its candidates. n. 1804–15. 1 without fear. bon·bon (bonʹbon´). fīʹdē). 1 bomb. Bol·she·vik (bōlʹshә vik. 2 Fig. —n. rough.. n. This line is in boldface. 1 native or inhabitant of Bohemia. Also. n. 2 certificate issued by a government or company promising to pay back with interest the money borrowed.. —Bo·livʹi·an. clear: in bold outline. adj. Also. 2 baloney.. bom·bar·dier (bom´bәr dirʹ). 1 slave. —v. —bogʹgi·ness. bungle. Bolshevik. bolʹ–). —boldʹness. 1 temperature at which a liquid boils. [var. n. n. bole (bōl). of bug bugbear] Bo·he·mi·a (bō hēʹmi ә). n. now part of the Czech Republic. —bondʹhold´ing. artist.] —bombardʹer. 2 extreme radicalism. n. –vi·ki (–vēʹki). Venezuelan general and statesman. dare. 1 attack with heavy fire of shells from big guns. mortgage. orig. 2 extremely radical. n. 1 rod with a head on one end and a screw thread for a nut on the other. [< Sp. a long-billed beetle whose larva damages young cotton bolls. 2 an extreme radical. n. < L < Gk. boll·worm (bōlʹwėrm´). 2 bugaboo. bonds·man (bondzʹmәn). formed by pus around a hard core. adj. bog. bog·ging. n. get stuck as if in mud. 2 music for it.. strong enough to be safe from bombs and shells. 4 condition of goods placed in a warehouse until taxes are paid. who lives in a free and easy. n. or another specified. Napoléon. Bol·she·vist. —n. 4 steep. [OE bald] —boldʹly. swamp. adv. n. —n. –gling. 5 sudden start. Napoléon I. 2 condition of being under some power or influence. a rounded seed pod or capsule. 1 container for heating liquids. 3 striking. n. . 2 a sudden unexpected happening. 1 goblin. bo·la (bōʹlә). weapon consisting of stone or metal balls tied to cords. —Bo·heʹmi·an·ism. boiling point. –viks. space in an aircraft for bombs and from which they are dropped. < L bulla bubble] bold (bōld). –sē). 1 of Bohemia or Bohemians. sham. prosperity. n. 2 provide surety against financial loss by the act or default of... pl. —n. var. n. n. 1 a lively Spanish dance in ¾ time. does not perform certain duties properly. person who becomes responsible for another by bond.. n. n. —boltʹless. and Pg. 2 free and easy. n. not free. Boi·se (boiʹzē. –gies. adj. adj. pl. See bomb. in good faith. —boltʹlike´. bo·las (bōʹlәs). adj. trunk of a tree. adv. 2 examine carefully. 2 the mass itself. n. n. —n. –nә). bond2 (bond). French general and emperor of France. without make-believe or fraud. bōndi peasant. —v. —bombardʹment. —v. pl. 1 member of a political party in Russia that seized power and formed the Communist Party in 1918. bolʹ–). n.] Bol·í·var (bolʹә vәr. adj. bo·gus (bōʹgәs). v. 3 a short. n. of band2] —bondʹer. instrument used by a bombardier to aim bombs. in the SW part. 1 of the Bolsheviks or Bolshevism. a long pillow for a bed. daring: a bold act. capital of Idaho.bondsman 73 bog (bog. unconventional. Bo·go·tá (bō´gә täʹ). n. impudent. 1 lack of freedom. a reduce by boiling. bol·ster (bōlʹstәr). —boisʹterous·ly. 2 cause to boil. bôg). n. boil down. bogie. wet. 2 keep from falling. bombos boom1] bom·bard (bom bärdʹ). adj. 3 put (goods) under bond. specter. [< F. boil1 (boil). adj. —bom·basʹti·cal·ly. bomb bay. unexpected happening. [< Irish or Scotch Gaelic bogach < bog soft] —bogʹgish.. v. bohemian. –trәs). 3 tank for holding hot water. bom·basʹti·cal. bolt2 (bōlt). adj. n. –hēmʹyәn). 2 tank for making steam to heat buildings or drive engines. 1 abounding in rough and noisily cheerful activity.] Bo·lo·gna (bә lōnʹyә). of L bombyx silk < Gk. n. n. –gies. chains. arrow] —boltʹer. Bom·bay (bom bāʹ). –men. Bo·liv·i·a (bә livʹi ә). –men. n. boll (bōl). boil over. shackles. imaginary partner] bog·gle (bogʹәl). Mumbai. bo·gy (bōʹgi). a large sausage made of beef. binds. adj. make bold. n. pl. stiff and straight. n. n. bol·she·vist (bōlʹshә vist. n. n. 1 bogy. disturbing surprise. soft. bo·lo (bōʹlō). 1 bubble up and give off vapor. —boisʹter·ous·ness.. bo lēʹvär). of bowl] boll weevil. 4 swallow (one’s food) without chewing.. 1 secured by bonds. n. 2. 2 too free in manners. —adj. 1769–1821. n. n. support. < L bonus good] Bo·na·parte (bō nә part). spongy ground. v. n. —v. 1 bologna. slavery. [< L] bo·nan·za (bә nanʹzә). 1 sift through a cloth or sieve. < bolshe greater. n. 2 boiling condition. 2 in golf. –los. 3 written agreement by which a person says he will pay a certain sum of money if he. [OE b¯l(e)] y boil·er (boilʹәr). bolt1 (bōlt). good-good] bond1 (bond). a par. adj. writer. 2 keep attacking vigorously. 1 a combat aircraft used for dropping bombs on the enemy. [< Sp. city in N Italy. < Philippine dial. [from Colonel Bogey. loose jacket.. capital of Colombia. [< F < Ital. bois·ter·ous (boisʹtәr әs. captive. n. 2 run away. adj. Also. bomb·sight (bomʹsīt´). b show excitement or anger. bomb·er (bomʹәr). person who owns bonds issued by a government or company. veal. bom·bast (bomʹbast). 2 hesitate. n. a boggling. in slavery. 4 discharge of lightning. 2 violent. [< Scand. adj. 2 serf in the Middle Ages. pl. 1783–1830. separate. bond·hold·er (bondʹhōl´dәr). point at which a relationship will become hostile. bolʹ–).. n. bomb·proof (bomʹprüf´). red swelling on the skin. v. heavy knife. 1 doctrines and methods of the Bolsheviks. bold·face (bōldʹfās´). fine-sounding language that is unsuitable. unconventional way. —bogʹgler. n. fair weather. 1 anything that ties. take the liberty. 3 short arrow with a thick head. 3 cook by boiling. ball.. n. prop. bond·man (bondʹmәn). bo·gie (bōʹgi). 2 bog down. adj. a long. [OE. n. 1 fasten with a bolt. [var. n. adj. genuine. 3 an unidentified aircraft. bolt upright. 2 person who throws or places bombs. bond·ed (bonʹdid). [< F < LL bombax cotton. abrupt. b one stroke over par on a hole.. var. b reduce by getting rid of unimportant parts. seaport in W India. bogey. n. Bo·he·mi·an (bō hēʹmi әn. used in the Philippine Islands. larva that eats cotton bolls and the ears of corn. —bogʹgy. counterfeit. –ros. Simón. [< OF bulter] bomb (bom). adj. —n. [< Russ. or unites. v. n.] —bom·basʹtic. pl. a former country in C Europe. as of cotton or flax. 3 shy. [< Sp. 1 a boiling. –geys. pl. n. etc. 2 a sudden.. n. member of an aircraft crew who operates the bombsight and the bomb-release mechanism. bo·lo·gna (bә lōʹni. bogged. bo·na fide (bōʹnә fīd.

v. n. used as a weapon by Australian natives. etc. 1 a one of the pieces of the skeleton of an animal with a backbone. –hoos. book·let (b˙ kʹlit). 4 partly enclosed space in a restaurant with a table and places for people to sit. 1 maker u of books.. 2 speak favorably of. boon1 (bün). n. 1 put boots on. adj. boned. book·ie (b˙ kʹi). good nature. American pioneer in Kentucky. good luck. book·shop u (–shop´). [< Scand. 2 Fig. fool. 3 small. a rude. [for bone fire] bong (bông. n. dunce. n. etc. [< OF bon good < L bonus] boon·docks (bünʹdoks). bon·nie (bonʹi). bo·nus (bōʹnәs). adj. bon·i·er. good day. < bonhomme good fellow] bo·ni·to (bә nēʹtō). n. cable. bone (bōn). 1 person or thing which gives support to a person. book learnu ing. boob (büb). n. or values of property. book learning.) bōth] boot·jack (bütʹjak´). n. —bookʹish·ly. bon·ing. orig. [OE bān] —boneʹless. book·stall (b˙ kʹstôl´). —n. cause. —adj. n. n. witty remark. 2 increase suddenly in activity. or line of timbers that keeps logs from floating away. 1 insect u larva that gnaws the bindings or leaves of books. operetta. boost (büst).. n. —boneʹlike´. n. –tos. booby trap. n. adj. 2 Archaic. 1 deep hollow sound. sound made to show dislike or contempt or to frighten. u 2 bookstall. –bies. 3 of books. adj.. adj. adv.. scrub forest. 1735–1820. French. b the hard substance of which bones are made. –hooed. —n. passage. bone·head (bōnʹhed´). –stōr´). worn by women and children. or u clumsy person. [< dial. boor (b˙ r). [< Du. –trap·ping. pl. book·lore (b˙ kʹlôr´. boon·dog·gle (bünʹdog´әl). [see booby] boo·by (büʹbi). n... book·keep·ing (b˙ kʹkēp´ing). 1 set booby traps in . 1 a head covering usually tied under the chin. book·sell·er (b˙ kʹsel´әr). —v.. 2 catch with a booby trap. —n. adv. book review. a push or shove that helps a person in rising or advancing. book end. 2 person who makes a business of betting other peoples’ money on horse races or other sporting something placed at the end of a row of books to hold them upright. (ODan. booed. n. 2 full of bones. n. –ni·er. 3 healthy-looking. bon·i·est. etc. study strenuously or diligently. boot·leg (bütʹleg´). n. as a swamp. 3 words of an opera. < Sp. —n. —boneʹhead´ed. —bookʹless. —boorʹish·ness. 1 bookrack. in addition. device to help in pulling off boots. Slang. —boonʹdog´gler. u book·ish (b˙ kʹish). knowledge learned from books. discharge. thing given in addition to what is due. n. pl. loud crying. boos. –gled. 1 of or like bone. 2 cap worn by men and boys in Scotland. completely dry. 2 knowing books better than real life. n. fool. book·case (b˙ kʹkās´). n. [imit. store where books are sold. handsome. libretto. 2 a small. Fr.. —v. besides. [prob. good] bon vo·yage (bôn vwä yäzhʹ).] boom2 (büm). which can be so thrown that it returns to the thrower. [< OF bote < Gmc. n. n. Daniel. 4 cheer. of a written or printed work. 1 a curved piece of wood. n. 4 pedantic. pleasant ways. adj. person who u keeps a record of business accounts. bong). pl. bone up (on). booth (büth). place where u books (usually secondhand) are sold. pretty. etc.. book·mak·er (b˙ kʹmāk´әr). closed place for a telephone. n. —bookʹsell´ing. boer farmer] —boorʹish. cry loudly.. book club.. n. type of saltwater mackerel with very red edible flesh. —v. clever saying. booby trap. 3 kick. n. adj. 3 raise. n. —bookʹishness. 3 a powerful rocket engine that provides thrust for take-off. tree. bon·er (bōnʹәr). n. increase: boost prices. boo·ing. [< Scand. very stupid person. 4 a covering that protects a machine or chimney. adj. –toes.. 2 device that gives added power to an engine. bon·ho·mie (bon´ә mēʹ). fabric for hats] bon·ny. formal. [< LG bur or Du. pl. 1 rosy and pretty. n. 1 make a deep hollow sound: the big guns boomed. Boone (bün). dunce. n. piece of furniu ture with shelves for holding books. fire built outdoors. n.. –legged. something u put between the pages of a book to mark the reader’s place. 3 make engagements for. book (b˙ k). [blend of boom and hoist] boost·er (büsʹtәr). —v. work or u skill of keeping a record of business accounts. n. bone-dry (bōnʹdrīʹ). interj. —v. book·store (b˙ kʹstôr´. a baby’s soft shoe. n. additional inoculation of a vaccine or serum to continue the effectiveness of a previous inoculation. —bookʹmakʹing. something asked or granted as a favor. boo·hoo (bü´hüʹ). booths (büthz).. bon mot (bôn mōʹ). bons mots (bôn mōzʹ. to boot. v. n. anything that recoils or reacts to harm the doer or user. —n. etc. 2 division of a literary work: the books of the Bible. —v. < OF bon. 1 stupid person. something extra. 2 kick. v. 1 a long pole or beam. pleasant trip. esp. bōn petition] boon2 (bün). etc. pl. 3 having big bones that stick out. bobo fool < L balbus stammering] —booʹby·ish. woman slave. useless work or a worthless product. 3 dismiss. —v. mōʹ). 1 sell or deal in illegally or secretly. boom1 (büm). town that has grown up suddenly.. v. 2 engage (a place. adj.. as ivory. [< Sp. –niest. n. French. n. [< L. bon·fire (bonʹfīr´). book·worm (b˙ kʹwėrm´).. [< OF. 1 a blessing. —v. bonne good < L bonus] —bonʹni·ly.] boot2 (büt).. 2 shoe that reaches above the ankle. discussing its merits. not from real life. 2 fine. article written about a book. 1 enter in a book or list. –gling. 2 person very fond of reading and studying. pole] boom·er·ang (bümʹәr ang). –lōr´). 1 place where goods are sold or shown at a fair. 1 to lift or push from below or behind. —v. bond·wom·an (bondʹw˙ m´әn). n. water pipe for smoking marijuana. 1 sheets of paper bound u together. [< F. —v. pl. foolish mistake. 4 record of bets. 1 jolly. 1 make such a sound. n. do useless work. merry. boot1 (büt). a little book. n. —n. produced by a boom. < L bonus good] bon jour (bôn zhürʹ). n. hearten. boo (bü). n. n. —bonʹni·ness. 2 transport goods secretly for illicit disposal. alcoholic liquor made or distributed illegally. put a bonnet on. –legging. great benefit. 1 a leather or rubber covering for the foot and leg. n. [OE bōt advantage] boot·ee (bütʹē). bon·net (bonʹit). 4 booster shot. motion-picture projector. adj. n. [OE bōc] —bookʹer. interj. —boorʹish·ly. 2 Poetic. n. adj. book·mark (b˙ kʹmärk´). book·keep·er (b˙ kʹkēp´әr). adj. a stupid person. faults. [ME bonie. a desolate place or area. 1 fond of reading u or studying. 2 any of various similar substances. 2 trick arranged to annoy some unsuspecting person. –trapped. 2 cry “boo” at. n.74 bondwoman a place. n. n. n. 3 headdress of feathers worn by American Indians. French. bad-mannered. bon·y (bōnʹi). n. dismissal. adv. prices. closed place for voting at elections. thin u book. pl. a business that supplies certain books regularly to subscribers. bookmaker (def. –hoo·ing. 2 kind of large sea bird. good-by. v. 1 bomb arranged to explode when an object is moved by an unwary person. n.).. 4 discharge. 4 thin. excellent. take bones out of. used to extend the bottom of a sail or as the lifting pole of a derrick. —n. 2). 2 sudden activity and increase in business. n. appar. etc.. —boonʹdog´gling. 2 chain. of New South Wales] boom town. v. book·stand (b˙ kʹstand´). peru son whose business is selling books. boo·by-trap (büʹbi trap´). booster shot.. n. market.. u –wom·en. —bonʹiness. kindly.

or the part near it. Botany Bay. v.. < Pers. dark-brown dog with white markings and smooth. trusted: a bosom friend. boo·ty (büʹti). n. n.L < Gk. 1 get (something) from another person with the understanding that it must be returned. –sies. control. It is a parasite of horses. used as an antiseptic. 3 amount that a bottle can hold. bāther] both·er (bothʹәr). —botchʹery.. —v. bôsʹi).. boracic. adv. adj. n. bor·der·land (bôrʹdәr land´). 1 the upper. n. –rit. —adv. cattle. 1 a side. bosʹ–). Colloq. evangelical. b be close to. n. bore·some (bôrʹsәm. Bo·re·as (bôʹri әs. bos). [cf. 2 having to do with botany. [< Scand. weariness caused by dull. 1 land forming. –nized. adj. or next to. bound. tube. seaport and capital of Massachusetts. —bootʹleg´ging. v. bos). edge. to preserve food. or trouble. bore1 (bôr. —adj. 3 botanical facts. 2 uncertain district or space. region that forms part of the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina. acknowledging Jesus Christ as the source of personal salvation. manager. –ties. study plants where they grow. baas] boss2 (bôs. n. to foliage] bo·rate (n. bōʹ–).. transported. 1 hole made by a revolving tool. used as a mild antiseptic. adj. n. [appar. 1 northern. [appar.bottle 75 —adj. 2 shady. bay on the SE coast of Australia. —v.. —bootʹlick´ing. —borʹderless. domineering. n. bor·age (bėrʹij. n. with hairy leaves and blue or purplish flowers.. [< Du.. etc. brought forth. n. n. nonsense. n. 2 plunder. close. bōʹ–). n. edge. 2 put a border on. bōʹ–. together. in the E part. by nature: a born athlete. political bosses. n. 3 in subtraction. n. 3 center or inmost part. —n. 2 part of a garment covering this. n. bother. n. 2 person or thing that causes worry. [< Gk. 3 strip on the edge of anything for strength or ornament. –flies. bosʹi). adj. 1 spoil by poor work. fuss. n. 2 make (a hole. etc. 2 a raised ornament on a flat surface. bōʹ–). be a toady. boss·y1 (bôsʹi. —conj. fond of telling others what to do and how to do it. —adj. bôʹrāt. n. bore4 (bôr. n. —n. boatswain. adj. 3 distance across the inside of a hole or tube. bo·tan·i·cal (bә tanʹә kәl). < botane plant] —bo·tanʹi·cally. n. n. tiresome person or thing. bor·der (bôrʹdәr). tiresome. —v. bot. etc. or as a worm does in fruit. n. adj. 1 on a border or boundary. part is Indonesian. in washing clothes. boss1 (bôs. 1 worry. booz·iest. born (bôrn). adj. a clumsy patch. Bosnia and Herzegovina. troublesome. 2 one of the five divisions of New York City. booz·ing. v. found in borax. of or containing boron. 1 . thought. bungle.L < Ar. v. resemble. n. —v. n. site of a former penal colony. bosʹ–). adj. of bear1] born-a·gain (bôrnʹ ә genʹ). bōr). –rat·ed. < Scand. bot·a·nize (botʹә nīz). of bear1. [< OF boce] boss·ism (bôsʹiz әm. 4 heart. sudden tidal wave that rushes up a channel with force. control by bosses. 1 seaport in SW France. n. direct. small. bôʹrāt. breast. —pron. —v. alike. boatswain. cattle. bûzen drink to excess] —boozʹer. —boskʹi·ness. n. a white.. —v. n. made. Bo·tswa·na (bō tswäʹnä). with ref. 2 patch or mend clumsily. —n. interj. decorate with bosses. island in the East Indies. –nizing. dull. bo·rac·ic (bә rasʹik). n. n. [OE borian] —borʹer. u bos·om (b˙ zʹәm. pp. bor·der·line (bôrʹdәr līn´). bot·tle (botʹәl). curry favor with (a person). borne (bôrn. surety] —borʹrower. botany. bōʹ–). bo’s’n (bōʹsәn). equally: he can sing and dance both. n. Part of it is Malaysian. passage. equally: he is both strong and healthy.. 1 be the boss of. boric acid. büʹzәm). study of plants and plant life. v. n. —bootʹlick´er. salt or ester of boric acid. bore2 (bôr. 2 uncertain. n.. adj. adjoin. take. bossi·est. adj. 2 person who controls a political organization. bor·ing. 2 by birth. bosh (bosh). bo·sun (bōʹsәn). a be next to. –rat·ing. and is usually without handles. booz·i·er. both·er·a·tion (both´әr āʹshәn).. desires. Boston terrier or bull. n. calf or cow. n. prize. [prob. bōr). bo·ric (bôʹrik. plant. bo·rax (bôʹrәks.. n. fly whose larvae are parasites of horses. chief. [OE borgian < borg pledge. 3 any valuable thing or things obtained. 1 brought into life. boot·lick (bütʹlik´). a nonmetallic element. 4 town in England that sends representatives to Parliament.. Slang. a white crystalline powder. bōʹ-). –raks. fuss. hollow out evenly. bot·a·ny (botʹә ni). native to S Europe. bôrʹ–. entrance. bop (bop). causing worry or fuss. 1 (in some states) an incorporated town smaller than a city. —v. 2 textbook or manual of this science. 2 contents of a bottle. < Irish bodhar deaf] —bothʹer·er.. and sheep. pl. 1 things taken from the enemy in war. [OE burg] bor·row (bôrʹō. borʹ–). [< OF < Med. [< OF. 2 trouble oneself. n. v. of bear1. bott. front part of the human body. trouble. bored. pl. bōʹ–). 2 a hollow space inside a pipe. v. n. adj. Na2B4O7·10H2O. n.. bōr). bōrn). bot·fly (botʹflī´). 1 science of plants. B. [modern use from practice of smuggling liquor in boot legs] —bootʹleg´ger. a border. [akin to boot] booze (büz). [pp. to take from one denomination to add to the next lower. bo·ron (bôʹron. borsch (bôrsch). n. a Russian soup containing beets. tiresome people or events. 1 container for holding liquids that has a narrow neck that can be closed with a stopper. —n. master. —n. 3 bore a hole in. the two together: both belong to him. or gun barrel. —Bosʹni·an. treat with boric acid or borax. 2 frontier. bos·sy2 (bosʹi. n. n. 3 town in England with a municipal corporation and a charter that guarantees the right of local selfgovernment.. near Sydney. Bor·ne·o (bôrʹni ō. v. < MDu. [< Med. country in S Africa. boozed. —v. 1 a roundish protuberance on an animal or plant.] —borʹdered.. —v. larva of a botfly. botch (boch). make weary by being dull or tiresome. as in an effort to do something. bore3 (bôr. bot. adj. bot (bot). interj. —botchʹer. pl. H3BO3. short hair. bōrʹ–). adj. alike. drink heavily. of bear1. in between. together. trouble. bebop. adj. borscht (bôrsht). [blend of borax and carbon] bor·ough (bėrʹō). pp. –tled.. border on. crystalline substance. Also. both (bōth). v. bōrah] Bor·deaux (bōr dōʹ). v. v. —botchʹy. 1 wooded. pl. —Bos·toʹni·an.] bore·dom (bôrʹdәm. Also. esp. adj. dull. both·er·some (bothʹәr sәm). boric. 1 person who hires workers or watches over or directs them.. bott (bot). 2 take and use as one’s own. booz·y (büzʹi). bo·tan·ic (–tanʹik). n. etc.. or boundary of anything. bōrʹ–). n. borʹō). affections. etc. n. < bord side < Gmc. 2 be too overbearing. 2 of Boreas. [OE bōsm] Bos·po·rus (bosʹpә rәs). adj.) by pushing through or digging out. country in the Balkans. v. the north wind as a god. adj. pt. [< botanic] —botʹanist. bosk·y (bosʹki). n. the two together: both houses are whites. n. —n. n. bāra wave] bo·re·al (bôʹri әl. or sold illegally. foreman. bōrʹ–). bōr). bor·ing. 1 worry. –tling.. Greek Mythol. bored. Bos·ni·a (bozʹni ә). 1 having to do with plants. boss·i·er. L bos ox] Bos·ton (bôsʹtәn. —v. strait connecting the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara. n. 1 form a border to. drunk. 1 make a hole by a tool that keeps turning. [< AF burage < LL burra hair. n. adj. fuss. 2 red or white wine made near Bordeaux. n. –nies. intoxicating liquor.

abundant. rounded or worn by the action of water or weather. bot·tom (botʹәm). bowline knot. 4 determined. bounced. bowl·der (bōlʹdәr). —boundʹless·ly. of bind] bound·er (bounʹdәr). jump: bounding deer. 1 one of the main branches of a tree. [< F borne. bound·en (bounʹdәn). bot·tle·neck (botʹәl nek´). n. a knock over. adj. 1 leap.. 5 discharge from work or employment. etc. contest. cow] bow1 (bou). limit. worship. bourne2 (bôrn. intoxicating liquor. –yәn). adj. 2 show by bowing: bow one’s thanks.] bound3 (bound). n. foundation. —n. bubble] —bowlʹer. a clear.S. bow·ie knife (bōʹi. adj. 1 a bound. knot used in making a loop. ready or intending to go: I am bound for home. —n. kind of whiskey. 3 vigorous. and Sicily. 1 people u of the middle class. –ties. 1 bound like a ball. 1 trial of strength. 1 curve. ship. pp. bow·er2 (bouʹәr). 2 spring back. 2 any property owner. [< F boutique small shop] bou·ton·niere. [Cf. shady. 3 a hollow. curved part.. 2 like the middle class. v. shoulder] —boughʹless. act of bowing. 2 characteristic fragrance. b situation in which progress is hindered. origin. [< F. limit. 2 Also. boat. lowest. bowlder. n. buttonhole. n. boundary. 2 rope to hold a sail steady when sailing into the wind. n. consisting of a strip of elastic wood bent by a string. pt. bowels. adj. bot·u·lism (bochʹә liz әm). 4 throw out. bow·el (bouʹәl). —adj.. n. n. last. dim. 2 the opposite of the proletariat. 2 summerhouse or arbor. 1 leap or spring. n. –vin). n. of bind. attributed esp. —boundʹlessness. sure. 2 a generous gift. [OE būgan] —bowʹer. brook. [OE bōg bough. bow3 (bou). büʹlә–). a rude. u u –geois. yield. [OE boga] —bowʹless. [< F < Gmc. resolved. area within boundaries. adv. n. usually with loops and two ends. 1 shelter of leafy branches. for playing a violin. turn. n. n. [OE būr dwelling] —bowʹer·like´. adv. adj. n. ox. n. boun·ti·ful (bounʹtә fәl). 3 certain. n. healthy. bouil·lon (b˙ lʹyon. Du. adj. 1 limit as by bounds. n. [< L botulus sausage. a spring. bowl·ing (bōlʹing). stupid. akin to bow1] bou·tique (bü tēkʹ). —Bourʹbon·ist. adj. [< F. n. bound1 (bound). [prob. bounteous. [named for Col. [< F. —v. occas. n. n. bōrn. bü dwärʹ. orig. T. Bowdler. Also. –izing. 1 Also. n. n. of bought a bending.] bou·zou·ki (bü züʹkē). such as is made in tying shoelaces. control. bėrʹbәn for 2). n.. stock exchange in Paris u and other European cities. peasant] bow·er·y (bouʹәr i). n. See button. upstart. the bottle. [< F. 1 person of the middle class. n. 3 playing the game of bowls. 1 game of bowls. —n. [< OF < L bonitas < bonus good] bou·quet (bō kāʹ. adj. 1 a wooden ball used in games. a lady’s private sitting room or dressing room. < bouillir boil < L bullire] boul·der (bōlʹdәr). 2 spring back. Akin to bound3. hold in. 4 discharge from work or employment. 2 hold in. 1 put in covers: a bound book. 4 have its boundary (on). bow·fin (bōʹfin´). v. –dri). n. or submission. n. roll a ball in the game of bowls. –dwôr. 1 bend the head or body in greeting.] bounce (bouns). —adj. See bush1. orig.] Bour·bon (b˙ rʹbәn. –dwôrʹ). Bowie. 2 spell or fit of anything: a bout of sickness.) bullersten < bullra roar + sten stone] boul·e·vard (b˙ lʹә värd. 1 of an ox or cow. required. singleedged hunting knife carried in a sheath. of LG or Scand. bour·geois (b˙ r zhwäʹ. n.] bourse (b˙ rs). bonzen thump] —bouncʹer. —bounʹte·ousness. adj. pt. –ized. or airship. dim. . of būa get ready] bound·a·ry (bounʹdә ri. [< OF < L botellus. 3 bend. [< OF < LL butina] —boundʹless. bounc·ing (bounʹsing). Archaic. n.) with a bow. be at the bottom of.. See bulwark. purse. like an ox or cow. rounded part: the bowl of a spoon or a pipe. leafy. a bouncing. bounce: the ball bounded from the wall. n. b very devoted to. a North American freshwater ganoid fish. —v. and pp. rounded dish. 2 goal. specialized: boutique brewery. v. bend. 2 a turn in the game of bowls. cow. —v. [< LL bovinus < L bos ox. tenpins. a looped slipknot. —bowʹleg´ged. adj. 2 part on which anything rests. 1 that bounces. bow·line (bōʹlәn. etc. n. 1 of the middle class. bėrʹ– for u 1. n. be the cause of. 4 seat. 2 cause to bounce. b Fig. put into bottles. a closely connected with. vulgar person. 3 ground under water. 2 curve. 3 spring suddenly. control. bourn1. who published an expurgated Shakespeare in 1818] —bowdʹler·ism. 1 member of a former royal family of France. stolid. 3 roll or move along rapidly and smoothly. n. bowl2 (bōl). —Bourʹbon·ism.. the high card in certain games. bounc·ing. inner part: the bowels of the earth. —bowʹlike´. bound up in or with. bowl over. orig. —n. [OE botm] —botʹtom·less. of buy. n. of OF bosc wood. 2 obliged. little wood. 2 play (a violin. 1 generosity. of LL buttis butt3] —botʹtler. 2 branch cut from a tree. 2 resilience. 2 throw (the ball) to the batsman in the game of cricket. ? < L bombus. flower or flowers worn in a buttonhole. adj. n. 2 a person or thing that hinders progress. as a rainbow. pl. adj. adj. limit. pl. a tube in the body into which food passes from the stomach. n. [< OF < VL butticula.. bow·leg (bōʹleg´). n. bü– for 1. 3 name the boundaries of. v. (Sw. —v. 4 a slender rod with horsehairs stretched on it. 3 liveliness. J. büʹi).S. 5 basis. [OE bolla] —bowlʹlike´. —bounʹti·ful·ly. respect. [< F bondir leap. a long. < bouder sulk] bough (bou). U. 4 formation or structure shaped like a bowl. and pp. [< F < LL burgensis < burgus fort < Gmc. bend. orig. n. cad. of botulus sausage] bow·er1 (bouʹәr). 1 the lowest part. [for Dr. poisoning caused by a toxin formed in food that has been infected by certain bacteria. 2 big. –līn). bow2 (bō). 3 a bowknot: a bow of ribbon. —bounʹte·ous·ly. n. 2 plentiful. 1 bunch of flowers. keep back. n. boulder. intestines. [for boulderstone < Scand. —n. giving freely. bound4 (bound). a large rock. 1 generous. 1 Usually. pl. –ries. as an amphitheater. and Canada. resound. stringed instrument somewhat like a mandolin that produces sounds similar to the harpsichord. [< F < L bulla ball. 2 bounds. 2 form the boundary or limit of. an intestine. of bind] bound2 (bound). boun·ty (bounʹti).76 bottleneck adj. bourbon. adj. —adj. n. akin to bough] bowd·ler·ize (boudʹlәr īz). bounds. an outward curve of the legs. —n. stoop. a broad u street. —adj. [pp. strong. v. 1 a hollow. bottle up. thin u soup. bü kāʹ for 2). See bomb. 2 U. 1 boundary. b˙ rʹzhwä). 1 weapon for shooting arrows. adj. byrsa hide] bout (bout). 4 submit.. n. 1 play the game of bowls. border. pioneer] bow·knot (bōʹnot´). etc. aroma. [< Scand. n. n. boutique farming. [< G bauer jack (in cards). 3 a reward. v. 3 without emotion. 2 slow. Spain. a limiting line. 2 amount that a bowl can hold. bōrn). [< F. small specialty shop selling stylish clothes.] bour·geoi·sie (b˙ r´zhwä zēʹ). b make helpless and confused. dim. [var. n. [pp.. n. the forward part of a ship. Naples. 6 keel or hull of a ship. etc. —bounʹti·fulness. [OE burna] u bourn2. adj. expurgate. n. n. bou·ton·nière (bü´tә nyãrʹ). adv. 5 something curved. bo·vine (bōʹvīn. bourne1 (bôrn. 1 a narrow thoroughfare. būinn. bought (bôt). < LL bursa < Gk. bounce. to sausages] bou·doir (büʹdwär. b˙ rn). accessories. —bowd´leri·zaʹtion. boun·te·ous (bounʹti әs). bowl1 (bōl). ordinary. n.

2 a cultured. 5 Often. —v. broddr spike] brae (brā). couple: a brace of ducks. —Brah·manʹic. brachion] —braceʹlet·ed. 2 large electronic computer. seat in a box of a theater. brace up. adj. [< F bragard < braguer brag] Brah·ma (bräʹmә for 1.. long. v.. 3 a term for a man. keep from getting out. Brit. first man so treated] —boyʹcott·er. box3. 2 Fig. sometimes used in an unfriendly way. 1 support with brackets. n. 1 a male child from birth to about eighteen. [< NL < Gk. 2 without a brain. boy·hood (boiʹh˙ d). 1 game played by rolling with a lopsided or weighted wooden ball toward a stationary ball. adj. often grown for shade or ornament. 2 amount that a box can hold. n. box office.) as a means of intimidation or coercion. —boyʹish·ness. bragueta. 2 growth of these ferns. 2 money taken in at the box office. 2 trim or bind with braid. boast. Scand. Brah·min (bräʹmәn). n. metal. 2 support in the shape of a right triangle. [< L bractea thin metal plate] —bracʹte·al. [OE brœgen] brain·less (brānʹlis). etc. 1 strike such a blow. of bowl2] bow·man (bōʹmәn). 1 stupid. bromine. adj. 3 a space with chairs at a theater. —v. See bow3. figures. brag (brag). 1 thing that holds parts together or in place. box·wood (boksʹw˙ d´).. 1 showing no activity of the cerebral cortex. 3 think of together. 1 person who fights with the fists in padded gloves and according to special rules. hemorrhage in the brain.] brack·et (brakʹit). —n. [for Captain Boycott. 4 an enclosed space for a jury. adj. group. pl.brachy·ceph·a·lous (brak´i sefʹә lәs). 3 handle for a tool or drill used for boring.. distance that a bow will shoot an arrow. box1 (boks). 2 boasting. bow·sprit (bouʹsprit. on the ear.. bishop. brach·i·o·pod (brakʹi ә pod´. 1 time or condiu tion of being a boy. n. bp. [< Gk. [specialization of meaning of box3] —boxʹlike´. 2 boys as a group. —v. n. braid (brād). 1 boast. hillside. bragga sig recover heart] —bragʹger. brack·en (brakʹәn). Britain. 9 receptacle in a post office for a subscriber’s mail. The letters in Braille are made of raised dots and are read by touching them. box·er (bokʹsәr). —brain death. Brah·minʹi·cal. foolish. sport or act of fighting with the fists. n. 2 fight with the fists. braille (brāl). 1 band formed by weaving together three or more strands of hair. highly intellectual person. system of writing and printing for blind people.. etc. etc. n. esp. 1 a strong cord stretched from the ends of a bow. 2 refuse to buy or use (a product. n. mind. 1 in Hindu theology: a the god of creation. 1 pack in a box. n. 4 group thought of together: high income bracket. [< F < Sp. a metal wire or other device used to straighten crooked teeth. n.] bow·string (bōʹstring´). 1 container made of wood. n. narrow. brac·ing. 2 guy. broad head. boy·sen·ber·ry (boiʹzәn ber´i). giving strength and energy. n. boastful. sprit. n. brag·ging. n. pl. kill by smashing the skull of.. pole or spar projecting forward from the bow of a ship. try hard to remember or think of something. 2 provide with a box. of bracel L bracchium arm < Gk. pl. pl. Also. . —v. stands. box2 (boks). place where the batter. 2 cord like this. n. but partly < OF brace the two arms] —v. very intelligent person. etc. or Bp. n. Johannes. n. 2 a dog with a smooth brown coat. bräʹmә for 2). plait. n. braggart. organization for boys that develops manly qualities and usefulness to others. bushy tree that stays green all winter. 2 male friend. boaster. n. business. —brackʹishness. < LG or Du. < Scand. 1 of a boy. pl. n. 1 shrub or small. of brod < Scand. follow. brain dead or brain-dead (brānʹded´). brachion arm + pous foot] brach·y·ce·phal·ic (brak´i sә falʹik). a sentry’s box. n. n. [for Louis Braille. summon one’s strength or courage. 1 boiling point. n. 7 in baseball. braced. —v. 2 boaster. 2 its hard. etc. 1 combine against and have nothing to do with (a person. brad (brad). —adj. adv. member of the priestly caste.. 2 pair. brace (brās). [ME braken. showing little imagination or thought. nation. bragged. adj. Brahmin. 2 distasteful. used to enclose words or figures. —bracʹing·ly. n. –min. 2 hold or fix firmly in place. n. [< v. put into a box. 8 an awkward situation. boxing gloves. n. [< OF bracier embrace < brace the two arms < L bracchia. [< OF. —Brah·minʹic. intelligence. n. appar. 1 somewhat salty. enclosed floor for bowling. box up. French teacher of the blind] brain (brān). box·ing (bokʹsing). [pl. boy friend. u boy (boi). refreshing. 1 form by weaving together three or more strands of hair. 3 either of these signs [ ]. Brahms (brämz). carriage. 2 species of cattle. a purple berry like a blackberry in size and shape. adv. etc. n. bowls (bōlz). related to the bulldog and terrier. brace or braces. n. etc. having a short.). a servant. adv. much used for hedges. tabular record of the plays of a baseball game arranged by the players’ names. etc. 5 a small shelter. member of the Boy Scouts. brain bleed. n. [< L < Gk. —n. adj. –men. etc. braces. a statue. n. n. 2 like a boy. 1 support. etc. pyxos] box·car (boksʹkär´). Also. v. etc. boy·ish (boiʹish). box score. durable wood. 3 like a boy’s. railroad freight car enclosed on all sides. bract (brakt). adj. —boyʹish·ly. [cf. bp. 6 the driver’s seat on a coach. 4 either of these signs { } used to enclose words. German composer of music.. bōʹ–). bra (brä). n. –cios. bragging. extract useful information or ideas from (someone). brachion] brace·let (brāsʹlit). one on each side of its mouth. n. Brahmanʹi·cal. < Gk. brāʹmә. 1 mass of nerve tissue enclosed in the skull or head of vertebrate animals. straw. a small leaf at the base of a flower or flower stalk. v. Brah·man (bräʹmәn). adj. —brainʹless·ly. pick the brains of. 3 Informal. rack one’s brains. n. box3 (boks). brag·ga·do·ci·o (brag´ә dōʹshi ō). slope. 1 place where tickets are sold in a theater. archer. adj. bp. etc.. The brain is used in feeling and thinking. 1 a girl’s sweetheart or steady male companion. n. projecting from a wall as a support for a shelf. —bractʹless. adj. a small. n. pl. 2 a narrow band of fabric used to trim or bind clothing.. brains.. [coined by Spenser as name of character in his Faerie Queene] brag·gart (bragʹәrt). hall.. adj. Br. [var. paper. Ropes from it help to steady sails and masts. band or chain worn for ornament around the wrist or arm.. sea animal with upper and lower shells and a pair of armlike tentacles. dim. n. n. dim. adj. box seat. padded gloves worn when boxing. brachys short + kephale head] brac·ing (brāsʹing). a maple tree of North America. 2 ninepins or tenpins. 1 Brahman. n. etc. brāʹki–). Scot. blow with the open hand or the fist.. 4 fit for a boy. n. and like a raspberry in flavor. —Brahʹmanism. 2 blood pressure Br. n. 4 Usually. etc. 1 a flat piece of stone. —brainʹless·ness. Boy Scouts. thin nail with a small head. Braille. often snobbish. —v. witnesses. a boycotting. n. brassière. —Brahʹman·ist. boy·friend (boiʹfrend). –mans. in India. British. or sometimes the pitcher or coach. ribbon. 1 a large fern. 1833–97. esp. b impersonal and absolute divinity.brain dead 77 bowling alley. box elder. —n. —n. of braga < L bracae breeches < Celtic] brack·ish (brakʹish). —Brahʹmin·ism. shut in. n. bow·shot (bōʹshot´). –ries. 2 enclose within brackets. n. [prob.. 1 boasting. [OE bregdan] —braidʹer. unpleasant. originally imported from India. boy scout. [< OF embuié fettered < L in in + boiae fetters] boy·cott (boiʹkot).

pl. adj. wild goose. –bōrd´). brain·wash·ing (brānʹwosh´ing. a rush or dash. economic. courage.] —branʹdish·er. breach (brēch). —n. 1 hasty. —v. [OE brœsen < brœs brass] —braʹzen·ly. –er·ies. [OE brēmel < brōm broom] —bramʹbly. baked or roasted. bread line. 7 Archaic and Poetic. brand-new (brandʹnüʹ. very new. –nūʹ). brazed. brass·ies. n. largest country in South America. b extend business. 1 band worn above the elbow as a badge. spirit. 1 board on which dough is kneaded. gap. a boastful defiance without much real desire to fight. bray (brā). break bread.. brav·er·y (brāvʹәr i).. brain-storm. n.. covering] bra·va·do (brә väʹdō). a thick growth of bushes. 5 mark of disgrace. —v. [< OF braon < Gmc. brass·i·est. adj. defy. [< OF brandir < brand sword < Gmc. bra·vo (bräʹvō). –wôsh´–). n. n. bran·died (branʹdid). trademark. —v. n. 2 any rough. –does.. [ME brallen < brawl brawler] brawn (brôn). tropical fruit of the Pacific Islands. brais·ing. Braz. adj. 1 food made of flour or meal mixed with milk or water and baked. adv. for food. n. etc. fine. having courage. See brave. collectively) brant. Also. 2 dare. quarrel noisily. n. esp. such as the blackberry or raspberry. 1 piece requiru ing skill and spirit in the performer. sword. line of people waiting to get food given as charity or relief. [OE brasian < brœs brass] braze2 (brāz). metal musical instruments that are played by blowing. triangular nut of a tree growing in Brazil. –dy·ing. (brānʹstôrm´). part: history is a branch of learning. n. 2 put a mark of disgrace on. share a meal. Scot. breach of the peace. finery. brav·est. 1 made of brass.. n. adj. —n. MLG brake] brake3 (brāk). OE bratt cloak. Brazil. braised. n. 4 iron stamp for burning a mark. breaking of a promise to marry. —v. prepared. brawn· i· er. [OE brēad] —breadʹless. n. —n. —v. burn] bra·zen (brāʹzәn). adj.. n. —interj. —v. n. any child. n. Brazilian. 6 piece of wood that is burning or partly burned. in the S part. or meal for making bread. 3 breaking of friendly relations. n. a protective metal device for the knuckles. braise (brāz). 1 anything used to check by pressing or scraping or by rubbing against. 1 slow up or stop by using a brake. 1 making a fine appearance. < bras arm] brass·ie. brasier. See brave. —v. bread (bred). —brainʹi·ness. 3 Colloq. the brass winds. [? < F braser < OF. n. neglect. impudence. [< Sp.strong. brants or (esp. large.). 5 a line of family descent. 1 the loud.] brake1 (brāk). bränch). —n. 1 yellow metal that is an alloy of copper and zinc.. brav·ing. n. grade. strong muscles. [OE brœs] bras·sard (brasʹärd). braze1 (brāz). a large. promise. bran·dish (branʹdish). adj. 2 use a brake on.. n. interj.. 3 loud and harsh. dash. 1 put out branches. 2 utter in a loud. n. v. v. brass·i·er. n. 2 impudent. —adj. n. make shameless or impudent. akin to break] brake2 (brāk). pl. brandewijn burnt (i.. 1 strong alcoholic liquor made from wine. n. firm. [< F < Ital. well done! fine! —n. muscular.. v. etc. [< F braire] —brayʹer. —brashʹy. 1 cover or decorate with brass. muscle.] brave (brāv). adj. adj.. v. a bust support worn by women. ? < L pravus] —braveʹly. bravo brave. bodice. var. impudent. 3 mark made by burning the skin with a hot iron. brass·y (brasʹi. n. 1 without fear. braz·ing. 5 Slang. n. < bras arm] brass knuckles. 2 showy dress. etc. [< F. [cf. 1 a prickly shrub of the rose family. Braz·za·ville (brazʹә vil). brain·i·er. brass winds. bread·board (bredʹbôrd´. a metal container to hold burning charcoal or coal. v. —n. 1 sudden inspired idea. bravada. and causing willing acceptance of other views. brasier. 2 excellent. n. 1 mark by burning the skin with a hot iron. 3 Archaic. —v. twig. flourish. [< F brasier < braise hot coals] bra·zier2 (brāʹzhәr). 1 make a loud. dark. duty. 2 like brass in color or strength.e. brä). [var. harsh voice. spread in branches. n. n. [< MLG or ODu. break through. —v. 2 Also. pl. brash (brash). 2 make like brass. shamelessness. cranium. 4 Colloq.. an unpleasant one. –died. mixed. braz·ing. a small. bräs). interests. n. brown (meat) quickly and then cook it long and slowly in a covered pan with very little water. cry of “bravo!” [< Ital. or flavored with brandy. [< OF] branch (branch. impudent.] braw (brô. 2 food. 2 loud and harsh. rye. brassart (brasʹәrt). etc. capital of Brazil in the C part. n. 2 board on which bread is cut. muscular strength. used for heating rooms. clever. [< F braiser < braise hot charcoal < Gmc. noisy quarrel. face boldly or shamelessly. bread·fruit (bredʹfrüt´). —brassʹi·ness. thicket. entirely new. Brazil nut. flour.. [< Du. 2 divide into branches. pl. or make as indicated by a stamp. 1 part of a tree growing out from the trunk. as on cattle and horses to show who owns them. and social ideas. brass (bras. distilled) wine] brant (brant). 2 display of daring. 2 trademark. bram·ble (bramʹbәl). golf club with a wooden head on the bottom of which is a metal plate. 3 Also.. the broken covering of wheat. pl. showy. shameless. —braʹzenness. such as trumpets or trombones. branch out. brav·er. excellent. 2 bread. braeke.. adj. bold < Sp. high-ranking military officers. separated from the flour.. 2 noise like it. prickly shrub. bravery. a put out branches. brain·iest. used in fighting. n. pl. fine. –dies. [< OF branche < LL branca paw] brand (brand). bread·stuff (bredʹstuf´). n. 4 a local office: a branch of a bank. bras·sière (brә zirʹ). 2 episode of mental instability. person who works with brass. 1 a brave person. brass·y (brasʹi. —v. bräsʹi)... of brave] brawl (brôl).. —braveʹness. 1 grain.: a brand of coffee. 2 breaking (of a law. 1 fearlessness. pastry is rolled. flourish: brandish a sword. brain·y (brānʹi). threatening shake. n. n. adj. or preserve with brandy. harsh sound. wave or shake threateningly. n. adj. v. —adj. [< Ital.. 3 break up (flax or hemp) into fibers. intelligent. 4 shameless. round. n. braked. brasses. [OE] —brandʹer. capital of the Republic of the Congo. bough. cover with bread crumbs before cooking. [prob. starchy. flavor..] brawn· y (brônʹ i). 1 opening made by breaking down something solid. of bracken] brake·man (brākʹmәn). —brassʹwind´. a large. bran (bran). See brave. make an opening in.78 brainpan brain·pan (brānʹpan´). 2 any division that resembles a branch of a tree: a branch of a river.] breach of promise. brak·ing. [cf. etc. Also. n. —Bra·zilʹian. livelihood.—brawnʹiness. rash.. quarrel. n. 1 meet without fear. bra·sier (brāʹzhәr). solder with brass or other hard solder. [< F. n. [< braze1] Bra·zil (brә zilʹ). braved. pl. 1 a certain kind. bran·dy (branʹdi). armor for the upper part of the arm. adj. saucy. n. person who works brakes and helps the engineer or conductor of a railroad train. 1 of or like brass. much used. adj. made of brass.. harsh sound made by a donkey. Bra·sí·lia (brä sēʹlyä). bra·zier1 (brāʹzhәr). activities. vicious (as applied to bulls). –men. –vos. . 2 making a fine appearance. coarse fern. brat (brat). 2 a North American Indian warrior. adj. v. n. brazen out or through. adj. –dos. bräsʹi). 2 similar alcoholic liquor made from fruit juice. n. 3 division.. public disturbance. brazed. mix. brawn·i·est. [< OF breche < Gmc. n.] bra·vu·ra (brә vy˙ rʹә). n. n. the process of purging a person’s mind of his or her political. n. 2 tool or machine for breaking up flax or hemp into fibers. 2 thing made of brass. brazier.

breed (brēd). be relieved. —n. break·neck (brākʹnek´). [OE br¯ th odor] breathe (brēth). bread·win·ner (bredʹwin´әr). 2 act of breathing. loading from behind the barrel instead of at the mouth. 2 unable to breathe freely because of fear. etc. acrobatic dancing in which the dancer executes spins and say softly. 3 bringing up. 2 person or thing that breathes. 4 act of forcing one’s way out. 2 damage or loss caused by breaking. . [< OE œ br¯ du < brād broad] breadth·ways (bredthʹwāz´. nurse. break a leg. n. 4 spaciousness. adv. breez·i·er. 4 Fig. [< OSp. briza northeast wind] breez·y (brēzʹi). n. put an end to. rest. chest. 3 end. pant. a have an accident. sort. 16 train to obey. n. n. n. burst. break·er (brākʹәr). adj. 3 produce. 1 short trousers reaching from the waist to the knees. 1 collapse.] breast (brest).. front part of a coat. 3 without a breeze. bretth). 1 the upper. swerve or curve at or near the plate. adj. cloth worn as a loincloth. broke or (Archaic) brake. exceed: break a record. flat bone in the front of the chest to which the ribs are attached. sternum. b enter by force. lively dance. 2 a broken place. 6 a sudden sharp decline in the prices of stocks. dress. etc. 1 failure to work. 2 the corresponding part in animals. jolly. gap.: break a five-dollar bill. breath·ing. b stop. n. 7 come suddenly: a storm broke. eat breakfast. stock: Jerseys and Guernseys are breeds of cattle. esp. rashes. chance. 2 the fellow members of a church or society. —adj. Colloq. A breeches buoy slides along a rope on a pulley and is used to rescue people or transfer them between ships. nuclear reactor which produces fissionable material in excess of the amount required for the chain reaction. —v. its people. —v.. 1 draw (air) into the lungs and force it out. train. breath·less (brethʹlis). catch one’s breath. 5 light breeze. n. breech·ing (brichʹing. 5 gland that gives milk. shatter. advance against. breeze (brēz). –fed. 5 destroy evenness. be silent. then drawn to the sides and extended forward while the legs make a frog kick. infuse: breathe new life into tired ideas. 4 a front or forward part. 6 heart. break. pl. n.. breed·ing (brēdʹing).. etc. dash. breth·ren (brethʹrәn). break·fast (brekʹfәst). athletic. begin. hastily built wall for defense. 4 open (an electrical circuit). utter. b collapse. bream (brēm). be free from anxiety or pain. –feeding. breast·plate (brestʹplāt´). run (for. tame: break a colt. 10 of a voice or wind instrument. whisper. —breathʹa·ble. utter with the breath and not with the voice. [OE brēc. feed at the mother’s breast. break·down (brākʹdoun´). 11 of a baseball pitch. 20 make a rush toward. 1 carp of inland European waters. disturb: break silence. pl. break in. 2 language of Brittany. change in register or tone. n. 1 an offensive military operation that pierces a defensive system and reaches the area behind it. adj. n. n. 1 producing offspring. live. 6 fail to keep. in a whisœ per. 13 of the heart.Breton breadth (bredth. breast·stroke (brestʹ strōk). n. c interrupt. breezed. decay. n. 18 dig or plow (ground). breez·ing. proceed easily or briskly. become weak. n. 17 go beyond. no comment. of brōc] breech·cloth (brēchʹklôth´. very dangerous. collapse. be overcome by grief. [OE brēost] breast·bone (brestʹbōn´). decline suddenly and sharply in price. n. likely to cause a broken neck. break·age (brākʹij).). n. under or below one’s breath. 3 allowance made for such damage or loss. breathless. 1 race. 1 how broad a thing is. rest. [< break + fast2] —breakʹfast·er. oppose. in the same send out an odor or scent. 2 any of various related fishes. face. pair of short canvas trousers fastened to a belt or life preserver. a start. as of a total. back part.. on the skin. bretthʹ–). n. etc. a low. latitude. 3 interruption. a gasp. U. whisper.S. 2 producing animals. a prepare for work or use. [OE brecan] —breakʹa·ble. or excitement. exciting: a breath-taking view. adv. at the same time. save one’s breath. 1 with light winds blowing. 79 breathe easy or easily. take one’s breath away. opportunity. n. 2 piece of a certain width: a breadth of cloth. crack. breeder reactor. surprise. having to do with Brittany. breech-clout (–klout´). Bren·ner Pass (brenʹәr). —v. 2 brisk. width. b rest. lose one’s health. v. respiration. n. of brōc breech] breeches buoy. interest. v. 1 air drawn into and forced out of the lungs. put an end to: break a habit. break down... delight. breez·iest. 2 a solving of the major problem or problems hindering some undertaking. breams or (esp. a noisy. training. and pp. 3 the upper. part of a harness that passes around a horse’s rump. of breed. v. Bret·on (bretʹәn). —v. 9 of stocks. 5 an abrupt or marked change. breathed. –wot´әr). wholeness. c begin to cry. —v. —n. breech·es (brichʹiz). cause: careless driving breeds accidents. 3 freedom from narrowness. —n. etc. rocks. 4 analysis. 1 the lower part. 1 a short stop for breath. v. n. stop or pause. v. 5 bring up. breed·ing. 1 wave that breaks into foam on the shore. 2 raise (livestock. thrilling. 2 come apart. break·dancing (brākʹdan´sing). 1 brothers. the northeastern part of Nova Scotia. n. on pavement. 2 machine for breaking things into smaller pieces. 1 make come to pieces by a blow or pull. adj. 7 sharp change in direction of a pitched or bowled ball. 6 utterance. 2 separation. break (brāk). [OE brēdan] —breedʹer. break·ing. —breezʹi·ly. adj. n. adj. in science. crack. extent. n. floor. —breakʹfastless. adj. wall or barrier to break the force of waves. fail to work. breech·load·ing (brēchʹlōd´ing). 3 the common freshwater sunfish. 12 lessen the force of: break a fall. or their language. 2 loss of health. the thin. break up. 6 send out. n. [OE brēc. break a blood vessel. of guns. bro·ken or (Archaic) broke. be alive. —breezʹiness. 8 Informal. confess completely. 7 life. 1 native or inhabitant of Brittany. lively. n. collectively) bream. armor for the chest. and Pg. 1 act or fact of breaking. 1 produce (young). breech (brēch). 3 Fig. 2 kind. adj. [< F brême < Gmc. breathe again or freely. n. 8 change suddenly: the drought broke. breath (breth). a scatter. 2 Colloq. train. c upset. n. feel easy. to get improved kinds.. n.. 9 opening in an electric circuit. b have pimples. 14 stop. 2 part of a gun behind the barrel. break·up (brākʹup´). breast·work (brestʹwėrk´). gen. and dat. esp. —break dance. 2 stop for breath. 15 reduce in rank. etc. 3 Am. 5 Fig. feelings. bred. break out. 4 pause. behavior. n. n. v. 19 make known. tolerance. smash: break a window. break·through (brākʹthrü´). break·wa·ter (brākʹwô´tәr. —breathʹless·ness. 3 interrupt. disturb greatly. —breathʹless·ly. a mountain pass in the Alps between Austria and Italy. etc. adv. bred (bred).. to). make a clean breast of. trousers. –kloth´). esp. out of breath. 4 be the native place or source of. n. respite. etc. a light wind. etc. brēchʹ–). n. in the direction of the breadth. breath-tak·ing (brethʹtāk´ing). 3 ability to breathe easily: out of breath. reveal: break the bad news. the first meal of the day. breast-feed (brestʹfēd´). n. breath·er (brēthʹәr). swimming stroke made with the swimmer face down and with both arms extended forward under the water. act against: break a law. v. distance across. 1 act of breaking. 7 Fig. breath·ing (brēthʹing). pt. struggle with. 3 Cape. person who earns a living for those dependent on him or her. bonds. 1 out of breath. front part of the human body.

ale. 2 group of people organized for some purpose: a fire brigade puts out fires. —v. adj. of briller shine. –gr˙ m´). adj. 2 using few words. bridg·ing. 1 very salty water. 5 a movable piece over which the strings of a violin etc. ult. [< L. brig·and (brigʹәnd). man who robs travelers on the road. brig·an·tine (brigʹәn tēn. 3 having great ability. boiling. wall in with bricks. 2 extend over.] bre·vi·ar·y (brēʹvi er´i. tan. adj. bridged. briar. trains. 4 begin to form. bril·lian·cy (–yәn si). brim·ful (brimʹf˙ l´). kidney disease characterized by albumin in the urine. radiance. summary. 2 splendor. [OE brēr] bri·er2 (brīʹәr). false teeth in a mounting fastened to real teeth near by. See brigand. briar. 3 give bribes. the wild rose. esp. ocean. –dling. n. ale. 2 influence by giving a bribe. pl. or anger. [< F] brick (brik). Law. brib·er·y (brībʹәr i). bony part of the nose. 1 a square-rigged ship with two masts.. Also.. –tīn). 3 great ability. adj. 3 vivid. adj. [? < OF. —brightʹness. 2 furnish with a brief. 2 position obtained and held within enemy territory. 1 preparing a brew. 2 brindled animal. —n. used to hold back or control a horse. check. n. [< F. n. defend. book of prescribed prayers to be said daily by certain clergymen and religious of the Roman Catholic Church. plundering. It is usually made up of two or more regiments. etc. [OE br¯ dealo bride y ale] —bridʹal·ly. magnificent. clever. gather: a storm is brewing. 2 reward for doing something that a person does not want to do. act or work of building with bricks. —v. n. brig·and·age (brigʹәn dij). esp. shortness. can get across. n. woman just married or about to be married. –dled. u brim·stone (brimʹstōn´). —n. 4 give a briefing to. v. n. 2 hold back. —briefʹness. etc. 1 giving or offering a bribe. n.. are brewed. brib·ing. [< OF < L brevis short] —briefʹly. brig (brig). adj. 2 platform above the deck of a ship for the officer in command. Also. cheerful. n. adj. glowing. Brit. brimmed. 1 block of clay baked by sun or fire.. span. –gad·ed. etc. n. 1 drink brewed. 1 thing made of bricks. Bright’s disease. —bridgeʹless. 3 Informal.. in a bright manner. n. gray. brigantino. [OE br¯ dguma < br¯ d bride + y y guma man.. [< OF < Ital. etc. argue for. 1 short statement. ? < L beryllus beryl] —brilʹliantly. bric-a-brac. brick·work (brikʹwėrk´). by groom] . used in building and paving. 2 bricks. –vet·ted. young. n. in brief. adv. brief (brēf). u brierwood. —n. —n. n. [? akin to brand] brine (brīn). plan.. n. boiling.] —brigʹand·ish. –ar·ies. See brief.. –er·ies. 2 make (a drink) by soaking.. 1 put a bridle on. –vet·ed. 2 taking a bribe. scorn. a kind of spiraea. 3 hold the head up high with the chin drawn back to express pride. brig with the mainmast fore-and-aft-rigged. adj. v. completely full. intelligent.] bright (brīt). flat container for carrying loose papers. 2 amount brewed at one time. n. 2 the projecting edge of a hat. 1 build a bridge over. [OE br¯ d] y bride·groom (brīdʹgrüm´. 2 anything that holds back or checks. 3 make a way over: politeness will bridge many difficulties. [OE brim sea] —brimʹless. vanity. 1 become bright or brighter. brief·ing (brēfʹing). —briʹar·y. bribe (brīb). bridge1 (brij). 2 any similar short. usually unmarried woman who attends the bride at a wedding. —n. n. [OE brīdel. [short for brigantine] bri·gade (bri gādʹ). Pathol. 2 building with bricks. n. brigadier general. [OE brēowan] —brewʹer. adj. pl. adv. —brib´a·bilʹi·ty. brig·and·ism (–diz әm). magnificence. build or pave with bricks. n. 3 anything shaped like a brick. brigata. bri·er1 (brīʹәr). n. –vet·ting. adj. infl. road. adj. bric-à-brac (brikʹә brak´). brief case. 2 splendid.. br˙ rʹi). brigadier generals. bri·ar (brīʹәr). 1 brindled color.. wedding. n. adv. rim. —adv. given to the crew of a combat aircraft just before it takes off.. 2 auction bridge. –gading. bricklaying. 1 giving much light. 2 a a writ. n. 3 Brit. bri·ar·wood (brīʹәr w˙ d´). made of bricks. u place where beer. [< F < MDu. [< brindled] brin·dled (brinʹdәld). sparkling. —bribʹer. commission promoting an army officer to a higher rank without an increase in pay. v. support. 1 fortification protecting the end of a bridge toward the enemy. preparatory summary. retain as a lawyer or counsel. 2 musical note equal to two whole notes. n. [< Ital. be full to the brim. v. bri·er·wood (brīʹәr w˙ d´). form into a brigade. brigante. –ties. < L brevis short] bre·vet (brә vetʹ. —v. See brigade. bit of bread given to a beggar] —bribʹa·ble. n. etc. [OE br¯ ne] y —brinʹish. 2 quick-witted. 5 favorable. adj. 1 head part of a horse’s harness. pl. n. 2 make bright or brighter. < briga strife] brig·a·dier (brig´ә dirʹ). bright·en (brītʹәn). —n. sparkle. —v. adj. brevʹit). n.80 breve brides·maid (brīdzʹmād´). 2 prison on a warship. b statement of the facts and the points of law of a case to be pleaded in court.. 3 either end of a bridge. 1 a card game for four players resembling whist. —v. 1 great brightness. so that people. n. —n. ppr. pl. brier. fill to the brim. robber. n. Its root is used in making tobacco pipes. [< F < Ital. 1 make a brief of. briarwood. shining. cut off all chance of retreat or of following a different course. 1 edge of a cup. Also. adj. 1 a short summary of the details of a flight mission. brick·lay·ing (brikʹlā´ing). n. bridge·head (brijʹhed´). n. 2 quantity brewed at one time. n. or an equivalent unit. in few words. 1 curved mark (˘) put over a vowel or syllable to show that it is short. dim. v.. bri·dle (brīʹdәl). diamond or other gem cut to sparkle brightly. bril·liant (brilʹyәnt).. pl. n.. [ME brinston < brinn– burn + ston stone] brin·dle (brinʹdәl). n. roots of the u brier tree. or mixing. a wing of the Air Force. bridal wreath. drawings. used as a starting point for further attack. briefness. bribed.. white heath bush. brid·al (brīdʹәl). books. —v. n. 1 offer a bribe to. n. sulfur. bril·liance (brilʹyәns). in which the dealer or his partner (the dummy) declares the trump. bricke] —brickʹlike´. bandit. v. brew·ing (brüʹing). —adj. [OE briht. officer commanding a brigade.. brew·er·y (brüʹәr i. beorht] —brightʹly. n. –vet· ing. 1 shining brightly. —n. are stretched. a thorny or prickly bush. n. brigadier general. 1 lasting only a short time.. v. u man just married or about to be married. [OE brycg] —bridgeʹa·ble. adv. bowl.) by soaking. [< L breviarium summary < brevis short] brev·i·ty (brevʹә ti). brindled. burn one’s bridges. of a bride or a wedding. —v. 1 structure built over a river. n. summarize. 3 bring about. 2 salt lake or sea. and fermenting. [< F brillant. —brilʹliant·ness. adj. n. n. and the dealer plays both his own and his partner’s hand. brevʹi–). control. n. ranking above a colonel and below a major general. < brevis short] brew (brü). n. bride (brīd). give rank by a brevet. breve (brēv). briefs. 1 make (beer. 4 lively. plot: boys brewing mischief. of bref letter. 4 mounting for false teeth fastened to real teeth near by. n. —n. guardhouse. v. brim·ming. —brickʹlay´er. [< F < Ital. n. brigade.. 1 anything given or offered to get a person to do something that he or she thinks is wrong. bridge2 (brij). [< F bruyère heath < Celtic] —briʹer·y. —briʹdler. —n. n. bridge·work (brijʹwėrk´). etc. brigdels < bregdan braid] —briʹdle·less. n. 3 the upper. brim (brim). adj. hold a brief for. —v. robbery. or tawny with darker streaks and spots. interesting or curious knickknacks used as decorations. –er·ies.. —n. adj. short underpants. 1 part of an army.

music. of or like brine. 5 clear. Great Britain. bros. —n. etc. n. Lift meaning elevator is a Briticism. over a wide surface. not prejudiced or bigoted.. b offer to the public. n. 2 become broad or broader. 3 liberal.. Brit·i·cism (britʹә siz әm). –tanʹyә). —britʹtle·ness. lead. an angry quarrel or struggle. dim. breaking with a snap.) sprouts < L broccus projecting] bro·chure (brō sh˙ rʹ). 3 the firing of all these guns at the same time. 1 care in childhood. –sōrd´). a woman. 2 a smooth. British. pl. —adj. in use) people of Great Britain collectively. of brōg shoe] brogue1 (brōg). of break. v. —n.] brink·man·ship (bringkʹmәn ship). persuade. 2 accent or pronunciation peculiar to any dialect. v. 1 pan or rack for broiling. Bermuda. adj. 1 come with (some thing or person) from another place. [orig. —briskʹness. —n. England. –tled. –cast·ing.. Pg. —n. a reveal. adv. 1 make broad or broader. n. 2 extensive: a broad experience. —adv. n. region in NW France. 2 theater district of New York City: the lights dimmed on Broadway. 3 tool for opening casks. The a in father is broad. bris·tle·tail (brisʹәl tāl´). —v. British. or its people. –kloth´). edge at the top of a steep place. Bri·tan·nic (bri tanʹik). stiff hair. broad jump. broc·co·li (brokʹә li). –tling. adj. [< Sp.. 1 a smooth. bring around. 2 Archaic. bro·ken (brōʹkәn). n. [OE brād] —broadʹish. v. of charcoal used for broiling on a grill. cotton or silk cloth. b stop. used in making men’s suits. Ireland.. v. used in making shirts and dresses. esp.. with the side turned. Britishism. –cast or –cast·ed. bring forth. n. 1 a sending out by radio or television. n. 2 begin to talk about: broach a subject. n. –axes. 4 scattering far and wide. 3 be very hot. Brit·ish·ism (britʹish iz әm). 4 tamed. 1 street running NE and SW through New York City. [? < OF bruillir burn] broil2 (broil). pamphlet. n. apt to break. word or phrase peculiar to the British. sent out by radio or television. training.] bris·tle (brisʹәl). 2 cause to come. adj. n. —broʹken·ly. —broadʹmindʹed·ness. [< F brouiller disorder] broil·er (broilʹәr). b reveal. of break. lively. adv. and Wales. etc. salty. broad·cast (brôdʹkast´. adj. n. 2 scatter widely. brink (bringk). 2 breast of an animal. n. 5 imperfectly spoken. brit·tle (britʹәl). urging or pursuit of a policy even to the brink of disaster. etc. British Empire. a care for in childhood. and the British Virgin Islands. originally.. pp. 1 wide. Commonwealth of Nations. Briticism. very near. n. pp. v. 2 all the guns that can be fired from one side of a ship. broad·axe (brôdʹaks´). extremely hot day. v. b convince. ruffle. 2 device in a stove or small appliance for broiling. broke (brōk). 2 member of a Celtic people who lived in S Britain long ago. a molded block. (pl. [ME britel < OE brēotan break] —britʹtle·ly. broad·loom (brôdʹlüm´). –cad·ed. . v. n. n. n.). on the brink of. 1 Irish accent or pronunciation of English. brawl. very easily broken. 2 destroyed. fight. closely woven woolen cloth. [ME. scorcher. n. bring out. 3 weakened. 1 the whole side of a ship above the water line. bro. akin to broach] —bro·cadʹed. show. n. Broad·way (brôdʹwā´). Bris·tol (brisʹtәl). —brinʹi·ness. adduce. seaport in E Australia. —v. Great Britain. n. 3 a young chicken for broiling.. 4 main. general: broad outlines. woven on a wide loom in one color: a broadloom carpet. 2 of or pertaining to the ancient Britons. a restore to consciousness. [< F. a short. adj. 1 meat from the breast of an animal. check. Scotland. adv. 3 have one’s hair stand up straight: the dog bristled. —broadʹcast´er. without money. adj. Brit·on (britʹәn). sword with a broad. n. bri·quet (bri ketʹ). all the countries and colonies owing allegiance to the British crown.. 2 their language. broach (brōch). adj. 6 interrupted. 2 education. Bri·tan·nia (bri tanʹi ә. Scotch Gaelic brōg shoe] broil1 (broil). < Scand. [OE bringan] —bringʹer. Also. 2 keen. 2 scattered widely. adv. 1 native or inhabitant of Great Britain. adj. u < brocher stitch] bro·gan (brōʹgәn). brin·i·est. Great Britain. [< Irish. including the Bahamas.. brocado. —broʹken·ness.. Brit·ain (britʹәn). 1 cook by putting or holding near the fire.broken 81 bring (bring). [? akin to brusque] —briskʹly. b educate. arguments. 2 yards “broad”] broad·en (brôdʹәn). in pieces. brisk (brisk). brother. [OE brittisc < Brittas Britons < Celtic] British Columbia. 1 send out by radio or television. —brisʹtli·ness. bris·ket (brisʹkit). 1 a jump that covers as much ground as possible. brought.. [< OF < L broccus projecting] —broachʹer. a restore to consciousness. cause to happen. Englishman. Bros. 7 coarse. 2 broiled meat. British English. [ME bristel] —brisʹtly. –cading. of break. Scotch Gaelic. province in W Canada. 1 sent out by radio or television.. 2 make very hot. d stop suddenly. –käst´). broad·ax. n. —adv. [? specialization of meaning of brogue2] brogue2 (brōg). bri·quette. bring to. train. 4 Fig. n. 1 (pl. amount of heat necessary to raise a pound of water one degree Fahrenheit at its maximum density. British Commonwealth of Nations. 4 present (reasons. n. flat blade. n. bear. broad (brôd). n. a give birth to. Brit·ta·ny (britʹә ni). Bro.. broad·cloth (brôdʹklôth´. n. variety of cauliflower whose green branching stems and flower heads are used as a vegetable. prob. operating over a wide range of frequencies. v. pp. violent attack. v. n. Britain. 3 radio or television program. —broadʹjump´. —n. bristlelike appendages. n. 1 Britain. c suggest for action or discussion.. engage in a broil. —broadʹly. [< OF bruschet < Gmc. 1 quick and active. 1 shoe made for comfort and long wear. strong shoe. seaport in SW England. 1 a pointed tool for making and shaping holes. Brit·ish (britʹish). not refined: broad jokes. 1 a broiling. 3 influence. [< Irish. adj. —n. 4 brooch. [< Ital.. broad-mind·ed (brôdʹmīnʹdid). adj. v. 2 slender spit for roasting meat. Brit·ish·er (britʹish әr). adj. adj. 4 show that one is aroused and ready to fight. broad·sword (brôdʹsôrd´. ax with a broad blade. 1 crushed. n. brin·y (brīnʹi). n. 1 of Great Britain. adv. —broadʹ-mindʹed·ly. and other nearby islands. 2 Briticism. English language as spoken and written in Britain. show. —adj. 8 pronounced with the vocal passage open wide. of brocar embroider. full: broad daylight. Informal. British islands in the West Indies. broad·band (brôdʹband´). 1 pt. —n. the Isle of Man. 1 stand up straight: the angry dog’s hair bristled. 2 brogan. tolerant: broad ideas. n. bring·ing-up (bringʹing upʹ). an expensive cloth woven with raised designs on it. n. Brit. —v. British thermal unit. 4 Informal. tolerant. n. British West Indies. bring about. brin·i·er. adv. British Isles. bring up. n. 1 open by making a hole. 5 be thickly set: our path bristled with difficulties. –bәn). weave or decorate with raised designs. —adj. pl. bring·ing. 6 plain-spoken. a broadband station. n. n. liberal. n. a coarse. 2 speech. —v. n. broad·side (brôdʹsīd´). bro·cade (brō kādʹ). n. 2 cause (hair) to stand up straight. sharp. Informal. adj. quarrel. a wingless insect having long. 2 athletic contest for the longest broad jump. [< F] Bris·bane (brizʹbān.

make or become bronze in color. 2 money charge by a broker for his services. borough of New u York City. 2 darkskinned. browse (brouz). pony of the W United States. kindly. n. bronz·ing. brown sugar. 1 sit on in order to hatch. etc. adv. 1806–61. a small natural stream of water. 2 the smaller.. hang close over. —n. br˙ mʹ–). bronzed. bruit (brüt). n. 2 husband of one’s sister. 7 piece of carbon. [OE brū] brow·beat (brouʹbēt´). n. [for Lord H.. 2 wipe away: brush the tears away. American abolitionist. [< n. spread a report or rumor of.] brunt (brunt). 2 injury to the outside of a fruit. 1 brother of one’s husband or wife. 1 a brown alloy of copper and tin. broth·er·ly (bruthʹәr li). broom (brüm. tender shoots of shrubs. [OE brōc] u brook2 (br˙ k). thin soup. 3 husband of the sister of one’s wife or husband.. [< NL < Gk. 2 one that broods. sugar that is not refined or only partly refined. —v. n. [OE brūcan use] brook·let (br˙ kʹlit). and North America. 2 injure. v. 2 persons joined as brothers in association. extinct dinosaur of America. brooch (brōch.. 1 reddishbrown sandstone. bronzo bell metal] —bronzʹy. retailer of wine. shoot < Gmc. Bromine is a dark-brown liquid that gives off an irritating vapor. rub. tanned. n. 1 son of the same parents. small leaves. n. 4 member of a religious order who is not a priest. —brushʹy. esp. bear. 3 breed. of the bronchi. —browʹbeat´er. rude] bron·to·sau·rus (bron´tә sôrʹәs).S. shatter] bruis·er (brüzʹәr). –chi (–kī). Broncos are often wild or only half tame. on Long Island. broth·er-in-law (bruthʹәr in lô´). [< NL < Gk. [< F < Ital. house of prostitution. reddish brown. etc. medal. breth·ren. etc. inflammation of the lining of the bronchial tubes. cotton. u brook1 (br˙ k). n. 1 bond u between brothers. a drug used to calm nervousness. 3 Brownie. 2 bully. n. broth). somewhat like chlorine and iodine. bro·mide (brōʹmīd.] —brushʹer. 1 tool for cleaning. heartbroken. a freshwater game fish of the E part of North America. 3 touch lightly in passing. [fusion of OE br¯ san crush and OF y bruisier break. –min). [OE brōm] broom·corn (brümʹkôrn´. bruised.. —n. main force or violence. n. —brownʹness. etc. 1 prize fighter. esp. n. in a city. brown dwarf. put up with.. n. –beaten. v. 1 a U.. refresh one’s knowledge. grain. 1 of or like a brother. brougham (brüm. water in which meat has been boiled. 1812–89. etc. A man with this complexion is a brunet. 3 very muscular person. v. broth·ers-in-law. 4 yellowish brown. 1 Elizabeth Barrett. n. and pp. n. v. the bronchi. with a brush. bru·in (brüʹәn). 1 a closed place that can be heated. countryman. stiff stems used for making brooms. –beat. adj. adj. bru·net (brü netʹ). of bronchus. v. for other people. made of bristles set in a stiff back or handle. [var. KBr. 2 friendly. refuse to consider. [OE brōd] —broodʹing·ly. 2 hover over. 5 brief encounter: brush with the law. brown (broun). bron·chus (brongʹkәs). a woman is a brunette. adj. Bronze Age. brush aside or away.. a nonmetallic element. period after the Stone Age when bronze tools. etc. person who buys and sells stocks. 3 something brown. 1 feed. brüʹәm. 2 eyebrow. unoriginal thought or remark: the usual bromides were offered up in the speech. graze. 4 a short. and a dark skin. < bruire roar] bru·nette.. bonds. 1 two main branches of the windpipe. pl. 2 a brushing. —v. n. that changes the color of the skin without breaking it. brôthʹ–). cause sleep. used in raising chicks. 1 forehead.82 broken-hearted bro·ken-heart·ed (brōʹkәn härʹtid). 2 a long-handled brush for sweeping. pl. 2 Robert. paint.. Br. English poet. n. eyes. 2 read here and there in a book. a rapid oscillatory motion often observed in very minute particles suspended in water or other liquids. 1 having this color. [< Sp. n. akin to broach] bro·ker·age (brōʹkәr ij). –mid). often in small squares. n. and coffee. n. 1 shrub with u slender branches. pl. n. [OE brūn] —brownʹish. 2 paint or dye having this color. adj. n. n. hurt: harsh words bruised her feelings. etc. of broach. brüch). 1 clean. 3 edge of a steep place. bronchos] bron·co (brongʹkō). rough. small trees. 2 flat. broth·ers. brown·ie (brounʹi). adj. brown·stone (brounʹstōn´). u tall plant resembling corn. [appar. brood·er (brüdʹәr). John. 4 pound. n. 1800– 2 young who are cared for. plant. n. 1 business of a broker. brush2 (brush). northern borough of New York City. n. —bron·chitʹic. [< AF brocour tapster. copper. 2 having dark-brown or black hair. dim. —n. with flower clusters having long. made of bronze. vegetable. n. brook trout. their smaller branches. having an olive color. 1 darkcolored. v. and yellow flowers. Brown (broun). adj. etc. Brougham] brought (brôt). brothʹ–.] brood (brüd). brows·ing. < MF broust bud. and skin. a huge. 3 dwell on in thought: for years he brooded vengeance. n. brow (brou). branches broken or cut off. n. crush. n. [< OF. [ME. etc. agent. Brown·i·an movement (brounʹi әn). n. a closed carriage or automobile having an outside seat for the driver. sweet. used as a building material. etc.] —browsʹer. were used. browsed. reddish-brown.. celestial object smaller than a star. one of the bronchi. pl. [< F. —adj. adj. Alaska. 2 yellowish-brown. 2 . [< MDu. any bear that has brown fur and lives in Europe.. bron·chi·a (brongʹki ә). person having such hair. branching tubes in the lungs. bro·mine (brōʹmēn. 1 injury to the body. –cos. v. n. a little brook. potato skins. P. —n. —broodʹy. bruis·ing. crushed by sorrow or grief. —brothʹerli·ness. member of the youngest division of the Girl Scouts. bully. v. [< OF broisse < Gmc. adj. —adj. —v. an ornamental pin with the point secured by a catch. adj. bronte thunder + sauros lizard] Bronx (brongks). [OE] broth·el (brothʹәl. or < F brouster feed on buds and shoots] —n. brown or black eyes. brush up (on). etc. n. 2 a similar alloy of copper with zinc or other metals. kind. brown] bruise (brüz). n. library. u Brook·lyn (br˙ kʹlәn). 2 house built of brownstone. n. bron·chi (brongʹkī). n. n. 3 commonplace. wife of Robert Browning. brush1 (brush). adj. n. disk. –beat·ing. 1 good-natured. weapons. frighten into doing something by overbearing looks or words. 1 young birds hatched at one time in the nest or cared for together. make or become brown. n. rubbing. 3 a fellow member of a group or association. n. painting. used to connect the electricity from the revolving part of a motor or generator to the outside circuit. of brun brown < Gmc.. n... Brown·ing (brounʹing). brown bear. 6 the bushy tail of a fox. caused by a fall or a blow. n. esp. bronze (bronz). broom·stick (brümʹstik´. —v. br˙ mʹ–). Asia. br˙ m). broth (brôth. 1 injure the outside of. endure.. companion. pt. pl.. of bring. English poet. < OE brēothan go to ruin] broth·er (bruthʹәr).. bron·chi·al (brongʹki әl). 1 compound of bromine with another element or radical. [OE brōthor] broth·er·hood (bruthʹәr h˙ d). chocolate cake with nuts. helpful elf or fairy. n. n.. 1 made of bronze. —v. tolerate: her pride would not brook such insults. b thick growth of shrubs. bushes. u long handle of a broom. —v. 2 potassium bromide. brisk fight or quarrel. The. n. bro·ker (brōʹkәr). n. n. bron·chi·tis (brong kīʹtis). 1 color like that of toast. 3 statue. n. 2 a close friend. 3 become bruised. 3 a light touch in passing. brōʹәm).

Btu. 2 soldier’s coat made of buff. or branch. poem about shepherds. pirate. Marcus Junius. Bachelor of Science. dollar. wrinkle. pass the buck. n. [< L < Gk.. bud (bud). bry·ol·o·gy (brī olʹә ji). n. buck·thorn (bukʹthôrn´). —n. 1 a small swelling on a plant that develops into a flower. accompanied by fever. capital of Romania. [special use of buck1] —buckʹer. gurgle. n. n. 1 have bubbles. to someone else. adv. –teeth. pitcher] buck·et·ful (bukʹit f˙ l). shift the responsibility. capital of Belgium. 2 graft (a bud) from one kind of plant into the stem of a different kind. —bru´tal·i·zaʹtion. v. 2 a stupid. —v. 3 act or process of bubbling. capital of Hungary. [< NL < Gk. antelope. –et·ed. 2 buckskins. that raises prices for above value and likely to lead to a sudden decline. –bling. sound of bubbling. charge into the opposing line with the ball. dull-yellow leather having a fuzzy surface. Bud·dha (b˙ dʹә. —bubʹbly. bryon moss + phyton plant] —bry´o·phytʹic. buk´ә rüʹ).u. triangular seeds and fragrant white flowers.t. buck·tooth (bukʹtüth´). [< F brut < L brutus heavy.. or coarse act. būʹ–). bubble gum. bulge. n. coarseness: whipping a tired horse is brutality. Brussels sprouts. 1 without power to reason. 563?–483? u b. 1 a male deer. 3 begin to grow or develop. pl.. 4 plan or idea that looks good. 1 cruelty. n. [< F < L buccula cheek strap on helmet. overflow. 3 scoop of a dredging machine. adj. protruding front tooth. etc. blend of ruscum broom and Gaulish brucus broom] —brusqueʹly.. n. bud·ded.S. hare. —n. 2 the seeds. on the Danube River. buck·skin (bukʹskin´). n. n. v. yellowish or grayish in color. in the S part. bulge. v. —brutʹish·ly. 1 estimate of the amount of money to be received and that can be spent. n. n. allot: budget purchases. 1791–1868. —v. 1 make a plan for spending. 1 of shepherds. –dies. used as food for animals or ground into flour. a boil over. Informal. a common soldier below the rank of private first class. adj. in bud. strap. buck up. —n. breeches made of buckskin. v. buck3 (buk). man. Roman political leader and one of the men who killed Julius Caesar. —bruʹtal·ly. charge against. adj. goat. thorny tree that grows in S United States. —v. brush·wood (brushʹw˙ d´).Sc. —n.. 5 .. leaf. buck·board (bukʹbôrd´. lift or carry in a bucket or buckets. 1 a thin film of liquid enclosing air or gas. saw set in a light frame and held with both hands. capital of Argentina.c. an open. —brusqueʹness. 3 bend. –et·ing. 2 become brutal. and E Asia. in N India and spread widely over C. nip in the bud.. Bru·tus (brüʹtәs). pal. an artist’s distinctive technique and skill in applying paint with a brush. 1 animal without power to reason. a large. reliu gion that originated in the sixth century b. n. b rush at. —budʹless. or sheep. 2 cruel. adj. comrade. bushel. –ized. buck·shot (bukʹshot´). bru·tal (brüʹtәl). soft leather. 1 a strong. [appar. kick the bucket. any mosses or liverworts. adj. to mark on the seed] buck·le (bukʹәl). –et·ing. Slang. British thermal unit. n. mouth] buc·ca·neer (buk´ә nirʹ). [< F boucanier < boucan frame for curing meat. coarse. 2 heads of this plant. 1 catch or clasp used to fasten together the ends of a belt. 2 in football.. n. named for Bukhāra in central Asia] 83 buck·saw (bukʹsô´). 2 bend. 15th president of the United States. cruel. make bubbles. pl. milk pail < OE būc vessel. look like water boiling. 85–42 b. B. 4 polishing wheel covered with leather. v. bry·o·phyte (brīʹә fīt). 1 put forth buds. [ME bobel] —bubʹbling·ly. savageness. defense. stop at the very beginning...U. n. 1 strong. 1 of the cheek. n. adj. —Budʹdhist. like a brute. cruel. –roos. —v. brush·work (brushʹwėrk´). –bōrd´). 1 fasten together with a buckle. adj. n. brush2 u (def.. [coalescence of OE buc male deer and OE bucca male goat] buck2 (buk). and the amounts to be spent for various purposes. b be very enthusiastic. —brutʹishness. in a given time. or coarse person. die.. kink. adv. a great religious teacher of Asia. and swelling of the lymphatic glands. n. 2 rustic. buck·eye (bukʹī´). n. n. büʹdә). as a taste bud. budged. –et·ed. n. 3 small organ or part. 1 make brutal: war brutalizes many men. 3 Colloq. blunt. 5 speculation in stocks. n. budget time. 1 Colloq.S. Bu·da·pest (büʹdә pest). fight against. adv. [< F bouger stir < VL bullicare boil furiously < L bullire boil] budg·et (bujʹit). rabbit.c. 1). bōʹnәs ãrʹēz). bud·dy (budʹi). n. n. n.S. n.. chewing gum which can be inflated to form a large bubble. work. v. coarse. buck·et (bukʹit). [< F bougette. n. rural. bu·bon·ic plague (bū bonʹik). tree or shrub of the same family as the horse chestnut with showy clusters of small flowers. 2 of the mouth or the sides of the mouth. n. 2 make sounds like water boiling. adj. buck4 (buk). –led. —Bud·dhisʹtic. B. SW cowboy. a very dangerous contagious disease. bu. v.buff SW U. cruel. U. Informal. —budʹder. dim. buckle down to.. —bry·olʹo·gist. and large brown seeds. Also. dim. kink. Gautama. n. James. Am. pl. adj. –fuls. [< OF broche] —brushʹy.. —n. bud·ding. 1 variety of cabbage that has many small heads growing along a stalk. n. Colloq.. stupid. of bucca cheek] buck·ler (bukʹlәr). –bled. [? ult. chills. as done by the French in Haiti] Bu·chan·an (bū kanʹәn. —v. round shield. like a brute.. B. coarse and savage. n. Bu·cha·rest (büʹkә rest. n. buck private. u amount that a bucket can hold. on the Plata River. adj. 2 amount that a bucket can hold. 2 protection. soft. etc. bryon moss + –logy] —bry´o·logʹi·cal. n. buff 1 (buf). housing.. [< Gk. 2 dandy. 2 detailed plan of expenditures. budg·ing. bru·tal·i·ty (brü talʹә ti). –iz·ing. n. 2 metal ornament for a shoe.. savage. move just slightly: he wouldn’t budge from his chair. buck·a·roo (bukʹә rü. a throw or attempt to throw by bucking. in the time or condition of budding. n. 2 a small globule of air in a solid or in a liquid. lead shot used for shooting large game such as deer. brusco coarse < LL bruscus. 3 dull yellow. but soon goes to pieces. 1 pail made of wood or metal. of bouge bag < L bulga < Celtic] —budgʹet·ar´y. 2 put in a budget. bru·tal·ize (brüʹtәl īz).. in the C part. n. [< buck1 + eye. 2 a low. branch of botany that deals with mosses and liverworts. —n. dull] brut·ish (brütʹish). 3 (of horses) jump into the air with back curved and come down with the front legs stiff. B.c. buck1 (buk). pastoral. 2 stupid.. n. Bue·nos Ai·res (bwāʹnәs īʹriz. —n. brusque (brusk). –ties. buck·wheat (bukʹhwēt´). v. wrinkle. brute (brüt). [< F < Ital. Bud·dhism (b˙ dʹiz әm. made from the skins of deer or sheep. pl. SE. 3 unconscious: the brute forces of nature. bә–). four-wheeled carriage having the seat fastened to a platform of long.. bub·ble (bubʹәl).T. büʹdiz–). springy boards instead of a body and springs. boubon groin] buc·cal (bukʹәl). adv. sea robber. abrupt in manner or speech. n. n. etc. Slang. —adj. 3 stock or collection: a budget of news. budge (buj).. [< L bucca cheek. adj... large divided leaves. bubble over. savage. [< LL < Gk. a coarse cloth made stiff with glue or something like glue. boukolikos rustic < boukolos shepherd] —bu·colʹi·cal·ly. used as a vegetable. 1 a small thorny tree or shrub with clusters of black berries. < AF buket wash tub. bu·col·ic (bū kolʹik). 1 plant with brown. with ref. resist stubbornly. pl.. buck·ram (bukʹrәm). n.. n. Brus·sels (brusʹәlz). n. adv. 2 beginning stage. backwoods. –ling. n. for a particular time period. 1857–61. 1 a small. adj. work hard at. cheer up.

–dog·ging. stores. stroke. 2 puzzle. adj.. –boos. large. —buf·foonʹish.L bulla document. built-up (biltʹup´). 1 anything that softens the shock of a blow.. build a case on facts. or their language. retreat. covered with leather. –fet·ed. pester. barn. tulips. 1 strike with the hand or fist. —n. n. with a big. adj. n. Newspapers publish bulletins and television stations give bulletins of unfolding news events. buffer state. construct: men build houses. v.. —n. —n. bul·let (b˙ lʹit). —n. roadbuilding. –lo·ing. —v. u bull2 (b˙ l). shaggy head and strong front legs. 1 crawling insect. [< bug bogy + boo. 2 level ground with a bulldozer. 2 shaped like a bulb. 2 cause to swell outward. b˙ lʹ–. 2 person whose business is building. pl. —v. 1 make by putting materials together. [< Ital. port in W New York State. in bulk. bolbos onion] —bulbʹar. u steel. [OE bula.. its people. 2 irritate.. v. of or u having to do with Bulgaria. bulg·ing. walrus. drawn by a horse. swarming with bugs.. country u in SE Europe. [< L < Gk. b the thick part of an underground stem resembling a bulb. tuber: a crocus bulb. air. –gәr). 2 language of Bulgaria. dim. Taurus. 2 male of the whale. adj. bridges.. bull·doze (b˙ lʹdōz´). 1 size. 2 act like a bulldog. 2 grow large. 3 a not in packages. b in large quantities. person who amuses people with tricks. 1 thing built.84 buff bug·gy1 (bugʹi). style. bug off. and table linen. 1 having bulbs. build-up of pressure. [< buff deaden force] buff·er2 (bufʹәr). made of brass or copper. [? < obs. act as a buffer. —v. v.. bә–). —adj. buf·fet1 (bufʹit). seal < L. 1 made of buff leather. n. growing from bulbs. 2 establish. dim. —bullʹish·ly. 2 promotion of a person or thing. development: build-up of military strength. n. b˙ l–).: a built-in bookcase. imaginary thing feared. n. n. clown. 1 a native or inhabitant of Bulgaria. n. 3 cause to swell out.. [< F] buffet supper or lunch. 2 temporary increase. build·ing (bilʹding). pranks. of boule ball] bul·le·tin (b˙ lʹә tәn). —v. collectively) –lo. fault. –dozu ing. of buffe blow] —bufʹfet·er. 4 disease germ: intestinal bug. and jokes. by being aggressive or persistent. —bullʹish·ness. protrude. 1 an outward swelling. 1 piece of dining-room furniture for holding dishes. bulk·y (bulʹki). push through or ahead: you have to simply bull ahead to do it. akin to bullock] —bullʹish. 2 knock about. ships. n. like a bulldog’s. unwieldy. 2 person who frightens or bullies. dams. [< bug bogy + bear2] . 6 Bull. short grass of central and western North America. u bull1 (b˙ l). 2 person or thing that serves as a balance between opposing forces: a buffer zone between the brothers. buff·er1 (bufʹәr).S. 1 one of the upright partitions dividing a ship into watertight compartments to prevent sinking. a small country between two larger countries that are enemies or competitors. n. 2 hard to handle. –dozed. n. n. –gies. Buffalo Bill (William F. devotee. factory. —v. 1 frighten by violence or threats. —v.. 1846–1917. name for England or u its people. adj. 2 furniture decorated with this. etc. bu·gle (būʹgәl). etc. formation. —v. n. 2 direct or summon by blowing on a bugle. silver. pl. take the bull by the horns. art..) by grasping its horns and twisting its neck. adj. etc. urban or suburban rather than rural. 1 a building up. [< F < Ital. etc. [< F buffle buffalo] buff 2 (buf). —adj. with ref. deal decisively with something. bug (bug). n. adj. [OE byldan < bold dwelling] build·er (bilʹdәr). —bulbʹless. earth. bite the bullet.] bug·bear (bugʹbãr´). n. [< OF. n. build-up. used in the army and navy for sounding calls and orders. bulk·i·est. n. 1 taking up much space. be courageous. musical instrument like a small trumpet. meal where the food is arranged on tables and buffet. etc. bugs. n. n. 2 largest part. 2 dull-yellow. —v. u buf·fet2 (b˙ fāʹ. base: build a business. –los. mechanical. —adj. ivory. buffone < buffa jest] —buf·foonʹer·y. 1 the bison of America. or (esp. 1 blow a bugle. having as an integral part: built-in optimism. –gling. [< OF < L bulga bag] —bulgʹy. boubalos wild ox] Buf·fa·lo (bufʹә lō). bulk·i·er.. as the water buffalo of India or the Cape buffalo of Africa. –fet·ing.. būlki heap] bulk·head (bulkʹhed´). and lilies. fan: a model-train buff. American frontier scout and showman. n. bulge out. —n.. underground bud from which certain plants grow. be of importance. —n. sideboard. 2 Fig. build·up (bildʹup´). –gi·er. buf·foon (bu fünʹ. bubble] Bull (b˙ l). large size. main mass. bulb·ous (bulʹbәs). built-in (biltʹin´). –gled. 3 a flat or slanting door over a cellar entrance. b˙ l–). 3 a person who believes stock prices will rise. decisive. clumsy. 3 bedbug. —v. etc. 1 intimidate or overawe. 3 anything shaped like a bulb. such as a house. –dog´). hurt. defect. 3 rely. 1 built as part of a room or wall. as onions. [< F boulette.. 1 the male of beef cattle.. 2 wall or partition built to hold back water. Bulu garian. 2 any insect or insectlike animal. a loose. —n. n. —v. buhl (bül). n. bu–. 1 person or animal who builds. strike. n. —n. n. 2 any of several kinds of oxen. foolish talk. 2 counter where food and drinks are served.. name of a cabinetmaker] build (bild). –gi·est.. in elaborate patterns. and other large animals. n. bug·ging. 5 bulldog. esp.. (of an area or land) having many houses or other buildings. adj. or manner of construction: an elephant has a heavy build. a shaped piece of lead. esp. bugaboo. n. 1 swell outward. adj. 1 throw (a steer. –loed. adj. etc. that is very muscular and courageous. John. adj. c plant growing from a bulb. not in packages. build·ing. adv. adv. bulkʹi·ness. a heavily built dog with a large head and short hair. —n. W U. bugged. b retreat. a wild ox. n. –loes. bulk (bulk). [< Med. 7 small microphone used in wire taps and electronic surveillance. 1 place a hidden microphone in a house. hurt. adj. elephant. 1 have size. 2 knock. telephone. n. 1 male. bug·gy2 (bugʹi). dim. bug out. v. bulge (bulj). —n. n. Welsh bwg ghost] bug·a·boo (bugʹә bü). swell. 1 person who polishes. as the rounded end of a thermometer. b an incandescent lamp. [< Scand. v. 1 short statement u of news. rocks. n. Cody).. n. bully. < L bubalus < Gk. n. in advance of a performance or appearance. n. rounded and swelling: a bulbous nose. interj. as daffodils. 2 a the glass case of an incandescent lamp or the tube of a fluorescent lamp. bull·dog (b˙ lʹdôg. etc. buf·fa·lo (bufʹә lō). form. 6 Often. built. 3 fight. Bul·gar·i·an (bul gãrʹi әn. depend: build on honesty.. of bos ox. 1 blow of the hand or fist. Bul·gar·i·a (bul gãrʹi ә. v. 5 enthusiasm: the racing bug. tortoise shell. pl. Bul·gar (bulʹgär. n. bә–). 4 Informal. and the guests serve themselves. struggle. b person who speculates in the stock market. —v. v. adj. etc. u –dogged. 3 restaurant with such a counter where diners serve themselves. polish with a buff.. or process of making houses. 2 magazine or bare skin. to early hunting horns] —buʹgler. esp. —bulkʹi·ly. mystify. 1 wood inlaid with metal. v.. seal. v. formal announcement or official order from the Pope. 2 business. light carriage with one seat. v. 2 thing for polishing. etc. 1 very poweru ful scraper or pusher for grading. rush away. n. buffalo grass. b in large quantities. 2 having to do with rising prices in the stock market. 1 a round. n. bulged. etc. n. [< G spelling of F Boule. bull·doz·er (b˙ lʹdōz´әr). or other metal to be shot from a gun. a of the eyes. structure. on Lake Erie. adj. [< OF < L buculus. bulb (bulb).

bummed. canned or pickled beef. b a drunken loafer. awkward.) bunke heap] bunk2 (bungk). adj. person who teases... bun·co (bungʹkō). Bun·sen burner (bunʹsәn). n. bull·finch (b˙ lʹfinch´). 1 a narrow bed set against a wall like a shelf. n. 2 shot that hits it. —interj. bum·mest. —n. bun (bun). u of gold or silver. bars. n. placed together. bun·ion (bunʹyәn). n. unsophisticated person. Bun·des·tag (b˙ nʹdәs täk´). a strong. bump·i·er. a ship’s side above the deck. bun·ting1 (bunʹting). n. 2 a sandy hollow or mound of earth on a golf course. hole in the side or end of a barrel. bull·head·ed (b˙ lʹhedʹid). as a goat does. n. 1 a heavy blow or knock. —bullʹfight´er. n. swindle.. 3 Brit. Also. in the Bible. n. keg. —n. 1 push. bunk·house (bungkʹhous´). a cask. bul·let·proof (b˙ lʹit prüf´). 1 a tall. n. etc. u popularly elected house of the legislature of Germany. —n. bum·ming. n. bump (bump).. 1 a thin cloth used for flags. 1775.. good. unpleasantly assertive or conceited.. do in a clumsy. n. 4 papyrus of Egypt. —v.. a gas burner with a very hot. place or bin for coal on a ship. n. stupidly u stubborn. adj. —n. pl. bun·kum (bungʹkәm). v. frightens. active. bunch·i·est. —bumʹbling·ly. white dog. n. [? < MDu. bulwarks. adv. 1 enclosure where relief pitchers warm up during a game. or thought of together: a bunch of grapes.. one published by a club or society for its members. tramp. 1 a idle or good-for-nothing person. n. 1 a bar or bars at the front or rear of a car or truck to keep it from being damaged if the vehicle is bumped. MDu. n. [< bump] —bumpʹtious·ly. 4 get (something) by sponging on others. bungle. a cross between a bulldog and a terrier. 2 sleep in rough quarters. –dled. 5 a small lantern with such a lens. n. adj. bunch·i·er. kill. —adj. 1 come together in one place. —adj. –bled. 2 sore or injured. n. —n. bunt (bunt). 2 long pieces of cloth in . u bul·ly1 (b˙ lʹi). [< bumble buzz + bee] bum·bling (bumʹbling). hustle. 3 group. bull·frog (b˙ lʹfrog´. n.. humbug. adj. n. v. —v. prou tection. beg.bunting newspaper appearing regularly. –cos. bu·na (büʹnә. adv. 4 pen for a bull or bulls. [imit. bul·wark (b˙ lʹwәrk). adj. —bumʹmer. 1 close with a stopper. n. any successful effort or initiative. or hurts smaller or weaker people. 3 Fig.. causing bumps. —v. n. būʹ–). [short for buncombe] bunk·er (bungkʹәr). [? < F bouilli boiled beef] bul·rush (b˙ lʹrush´). 1 center of a taru get. b choke up. (Dan. n. [< Hind. 1 be a bully. –coed. c bruise.. n. throw. a clumsy. —adj. Informal. 2 swelling caused by a bump. bun·ny (bunʹi). esp. 2 bring together and make into a bunch. shove. bump·kin (bumpʹkin). adj. make bulletproof. steer. 2 coil or twist of hair like a bun. interj. make into a bundle. n. Massachusetts. v. buncombe. –dling.. murder. Bumblebees live in colonies in nests in the ground. –bling. bung (bung). —bumpʹi·ly. bun·dle (bun´dәl). v. bump off. rough. 1 loaf. infl. n. a act of bunting. a clumsy mistake. pinned at the back of the head. hill in Charlestown. —v. hurt. 2 any of various rushes.] bump·er (bumpʹәr). 3 fortified shelter. hairy body. 2 parcel. whip made of u rawhide. humbug. disappointing experience or event. 2 any place to sleep. —v. fight between u men and a bull in an enclosed arena. n. 2 provide with a bulwark or bulwarks. bommekyn little barrel] bump·tious (bumpʹshәs). frighten. or cask through which it is filled and emptied. —v. [< AF bullion < bouillir boil. keg. temporarily. —buntʹer. artificial rubber made from butadiene. used as an obstacle. European songu bird with handsome plumage and a short. –lying. n. n. unusually large: a bumper crop. 3 large. bullʹfight´ing. v. 1 strike with the head or horns. —bumpʹtiousness. 2 drink heavily. bull·fight (b˙ lʹfīt´). n. b ball that is bunted. Also. bumpi·est. bullrush. 1 lumps. 6 any round opening that lets in light and air. package. or bully beef. esp. [prob. –nies. [short for buncombe] bun·combe (bungʹkәm). fine. —bunchʹi·ness. 1 wrap or tie together. n. v. 2 growing in bunches. adj. [< F < Ital. Informal. bun·gle (bungʹgәl). do or make (something) in a clumsy. [appar. adv. n. etc. disgust. 2 place to hold prisoners. suspects. adj. 1 defend. [after Buncombe Co. bul·lion (b˙ lʹyәn). Bunker Hill. 3 hit a baseball lightly so that the ball goes to the ground and rolls only a short distance. –gled. —v. 2 tease. u made so that a bullet cannot go through. having a u thick neck. enclosed arena for bullfights.. annoy. 1 slightly sweet roll. bull·whip (b˙ lʹhwip´). —n. bravo! well done! u bul·ly2 (b˙ lʹi). used in laboratories. inflamed swelling on the foot. unpleasant. 1 occupy a bunk. 2 push. —v. –lied. one-story house. —n. 2 cup or glass filled to the brim. unskillful performance. n. 1 a dice game. the lower. bull·head (b˙ lʹhed´). bunch·y (bunʹchi). banglā of Bengal] bung·hole (bungʹhōl´). 2 place on a website where users can post notices and exchange messages. megaphone or u loudspeaker. v. n. bull·horn (b˙ lʹhôrn´). bullettino. bum·mer. bum·mer (bumʹәr). –gling. or cask. or as in. v. the upper u house of the legislature of Germany or Austria. 1 group of things of the same kind growing or fastened together. 1 having bunches. for temporary workers. [? < Scand. bull ring. —v. bung up. esp. pl. 1 rabbit. 2 embroidery stitch. n. n. n. n. 2 spree. n. akin to bind] —bunʹdler. a bunch of sheep.. open office space. 2 any swindling or confidence game. 4 lens shaped like a half-sphere to concentrate light. n. bull terrier. painful. usually banded with gold. 3 hit or come against with heavy blows. bunkum. 3 Usually. bunk1 (bungk). –frōg´). dress warmly. whose 85 congressman kept making pointless speeches “for Buncombe”] Bun·des·rat (b˙ nʹdәs rät´). awkward manner. —v. pl. having bumps. usually underground. rough building with sleeping quarters for laborers. 2 move along with bumps. —bunʹgler. blue flame. n. 1 stopper for closing the hole in the side or end of a barrel. 1 defense. bum·ble·bee (bumʹbәl bē´). 1 number of things tied or wrapped together. n. < bole + work. bull’s-eye (b˙ lzʹī´). 2 squirrel. bundle up. a close with a stopper. muddled. —n. akin to boulevard] bum (bum). insincere talk. bunch (bunch). on the first joint of the big toe. —bullʹheadʹedness. 2 earthwork or other wall for defense against the enemy. North Carolina. slender u plant that grows in wet places. double dim. protect.. n.. u bull pen. by OF billon debased metal] bull·necked (b˙ lʹnekt´). n. 2 shut up in. n.. bum·ble (bumʹbәl). 1 of poor quality. —adj. adv. n. n. —bunʹgling·ly. bull·ock (b˙ lʹәk). a large bee with a thick.. bonghe] bun·ga·low (bungʹgә lō). any of several u American freshwater catfishes. Informal. bump·y (bumpʹi). –lies. adj. ox. large frog u of North America that makes a loud croaking noise. bunch. 2 bunghole. stout bill. 3 sponge on others. [cf. v. bondel. n. —v. obstinate. n. of bulla bull2] bulletin board. 2 send or go in a hurry. Also. cattail. —bumpʹi·ness. –co·ing. or strike against something large or solid. 2 a group of people. < MDu. 1. Informal. 3 any swelling or lump. 1 board on which notices are posted. An early battle of the American Revolution was fought near there on June 17. n.. usually about 18 feet long. bungling. v. bum out. unskillful way. bunko.

polish < brun brown] bur·noose. n. vitally important: a burning issue. 1 knot in wool. after cutting or drilling. town. loss of interest or energy. n. of buire vase] burg (bėrg). 1 official u in a bureaucracy. of bur] burr2 (bėr). [OE burna] burn·er (bėrʹnәr). sturdy. 2 hamburger with: baconburger hamburger with bacon on top.. 1 glowing. pl. n. pt. bur·gle (bėrʹgәl). 1 roll with a cooked patty inside: chickenburger roll with a patty of chicken inside. hamburger. a load (of things. —n. 4 Fig. wood. 1 put a burden on. 6 feel hot. 2 a extinguishing of the flame in a rocket engine. citizen of a burgh or town. n. n. v. büʹyәnt). —v. where flame is produced. Scottish poet. < L boia fetter] buoy·an·cy (boiʹәn si. big. burnus] burn·out (bėrnʹout´). [< OF or MDu. [< OF bourdon humming. n.. mark with a buoy. bur·nous (bėr nüsʹ. of bure coarse woolen cloth < LL burra] bu·reauc·ra·cy (by˙ rokʹrә si). v. oppressive.. kind of thin-leaved tobacco grown widely in Kentucky. [< OF < LL burra flock of wool] —burled. 2 set on fire. bu·ret (by˙ retʹ). n. 1 chest of drawers for u clothes.. (Dan.. adj. so strong or safe that burglars cannot break in. American Civil War general] burnt (bėrnt).. [< bur + dock4] bu·reau (by˙ rʹō). –gling. round growth on the trunks of certain trees. etc.] bur·ger (bėrʹgәr). 2 life buoy. a small bird with a stout bill. former name of Myanmar. to steal or commit some other crime. burn2 (bėrn). adv. 11 Chem. adj. [< F < Ar. burr. commit burglary in. somewhat like a sparrow.. having to do with burying: a burial service. a kind of vaudeville that is somewhat coarse and vulgar. bur·go·mas·ter (bėrʹgә mas´tәr. Burnside. and pp. adj. usually at night. Informal. flags. bėrʹnüs). n.. adj. n. 2 able to keep things afloat: air is buoyant. [< F bourbotte < L barba beard. Paul. 2 pretentious. 3 division of a government department: the Weather Bureau. –mäs´–). desk (orig. burgemeester < burg borough + meester master] Bur·gun·dy (bėrʹgәn di). n. n. 4 injure or be injured by fire or heat. 2 rough ridge or edge left by a tool on metal. curtains. etc. Austria. burial ground. Bur·ley (bėrʹli). parody. bur·den·some (bėrʹdәn sәm). or wood. büʹyәn–).. n. hopefulness. adv. 1 strong. adj. adv. —v. etc.. citizen. 3 destroy or be destroyed by fire. n. rigid . by fire or heat: burn bricks. sustain. adv. 2 language of the people of Myanmar.. 1 a floating object anchored in water to warn of hidden dangers or guide through a channel. n. bur·gess (bėrʹjis). 2 office: a travel bureau. etc. 1 furnish with buoys. 5 make by fire: sparks burned a hole in the rug. 1 main idea or message. n. [< F. n. —burnʹing·ly. n. [OE byrthen. —burlʹer. [blend of bureau + (auto)crat] —bu´reau·cratʹic. the people. Bur·mese (bėr mēzʹ. v. 10 produce. or their language. adj. n.. v.. shine. —burʹdensome·ly. adj. hold up. sprout. growth of hair on cheeks but not on the chin. burn·sides. –leys. adj. —buoyʹantly. 1759–96. bur·nish (bėrʹnish). of borough] bur·geon (bėrʹjәn).. not requiring immediate attention. clinging seed case or flower. Belgium. heavy load. 2 load too heavily. worn by Moors and Arabs. 3 quantity of freight that a ship can carry. [var. [< F. buoy·ant (boiʹәnt. duty. glaze. 1 bud. b time when burnout occurs. oxidize. Bur·ma (bėrʹmә). 2 burg. 1 failure caused by burning or extreme heat. buoy (boi. 3 Fig. a coarse fabric made from jute or hemp. n. 7 be very excited or inflamed with anger. 4 Fig. 1 native of Burma (Myanmar). —adj. bur·lesque (bėr leskʹ). 9 sunburn. 1 bur. –cies. ? partly < OE burgbryce] bur·glar·ize (bėrʹglәr īz). —adj. hopeful. rough. flag colors and designs. 2 power to keep things afloat: salt water has more buoyancy than fresh water. 12 cauterize. 1 citizen of a borough. —v. as a stove or water heater. —v. of borough] —burghʹal. bur·ley. 2 flourish. Scot.86 bunting government official. and N. a coarse weed with prickly burs and broad leaves.. or with mock solemnity. n. 1 mayor of a town in the Netherlands. n. n. n. n. n. comical. borough.. —burʹliness. bu·reaus. making people laugh. n. polish. cloak with a hood.. burlesco < burla jest] —burlesqueʹly. bur·glar (bėrʹglәr). from fatigue. a burying. of burn1. 2 large arctic gull. 2 repeated verse in a song. [coalescence of OE beornan be on fire and OE bœrnan consume with fire] —burnʹa·ble. pl. —v. weight of a ship’s cargo. –izing. cemetery. —n. harden. 1 power to float: wood has more buoyancy than iron. n. 2 bluff. stove. Eng. [< F < Ital. 1 injury caused by fire or heat. etc. –glar·ies.) borre burdock] bur·bot (bėrʹbәt). by F bourbe mud] bur·den1 (bėrʹdәn). 2 member of the lower house of the colonial legislature in Virginia or Maryland. combining form. bu´reaucratʹi·cal. bur·i·al (berʹi әl). 8 give light: lamps were burning in every room. for measuring out small amounts of a liquid or gas. or sorrow). [OE borlīce excellently] —burʹli·ly. as on a tree. Informal. 2 plant or weed bearing burs. n.. adj. used to decorate buildings and streets on holidays. adj. 3. n. chorus. infl. pl. cheerfulness. [from a proper name] bur·ly (bėrʹli). 1 region in E France. bur·ring. n. pl. [< Du. —v. 1 able to float. etc. n. burning. 2 Fig. 1 a literary or dramatic composition in which a serious subject is treated ridiculously. tendency to rise. 1 part of a lamp. 2 thing hard to carry or bear. 2 a burned place. büʹi). obligation of proving something to be true. [var. u 1 government by groups of officials. 1 be on fire. refrain. adj. work. —n. [var. a freshwater fish with a slender body. Also. –les·quing. n. –mēsʹ). a small stream. of Burma. –lesqued. –burger. 2 U. < Gmc. Burns (bėrnz). 2 a hard. adj. oppress. n. tan.. 2 keep from sinking... –gled. dim. E. burn·ing (bėrʹning). pl. v. bur (bėr). 2 rough pronunciation: a Scotch burr. –li·est. pl. remove knots from. etc. buu reaux (by˙ rʹōz). Burn·sides (bėrnʹsīdz´). [< OF burnir make brown. —adj. 1 chartered town in Scotland. –ized. burgh·er (bėrʹgәr). 3 Fig. burl (bėrl). hot. cheerful. [for Gen. bur·glar·y (bėrʹglәr i). imitate so as to ridicule. 1 prickly. brook. n.] burgh (bėrg). A. [prob. clothcovered) < OF burel. 3 concentration of power in any administrative bureau. used to make bags. –bots or (esp. city. person who breaks into a building at night to steal.S. Robert. 4 rounded growth. imaginary hero of northwestern lumber camps. [< OF < LL burgensis citizen. remove burs from. bur·dock (bėrʹdok´). related to the cod. [< OF burjon. akin to bear1] bur·den2 (bėrʹdәn). 3 person whose work is burning something. burr1 (bėr). n. cloth. bun·ting2 (bunʹting). n. appar. n. very heavy. —bur·lesʹquer. n. collectively) –bot. n. —Bur·gunʹdi·an. graveyard. bu·reau·crat (by˙ rʹә krat). —v. on the back burner. dim. —n. n. burned or burnt. < Scand. n. 3 tool that resembles a burr: dentists use tiny burrs. bur. adv. pl. n. v. —bu´reau·cratʹi·cal·ly. bur·glar·proof (bėrʹglәr prüf´). 1 what is carried. 2 officials administering the government. breaking into a house. encourage.. Bun·yan (bunʹyәn). See bourgeois. esp. adv. n.. 2 thing that burns or works by burning. –dies. bur·lap (bėrʹlap). –li·er. –mese. drone of bagpipe < LL burda pipe] burden of proof. bu·rette. n. or Germany. v. burred. a graduated u glass tube with a valve at the bottom. burn1 (bėrn). 2 a red or white wine made there. [< Anglo-L burglator. 1 rough pronunciation of r. hard to bear. building. care. 3 tending to rise. v. 3 person or thing that clings like a bur. lighthearted.

vegetables. adv. n. 8 arrest. burst (bėrst). [short for omnibus] bus boy or girl. spread out like a bush.. almost. 4 who not. 4 spoil by poor work. tomb. bush·mas·ter (b˙ shʹmas´tәr. n. 2 total failure. v. 2 person whose work is killing animals for food. Both are inflammable gases. worn by certain corps in the British army. n. adj. keep busy.] —butchʹer·er. bush·y (b˙ shʹi). —v. —v. 1756–1836. as a wild colt. 3 buying and selling. mean business. 2 similar dwelling or refuge. school that gives training in computer programming. affair. < L bustum funeral monument] bust2 (bust). OF brousequin] —busʹkined. butch·er (b˙ chʹәr). 2 live in burrows.. n. business as usual. bus·i·est. 1 burst. bus·by (buzʹbi). explode: the bomb burst. 1946–. conj. bush·man (b˙ ushʹmәn). a large game bird of Africa. —bushʹi·ness. burst. n. [< OF boissiel. as for a joint. pl. buss (bus). b˙ r–). kiss. bush league. pl. 3 high boot worn long ago. [OE būtan without. OE beorg. bus·ing or bus·sing. bookkeeping. 1 measure for grain. n. 2 the upper. adv. u pl.. [< Sp. —v. 1 kill (animals) for food. 3 other than: we cannot choose but hear.. 5 search: burrow in the library for a book. only: he is but a boy. 4 prying into other people’s affairs. something unimportant done to keep busy. tame. 1 be noisily busy and in a hurry. suddenly: burst into the room. n. 3 punch. Informal. bush·iu est. which not: none sought his aid but were helped. 3 fail financially. in a busy manner. used in making artificial rubber and as an anesthetic. n. n. 2 be very full: barns bursting with hay. bur·ri·to (bėr rēʹtō. treasurer of a college. bus·kin (busʹkin). busi·ness·like (bizʹnis līk´). tragic drama. of bus. 1 George Herbert Walker u 1924–. 2 overgrown with bushes. 1 fly apart suddenly with force. etc. inflammation of a bursa. adj. —v. [< Med. —v.. ruin.. C4H6. u fruit. pl. 1 a colorless gas.. –men. v. bus·es. —v. –dī ēnʹ). adj. Chem. 2 perform a funeral service for. 1801–05. –mäs´–). 1 hole dug in the ground by an animal for refuge or shelter. 4 person who bungles or botches. [OE byrgan] —burʹi·er. shoulders. 1 vehicle that carries many passengers along a certain route. bur·y (berʹi). do. a tall fur hat. in the usual way. —v. person who pries into other people’s affairs. 3 Bushman. [< busy + –ness] business college or school. n. [ME busch. a large. n. pl. rolled tortiu lla filled with meat. v. esp. dim. 2 bankrupt. n. [? special use of bustle1] bus·y (bizʹi). yet: it rained. butcher shop. often with many separate branches starting from or near the ground. —n. bust1 (bust). busied. n. –bies. 1 a woody plant smaller than a tree. a bushing. 5 spree. —n. . bur·sa (bėrʹsә). n. objection: too many buts. 2 matter. byrsa wineskin] —burʹsal. etc. n. 1 woman in business. except: every day but Sunday. meddling. n. etc. of boisse a measure] bush·ing (b˙ shʹing).. small u donkey. —bushʹwhack´ing. member of a South African tribe of roving hunters.. and Asia. 3 common conductor for multiple electric circuits. –tled. as Alaska. sink. bus·y·bod·y (bizʹi bod´i). 2 if. b˙ rʹō). [OE bisig] —busʹy·ness. bus·ier. 1 u settler in the Australian bush. 2 fight or attack as a guerrilla or bushwhacker.. both < L avis tarda slow bird] bus·tle1 (busʹәl). wholesale murder. 3 hide. 4 plunge. –er·ies. get down to business. 1 statue of a person’s head. murderer. omnibus.. busi·ness·wom·an (bizʹnis w˙ m´әn). 1 live or u work in the backwoods. bushed (b˙ sht). and other business subjects. front part of the body. systematic. but (but. bus·ses (busʹiz). worn by Greek and Roman actors of tragedies. –ros. n. bus·i·ly (bizʹә li). bus·ses. any large vehicle. esp. buck1 < Gmc.L bursarius < LL bursa purse] bur·si·tis (bәr sīʹtis). unstressed bәt). 3 go. 2 man who runs a business. bankruptcy.butchery 87 3 whirring sound. bury] —burʹrow·er.. 2 work as a bus boy or girl. pl. 4 conductor for multiple devices on a computer. deal with important matters. n. u 1 frontiersman. [blend of OF bistarde and oustarde. 2 its isomeric hydrocarbon. 2 person who knows much about life in the bush. well-managed. bush·i·er. —v. n. 2 container that holds a bushel. n. 1989–93. [cf. Aaron. pouch. [< LL < Gk. 2 pronounce roughly. n. but I went anyway.] Burr (bėr). n. imit. 7 break up (a trust) into smaller companies. 1 burst. bus·man’s holiday (busʹmәnz). become bankrupt. pl. n. put a bushing in. busy work. 2 guerrilla fighter. carries off dishes. [< OF bocher < boc he-goat. 3 open forest. 1 pronounce r roughly. growing thickly. 2 make (others) hurry or work hard. —prep. 2001–. 1 thing that one is busy at. busk] u bush2 (b˙ sh). slaughter large numbers of people or animals. bur·ied. –sae (–sē). –tling. n. C4H10. –wom·en. —n. hit. bus·y·ing. –bodies. pad used to puff out the upper back part of a woman’s skirt. worn-out u bush·el (b˙ shʹәl). —n. make-work. 3 full of work or activity. mind one’s own business. 1 bursting. [var.. 1 working. nearly. 2 slaughterhouse. unless < be– + ūtan outside < ūt out] bu·ta·di·ene (bū´tә dīʹēn. n. n.. bused or bussed. n. –sär). < burrico small horse < LL burricus] bur·row (bėrʹō). busse box1] Bush (b˙ sh). etc. work. [OE berstan] —burstʹer. adj. [cf. jail. equal to 4 pecks or 32 quarts. sac. v. 41st president of the United States. n. 43rd president of the United States. bur·ro (bėrʹo. active. all but... bus·tle2 (busʹәl). 4 commercial enterprise: a bakery business. 1 spreading out like a bush. murder. 1 dig a hole in the ground. by ignoring problems or difficulties. n. 2 something that resembles or suggests a bush. a pl. bur·sar (bėrʹsәr. 5 punch. either of two isomeric hydrocarbons. busi·ness (bizʹnis). v. esp. focus on one’s own affairs. holiday spent in doing what one does at one’s daily work. n. pilot who flies a small plane over relatively unsettled country. n. 1 metal lining. [? imit. —adv. pl. 3 sudden display of activity or energy: a burst of speed. uncleared land: take to the bush. cheese.. n. 5 concern: not your business. 2 Informal... n. cavity. 1 person who cuts u up and sells meat. —v. noisy or excited activity. 2 sudden issuing forth. 1 on the other hand. burst·ing. hide. trade. n. —v. n. 4 arrest. 1 put (a dead body) in the earth. who fills glasses. bush·whack (b˙ ushʹhwak´). 1 minor baseball league. 3 brutal killer. 2 any person or thing of minor importance. bū tānʹ). one containing a lubricating fluid. 3 cover up. of burst] bus·tard (busʹtәrd). be serious. Europe. 3 a woman’s bosom. —busʹtling·ly. –men. [< MDu. n. of the methane series. u n. v. v. v. 4 dig. 4 lower in rank. adj. practical. commotion. n. –sas. busi·ness·man (bizʹnis man´). make busy. 1 high shoe with a very thick sole. pl. 4 open suddenly: trees burst into bloom. adj. waiter’s assistant. explosion. 2 kill wholesale. grow thickly. 3 kil brutally.. 2 George Walker. n. adj. except that: it never rains but it pours. vicepresident of the United States. 2 tragedy. n. butch·er·y (b˙ chʹәr i). bush pilot. u 1 brutal killing.] —busʹtler. 2 woman who runs a business. —n. bur·y·ing. n. and other dry things. in use. bu·tane (būʹtān. 1 man in business. 3 make a whirring sound. bus (bus). u 2 removable metal lining used as a bearing. u bush1 (b˙ sh). 6 train to obey. to punish. bush·whack·er (b˙ ushʹhwak´әr). akin to borough. 1 take or travel by bus. burst into laughter. poisonous snake of tropical America. [< F < Ital. 2 of a telephone line. [prob. and chest. come.

buzz·er (buzʹәr). after a while. 2 end that is left.] butt3 (but). 2 in golf. —butʹton·less. 2 tree that bears butternuts. but·ter (butʹәr). –fish·es or (esp. —v. 1 aside from the main point. pipe. but·ter·fat (butʹәr fat´). 3 knob on a stringed instrument that holds the tailpiece. 1 at hand: near by. 2 containing butter. [< Scand. n. —v. n. for the control of its own affairs. –hol·ing. bu·tyr·ic (bū tirʹik). 3). —n. etc. 2 a secondary law or rule. 1 put butter on. push or hit with the head. incidentally. etc. n. 2 sound in a low. etc. 1 any of various heavy and slow-moving hawks. 2 past: a car dashed by. —n. [ME buttok.. OE buttuc end. stump. buyer’s strike. [< OF < LL butta] butte (būt). buzz saw. 3 embankment of earth on which targets are placed for shooting practice. n. n.. club. —v. steep hill standing alone. —n. cheese. stingy person. flavored with brown sugar and butter. [< L < Gk. 7 during: by day. [var.] —buttʹer. used for food. for wines and liquors. n. < L buteo hawk] buzz bomb. plump and good to look at. buzz about. 6 according to: work by rule. in swimming. 1 odd man or condition of being the odd player esp. not one of the main rules. by and large. meaning infl. 3 mean. confused sound of many people talking quietly. buzz (buz). days gone by. male servant in charge of the pantry and table service in a household. 4 set aside or ignore (regulations. mosquitoes. as a tool. but·ter·cup (butʹәr kup´). —butʹtonlike´.. forgive and forget.) in order to reach a desired objective. prep. 1 law made by a city. pl. a small.. n. butterflies (in the stomach). but·ter·milk (butʹer milk´). —n. join end to end. 2 the past. (Dan. company. but·ter·fin·gers (butʹәr fing´gәrz). 2 support. leave. ult. overused word. 5 get away from. butt in. —v. 2 a low. get rid of by paying money to. [OE buterflēoge. bxs. 3 aside or away: to put something by. See butt3. fickleness. etc. escape: by-pass a question. but·ter·fish (butʹәr fish´). n. 2. less important. in anticipation of something. rumor. 2 person who suggests a butterfly by delicate beauty. by-e·lec·tion (bīʹi lek´shәn). as apple butter. 2 near by. that has an unpleasant odor. bright clothes. etc. 2 yellow wax bean. excessively. of. etc. adj. 2 nickname. buzz off. 1 an oily kind of walnut. overarm breaststroke. 1 hum loudly. buy (bī). adj. 1 target. 2 flatter. flat piece of metal. —v. 5 in the measure of: eggs by the dozen. —n. [ME buhsum. esp. Informal. < botte butt4] . adj. n. an older person. 3 incidental. buy off. 2 person whose work is buying goods for a department store or other business. etc. flatter. for serving and clearing the table. move about busily. 1 like butter. bux·om (bukʹsәm). univalent hydrocarbon radical obtained from butane and used in making inner tubes and electrical insulation. 4). former. 1 second name. [akin to buttocks] butt2 (but). collectively) –fish. or bees. n. n. by·law (bī´lô´). etc. etc. 1 a purchase. n. but·ter·y2 (butʹәr i. adv.. adj. n. 1 a large barrel for wine or beer. pl. —adj. —v. by-name (bīʹnām´). 1 thing that buzzes. but·tress (butʹris). n. rights. adj. [< L butyrum butter] butyric acid. meddle. —adv. 3 through the act or use of: travel by airplane. n. a special election. in a tournament where players are grouped in pairs.. It is formed by fermentation in rancid butter. n. prop. n. etc. n. 3 talk excitedly. go away. spread with butter. 2 its wood. 2 get by sacrifice: buy peace by surrender. etc. 4 stir. bx. 1 get by paying a price.) < bouter thrust against. holes not played after a player has won. but·ton·hole (butʹәn hōl´). avoid.) bylov < by town + lov law. side path. n. Also by. –päth´). unstressed be] by–. n. [< OF busart. prefix. [OE bī. colorless liquid. good-by. as in by-product. 1 humming sound made by flies. but·ler (butʹlәr). force to listen. n. buy all the shares. sauce or candy made from brown sugar and butter. by·gone (bīʹgôn´. 2 turkey buzzard.. ham. [< F bout end < Gmc. to hold them closed or decorate them. n. [< OF boton < bouter thrust. n. –päs´).. pl. buy out. pl. sewn onto clothing.88 butler but·tocks (butʹәks). —v. adj. fasten with buttons. bags. along. 1 the solid yellowish fat obtained from cream by churning. 1 something in the past. line at the beginning of a newspaper or magazine article giving the name of the writer. push or hit with the head or horns. channel. Cf. 2 support. [< AF var. by the bye..] butterfly stroke. buy·ing. slit or loop through which a button is passed. 2 go around. 4 whisper. W U. n. confused way. interfere. 1 near: by the house. of or derived from butyric acid. 2 secondary. v. buy up.] bye-bye (bīʹbīʹ). box.] buz·zard (buzʹәrd). bought. [< OF bouter thrust < bout end < Gmc. butt4 (but). 1 knob or round. n. C4H8O2. 2 object of ridicule or scorn. n. butt1 (but). but·ter·scotch (butʹәr skoch´). 2 something with the consistency of butter. close with buttons. 1 support built against a wall or building to strengthen it. 5 fly a plane low and fast over something. n. abut. as in bystander. fly1. nervousness. buy all that one can of. rumor. refusal of consumers as a group to buy in protest against high prices. 1 secondary. v. bye. n. prep. stub. n. butler’s pantry. a small room between the kitchen and dining room. —v. [< OF bouterez (pl. through: go by the bridge. in every way. boutyron] —butʹter·less. v. 4 in dimensions: a room ten by twenty feet. but·ter·y1 (butʹәr i). 2 a liquid measure equal to 126 gallons. 8 not later than: by six o’clock. wings.. 1 road. n. —adj. 5 telephone call. See butter. not held at the time of regular elections. [OE bycgan] buy·er (bīʹәr). butʹri).] —butʹtoner. –holed. providing a secondary passage to be used instead of the main passage.. talk about something new or interesting. n. —butʹter·fin´gered.S. 3 excessive flattery. 1 make buttonholes in 2 hold in conversation. by (bī). by by–] by-line (bīʹlīn´). adj. plastic. small piece of land] but·ton (butʹәn). but·ter·nut (butʹәr nut´). Informal. —n. 2 a bargain. Informal. adj. head servant. plant with bright-yellow flowers shaped like cups. by and by. of OF bouteillier < bouteille bottle] —butʹler·ship. 2 electrical device that makes a buzzing sound as a signal. prop. usually bright-colored. 1 provide a secondary passage for. robot bomb developed by the Germans in World War II. popular. n. –gon´). esp. 2 pantry. [imit. rump. See butt3. ? < OE būgan bend] —buxʹomly. customer. liquid left when butter is churned from cream. but·ter·fly (butʹәr flī). healthy and cheerful. 1 tall u plane tree with button-shaped fruit. n. —buxʹom·ness. 3 bribe. by-pass (bīʹpas´. but·ton·wood (butʹәn w˙ d´). minor. let bygones be bygones. 1 insect with a slender body and four large.] bu·tyl (būʹtәl). –flies. 1 person who buys.) to a higher authority. esp. interj. over. of by. 2 anything that resembles or suggests a button. 3 whisper. 6 flank (def. circular saw. past. subject. 1 storeroom. 1 strengthen with a buttress.. careless or clumsy person. 2 shunt (def. by-path (bīʹpath´. buzz word. fat in milk. 3 pass over the head of (a superior. [< OF. 1 variety of lime bean. –ter·ies. weapon. 3 butterfly stroke. silvery fish. n. n. bye (bī). 1 the thicker end of anything. esp. butter bean. butter up. used as a beverage and in baking. n. as the knob or disk pressed to ring an electric bell. n.

n. —By·ronʹi·cal·ly. n. By·ron (bīʹrәn). eastern part of the Roman Empire from a. byte (bīt). By·zan·ti·um (bi zanʹshi әm. —By·ronʹic. ancient city where Istanbul now is. 1788–1824. . thing scorned. 1 object of contempt. Byz·an·tine (bizʹәn tēn. n. in a computer memory. –ti әm). looker-on.Byzantium 89 by-play (bīʹplā´). adj. equal to eight bits. circles. n. n. something produced in making or doing something else. Byzantine Empire.d. action that is not part of the main action. on the stage. proverb. adv. Lord. 2 of or having to do with the Eastern Church. by·word (bīʹwėrd´). –tīn. n. a side street. suggestive of the politics of Byzantium. by-road (bīʹrōd´). domes. by-prod·uct (bīʹprod´әkt). George Gordon. bi zanʹtin). 3 filled with intrigue and scheming. not the main product. and mosaics. unit of digital information. n. 395 to 1453. English poet. esp. crosses. person standing near or by. a side road. —n. 1 having to do with Byzantium or a style of architecture developed there that uses round arches. 2 common saying. by·stand·er (bīʹstan´dәr). native or inhabitant of Byzantium. by-street (bīʹstrēt´). n. n. adj.

broken laughter. a telecast by cable television.. 720 ft. kadi.] cabin boy. kadmeia] —cadʹmic. 2 kitchen on the deck of a ship. n. 4 a small. pl. —v. –dies. C. —n. [< Malay kati a small weight] cad·dy2 (kadʹi). —n.. pl. a minor Muslim judge. 8 cup. 2 the tropical American tree they grow on. —caʹble·cast´ing. 1 the shrill. –dāʹvәr). adj...] ca·coph·o·ny (kә kofʹә ni). [< Sp. [< L cachinnatus] —cach´in·na´tion. n. n. n. adv. resembling tin. caddie. kadʹr). 2 room in a ship. n. dead body. 2 group of advisers chosen by the head of a nation to help with the administration of the government. ca·dre (käʹdәr. pl. 1 a small group of people working or plotting in secret. 1 make a shrill. cab·ri·o·let (kab´ri ә lāʹ). n. 3 cent. adj. v. CAA. cab·i·net (kabʹә nit). –bal·ling. pl. Ca. dissonance. ca·ble·gram (kāʹbәl gram). qabbalah tradition] —cabʹa·lism. n. cab·man (kabʹmәn). –lō). vegetable whose leaves are closely folded into a round head that grows from a short stem. n. n. cable television. n. —n.. –dies. –ros. 2 the entertainment. gravel. judge] Cá·diz (kә dizʹ. n. –cies. –nat·ed. ca. [< F. dim. 1 a secret religious philosophy of the Jewish rabbis. cab·a·lis·tic (kab´ә lisʹtik). n. –ca·os. —v. adv. 2 framework. 2 case. cable stitch. kāʹdiz). of caput head] —ca·detʹship. sperm whale. ca·ble·cast (kāʹbәl kast´).L < Heb. —n. < L caccabus pot] cache (kash). etc. cable’s length. Also. cad·dy1 (kadʹi).. c. 6 Also. 5 cablegram. 1 carbon. an elaborate flourish or showy musical passage near the end of an aria. n. –banʹә). cabbala.. ca·cique (kә sēkʹ). 1 a private seal or stamp. –died. n. n.90 C C. help a golf player in this way. —n. —cadʹdishness. –bled. 1 a small group of people who form the core of an organization or a military unit.] cab·a·ret (kab´ә rāʹ. < cabrioler leap < Ital.. c’s. Caa·ba (käʹbә). n. 1450?–98. 2 central. etc. [< Sp. < L capulum halter] cable car. seaport in SW Spain. ca·ble-stitch (kãʹbәl stitch´). –died. a cabdriver. a one-horse carriage with two wheels. Also. Cd. 2 measure or beat or any rhythmical movement. etc. Informal. [< F < Ital.. cabala. etc. 1 beautifully made furniture and woodwork. clashing sound. an ill-bred person. used in making certain alloys. cable television. 1 a small. —v. [< F < Pg. kaktos] cad (kad). caca-uatl] cach·a·lot (kashʹә lot. modulation. Most cactuses grow in very hot. 4 cable television. a bluishwhite.. [< F < Pr. 1 bathhouse. and often with a folding top. Kaaba. ca·boo·dle (kә büʹdәl). < Haitian] cack·le (kakʹәl). 2 the making of such furniture and woodwork. —v. adj. < L caput head] cab·ba·la (kabʹә lә. caddy. n. kә bäʹ–). 2 a mystical belief. n. n. Also. form such a group. —ca·davʹer·ous·ly. < LL cavea cage] cab·i·net·mak·er (kabʹә nit māk´әr).. 1 SW U. —cadavʹer·ous·ness. n. the cabinet of the President of the United States. n. –dis. adj. –dy·ing. harshly. [for cabriolet] ca·bal (kә balʹ). 3 thin and worn. n. ill-bred. [< F < Ital. pl. [< Med. –balled. n. 3 place for passengers in an aircraft. ult. –käʹō). adj. kashʹā). from bouncing motion] ca·ca·o (kә kāʹō. 1 a hiding place to store food or supplies. secret.. thick rope. adj.. (zip code) California. v. < cacher hide] cach·in·nate (kakʹә nāt). v. 1 tie or fasten with a cable. 1 rhythm. 1 Cape. kabʹә rā). n. ca·boose (kә büsʹ). cab·by (kabʹi). ungentlemanly. < Mex.. [< Sp. ductile metallic element. n. private room. 2 the first note of the musical scale of C major. n. n. cad·die (kadʹi). roughly built house. < L caballarius horseman < caballus horse] ca·ba·ña (kә bäʹnyә. ca·den·za (kә denʹzә). cac·tus (kakʹtәs)..] —caʹdenced. qādī . put in a cache. n. [see cabala] cab·a·la (kabʹә lә. –men. fleshy stems have spines but usually have no leaves. [< F. [< Ar. 2 cabin (def.. cadge (kaj). 1). v. that brings part of a piece of music to an end. n. n. n.. a mothlike insect whose larvae (caddis worms) live under water in cocoons that are coated with sand. usually made of wires twisted together. Informal. Mexico. concerto. person who makes fine furniture and woodwork. 3 a protected bundle of wires to carry current. 1 of or like a cadaver. 2 a secret scheme of such a group.—adj. harsh. 2 a hidden store of food or supplies.. < L cadentia < cadere fall] ca·det (kә detʹ). corpse. harsh. v. plant whose thick. [< F < LL capanna. n. telecast by cable television.. ult. < L quadrum square] . 3 noisy chatter. silly talk.. imit. telegram sent by cable. and brokenly. 1 piece of furniture with shelves or drawers for holding dishes. cable TV. —cadʹdish·ly. gentleman or knight. 3 Roman numeral for 100. n. knit using cable stitch.. boy whose work was waiting on the officers and passengers in a ship. cad·mi·um (kadʹmi әm). cached. 2 Catholic. 5 centimeter. C. < kakos bad + phone sound] —ca·cophʹo·nous. v. –den·ces. ca·den·cy (–dәn si). adv. [< L < Gk. calcium. —cadgʹer. 2 covered part of a locomotive where the engineer sits. n. discord. n. < cacher hide] ca·chet (ka shāʹ. beg. 1 a native chief in the West Indies... [< Sp.S. –led. Italian navigator who explored for England. 1 restaurant where an entertainment of singing and dancing is provided. ca·di (käʹdi. 2 in Spain. pl. 2 shrill. adj. n. [< F < Pr. adv. 1 a small car formerly on a freight train in which the trainmen could rest and sleep. gabinetto. [< F. cents. –dy·ing. or chest. pl. —v. pl. 3 copyright. broken sound that a hen makes after laying an egg.. pl. [< NL < Gk. reaching the North American continent in 1497. —cab´a·lisʹti·cal·ly. pl. a small box. —cabʹa·list. n. kә bäʹ-). n. CA. [< F < Gascon capdet < L capitellum. pl. –nat·ing.. cadg·ing. C cab·i·net·work (kabʹә nit wėrk´). c (sē).. 1 a strong. 2 cable’s length.. 1 carton. [< NL < L cadmia zinc ore < Gk. n.. a trill. 2 a distinguishing mark. laugh loudly. –ling. etc. v. —cacophʹo·nous·ly. broken sound. cab·in (kabʹәn). cab (kab). person who carries a golf player’s clubs. approximately. group of people or things. C’s. 1 taxicab. 2 laugh shrilly. cab·a·lis·ti·cal (–tә kәl). knitting in a pattern that resembles a twisted cable. 2 pale and ghastly. [L circa or circum] 7 cubic. having a mystical meaning. John. cab·al·le·ro (kab´әl yãrʹō). cabdriver. n.. [< F < Ital. n. car pulled by a moving cable operated by a stationary engine. 3 the Cabinet. v. Civil Aeronautics Administration. Doublet of cabin. 3 fall of the voice. [ME cakelen. n. n. v.. hide. n. See cadenza. ca·dav·er·ous (kә davʹәr әs). n. ca·detʹcy. cadged.. can. 1 the third letter of the alphabet. 5 series of chords. n. –tus·es. transmission of television programs by cable to individual subscribers. 4 a hundred-dollar bill. hut. –bies. n. 3 enclosed seat on a truck for the driver. cad·dish (kadʹish). < L caper goat. cach·ing. 2 private. 3 centigrade. —cabʹi·net-mak´ing. —v. < LL capanna.. dry regions. n. 1 of or having to do with a political cabinet. horseman or gallant. v. 4 rising and falling sound.. ca·dence (kāʹdәns). [< MLG kabuse cabin] Cab·ot (kabʹәt). n. 4 center. 2 pompous political leader. etc. [< caddie] ca·dav·er (kә davʹәr. 1 a young person training to be an officer in the military. 3 chatter. Doublet of cabana. –bling. n. n. kāʹ–). [< F cadet cadet] cad·dis fly (kadʹis). 1 seeds from which cocoa and chocolate are made. cartons. –ti (–tī). n. ca·ble (kāʹbәl). 2 send a message by cable. [< L] —ca·davʹer·ic. unit of measurement at sea. —n. [< Ital. –nies. [< F] cab·bage (kabʹij). 2 a younger son or brother. conspire.

pl. —v. and historian. 1 containing calcite. mineral. cinch. C8H10N4O2. 1 the oldest son of Adam and Eve. —ca·lamʹi·tous·ly. Gk.. a heavy gray substance.. 1 find out by adding. estimate. v. –fy·ing.. or false promises. –li (–lī). n. 3 rely. < Scand. n.. adj. cae·si·um (sēʹzi әm). käf tänʹ). compute. Esp.. —v. n. ca·jol·er·y (kә jōlʹәr i). etc. n.. thin mass of dough baked or fried. —cakeʹwalk´er. 2 Fig. n. 2 forming calcium salts. deliberate planning. or landmark. —v. [< L calamitas] cal·a·mus (kalʹә mәs). cesium. do a cakewalk. cal·ci·fy (kalʹsә fī). 2 shrewd. 1 sweet flag. that reacts with water to form acetylene gas. < caisse chest < L capsa box] caisson disease. 1 gourd or fruit whose dried shell is used to make bottles. 1 restaurant. capital of Egypt. a pause in a line of poetry. —n. caf·e·te·ri·a (kaf´ә tirʹi ә).. ca·hoot (kә hütʹ).. 3 a stone that has formed in the body because of a diseased condition. Informal. adv. 2 change to lime by heating. cal·ci·mine (kalʹsә mīn. surpass.. to see who could do the most graceful or eccentric steps. bowl.. bowls. 3 prison. [< L calx lime] —cal´ci·fi·caʹtion. Cae·sar (sēʹzәr). –min). deceitful words. ca·lam·i·ty (kәlamʹә ti). v. CaC2. v. [< F < Sp. [< Malay kelady] Cal·ais (ka lāʹ. v. or dividing. milk. coax. –min).Calcutta 91 ca·du·ce·us (kә düʹsi әs. now often used as an emblem of the medical profession. 1 long. 1 a baked mixture of flour. adj. u u esp. large alligator of tropical America. cal·cite (kalʹsīt). flattery. put or keep in a cage. n. n. 1 that calculates. Also. 1 burn to ashes or powder. 1 cafe. See cadmium. a white or colored liquid consisting of a mixture of water. –son). –dūʹ–). etc. –zy˙ rʹә). wiry-haired terrier. cal·cu·lus (kalʹkyә lәs).. 1 Gaius Julius. –jol·ing. 1 calendar. 2 a tropical plant or tree that it grows on. glue. California. cal·ci·um (kalʹsi әm). 3 scheming. Informal. —calʹcu·la·bly. for confining birds. in company or league. marble. something sure and easy. –lat·ed. make a great disturbance. n. 3 careful thinking. [< F cajoler] —cajolʹer. 1 act of calculating. careful. n. in the NE part. cal·cu·late (kalʹkyә lāt). 4 plan. –cining. cak·ing. v. [< L. adj.. n. descendant of the French who come to Louisiana from Acadia. cae·su·ra (si zh˙ rʹә. –ca (–kә). n. –er·ies. adj. –cined. [< Sp. 2 a watertight box or chamber in which people can work under water. n.. kalsomine. small. 3 any small... 1 a great misfortune. prison. Ca·jun (kāʹjәn). 2 Fig. –ties. calabozo dungeon] ca·la·di·um (kә lāʹdi әm). —cal·cinʹa·to´ry adj. [see calculate] Cal·cut·ta (kal kutʹә).. n. used in counting. cal·cu·la·tion (kal´kyә lāʹshәn). causing calamity.. 3 a watertight float used in raising sunken ships. used as a wash on ceilings and walls. pl. pleasures of life. worn as evening dress or for lounging. cutting. 2 result found by calculating. coffee shop] caf·feine. caesarean section. pl. 2 a title of the Roman emperors from Augustus to Hadrian. n. It occurs as limestone. jail. [< Turk. tyrant. 4 dictator. kә–). –sur·ae (–zh˙ rʹē. Roman general. n. Cain (kān). Informal. staff carried by the god Hermes and by heralds in ancient Greece and Rome. 1 a march or dance to music of black American origin.. cayman. [< L. 3 coffeehouse. Informal. n. etc. —v. [< L. ca·ique or ca·ïque (kä ēkʹ).. n. cag·ing. adj. occurring in rocks as marble and limestone and in animals as bones. cal·a·bash (kalʹә bash). cake·walk (kākʹwôk´). subtracting. drums. 1 harden by the deposit of lime. v. flavoring. n. caked. figure. 4 a shaped mass: a cake of soap. accompanied by calamity. cairn (kãrn). [< F < Med. adj. cecum. seaport in E India. 1 a method of calculation in higher mathematics. 1 wagon to carry ammunition. eggs. harden.L calamina < L cadmia. —cal´cu·labilʹi·ty. 2 its fragrant root. originally from Scotland. teeth. of calx stone] —calʹcu·la´tor.c. < Pers. cag·i·est. [< F. long gown. intend. —cagʹi·ly. Also. –lating.. Informal. cae·cum (sēʹkәm). –mined. etc. 2 a flat. Egypt. 1 a long tunic with a girdle. b excel. –mans. etc. Informal. [< F. worn under the coat in Turkey. 1 frame or place closed in with wires. ca·fe (ka fāʹ. Sp. n. Cal. mineral composed of calcium carbonate.. n. cesarean section. n. analysis of various factors to predict the probable outcome of a particular undertaking or situation. found in coffee and tea. CaCO3. caged. n. adj. 1 that can be calculated. [< Mex.] cage (kāj). –lus·es. n. adv.] ca·lam·i·tous (kә lamʹә tәs). k˙–). adj. depend. cal·a·mine (kal´ә mīn. as an idea or opinion. disastrous. < calculus stone. Cesarian. cal·cu·lat·ing (kalʹkyә lāt´ing). pl. [prob. conqueror of Gaul. calcium carbonate. n. [< F < L cavea cell < cavus hollow] cage·y (kājʹi). [< L < Gk. used in making artificial ice and chlorine. [< L < dial. n. n. Also. 102?–44 b. —calʹcu·la´tive. n. n. 2 thing shaped like a cage. selfish. CaCl2.. and other things. (ZnOH) 2SiO3. the bends. –cei (–si ī). n.. ca·jole (kә jōlʹ). Also. 3 bottle. a win first prize. 2 murderer. n. kafʹi in). of calx. pl. n. compound of calcium and chlorine. Cae·sar·e·an. Cai·ro (kīʹrō). shrewd. kaftan. —cagʹi·ness. n. kharbuz melon] cal·a·boose (kalʹә büs. persuade by pleasant words. a stimulating drug. pl. –min·ing. [< Scotch Gaelic carn heap of stones] —cairned. pl. persuasion by smooth. See coffee. rattles. a tropical plant with large leaves. . 2 serious trouble. adj.] a ca·fé (ka fēʹ. adv. caf·fein (kafʹēn. n. [< F. It is a part of limestone. venture or undertaking whose outcome can be estimated with some degree of confidence but not with certainty. cal·cine (kalʹsīn. —n. flattery. multiplying. kalʹā). narrow Turkish rowboat. flat mass of food fried on both sides: a fish cake. something easy to do or obtain. 2 find out beforehand by any process of reasoning. etc. cesarean section. piece of cake. S U. 3 calorie or calories. 2 French. 2 woman’s loose. become fixed. cal or cal. n. misery. n. as the closed platform of an elevator. –sin). n. < calx lime] cal·ces (kalʹsēz). 2 reliable. take the cake. [< L calx lime] calcium carbide. cag·i·er. count. sugar. 2 of or containing calcium. n. –joled.. in cahoots. shells. cai·man (kāʹmәn). cover with calcimine. Also. n. pl. n. 2 barroom. –suru u as. 1 of or containing lime or limestone. etc. n. karykeion herald’s staff ] —ca·duʹcean. kalamos reed] cal·car·e·ous (kal kãrʹi әs). —calamʹi·tous·ness.. –fied. prob. —cal´ci·naʹtion. a break. < caedere cut] —cae·surʹal. —n. 2 Fig. dim. a soft. n. native hydrous zinc silicate. bones. Gallstones are calculi. calculated risk. who killed his brother Abel. 2 caliber. coffee. adj. made from such a dried shell. coloring matter. raise Cain. Cesarean. n. cal·cif·er·ous (kal sifʹәr әs). of Julius Caesar or the Caesars. statesman. silvery-white metallic element. cal·cu·la·ble (kalʹkyә lә bәl). –zy˙ rʹē). n. 2 cairn terrier. < café coffee] caf·tan (kafʹtәn. cais·son (kāʹsәn. —n. wild animals. calcium chloride. tomb. kaka] cakes and ale. chalk. CaCO3. sharp.. etc. Cae·sar·i·an (si zārʹi әn). restaurant where people wait on themselves. bars. etc. 1 pile of stones heaped up as a memorial. [<altered pronunciation of Acadian] cake (kāk).S. 3 an emperor. 2 small Mediterranean sailing vessel. pl. cesura. kal´ә büsʹ). n. kә–. adj. form into a solid mass. coaxing. Ca.. seaport in N France that is nearest England. –mi (–mī). v.

kāʹlә–). n. [OE calu bald] —calʹlow·ness. enter in a calendar or list. b subject to payment on demand. paper. c draft into the military. cal·i·co kalʹә kō). instrument used to measure the diameter or thickness of something. summons. n. call letters. 12 Baseball. n. 1 business. inside diameter. —v. n. schedule: a court calendar. 1 hard. a shout. 2 rank. of calendae the calends] calf1 (kaf. adj. cal·de·ra (kal dirʹә). 7 consider: called a big hit. call up. kāʹlә–). a cry. the thick. pl. 1 table showing the months. 366 days) that begins on January 1 and ends on December 31. [< AF < L calendarium account book < calendae calends (day bills were due)] calendar day. record. a ask (a person) to return. and days of the year. a radioactive element.. cal·ends (kalʹәndz). tasteless. or joint) so that it will not leak. seal. 2 (pl. a large kettle or boiler. 3 list. Also. on call. 2 a small card with a person’s name on it. pl. call·ing (kôlʹing). b summon to serve. c retract. Also. kind of marigold with yellow or orange flowers. 3 Fig. Poetic. kalʹif). khalīfa successor. cal·lig·ra·phy (kә ligʹrә fi). etc. government. n. of calisthenics. callisthenic. b enumerate. adj. kylindros cylinder] —calʹen·der·er. cauldron.. a vulture with a bold yellow head and long . esp.45-caliber revolver has a barrel with an inside diameter of 45 ⁄100 of an inch. —cal·li·graphʹic. amount of merit or importance. calk2 (kôk). n. the 24 hours from one midnight to the next midnight. 1 diameter. 1 made of calico. —Cal´e·doʹni·an. cal·li·o·pe (kә līʹә pē. 2 find the caliber of. –brat·ed. call out. A . cal·if·ate (kalʹә fāt. quiet. [see callous] call waiting. white leaf around a thick spike of yellow florets. 2 (of a bird or animal) utter its cry. [< L calx heel or calcar spur] —calkʹer. —n. [< NL. for 1. 2 a new growth to unite the ends of a broken bone. waken: call me in the morning.. pl. summons. n. period of 365 days (or in leap year. call off. peacefulness. 1 person who makes a short visit. n. n. thickened place on the skin. 3 leather made from the skin of a calf. stillness. 6 give a name to: they called the baby John. khalif. California Current. [after Calicut. –fit. make or become calm. not sensitive. cal·la (kalʹә). n. petallike. [< California] cal·i·pers (kalʹә pәrz). calendar year. 2 (of birds) without feathers sufficiently developed for flight. [< OF < L calcare tread. caliph. cry. [< F < L < Gk. -mәl). adj. adv. 2 lack of feeling. month.92 caldera hooked beak. n. vicar] cal·iph·ate (kalʹә fāt. in use) the practice or art of calisthenic exercises. [< L < Gk. n. 1 a young cow or bull. a projecting piece on a horseshoe to prevent slipping. cal·o·mel (kalʹә mel. n. n. Cf. 1 a small poppy with finely divided leaves and colorful flowers. 1 Also. scold. n. dish-shaped depression at the top of a volcano’s cone. calla lily.. 2 its flower. 2 leather made from it. Cf. n. n. n. cal·lus (kalʹәs). cal·en·dar (kalʹәn dәr). the head of a Muslim state. a W state of the United States. —cal´i·braʹtion. and divisions of the year are fixed.. –fôrʹni ә). reign. n. käf). 1 a hard. or territory of a caliph. [< Gk. —v. calendar month. 2 beautiful handwriting. v. b pronounce (a pitch) a strike or ball. calipers. make smooth and glossy by pressing in a calendar. –lus·es. quietness. etc. plant with a large. as portions of the skin exposed to friction. [< NL] call·er (kôlʹәr). as with oakum and tar. —n. adj. callisthenics. qālib mold] cal·i·brate (kalʹә brāt). dim. n. a pay a short visit to. n. hardened. n. occupation. 9 read over: called the roll. hence. < callus hard skin] —calʹlous·ly. cal·i·ber (kalʹә bәr).. n. cal·lis·then·ics (kal´әs thenʹiks). 2 absence of excitement. c collect as debts. adj. letters that identify a radio or television station. 3 command. adj. calif. kalʹif). in use) exercises to develop a strong and graceful body. a white. 5 cause to come: call your dog. call (kôl). evoke. —calmʹness. 5 occasion: no call to meddle. n. pl. —adj. c Fig.. 1 not stormy or windy. 1 absence of motion or wind. b telephone a person who has called earlier. b telephone to. is smoothed and glazed by pressing between rollers. adj. cal·dron (kôlʹdrәn). calm (käm). length. cal·lis·then·ic (kal´әs thenʹik). [< Scand. [var. Calif. 1 musical instrument having a series of steam whistles played by pushing keys. n. 1 skin of a calf. caulk. 2 a young elephant. Also. summon: obey when duty calls. 1 handwriting. käfʹ–). Cal·i·for·nia (kal´ә fôrʹnyә. 3 rouse. not excited. —v. –fit. caliphate. hardness of heart. machine in which cloth. Also. cotton cloth. put calks on. n. the Muse of eloquence and heroic poetry. [< L. käf). West Saxon ceallian. < kallos beauty + graphein write] —calligʹra·pher. cal·lous (kalʹәs). also kalʹi ōp). b withdraw. 1 phone card. fill up (a seam. go and get. India] ca·lif (kāʹlif. —calʹlousness. call for. 1 callus. n. cold ocean current that originates in the N Pacific Ocean and passes SW along the W coast of North America. on the Pacific coast. cal·en·der (kalʹәn dәr). the first day of the month in the ancient Roman calendar. amount of ability. n. v. Also. –coes. etc.. calves. calisthenic. still. cal·i·for·ni·um (kal´ә fôrʹni әm). produced by the bombardment of curium. 1 speak loudly. kalliope beautiful-voiced < kallos beauty + ops voice] cal·li·pers (kalʹә pәrz). [< F < Ar. –brating. a summon for advice. 2 the characteristic sound of a bird or other animal. adj. a ready to respond to a call to duty. press in] —calkʹer. stillness] —calmʹly. adj. n. call in. adv. crack.L < Ar. 1 a shout. calves. cal·low (kalʹō). cal·is·then·ics (kal´әs thenʹiks). used in medicine as a cathartic.. call back. [OE. —Cal´i·forʹnian. mercurous chloride. 4 command. 8 make a stop: they called on us. b appeal to. California. a declare (a game) ended: called on account of rain. telephone service that signals an incoming call while another call is in progress. calling card. weeks. —v. n. [< L calendae] ca·len·du·la (kә lenʹjә lә). Scotland. n. [< OF < L caldus hot] Cal·e·do·ni·a (kal´ә dōʹni ә). –cos. [< OF < Ital. 2 a marsh plant with heart-shaped leaves. n. usually with colored patterns printed on one side. 1 determine. < VL < Gk. 2 spotted in colors: a calico cat. n. 2 person who calls. califate. 2 peaceful. fleshy part of the back of the leg below the knee. shout: he called from downstairs. within call. It is the largest land bird of North America. make watertight. n. Also. make unavailable.. kālfi] calf·skin (kafʹskin´. cal·los·i·ty (kә losʹә ti). time for rest. pl. n. gauge. 10 telephone (to). 1 young and inexperienced. 2 Calliope. Also.] —callʹable. kauma heat of the day. n. whale. kallos beauty + sthenos strength] calk1 (kôk). crystalline powder. callipers. a cancel. [OE calf] calf2 (kaf. 6 a short stop. 2 Fig. 4 demand: on call at all hours. –ties. or other measuring instrument). check. v. Hg2Cl2. 11 demand payment of. [< Gk. California poppy. call down. cal·is·then·ic (kal´әs thenʹik). —calʹi·bra´tor. of caliber] ca·liph (kāʹlif. n. 2 unfeeling. Also. [< OF < Med. n. n. not moving. 2 system by which the beginning. —n. California condor or vulture. call on or upon. a bring to mind. 7 demand for payment. n. n. 1 (sing. kalends. near enough to hear a call. or rectify the scale of (a thermometer. c order to withdraw. adj.

pack up tents and equipment. caly·ces (kalʹә sēz. v. deception. a spend the night outdoors. comb] ca·ma·ra·de·rie (kä´mә räʹdә ri). 2 city in E Massachusetts. came (kām). 1 person who attaches him or herself to an army. traditionally as a peddler or prostitute.] cam·er·a (kamʹәr ә. [< LL. kävz). Doublet of chamber.. –mēʹli ә). 2 a the earliest geological period of the Paleozoic era. n. kamara. [< L calumnia] Cal·va·ry (kalʹvә ri). calumny. of cāmara chamber] cam·ass. 1 Welsh. 1 the outer leaves that surround the bud of a flower. b quantity of food capable of producing such an amount of energy. < camoufler disguise] —camʹou·flag´er. pl. n. used in the desert as a beast of burden. n. kal´yә metʹ). kalamos reed] ca·lum·ni·ate (kә lumʹni āt). esp. northern constellation. pl. pl. camp·fire (kampʹfīr´). used in making cloth. < camisa shirt. a precious or semiprecious stone carved so that there is a raised part on a background. n.. < L campus field] camp2 (kamp). –ries. 2 the flower. 2 place where a camp meeting is held. outmoded. Cam·em·bert (kamʹәm bãr). b woman’s fitted shirt or blouse of similar design. 2 cloth made of this hair or something like it.] cam·ber (kamʹbәr). 3 vehicle fitted with bunks. ca·lyx (kāʹliks. 2 a unit of the energy supplied by food. —n. false statement made to injure someone’s reputation. n. –nies. < L campus field] —campaignʹer. [< Am. disguise. –flag·ing. France] Cam·bridge (kāmʹbrij). cal·um·ny (kalʹәm ni). 3 a judge’s private office. n. of come. 2 live in a camp. a in a judge’s private office. –at·ing. missionary in Luzon] ca·mel·o·pard (kә melʹә pärd). n. n. 1 shrub or tree with glossy leaves and waxy white or red flowers shaped like roses. esp. 3 buildings. burned. [< F. n. –er·as for 1. cam·pa·ni·le (kam´pә nēʹlē). 2 caloric. —v. –at·ed. n. [< F < Sp.] cam·er·a·man (kamʹәr ә man´. 1 giraffe. –men. ca·lum·ni·a·tion (kә lum´ni āʹshәn). akin to chemise] cam·o·mile (kamʹә mīl). käv). n. adj. John. the sepals joined in a cup. large animal with one or two humps on its back. n. n. religious teachings of Calvin and his followers. of calf1 and calf2. 2 having to do with an early geological period or group of rocks. b rocks formed during this period. 1 group of tents. [< F < Ital. pl. slander. 1 person who goes camping. 93 Cam·er·oon or Cam·er·oun (kam´әr ünʹ). Canterbury bell. 1509–64. n. 2 a slightly arching piece of timber. n. comradeship. pl. pl. [< F cambre bent < L camur crooked] cam·bi·um (kamʹbi әm). ult. slanderous. heat needed to raise a kilogram of water one degree centigrade is a large calorie. camel’s hair. 2 a loose jacket worn by women as a dressing gown. adv. n. 5 people working together. growing tissue between the bark and the wood of trees and shrubs.. n. 2 part of a television transmitter which converts images into electronic impulses for transmitting. camp1 (kamp). v. —v.. one with facilities for campers. the Bactrian camel of S Asia has two humps. adj. country in SE Asia. country in W Africa. Cal·vin·ism (kalʹvәn iz әm). banal. sea nymph who detained Odysseus on her island for seven years. 1 take part in or serve in a campaign. chamaimēlon earth apple] cam·ou·flage (kamʹә fläzh). 3 organized action to influence voters in an election: a political campaign. [< L < Gk. 1 unit of heat.. n. cal·u·met (kalʹyә met. [< L calvaria skull. for camping. b privately. or other shelters where people live for a time. n. —n.. dim. 1 city in SE England.. 1 place for camping. kalyx covering] cam (kam). cam·paign (kam pānʹ). [< L < Gk. give birth to a calf. a television or motion-picture camera. n. n. n. —campʹy. n. etc. person who operates a camera. 2 conduct a political campaign. cam·el (kamʹәl). something admired because it is tasteless. calx·es. Also. cam·e·o (kamʹi ō). camp follower. [< L. ca·lyx·es. giving things a false appearance to deceive the enemy. 1 a woman’s undershirt. –lorʹ–). cam·i·sole (kamʹә sōl). n. French Protestant religious leader at Geneva. [< L calx lime] Ca·lyp·so (kә lipʹsō). long. n. 2 Fig.. 3 the rise and fall of the curve of an airfoil. [OE calfian < calf calf1] calves (kavz. a bell tower. [< F. in summer. n. cal·ces (kalʹsēz). [< LL cambium exchange] Cam·bo·di·a (kam bōʹdi ә). —n. kamʹrә–). kalʹiks). excessive. n. pl. [< L < Gk. cabal. n. adj. [< F campagne open country. arch slightly. slander. ult. trans. usually of a different color. ca·lyp·so (kә lipʹsō). soft cheese. forming a residence. camp out. n.. [< Du. etc. plant of the lily family growing in the W United States. or dromedary. plant of the aster family with daisylike flowers. kam cog. arch < Gk. a rich. having to do with heat. n.. etc. Cam·e·lot (kamʹә lot). clique.—adj. paintbrushes. old name of Wales. as near a lake or in woods. similar to the top of a slip. . adj. the image being formed by means of a lens. pt. calx (kalks). in camera. esp. peace pipe. v. adj. < L calamus < Gk. or person for profit or gain.. thin linen or cotton cloth. [< Ital. 1 a slight arch. or other similar plant with bell-shaped flowers. 1 hair of a camel.. person who attaches him or herself to a group. –flaged. < LL campana bell] cam·pan·u·la (kam panʹyә lә). projection on a wheel or shaft that changes a regular circular motion into an irregular circular motion or into a back-and-forth motion. give a false appearance to in order to conceal. 1 make a camp. Cal·vin (kalʹvәn). pl. n. v. n. kāʹlә–). has one hump. layer of soft. See comrade. chamomile. Gk. 4 camping. bluebell. break camp. The quantity of heat necessary to raise the temperature of a gram of water one degree centigrade is a small calorie. calv·ing. of campana bell] camp·er (kamʹpәr). near Boston. 3 materials or means for achieving deception. [for G. 1 disguise. 2 cuplike structure or organ.campground ca·lor·ic (kә lôrʹik. pl. Cam·bri·a (kamʹbri ә). an ashy substance left after a metal or a mineral has been thoroughly roasted. the giraffe.. n. —Calʹvin·ist. The Arabian camel. [< F < L calor heat] cal·o·rif·ic (kal´ә rifʹik). ult. Gogoltha Golgotha] calve (kav. v. [< Ital. n. say false and injurious things about. –e·os. camp·ground (kampʹground´). Luke 23:33. —Cal´vin·isʹtic. —campʹi·ness. —ca·lumʹni·a´tor. 2 planned course of action for some special purpose: a campaign to raise money. place near Jerusalem where Jesus died on the cross. –niles. cause. ornamented tobacco pipe smoked by the American Indians in ceremonies as a symbol of peace. –ni·li (–nēʹlē). kamʹrә). —v.] cam·a·ril·la (kam´ә rilʹә). Ind. [< F. dim. –er·ae (–әr ē) for 2 1 an apparatus in which photographic film or plates are exposed. cal·o·ry (kalʹә ri). n. heat. slander. n. huts. n. a legendary place in England where King Arthur had his palace. 2 people living in a camp. cam·as (kamʹas). 1 series of related military operations for some special purpose. n. n. a fine. kamelos < Semitic] ca·mel·lia (kә mēlʹyә. calved. n. a type of improvised song that originated in the British West Indies. n. cam·bric (kāmʹbrik). cal·o·rie. 2 Camelopard. arched chamber. fire in a camp for warmth or cooking. 1 producing heat. b live in camp. n. Cam·bri·an (kamʹbri әn). It corresponds to a large calorie. n. [after Cambrai. of Aram. 2 person who attends a camp. n. n. 1 Welshman. J. Kamel.. ca·lum·ni·ous (kә lumʹni әs). etc. n. n. —ca·lumʹni·ous·ly. 2 in warfare.. Legend. —calʹ·o·ric´ity. [< Sp.

Ca·naan·ite (kāʹnәn īt). lit by candlelight. 2 canine tooth. red and white. b a northern constellation that was thought of as arranged in the shape of a crab. adj. pl. —n. of Canada or its people. (kanʹdәr). v. 1 frank. land of promise. can] can2 (kan). Cancer tends to spread and destroy the healthy tissues and organs of the body. adj. 1 a metal container: a milk can. can·de·la·brum (kan´dә läʹbrәm. 1 turned into sugar: candied honey. —canʹcel·er.. Cape. n. caned. adj. 2 cook in sugar. a church festival in honor of the purification of the Virgin Mary. 1 small. 1 cross out. –died. Sugar cane and bamboo are canes. —v. some office or honor. Ca·naan (kāʹnәn). See canopy. Can·ber·ra (kanʹber ә. dusk. adj. can·dle·light (kanʹdәl līt´). 2 Also. adj..94 camphor ca·nard (kә närdʹ). 3 wine from the Canary Islands. etc. adj.. cane sugar. balance. v. can. n. n. n. esp. etc. [< L dim.S. v. –nalled. –nar·ies. light-yellow. twilight. can·did (kanʹdid). can·dle·ber·ry (kanʹdәl ber´i). a card game. Informal. –nal·ing. capital of Australia. ca·nine (kāʹnīn). 1 very harmful growth in the body. then cooled and made into small pieces for eating. plain] can1 (kan. 2 contents of a can. etc. milk. 5 material made of such stems. etc. 1 make a canal through. —v. n. 3 make sweet or agreeable. [< L. —adj.. 3 a glass jar for canning at home. n. n. can·ning.. light yellow. n. narrow boat used on canals. [< L candidatus clothed in white (toga)] —canʹdi·date·ship´. can·dle (kanʹdәl). n. n. —v.. pl. 2 tube in the body or in a plant for carrying food. [OE canne] Can. 1 sugar or syrup. chair seats.] . canal] —can´a·licʹu·lar. n. liquid.. n. or air. a false rumor. n. —camʹphor·at´ed. willing u and able to get things done: a can-do person. university. adj. 2 Fig. n. in the manufacture of celluloid. n. –pē). [after the islands] ca·nas·ta (kә nasʹtә). can·dlehold·er (–hōl´dәr). exaggerated report. of candelabrum. cane (kān). resembling stripes on peppermint candy. [OE can(n) know. 1 stick to help a person in walking. 1 wax myrtle or bayberry. adj. n. grounds of a college.. adj. n. Canaries are often kept in cages.. fruits. can-do (kanʹd˙ ´). are often added. alternating narrow stripe of two colors. [< F.. cooked and flavored. dismiss from a job. not hold a candle to. plant with red or white flowers of the same family as the pink. –dit). glowing with heat. a long. used for furniture. sincere. –bra (–brә) or –brums. 2 anything shaped or used like a candle. can·dle·stick (kanʹdәl stik´).. 1 stick of wax or tallow with a wick in it. can·de·la·bra (kan´dә läʹbrә. abolish: he canceled his order.L < Ar. 2 time when candles are lighted. such as that of the bamboo. can·ing. tumor] —canʹcer·ous. [< L cancer crab. Can·dle·mas (kanʹdәl mәs). –lāʹ–). thin piece of bread. [< F < L < Gk. pres. canned. Canada goose. —adj. n. a country north of the United States.. group of Spanish islands in the Atlantic. [OE candelmœsse] candle power. –dling. –naled. site of spacecraft launchings. impregnate with camphor. 2 cross out the same factor from the numerator and denominator of a fraction. Canadian. 2 (pl.] canal boat. used in medicine. 4 be allowed to. n. 3 Cancer. 1 beat with a cane. 2 its fruit. can·dle·fish (kanʹdәl fish´). —v. –bras) candelabrum. 4 make up for. used as a unit for measuring light. inhabitant of Canaan before its conquest by the Hebrews. could. [< F < Pers. or from the two sides of an equation. jointed stem. with pl. —can·desʹcent·ly. [< L. 3 applicant for a position. v.. n. 2 person studying for a degree. burned to give light. purple.. 3 unit for measuring the strength of a light. –bәr ә). 3 do away with. etc. ca·nal (kә nalʹ). hoax. 3 unposed.. can·cer (kanʹsәr). a tropic of Cancer. can·dor. n. —n. n. cam·phor·ate (kamʹfәr āt). 1 a canceling. –ries. n. to make it stand up straight. 2 fairness. 1 of a dog. 3 made sweet or agreeable. —n. 2 know how to. 2 belong- cam·phor (kamʹfәr). thicket or region of cane plants. n. n. pipe. natural. spirits of camphor. nightfall. —n. adj. impartiality. orig. impartial. n. sugar made from sugar cane. n. n. [< L canalis trench. cam·pus (kamʹpәs). C10H16O. can·cel·la·tion (kan´sә lāʹshәn). malignant tumor. unstressed kәn).. 1 person who seeks. adj. n. adv. can·a·pé (kanʹә pā. esp. 2 fair. n. kanna reed] cane·brake (kānʹbrāk´). [< F] can·cel (kanʹsәl). that connect the small cavities in the bones. can·can (kanʹkan). pl. the common wild goose of North America. 1 pl. honesty in giving one’s view or opinion. butter. incandescent. 2 Fig. a dance by women marked by extravagant kicking. cheese. v. 3 a long. pl. sing. crystalline substance with a strong odor and a bitter taste. v. cape on the Atlantic coast of Florida. —v. qand sugar] candy stripe. of canālis groove. —canʹdid·ness. preserve by boiling in sugar. can·di·date (kanʹdә dāt. being a candidate: please support my candidacy for treasurer. 6 a slender stalk or stem. pl.. Panama Canal and the land five miles on each side. 2 Informal. camp·site (kampʹsīt). [< L. 2 camphor in alcohol. —n.. Can·a·da (kanʹә dә). –dled. adv. cam·pi·on (kamʹpi әn). camp·ing (kamʹping). n. [< L candescens beginning to glow] —can·desʹcence. v. n. can·dle·lit (kanʹdәl lit´). —v. purity < candere shine] can·dy (kanʹdi). n. Canada. 1 light of a candle or candles. 2 cooked in sugar. Ca·na·di·an (kә nāʹdi әn). –nal·ling. 1 turn into sugar. or school.. 2 marks made when something is canceled or crossed out. [< Med. native or inhabitant of Canada. know how. but taken as sing. 4 plant having such stems. –celed. like a dog. < Malay kapur] —camphorʹic. small duct in the body. –cel·ing. practice or recreation of living outdoors in a tent or vehicle. –at·ed. –dy·ing. to protect clothes from moths. Doublet of channel. can·dy·tuft (kanʹdi tuft´). n. evil or harmful thing that tends to spread. 2 piece of this. 2 make or provide with cane: cane the chair seat. religious meeting held outdoors or in a tent. n. use up one’s strength and resources rapidly. —n. or is proposed for. a couch covered with mosquito netting. covered with sugar. 1 a white. [< F canard duck] Canary Islands. holder for a candle. Canal Zone. ca·nar·y (kә nãrʹi). 3 have the right to. an edible fish of the NW coast of America. [< L cancellare cross out with latticed lines < cancelli cross bars] —canʹcel·a·ble. pt. or pink flowers.. yellow songbird. a cracker. 2 stick used to beat with. an ornamental candlestick with several branches for candles. whiteness. n. not compare with. can·died (kanʹdid). Ca·nav·er·al (kә navʹәr әl). test (eggs) for freshness by holding them in front of a light. n. ult. [< L candela < candere shine] —canʹdler. field. n. –li (–lī). 1 a canceling or being canceled. [< L candidus white] —canʹdid·ly. 1 speaking openly what one really thinks. light given by a standard candle. nuts. –at·ing. February 2. < candela candle] can·des·cent (kan desʹәnt). c the fourth sign of the zodiac. walking stick. spread with a seasoned mixture of fish. canary yellow.. –lāʹ–). plant with clusters of white. can·di·da·cy (kanʹdә dә si). place suitable or used for camping. n. burn the candle at both ends. 1 waterway dug across land for navigation. 1 dog. mark (something) so that it cannot be used. 2 a canceled part. 1 be able to. v. n. formerly governed by the U. Chocolate. in the SE part. —n. n. n. 1 region in Palestine between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean. 1 preserve by putting in airtight cans or jars.. 2 furnish with canals. can·a·lic·u·lus (kan´ә likʹyә lәs). [< L campus field] camp meeting. –dies.

—adj. can·non·eer (kan´әn irʹ). pl. [< L cantus song] 95 cant2 (kant). 1 law of a church. –ēsʹ). pl. kan tonʹ. n. —v. 2 cannon bone. 2 allot quarters to. Caníbal < Caribe Carib] can·ni·bal·ism (kanʹә bәl iz´әm). n. n. 1 put up and sealed for preservation. –ized. 1 continuous firing of cannons. school. 2 Chinese dialect spoken in or near Canton. 3 the part of a bit that goes inside a horse’s mouth: a smooth round bit. n. n. –ries. canonical hours. n. sing. [< L. 2 recorded. n. 2 a store in a business. adj. —v. vegetables. v.. cant hook. one of the four pointed teeth next to the incisors. but not acted. can·ner·y (kanʹәr i). or piece. or gradual eating away. —n.. caterpillar that eats away the leaves of trees and plants. 2 disease of plants that causes slow decay. n.] can·na·bis (kanʹә bis). shade. rotting.. cannon ball. n. 1 a covering fixed over a bed. collectively) –non. gunner. can not. [< L. –ad·ed. can·ta·ta (kôn täʹtә). n. A canto of a poem corresponds to a chapter of a novel. –ton. kan tonʹ for n. 1 take parts from nonworking machines. can·on·ry (kanʹәn ri). etc. [< F < Sp. using many strange words: thieves’ cant. canonicals. can·ny (kanʹi).] Can·ton (kan tonʹ for 1. n. v. side < Celtic] can’t (kant. are canned. Ca·nis Ma·jor (kāʹnis māʹjәr). moral and religious statements that many people make. –tos. adj. –pies. juicy melon with a hard.. 5 an official list. v. n. —canʹni·ness. gallop gently. –lē´vәr). v. one of the main divisions of a long poem. can·ni·bal·ize (kanʹә bәl īz). 1 a spreading sore.Cantonese ing to a group of meat-eating animals including dogs. n. 3 anything that causes decay. 2 animal that eats others of its own kind. Switzerland is made up of 22 cantons. v. –ese. pl. kanon] can·on2 (kanʹәn). can·na (kanʹә). n. —can·tanʹker·ous·ly. ca·non·i·cal (kә nonʹә kәl). kanastron basket] can·ker (kangʹkәr)... —can´ni·bal·isʹtic. –ized. n. clothes worn by a clergyman at a church service. –pied. throne. —can´ni·balisʹti·cal·ly. –py·ing. pole with a movable hook at one end. n. —v. canyon. 2 hemp (plant).. —v. adj. tilt. ill-natured. 2 can or cylinder filled with bullets that is shot from a cannon. and notions. etc. [< OF < Med. light boat moved with paddles. piece of machinery. n. 3 collide violently.. group of stars SE of Orion that contains Sirius. n. v. –ries. 1. 2 city in NE Ohio. office or benefice of a canon. hymn. 2 a rooflike covering. 3 box of cooking utensils for use in camp. go in a canoe. glorify. Cantalupo place where first cultivated] can·tan·ker·ous (kan tangʹkәr әs). 1 declare (a dead person) to be a saint. can·o·py (kanʹә pi). 1 according to or prescribed by the laws of a church. of or like cannibals. drinks. adv. n. use cant. pl. can·ni·kin (kanʹә kin). känt). 3 peculiar language of a special group. 3 make or recognize as canonical. person who cans food. story or play set to music to be sung by a chorus. 1 divide into cantons. a short song. n. 1 big mounted gun or guns. group of stars SE of Orion. and wolves. —n.L cantellus little corner] can·to (kanʹtō). etc. adv. . decay. n. ka notʹ. 4 list of saints. n. shrewd. 1 member of a group of clergymen belonging to a cathedral or collegiate church. < L < Gk. in order to repair another or others. —can·tanʹker·ous·ness . 2 the flower. n. a small can. iron or steel ball. fish. can·on·ize (kanʹәn īz). Archaic. shelter. China. ca·noed. 1 plant with large. n. or yellow flowers. 7 a musical composition in which the different participants begin the same melody one after another. [< F < L < Gk. < canis dog] canine tooth. accepted. [< can1] —canʹni·ly. MLG < OF < L cant(h) us corner. kә–). in a smooth and flowing style. 2nd pers. for v. gangrene] can·ker·worm (kangʹkәr wėrm´). cantina cellar < LL canthus side] can·ter (kanʹtәr). adj. attack with cannons. cautious. –ni·er. konopeion mosquito net < konops gnat] canst (kanst). n. 2 salvage usable parts from a vehicle. a sweet. 4 authorize. can·not (kanʹot. n. peculiar to a special group. n. city in SE England. [< F < Ital. n. See cant2.. [< Ital. —v. can·ner (kanʹәr). songlike. –tōnʹ. pink. factory where meat. adj. toss. Ca·nis Mi·nor (kāʹnis mīʹnәr). –iz·ing. [< OF < L canonicus canonical < canon canon1] ca·ñon (kanʹyәn). reed. 1 discharge cannon. 1 infect or be infected with canker. etc. 3 Fig. See cane.. present of can. cantilever bridge. rough rind. used to grip and turn over logs. part of a saddle that sticks up at the back. small part or political division of a country. 4 the umbrella-like part of a parachute. can·ta·bi·le (kän täʹbi lā). can·on1 (kanʹәn). n. n. as music. [< F canon < Ital. 2).. —v. —n. < MDu. Can·ton·ese (kan´tәn ēzʹ. [< L cancer crab. –ad·ing. etc. < L cantare sing] can·ta·loupe (kanʹtә lōp). a cantabile style. hard to get along with because ready to make trouble and oppose anything suggested. or held over a person. —canonʹi·cal·ness. n. 1 native or inhabitant of Canton. can·ni·bal (kanʹә bәl). n. plant with tall stalks of bell-shaped flowers. —can´oni·zaʹtion. bone between the hock and fetlock. 2 whining or singsong speech like that of beggars. of Canton. practice of eating the flesh of one’s own kind. gentle gallop. [< Ital. China. a large. 2 become malignant. n. or their dialect. 2 artillery. place in the official list of the saints. the brightest of the stars. projecting bracket or beam that is fastened at one end only. 3 authorized. —adj.. 1 a small container for carrying water or other drinks. –ni·est. ca·noeing. —adj. can·non (kanʹәn). [prob. n. pointed leaves and large. flowering tops of hemp. formerly fired from cannons. –ner·ies. —v. portion. adv.. 1 insincere talk. 3 the official list of the books contained in the Bible. n.. vehicles. 4 cankerworm. [< Ital. —n. cannot. 1 a small box or can. can·ning (kanʹing). 2 treat as a saint. ca·noe (kә nüʹ). bridge made of two cantilevers whose projecting ends meet but do not support each other. cant1 (kant). n. n. laws of a church governing ecclesiastical affairs. separated from Canis Major by the Milky Way. n. for repairs. foxes. where food. cover with a canopy. —n. 1 city in S China. —ca·nonʹi·cal·ly. red. cup. [< L < Gk. but few really believe or follow out. slope. fruit. canon law. passage. usually purplishblue or white. can·non·ry (kanʹәn ri).. [for Canterbury gallop. < L cantare sing] can·teen (kan tēnʹ). 2 rule by which a thing is judged. kanna reed] can·non·ade (kan´әn ādʹ). its people. 2 tip. 2 strike and rebound. sky. esp. v. n. —v. pace of pilgrims to Canterbury] Can·ter·bur·y (kanʹtәr ber´i)... [< L canticulum little song < cantus song] can·ti·lev·er (kanʹtә lev´әr. entrance. 1 dried. [< L < Gk. pl. 2 member of a group of clergymen living according to a certain rule. can·tle (kanʹtәl). are sold.. the seven periods of the day for prayer and worship. muskmelon. —adj. < Carib kanoa] —ca·noeʹing. pl. the process or business of preserving food by putting it in airtight cans or jars. or chant used in church services. adv.. 1 slant. n. a large. can·is·ter (kanʹis tәr). –nons or (esp. 2 in the canon of the Bible. pl. [< Sp. continued firing of cannons. paddle a canoe.. n. from which hashish and marijuana are made. —caʹnoe·ist. –iz·ing. bevel. 6 part of the Mass coming after the offertory. [< OF canton corner. 1 person who eats human flesh. canned (kand). [< F < Ital. kanʹtәn for 2). one in the mouth. can·ti·cle (kanʹtә kәl). and v. 3 pitch. [< can2 + –kin]. Canterbury bell. China. —n. < L cantus song] can·ton (kanʹtәn. cannon bone. throw with a sudden jerk. v. 5 the sliding top of the cockpit of a small aircraft. v.

cap·i·tal1 (kapʹә tәl). 2 Often. 2 invest in or provide with capital. < LL cappa cap] cape2 (kāp). flax. < S Am. a small fish of the N Atlantic. –tōnʹ–). cap·il·lar·y (kapʹә ler´i). n. the death penalty for a crime. or fitness for: capable of criticizing music. –laries. n. worn falling loosely from the shoulders. or process of canvassing.. 1 very well. [< F < Pr. pl. 2 examine carefully. b with sails spread. Slang. competition.: a nurse’s cap. 1 a surrender on certain terms or conditions. a strong cotton cloth that is soft and fleecy on one side. 3 statement of the main facts of a subject. occupation. usually with a stream at the bottom. 4 examine and count votes cast in an election. used as bait for cod. power.C. —adj. n. ca·pac·i·tance (kә pasʹә tәns).. —adj. etc. power. [< F < Sp. n. condition. fitness. 4 piece of canvas on which an oil painting is done. ca·pa·ble (kāʹpә bәl). 2 concentration of wealth with its power and influence in the hands of a few people. ca·pac·i·ty (kә pasʹә ti). [< F < Pr. study. 5 an oil painting. —ca·paʹcious·ness. later. hairlike < capillus hair] capillary attraction.) asking for votes. surrender on certain terms or conditions: the strikers capitulated on condition that they keep their jobs.. orders. 3 capitalize. power. including land. < canere sing] Ca·nuck (kә nukʹ). 3 possession of capital. [< Sp. n. 1 the building at Washington. qualify. cap·i·tal·ly (kapʹә tәl i). having capacity or qualifications to meet ordinary requirements. 1 of or having to do with capitalism or capitalists. 2 capers. 2 important. 1 a playful leap or jump. adj. —n... 2 quality of having or causing capillary attraction or repulsion. 5 chapter. ca·pac·i·tor (kә pasʹә tәr). 1 amount of room or space inside: the theater has a capacity of 400. n. 2 agreement. < L caput head] Cape buffalo. n. [< L Capitolium chief temple (of Jupiter) < caput head] ca·pit·u·late (kә pichʹә lāt). competent: a capable teacher. 4 (of letters) of the large kind. government. v. discuss] —canʹvass·er. 2 a wealthy person. Also capillary action. n. arrange in chapters < L caput head] ca·pit·u·la·tion (kә pich´ә lāʹshәn). 1 cape in extreme W Africa. 1 capacity. rubber. 1 Canadian. seaport near the S tip of Africa. –ized. C. 3 sail or sails. n. the Cape of Good Hope. leap or jump about playfully. place where soldiers live. a having ability.] cap (kap). 4 turn into capital. n. [< L capitellum. belonging to Portugal. [< LL cappa. 1 ornamental covering for a horse.. chief. pl. [< OF < L cannabis hemp] can·vas·back (kanʹvәs bak´). [< F < Pr. capacity. n. n. 3 personal visiting of homes or stores to sell something. 4 source of power or advantage. as much as u a cap will hold. 1 hairlike. —v. 2 favoring or supporting capitalism. ca·pa·bil·i·ty (kā´pә bilʹә ti). 3 set the capital of (a company) at a certain amount. n. fact. quarters. 3 anything like a cap: a bottle cap. 2 ability of a porous substance to soak up a liquid. and the production of goods for profit. n. n. —cap´i·tal·isʹti·cal·ly. capped. n. [< L capillaris of hair. 1 write or print with a capital letter. —ca·paʹcious·ly. 4 power of delivering electric current. or part of one. 1 capillary attraction or repulsion. D. 2 rich dress. [< LL capabilis < L capere take] —caʹpa·ble·ness. profit derived from the sale of investments. n. adv. 2 Cape Verde Islands. –lat·ed. [< L caper hegoat] —caʹper·er. v.. 2 French-Canadian. n. etc. ability. capital punishment. [< L. the top part of a column. as mercury in a glass tube. a large. steep sides. ca·per2 (kāʹpәr). district. cap·i·tal·ize (kapʹә tәl īz). 4 the highest part. adj. capital letter. capa cape] cape1 (kāp). 1 a strong cloth made of cotton. 1 economic system based on private property. v. an outer garment. used to make tents and sails. make capable or fit. group of islands west of this cape. < capitulare draw up under separate heads. [<L < Gk.Ind. capital gain. capillary repulsion. n. roomy. 1 a prickly shrub of the Mediterranean region. very slender. 2 an official scrutiny of votes. —n. 2 ability. pl. —v.. Also capacitator. —capʹi·tal·i·zaʹtion. adv. fitness: a great capacity for learning. of caput head] capital asset. debate. 1 person who leads the singing of a choir or congregation. –ties. 1 of or having to do with capital. n. 3 person who favors or supports capitalism. ca·pa·cious (kә pāʹshәs). n. Can·ton flannel (kanʹtәn). a wild duck of North America with grayish feathers on its back. cap·i·ta·tion (kap´ә tāʹshәn). The legislature for the Republic of South Africa meets there. B. individual. 1 person whose money and property are used in carrying on business. take advantage of. caps. L caput head] cap. any asset held by a business.L. 4 pl. [< L capitalis chief.. 2 the Cape. etc. adj. pickled and used for seasoning. device for receiving and storing a charge of electricity. (kāpʹtoun´). –tôr). or any similar large letter. Cap·i·tol (kapʹә tәl). [< Med. tube with a very slender. pertaining to the head < caput head] cap·i·tal2 (kapʹә tәl). cap·i·tal·ist (kapʹә tәl ist). 1 put a cap on. –lat·ing. cap·e·lin (kapʹә lin). cap·ping. 2 prank. pillar. 2 special head covering worn to show rank. trick. n. —adj. top. b open to. 1 go through (a city.. shake out. a in tents. 2 something made of canvas. D.96 Canton flannel amount of electrical charge it can receive and store. —adj. 1 close-fitting covering for the head. can·vass (kanʹvәs). Capillaries join the end of an artery to the beginning of a vein. ca·pac·i·tate (kә pasʹә tāt). fit out. without sleeves. orig. —v. 2 chiefly. adj. can·ton·ment (kan tonʹmәnt. n. able to hold much. punishable by death. coagulated juice of various tropical plants. [< F < Sp. and certain types of investments. adv. n. —caʹpa·bly. —n. excellently. v. ready for: a statement capable of many interpretations.. can·vas (kanʹvәs). [< canvas. under canvas. the building in which a state legislature meets. hairlike opening or bore. –tat·ed. 1 act. cañón tube. pl. 3 amount of money or property that a company or person uses in carrying on a business. v. cañon. dress richly. narrow valley with high. n. outfit. 2 of. or charge of the same amount for every person. [< F] can·tor (kanʹtәr. Also. can·yon (kanʹyәn). gambol. [< L capacitas < capere take] ca·par·i·son (kә parʹә sәn). tax. force that causes a liquid to be depressed when in contact with the sides of a narrow tube. in which Congress meets. 2 person who chants prayers and leads worship in a synagogue. 3 discuss. < L canna cane] caou·tchouc (küʹch˙ k. etc. 3 position. made of canvas. cap·il·lar·i·ty (kap´ә larʹә ti). n. dim. n. 3 main. singer. 2 capital. cap·i·tal·is·tic (kap´ә tәl isʹtik). kou chükʹ). 5 involving death. Cf. 1 city where the government of a country or state is located.. ult. capable of. 5 take advantage of. n. n. 1 point of land extending into the water. n. make capital of. n. relation: he acted in the capacity of guardian. 1 force that raises the part of the surface of a liquid that is in contact with a solid. u the gummy. n. –ties. foundation. fee. capitalistic. –izing. 2 do or follow with something as good or better: each clown capped the other’s joke. large. capelan chaplain] ca·per1 (kāʹpәr). leading. summary. the green flower buds of this shrub. kapparis] Cape Town. cap·ful (kapʹf˙ l). property of a capacitor that determines the . toss (someone) in a sheet. adj. or hemp. adv. n. –fuls. by means of. buildings. 5 a small quantity of explosive in a wrapper. or in a tube of fine bore. cap·i·tal·ism (kapʹә tәl iz´әm). –tat·ing. power. Cape Verde (kāp´ vėrdʹ). savage buffalo of southern Africa. capitol.. 2 A. capacity. etc.

. n. caramelo] car·a·pace (karʹә pās). n. hydrogen. n. –tur·ing. See capriccio. [< F caravelle < Ital. 3 a navy officer ranking next below a commodore and next above a commander. substance composed of carbon. irregular style. —ca·priʹcious·ly. 1 sudden change of mind without reason. < Malay karbau] car·a·bi·neer. capital of Venezuela. —cap´ti·vaʹtion. cap·ti·vate (kapʹtә vāt). curly fur made from the skin of newborn lambs of a breed of Asian sheep. n. a half turn to the right or left.. Diamonds and graphite are pure carbon. lake in Turkestan] ca·rafe (kә rafʹ. [< F] car·bi·neer (kär´bә nirʹ). 4 closed platform of an elevator. adj. seize. capriola. crystalline substance. coal and charcoal are impure carbon. put a caption on. 2 a large. car·bon (kärʹbәn). 1 title or heading at the head of a page. n. 1 person or thing taken in this way. pilgrims. corrosive. n. Captain. 1 a u South American monkey with black hair on its head that looks like a hood. cap·u·chin (kapʹy˙ chin. any large inn or hotel. a capsule. n. car·avan·se·rai (–rī. [< OF < L capo] Ca·pri (käʹpri. [< F < Ital. caper. 3 the brown color of caramel. a lively piece of music in a free. 3 Brit. adj. < capro goat. chapter. [< L captiosus. cap·ri·ole (kapʹri ōl). containing carbolic acid. faultfinding. lobster. and pimientos are pods of different kinds of capsicum. 2 captivated. cap·stone (kapʹstōn´). unreasonable notion or desire. 2 subtitle on a film or television screen. etc. 5 Poetic. cap·tor (kapʹtәr)... take by force. house on wheels. 4 a membrane enclosing an organ. carvel.. karat. 2 piece of carbon used in batteries.. [< F < Sp. —capʹtur·er. C. –prēʹshәs). –oled.. or authority of a captain. [< Ital. leadership. ca·pric·ci·o (kә prēʹchi ō). n. < LL carabus < Gk. etc. cavalry soldier armed with a carbine. kapʹsīz). –rais. now recognized as the official standard for atomic weights. —v. chariot. kārwān] car·a·van·sa·ry (karʹә vanʹsә ri). covered truck or wagon for people or goods. carabineer. –sizing. 3 the 10th sign of the zodiac. a radioactive form of carbon. [< carbo(n) + hydrate] car·bo·lat·ed (kärʹbә lāt´id). –coled. –vat·ed. kärʹmәl. n.. for carrying passengers. balloon. shell on the back of a turtle. v. chief. —v. 1 held as a prisoner. 2 vehicle moving on wheels. 2 such pods prepared for seasoning or medicine. 1 of or like. 1 a group of merchants. —v. caper. kә prēʹ). 1 leader. equal to 1⁄₆ gram. 2 capriccio [< F < Ital. car·a·col (–kol). cap·tain·ship (kapʹtәn ship).. prisoner. 1 automobile. n.. ca·ra·ca·ra (kä´rә käʹrә).. Italy. upset. made by a horse and rider. —v. v. (kapʹtәn). car·a·cole (karʹә kōl). –ol·ing. 1 browned or burnt sugar used for coloring and flavoring. n. adj. article. spicy seeds used to flavor bread. v. 2 Fig. n. < capere take] capstan bar. 2 space capsule. gharrâf drinking vessel] 97 car·a·mel (karʹә mәl. etc.. —capʹtiva´tor. –syә–). hold captive by beauty or interest. dim. of keras horn] car·a·van (karʹә van). < Ar. carapacho] car·at (karʹәt). arc lamps. n. n. car·a·bi·nier (kar´ә bә nirʹ). –ties. [< Sp. adv. 1 plant yielding fragrant. and oxygen. adj. 2 a being held or detained anywhere against one’s will. n. –ә mel. Also. cap·stan (kapʹstәn). –ries. –räfʹ).. fickle. rooster specially raised to be eaten. loose. bone. < capere take] —capʹtious·ly. pl. [< F < Pers. 2 one 24th part of gold in an alloy. car·bol·ic acid (kär bolʹik). [< Pers. < capere take] captive audience. is evidence of the age of archaeological . —v. cap·si·cum (kapʹsә kәm). guided by one’s fancy. car·bine (kärʹbīn. pole used to turn a capstan. make a high leap.] —n. n. Cap·ri·corn (kapʹrә kôrn). –ba·os. 1 a small gelau tin container that holds a dose of medicine. n. 2 ability as a captain. cap·tion (kapʹshәn). of capsa box] Capt. cap·sule (kapʹsәl. person who captures. —n. 1 tropic of Capricorn. etc. 2 a southern constellation that was thought of as arranged in the shape of a goat. n. n. < capro goat < L caper] ca·price (kә prēsʹ). 1 a small. See capriccio. n. made a prisoner. n. a stable isotope having a mass number of 12. n.. It is castrated and fattened. 2 an army officer ranking next below a major and next above a lieutenant. n. pl. cap·tive (kapʹtiv).. capital letters.. van. Also. a small island in the Bay of Naples. water buffalo of the Philippine Islands. n. n. as passengers on a bus. adj. cap·ture (kapʹchәr).L < Ar. –pәn). v. –col·ling. adj. b transport used by such a group. –shin). 1 any of several plants with red or green pods containing seeds that usually have a hot. lead or command as captain. n. < kārwān caravan + serāī inn] car·a·vel (karʹә vel). –col·ing. [< F < L captura taking < capere take] —capʹtur·a·ble. [< L capsula. —n. n. [< OF < L carrus two-wheeled cart] ca·ra·ba·o (kä´rә bäʹō). a glass water bottle. [< F < Ital. caracol spiral shell] car·a·cul (karʹә kәl). position. carbineer. Franciscan monk belonging to an order that wears a long. fascinate. 2 calcium carbide. [< Kara Kul. [< F < Ital. Sugar and starch are carbohydrates. 2 a leap. –tured. C6H5OH. Ca·rac·as (kә rakʹәs. rolls. 2 in a capsule. < Gk. fast ship of former times. ult. 1 high leap made by a horse without moving forward. –vat·ing. overturn. tourists. n. 1 a being in prison. 2 any sheep of this breed. –ci·os. [< OF < LL capitaneus chief < L caput head] —capʹtain·cy. karabos kind of light ship < ancient Macedonian] car·a·way (karʹә wā). peppery taste. [< F < Sp. 1 a very common nonmetallic element. —capʹti·vat´ing·ly. skill. top stone of a wall or other structure. car·bo·hy·drate (kär´bō hīʹdrāt). [< L captivus. 3 a dry seedcase that opens when ripe. keration small horn-shaped bean used as a weight.carbon 14 ca·pon (kāʹpon. —adj. 2 to leap. –rā). [< F < L carbo coal] carbon 12. traveling together for safety through a desert or a dangerous country. 1 rank. –räʹkәs). 3 railroad vehicle for freight or passengers. n. turn bottom side up. The extent of its decay in wood. 1 unit of weight for precious stones. 1 of a horse.] ca·pri·cious (kә prishʹәs. –sized. –sy˙ l). 1 inn or hotel where caravans rest in the East. n. a very poisonous. < Ar. etc. make a prisoner of. n. cap·tan (kapʹtan).. n. [< Med. pointed hood or cowl. used in solution as a disinfectant and antiseptic. capriccio. n. 4 commander of a ship. [< Pr. hard to please. kärmelʹ). –bid). 2 its seeds. or under a picture. phenol. charm. cap·tiv·i·ty (kap tivʹә ti). [< L captio a taking < capere take] cap·tious (kapʹshәs). —ca·priʹciousness. cap·tain. n. ult. [< F < Ital. —capʹtiousness. –colled. n. n. fact of capturing or being captured. fast ship of the type used by Columbus and other navigators. –bēn). pl. < L capistrum halter. 2 act of capturing. machine for lifting or pulling that stands upright. membranous bag or sac. chilies. 1 compound of carbon with a more electropositive element or radical. Carbohydrates are made from carbon dioxide and water by green plants in sunlight and are a major class of foods. flat. karawyā] car·bide (kärʹbīd. ult. crab. carbon 14. dim. or trick. [< n.] caps. n. n. changeable. Also. cap·su·lar (kapʹsә lәr. cakes. n. [< NL < L capsa box] cap·size (kap sīzʹ. n. karakul. the most abundant isotope of carbon. 5 leader of a team in sports. v. n. group of persons who may be involuntarily subjected to an advertising appeal or other message. a vulturelike bird of South America. etc. n. 2 Capuchin. white. powder used in solution on plants as a fungicide. 2 a small block of chewy candy. Green peppers. n. n. car (kär). adv. Also. a short rifle.. 2 any small. prance from side to side. adv. pl. < Sp. < Sp. n. etc.

n. car·da·mum (kärʹdә mәm). an extremely hard compound of carbon and silicon. carbon cycle. etc. black pigment of pure carbon. CO2. cardinal flower. a game played with a deck of cards. adj. v. –car´bu·reʹtion. n. carbon black. It is a kind of finch. 1 tending to cause cancer. containing coal. take care of. and protection. 1 thinking what one says. 1 wolverine. —carʹdi·nalship´. 1 period when the warm. a plan or extra help held in reserve. 3 speed. car·di·o·pul·mo·nar·y (kar´dē ō pulʹmәnәr´ē). cards. n. cancer. likely to happen. etc. cards (kärdz).. flax. branch of medicine that deals with the heart and its diseases. seaport in SE Wales. tilt.. n. –gräf´). kardiakos < kardia heart] Car·diff (kärʹdif). appointed by the Pope. n. –at·ed. device for mixing air with gasoline to make an explosive mixture in an internal combustion engine. 2 combine with carbon. 2 put on a card. —careʹful·ly. exact. adv. 1 circulation of carbon in nature through photosynthesis and a part of the food chain. —carbon-date. car·di·ol·o·gy (kär´dē olʹә jē). b be careful of. 2 Fig. kardamomon] card·board (kärdʹbôrd´. a colorless. full speed. care·less (kãrʹlis). 1 be concerned. a salt or ester of carbonic acid. –ized. painting. —car·bunʹcu·lar. 2 bright-red. 2nd. present in the atmosphere. 1 the heart: cardiologist = expert in the diseases of the heart. 2 done with thought or pains. –it. ca·reen (kә rēnʹ). position or rank of cardinal. —v. 2 the Asiatic plant that it grows on. n. –reting. moist climate produced great forests. are numbers used in counting. lay one’s cards on the table. without worry. carcassa] car·cin·o·gen (kär sinʹә jәn). n. acid made when carbon dioxide is dissolved in water. 2 way of living. odorless.. of the Roman Catholic Church. a toothed tool or wire brush. n. 2 the plant it grows on. car·di·o·graph (kärʹdi ә graf´. odorless gas. caution. tip. have a care. 1 a spicy seed used as seasoning and in medicine. –rid. those who are disabled or ill. a colorless. –klōʹ–). 3 an unfinished framework or skeleton. carbon dating. cotton. 3 one of the princes.98 carbonaceous car·bu·re·tor (kärʹbә rā´tәr). car·ing. a stiff material made of paper. carbon copy. n. for spinning by combing them. [< L < Gk. a knitted woolen jacket or sweater. cardinal points.. See card1 card·sharp (kärdʹshärp´). H2CO3. —v. carbon tet·ra·chlo·ride (tet´rә klôʹrīd. car·cin·o·gen·ic (kär sin´ә jenʹik). used in manufacturing rubber and printing. 1 bright red. open at the front. n. card·ing (kärʹding). 4 cardinal number. at the address of. 2 Carborundum. n. such as gasoline. combining form. v. c attend to. n. carbon monoxide. colorless. n. 2 rock and coal beds formed during this period. n. . medicine that stimulates the heart. or car·da·mon (–mәn). round garnet or other deep-red jewel. in the cards. 2 like. car·bon·ic acid (kär bonʹik). adj. pertaining to a hinge cardo hinge] —carʹdi·nal·ly. n. –bōrd´). 2 done without enough thought finds or geological formations in which organic matter occurs. 1 very painful. not watching what one does. —v. car·ca·jou (kärʹkә jü. adj. 1 the bright-red flower of a North American plant. ca·reer (kә rirʹ). adj. Soda water is carbonated to make it fizz. —careʹfulness. –ma·ta (–mә tә). —car´di·olʹo·gist. carbon dioxide. 1 of first importance.] card2 (kärd). 1 piece of stiff paper or thin cardboard. adj. car·ci·no·ma (kärʹsә nōʹmә). polishing. adj. —adj. any substance or agent that produces cancer. wish: I don’t care for dessert. etc. 1 dead body of an animal or human being. –iz·ing. noninflammable liquid. 1 worry. esp. 246. car·bu·ret (kärʹbә rāt). take care. —n. —n. adj. n. car·bo·run·dum (kär´bә runʹdәm). a heavy. 1 change into carbon by burning. < L carrere to card. having to do with someone who has seriously followed a profession: a career diplomat. thin paper having a preparation of carbon or other inky substance on one surface. car·case (kärʹkәs). n. like. 2 lay (a ship) over on one side for cleaning. south. [< carbo(n) + (co)rundum] car·bun·cle (kärʹbung kәl). n. c deal with. used to make cards and boxes. provide for. provide for. care·free (kãrʹfrē´). Doublet of chart. 1 change into a carbonate. cardio-. repairing. number that shows how many are meant. n. a attend to. —n. v. 3. –ret·ed. contrasted with 1st. feel an interest. car·bon·ize (kärʹbәn īz). used for making copies of drawings. 3 queer or amusing person. n. 3 object of concern or attention. CO. n. etc. adj. of. 10. kärʹbәn āt). a dishonest professional cardplayer. car·di·ac (kärʹdi ak). car·da·mom. [< L < Gk.. dash. trademark for this abrasive. pl. be completely frank and honest about something. by L carduus thistle] —cardʹer. n. n. –zhü). n. [< F carrière race course < L carrus wagon] —ca·reerʹist. 2 American songbird that has bright-red feathers marked with black. east. any person or thing that appears to duplicate someone or something else. Car·bon·if·er·ous (kär´bәn ifʹәr әs). profession. usually small and rectangular. n. formed when carbon burns with an insufficient supply of air. rush along wildly. etc. used for grinding. v.. CCl4. 1 mix (air or gas) with carbon compounds. —v. [< F < Pr. [OE caru] —carʹer. care for. 1 provide with a card. [< F < L carina keel] —ca·reenʹer. car·bo·na·ceous (kärʹbә nāʹshәs). 2 American badger. carbon paper. n. watching what one does. [named for the Earl of Cardigan (1797–1868)] car·di·nal (kärʹdә nәl). very poisonous gas. n. card up one’s sleeve. adv. the four main directions of the compass. v. kärʹbәn āt. v. 2 attention. often used in cleaning fluids. be careful. clean or comb with such a tool. car·di·gan (kärʹdә gәn). the scarlet lobelia. cared. car·di·o·vas·cu·lar (kär´dē ō vasʹkyә lәr). karkinoma] card1 (kärd). 1 copy made with carbon paper. n. n.. [< L cardinalis chief. 2 the heart and: cardiorespiratory the heart and lungs. care·giv·er (kārʹgiv´әr). –mas. of or having to do with the heart and blood vessels. n. be careful.. a be fond of. 2 the series of nuclear transformations in stars that begin and end with a carbon 12 atom. method of determining the age of an artifact or specimen by measuring the amount of carbon 14 that is present.. cardinal number or numeral. happy. 2 caused by cancer. —v. —car´bon·izaʹtion. care (kār). and west. adj. n. [< L carbunculus < carbo coal] —carʹbun·cled. occupation. like. n. in care of. or containing coal. of or having to do with the heart. north. inflamed swelling under the skin. electrocardiograph. b want. whose remains form the great coal beds. 2 a living body. or high officials. possible. cautious. care·ful (kãrʹfәl). 1 not thinking what one says. thorough. –at·ing. v. [< Canadian F < Algonkian] car·cass. carboniferous. which are ordinal numbers. 2 one of a pack of cards used in playing games. person who provides care for children and adults. 5 food. adj. infl. car·bon·ate (n. 2 charge with carbon dioxide. of or having to do with the heart and lungs. n. 4 watchful oversight. car·di·nal·ate (kärʹdә nәl āt). [< F < Ital. 2 cover or combine with carbon. n. preparation of the fibers of wool. 1 lean to one side. [< L < Gk. —cardʹsharp´ing. shelter. want. main. —adj. n. 1 general course of action or progress through life. wish. 2 smooth. [< F carte < L charta. etc. 24th. n. —car´bon·aʹtion.. adj.

as much as a car. and South America. [< car + hijack] car·load (kärʹlōd´). a mendicant friar or nun of a religious order founded in the 12th century..] car·nel·ian (kär nēlʹyәn). n. carambola. car·fare (kärʹfãr´). n.. 2 any of a group of similar fishes. esp. by L caro flesh] car·ni·val (kärʹnә vәl). long. 2 hymn: Christmas carols. carp2 (kärp). Romania. adj. –roused. –gos. 1 make a carom. a red stone used in jewelry. [< Scand. —n.L < L carnem levare the putting away of flesh] Car·niv·o·ra (kär nivʹә rә). dī–). 3 part of an organ imitating the sound of bells. n. [< L. and vanadium. –goes.. [< Sp. and Poland. n. 2 a covered cart. –lonned. —adj. < G gar aus(trinken) (drink) all up] —carousʹer. car·ni·vore (kärʹnә vôr. play a carillon. Also. 3 rosy pink. white. [< L cariosus < caries decay] —car·i·os·i·ty (kãr´i osʹә ti). [< Med. place. carpenter. 1 worldly. pl. n. and to a lesser extent in Central America and the West Indies. person whose work is building with wood. carrousel. [< Canadian F < Algonkian xalibu pawer] car·i·ca·ture (karʹi kә ch˙ r. –wōrn´). —v. kә ribʹi–). 2 a covering made of this fabric. or tissues. found in plants and animal tissues. showing signs of worry. drinking party. [< F < Ital. car·ies (kãrʹēz. –rous·ing. money to pay for riding on public transport. [< F < Ital. ? < Malay carambil name of fruit] car·o·tene (karʹә tēn). 1 member of an Indian tribe of NE South America. n. —n. < L carrus wagon] car·i·ous (kãrʹi әs). —n. can hold or carry. n.. —v. work of a carpenter. < L quattuor four. karotides < karos stupor (state produced by compression of carotids)] ca·rous·al (kә rouzʹәl). 2 a hitting and bouncing off. radium. 1 of this sea or the islands in it. car·go (kärʹgō). decayed. [< L carnivorus < caro flesh + vorare devour] —car·nivʹo·rous·ly. flesheating animal. sea between Central America. n. car· ou· sel (kar´ ә selʹ . embrace. lions. karpos wrist] Car·pa·thi·an Mountains (kär pāʹthi әn). n. ult. 1 flesheating: carnivorous animals. –lon·ning. —Car·o·linʹi·an adj. —v. adj. pl. description. the West Indies. 2 hit and bounce off. cornelian. 3 a very inferior imitation. [< Med. cartoon. [< Gk. v. radioactive element found in the W and SW United States and a source of uranium. 1 set of bells arranged for playing melodies. sweep (shove or push) under the carpet. 1 deep-red with a tinge of purple. car·niv·o·rous (kär nivʹә rәs). medicine that does this. one after the other.. adv. n. car·pe di·em (kärʹpē dīʹәm. n. [alter. —v. n. 2 feasting and merrymaking. n. 1 noisy revelry. one on each side of the neck. carmesi crimson] car·nage (kärʹnij). 2 Also. n. –lәn. car·i·bou (karʹә bü). carnagione flesh color. n. a modified leaf from which a pistil of a flower is formed. < Med. ca·rouse (kә rouzʹ). u –tured. —car·nivʹo·ral adj. [< L] car·il·lon (karʹә lon. [< Gk. —n. —ca·ressʹer. car·ol (karʹәl). < LL carpa < Gmc. 1 make the most of today. 2 light-crimson. make a caricature of. ca·ress (kә resʹ). –i ēz). carps or (esp. car·ob (karʹәb). —car·nivʹorous·ness.. either of two large arteries. –chәr). —ca·ressʹing·ly. person who plays a carillon. n.L < Sp. < L carus dear] —ca·ressʹa·ble. mark (^) to show where something should be put in. n. —Carʹib·an. national park in SE New Mexico. on the carpet. —carpʹing·ly. and dace. orig. 3 anything like a carpet. n. choraules flute player] —carʹol·er. n. n. collectively) –bou. side shows. adj. 2 of or having to do with the Carnivora. mountain system in E and C Europe. any one of a group of pigments whose colors range from yellow to dark red. —v. —careʹless·ly. v. —n.. –mīn). Also carilloner. 3 not troubling oneself. v. North Carolina and South Carolina. bones. 2 a drinking party. –tur·ing. < cargar load. adj.] carp. 1 place of amusement or traveling show having merry-go-rounds. a touch or stroke to show affection. cover with a carpet. woven fabric for covering floors and stairs. ult. care·worn (kãrʹwôrn´. —adj. car·min·a·tive (kär minʹә tiv. n. car·om (karʹәm). 1 a red. —careʹless·ness. —adj. 2 bodily. touch or stroke to show affection. yellowish. n. n. [< obs. 2 the plant that it grows on. –oled. decay of teeth. infl. n. car·pel (kärʹpәl). adj. n. flat pod of the tree. etc... n.. < L carrus wagon] Car·ib (karʹib). karpa wrangle] —carpʹer. large group of flesh-eating animals. dogs. karpos fruit] —carʹpel·lar´y adj. slaughter of a great number of people. 1 deep red with a tinge of purple. car·pet (kärʹpit). kiss. Car·o·li·na (kar´ә līʹnә). Also carotin. ca·rot·en·oid (kә rotʹә noid). carriole [< F < Ital. —v. sing. —v. adv. [< Ital.carpet 99 or pains. not spiritual. v. consisted of four bells] car·il·lon·neur (kar´ә lә nėrʹ). Car·mel·ite (kärʹmәl īt). carʹi·ousness. kә rilʹyәn). car·i·ole (karʹi ōl). car·na·tion (kär nāʹshәn). having to do with these arteries. —n. being scolded or rebuked. –ol·ing. n.L carpeta < L carpere card (wool)] —carʹpet·less. adj.. ca·rot·id (kә rotʹid). chiefly in Slovakia. 1 ult. 3 crimson coloring matter found in cochineal. —carʹi·ca·tur´ist. –bous or (esp. 2 art of making such pictures or descriptions. or thing. chub. —carʹnal·ly. tigers. praise with carols. carpentry. 2 of the Caribs. —n. carrom.. embrace. expelling gas from the stomach and intestines. Latin. car·pen·ter (kärʹpәn tәr). carnaggio < L caro flesh] car·nal (kärʹnәl). 2 light crimson. and bears. 1 a heavy. take part in noisy feasts or revels. n. –vōr). adj. adj. kärʹmә nā´ tiv).. 1 evergreen tree of the Mediterranean region. car·et (karʹәt). a noisy feast. n.. n. car·jack (karʹjak´). —adj. n. [< F. n. load of goods carried on a ship. ? < L < Gk. 1 a small carriage drawn by one horse. in writing. of the carpus. complain. [< L carnalis < caro flesh] —car·nalʹi·ty n. or pink flower with a spicy fragrance. < caricare overload] —carʹi·catur·al. n. 2 a language family found primarily in NE South America. having caries. [< F < Ital. Also. n. do such work. —adj. collectively) carp. Carls·bad Caverns (kärlzʹbad). find fault with. 3 time of feasting and merrymaking just before Lent. car·no·tite (karʹnә tīt). n. of cornelian. [< L carminatus carded] car·mine (kärʹmin. Car·ib·be·an (kar´ә bēʹәn. steal by force a car with a driver in it. See carnage. n. North American reindeer. n. carp1 (kärp). adv. used as fodder or food. 2 (literally) seize the day. n. . pl. etc. adv. —v. tired. red or yellow crystalline pigment found in carrots and other plants and in animal tissues. [< OF carole. adj. n. Also. [< NL < Gk. 1 shot in which the billiard ball struck with the cue hits two balls. car·pal (kärʹpәl). n. 1 an early American colony on the Atlantic coast. of this order. a railroad freight car. n. carob bean.. kiss. 2 either North Carolina or South Carolina. 3 the Carolinas. [< OF < Pr. weary. drink heavily. famous for its huge limestone caverns. sensual. —adj. rosy-pink. n. bone of the carpus.. minnows. –zelʹ). that ridiculously exaggerates the peculiarities or defects of a person or thing. sing joyously. adv. [< OF < LL carpentarius wagonmaker < L carpentum wagon] car·pen·try (kärʹpәn tri). n. [< F < Sp. adv. 2 melody played on such bells. 1 song of joy. n. [< F < Ital. including goldfish. v. not exact or thorough. that carry blood to the head. conceal or ignore something difficult or unpleasant. there is wanting] care·tak·er (kãrʹtāk´әr). 1 a freshwater fish containing many bones that feeds mostly on plants. bought and sold by the carload. including cats. person who takes care of a person. n. —adj. carezza. v. n. —n. theft of a car and driver.

—v. n. v. –pi (–pī). in an exaggerated way. n. cart (kärt). car·pet·ing (kärʹpit ing). for 5. < Cartesius. 2 feeding on dead and decaying flesh. small.. filth. of cartouche (< F) a roll of paper] cart·wheel (kärtʹhwēl´). 1977–81. village where the first monastery of the order was] car·ti·lage (kärʹtә lij). 4 act of transporting. n. car·ri·on (karʹi әn). [< F < L < Gk. karpos wrist] car·riage (karʹij. carry away. [< L < Gk. etc. etc. c be the death of. n. etc. mountain range in NW United States. 1 case made of metal or cardboard for holding gunpowder. fall in a cascade. [< F < Ital.. kartr]. 1 wheel of a cart. v. 1 box made of pasteboard. Northerner who went to the South to get political or other advantages after the Civil War. 1924–. adj. n. 3 Fig. —adj. casbah. car·port (kärʹpôrt. 2 a full-size drawing of a design or painting. esp. 1832–98. Car·thu·sian (kär thüʹzhәn). [alter. etc. a do. 1 sketch or drawing showing persons. as in radio. 2 anything like this.. 39th president of the United States. 1 plant that has a long. carosello < L carrus cart] car·ry (karʹi). v. adj. for carrying heavy loads. [< NL. n. or with his doctrines or methods. adj. 1 take from one place to another: carry goods in a ship. —n. a powerful ancient city and seaport in N Africa. n. —Car´tha·ginʹian. tough.. Car·te·sian (kär tēʹzhәn). 1 the firm. –ried. 5 aircraft carrier. —car´to·graphʹic. 4 animated cartoon. [OE ceorfan] —carvʹer. n. c continue. n.100 carpetbag in a certain way. 1 dead and decaying. [< Med. n. carrier wave. flexible substance forming parts of a skeleton.. n. n. [< OF cariage < carier carry] carriage trade.. [< NL < Gk. behave foolishly or wildly. tapestry. 2 roll of camera film. carousel. carom. n. d Informal. divide into shares or pieces. of grasses as a grain of wheat. 2 red-haired. wealthy people who patronize expensive shops. kärʹtәl). statue of a woman used as a column.L carta chart. cariole. 2 as much as a carton can hold. car·tel (kär telʹ.. orange-red root eaten as a vegetable. 9 extend credit to. political events. carry on. [< F carton pasteboard < Ital. 2 a portage. map + E –graphy drawing < Gk. Car·son City (kärʹsәn). a manage. n. –ries. 3 comic strip. n. –pōrt´). n. n. gristly. 2 a sidewise handspring or somersault. 1 wrist. carve up. 2 Also. n. n. n. pass off. 1 act or art of one that carves. full authority. n. —adj. 10 sustain or perform (a melody or musical part): carry the tune. ca·sa·ba (kә säʹbә). etc. 7 involve: his judgment carries great weight. car·tridge (kärʹtrij). kä´sә blängʹkә). n. n. 2 washing of an automobile. [var.c. 3 a small vehicle on wheels. freedom to use one’s own judgment. extending from N California to British Columbia.. 3 hold (one’s body and head) .] car·toon (kär tünʹ). used to deliver goods. 1 homing pigeon. complete. part left over... for a fresco.. things. carry out. cascata < L cadere fall] Cascade Range. car·ri·er (karʹi әr). 1 cost or price of carting. n. 1 like a carrot in color. a roofed shelter for one or more automobiles. 2 act of carting. n. do. radio wave whose intensity and frequency are varied in order to transmit a signal. make by cutting. b go on with after being stopped. for carrying persons. kind of muskmelon with a yellow rind. having to do with Descartes. write] —car·togʹra·pher. car´to·graphʹi·cal. win. English writer and mathematician. car·rom (karʹәm). elastic. car·rot (karʹәt). were sometimes added. —cartʹer. 1 of or like cartilage. 1 a small waterfall. –cad·ed. Cas·bah (käzʹbä). of this order. [OE crœt or < Scand. —car´to·graphʹi·cal·ly. b cause the death of. French. adj. 3 rotten. 2 carpets. car·pus (kärʹpәs). cart·load (kärtʹlōd´). complete. n. adj. N African cities. 1 business that washes automobiles automatically as the vehicle is passed through a series of water sprays. 1 person or thing that carries something: mail carrier. [< F < L cartilago] car·ti·lag·i·nous (kär´tә lajʹә nәs). car·rou·sel (kar´ә selʹ. 2 circular conveyor. a win a prize or honor. member of an order of monks founded in 1086. carry in a cart. n. —v. sustain: those columns carry the roof. adv. and rinses. etc. cart. n. caravel. Karyatides women of Caryae] —car´y·atʹi·dal. 4 capture. 6 cover a certain distance: his voice carries well. His real name was Charles L. carv·ing (kärʹving). 1 vehicle moving on wheels. —v. 2 having the skeleton formed mostly of cartilage. any place suggestive of the old. 2 cut. or casaba melon. n. as much as a cart can hold or carry. 8 keep in stock. n. 2 part formed of this substance. 3 circular tray that holds slides for a projector. winding streets of the Casbah. –ids. Lewis. restaurants. [< OF caroigne < VL < L caries decay] Car·roll (karʹәl). capital of Nevada. —v. cart·age (kärʹtij).. carve (kärv). Dodgson. n. v. founded by the Phoenicians. n. graphein draw. carv·ing. –zelʹ). James (Jimmy) Earl. b succeed with. n. The nose is supported by cartilages. 1 distance covered. carry through. heavy. car·tog·ra·phy (kär togʹrә fi). karoton] car·rot·y (karʹәt i). cassaba. carry off. and television broadcasts. as for delivering luggage to passengers at an airport. [< F < Ital. gristle. 2 its root. Asia Minor] Cas·a·blan·ca (kas´ә blangʹkә. car·y·at·id (kar´i atʹid). pl. n. 4 radio wave whose intensity is decreased or increased and whose frequency is regulated in transmitting a signal. support. n. 5 cost of carrying. 1 merrygo-round. 4 kind of medieval tournament to which dances. 11 arouse. n. car·ri·ole (karʹi ōl). 3 decorate with figures or designs cut on the surface. carv·en (kärʹvәn). car·sick (kärʹsik´). n. formerly. a influence strongly or uncreasonably. n. dry seed fruit. Poetic. charcoal for filters. car·pet·bag·ger (kärʹpit bag´әr). See card1. 3 person or thing that carries or transmits a disease. 2 moving part of a machine that supports some other part. scrubbers. similar section of various other esp. —carʹsick´ness.] car·ry-o·ver (karʹi ō´vәr). 5 get (a motion or bill) passed. large group of businesses that agree to fix prices and production to operate as a monopoly. pl. 2 rottenness. car·ton (kärʹtәn). n. of carton. Also. adj. carved. –ry·ing. mosaic. train. 3 any of various containers to hold ink. traveling bag made of carpet. 1 cut into slices or pieces. 1 dead and decaying flesh. 2 a light wagon. 1 vehicle with two wheels. 2 one of a breed of large. complete. cartello little card1] Car·ter (kärtʹәr). 2 hold up. b bring through trouble. 2 thing to carry something in or on. because drawn on paper] —car·toonʹing. carved. etc. domestic pigeons. [after Kasaba near Smyrna. 1 old quarter of Algiers. carrier pigeon. the making of maps or charts. pl. orange-red. 2 carved work: a wood carving. adj. n. car wash. car·y·op·sis (kar´i opʹsis). car·vel (kärʹvәl). Latinized form of Descartes] Car·thage (kärʹthij). cas·cade (kas kādʹ). adj. [< Chatrousse. so called because at one time such patrons traveled in their own carriage. destroyed by the Romans in 146 b. nauseated by traveling in a car. moved by hand. car·pet·bag (kärʹpit bag´). —car·toonʹist. Also. < carta. 2 bones of the wrist. –cading. [< F < Ital. 3 manner of holding the head and body. Doublet of charge.. —n. kill. n. bearing. make a cartoon of. also karʹi ij). n. [< OF < LL carricare < L carrus wagon. conduct. tapering. 1 fabric for carpets. seaport in NW Morocco. –ides (–ә dēz). Jr. carte blanche (kärtʹ blänshʹ). usually attached to a house and open on at least one side.

hard soap made from olive oil. of casa house < L casa] cask (kask. pl. cast about.. 2 amount that a cask holds. Tapioca is made from cassava. n. 1 a window opening on hinges like a door. 1 investigation and help by social workers of particular individuals. cash crop. but smaller. Cas·tile (kas tēlʹ). 1 a building or room for dancing. a throw or put aside. laxative made from the dried bark of a species of buckthorn. 5 a convincing argument. etc. [< F. and is usually made to hold liquids. cover with a case. 6 lower. having turrets and battlements. b shipwreck. in poker. as a check. —cas´tel·laʹtion. n. chance < cadere fall] case2 (kās). n. of kyathos cup] cas·sette (kä setʹ). distinct class. b lay plans. n. 1 Castilian Spanish. cast up. its people. covering. appearance. n. –gating. 1 harden (iron or steel) on the surface. 1 all facts concerning a person or group that may be useful in deciding treatment or future action. or one of a pair. n. –sēn). under any circumstances. machine which records and shows the amount of a sale. v. sort. a arise. look. [< Scand. 2 northern constellation fancied to resemble Cassiopeia sitting in a chair. 5 form. < Pg. a prophetess of ancient Troy. —v. position. a turn downward. 2 record of a particular case. discard. cast away. frame. 3 mold. n. ult. 3 framework around a door or window. cash (kash). let fall: the snake cast its skin. —caseʹwork´er. castaneta < L castanea chestnut] cast·a·way (kastʹә wā´. formerly a kingdom. [< L < Gk. covering. 2 food cooked and served in such a dish. coins and bills. cash cow. b use to advantage. change (chips. 1 region in N and C Spain. discharge in disgrace. Cas·san·dra (kә sanʹdrә). crop grown for sale on a farm. cast aside. –gat·ed. etc. criticize severely. n. käsʹ–). n. < castus pure] —cas´ti·gaʹtion. 3 direct. ca·se·ous (kāʹsi әs). Cheese is mostly casein. a search. n. n. [< F < Ital. 1 covering. n. cash register. cash·book (kashʹb˙ k´). cash in on. make unfeeling. a pair. ult. ca·si·no (kә sēʹnō).] cash·ier2 (kash irʹ). soft wool from sheep. n. 2 a card game. 1 any of the hereditary social classes into which the Hindus are divided. make the first row of stitches in knitting. käsʹ–). n. Cas·pi·an Sea (kasʹpi әn). . lightweight woolen cloth. paid at the time of buying something. 3 a social system having class distinctions based on rank. soft woolen cloth. cas·ing. lower. vinegar. banish. [< OF < L capsa box < capere hold] case·hard·en (kāsʹhärʹdәn). lose caste. cast. b discard. scheme. casco skull. 2 outcast. case·ment (kāsʹmәnt). of Castile. etc. n. < L quassare break] cas·ket (kasʹkit. in case of. See cash1. any window. kasʹi ә). [after Kashmir] Cash·mere (kash mirʹ. protein present in milk. 2 cartridge of videotape. 1 throw: cast a fishing line. 1 thrown away. kasta throw] cas·ta·net (kas´tә netʹ). often with little investment of time or money involved. v. v. cast down.. manioc. acajú < Tupi] cash·ier1 (kash irʹ). n. q’tsī’āh] cas·si·mere (kasʹә mir). 3 quantity in a box. casta race < L castus pure] cas·tel·lat·ed (kasʹtә lāt´id). käsk). kästʹ–). 1 Gk. adj. —n. Cas·til·ian (kas tilʹyәn). 2 render callous. expel. 4 actors in a play. dim. a a small wheel on a piece of furniture to make it easier to move. [< L caseus cheese] case·work (kāsʹwerk´). etc. dismiss from service. 1 a small kidney-shaped nut. 2 give cash for. [< Ital. bark] case1 (kās). adj. cast·ing. 4 matter for a law court to decide. n. a let loose. 2 the occupation of doing this. —n. 1 ready money. coffer] cash-and-carry (kashʹәn karʹi). 2 money. 2). cash·mere (kashʹmir).) into cash. cask of wine. [< Sp. cast out. wealth. caste (kast. held in the hand and clicked together to beat time for dancing or music. 2 operated on this basis. 1 act of throwing. or typewriter ribbon. or families as units. dim. 2 Poetic. 1 an inferior kind of cinnamon. 1 Gk. c make the last row in knitting. 2 a nutritious starch from its roots. käst). 6 kind. if. casacca] —casʹsocked.. 2 condition: a case of poverty. in any case. [< F caisse < Pr. 1 get cash for. 1 fine. n. lose social rank or position. Legend. 2 person who prophesies misfortune. n.Castilian 101 cas·car·a (kas kãrʹә). 3 plant from whose leaves and pods the drugs senna is obtained. 2 native or inhabitant of Castile. n. 1 coffin. n. [< Malay kasuari] cast (kast. a pure. example: a case of poor work. v. n. cas·ti·gate (kasʹtә gāt).. [< Du. Castile soap. 2 the tree that produces it. 3 instance of a disease or injury: a case of measles. book in which u a record is kept of money received and paid out. 2 the part of a sausage that encloses the meat. 4 the pods or their pulp. case history. supposing. cast off. n. usually black. n.. n. b bottle containing salt. v. 2 the tropical American tree that it grows on. cast adrift. castor. [< L caseus cheese] case·load (kāsʹlōd´). —adj. or other seasoning for table use.. n. 2 box. worn by a clergyman. < F < L quassare shatter and LL cassare annul] cash machine. put in a case. –nos. n. < Haitian cacábi] cas·se·role (kasʹә rōl). 4 shape by pouring or squeezing into a mold to harden. but is not believed. cash in. —v. cas·sock (kasʹәk). etc. turn: he cast me a look. who was fated never to be believed. 1 a covered baking dish in which food can be both cooked and served. cast on. [< L castigatus. [< Sp. n. a abandon. [< F caissier treasurer. —n. cas·so·war·y (kasʹә wer´i).. pl. n. [< Sp. cast·er (kasʹtәr. cas·ing (kāsʹing).. pronoun. untie. Kashmir. [< OF < L casus a falling. 2 Castile soap. adj. punish. soft. 2 outcast. cas·sa·va (kә säʹvә). 7 a slight amount of color. n. casaba. [variant of cashmere] cas·si·no (kә sēʹnō). 2 Also. casino (def. —caseʹment·ed. of or like cheese. adj. 1 instance. mustard. n. < Heb.. b add up. < casse pan < VL cattia < Gk. 6 one of the forms of a noun. 1 barrel. n. [< F < Sp. käst). look. automatic teller machine. an inland salt sea between Europe and Asia. usually with a drawer to hold money. a large bird of Australia and New Guinea. —v. kyathion. 1 a tropical plant with starchy roots. ca·se·in (kāʹsi in. n. social worker. letters. [< Sp. n. or an equivalent. a long outer garment. < L capsa box. 3 casing. in case. or their language. kә shüʹ). used in men’s suits. n.. c stand or rack for such bottles. b make sad or discouraged. cased. magnetic tape. or adjective used to show its relation to other words. –waries. 2 small box to hold jewels. like an ostrich. 3 a fine. 4 frame: a window fits in a case. 1 shipwrecked person. adj. adj. (of a play) having all the actors chosen. soft wool from goats. —casʹti·ga´tor. 2 an exclusive social group. cas·sa·ba (kә säʹbә). 5 arrange (actors and parts in a play). 1 cartridge of photographic film. [< F < Brazilian Pg. 2 fine. A cask may be large or small. a make a profit from. b abandon. kashʹmir). anyhow. n. Also cassino. 1 thing put around something. of instruments of hard wood or ivory like little cymbals. gambling. mother of an Ethiopian princess who was rescued from a sea monster by Perseus. with immediate payment and no delivery of goods purchased. adj. Cas·si·o·pe·ia (kas´i ә pēʹә). number of cases handled by a court. cas·sia (kashʹә. Legend. cash·ew (kashʹü. 2 throw off. adj. n. —n. 1 person or thing that casts. the accepted standard form of Spanish. regular and reliable source of income. in the event of. case. person who has charge of money in a bank or business. etc. 2 thing made by casting.

daydream. katalepsis seizure < kata–down + lambanein seize] —cat´alepʹtic. stand or frame to support the coffin in which a dead person lies. cas·tor-oil plant (kasʹtәr oilʹ. make a catalog of. käsʹ–). pl. Santa Catalina.] cat·a·falque (katʹә falk). v. listed. adv. Also catalogue. n. katalysis dissolution < kata– down + lyein to loose] —cat´a·lytʹic. the causing or speeding up of a chemical reaction by the presence of a substance that does not itself change. n. –lәn). –loged. v. käsʹ–). [< L < Gk.. kästʹ–). 3 an opaque region in the lens or capsule of the eye that causes partial or total blindness. Myth. n. 1 a flood. its people. cast·off (kastʹôf´. (Creek) kutuhlpa] ca·tal·y·sis (kә talʹә sis).. adv. secreted by beavers. Cat·a·li·na (kat´ә lēʹnә). 1 a light-red grape. n. wildcat. n. American songbird that makes a sound like a cat mewing. castor bean. a sudden. bell-shaped flowers. cas·tor2 (kasʹtәr. [prob. adj. [short for catamountain cat of (the) mountain] cat·a·pult (katʹә pult). n. etc. move the king two squares toward a castle and bring that castle to the square the king has passed over. Caterpillar. cat·a·ma·ran (kat´ә mә ranʹ). [< L castellum. and other defenses against attack. [< LL catacumbae < cata (< Gk. strong. articles. —cat´a·tonʹic. thereby producing energy. . katastrophe overturning < kata– down + strophein turn] —cat´a·strophʹic. esp. 1 ˙ clever but false reasoning. kataklysmos flood < kata– down + klyzein wash] cat·a·clys·mic (kat´ә klizʹmik). n. n. the mortal twin brother of Pollux. catacombs. hurl. (1927– ). n. or their language. n. 2 palace that once had defenses against attack. let the cat out of the bag. rain very hard. great calamity or misfortune. cat·a·clysmal (–mәl). 2 catechism. tree with large. 2 a violent rush or downpour of water. 2 Fig. premier of Cuba since 1959. [< F casuiste < L casus case] cas·u·is·tic (kazh´u isʹtik). cas·tle (kasʹәl. castor oil. adj. 1 building or group of buildings with thick walls.. cat·a·to·ni·a (kat´ә tōʹnē ә). [< L < Gk. < L cata– down + fala tower] Cat·a·lan (katʹә lan. thrown away. cas·u·is·ti·cal ˙ (–tә kәl). catafalco < LL. 1 person who rea˙ sons cleverly but falsely. cas·trate (kasʹtrāt). 1 a list. käsʹ–). violent change in the earth.. käsʹ–). adj. seed of the castor-oil plant. misuse of words. ca·tas·tro·phe (kә tasʹtrә fē). etc. catalytic converter. towers. 2 mishap. usually that of the nose or throat..Ind. undertake to do something dangerous. castle in the air. b spay. 1 a remove the male glands of. an underground gallery forming a burial place. [< L < Gk. cas·u·ist (kazhʹu ist). cat·a·log (katēә lôg. n. —n. of Catalonia. –ries. caster (def. Doublet of chateau. adj. catʹa·log´ist. n. by substitution of cata.. condition characterized by mental stupor and rigidity. 1 made of cast iron. duty. cat·bird (katʹbėrd´). pl. 3 occasional. It is used in making perfume and in medicines. n. —catʹa·lyz´er. flood. [OE catt (male). n. 2 hard. 2 (literally) a case of war. 1 catalog. n. n. 1 shoot from a catapult. adv.. adj. adv. 2 a light wine made from it. —cas´u·isʹti·cally. extremely sudden and violent. –trat·ed. 2 device for launching an airplane from the deck of a ship. —n. 3 large and imposing residence. n. –tled. n. –trat·ing. –bas. cas·tor1 (kasʹtәr. n. 2 Cat Trademark. katapeltes. —n. [< L < Gk. 3 a mean. < LL cattus. 1 a small four-footed.. käsʹ–). 1 native or inhabitant of Catalonia. 2 too subtle. adj.down] —cat´abolʹic. kästʹ–). cat· a· chre· sis (kat´ ә krēʹ sis). [< Gk. widespread. process of breaking down living tissues into simpler substances or waste matter. —cat´a·lytʹi·cal·ly. yellow oil obtained from castor beans. v. castrated person or animal. n. a slate-gray.. —cat´achresʹti·cal·ly. –log·ing. [< Tamil katta-maram tied tree] cat·a·mount (katʹә mount´).. n. put in a catalog. cat·a·lyst (katʹә list). 4 cato’-nine-tails. cast iron. heart-shaped leaves. cat·a·lepsis (kat´ә lepʹsis). or lost. tigers. n. adj. etc. etc. dim. adj. leopards. n. kind of fit during which a person loses consciousness and power to feel and his muscles become rigid. 2 raft made of pieces of wood lashed together. Latin. lions. 2 language spoken in Catalonia. launch or hurl suddenly: catapulted to success. 2 the fainter star of the two bright stars in the constellation called Gemini.. ca·tal·pa (kә talʹpә). prob. spiteful woman. See tomb. catta] —catʹlike´. substance that causes catalysis. adj. –ties. 3 soldier or sailor who has been wounded. cat·a·lep·sy (katʹә lep´si). prob. not yielding.] —casʹtled. or extraordinary disaster. of castrum fort. brittle form of iron made by casting. 3 hardy. 1 occurrence on series of events considered to justify going to war. –of´. 1 happening by ˙ chance. n. —n. device in automobiles and chimneys that uses a chemical catalyst to convert exhaust gases into harmless products. 2 clear air turbulence. act upon by catalysis. killed. courses to be given. —v. abandoned. pl. CAT. adv. cas·u·al·ty (kazhʹu әl ti).. accidental. causing a discharge of mucus. –ses (–sēz). a lubricant. unconcerned. adj. 2 person who decides questions of right and wrong in regard to conduct. adj. [< NL < Am. 2 careless. etc. cas·u·al (kazhʹu әl)... Usually. region in NE Spain. A casual laborer does any kind of work that is available. [< L casualis < casus chance] —casʹu·al·ly. 2). of or like a cataclysm. used as a cathartic. 1 a large. n. —v. n. thing shaped by being poured into a mold to harden. cat1 (kat). steep waterfall. an oily substance with a strong odor. arrows. with brief particulars concerning the names. n. n. throw. furry animal often kept as a pet or for catching mice. adj. -log). reveal a secret. duty. n. 1 ˙ accident. n. offhand. 1 Class. adj. cat·a·clysm (katʹә kliz әm).) tumbas among the tombs. adj. n. katarrhous < kata– down + rheein flow] —ca·tarrhʹal. Cat·a·lo·ni·a (kat´ә lōʹni ә). [< F < Ital. [< F < LL < Gk. –lyzed. [< F < L < Gk. katachresis misuse < kata– amiss + chresthai use] —cat´achresʹtic. n. catte (fem.102 casting cast·ing (kasʹting. 2 any animal of the group including cats. —cat´aclysʹmi·cal·ly. an inflamed condition of a mucous membrane. n. bell the cat. sophistical. 2 act or process of deciding questions of right and wrong in regard to conduct. n. pl. –lyz·ing. n. a list arranged in alphabetical or other methodical order. adv. cast-i·ron (kastʹīәrn. and long pods. n. etc. 1 computerized axial tomography. [< L castratus] —castraʹtion. [< L < Gk. 1 an ancient weapon for shooting stones. a hard. etc. cat·a·lyze (katʹә līz). < metabolism.). ca·tab·o·lism (kә tabʹә liz әm). katalogos list < kata– down + legein count] catʹa·log´er. 1 caterpillar (tractor). cat2 (kat). [< NL < Gk. Cas·tro (kasʹtrō). < kata– down + pallein hurl] cat·a·ract (katʹә rakt). 4 piece in the game of chess. rain cats and dogs. —cat´a·bolʹi·cal·ly. n. earthquake. cat·a·comb (katʹә kōm). v. or any sudden. kataraktes < kata– down + arassein dash] ca·tarrh (kә tärʹ). cat. pl. 4 person injured or killed in an accident. cas·u·ist·ry (kazhʹu is tri). shaped like a tower. Fidel. a tall tropical plant from whose seeds castor oil is obtained. —n. 1 of or like casuistry. such as a puma or lynx. 1 boat with two hulls side by side.. Ca·taw·ba (kә tôʹbә). ca·sus bel·li (kāʹsәs belʹī). 2 volume or booklet issued by a college or university listing rules. 2 any violent change. [< LL < Gk. adj. —casʹu·alness. irregular. mutilate. 2 Fig. –tling. kastor beaver] Cas·tor (kasʹtәr. —v. n. person or thing that has been cast off. käsʹ–). –ses (–sēz). expurgate.

esp.. n. cat·e·chist (katʹә kist). CAT scan. katharsis. v. liberal. cath·ode (kathʹōd). empress of Russia from 1762 to 1796. adj. n. 3 a long or formal set of questions. [< Med. 2 receptacle in a storm drain that catches debris. 1729–96. liberalness. Catch-22 or catch-22 (kachʹtwen´ti tü). kathedra seat] Catherine the Great. etc. sailboat with one mast set far forward. kation. . n. ca·thar·sis (kә thärʹsis). Ca·thay (ka thāʹ). capture. Informal. 2 of or like a cathedral. supply what is needed or wanted. < acater < LL accaptare acquire] cat·er-cor·nered (katʹәr kôr´nәrd). 2 attractive. 2 drainage. Roman Catholic. —n. cat·e·chism (katʹә kiz әm). ME acatour buyer of provisions < F. n. fascinating. 2 a baseball player who stands behind the batter to catch the ball thrown by the pitcher. person who provides food or supplies for parties. tractor and other machinery that can travel over very rough ground on its two endless belts.. catchi·est. 1 provide food or supplies. cat·call (katʹkôl´). –izing. pl. pl. 1 easy to remember. n. negative electrode. 5 a hidden condition. get. n.. OF chatepelose hairy cat] cat·er·waul (katʹәr wôl). n. [< cater diagonally (< F quatre four) + cornered] ca·ter·er (kāʹtәr әr). n. pl. a shrill cry or whistle to express disapproval. cat´e·chisʹtical. and radar screens. adj. etc. 2 Caterpillar. v. n. –fish·es or (esp. of nep catnip < L nepeta] Ca·to (kāʹtō). ca·tharʹti·cal. noisy. including all. n. cath. —catʹe·chiz´er n. soldier. computer. a tough string made from the dried and twisted intestines of sheep or other animals. [< Gk. n. deceptive. Cathedral. 2 Fig. —cat´e·gorʹi·cal·ly. cathodʹi·cal. catch (kach). –gorʹ–). a understand. 1 seize. —adj. Also. broad-minded. ament. 2 take. —n. position of advantage and power. cat·gut (katʹgut´). catch basin. n. v. [< OF cachier < LL captiare < L capere take. [< L < Gk. cath·e·ter (kathʹә tәr). –nat·ed. n. used for violin strings. v. adj. n. etc. positive. 5 act as catcher in baseball. catch·word (kachʹwėrd´). v. Cath. container for odds and ends.. v. –ries.. usually because of a contrary rule or situation. 4 surprise. –iz·ing. —cat´e·go·ri·zaʹtion. sleep or doze for a little while. n. adj. adv. cath·ode-ray tube (kathʹōd rā). cathode rays. catch·ing. katechizein teach orally < kata– thoroughly + echeein sound] —cat´e·chi·zaʹtion. katholikos < kata– in respect to + holos whole] —ca·tholʹi·cal·ly. var. –ized. 3 authoritative. catʹer·waul´ing. phrase that draws attention and is easily remembered. Trademark. 2 having sympathies with all. adj. screech. n. 1 of interest or use to all people. 2 attack with catcalls. n. adj. make or become catholic.. v. —v. [< Du. [< LL < Gk. catch phrase.. deceptive: a catch question. v. –napping. 2 CAT scanner. cat·e·go·ry (katʹә gô´ri. —cat´e·chisʹmal. 1 without conditions or qualifications. n. 1 a purging. doze. Catho·lic·i·ty (kath´ә lisʹә ti). they produce X rays. Roman statesman and patriot. a slender tube to be inserted into a duct of the body. kategoria assertion < kata– down + agoreuein speak] cat·e·nate (katʹә nāt). person who catechizes. cat·fish (katʹfish´). Ca·thol·i·cism (kә tholʹә siz әm). attractive. China. 2 large or important church. 1 book of questions and answers about religion. 1 contagious. 1 universality. such a howl or screech. universalize. 1 of the Christian church governed by the Pope. organization. n. become involved. 1 getting one’s attention: a catch phrase. (katʹә kīz). grab.. caught. howl like a cat. b become popular. n. catnip (katʹnip). doctrine. adj. 2 atom or group of atoms having a positive charge.. a overtake.L < L Gk. howl] cat·fight (katʹfīt´). [< L. adj. katteken little cat] cat·nap (katʹnap´). [< L < Gk. katheter < kata– down + hienai send] cath·e·ter·ize (kathʹә tә rīz´). and Stoic philosopher. a scaleless fish with long. cath·o·lic·i·ty (kath´ә lisʹә ti). cat·e·gor·ize (katʹә gә rīz). burglar who gains entry by means of skillful climbing. n.] —catchʹa·ble. slender feelers around the mouth. Cath·o·lic (kathʹә lik. 1 Marcus Porcius. Poetic or Archaic. 1 person or thing that catches. 2 emotional purification or relief. —cat´e·gorʹical·ness. 2 of the ancient undivided Christian church. —v. 1 act of catching. —v. 2 tricky. n. 234–149 b. class. connect in a series. catch·i·er. kachʹ–). v. 2 his great-grandson. —adv.. n. 1 positive ion. d held up in loops: a long shirt caught up with ribbons..CAT scan 103 catbird seat. < katharos clean] ca·thar·tic (kә thärʹtik). be widely used or accepted. When cathode rays strike a solid substance. 2 question closely.c. Epsom salts and castor oil are cathartics. cat·e·gor·i·cal (kat´ә gôrʹә kәl. wide prevalence. n. —cat´e·chisʹti·cal·ly. n. Doublet of chase1. n.. [< cat + nip. used for teaching religious doctrine. Roman statesman. situation or condition that cannot be remedied regardless of all efforts made to fix it. –nating. c Fig... n. cations move toward the negative pole. categorical. 1 X-ray picture made by computerized axial tomography that shows cross-sections of any part of the body. b snatch. 1 reservoir for catching and storing drainage over a large area. adj. the downy or scaly spike of flowers that grows on willows. n. cat·e·chize. catch up. catena chain] —cat´e·naʹtion. 1 Also. 2 word so placed as to catch attention. ult. n. adj. adj. diagonally. ca·thol·i·cize (kә tholʹә sīz). n.. Also. infectious. strongly laxative. –napped. cat·er·pil·lar (katʹәr pil´әr). n. 3 CAT scanning. faith. catch·ment (kachʹmәnt). universal. and methods of the Roman Catholic Church. 2 set of questions and answers about any subject. 3 thing caught. –ized. [cf. The zinc case of a dry cell is a cathodes. misleading. cat·i·on (katʹī´әn). n. diagonal. 95–46 b. birches.. group or division in a general system of classification. kation going down < kata– down + ienai go] cat·kin (katʹkin). –gō´–). 2 Catholic. n. 2 tricky.. adj. 2 thing that catches as a fastener for a door or window. [< L < Gk. cat·e·gor·ic (kat´ә gorʹik). 2 of or in a category. insert a catheter into. –chized. Also. 3 burn: tinder catches easily. kind of mint of which cats are fond. ca·the·dral (kә thēʹdrәl). —adj. strong laxative. 1 reservoir for catching water. cat-o’-nine-tails (kat´ә nīnʹtālz´). vacuum tube in which high-speed electrons are formed into a beam to reproduce an image on television. adv. [< Gk. or of its present representatives. member of either of these churches. 1 word or phrase used again and again for effect. cath·o·lic (kathʹә lik. whip consisting of nine pieces of knotted cord fastened to a handle. –cized.c. classify. 1 teach by questions and answers. ca·thol·icism (kә tholʹә siz әm). [ME caterwrawe < cater. —n. spiteful quarrel. catch·ing (kachʹing). [< NL < Gk. between women. [verbal use of cater. e heckle. catch·all (kachʹôl´). —cat´e·chisʹtic. 1 wormlike form or larva of a butterfly or moth. 2 broad-mindedness. kathʹlik). —n. kathʹlik).. 1 having a bishop’s throne. It has no bowsprit or jib. cat burglar. get the idea. ketchup. slogan. Marcus Porcius. n. catch·up (kechʹәp. n. adv. n. –chizing. 3 of the whole Christian church. 1 make catcalls. —adj. collectively) –fish. kathodos a way down < kata– down + hodos a way] —ca·thodʹic. invisible streams of electrons from the cathode in a vacuum tube. catch·y (kachʹi). ca·ter (kāʹtәr). cat·boat (katʹbōt´). cat + wrawe wail. –tails. 4 a good person to marry. catch on. –ciz·ing. appar. catch·er (kachʹәr). During electrolysis.. put into a category or categories. 1 official church of a bishop.

offhand. < cavalcare ride horseback < LL. caved. Cau·ca·sia (kô kāʹzhә. cau·dat·ed (–dāt id). 2 enclosed space inside the body: the abdominal cavity. William. CAT scanning. Latin. haughty. —causeʹless. –ties. n. cau·ter·y (kôʹtәr i). —causʹal·ly. having a tail. motive: cause for celebration. 1 member of the so-called white race.. 2 instrument or substance used in cauterizing. resembling the eye of a cat. —catʹti·ly. v. –shәn. prance about. [half-trans. adv. 1 an informal talk. 1 a raised road or path. and steers. See cavalier. cat·sup (kechʹәp. cave in. horses. a political club of the 18th century] cau·dal (kôʹdәl). 2 expressing causation. usually built across wet ground. n. —catʹtish·ness. b tail-like. caul (kôl). adj. 1 person or thing that makes something happen: the earthquake was the cause of much damage. [< F < L cava hollow (places)] ca·ve·at (kāʹvi at). n.. or near the tail of an animal: a caudal fin. n.Gk. 3 Cavalier. adj. knight. join efforts with. 1422?–91. cau·tious (kôʹshәs). livestock. at. 2 free and easy. c yield. 2 having to do with cause and effect. find fault unnecessarily. 1 proud and scornful. v. ca·vy (kāʹvi). 3 very unusual person or thing. 3 low. n. make this cry.] cat·tle·man (katʹәl mәn). 3 (literally) a celebrated cause. v. kolʹi–). a large cave. dim.. adj. –ter·ies. cat·tail (katʹtāl´). the harsh cry made by a crow or raven. adj.L caucus < Med. shallow water. hold a caucus. cau·ter·ize (kôʹtәr īz). 1 of a cause. 2 native of Caucasia. and pp. taking care to be safe. of kauter branding iron] cau·tion (kôʹshәn). pl. v. 2 situation or event attracting intense attention. cave-in (kāvʹin´). and N Africa. hollow space underground. n. 1 a warning. cav·ern (kavʹәrn). cav·al·cade (kav´әl kādʹ. caught (kôt). n. adv. submit. kaukos. cat’s-paw. round. n. —v.] Cax·ton (kakʹstәn). [imit. —adj. adj. cat·tle (katʹәl). n. n. “in allusion to the convivial feature” of the Caucus Club. cau·se·rie (kō´zә rēʹ). person who lived in caves in prehistoric times. pl. [< F < Ital. v. principle that nothing can exist without a cause. n. decide how to vote. pl. 1 that burns or destroys flesh. 1 of or having to do with the so-called white race. machine that takes X-ray pictures by computerized axial tomography. catkin. from a court should not be carried out. narrow place for walking on a bridge. cat·ty (katʹi). n. adj. n. cats·paw (katsʹpô´). Cau·ca·sian (kô kāʹzhәn. first English printer. red pepper. n.. 3 showing a cause. 2 Caucasia. v. 1 famous case (in law). katʹsәp). including the chief peoples of Europe.. < L caballus horse] cav·a·lier (kav´ә lirʹ).. —n. cat·tish (katʹish). 2 full of caverns. —v. 2 sarcastic. –vies. 1 catlike. salty relish made from the eggs of sturgeon or other large fish. cavalleria knighthood. help and support. –shә).. crude man. very hot. —caulkʹer. [< L causa] —causʹa·ble. act or process of taking X-ray pictures by means of computerized axial tomography. kavʹәl kād). [< F < Ital. cat’s cradle. adv. cav·i·ar. productive. [< F < L caverna < cavus hollow] cav·ern·ous (kavʹәr nәs). person who raises or takes care of cattle. 2 reason. n. n. 1 soldiers who fight on horseback. n. 1 hole. —adj. calk1. esp. [orig. warning. 1 a causing or being caused. n. n. n. n. judgment. [< L < Gk. [var. 1 mountain range in S Russia.. of causey(way) < OF < LL calciata paved way < L calx limestone] caus·tic (kôsʹtik). of NL cauliflora < caulis cabbage + flos flower] caulk (kôk). n. n. urge to be careful.. 4 movement in which many people are interested. corrosive substance. n. of the Cavaliers. n. caustic soda. –ized. on a fence. —v. 1 a cauterizing. 2 Fig. SW Asia. caus·al (kôzʹәl). 1 semi-precious gem that has a streak of reflected light in its center. 2 of or having to do with Caucasia or its inhabitants. cave dweller. n. a low mountain range in SE New York State.. 2 place where something has caved in. cat’s-eye (katsʹī´). 2 horsemen. hollow place: a cavity in a tooth. n. n. spiteful. [< F < Ital. Caucasus. a of. cav·al·ry (kavʹәl ri). 1 Also. käʹvi–). –kashʹәn). cav·i·ty (kavʹә ti). —adj. a petty objection. jump around. –ti·est. white head with a few leaves around it. cau·sa·tion (kô zāʹshәn). –iz·ing. present reason or reasons why an order. –il·ing. large and hollow. 1 mean.104 CAT scanner CAT scanner. —cauʹtious·ly. cau·cus (kôʹkәs). corrosive. sodium hydroxide. < causer talk] cause·way (kôzʹwā´). etc. to prevent bleeding or infection. v. n. principle that nothing can exist without a cause. pl. between the Black and Caspian Seas. 2 a highway. 1 a courteous gentleman. cat·walk (katʹwôk´). warn. etc. adj. n. [< F. khaviar] cav·il (kavʹәl). collectively. let the buyer beware. 1 tall marsh plant with flowers in long. adv. cau·sal·i·ty (kô zalʹә ti). brown spikes. b smash. furry. Cats·kills (katsʹkilz). 2 a courteous escort for a lady. 2 short written article. arrogant. —n. adj. caldron. capital1. cau·li·flow·er (kôʹlә flou´әr. substance that burns or destroys flesh. —causʹer. [< NL caudalis < L cauda tail] —cauʹdally. 2 whatever produces an effect. –ti·er. n. etc. 1 cows. 1 like a cavern. 3 good reason: he was angry without cause. —catʹtish·ly.] cave (kāv). caus·a·tive (kôzʹә tiv). 1 relation of cause and effect. –kazhʹәn. 1 a caving in. 3 horseman. [< F < LL cavitas < L cavus hollow] ca·vort (kә vôrtʹ). —cauʹtious·ness. procession of persons riding on horses or in carriages. [? < Med. pl. biting pow- . [< L < Gk. show cause. Cau·ca·sus (kôʹkә sәs). n. adj. –iled.. 1 person used by another to do something unpleasant or dangerous. membrane sometimes covering the head of a child at birth. cause cé·lè·bre (kōz sā lebʹrә). 2 ament. key2. < Turk. –ries. Doublet of chattel. n. [< F < L cavillari jeer] —cavʹil·er. [< L cautio < cavere beware] cau·tion·ar·y (kôʹshәn er´i). —causʹa·tive·ly.. bulls. unknown] —ca·vortʹer. very careful. n. n. —causʹa·tiveness. —n. a meeting of members or leaders of a political party to make plans. Also. between the Black and Caspian Seas. 3 of cats. 2 a warning.. choose candidates. 2 catlike... cave man. adv. [< OF catel < L capitale property. 2 catty. worthless people. cavalliere < cavallo horse < L caballus] —cav´a·lierʹly. a South American rodent of the family which includes the guinea pig. or cayenne pepper. kē). 1 cautious behavior. [< OF cale a kind of little cap] caul·dron (kôlʹdrәn). –ties. burn with a hot iron or a caustic substance. kauterion. adv. cau·date (kôʹdāt). person who supported Charles I of England in his struggle with Parliament from 1641 to 1649. bring about. n. make common cause with. kā–). adv. etc. n. French. 2 small reflector in a road. cav·i·are (kavʹi är. adv. raise trivial objections. stinging. adj. caw (kô). n. —ca·vortʹing. pt. make happen. adj. n. kaustikos] —causʹti·cal·ly. 1 being a cause. —cavʹern·ous·ly. cav·ing. of catch. cay (kā. n. –men. 2 causal quality or agency. n. [< L caveat let him beware] ca·ve·at emp·tor (kāʹvēat empʹtôr). cause (kôz). —cau´ter·i·zaʹtion. —v. 2 farm animals.. 2 legal notice given to a law officer or some legal authority not to do something until the person giving notice can be heard. ketchup. [< F < Ital. biting. NaOH. n. caus·ing. mounted soldier. n. region in S Russia. 3 relation of cause and effect. 4 Cavalier. pl. n.. n. —v. adv. n. n. a drinking vessel. never taking chances. urging to be careful. —catʹti·ness. oxen. child’s game played with string looped over both hands. etc. vegetable having a solid. a rough. buy at your own risk. a sink. 2 a light breeze that ruffles a small stretch of water. cay·enne (kī enʹ. n. —v. caused.

[< L blind thing] ce·dar (sēʹdәr). —adj. 2 heavenly. c. speed. [ L cellula small cell] Celt (selt. cedar waxwing. continual. centimeters. adj. cel·lu·lar (selʹyә lәr).. n. n. transparent substance made from cellulose and camphor.. unite. W. of or having to do with the abdominal cavity. adj. 1 person who performs a ceremony or rite. 1 of the sky. n. CCTV. 2 Informal. n. C clef. person who takes a vow to lead a single life. 2 whatever is done to celebrate something. usually under a building. adj. plant with yellow flowers. Cellulose is used to make paper. Also. —n. 1 an underground room or rooms. streets. [< F ciel canopy. n. Welsh. n.. 2 observe with the proper ceremonies or festivities. any horse. 2 language of this tribe. etc. [< L cedere yield. or religious unit for a larger. 3 unit of living matter. Cc. Kelt. fresh and clean. 1 unmarried. [< L cella small room] 105 cel·lar (selʹәr). n. kelʹtik). violoncello. n. a hard. cel·lu·lose (selʹyә lōs). ce·ler·i·ty (sә lerʹә ti).. cel·lu·lite (selʹyә līt. cavity closed at one end. cease (ses). cadmium. Highland Scotch. single life. [< F < L cellarium < cella small room] cel·lar·age (selʹәr ij). dim. crisp stalks are eaten raw or cooked. Celt·ic (selʹtik. 1 a small room in a prison. Ce. inflammation of cellular tissue. 4 container holding materials for producing electricity by chemical action. n. [< L cellula cell + E –itis] cel·lu·loid (selʹyә loid). surface opposite to the floor. variety of celery having an edible root. 2 fame. proclaim. n. bony tissue that forms the outer crust of the root of a tooth. pl. n. [< OF < L < Gk. celery root. person who uses a citizens band radio. Also. Also. 1 having to do with cells. swiftness. cede (sēd). Cel·li·ni (chә lēʹni). or u.. 1 the inside. Example: façade. a large silkworm moth of the E United States. 3 wood of any of these trees.. moon. 5 praise. 2 sexually abstinent. Ital. cel·i·ba·cy (selʹә bә si). French Guiana] cay·man (kāʹmәn). —v. < celer swift] cel·er·y (selʹәr i.. cubic centimeter. 1 hold together with cement. and Breton.. 1 substance made by burning clay and limestone. < L < Gk. waxwing. used esp. n. [< L < Gk. organization. –bāt). n. [< OF < L caementum chippings of stone < caedere cut] —ce·mentʹer. v. Ca·yu·ga (kā ūʹgә. C. –ә lēt). ce·cum (sēʹkәm). woody part of trees and plants. but very much larger and held between the knees. transparent sheet of celluloid on which drawings for animated cartoons are drawn. columbium. 3 very beautiful.E. explosives. 6 cell phone. closed-circuit television. n. adj. etc. surrender. [for the Cayuse Indians] Cb. caiman.. Also. 2 citizens band (radio). esp. n. [< Iroquoian tribal name] cay·use (kī ūsʹ). a small American bird with a crest and small. 1 an Indian pony. in salads and soups. 2 consisting of cells. hand over to another. n. planets. pl. floors. 1 a famous person. etc. —adj. v. Cd. used as a wrapping to keep food. CB. a large alligator of tropical America. single. –cies. caecum. 1 member of a tribe of Iroquois Indians formerly living in W New York State. sometimes revolutionary. adj. made of cedar. well-known. cel·e·brat·ed (selʹә brāt´id). 5 small group that acts as a political. durable wood. 2 this substance mixed with sand and water to make sidewalks. sky < L caelum heaven] cel (sel). 1500–71. CD-ROM (sē dēʹromʹ). mark somewhat like a comma (ç) put under c in certain words to show that it has the sound of s before a. copies to. 1 space in a cellar. ccm. 2 a small. n. –brating. v. give up. cel·lo (chelʹō). used for storage of electronic data.c. 2 any of several trees with similar wood. 1 act of celebrating. of the Celts or their language. n. 3 join together. [< L caelibatus < caelebs unmarried] cell (sel). cel·lar·er (selʹәr әr). n. the letter z] ceil·ing (sēlʹing). person who plays the cello. cc. [< OF < L caelestis heavenly < caelum heaven] —ce·lesʹtial·ly. having to do with the heavens. –brat·ed. 6 have a joyous time. cel·e·brate (selʹә brāt). ceas·ing. coeliac. ce·leb·ri·ty (sә lebʹrә ti). red markings on its wings. unmarried person. 1 come to an end. n. < chelidon swallow2] cel·e·brant (selʹә brәnt). wages. cel·i·bate (selʹә bit. mobile telephone able to reach a wide area by means of lowpower radio transmitters linking smaller areas called cells. Italian artist. being well known or much talked about. cellular phone or telephone. a transparent substance made from cellulose. 1 Christian Era. usually of sexual abstinence. –gas. and walls and to hold stones or bricks together in or CBer (sē´bēʹәr). n. n. Bees store honey in the cells of a honeycomb. [< cell(ul)o(se) + Gk. ce·li·ac (sēʹli ak). –ties. for the purpose of discussing peace. cease·less (sēsʹlis). cel·an·dine (selʹәn dīn). adj. person who takes care of a cellar and the food or wines in it. letters. —ceaseʹless·ly. and Bretons belong. 2 a greatest height to which an airplane can go under certain conditions. kedros] ce·dar·bird (sēʹdәr bėrd´). phanein appear] cell phone. [< F < dial. n. 4 anything that joins together or unites. 1 chemical and biological. —cel´lularʹi·ty. symbol in music that shows the position of middle C. esp.cementum der made from seeds or fruit of a pepper plant. compact disk read-only memory. cel·lo·phane (selʹә fān). 1 an evergreen tree with wide-spreading branches and fragrant. 2 put an end or stop to. cubic centimeters.. ceased. n. n. Also. C. 3 any soft substance that hardens and holds things together. n. cel·e·bra·tion (sel´ә brāʹshәn). violoncellist. selʹri). pertaining to motion pictures. Gaelic. –ga. 3 charge for storage in a cellar. honor. o. pl. are permitted to go. Welsh. [after Cayenne. —adj. fatty deposits beneath the skin. go] ce·dil·la (si dilʹә). The sun. adv. substance that forms the walls of plant cells. n. instrument like a violin. kelt). famous. of this tribe. 3 perform publicly with the proper ceremonies and rites: a priest celebrates Mass in church. n. ced·ed. [< F < L cessare] cease-fire (sēsʹfīr´). ce·ment (si mentʹ). . n. Also. n. n. social. the group of languages spoken by the Celts. 2 certificate of deposit. adv. –mans. top covering of a room. cel·list (chelʹist). including Irish. ce·men·tum (sә menʹtәm). Also. n. ced·ing. Also. pl. candy. vegetable whose long. n. [< F cellulite < cellule cell] cel·lu·li·tis (sel´yә līʹtis). and stars are celestial bodies. 3 supply of wines. never stopping. Ce·cro·pi·a moth (si krōʹpi ә).. Most cells have a nucleus near the center and are enclosed by a cell wall or membrane. b distance from the earth of the lowest clouds. etc. [< L celebratus] —celʹebra´tor. in emails. unmarried state. member of a people to which the Irish. ce·ler·i·ac (sә lerʹē ak). [< L. pl. the first part of the large intestine.. 2 cellar for wines. n.. etc. –los. cc. convent. going on all the time. n. 1 observe a festival or event with ceremonies or festivities.B. The ancient Gauls and Britons were Celts. Benvenuto. —adj. n. n. 4 make known publicly. CC. 2 cover with cement. n. cerium. selinon parsley] ce·les·tial (sә lesʹchәl). hollow place. Informal. divine. kī–). CD 1 compact disk. < VL. 2 priest who performs Mass. artificial silk. of L zeta < Gk.. [< Sp. 3 upper limit to which prices. Keltic. a halt in military operations. 2 Common Era. 2 cellars. n.

1 period of 100 years. etc. thing. < E centri– center + L petere seek] —cen·tripʹe·tal·ly. Ce·no·zo·ic (sē´nә zōʹ express disapproval of. —cenʹsur·a·bly. —adj. [< L centum hundred] cen·ti·grade (senʹtә grād). which is lowered to prevent drifting to the side. a small wormlike animal with many pairs of legs. —center fielder. a coin. [< OF (en)censier. [< Am. etc. [< NL. —centricʹi·ty. —n. an official count of the people of a country. Legend. adj. adj. 1 most recent and present geological era. 1 centigrade. See cent.. n. adv. adj. easy to get to or from.. —cenʹtri·cal·ly. –ries. 1 person who examines and. n. –ty˙ rʹ–). occupation. container in which incense is burned. n. bacteria from a fluid. v. ¹⁄₁₀₀ of a meter. [< F] cen·trip·e·tal (sen tripʹә tәl). n. n.. graveyard. —cenʹtraliz´er. –trifʹә–). with details as to age. cen·ti·gram (senʹtә gram). pl. n. —cenʹtral·ness. centi–. n. cen·ter (senʹtәr). [< L censura < censere appraise] —cenʹsur·er. place for burying the dead. n. [< L. centripetal force or action. [< L centesimus hundredth] —cen·tesʹi·mal·ly. adv. [< L centum hundred + E (bi)ennial] —cen·tenʹni·al·ly. 1 100: centigrade = divided into 100 degrees. 1 a point within a circle or sphere equally distant from all of the circumference or surface. sen tenʹә ri). [< OF < L < Gk. force that tends to move things toward the center around which they are turning. changes books. n. ¹⁄₁₀₀ of a gram.. cen·tri·cal (–trә kәl). 1 each 100 years. hundredfold. motion pictures. blame. n. 2 group of rocks formed during this period. n.] —cenʹtrally. agency of the United States government responsible for gathering intelligence from other countries. n. [< LL coenobita < Gk. monument erected in memory of a dead person whose body is elsewhere. counterintelligence. gather together. central processing unit. such as the birth of Christ. center field. Age of Mammals. member of a religious group living in a monastery or convent. n. n. [< L centenarius . cen·sor·ship (senʹsәr ship). —cenʹsur·a·ble·ness. N of the Congo. Brit. u u commander of a group of about 100 soldiers in the ancient Roman army. 2 a Roman magistrate who took the census and told people how to behave.. chief. 2 position or work of a censor. 1 moving toward the center. [< L centuria a division of a hundred units < centum hundred] cem·e·ter·y (semʹә ter´i). center on (or upon). inertia of a body rotated around a center. etc. place. to make them satisfactory to the government or to the organization that employs him or her. 1 act or system of censoring. sen´ә–). + L fugere flee] —cen·trifʹu·gal·ly. 1 ornamental piece for the center of a dining table. 3 person who tells others how they ought to behave. —adj. 3 century. cen·ter·piece (senʹtәr pēs´). [< F < L centum hundred + gradus degree] centigrade thermometer. act as censor. adv. adv. worthy of censure.. act or fact of blaming. centrifugal force or action.106 cemetery relating to a hundred < centum hundred] cen·ten·ni·al (sen tenʹi әl). of or having to do with 100 years or the 100th anniversary. 4 point toward which people or things go or come. –tyә–). kentron sharp point. point in something around which its weight is evenly balanced. cen·sur·a·ble (senʹshәr ә bәl).. 2 divided into 100ths. adj.. 5 main. v. 1 place in or at the center. Informal. [< F < L centesimus hundredth] cen·ti·me·ter (senʹtә mē´tәr).] cen·ter·board (senʹtәrbôrd). the part of the nervous system in vertebrates that includes the brain and spinal cord. senʹә–). 4 person who likes to find fault. Esp. ¹⁄₁₀₀ of a franc. pl. to promote American national security. thermometer having 0 for the temperature at which ice melts and 100 for the temperature at which water boils. –sōʹ–). –tred. person who is 100 years old or more. cen·tri·fuge (senʹtrә fūj). n. a monster that is half man and half horse. 3 group of 100 people or things. tending to move it away from the center. of the United States and Canada. See center. counting from some special time. n. < censere appraise] cent (sent). cen·tes·i·mal (sen tesʹә mәl). —v. v. –tring.. 3 person. —cen·soʹri·ous·ness. of this era or its rocks. –ter·ies. center around (or about). [< L < Gk. adv.. [< L < Gk. make changes in. 2 making use of or acted upon by centrifugal force. adj. < E centri. adv.. –pling. v. koimeterion < koimaein lull to sleep] ce·no·bite (sēʹnә bīt. 2 100th part of: centigram = ¹⁄100 of a gram. sex. cen·ter·fold (senʹtәrfōld´). 3 principal feature of a policy or program. cen·sure (senʹshәr). pl. ce´no·bitʹi·cal. central nervous system. < L incensum incense] cen·sor (senʹsәr). system for heating a building or buildings. n. n. 1 moving away from the center. n. focus on. central. etc. by means of centrifugal force. —v. combining form. 2 the middle point. [< F] cen·time (sänʹtēm). machine for separating two substances of varying density. < koinos common + bios life] —ce´nobitʹic. cen·sus (senʹsәs). < kenos empty + taphos tomb] —cen´otaphʹic. –pled.] cen·te·nar·i·an (sen´tә nãrʹi әn). 4 body of soldiers in the ancient Roman army. 2 100th anniversary. equal to the hundredth part of a peso.. ult. cen´sur·a·bilʹi·ty. that part of North America between Mexico and South America. n. —n. or group in a middle position. n. etc. take out part of (letters. cen·so·ri·ous (sen sôʹri әs. cen·tre (senʹtәr). cen·te·nar·y (senʹtә ner´i. [< F] cen·ti·pede (senʹtә pēd). –ized. usually copper. cen·tric (senʹtrik). 4 equally distant from all points. Cuba.. 2 making use of or acted upon by centripetal force. adj. 2 collect at a center. 100th anniversary. [< F < LL centuplus hundredfold] cen·tu·ri·on (sen t˙ rʹi әn. adj. n. adj. 2 at or near the center. or part. cen·trif·u·gal (sen trifʹyә gәl. [< L. 3 from the center. too severely critical. focus on. –sured. movable part of the keel of a sailboat. plays. 2 bring or come under one control. republic in C Africa. [< L centipeda < centum hundred + pes foot] cen·tral (senʹtrәl). n. adv. cen·taur (senʹtôr). [? < L centesimus hundredth] cent. —v.Sp. —Central American. 1 divided into 100 degrees. < centuria century] cen·tu·ry (senʹchә ri). n. if necessary. Central America. n. n. kentauros] cen·ta·vo (sen täʹvō). ¹⁄₁₀₀ of a liter. —v. adj. criticism. –nar·ies. n.. the Philippines. 2 any piece at the center of something. adv. 7 the political groups of a legislature having moderate opinions. —cen´tral·i·zaʹtion. Central African Republic. 5 player in the center of the line in football. adj. 1 100th. n.and right-hand pages or even a third page that has to be unfolded to be completely visible. —cen·soʹri·ous·ly. 1 of or being the center.).. 1 collect at a center. cen·o·taph (senʹә taf. adj. 2 of or according to a centigrade thermometer. –täf). cen·tu·ple (senʹtә pәl. a small coin used in Mexico. 100 times as much or as many. make 100 times as much or as many.. main point. Central Intelligence Agency. –suring. central heating. as cream from milk. cen·tral·ize (senʹtrәl īz). n. section of the baseball outfield behind second base. [< L. [< F] cen·ti·li·ter (senʹtә lē´tәr). [< LL < Gk. part of a computer that carries out instructions and processes data. 2 central. [< L centralis. etc. equal to the hundredth part of a dollar. criticize. –izing. n. [< NL. 6 player who starts play in basketball. center. n. < censere appraise] —cen·soʹri·al. n. expression of disapproval. center of gravity. illustration in the middle of a magazine or book that fills both left. cen·ser (senʹsәr). Gk. 2 period of 100 years.. adj. n. –vos. adj.

birdlike beak. n. combined head and thorax of animals such as crabs and spiders.. bargaining. n. n.. cer·ti·fy (sėrʹtә fī). < cessare cease] ces·sion (seshʹәn). the back of the neck. adj. [OE ceaf] —chaffʹy. –bel·la (–belʹә). a pair of large eyes. sәr tifʹә kāt). calling for the record of a case for review. certificate of deposit. –tūd). or humiliation. porcelain. n. —cer´e·moʹni·ous·ness..] cer·ti·tude (sėrʹtә tüd. n. –rәsʹ). 3 toward the head. 1 chapter. adj. republic in C Africa. —n.. adj. [< NL. cer·e·brate (serʹә brāt). –zy˙ rʹә). pinkish red. of cerebrum brain] —cer´e·belʹlar. sureness. oats. –ties. 1 husks of wheat. cer·vix·es. [< OF. order of mammals comprising the cetaceans. —cer´emoʹni·al·ist. n. n. cer·ti·o·ra·ri (sėr´shi ә rãrʹi. 2 hay or straw cut fine as cattle feed. < L certus sure] —cerʹtain·ness. 2 guarantee. Also. kerasos cherry tree] ce·ri·um (sirʹi әm). pl. 1 the neck. n. —n. —ce·ramʹi·cist. rubbish. small piece punched out of a tape or card when indicating a choice on a ballot. —cerʹti·fi´er. [< OF chaufer. 3 make or become sore by rubbing. —n. adj. [< L < Gk. a written or printed statement that declares something to be a fact. adj. [< L] Ce·sar·e·an. ce·ram·ic (sә ramʹik). v. banter. se rēʹbrәl). thick-leaved plant growing in Mexico and SW United States. n. 1547–1616. chad (chad). pl. 1 Gk. horned and plant-eating dinosaurs of the Cretaceous period. a handing over to another.. rice. cesarean section. n. 4 formality. n. Usually. of or belonging to the cephalopods. Cuttlefish and squids are cephalopods. 2 a necklike part. n. separated from grain by threshing. [< Med. cer·e·mo·ni·ous (ser´ә mōʹni әs). n. –cat·ed. cer·tain·ly (sėrʹtәn li). dispute about a price. chaf·ing.. [< L] cere·ment (sirʹmәnt). cer·e·mo·ni·al (ser´ә mōʹni әl). 1 full of ceremony. 1 a special form or set of acts to be done on special occasions. 1 of the neck.. < keramos potter’s clay] ce·ram·ics (sә ramʹiks). having to do with pottery... n. cerʹa·mist. –brat·ing. giving up. certified check. 1 of the head. Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire). [< LL. [< L. [< Med.. Sri Lanka.] —cer´ti·fi·caʹtion. 2 filthy place. 4 some. n. [< L cessio < cedere yield] cess·pool (sesʹpül). Spanish author of Don Quixote. n. [< L Cerealis pertaining to Ceres] cer·e·bel·lum (ser´ә belʹәm). Miguel de. pl. check whose value is guaranteed by the bank upon whose account it is drawn. n. centigrams. extremely polite.. including whales. compare. n. three-headed dog that guarded the entrance to Hades. or printed statement.. < kephale head] ceph·a·lo·pod (sefʹә lә pod´). 1 part of the human brain that controls thought and voluntary muscular movements. n. n. cerements. 2 near. n. n. chaf·fer (chafʹәr). animal that belongs to this group. —v. —cer´e·moʹni·al·ism. a European songbird with a pleasant. —chaffʹer. chäf). oats. —n. adv. v. n. 2 surly. —cer´e·moʹni·al·ly. piece of mail whose delivery is recorded and certified by the postal service. Also. any of a group of antibiotics related to penicillin. n. an organization of 11 nations based in Geneva. ce·phal·ic (sә falʹik).] ce·ru·le·an (sә rüʹli әn). cer·a·top·si·an (serʹә top´sēәn).. 3 a meaningless formality. 3 worthless stuff. 1 formal. 2 a sure fact. 1 pool or pit for house drains to empty into. 2 wear or be worn away by rubbing. a chafing. adj.chagrin century plant. Ch. [< L caerimonia rite] Ce·res (sirʹәz). without a doubt. adv. dependable. 1 rub to make warm. irritation.. without a doubt. 4 make irritated or angry. n. v. [< L caeruleus dark blue] Cer·van·tes (sәr vanʹtēz). earthenware. esp. cer·tain (sėrʹtәn). n. ceph·a·lo·tho·rax (sef´ә lō thôrʹaks). or with making them. —n. n. plant-eating dinosaur with a horn over each eye of the Cretaceous era. chafed. [< LL certitudo. centigram. cer·e·brum (serʹә brәm). watchful guard. in use) art of making pottery.. cer·a·tops (serʹә tops). surely. cer·vices (sәr vīʹsēz). give a certificate to. cer·vine (sėrʹvīn. 3 reliable. See certain. cg. failure. part of the brain that controls the coordination of the muscles. surrendering. –bra (–brә). adj. 1 any grass that produces a grain used as food. tease. ce·si·um (sēʹzi әm). as oatmeal and corn meal. and porpoises. —ceph´a·lopʹo·dan. formal actions proper to an occasion. —n. n. bargain. cf. European Council for Nuclear Research (French. etc. Chad (chad). of or like a deer. cloth or garment in which a dead person is wrapped for burial. often kept as a cage bird. be informed. adj. Ce. ult. think. earthenware. bright. chaf·finch (chafʹinch). 1 (sing. usually occurring before or at birth. n. n. sәr tifʹә kit. 2 of a cervix or necklike part. [< L. n. [< F. surgical delivery of a baby from the uterus by cutting through the abdominal and uterine walls. chäf). Cey·lon (si lonʹ). n. [< L cerebrum brain] cerebral palsy. of or belonging to a group of mammals living in the water. sea mollusk that has long. –rãrʹī). cause to feel chagrin. any of a group of large. n. ce·taʹceous. [< L. adj.. 2 of or having to do with ceremony. porcelain. cer·tif·i·cate (n. in use) articles made of pottery. —interj. –fy·ing. < cervus deer] cer·vix (sėrʹviks). [< F cerise cherry < VL < LGk. etc. 2 (pl. v. n. adj.. sky-blue. n. pan with a heater under it. –nies. v. n. –brat·ed. Roman goddess of agriculture.] chaf·ing dish (chāfʹing). short song. and a sharp. kerasia < Gk.L certificatum. chafe (chāf). —v. from the asteroid Ceres] CERN (sėrn). n. Cs. –cat·ing. [ME chaffare < OE cēap bargain + faru journey] —chafʹfer·er. See certify.. a feeling of disappointment. identified with the Greek goddess Demeter. n. adj. finch. Ce·ta·cea (sә tāʹshә). certainty.. adj. 1 sure: certain to happen. order from a higher court to a lower one. dolphins. use the brain. as the narrow end of the uterus. 3 make certain. ch.. 107 cer·vi·cal (sėrʹvә kәl). of or having to do with the ceratopsians or the ceratops. —adj. n. < calere be warm + facere make] chaff1 (chaf. etc. [< Gk. of or having to do with grain or the grasses producing it. and Roman Legend. written. –bellums. —adj. as wheat. [< NL. Cer·ber·us (sėrʹbәr әs). adj. 1 of the brain. 5 become angry. n. n. surely! of course! cer·tain·ty (serʹtәn ti). pl. —cer´e·moʹni·ous·ly. n. a large. ceph·a·lo·spo·rin (sef´ә lō spôrʹәn). adj. ce·su·ra (sә zh˙ rʹә. —n. or in the head. written acknowledgement by a bank that it has received from the person named a certain sum of money as a deposit. n. -vin). 2 the grain. cer·e·mo·ny (serʹә mō´ni). —cer´ebraʹtion. < OF graignier < graim sad. See certain. earthenware. ceding. v. etc. < L. adj. rye. < L caesius bluish-gray] ces·sa·tion (se sāʹshәn). a grayish metallic element. n.. for certain. 1 declare (something) true or correct by spoken. 2 of the cerebrum. pl. —n. 2 settled. v. banter. 1 freedom from doubt. one: certain persons. n. See chaff. 3 a food made from the grain.L certificare < L certus sure + facere make] —cerʹti·fi´a·ble. etc. ce·re·al (sirʹi әl). armlike tentacles around the mouth. 2 the corresponding part (anatomically) of the brain of any vertebrate. certified mail. on. ce·rise (sә rәzʹ. adv. caesura. cha·grin (shә grinʹ). caesium. porcelain. chaff2 (chaf. sorrowful] . cer·e·bral (serʹә brәl. ce·ta·cean (sә tāʹshәn). –brums. S of Libya. adj. fixed: at a certain hour. a soft body. a ceasing or stopping. dim. a silvery metallic element. 2 very polite conduct. u u —ce·suʹral. Ce·sar·i·an (si zãrʹi әn). —adj. 2 church. paralysis due to a lesion of the brain. Caesarean. 2 very formal. –fied. —v. ult. cesarean section. adj. [OE ceaffinc. used to cook food at the table or to keep it warm.

adj. –ois. level and open. –men. 1 join together or fasten with a chain. 2 defense. chain stitch. —v. or judicial body. etc. a fine variety of gingham. cleans the bedrooms. level. adj. goatlike antelope that lives in the high mountains of Europe and SW Asia. A surveyor’s chain is 66 feet long. –mēlʹyәn). animal.). n. n. in the bedroom for urine and slops. n. n. 2 call to a game or contest. 1 lightweight carriage.. 1 cup. a bonds. n. chalk·board (chôkʹbôrd´). [< F < LL camox] cham·o·mile (kamʹә mīl). b imprisonment. n. –lenging. pl. [< L < Gk. casual. etc.). n. 1 a sparkling. n. [< OF < LL campio < campus field (i. etc. –ling] cham·ber·maid (chāmʹbәr mād´). each caused by the preceding one or ones. 1 person who presides at or is in charge of a meeting. —chainʹre·actʹing. 1 put or carry in a chair. n. 1 mechanism for transmitting power by means of an endless chain. n. camomile. shalʹā). [< OF champaigne. kamara vaulted place. 2 possibility or probability: the chances are that he will have enough money.. goats. n. [< OF chaiere < L < Gk. not expected or planned. etc. write down. 4 electric chair. an engineer’s chain is 100 feet long. make a slave of. 1 soft limestone. a lightweight. as in the bombardment of unstable uranium nuclei by plutonium neutrons in the explosion of an atomic bomb. smooth. chaise longue. of battle)] —chamʹpion·less. esp. pale brownish yellow: a champagne blouse. demand: a problem that challenges everyone’s attention. [< OF < L camera vault + Gmc.. —adj. See campaign. happen to find or meet. Chal·de·a (kal dēʹә). lit. v. support. 3 keep in prison. 1 call to fight. kalʹsә dō´ni). adj. 2 a high official of a king’s court. n. music suited to a room or small hall. luck. 6 that part of the barrel of a gun which receives the charge.. chain store. cham·pi·on·ship (chamʹpi әn ship´). [< F chaise chair. Chaldean. metal fence made of heavy wire woven into a lattice and fastened to steel posts. 5 number of similar restaurants. chambers.. supporter. restrain. set of rooms in a building to live in or use as offices. n. each uranium nucleus releasing a number of plutonium neutrons. dignity. dispute. chain letter. 2 head of a committee. cham·ber (chāmʹbәr). etc. adj. [var. having won first place. —chalkʹi·ness. n. —chairʹman·ship. n. 2 bite on impatiently. deer. a Brit. possibly. —v. 3 anything that binds or restrains. n. chamber pot. Chaldean. 3 chairperson. chain saw. brownish yellow. overhanging eaves. 6 a number of atoms of the same element linked together like a chain. [< OF < L calix cup] —chalʹiced. adj. music for a trio. n. flexible armor made of metal rings linked together. a wide plain. power saw that has an endless chain with a sharp tooth on each link. 3 a demand to answer and explain: “Who goes there?” is the guard’s challenge. steward. chaise (shāz). var. state. cham·bray (shamʹbrā).] cham·pi·on (chamʹpi әn). [< L < Gk. open country. n. chair (chãr). fine plain or printed cloth... 2 substance like chalk. group of people organized to protect and promote business interests of a city. n. n. —adj. small recepticle. take the chair. n. 3 score. kind of sewing or crocheting in which each stitch makes a loop through which the next stitch is taken. as for a raffle or lottery. 3 piece of this substance. variety of quartz that has a waxy luster and occurs in various colors and forms.) to answer and explain. bubbling wine. —v.. cham·ber·lain (chāmʹbәr lin). chal·lie (shalʹi). 1 a room (in a house). cha·let (sha lāʹ. 3 call on (a person. [< OF chaeine < L catena chain] chain drive. by chance. adj. 1 person who is in charge of or presides at a meeting. n. —v. u –wom·en. 1 happen. –lenged. n. b office of a lawyer or judge. [? akin to chap chop2] champ2 (champ). n. 5 a cavity: the heart has four chambers. —n. adj. defender. n. 1 person who manages the household of a king or lord. fight or speak in behalf of. which in turn split other uranium nuclei. n. used for dresses. n..] —chamʹbered. chance (chans. chain mail. chair·per·son (chārʹpėr´sәn). arms. [< OF < L calumnia calumny] —chalʹlenge·a·ble. [< OF < L < Gk. 4 doubt. 4 a risk. Also. France. 2 mix or rub with chalk. cham·paign (sham pānʹ). 5 ticket. —adj. adj. pl. chain reaction.108 chain chain (chān). or authority. 2 Also. —v. Chal·dee (kal dēʹ. 4 a measuring instrument like a chain. quartet. made up mostly of very small fossil sea shells. or draw with chalk. used on trees. —chalkʹy. —v. etc. 1 position of a champion. accidental. 2 a changeable or fickle person. write. letter that each recipient is asked to copy and send to other recipients. [< F. pl. etc. 1 opportunity: the chance to go to college. < chamai on the ground. chalk up. 1 person. b be in charge of or preside at a meeting. a soft leather made from the skin of the sheep. dwarf + leon lion] —chame´le·onʹic. 3 hall where a legislature body meets. used for writing or drawing on a board. used esp. chamber music. 2 system using this mechanism. 2 any series of events or happenings. 1 series of links joined together. chair·wom·an (chãrʹw˙ m´әn). chain gang. chanc·ing. gang of convicts. chains. a begin a meeting. —v. n. 4 a legislative. 1 seat for one person that has a back and. chal·lenge (chalʹinj).. chanced. 6 claim. chaise lounge. adj. v. chance upon (or on). provide with chamber. on the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. cham·ois (shamʹi). chain link fence.. 2 a herdsman’s hut or cabin in the Swiss mountains. or thing that wins first place in a game or contest. accidentally. [< Swiss F] chal·ice (chalʹis). chair·man (chãrʹmәn). whiten with chalk. adj. [< L calx lime] —chalkʹlike´. pl. perhaps. originally produced in Champagne. record. n. champ1 (champ). chamber of commerce. etc. 2 bedroom. 1 bite and chew noisily. bondage. 3 treasurer: city chamberlain. series of seats suspended from an endless cable to carry people between two points. 1 a small. adj. —Chal·deʹan. somewhat like a couch. chamʹmy. first place. . n. 2 pale. as to a juror or a vote. chained together while at work outdoors. 3 act as chairperson of (a committee. champion cham·pagne (sham pānʹ). n. chalkedon] Chal·da·ic (kal dāʹik). one of a group of retail stores owned and operated by one company. ancient region in SW Asia. —chalʹleng·er. theaters. etc. fetters. chäns). —n.. vote. –nies. 1 lizard that can change the color of its skin. ahead of all others. defend.e. kathedra seat] chair lift. 3 fate. 1 call to fight. 1 process marked by an explosive release of nuclear energy. record. 1 mark. etc. 2 bind. 4 objection made. owned and operated by one person or company.. v. n. often one with a folding top. chalk (chôk). hard surface for writing or drawing with chalk. long chair] chal·ced·o·ny (kal sedʹә ni. longʹ).. 2 seat of position. 5 object to (a juror. n. sometimes. chair with a long seat and a back at one end. 2 person who is head of a committee. 2 invite to a game or contest. adj. of cambric] cha·me·le·on (kә mēʹli әn. maid who makes the beds. 2 put in a position of authority. ground lion. support. chal·lis. 2 cup that holds the wine used in the Communion service. tourists or skiers to the top of a slope. 2 person who fights or speaks for another.. 3 a cup-shaped flower. a woman chairperson. kalʹdē). by any chance. 1 a house or villa with wide. Doublet of camera. 2 take the risk of: risk. of chaire chair] chaise longue (shāz´ lôngʹ. —adj. 2 series of things joined or linked together: a mountain chain.

place where the skin is chapped. —changeʹa·bly. [< Sp. v. have favorable prospects. b in a helpless position. sort. n. n. changes. chang·ing. —v. etc. SW strong leather trousers without a back. in rhythm with the motions made during their work. —n. n. chap·ping. chan·de·lier (shan´dә lirʹ). n. [< L < Gk. n. chap·ter (chapʹtәr). –slә ri. section. —v. —v. —v. thorny bushes. v. dejected. n. —changeʹless·ness. a shrine in which was preserved the cappa or cape of St. 2 office where public records are kept. [< OF < chanter sing + cler clear] chan·try (chanʹtrē). v. in chancery. —change´a·bilʹi·ty. 2 part. Also.. —n. [< F. [< OF < L canalis canal.. chap. n. a chant. chänʹ–). 1 a building for Christian worship. 1 wreath worn on the head. —changeʹless·ly. adj. chanʹ–). kind. n. etc. [< F chaperon hood. channel. chap·ar·ral (chap´ә ralʹ).character 109 on the chance. clergyman officially authorized to perform religious functions for a family. adj. usually hanging from a ceiling. n. not changing. a slow pitch thrown in the same way as a fast pitch. —v. stand a chance. occasion] char. man. 3 variety. 2 string of beads. 3 room or building for worship in a palace. by cowhands.. adj. 2 the chief judge of a court of chancery or equity in some states. 2). a married woman or an older person who accompanies young people at a party or a young unmarried woman in public for the sake of good form and protection. n. esp. etc. hat. n. adj. groove. and Sark. [< AF chaundeler < VL candelarius < L candela candle] change (chānj). adv. charred. change·ling (chānjʹling). protector. n. [var. of caput head] char1 (chär). 1 act or fact of changing. chore.] Channel Islands. 5 means by which something is carried: secret channels. –oned. usually enclosed. shaps). —changʹer. 2 charter. n. 1 great confusion. river. formerly sold on the streets. 1 a main division of a book or other writing. –izing. 5 special thing or quality that makes one person. 5 money returned to a person when he or she has given an amount larger than the price of what is bought.. [< OF < L cadentia a falling < cadere fall] chan·cel (chanʹsәl. change of the place of a trial. 1 burn to charcoal. n. n..] —chanʹcellor·ship´. chan·nel (chanʹәl). chopfallen. b chapel. 2 likely to be changed. chänʹ–). worn over other trousers. of chapel headdress. chänt). Martin] chap·er·on. n. esp. or in the manner of. [? < charcoal] char2 (chär). n. society. chare. [< F < L cancelli a grating] chan·cel·ler·y (chanʹsә lәr i. 2 chaplain. 1 position of a chancellor. Cha·nu·kah (häʹnә kә). 1 form a channel in. in great confusion. 3 branch of a club. 1 court of equity. n. crack open. 3 office of a chancellor. 1 chapel. a small book u or pamphlet of popular tales. chap·er·one (shapʹәr ōn). to confuse a batter. nature. adv. arrange in chapters. 2 body of water joining two larger bodies of water: the English Channel. –on·ing. adv. n. SW thicket of low shrubs. n. altar. –cer·ies. chapped. [< OF < LL cappella orig. 4 give or get (money of a different sort) for. v. society. 6 small coins. [< OF < LL capellanus < cappella chapel] —chapʹlain·cy. See canker. [ME chappe(n) cut] chap2 (chap). public institution. 1 make or become different. adv. etc. char·ring. regiment.. [< OF < LL cambiare] —changeʹful. change hands. in Great Britain. OE cēapman < cēap trade + man man] chap3 (chap). a change-up. chapʹlain·ship.] chan·ti·cleer (chanʹtә klir). pl. 2 substitute. shanty. —n. –neled. Also. crack in the skin. song sung by sailors. n. do odd jobs or chores. Alderney. chant (chant. 2 moral strength or weakness. v. —n. court. cha·peau (sha pōʹ). char·ac·ter (karʹik tәr).. -ies. 2 a changed condition or appearance. 4 reputation. 2 charcoal. a pass from one owner to another. space around the altar of a church. See chancel. n. 4 a second set of clothes. n. chop2 (def.. fellow. chap·fall·en (chopʹfôl´әn. —v. constant. completely disordered.. [short for chapman a peddler. of F chanter sing. 2 a small place for worship in a larger building. chan·nel-surf (chanʹәl sėrf´).] —chapʹlet·ed.] —chanʹcrous. school. 2 infinite space or formless matter before the universe existed. chänʹ–). change-up (chānjʹup´). 2 scorch.] cha·ot·ic (kā otʹik). –eys. one third as long as a rosary. it is likely.. ballads. 2 a endowment to pay for Masses for a person’s soul. 1 likely to change: a changeable person. an odd job. boy. 2 office of a chancellor. French. 4 passage for liquids. n. 1 all qualities or features possessed by a person. See chant. 3 take in place of. v. chap·let (chapʹlit). –ized. –neling. See cape1. 3 chapter. chap·el (chapʹәl). [< F < VL candelarius < L candela candle] —chan´de·lieredʹ. n.. chaps (chaps.. etc. [< OF < L cantare < canere sing] —chantʹer. adj. 7 narrow band of radio or television frequencies. char·ring. 1 character. 1 the title. pl. charred. Jersey. 1 chapel attached to a church. (the) chances are. b Fig. depending on the possibility. ulcer or sore with a hard base. chant·y (shanʹti. 8 Fig. v. n.. Hanukkah. chap1 (chap). See cap. n. make or become rough. —changeʹful·ness. —changeʹful·ly. dim. on the off chance. 4 prayers said with such beads. chänʹ–). change of life. a ring a set of bells in all its different ways. child secretly substituted for another. Doublet of canal. chan·nel·ize (chanʹә līz). < chaparro evergreen oak] chap·book (chapʹb˙ k´). adj. chan·cer·y (chanʹsәr i. v. pl. n. n. n.. n. avenue or course of action: useful channels. depending on luck. n. or warship. or part of a church similarly endowed. pl. sing to. [< AF < L cancellarius officer stationed at tribunal. a in a court of equity. change of venue. n.. n. different ways in which a set of bells can be rung. —n. chant·ey. –ler·ies. pl. 3 the deeper part of a waterway. switch from one television channel to another without watching any one channel for long. 1 a simple song in which several syllables or words are sung in one tone. –peaux or –peous. c endowed priests. —cha·otʹical·ly. [alter. n. 3 title of the president in certain universities. dim. Guernsey. chänʹ–). British islands near the NW coast of France. adj. animal. 1 bed of a stream. [< OF chapelet. change·a·ble (chānʹjә bәl). n. chapʹ–). or group different from . Also. 2 dealer in groceries and supplies: a ship chandler. complete disorder.] —chapʹeron´age.. discouraged. 4 group of clergymen usually attached to a cathedral. 4 a religious service in a chapel. b substitute one hand for the other. adj. menopause. difference. 1 charred substance. chap·lain (chapʹlin). 2 a singsong way of talking.. cha·os (kāʹos). 6 person through whom spirits supposedly communicate. used by the clergy and the choir. [< OF < L capitulum. [OE cerr turn. 5 put other clothing or covering on: change a bed. ring the changes. 2 in baseball. thing. fixture with branches for lights. changed. n. –slәr.. chan·dler (chanʹdlәr. —n. 3 string of beads for keeping count in saying prayers. changeʹa·ble·ness. —v. change·less (chānjʹlis). rooster.. act as a chaperon to. of various high officials: Chancellor of the Exchequer. 1 maker or seller of candles. change of pace. chan·cel·lor (chanʹsә lәr. 1 sudden shift from one routine or activity to another. 2 act as a channel. often to relieve boredom or fatigue. do a thing in many different ways. —channel surfer. not so large as a church. 3 good character. Brit. n. of chancellery] chan·cre (shangʹkәr).

char·lotte russe (shärʹlәt rüsʹ). [see char2] char·y (chãrʹi). king of the Franks from 768 to 814 and emperor of the Holy Roman Empire 800–814. n. a subtract as a loss. n. Doublet of catch. 1 price put on something. 9 the violent final rush in an attack or assault. boatman who ferried the spirits of the dead across the river Styx to Hades. chase. telling how it is to be organized and what it can do. in the W part. charrada < charra chatter] char·broil (chärʹbroil´). char·ac·ter·is·tic (kar´ik tәr isʹtik). esp. not natural or usual. [< OF < LL carnale. [< OF < L caritas dearness < carus dear] char·la·tan (shärʹlә tәn). tables. ciarlatano. Russian charlotte (a type of dessert)] charm (chärm). charg·er2 (chärʹjәr). 4 give an order or command to. 1 careful. French. charakter instrument for marking < charassein engrave] character actor. mark. n. or diagram. yellow. n. a large. Char·le·magne (shärʹlә mān). 5 accuse: charged with speeding. a. for 2. 2 sham performance or behavior. distinguishing from others.] —chartʹless. 7 formal statement accusing a person of having broken the law. charged (chärjd). adv. make a chart of. —v. 3 follow. pl. or thrill. adj. person who pretends to have more knowledge or skill than he or she really has. 742?–814. n. [< F < L < Gk. char·i·ty (ch¯rʹә ti). personal magnetism or glamour. 2 hire. in character. attract. 1 a green. Charles·ton (chärlzʹtәn). [< F < L charta < Gk. natural or usual. [< F. [< F < LL carricare load < L carrus wagon. 5 order. 3 spiritual gift giving a person the power to prophesy. person who a drives a chariot. [< OF. n. or excitement from.). woman whose work is doing odd jobs by the day. chary quality. n. carefully. 3 sparing. —n. char·nel house (chärʹnәl). of charta. [< OF. institution. 2 be a characteristic of. show on a chart. v. 2 shy. chart (chärt). [OE cearig < caru care] Cha·ryb·dis (kә ribʹdis). charged. branch. adj. 1 without a character. —char´ac·ter·i·zaʹtion. —charʹi·ta·bleness. 5 kindness in judging people. etc. adj. quack. fill: a gun charged with powder and shot. v. —n. 2 without distinction. char·ac·ter·less (karʹik tәr lis). char·i·ot (ch¯rʹi әt).. direction. 2 an outline map showing special conditions or facts: a weather chart. char·gés d’af·faires (shär zhāzʹ dә fãrʹ).. 6 load. char·ter (chärʹtәr). 4 Christian love of one’s fellow men. v. cha·ris·ma (kә rizʹmә). n. —charmʹing·ness. as expected. 4 such a list. n. charg·er1 (chärʹjәr). 4 word. n. 3 a hunted animal. a quantum unit of +1 for any quark and 1 for its antiquark. c dash away. charge off. 8 letter. 2 act on as if by magic. [< OF < L carmen song. a hydrographic or marine map. a special quality or feature. 5 in nuclear physics. 2 liable to become a public charge. direct. 2 a debt to be paid. 3 drawing made with such a pencil. put down as belonging to: charge up to boredom. Gk. pl. duty. enchantment < canere sing] —charmʹer. [< F < Pr. etc. char·ac·ter·ize (karʹik tәr īz). n. Chart·ism (chärʹtiz´әm). adj. Myth. capital of West Virginia. tell lies] char·la·tan·ism (shärʹlә tәn iz´әm). pl. responsibility. etc. used in ancient times in fighting. 8 make a violent final rush: charge the enemy. 7 restore the capacity of. 2 drive. run after. 3 a small ornament or trinket. chas·ing. 3 fund. —Chartʹist.. 1 loaded. 1 give a charter to. 1 war horse. 2 a light. char·treuse (shär trœzʹ. n. < char car] char·i·ot·eer (ch¯r´ i әt irʹ) n. chase1 (chās). 1 put on a price of. 1 power of delighting or fascinating. Charybdis sucked down ships. uninteresting. n. drive away. —charʹterless. 3 protect as by a charm. char·i·est. adv. 1 help a given to the poor or suffering. or by a legislature to a city or company. –trüsʹ). [< char(coal) + broil] char·coal (chärʹkōl´). esp. attractive. in charge (of). duty. one of the original members of an organization. pictures. n... n. See chart. verse.d. —charmʹless. 1 black substance made by partly burning wood or bones in a place from which the air is shut out. cleaning. deputy of a diplomat. 1 map. pl. n. n. opposite the rock Scylla. n. or diagrams. management: nurses have charge of sick people. by. charge up. n.. < charger charge] char·i·ly (chãrʹә li). n. 2 a very pleasing quality or feature. adv. also shär trüzʹ. char·ley horse (chärʹli). adj. stingy. 1 that can be charged. chartes leaf of paper. rent. adj. 6 person in a play or book. n. picture. 2 act or work of charity. esp. –iz·ing. actor who commonly plays the role of a person with unusual or eccentric characteristics. n. adv. as an electric battery. and processions. adj. or thing supposed to have magic power. Carthusian] char·wom·an (chärʹw˙ m´әn).] —chasʹer. special. 2 put down as a debt to be paid. [< F < Ital. 2 glamour or sex appeal. racing. place where dead bodies or bones are laid. 2 person or thing that charges.. char·i·ta·ble (ch¯rʹә tә bәl). the explosive used in firing a gun. or organization for helping the poor or suffering. 7 person who attracts attention because he or she is different or odd. chased. 1 chasing. n. n. char·i·ness (chãrʹi nis). 1 delight. —v. flat dish. Doublet of carry. others. char·i·er. –ma·ta (–mә tә). adj. [< OF chacier < LL captiare. charge (chärj). 2 generous in giving help to poor or suffering people. 2 a written order from the authorities of a society. 4 person. or lodge. n.] —charʹter·er. a two-wheeled car a pulled by horses.110 character actor get a charge from (out of. n. u –wom·en. charter member. 2 having an electrical charge: charged ions. char·gé d’af·faires (shär zhāʹ dә fãrʹ). hurry. —cha´ris·matʹic. [< F. adj. get pleasure. one by a ruler to his subjects. n. platter. 1 describe. charla·tan·ry (–tәn ri). 3 sheet giving information in lists. ult. filled. —v. charm·ing (chärʹming). person called to give testimony in behalf of the character and reputation of one of the parties in a legal case. b put down as belonging to or as part of: charged off the loss to incompetence.. b care. out of character. a having the care or management. distinguish. give chase. English reform movement of the first half of the 19th century whose members were chiefly working men. 3 give a task. Doublet of card.] Char·on (kãrʹәn). or responsibility to. See carnal. n. pursue. giving to a group of persons the right to organize a new chapter. —n. charg·ing. 3 kindly in judging people and their actions. 1 run after to catch or kill. . 3 a task. table. 6 formal instruction: a judge’s charge to the jury. 2 pencil made of charcoal for drawing. yellowish green. Informal. n. 1 a written grant of certain rights or privileges. n. attractiveness. esp. very pleasing. cha·rade (shә r adʹ). —charʹac·ter·iz´er. not as expected. [< OF < L chartula. –ties. or white liqueur first made by Carthusian monks. Swiss chard. adj. n. —v. 1 of chara ity. dim. —charʹi·ta·bly. v. b in command. < Mongolian dzar proclaim. club. 8 quantity needed to load or fill something. stiffness caused by straining a muscle. –ized.] charge·a·ble (chärʹjә bәl). 1 personal appeal or power to fascinate. or sign used in writing or printing. or thing under the care of someone. [ME charcole] chard (chärd). adj. whirlpool in the strait between Sicily and Italy. —charmʹing·ly. 1 game of guessing ¯ a word from the dramatic representation of each syllable. broil with charcoal. 4 rush. warily. dessert made of a mold of sponge cake filled with whipped cream or custard. —char´acter·isʹti·cal·ly. heal. etc. —v. 2 hunting as a sport. quackery. n. character witness.

n. hat. adj. —cheekʹi·ness. fraud. v. anything made at little cost. vary. wide difference of feelings or interests between people or groups. [< F < LL casubula < L casa house. of escheat] —cheatʹer. 3 have ups and downs. v. —interj. examine or compare to prove true or correct. n.cheer chase2 (chās). 2 marked in patches. 1 in chess. are inspected. indistinct sounds. cheap (chēp). make a short. n. n. bank account against which checks may be drawn. emboss. n. peep. gap. 2 clasp to which keys. location on a website where a person can post comments and information. n. modesty.. punish by beating or thrashing. —chau´vin·isʹtic.. 1 deceive or trick. v. —n. term from days of steam automobiles] chaunt (chônt. virtuous. slaves. 2 Fig. reverse. chat·ty (chatʹi). shāh māt the king is dead] check point. checking account. chänt). and machinery of a motor vehicle. –ti·er. cheek·iest. adj. 2 mark off with patches different from one another. 2 post electronic messages. n.. 2 defeat completely. 7 mark in a pattern of squares. n. check·ers (chekʹәrz). shāh king. warlike patriotism. absence of too much decoration. have a chat with. king at chess] —checkʹa·ble. —n. [< F. 1 costing little. chat·tel (chatʹәl). engrave. 2 costing less than it is worth. [var. 2 fraud. at a low price. check out. act as a chauffeur to. —v. [< OF < L castus pure] —chasteʹly. [< OF escheker chessboard] check·er·board (chekʹәr bôrd´. [< F < VL capsiceum < L capsa. Doublet of castle. check·rein (chekʹrān´). 5 of low value. [< F < L castellum castle. chas·ing. 1 frame. chas·ti·ty (chasʹtә ti). Chau·cer (chôʹsәr). chauf·feur (shōʹfәr. n. a film.. b inspect or examine to see if 111 (something) is in proper order or condition. chasʹ–). —adv. n. board marked in a pattern of 64 squares of two alternating colors. < L castellum castle] chat room. 6 write a check. 2 any of several birds with a chattering cry. cheep (chēp). v. 3 simplicity of style or taste. –mat·ed. —cheatʹing·ly. chat·ted. pl. comments. cheer (chir). game played on a checkerboard by two people. restrain. pl. 5 put a check on. 2 beguile. akin to cassock] chat (chat). 1 a sudden stop. road. 2 a large country house. after Nicolas Chauvin. v.. common. adv. n. n. [< F < L capsa box] chasm (kazʹәm). 2 means of preventing error. 4 easily obtained. —chas·tisʹer. cheek·y (chēkʹi). cheat on. c substantiate. jobs. 8 send (baggage) to a given destination. n. b flatter. 2 marked in a pattern of squares. to show ownership. foolish talk. at small cost. cheek·i·er. n. n. [< OF eschec a check at chess < Pers. 1 boastful. n. baggage. automobiles. 2 one of the flat. used in playing checkers or chess. adj. furrow. —n. —Chau·ceʹri·an. worn by the priest at Mass. [imit. 4 state of mind. 3 utter rapidly or uselessly. Doublet of cattle. register at a hotel or motel. 3 often changing. —n. in a cheap manner. race. online in response to similar messages from others. n. unstable. trick. “Be of good cheer. varied. check up. —chatʹti·ness. —v. 2 quick. 2 shout of encouragement. rapidly. –tis·ing. [imit. –mat·ing. etc. arranged to form a ready means of reference or checking. [< OF chatel. chirp. modest. chasʹ–). adj. or group. check list or check·list (chekʹlist´). n. 8 written order directing a bank to pay money to the person named on it. a call in chess warning that an opponent’s king is in danger and must be moved. 1 fill with cheer. chant. n. —chatʹti·ly. n. v. 2 make quick. n. v. on the cheap. 2 main landing gear of an aircraft. bargain] —cheapʹly. adj. control. ult. a held back. book of blank u checks on a bank. —v. such a sound. b (of a king) attacked by an opposing chess piece. 1 punish to improve. have (an opponent’s king) in check. feel inferior and ashamed. —cheapʹen·er. check in. etc. 1 talk in an easy. 2 hold back. [< OF echec et mat < Ar. 2 restrain from excess or crudeness. See chase3. OE cēap price. round pieces used in the game of checkers. package. controlled. etc. sharp sound like a young bird. 9 in chess. wheels. n. etc. 2 shout encouragement. gladness. deceive or be unfaithful to someone. feel cheap. change. adv. [OE cēce] cheek·bone (chēkʹbōn´).. 1 stop suddenly. Archaic. adj. mark as checked and found true or right. Each player has 12 round. saucy. n. position of an opponent’s king when it is in danger and must be moved. 3 simple in taste or style. cheek (chēk). adv. familiar talk. movable possession. a sleeveless outer vestment covering all other vestments. 2 a complete defeat. —chau´vin·isʹti·cal·ly. 3 saucy talk or behavior. chaste < F < L castigare make pure < castus pure] —chasʹten·er. n.. v. 7 bill for a meal. n. n. 1 talk constantly. author of The Canterbury Tales. chas· tise (chas tīzʹ ). 6 ticket given for a coat. trench. 9 pattern of squares. check·up (chekʹup´). and foolishly. chas·ten (chāsʹәn). 2 decency. —n. n. n. virtue. 1 pattern of squares. chat·ting. n. denoting wine from a particular estate. adv. in check. [var.. 1 person who is not honest. 4 comparison to prove something true or right. v. check·book (chekʹb˙ k´). etc. esp. may be attached. check·mate (chekʹmāt´).] —cheepʹer. impudent. 3 any person or thing that holds back action. Furniture. adj. chau·vin·ism (shōʹvәn iz әm).. and animals are chattels. die. Geoffrey. v. 1 joy. groove. chas·u·ble (chazʹyә bәl. n. a pay one’s bill at a hotel or motel. —n. adv. n. –ti·est. [< F chauvinisme. [< obs. n. 1 marked in a pattern of many-colored squares. . a purse. etc. 1 fond of friendly.. cheap·en (chēpʹәn). 1 pure. 3 charging low prices: a cheap market.. a talk informally. chaste chasten + –ise] —chasʹtise·ment. impudence. in France: 1 a castle. Chateau. chase3 (chās). 3 food. chat up. indistinct sounds: monkeys chatter. 3 elude. cheaply. list of names. —cheekʹi·ly. cheap·ie (chēʹpē).] chaste (chāst). —chasteʹness. titles.. [short for chatter] châ·teau (sha tōʹ). —adj. n.] —chatʹter·er. 10 in chess. excessive enthusiasm for one’s sex. etc. chat·ter·box (chatʹәr boks´). n. check (chek). a move that ends the game by putting the opponent’s king in inescapable check. documents. familiar talk. 1 quick. adj. —n. 1340?– 1400. —cheapʹness. [short for good cheap a good bargain. stoker < chauffer to heat. [< obs. [< L < Gk. Informal. 1 a deep opening or crack in the earth. person whose work is driving an automobile. check·er (chekʹәr). place on a border.] chat·e·laine (shatʹә lān). of enchase] —chasʹer. 1 side of the face below either eye. etc. 3 rebuff. make or become cheap. v. 1 purity. n. chasʹi). [< F. person who talks all the time. a short rein to keep a horse from lowering its head. 2 conversational. –tised. 1 a careful examination. chas·sis (shasʹi. n. 2 anything suggesting the human cheek in form or position. bone just below either eye. n. v. 1 easy. adv. 1 mark in a pattern of squares of different colors. n. chased. 2 decent. —checkʹer. –bōrd´). English poet. 1 used in checking. 4 rattle together. 2 Fig. 5 mark to show that something has been checked. cheat (chēt). flat pieces to move. 1 make a move in chess that wins the game. 1 mistress or lady of a castle. at which persons are stopped and passports. –teaux (–tōzʹ). v. piece of property that is not real estate. d Informal. —adj. 4 compare to prove true or right. adj. to attract someone. adj. overenthusiatic patriot] —chauʹvin·ist.” —v. repulse. n. chasma] —chasʹmal. 2 a thorough physical examination. check off. encourage. chas·sis (shasʹiz. shō fėrʹ). check·ered (chekʹәrd).] chat·ter (chatʹәr).. esp. familiar way.

—cherʹish·ing·ly. now living mostly in Oklahoma. [< F < chérir < cher dear < L carus] —cherʹish·er. che·wink (chi wingkʹ). adv. used in playing chess. Cher·o·kee (cherʹә kē. cheru ubs for 3. finch of E and C North America whose cry sounds somewhat like its name.] cher·ry-pick (cherʹē pik´). 5 reddish brown. chemical. pl. n. board marked in a pattern of 64 squares of two different colors. [< F < LL camisia shirt < Celtic] chem·ist (kemʹist). adj. Ches·a·peake Bay (chesʹә pēk). Che·khov (chekʹôf. [< F. chemistry. 2 crane for picking up objects from a heap. 1 of chemistry. —cheerʹful·ness. —chemʹi·cally. —cheerʹi·ness. 2 think over. shirtlike undergarment worn by women and girls. kastanea chestnut) + nut] che·tah (chēʹtә). claw of a lobster. n.. pl. as the taste buds. v. chees·y (chēzʹi). 1 dessert made of cheese. 2 their language. n. 1 of or like cheese. animal somewhat like a leopard. 1 breed of sheep that originated in the Cheviot Hills. of alchemist] chem·is·try (kemʹis tri). 2 quahog. —n. chee·tah (chēʹtә).112 cheerful cheer up. adj. reddish-brown. 1 joyful. [imit. chītā] chef (shef). 1 made of this wood. n. inferior.. of or having to do with turtles and tortoises. che·mo·re·cept·or (kē´mō ri sepʹtәr). 4 bright red.. kemʹә–). cher·ry·stone (cherʹē stōn´). chele claw] —cheʹlate. [< F. n. 1 science that deals with the characteristics of elements or simple substances. —adj. n. druggist [var. –of). See check. adj. face] —cheerʹer. gloomy.. n.. bright. 2 a large box with a lid. 1 crush or grind with the teeth. bay of the Atlantic. n. adj. [< F < LL cara face < Gk. worn on the sleeve as an indication of rank or of service or wounds in war. Oxygen.. Egyptian king who lived about 2900 b. che·la (kēʹlә). adj. chefsd’oeu·vre (she dœʹvrә). chest (chest). 4th Earl of. adv. etc. be or make glad.] chef-d’oeu·vre (she dœʹvrә). kara head. are chemicals. capital of Wyoming. adv. cling to. [OE cēowan] —chewʹer. kerasos cherry tree. 3 piece of furniture with drawers. b corresponding part of the body in other animals. n. 2 fabric woven from this cord. n. —adj. chēʹvi– for 1. usually sweetened and flavored chicle. –bōrd´). 2 any cook. [< chemist] chemo–.] Chey·enne (shī enʹ. hamburger sandwich with melted cheese on top of the meat. a turtle or tortoise. chem·ur·gy (kemʹėr ji). pl. 3 its wood. combining form. 2 pleasant. –mәn). < cheval horse < L caballus. found in S Asia and Africa. 2 Informal. Also. 2 application of this to a certain subject. substance obtained by or used in a chemical process. n. 1 one of the second highest order of angels. seaport in NW France. 2 care for tenderly. See cavalier. chemical. n. that bears sweet edible nuts in prickly burs. [< Heb. Khufu. adv. Chester. 4 place where money is kept. 1860–1904. shevʹi әt for 2). n. n. [< OF esches (pl. Russian dramatist and novelist. region of predominant photochemical activity in the earth’s atmosphere. bright: a cheerful room. [< Hind. cheese·cloth (chēzʹklôth´. 1 a cloth design consisting of stripes meeting at an angle. cheer·lead·er (chirʹlē´dәr). adj.. 1 hold dear. —cheerʹi·ly. Each player has 16 pieces to move in different ways. 1 expert in chemistry. n. adj. county in W England. –kloth´). che·nille (shә nēlʹ). 1 chewing.] chess·board (chesʹbôrd´. n. etc. n. chetah. adj. cher´ә kēʹ). —cheerʹless·ness. 2 picture or statue of a child with wings. cheer·ful (chirʹfәl). n. or of a child’s head with wings. the changes that take place when they combine to form other substances. –lae (–lē). v. n. n. [< F chenille caterpillar < L canicula little dog. 1 a velvety cord. dreary. n. such as casein and cornstalks. adj. 6 reddish-brown horse. 2 mass of this pressed into shape. che·lo·ni·an (ki lōʹnē әn). chem·o·ther·a·py (kē´mō therʹә pē. used in embroidery. —cheesʹi·ness. n. piece for chewing. rafter. chev·ron (shevʹrәn). chees·i·er. 1694–1773. 2 nut of this tree. cheer·y (chirʹi). chess·man (chesʹman´. n. –men (–men´.). sulfuric acid. a thin. juicy fruit with a stone or pit in it. chewing gum. by chemical reaction: chemotherapy treatment by chemical reaction (of cells). cheer·iest.. in the SE part. a younger son. –tries. b such photographs. . cher·ish (cherʹish). n. [< L < Gk. –y˙ bim) for 1 and 2. pl. English statesman who wrote witty and instructive letters to his son. at high school and college athletic events. Cheviot Hills. 2 (literally) chief (piece of) work. scorpion. n. n. 1 member of a tribe of Iroquois Indians. Cheshire cat. n. 2 cheviot. n. n.. 5 the money itself. [< L < Gk. poorly made. —n. builder of a great pyramid. Doublet of chief. pleasant. —n. select the best or most desirable elements of: cherry-picked reporters’ questions before the news conference.. Chesh·ire (cheshʹәr. [< obs. Anton. 3 wood of this tree. pl. chem. etc. 1 a small. treatment of infection and disease by chemicals toxic to specific cells. cher·ub (cherʹәb). cheese cake. cutting trees. 1 Archaic. esp. chem·i·cal (kemʹә kәl). Also. fringe. person who leads a group in organized cheering. chesten chestnut (< L < Gk. kerasia < Gk. 1 solid food made from the thick part of milk. n. 1 movable crane with a bucket or platform to hold a worker making repairs. etc. n. che·mo·syn·the·sis (kē´mō sinʹthә sis. che·mise (shә mēzʹ). n. 2 member of the Legion of Honor of France. and the laws of their combination and behavior under various conditions. kem´ō–). any person or creature that appears to have a wide. fixed grin. gum prepared for chewing. n. and especially in manufacturing. v. n. adv. —n. Also. 1 large tree belonging to the same family as the beech. –anʹ). crab.. used for holding things: a linen chest. pl. branch of applied chemistry that deals with the use of organic raw materials. 2 tree that it grows on.c. 2 Brit. –nәt). See cerise. n. cheetah. –ir). 1 a part of the human body enclosed by ribs. originally of the S Appalachians. cheer·i·er. cheesi·est. cher·ry picker. innocent. n. borax. n.. b a cotton cloth like it. formation in cells of carbohydrates with energy obtained from chemical reaction. a a rough. round. [< L caseus] cheese·burg·er (chēzʹbēr´gәr). 4 horse chestnut. otherwise than for food. [< F. pl. chev·a·lier (shev´ә lirʹ). knight. loosely woven cotton cloth. hills on the boundary between England and Scotland. 1 pit of a cherry. game played on a chessboard by two people. treasury. –kee. —che·ruʹbi·cal·ly. –ries. chest·nut (chesʹnut. n.. 3 keep in mind. sugar. –mәn). cher·ry (cherʹi). baked together. eggs. [OE ciris < VL cerisia < LGk. cher·u·bim (cherʹә bim. 1 masterpiece. 1 head cook. 2 made by or used in chemistry. 3 willing: a cheerful giver. 2 design shaped like an inverted V. French. 2 bright-red. one of the pieces used in playing chess. –kees. thorax. etc. che·mo·sphere (kē mә sfir. in Maryland and Virginia. treat with affection. used for rugs and curtains. —cheerʹful·ly. kiste box] Ches·ter·field (chesʹtәr fēld´). < chèvre goat < L capra] chew (chü). nerve ending or sense organ that reacts to chemical stimulation. or good child. n. kem´o–). 2 Informal. n. 2 thing chewed. —cheerʹless·ly. 3 in the old French nobility. glad: a cheerful person. a the photographing of women to emphasize physical charms. n. n. chemist. n. adv.] Chev·i·ot (chevʹi әt. 3 beautiful. cheer·less (chirʹlis). used in coats of arms and in architecture. woolen cloth. cheese (chēz). from its furry look] Che·ops (kēʹops). kerūb] —che·ruʹbic. chess (ches). u Cher·bourg (shãrʹb˙ rg). a loose. consider.

chic·co·ry (chikʹә ri). adv. —Chicaʹgo·an. [imit. Chimera. [< F < L < Gk. 2 seed of this plant. chimaira she-goat] chi·mer·i·cal (kә merʹә kәl. of child.. chick (chik). See captain. place near the fire. above all. of chigoe] chig·oe. 1 judge who acts as chairman of a group of judges on a court. frightening. [< chill + blain] —chilʹblained´. chime in. reproach. tomatoes. chick·weed (chikʹwēd´). n. 2 unfriendly. < chiffe rag] chif·fo·nier (shif´ә nirʹ). 4 a young bird of certain other kinds. n.Sp. < Mex. v. 6 Informal. used for dresses. [< F. clever. leader. n. 4 crack or opening in a rock. chic·le (chikʹәl). frank. work done by children for hire.] Chi·hua·hua (chi wäʹwä).chimney swift 113 Chey·enne (shī enʹ). adj. pl. condition of a woman giving birth to a child. charge. the President of the United States or the governor of a state. —chillʹi·ness. low trickery.. with child. child·hood (chīldʹh˙ d). Chi·ca·na (chi käʹnä). 2 Colloq. 1 unpleasantly cool. 1 plant of the pea family that bears pealike seeds. chif·fon (shi fonʹ. 2 ring out musically: the bells chimed midnight. n. chimney pot. n. 1 a hot-tasting pod of red pepper. adv. red Italian wine. chihuahua.. –ennes. [< Sp. [< F. chill·y (chilʹi). 5 Fig. 1 member of an Algonkian tribe of American Indians. —adj. mantelpiece. shik). 1 mainly. —n. 2 boy or girl. —chidʹing·ly. adv. n. terrifying. and a serpent’s tail. pl.. 2 Chief Executive. kaminos] —chimʹney·less. chimed. esp. 2 musical sound made by a set of tuned bells.S. used as food. –ries. a mild contagious disease of children accompanied by a rash on the skin. 2 most important. 2 part of this that rises above a roof. —chillʹily. an itching sore or redness on the hands or feet caused by cold. presiding judge of the United States Supreme Court. 2 a horrible creature of the imagination. child·like (chīldʹlīk´). one who is a coward. 3 son or daughter. –saw or –saws. 1 very cold. chic (shēk. small. 1 unreal. adv. chil·blain (chilʹblān´). supposed to breathe out fire. head of a group. chi (kī). etc. Mexican-American male. too elegant. chimney sweep or sweeper. chig·o (chigʹō). pl.. n. at the head. chicken hawk. 2 its root. [< OF < LL capitanus. 1 head of the executive branch of a government or corporation. n. a common weed whose leaves and seeds are eaten by birds. giving birth to children. n. —adj. and spices. pl. 2 afraid. corner or side of a fireplace. 1 innocent. —chillʹness. imaginary. 1 any of certain hawks that raids poultry yards. [OE cīcen] chicken feed. on Lake Michigan. child labor. 2 chigoe. 1 chief of a tribe or clan. pl.. chimney piece. chid·ed. chief executive. n. 3 an absurd idea. adj. join in. n. n. adj. too chic. child·bear·ing (chīldʹbãr´ing). in chief. chil·dren (chilʹdrәn). 1 young chicken. city in NE Illinois.. 2 domestic or barnyard fowl of any age. in many countries. person highest in rank or authority. –enne. chief justice. jiktli] chic lit. pregnant. n.. 1 young. main. chi·can·er·y (shi kānʹәr i). a tasteless. shifʹon). child·birth (chīldʹbėrth´). style. adj. Chile saltpeter. prep. n. chimney corner. n. kymbalon cymbal] chi·me·ra. Doublet of chef. chim·ing.. formerly of Mississippi. for young women. NaNO3. of the highest rank or authority. 3 child. 1 state in N Mexico. adj. It is the dried milky juice of a sapodilla tree of tropical America. [< Am. foolish. 2 young bird. the 22nd letter of the Greek alphabet (X. 3 meat cooked with red peppers and beans. [OE cīdan] —chidʹer. Informal. Gk. chi·chi (shēʹshē´). 1 of a child. n. adv. quibbling. chill (chil). chief·ly (chēfʹli). adj. chief (chēf). chil·dren (chilʹdrәn). n. n. chill·i·est. n.] Chick·a·saw (chikʹә sô). n. chil·es. [< OF < LL caminata < L caminus oven < Gk. n. adj. chicken out. sodium nitrate. 2 suitable for a child. blame. child·bed (chīldʹbed´). chil·i. a high bureau or chest of drawers. unfair practice. [< F < L < Gk.] chig·ger (chigʹәr). trifling amount. mountain. Mexican-American female. cowardly. –er·ies. chilblains. U. 4 descendant. 2 unfriendly. kichoreion] chide (chīd).. n. 3 glass tube put around the flame of a lamp. result. n.] —chiefʹless. chick·en-heart·ed (chikʹәn härʹtid). shivering. 1 plant with bright-blue flowers whose leaves are used for salad. v. [< chick girl + literature] chic·o·ry (chikʹә ri). chiccory. n. n. romance novels. used on meat. n. 2 person who favors war but avoids military service. pl. n. bird of North America that often builds its nest in unused chimneys. 1 the young of domestic fowl. or chil·li (chilʹē). chi·mae·ra (kә mirʹә. product. 2 sudden coldness of the body with shivering. chick·pea (chikʹpē´). volcano. of this tribe. refuse or fail to do something because of fear. leading. 3 unfriendliness. 2 feel cold [OE ciele] —chillʹer. monster with a lion’s head. now living in Montana and Oklahoma. 3 silly. something very easy to do. adj. 1 unpleasantly cold. n. young or immature woman. 3 agree. n.] —chiefʹtain·cy. 2 first of all. Slang. 1 set of tuned bells to make musical sounds. now living in Oklahoma. n. adj. 4 Informal. timid.. pl. chilies. but sounded like k. –ries. –neys. Usually. and gray feathers. chid. child (chīld). simple. [alter. . now legally restricted or. pl. —adj. Chil·e (chilʹē). 2 Chief Justice. chim·ney (chimʹni).. a very thin silk or rayon cloth. n. mostly. —adj. a dry. [< F] Chi·ca·go (shә kôʹgō. pl. 1 unpleasant coldness. χ). –anʹ–). adj. impossible. chi·mer·ic (–ik). chimney swift. See chiffon.. 1 make musical sounds on (a set of tuned bells). small undertaking. infant. child·proof (chīldʹprüf´). [< WInd. [< L < Gk. —chillʹing·ly. n. or chid·den (chidʹәn). —Chilʹe·an. person whose work is cleaning out chimneys. adj. 1 baby. Also. kī–). —v. chime (chīm). chgs. garbanzo. n. or chicle gum. a goat’s body. n. –ras. n. chill·ing (chilʹing). at the home or establishment of. of chicken] chick·a·dee (chikʹә dē). person who is afraid. 1 an upright structure to make a draft and carry away smoke. Chi·an·ti (ki änʹti. neat. 1 mite whose larvae stick to the skin and cause severe itching. [OE cild] —childʹless. child·ish. < Mex. fish. esp. n.. chick·en (chikʹәn). used for seasoning. adj. n. adj. chez (shā). 1 member of a tribe of American Indians. n. visionary. n. 2 Fig. roasted and used as a substitute for coffee. n. chiefʹtain·ship. child’s play. flea of the West Indies and South America. —childʹish·ness. chilli] chili sauce. Chi·ca·no (chi käʹnō). scold. (chīlʹdish). 1 Often. 2 plant that it grows on. chil·lies. n. 1 stylish. 2 Also. 3 agreement. very small dog of ancient Mexican breed. 2 absurd.. 4 feeling cold. white. 1 make cold. –mirʹ–. 1 highest in rank or authority. pl.S. chilli sauce. —adj. chg. n. chicken pox. adj. country in SW South America. cowardly. chicory. 2 leader. chill·i·er. –kä–). chid·ed or chid (chid). kī–). sauce made of red peppers.. a small bird with black. earthenware or metal pipe fitted to the top of a chimney to carry off smoke. condition or u time of being a child. French. outlawed. chil·e. n. attractive young woman. [var. 3 flesh of a chicken used for food. —childʹishly. n. pl. —v. [< OF < L caput head. 5 U. 3 wildly fanciful. written as ch in English.. 2 their Muskhogean language. —n. at the head. gumlike substance used in making chewing gum. 2 like a child. safe for or around children: a childproof lock. Legend. 2 this tribe. wild fancy. giving birth to a child. etc. chief·tain (chēfʹtәn). chid·ing. n.

Chip·pe·wa (chipʹә wä. citra variegated] chip (chip). [< OF. china tree. person who treats diseases by manipulating the spine.S. 2 place where a small. narrow opening. chirp (chėrp). n. and English. chinch bug (chinch). hang by the hands from a bar and pull oneself up until one’s chin is even with the bar. n. 2 make chinks in. keep one’s chin up. n. v. chit·ter·ling (chitʹәr ling). n. 5 a tiny piece of silicon with one or more microcircuits engraved or imprinted on it. –nese. thin piece has been cut or broken off. chi·rop·o·dist (kә ropʹә dist. used as a shade tree in the South. African ape. courtesy. < L caesus < caedere cut] chit (chit). [< Ojibwa achitamo squirrel] chip·per1 (chipʹәr). –rup·ing. Mexico. –wā.Sp. a tool with a sharp edge at the end of a strong blade. c add (one’s stake or bet) to a pool. (Algonkian)] chintz (chints). graphein write] —chi·rogʹrapher. cotton twill or duck fabric. 4 round. 2 dishes. chip·ping. striped American squirrel. chip in. [< Am. chipped. chi·na·ware (chīʹnә wãr´).] chive (chīv). —n. in making trousers. —v. < L cimex bedbug] chin·chil·la (chin chilʹә). [? var. n. —n. [orig. moist wind blowing from the sea to land in winter and spring in NW United States. chinquapin. 2 having to do with chivalry. chitlins. 2 chiropractor. including psittacosis. —adj. v. pl. etc. n. 1 an ornamental tree with purple flowers and yellow fruit. Taiwan. adj. chi´rographʹi·cal.. chinos. made of china. in the chips. generosity. –nook. n.Ind. —chivʹal·rous·ness. chip·per2 (chipʹәr). b micro-circuit. chėrʹ–). —n. [< Gk. chino (chēʹnō). —n. 2 utter with a chirp. adj. etc. 1 make such a sound.. chip away at. or their language. 1 fill up the chinks in. n. slender leaves used as seasoning. system of knighthood. [OE (for) cippian] chip·munk (chipʹmungk). shi valʹrik). whitish-gray fur. 2 gossip.. the front of the lower jaw below the mouth. [< Sp. ult. a give a portion of (money or help). readiness to quarrel or fight. such a sound.. 3 chinook.. 1 member of a group of American Indian tribes living along the Columbia River in NW United States. See chevalier. 2 person of Chinese descent. 1 having to do with chivalry. —v. such a sound. plant of the mustard family with a lettucelike head and flavor somewhat like cabbage. b put in (a remark) when others are talking. [< OF < L caepa onion] chla·myd·i·a (klә midʹē ә). made of china. —chivʹal·rous·ly. —n. –el·ing. b close or sell a business. sharp. 2 its very valuable soft. chin·ca·pin (chingʹkә pin). chitterlings. n. n. Taiwan divides it into South China Sea and East China Sea. 1 People’s Republic of. u –nooks. n. take a beating. n. n. thin piece cut or broken off.. 1 a South American rodent that looks somewhat like a squirrel. chim panʹzē). b Fig. chi·rog·ra·phy (kī rogʹrә fi). n. a change poker chips into cash. protection of the weak. chim·pan·zee (chim´pan zēʹ. trilling sound. 2 cause to make such a sound. used as a vegetable and in salads. respect for women.. used esp. chip on one’s shoulder. thin pieces. ringing sound like coins or glasses hitting together. 1 qualities of an ideal knight. used for overcoats. [< OF. n... n. 3 nut of either tree. . honor. China Sea. adj. dry wind that comes down from the Rocky Mountains. chiton tunic] —chiʹtin·ous. —v. and fairness to enemies. etc. chi·na (chīʹnә). lobsters. crabs. wealthy. n. cheir hand + praktikos practical] chi·ro·prac·tor (kīʹrә prak´tәr). –ruped. chipping sparrow. voucher of a debt. [OE cin] Chi·na (chīʹnә). [imit. kī–). Chinese checkers. part of the Pacific E and SE of Asia. Also. chirp again and again. chink2 (chingk). n. [< OF eschine < Gmc. black-andwhite bug that does much damage to grain in dry weather. of chinche chinch bug] chine (chīn). —chiʹro·graph´ic. weaken. adj. 2 shape by cutting as with an ax or chisel. Ojibwa. made of china. vases. plant of the same family as the onion. spine. [< Am. use unfair practices. game resembling checkers. chiv·al·ric (shivʹәl rik. or metal. v. for cooking. person who removes corns and treats other troubles of the feet. first used in China. adv. a small. adj. kī–).] chir·rup (chirʹәp. [< Hind. n. crack. 1 having the qualities of an ideal knight. chiv·al·rous (shivʹәl rәs). [< chirp] chis·el (chizʹәl). with long. part of the small intestine of pigs. treatment of hands and feet] chi·ro·prac·tic (kī´rә prakʹtik). n. used to cut or shape wood. cash in one’s chips. 2 rules and customs of knights in the Middle Ages. < Hind. 3 a thick woolen fabric woven in small. chink1 (chingk). 1 friendly. [< Gk. [< F < Gk. rich. 3 small piece of food. pl. 1 small. chinning. [< chat] chi·tin (kīʹtin). [imit. chinquapin. 2 an evergreen tree of California and Oregon that has a similar nut. –eled. n. –wa. 1 person or thing that chips or cuts. played by as many as six people using different colored marbles. chincapin. n. informal talk. pl. swindle. a reduce by small amounts. –nēsʹ). sharp sound such as some small birds and insects make. [< Sp. 3 dishes of any kind. Usually. 1 cut or shape with a chisel. –was. orig. 1 make a short. chino nonwhite half breed (referring to the light coffee color of the fabric)] Chi·nook (chi nükʹ. Also. smaller than a gorilla. chitthi] chit-chat (chitʹchat´). of China. v. 2 soapberry of the S United States. v. 1 a dwarf chestnut tree. esp. 2 sexually transmitted disease caused by a species of chlamydia that usually affects the lymph nodes in the groin. 2 U. n. —v. adj. chinned.. 1 any one of a group of parasitic rickettsias that cause disease.. trousers made of this fabric. Also. 2 piece of an animal’s backbone with the meat on it. cheir hand + E –graphy writing < Gk. dim. chat.] Chi·nese (chī nēzʹ. churr. 1 dishes. large country in E Asia. chiv·al·ry (shivʹәl ri). ornaments. take it on the chin. flat piece used for counting in games. French.] chin·ka·pin (chingʹkә pin). chin oneself. —adj. endure adversity without flinching or complaining. —n. v. make a shrill. 2 dishes of any kind. 4 gallant warriors or gentlemen. n. 2 machine that reduces tree limbs and trunks to chips. lively. n. 2 Republic of. as for food. of chirk] —chirpʹer. 3 language of China. whose nuts are good to eat. its people. b a warm. adj. cooked as food... chin·qua·pin (chingʹkә pin). as a potato chip. n. chi·na·ber·ry (chīʹnә ber´i). [< Gk. n. n. 1 cut or break off in small. c Informal. chi·rop·o·dy (kә ropʹә di. chirp. closely set tufts. n. —adj. chint < Skt. Chinese cabbage. U. 1 fine. n. –wә). cheir hand + pous foot. n. Informal.S. 3 knights as a group. and the West Indies. 1 backbone. 2 dialect of Indian. a small. chimpanzee. 1 treatment of diseases by manipulating the spine. including bravery. chinkapin. chirr (chėr). –n˙ kʹ). 2 chivalrous. pl. 1 native or inhabitant of China. white pottery made of clay by a special process and baked at a high temperature. n.. a short.114 chimp chimp (chimp). die. a a warm. having to do with the treatment of diseases by manipulating the spine. a horny substance forming the hard outer covering of beetles. [from native West African name] chin (chin). work of a chiropodist. undermine. stone. cheerful. ornaments. n. vases. handwriting. esp. n. in the form of criticism. a small sparrow of E and C North America. a cotton cloth printed in patterns of various colors and often glazed.

Informal. put (a boat) on chocks. choke up. motion of waves. jaw. string of a musical instrument. chocolatl] Choc·taw (chokʹtô). —adv. wood. [< Chinese Pidgin English chop quick + E stick1] chop su·ey (chop´ süʹi). chor·is·ter (kôrʹis tәr. —choiceʹness. irritable disposition. 3 any group of singers.. stop. chops. broken waves. of or containing chlorine. n. C27H45OH. chairman. any animal of a phylum that has a notochord at some stage of development. [< L < Gk. particular. etc. kôʹrәl. 2 checkmate. choreia dance + E –graphy writing < Gk. b one of the pieces of wood on which a boat rests. cho·ri·on (kôrʹē on). choose up. 1 carefully chosen. chlorid (–rid). choked. chlo·ro·phyll. It is important in metabolism. –taws. a poisonous. 1 one that chokes. chol·er (kolʹәr). n. [< Gk. control or suppress. 3 Informal. U. graphein write] —cho´re·o·graphʹic. existing only as salts and in solution. kō–). chlo·rine (klôʹrēn. crystalline drug. adv.. resin. Also. HClO3. chokʹә–). chloros green] chlo·ro·form (klôʹrә fôrm. choosi·est. phyllon] chm. 1 act of choosing: make your choice. n. n. 1 made of chocolate. —chloʹrinaʹtion. [< Sp. 2 dancing. 1 a straight line connecting two points on a circumference. [appar. chuckle or snort with glee. chlo·rin·ate (klôʹrә nāt. salt of hydrochloric acid. of this tribe. 1 preparation made by roasting and grinding cacao seeds. n. throat. [OE cēosan] —choosʹer. –taw. salt of chloric acid. Cho·pin (shōʹpan). n. —n. n. chlo·ro·phyl (klôʹrә fil. [ME choppe(n)] chop2 (chop). and diarrhea. –pi·est. chloros green + E –phyll leaf < Gk. n. —adj. that gathers in mines. < Mex. a heavy. n. 1 act or sound of choking. choos·y (chūʹzi). 2 a simple hymn tune sung by the choir and congregation together. klōrʹ–). —cho´re·ogʹra·pher. —v. made from chlorine and alcohol.. n. business] cho·re·a (kô rēʹә. chloral hydrate.. adj. fill up. In the presence of light it makes carbohydrates. compound of chlorine with another element or radical. cholera cholera. used in bleaching and disinfecting. chopped. of OE acēocian] choke·damp (chōkʹdamp´). choice (chois). a gleeful chuckle or snort. superior. n. Asiatic cholera is infectious and often causes death. 1 easily made angry. 4 dark brown. etc.) chose. adj. a white. Frédéric François. appar. —n. fried or stewed meat and vegetables cut up and cooked together in a sauce. bile. wedge. cerr turn. n. etc. —v. cramps. 1 Usually. < chole bile] chol·er·a (kolʹәr ә). [< Med. [blend of chuckle . from carbon dioxide and water. 2 Naut..] chol·er·ic (kolʹәr ik). 2 chloral hydrate. –tling. —n. n. klōʹ–). chop1 (chop). chlo·ric (klôʹrik. Also. chorale. –at·ed. fill with emotion. characterized by vomiting. chorde gut. chopped. 1 a cutting stroke. It is very irritating to the nose. chōr).. < OF choque log] chock-full (chokʹf˙ lʹ). n. n. [< chop1] chop·sticks (chopʹstiks´). kôʹ–). kō–. Polish pianist and composer in France. adj. n. a block up. cho·ric (kôʹrik). n. Doublet of cord. var. and lungs.] chop·house (chopʹhous´).. kә rälʹ). egg yolk. of cierr. Summer cholera is not infectious. [< Gk. v. choke back. 1 Also. 2 dark-brown.. quite. choke off. 2 boy who sings in a choir. choos·i·er. chor·date (kôrʹdāt). 2 cheek. —adj.chortle chlo·ro·plast (klôrʹә plast. 1 singer in a choir. b Fig. member of a tribe of American Indians. klōʹ–). 4 quantity and variety to choose from. Also. ballet dancing. chôkʹә lit. acid. n. —adj. shift quickly. 2 person or thing chosen. 1 person who chops: a good wood chopper. 1 block. of Chinese word meaning “mixed pieces”] cho·ral (adj. 2 having a notochord. chop·ping. 1 combine or treat with chlorine. See choler.] —chordʹal. CCl3CHO. 2 sung by a choir or chorus. enclosing the amnion. chok·ing. [OE cyrr. kôʹrәl. [< Gk. CHCl3. n. 2 moving in short. v. v. as close or as tight as can be. —n. 4 control. fussy. adj. 2 tool or machine for chopping up food. adj. chlōros green + plastos formed] chlo·ral (klôʹrәl. 1 making quick. of the sac which envelops the fetus or embryo of higher vertebrates. –rin. pork. choicest. cho·les·ter·ol (kә lesʹtәr ōl. choic·er. choos·ing. irregular. n.. 1 of or belonging to this phylum. n. n. n. chlo·rin (–rin). St. change suddenly. adj. 2 disinfect with chlorine. 3 extinguish by cutting off the supply of air. adj. —n. cho·sen or (Obs. of or for a chorus. chuck-full.. 1 musical setting of a hymn.L chorista chorister < L chorus chorus] chor·tle (chôrʹtәl). [< L < Gk. 1 of a choir or chorus. –ol). that causes sleep. as full as can u be. cho·rale (kә ralʹ. restaurant that makes a specialty of serving chops. a constituent of all animal fats. chloric acid. adj. 2 slice of lamb. [var. chap. 4). adj. 1 art of planning the dances in a ballet. helicopter. klōʹ–). 1 cut by hitting with something sharp. of accord. 1 make a choice: you must choose. 2 excellent. Also. mainly carbon dioxide. klōʹ–). 1809–49. 2 Naut. n. v. gallstones. 3 string of a harp or other musical instrument. [< L < Gk. [< OF chois < Gmc. 1 a hymn tune. chop·ping. —v. wax.S. n. v. 1 an odd job. —choʹrally. 3 leader of a choir. —n. a nervous disease characterized by involuntary twitching of the muscles. 2 drink made of chocolate with hot milk or water and sugar. sharp movements. chokʹ–. small task. fill. choosey. –at·ing. champ1. hold. sharp movements. v. put an end to. pl. used as an anesthetic and to dissolve rubber. 1 make unable to feel pain by giving chloroform. gaseous chemical element. —v. adj. crystalline substance. –rid. n. irregular. 2 wrathful. adv. [< chop1] chop3 (chop). outermost membrane. veal. klōʹ–). the green coloring matter of plants. 2 kill with chloroform. —cho´ri·onʹic. chomp (chomp). 2 prefer and decide: choose not to go. his choice was to stay. n. choke-full. chock (chok). n. 1 provide or fasten with chocks. n. choir (kwīr). var. [< NL < L chorda chord2] chore (chôr. n. klōʹ–). –rit. 4 a feeling. 1 keep from breathing by blocking up the throat. n. 2 a necklace that closely fits the neck. specialized body in green plants that contains chlorophyll. chmn. combination of three or more musical notes sounded together in harmony. n. [< OF < L chorus chorus] choke (chōk). 3 candy made of chocolate. chord1 (kôrd). CCl3CH (OH)2. 2 a difficult or disagreeable thing to do. including humans and all other vertebrates. 1 a colorless liquid. –rälʹ. n. adj. 5 block. etc. –tled. chose. [< NL < Gk. adj. kō´–) n. See cheap. n. chok·er (chōkʹәr). a colorless liquid with a sweetish smell. suffocating gas.. n. 2 cut into small pieces. Cl. 2 simple hymn sung in unison. clog. chlo·rate (klôʹrāt. —v. [alter. 3 a short. klōʹ–). such as starch. an acute disease of the stomach and intestines. 115 chop·per (chopʹәr). kô ralʹ. chlo·ride (klôʹrīd. n. chop·py (chopʹi). pick opponents in a game or contest. 2 part of a church set apart for such a group. 2 be unable to breathe. and many other substances. v. 3 make quick. anger.] chord2 (kôrd). 6 stop. pair of slender. n. a white. a block with two arms curving inward for a rope to pass through. 3 power or chance to choose. n. jerky. now living mostly in Oklahoma. greenish-yellow. kôʹ–. [? akin to cheap change. klōʹ–). emotion: touch a sympathetic chord. Vitus’s dance. [var. chose a book from the library. old wells.. –pi·er. steaks. choose (chüz). n. choreia dance] cho·re·og·ra·phy (kô´ri ogʹrә fi. 1 group of singers used in a church service. 2 valve that cuts off the supply of air in a gasoline engine. korʹ–). of cord. [< Gk. choc·o·late (chôkʹlit. etc.] —choiceʹly. tapered sticks used to raise food to the mouth by the Chinese. —adj. 2 cord (def.

—chroʹmatist. adj.. adj. adj. celery. a shiny. of or containing chromium. n. onions. etc. fried flour] chres·tom·a·thy (kres tomʹә thi). —v. adj. v. 2 give a first name to at baptism. n. 1 of Christ or his teachings. given name. sing or speak all at the same time. chrysalis. n. adv. chakar] . n. [short for Chinese Pidgin English chow-chow] chow·der (chouʹdәr). –ties. n. n. toss. [< L < Gk. adv. chro·mo·sphere (krōʹmә sfir)... such as the tautog. time since the birth of Christ. chro·mate (krōʹmāt). Christ (krīst). n.. adj... 2 Christian beliefs or faith. scale divided equally into twelve half tones. n. v. like Christ. 2 one of these flowers. 5 group of singers and dancers. n. [appar. a green or yellow semiprecious stone. chuck·led. Chris·tian·ize (krisʹchәn īz). chro·mat·ics (krō matʹiks). chuck1 (chuk). 1 form of an insect when it is in a case. Christian Science.. adj. [< Gk. [OE Christes mœsse Christ’s mass] —Christʹmas·y. chrisom. –gies. –cled. religion and system of healing founded by Mary Baker Eddy in 1866. —adj. convert to Christianity. baptism. peridot.. usually brown or black. v. 1 any of several cultivated plants of the aster family. choros dance. —chron´o·logʹi·cally. the yearly celebration of the birth of Christ. chro·nol·o·gy (krә nolʹә ji). 2 sacramental anointing. n. that does not rust or become dull easily when exposed to air. collectively) chub. Chronicles (in the Bible). cho·sen (chōʹzәn). n. adv. chrome red. Cr. 2 Slang. n. first name. baptize. chroma color] chro·mic (krōʹmik). v. ballshaped flowers in the autumn. [< F < Gk. esp. 2 throw. hard. [< L < Gk. tell the story of. the evening before Christmas. n. —adj. 3 stage of development or change.116 chorus and snort. of chock] chuck-full (chukʹf˙ lʹ). n. wagon carrying provisions and cooking equipment for cowboys. [ME chubbe] chub·by (chubʹi). 2 cluck. –rus·ing. meat. < F chaudière pot. acid. two books of the Old Testament. v. n. that part of the nucleus of an animal or plant cell which absorbs stains readily and comprises the chromosomes. chugged. [< L < Gk. record of happenings in the order in which they happened. n. for a long time: a chronic liar. 1 consecrated oil. v. chron·o·log·i·cal (kron´ә lojʹә kәl).. –rused. picked out. A chuck holds a tool or piece of work in a lathe. chrome (krōm). v.. chrys·a·lid (krisʹә lid). 1 arrangement of time in periods. chug (chug). 2 Colloq. n. —n. 1 laugh to oneself. [< L < Gk. < chrysos gold + lithos stone] chub (chub). 1 admit to a Christian church by baptism. etc. ult. of choose. 4 make the first use of. adj. 1 group of singers who sing together. Chromosomes are derived from the parents and carry the genes that determine heredity. selected from a group. < L calidus hot] chow mein (chou´ mānʹ). the Christ. clock or watch that keeps very accurate time. n. make Christian. n.. write the history of. n. chron·i·cle (kronʹә kәl). chro·mi·um (krōʹmi әm). Christmas time. 2 cut of beef between the neck and the shoulder. chrys·a·lis (krisʹә lis). u chuck·le (chukʹәl). W U. adj. n. Also. Chron.. n. Christ·mas (krisʹmәs). pl. Also. n. chrome yellow. n.. See chronic. adv.] —chronʹi·cler. 2 song sung by many singers chow (chou). pl. as the source of various pigments (chrome green. of choose. [imit. —Chrisʹtian·iz´er. 1 clamp. –bi·er. < chrysos gold + anthemon flower] chrys·o·lite (krisʹә līt). and thick coat of one color. [< L < Gk. Christian Era. a short. n. krisʹning). 1 religion taught by Christ. the founder of the Christian religion. 2 Also. n. n. chubs or (esp. loud. —chron´o·metʹric. 2 the case. n. pl. similar to that worn for polo. branch of science that deals with colors. [OE christnian make Christian < cristen Christian < L christianus] Chris·ten·dom (krisʹәn dәm). Christʹmas·sy. chron´o·metʹri·cal. tap. adj. chromic acid. —n. pl. n. etc. large head. chuk·kar (chukʹәr). helpful spirit: Christian charity. n. humble. salt of chromic acid. Common Era. 2 any of various American fishes. –iz·ing.. —n. quiet laugh. chron·ic (kronʹik). cho·rus (kôʹrәs. adj. a scarlet layer of gas around the sun. in chorus.. black bass. 1 continuing a long time. coined by Lewis Carroll] —chorʹtler. —Chrisʹtian·ly. chro·ma·tin (krōʹmә tin). [< L < Gk. any of the microscopic filaments composed of chromatin that appear in an animal or plant cell during mitosis or division.. 3 having had a disease. chro·ma·tolo·gy (krō´mә tolʹә ji). n. which have showy. —chron´o·metʹri·cal·ly. n. christos anointed] chris·ten (krisʹәn). chronika annals. [< Chinese. 3 of Christians or Christianity. compact body. adj. [< Gk. December 25. n. Christmas Eve. n. [< AF < L < Gk. chuck wagon.. chroma color + E –some body < Gk. –bi·est. food. pl. n. [< L < Gk. [prob. a thick soup or stew usually made of clams or fish with potatoes. Christian name. habit. 3 the repeated part of a song coming after each stanza. 1 the Christian part of the world. 1 a medium-sized Chinese breed of dog with short. H2CrO4. largely responsible for the colors of flowers and fruit. —Chris´tian·i·zaʹtion. chock-full. 1 make such sounds. < chroma color (in musical sense)] —chro·matʹi·cally. n. one of the two identical halves into which a chromosome divides during cell division. ankle-high leather boot. adv. 2 cluck. chroma color] chro·mo·plast (krōʹmә plast). 1 pat. [< chuck cluck.. 2 progressing by half tones instead of by the regular intervals of the scale. 4 a saying by many at once: a chorus of noes. chuckling. n. —Christʹlike´ness. imit.. n. chromium. chrys·a·lises. chry·sal·i·des (kri salʹә dēz). all together at the same time. < chrestos useful + –matheia learning] chrism (krizʹәm). —Christian Scientist. band of dancers] chose (chōz). —n. like that of Christ. –rus·es. giving the exact dates of events arranged in the order in which they happened. related to the carp. n.] chukka boot. Christ·mas·tide (krisʹmәs tīd´). 1 a soft.] —chuckʹ-ler. fried noodles served with a thickened stew of onions. n. one of the periods of play in polo. pl. pupa. kōʹ–). collection of passages from literature or a foreign language. adj. arranged in the order in which the events happened. n. [< L < Gk. move with such sounds.. Chris·ti·an·i·ty (kris´chi anʹә ti). —v. explosive sound: the chug of an engine’s exhaust. [< Gk. pt. existing only as salts and in solution. of a chrysalis.. record in a chronicle. laugh. chuk·ker.). —v. imit. chris·ten·ing (krisʹәn ing. 2 table or list that gives the exact dates of events arranged in the order in which they happened. the Messiah. —chro·nolʹo·gist. cocoon. 4 showing a gentle. chronolʹo·ger. believer in Christ. chro·nom·e·ter (krә nomʹә tәr). v.. used by some churches in baptism and other sacred rites. n. yellow or red body in the cytoplasm of a plant cell. [< Hind. chrysallis golden sheath < chrysos gold] chry·san·the·mum (kri sanʹthә mәm). n. Chris·tian (krisʹchәn). round and plump. —n. chro·mo·some (krōʹmә sōm). called I and II Chronicles.] chuck2 (chuk). Christ·like (krīstʹlīk´).. act or ceremony of baptizing and naming. [var. 1 Jesus. chro·ma·tid (krōʹmә tid). 3 give a name to.S. chug·ging. 2 constant. brittle metallic element. pp. Chron·i·cles (kronʹә kәlz). chro·mat·ic (krō matʹik). —v. soma] —chro´mo·soʹmal. –thies. < chronos time] —chronʹi·cal·ly. etc. 2 believing in Christ. 1 a thick freshwater fish. –ized. —chubʹbi·ness. v. chrisma < chriein anoint]. chromatic scale. 1 of color or colors. 2 all Christians. –cling. etc.

u u impudence. 2 scar left on a tree or plant by a fallen leaf. 1 a motion picture. 1 juice pressed out of apples. n. 1 flavored with cinnamon. church·ly (chėrchʹli). etc. v. dry weather. n. n. church (chėrch). 1 eyelashes. n. 1874–1965. enclosure. fasten on with a cinch.. 1 container or machine in which cream or milk is made into butter by beating and shaking. produce (writing. Central Intelligence Agency. 3 the cinema. < quinque five + folium leaf] CIO. 2 border. vermilion. [< Sp. a small roll of finely cut tobacco enclosed in a thin sheet of paper for smoking. —churchʹliness. pl. n.. Congress of Industrial Organizations.L < Gk. a very close friend.] cil·i·a (silʹi ә). adj. a tight roll of tobacco leaves for smoking. < Gk. chylos < cheein pour] chyme (kīm). kyriakon (doma) (house) of the Lord < kyrios lord < kyros power] —churchʹless. [< Hind.. 0.. 2 person of low birth. coriander. [< Med. 1 a strong girth for fastening a saddle or pack on a horse. 1 stir or shake (cream or milk) in a churn. of cigare cigar] ci·lan·tro (sә lanʹtrō). for sliding or dropping things down to a lower level. —chunkʹi·ness. adj. 2 a dome-shaped canopy over an altar. [< Med. tube. shēkār liquor] ci·gar (si gärʹ). cig·a·ret (sigʹә ret´. n. Cim·me·ri·an (si mirʹi әn). cin·e·ma (sinʹә mә). adj. adj. official name of the Mormon Church. etc. the East Indies. ci·pher (sīʹfәr). –mi·est. 1 an inclined trough.. 3 a steep slope. Cin·der·el·la (sin´dәr elʹә). Cic·e·ro (sisʹә rō). church·man (chėrchʹmәn). 4 parachute. —v. chymos < cheein pour] CIA. herbs. Sir Winston. of Semitic orig. Ci·pan·go (si pangʹgō). [< OF < LL < Gk. 2 act or fact of stirring violently. very friendly. surly person. person who goes to church regularly. —churchʹgo´ing. from which quinine is obtained. [appar. [OE ceorl freeman (of low rank)] churl·ish (chėrʹlish). cinch (sinch). —Cic´e·roʹni·an. adj. Some microscopic animals use cilia to move themselves or to set up currents in the surrounding water. n. 1 cinders. 2 ornament in architecture. a pulpy.. [var. 1 belt. a spicy sauce or relish made of fruits. n. —v. -dae (–dē). –men. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 2 person or thing of no importance.. surly. pl. Italian. 1 scar left by a healed wound. blend of F chute fall (of water) and E shoot] chut·ney. place for keeping the ashes of cremated bodies. reddish-brown inner bark of a laurel tree or shrub of the East Indies. –cide.] . very dark and gloomy. official name of the Christian Science Church. 2 piece of burned-up wood or coal. pepper. n. cin·e·rar·i·um (sin´ә rãrʹi әm). Church of England. chum·my (chumʹi). 2 its bitter bark. n. all Christians. 2 a firm hold or grip. combining form. –mi·er. 2 juice pressed from other fruits. 1 a building for public Christian worship. [< Sp. dyes. 1 of a church. n. blockhead. music. 2 work by arithmetic. n. native mercuric sulfide. 1 do arithmetic. made of five connected semicircles or part circles. 3 bright red. peasant. the Church. reddish brown. n. 1 of or resembling cilia. (chutʹni). [<Med. cic·a·trice (sikʹә tris). chumming. –bōʹ–).. etc. rectangular building block of cement and crushed cinders. 1 hello. n. n. 4 move as if beaten and shaken. n. 5 organization of a church. —adj. n. adv. 2 suitable for a church.. [< F < LL < Gk. 3 stir violently. wood or coal partly burned and no longer flaming. pl. –bo·ri·a (–bôʹri ә.I. etc. Church·ill (chėrchʹil. n. motion pictures. —n. —chunkʹi·ly. 2 stocky. adv. The male makes a shrill sound in hot. 3 Usually. a thick piece or lump. one of a mythical people said to live in perpetual mists and darkness. 1 plant having small. adv. [OE sinder] cinder block. be very close friends. n. 2 goodbye. —v. of Oriental orig. India. seed. —churlʹish·ness. like a chum. [< L cinctura < cingere bind. 4 zero. [< Med. n. 1 a rude. 3 tree or shrub yielding this bark. church·go·er (chėrchʹgō´әr). n. C. adv. ci·bo·ri·um (si bôʹri әm. a large insect with transparent wings. ecclesiastical authority or power.. adj. interj. n. sometimes used as a burial ground. n. —adj. < L cincta girdle < cingere bind] cin·cho·na (sin kōʹnә). n.. of chuck2] chunk·y (chungkʹi). 1 killer: insecticide insect killer. < L. gird] cin·der (sinʹdәr).] cinque·foil (singkʹfoil´). 2 artificial mercuric sulfide. drinking cup. · Doublet of zero. churn (chėrn). Informal.. formed from the chyme in the small intestine and carried from there into the veins. churr (chėr).. n. English statesman and writer. adj. n. rude. n. n. [< Sp. —chumʹmily. ciao (chou). bind firmly. 6 profession of a clergyman. n. heal by forming a scar. used as a drink and in making vinegar. kinnabari.. church·yard (chėrchʹyärd´). Sifr empty. Its head is the king or queen. 3 Arabic numeral.cipher 117 chum (chum). [< L] cil·i·ar·y (silʹi er´i). adj. –rar·i·a (–rãrʹi ә). —v. [<L < Gk. chummed. —adj. cinc·ture (singkʹchәr). 2 rapids in a river. gall. n. and money of a church. 2 very small hairlike projections. [< NL. n. n. Japan. scion (def. pl. girdle. –bōʹ–). si kāʹ–). Marcus Tullius. Peruvian bark. chirr. n. [< L] cin·na·bar (sinʹә bär). n. 1 heroine of a famous fairy tale. property. writer. n.L < Ar. 1 clergyman. ci·on (sīʹәn). prime minister of England 1940–45 and 1951–55. 2 light reddish-brown. –trized. ground around a church. 2 make (butter) by using a churn. usually hollow and used in walls. sigʹә ret). cil·i·um (silʹi әm).. 4 a light. the Christian church in England that is recognized as a national institution by the government.c. church·ward·en (chėrchʹwôr´dәn). 106–43 b. 2 person whose real worth or beauty is not recognized. [< Yiddish khutspe] chyle (kīl). n. churn out. [< OF < L.A. < Heb. n. named for Countess Chinchón. 2 of or having to do with certain delicate structures of the eyeball. 1 vessel used to hold the consecrated bread of the Eucharist. 2 public Christian worship in a church. –әl). etc. [OE cyrn] —churnʹer. adj.] cin·na·mon (sinʹә mәn). n. ci·der (sīʹdәr). dim. n. –trizing. 1 a reddish mineral that is the chief source of mercury. a milky liquid composed of digested fat and lymph. [< L] cic·a·trix (sikʹә trīks.L < Gk. n. cigarro] cig·a·rette. H˙ tsʹpә). cypher. chatni] chutz·pah (h˙ tsʹpә. chunk·i·est. chunk (chungk).) in large amounts and without much thought. —cin´e·matʹi·cal·ly. v. yellow flowers and leaves divided into five parts. 2 member of a church. sing. pl. n. n. 1 spice made from the dried. 4 group of Christians with the same beliefs: the Methodist Church. and Java. Poetic. n. —churlʹish·ly. Church of Christ Scientist. n. Also.. [< F. [short for cinematograph] —cin´e·matʹic. short and thick. –das. 2). n. 2 this bark. used as a red pigment in making paints. wife of a Spanish viceroy of Peru] —cin·chonʹic. 1 method of secret writing. —churchʹmanship. –neys. [< Gk. chute (shüt). [< L] cic·a·trize (sikʹә trīz). adv. –käʹ–). 2 act of killing: fratricide = killing (one’s) brother. chump (chump). 3 something sure and easy. 2 a clay tobacco pipe with a very long stem. 1 a small tree that grows in South America. of a church. chunk·ier. —churchʹlike´. 1 a lay official in the Church of England or the Episcopal Church who manages the business. pl. and statesman. n. v. —churchʹman·ly. kiborion cuplike seed vessel] ci·ca·da (si kāʹdә. churl (chėrl). 1 like a chunk.L. semiliquid mass into which food is changed by the action of the stomach. kinnamon. Roman orator. 2 a motion-picture theater. It was merged with the AFL in December 1955. cic·a·tri·ces (sik´ә trīʹsēz).

. —cirʹcula´tor. adj. around the North or South Pole. [< L cirrus curl] cis·al·pine (sis alʹpīn. [< L. 1 quotation or reference. 2 anything shaped like a circle.. 1 a going around. circumstances. cir·rho·sis (si rōʹsis). n. 1 circa. period. thing. cir·ro-cu·mu·lus or cir·ro·cu·mu·lus (sir´ō kyüʹmyә lәs). n. chips. pl. 1 round like a circle. 1 fortress commanding a city.. [< L circumflexus bent around < circum around + flectere bend] —cir´cum·flexʹion. n. esp. occurring on the S side of the Alps. cir´cum·stanʹtial·ness. cis·tern (sisʹtәrn). adj. cir·cu·lar·ize (sėrʹkyә lәr īz). cir·cum·fer·ence (sәr kumʹfәr әns). cir´cum·amʹbi·en·cy.. —Cir·ceʹan. etc. 2 circulation. adj. etc. v. n. 1 a going around. cir·cu·i·tous (sәr kūʹә tәs). dim. –scribed. —cir´cumamʹbi·ence. [< L circumcisus < circum around + caedere cut] —cirʹcum·cis´er. cir·cum·scrip·tion (sėr´kәm skripʹshәn).] —cir´cularʹi·ty. Cir·cas·sia (sәr kashʹә). n.. n. –cis·ing. prep. 2 thing that circumscribes. 3 distance around any space. < circum around + venire come] —cir´cumventʹer. –gat·ed. cittadella. cir·cle (sėrʹkәl). cycle. restriction.. 2 circlet. cir·cum·nav·i·gate (sėr´kәm navʹә gāt). 2 a strongly fortified place. a roundabout way of speaking. v. support or prove with details. 2 fact or event. adj. –fus·ing. cir·cu·lar (sėrʹkyә lәr). 4 cir. n. cir·cum·cise (sėrʹkәm sīz). n. 3 circus. 3 sent to each of a number of people: a circular letter. copies of a book.. –cos. send circulars to. n. b natural amphitheater encircled by heights. 1 go around: money circulates. —v. n. [< NL < Gk. adj. etc. —cir´cumvenʹtion. 2 in a circle. —cir´cum·venʹtive. Cir·ce (sėrʹsē). [< L. as the 24-hour cycle of sleep and wakefulness in humans. boundary. prefix. [< L circumfusus < circum around + fundere pour] —cir´cumfuʹsion. 4 limitation. adj. –pin). as in circumnavigate. —cir´cumnavʹi·ga´tor. letter. cir·cu·late (sėrʹkyә lāt). newspaper. Also. 2 surround. —cirʹcu·la·to´ry. n. surrounding. [< Am. 5 sphere of influence. —adj. —cirʹcum·ci´sion. 3 a slender appendage. adv. adj. [< L circuitus a going round < circum around + ire go] circuit breaker. sail around. ring. dim. –at·ed. that are sent out. n. 1 condition of an act or event. clowns. —cir·cuʹi·tousness. –gat·ing. kirrhos orange-yellow] —cir·rhotʹic. n. news. n. adj. –cled. –tōr´–). v. cir·cum·lo·cu·tion (sėr´kәm lō kūʹshәn). Gk. adj. —cir´cum·stan´ti·aʹtion. mark (ˆ or ˆ) placed over a vowel to tell something about its pronunciation. 1 a circular space. —cirʹcumspect´ness. < circum around + scribere write] —cir´cumscribʹer. cir·cum·spect (sėrʹkәm spekt). due to excessive formation of connective tissue. n. 1 a circumscribing. adv. n. [< L. 1 pour or spread around. etc. 3 circumference. 3 a sending around of books. n. [< L. n. of this order. —Cir·casʹsian. –cised. 1 round about. adj. 1 revolve around. —n. –fused. n. encircling.. [< L circumferentia < circum around + ferre bear] —circum´fer·enʹtial. 2 vessel or cavity of the body. circumflex accent. n. cir·cum·stan·ti·ate (sėr´kәm stanʹshi āt). horses.118 cir. 1 science of electric or electronic circuits. [< F < Ital. adj. a circumflex accent. region in S Russia. —cir´cum·nav´i·gaʹtion. n. n. cir·ro-stra·tus or cir·ro·stra·tus (sir´ō strāʹtәs). [< L. < circum around + fluere flow] cir·cum·fuse (sėr´kәm fūzʹ). riders. 2 not essential. that make up a circuit. 3 giving full and exact details: a circumstantial report. n. 4 group of people held together by the same interests: the family circle. because of conditions. cir·cum·flu·ent (sәr kumʹflu әnt). around.. switch that automatically interrupts the flow of electricity in a circuit. given as an authority. magazine. n. 1 a traveling show of acrobats. —cirʹcu·lar·ly.. —cir´cumstanʹtial·ly. 4 number of . 2 a tendril. Legend. or event. 3 a refuge. 2 limit. cir·cus (sėrʹkәs). < circum around + specere look] —cir´cumspecʹtion. adj. on all sides. 1 the boundary line of a circle. suffuse. n. 2 surround. stronghold. prudent. v. surrounding.. n. condition or state of affairs. n. get the better of. —cir´cum·specʹtive. –lat·ed. —cirʹcum·spect´ly. adv. cir·ca (sėrʹkә).000 feet and alone. kidneys. of or having a circumflex accent. 3 a draw (a figure) around another figure so as to touch as many points as possible. [< L circumlocutio < circum around + loqui speak] —cir´cum·locʹu·to·ry. cir·cuit·ry (sėrʹ kә tri). an amusing person. cir·cu·la·to·ry (sėrʹkyә lә tôr´i. cis·co (sisʹkō).000 feet and alone. –del). –coes. never. member of a Benedictine order of monks and nuns founded in France in 1098. n. esp. 1 line every point of which is equally distant from a point within called the center. —n. cir·clet (sėrʹklit). —cir´cu·lar·izaʹtion. n. adj. a diseased condition of the liver. restrict. adj. court whose judges regularly hold court at certain places in a district.d. adj. ring] cirque (sėrk).Ind. 4 indirect. [< L circulatus. circular saw. n. careful. adj. cir·rus (sirʹәs). 2 way over which a person or group makes repeated journeys at certain times. adv. cut off the foreskin of. —v. 3 public commendation or decoration. [< L circumstantia surrounding condition < circum around + stare stand] —cirʹcum·stanced. 2 revolving around either pole of the heavens without sinking below the horizon: the circumpolar midnight sun. one in the mountains formed by erosion at the head of a glacier. n. cir· cum· scribe (sėr´ kәm skrībʹ). cir·cum·stan·tial (sėr´kәm stanʹshәl). n. a small circle. encircle. –at·ing. cir·cum·vent (sėr´kәm ventʹ). circuit court. adj. a whitefish or herring of the Great Lakes. about: Muhammad was born circa a.] —cirʹcu·la´tive. n.. make a circuit of. n. [< L] cir·ca·di·an (sėr kāʹdē әn).. 3 a complete series or course. n. See circle. 1 a thin. 1 depending on circumstances: circumstantial evidence. 1 draw a line around. thin veil-like cloud formation of ice crystals occurring at 20. [< L circularis. as in circumstance. 2 specific mention in an official dispatch. [< F < L circulus. 2 send around from person to person or place to place. and wild animals. v. notice. –lating. on the Black Sea. of or having to do with a biological or behavioral process that recurs in a daily rhythm. circum–. b be so drawn around. circumfluous. –scrib·ing. [< L] cir·cum·am·bi·ent (sėr´kәm amʹbi әnt). transistors. under no circumstances. cir·cum·po·lar (sėr´kәm pōʹlәr). having to do with circulation: the body’s circulatory system. adv. n. turned at high speed by a motor.. cir·cuit (sėrʹkit). fleecy cloud very high in the air. v. n. —cir·cuʹi·tous·ly. cir·cum·stance (sėrʹkәm stans). 4 path over which an electric current flows. v. n. under the circumstances. n. wavelike cloud formation of ice crystals occurring at 20. adj. defeat by trickery. 570. cir·cum·flex (sėrʹkәm fleks). or circ. cir·ri (sirʹī). n. of circus ring] —cirʹcler.. –iz·ing. See circle. v. —adj. –cling. 3 outline. v.. papers. etc. an enchantress who changed men into swine. n. cir´cum·venʹtor. [< L cisterna < cista box] cit·a·del (sitʹә dәl.. adj. n. action. 2 moving in a circle. as in the French words fête and goût. —cir´cum·stan´ti·alʹity. n. cautious.] Cis·ter·cian (sis tėrʹshәn). —cirʹcu·lar·iz´er. cir·cu·la·tion (sėr´kyә lāʹshәn). a thin disk with teeth in its edge. 2 the distance around. of città city] ci·ta·tion (sī tāʹshәn). pl. –ized. 2 movement of blood from the heart through the body and back to the heart. 2 wiring. n. not direct. 1 reservoir or tank for storing water. 2 Colloq. adj. or advertisement sent to each of a number of people. ˙ flowing around.

3 people living in a city. etc. n. –ize. rights. It has a musky odor and is used in making perfume. state. or judicial.. –liz·ing. oil used in making perfume. 1 a pale-yellow fruit somewhat like a lemon but larger. science. claim·ant (klāmʹәnt). clamp (klamp).. pl. radio band designated by the federal government for use by private citizens. Fig. n. an independent state consisting of a city and the territories depending on it. of a city government. lay claim to. or connected with the church. 2 group of people closely joined together by some common interest. Informal. cit·rus (sitʹrәs). n. become thick in souring. 1 of a city. n. 2 person who is not a soldier.. cit·rine (sitʹrәn). v. of clothe. citrone < L citrus citrus tree] cit·ron·el·la (sit´rәn elʹә). 3 declare as a fact. [< L citare summon < ciere set in motion] cith·a·ra (sithʹә rә). liniment. —v. one who makes a claim. limes. n. < Ar. clam·ber (klamʹbәr). civ·il·ly (sivʹә li). become stricter. 3 shrub or small tree that this fruit grows on. klampe] clan (klan). used as a flavoring. zabād] civ·ic (sivʹik). adj. < clamare cry out] —clamʹor·er. cite (sīt). clam·ming. 3 the culture and ways of living of a race. call for. n. 1 picnic where clams are baked or steamed. city manager.[< MDu. 3 of citizens. 1 person who by birth or by choice is a member of a state or nation. adj. –ties. etc. device for holding things tightly together. n. 4 process of becoming civilized. 2 class. the rights of a citizen. 1 shout. nation. 2 demand or complain noisily. n. art. sharp sound. stop talking. —claimʹer. n. 4 require. adj. < clair clear + voyant seeing] —clair·voyʹant. cith·ern (sithʹәrn). pertaining to fruits such as lemons. less acid. cit·ing. 1 continual uproar. 2 Civil War. n. clam (klam). [< F < Ital. not military or naval. lemon-colored.: Chinese civilization.] cith·er (sithʹәr). n. —civʹi·liz´er. v. n. civil law. —clamʹor·ous·ness. rights. civ·i·li·za·tion (siv´ә lә zāʹshәn). civ·i·lize (sivʹә līz). –miest. and privileges of citizens. at a beach. clair·voy·ance (klãr voiʹәns). clad (klad). OE clamm fetter] clam·bake (klamʹbāk´). n. 2 in a city. clab·ber (klabʹәr). improvement in culture. —n. a musical instrument somewhat like a guitar. citizens band. —n. right of a person to do and say what he pleases as long as he does not harm anyone else. civ·et (sivʹit). an ancient musical instrument somewhat like a lyre. pl.clan 119 summons to appear before a law court. clam·or·ous (klamʹәr әs). bureaus.. 1 centiliter. 3 inhabitant of a city or town. 2 according to the civil law. [< OF < L clamare call. kithara. 4 piece of land that a settler or prospector marks out. n. public service concerned with affairs not military. courteously. civil rights. —adj. —v. n. –sәn–). 1 quote (a passage. limes. —clamʹorous·ly. [< NL] cit·rous (sitʹrәs). grapefruit. 3 something that is claimed. —clamʹmi·ness. pl. —adj. civet cat. curdle. special use of clam pair of pincers. study of the duties. 1 cithara. used in fruit cakes. proclaim] —claimʹable. 2 Also.. 2 dull person. etc. —n.] —civʹi·liz´a·ble. n. and art. limes. adv. n. cithern. 2 Also. etc. 2 act of politeness or courtesy. and in making dyes. etc. 1 trained in culture.. b any of certain similar animals. as a medicine. [< L civilis < civis citizen] civil disobedience. ci·vil·ian (sә vilʹyәn). 1 politely. law that regulates and protects private rights and is controlled and used by civil courts. –sәn–). v. Post offices are part of the civil service of the government. 3 not military. and Asia having glands that secrete a yellowish substance with a musky odor.. n. limes. [< Med. scramble. n. war between the N and S states of the United States from 1861 to 1865. refuse to speak. n. etc. civil service. short for bainne clabair bonnyclabber (curdled milk)] clack (klak). —ciʹta·to´ry. –ries. [< L] cit·tern (sitʹәrn). n. [imit. irrespective of race or color. v. with a shell in two halves. 1 any tree bearing lemons. and pp. 1 group of related families that claim to be descended from a common ancestor. clam·or (klamʹәr). [see cittern] cit·i·zen (sitʹә zәn. civ·i·lized (sivʹә līzd). 2 of or having to do with citizenship. spotted animal of Africa. cit·ric (sitʹrik). the rights guaranteed to citizens of the United States. very happy. acid. short.L civilizare. by the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Amendments to the Constitution. clamp down. or nation: civil servants. –sәn). a a small. of civilians. pt. adj. etc. harbors. make or cause to make a short. as by not paying taxes. See civil.. —clamʹmi·ly. plum pudding. n. cit·y-state (sitʹi stātʹ). civilian. [< OF < L. chlorine. v. —n. the planning and directing of the construction of bridges. or similar fruit. exceptional insight. climb. book. [< F. n. 1 demand for something due. jump a claim. He or she is not elected by the people. person appointed by a city council or commission to manage the government of a city. legislative. [blend of L cithara cithara + E gittern] cit·y (sitʹi). cittern. roads. 2 making noisy demands. 1 shouting. [< F < Ital. popular in the 16th and 17th centuries. of or from fruits such as lemons. cit·ron (sitʹrәn). mollusk somewhat like an oyster. civ·ics (sivʹiks). naval. etc.. v. cold and damp. —n. fasten together with a clamp. [< Irish clabar curds. claim (klām). a pale yellow. etc. clam·my (klamʹi). cit·rate (sitʹrāt. 2 cithern. n. adj. 1 condition of being a citizen. n. n. and with a thicker rind. 1 of a city. adj. candies. Cl. a building containing offices for the officials.] —clackʹer. cit·ies. dig for clams. adj. 4 polite. state. any meeting or lively get-together. 1 of a citizen or citizens. 2 of civilized nations or persons. courteous. [< Scotch Gaelic clann family] . –lized. happy as a clam. citrus fruit. shouting. clammed. from such fruits as lemons. n. clam up. adj. adj. and science. esp.. 1 demand as one’s own or one’s right. courtesy. n. civil war. adv. adj. and privileges of a citizen. 5 act of civilizing. citric acid. sour milk. sharp sound. ci·vil·i·ty (sә vilʹә ti). —v. seize land already claimed by another. adj. adj. naval. 2 a noisy demand. C6H8O7. Informal. cit·i·zen·ship (sitʹә zәn ship´. sīʹtrāt). 2 of the government. n. n. [ME clambre(n)] —clamʹber·er. 1 advanced stage in social development. or author). humanize. assert one’s right to. 2 division of local government having a charter from the state that fixes its boundaries and powers. —v. esp. [< AF citisein < OF cite city] cit·i·zen·ry (sitʹә zәn ri. 2 refer to. civil liberty. —adj. oranges. adj. 1 a large and important town. of such trees. 2 assert one’s right to. not military courts. [< OF < L civitas citizenship. Informal. train in culture. civil engineering. city < civis citizen] city hall. n. 1 war between two groups of citizens of one nation. –mi·er. using both hands and feet. adv. citizens as a group.. 2 right or title to something. v. civ·il (sivʹәl). thick. —civil engineer. as the police or fire department.. n. 1 politeness. soap.. oranges. [< L < Gk. refusal to obey the laws of the state. Doublet of guitar and zither. deserve. adv. bring out of a savage or barbarian condition. Also. policeman. oranges. 2 duties. [appar. cit·ed. 1 a yellowish secretion of certain glands of the civet cat. fruit of such a tree. person who is not in the military or part of a force. Chem.. —civil servant. 2 Informal. [< L civicus < civis citizen] —civʹi·cally. n. n. 2 nations and peoples that have reached advanced stages in social development. 3 clause. and for keeping mosquitoes away. Europe. 2 the candied rind of this fruit. cl. salt or ester of citric acid.

pt. the literature of ancient Greece and Rome. sticky kind of earth. as the harpsichord and clavichord. 3 pincers of lobsters. or pull with claws or hands. adj. [< G < F < L clavis key] claw (klô). 1 fasten together with a clasp. adj. adv. arrangement in classes or groups. 1 free from dirt or filth. causing little or no radioactive fallout. stylish. u n. [< L. kläsʹ–). n. clas·si·cist (klasʹә sist).)] clave (klāv). of clarine bell < L clarus clear] —clar´i·netʹist.. —v. n. 2 part that strikes a bell. art. klapʹbôrd. 2 author or artist of acknowledged excellence. 2 disagree strongly. used to cover the outer walls of wooden buildings. make a clang. [< NL. concealed. collarbone. of clavis key] —clavicʹu·lar. 1 continued clanging.. 2 talk fast and noisily. adj. 2 applaud by striking the hands together. or restricted. confidential. regular: a clean cut. n. adv. clay·more (klāʹmôr. v. 5 free from anything that mars or impedes. [< L clandestinus. light colored. seize. n. lay hold of. tear. 2 foot with such sharp. 3 put or place quickly and effectively. clapped. clas·sic (klasʹik). The piano developed from it. —clarʹi·fi´er. or the sound of a loud slap. n. insincere remark. 1 kind of red wine. < clam secretly] —clan·desʹtine·ly. cla·vier (klә virʹ). crabs. clas·si·cal·ist. such as a burst of thunder. the classifieds. —clasʹsical·ness. 1 a stiff. the classes. 6 Music.S. n. v. n. clap·trap (klapʹtrap´). scratch. < cler clear] clar·i·fy (klarʹә fī). 2 hold closely with the arms or hands. having a classification as secret. clang (klang). 1 classic. excellent. innocent. —adj. 1 classic. make such a sound. 2 a kind of trumpet with clear. dim. 3 devoted to the classics. simple. n. hooked nail on a bird’s or animal’s foot. 2 knowing the classics well. clash (klash). 5 orthodox and sound. clear: clean copy. n. klank] clan·nish (klanʹish). kläsp). n. clap·per (klapʹәr). 2 classification. cheap and showy. —v. n. 5 act of clawing. and “before we left” is a subordinate clause. —clatʹter·ing·ly. —clasʹsi·cal·ly. a loud. [OE clœg] —clayʹey. —clanʹgor·ous·ly. purplish red. n. 1 group of persons or things alike in some way. empty talk. 7 of atomic weapons. 2 applause. ult. n. shrill sound. adj. 1 part of a sentence having a subject and predicate. want ad. 7 group of animals or plants ranking below a phylum or subkingdom and above an order.. [< F clarinette. 4 even. class·i·est. n. n. a thin board. Fig. —classʹer. person in a vulnerable position. 2 expert in the literature of ancient Greece and Rome. 3 grip firmly with the hand. 3 knowledge of the literature of ancient Greece and Rome. n. kläsʹ–). —n. clause (klôz). 2 a dark. —v. secret. esp. adj. adv. schoolroom. adj. adj. —clasʹsi·fi´able. In “He came before we left. clang. any musical instrument with a keyboard. discrimination based on economic or social class. —n. 4 rank or division of society: the middle class. clar´i·netʹtist. and life of ancient Greece and Rome. adj. 2 pure. harsh sound like the rattle of a heavy chain. 3 person who urges the study of Greek and Latin. 1 a confused noise like that of many plates being struck together. 4 anything like a claw.. clar·i·net (klar´ә netʹ). [< OF < LL clarificare < L clarus clear + facere make] —clar´i·fi·caʹtion. make a confused noise. cover with clapboards. clas·si·fied (klasʹәe fīd). 1 pertaining to a clan. < claquer clap] clar·et (klarʹәt). underhand. 1 a sudden noise. total. 1 make or become clear. used as a target in trap-shooting. adj. member of a clan. clank (klangk). two-edged sword. social or economic: the dream of a classless society. 1 move or fall with confused noise. [< F. adj. n. claus·tro·pho·bi·a (klôs´trә fōʹbi ә). –fy·ing. 2 make clearer. < clangere clang] —clanʹgor·ous. —v. 3 classified. treaty. 1 of the highest grade or quality. kläsʹ–). [< L clavicula bolt. adv. —v. 4 idiom or form from Greek or Latin introduced into another language. 1 a sharp. 1 of certain public documents of the U. class·i·er. n. 2 a single provision of a law. clayʹish. —clasʹsi·fi´er. n.” “He came” is a main clause. ringing sound. group according to some system. class·mate (klasʹmāt´. adj. n. 3 human body. n.. [OE clawu] clay (klā). entire. formerly used by Scottish Highlanders. —clanʹnish·ly. dim. 2 conflict. class. 2 group of students taught together. adj. –men. adj. a stringed musical instrument with a keyboard. 2 group of persons hired to applaud in a theater. but not quite up to date: classical physics. [OE clœppan] clap·board (klabʹәrd. n. a wooden wind instrument played by means of holes and keys. classified ad. 2 noisy talk. 3 like this literature and art. pl. clas·si·calism (–kәl iz´әm). clas·si·fi·ca·tion (klas´ә fә kāʹshәn). put or be in a class or group. 1 group that applauds or follows another person for selfish reasons. —v. class·ism (klasʹ iz әm). 3 device for making noise. n. the sound of hands struck together. v. harsh sound like that of striking metal. 2 secret. attack. thicker along one edge than along the other. —clanʹnishness. and restrained. room where classes meet in school. v. that can be easily shaped when wet and hardens after drying or baking. n. class·room (klasʹrüm´. 2 clang. –fied. completely. 3 cause to clatter.L clausa for L clausula close of a period < claudere close] —clausʹal.. n. clav·i·chord (klavʹә kôrd). clans·man (klanzʹmәn). n. 1 a clear. 2 earth. clat·ter (klatʹәr). n. n. 4 based on the classics. a sharp. klangʹәr). classical. n. classified ads in a newspaper. Also. smart. 2 adherence to these principles. a heavy. or any other written agreement. without classes. dark purplishred. n. 1 thing to fasten two parts or pieces together. Archaic. clap (klap).. [< OF. —adv. adj. [< Scotch Gaelic claidheamh mor great sword] clay pigeon. not liking outsiders. a grouping according to some system. 2 a firm grip with the hand. of high quality and enjoyed especially by serious students of music. n. 6 grade. clean (klēn). claque (klak). [imit. [? < Du. —clas´sicalʹi·ty. 5 high rank in society. class (klas. 1 a loud. member of the same class in school.. [< L classicus < classis class] clas·si·cal (klasʹә kәl). n. . explain. adj. n. of cleave2. 3 a meeting of such a group. n.. fleet] —classʹa·ble. harsh. —clan·desʹtine·ness. adj. 1 work of literature or art of the highest quality. adj. 2 of the literature. 1 strike with a clash. n. n. [< Med. 2 closely united. etc. clearness. sort. L clario < L clarus clear] clar·i·ty (klarʹә ti). get one’s claws into. n.] clan·gor (klangʹgәr. –fy·ing. adv. —v. economic and social divisions of society. —v. < L claustrum closed place + E –phobia fear (< Gk.] clasp (klasp. quality: first class is the best way to travel. 1 strike together loudly. n. —clasʹsi·fi·ca·to´ry. kind. n. arrange in classes or groups. —v. [< Med. –r˙ m´. clap·ping. —class ʹ ist. [< Med.L < L clavis key + chorda string] clav·i·cle (klavʹә kәl). class·less (klasʹlis. clear and shrill. first-class. —adj. clar·i·on (klarʹi әn). clas·si·cism (klasʹә siz әm). kläs).120 clandestine clan·des·tine (klan desʹtәn). n. 1 follower of the principles of classicism in literature and art. 6 complete. [imit. [< L classis class. —v. –mōr). [ME claspe(n)] —claspʹer. conflict. 1 principles of the literature and art of ancient Greece and Rome. –fied. –bōrd). n. 2 Informal. Informal. clas·si·fy (klasʹә fī). 1 one that claps. class·y (klasʹē). purify: clarify fat by straining it. 4 famous in literature or history. classical scholarship. —n. morbid fear of enclosed spaces. the classics. 1 disk-shaped clay target thrown or shot into the air. collection. regular. [OE clatrian] —clatʹter·er. hooked nails. shrill tones. 3 having clean habits.

adj. 4 layman who has minor church duties. —adv. —clerʹical·ly. –stō´–). b put in order. v. pl. adv. [ME cleete] cleav·age (klēvʹij). a worn-out idea or trite expression. 3 supporting the power or influ- 121 ence of the clergy in politics. 1 act of making clear. cleansed. 69?–30 b. adj. 2 completely. cleanse (klenz). n. n. persons ordained for religious work. tight grip. n. 1 close tightly together: clench one’s fists in anger. clean room. 10 complete. lot. 3 be a success. a make clean. pl. —adv. [< L clemens] —clemʹent·ly. 9 free from debts or charges. clear·sto·ry (klirʹstô´ri. 4 that perceives distinctly: a clear mind. —clearʹ-headʹed·ness. open. n. clerestory. for clerks. [OE (be)clencan hold fast] —clenchʹer. n. 1 the kind of weather a place has.. story. [OE geclyft] clem·a·tis (klemʹә tis). 1 person whose work is waiting on customers and selling goods in a store. crucial period. of or forming a climax. 1 split. adv. cleft or cleaved or clove. adj. pastor. [ME cliver] —clevʹer·ly.. 2 grasp firmly. n. intelligent. cli´ma·to·logʹi·cal. —cleanʹli·ly.] cler·i·cal (klerʹә kәl). customers. minister. 4 the settling of accounts between banks. ¯ confess fully. eject (undesirable people) from a place. clearing house. —clerkʹship. having windows in it above the roofs of the aisles. 3 pass by or over without touching. n. n. clench (klench). cleft or cleaved or clo·ven. – b.climatology totally. adj. 5 easily seen. 2 transparent: clear glass. —v. sharp outlines. a cleaning up. cleaved. n. distinct. 1 having clear. 1 city in NE Ohio. adj. 1 member of a group of prehistoric people in the SW United States who lived in a cave or house built into a cliff and were ancestors of the Pueblo Indians. 1 having clear. n. come clean. work as a clerk. < kleros clergy. —n. c put in order by clearing. adj. clean-cut (klēnʹkutʹ). 2 Informal. [< L < Gk. grease. c Informal.. d Fig. —cliff dwelling. penetrate. v. n. 2 intellectual and moral atmosphere. Also. 2 a clear space between two objects. –ries. –li·est. go away. 1 one that cleaves. last queen of ancient Egypt. clem·ent (klemʹәnt). c Informal. orig. n. n. and pp. —v. [OE clœne] —cleanʹa·ble. an open space of cleared land in a forest. pl. clear away. cli·mac·ti·cal (–tә kәl). n. —cli´matolʹo·gist. 2 (Stephen) Grover. —cli·matʹi·cal·ly. 3 having a pure color: a clear blue. adv. b be off. clere·sto·ry (klirʹstô´ri. [< LL clericus. d free of undesirable people. cli·en·tele (klī´әn telʹ). Doublet of cleric. ministers. split. 4 make free from blame or guilt. [OE ¯ ¯ clœnsian < clœne clean] —cleansʹa·ble. —adj. 2 remove to leave a space. clear (klir). vine with clusters of fragrant white or purple flowers. sharp sound. 6 get (a ship or cargo) free on entering or leaving a port. fasten to or with a cleat. etc. < clere clear + story2] cler·gy (klėrʹji). cleansing. –gies. adj. the 22nd and 24th president of the United States 1885–89. clear-sight·ed (klirʹsītʹid). –pāʹtrә. n. 1 make clean. be faithful. cling. —clearʹly. —v. 2 piece of wood or metal used for securing ropes or lines. clean out. make a great deal of money. 8 innocent. adj. certain. definite. 2 pass through. division. clergyman.. —clerkʹli·ness. klima slope (of the earth) < klinein incline] —cli·matʹic. —cleansʹer. [OE cleofian] cleav·er (klēvʹәr). c clear dishes from a table. 1 mercy or leniency in the use of power or authority. [< OF clergie. v. cliff·hang·er (klifʹhang´әr). n. [OE clēofan] —cleavʹa·ble. that depends upon sustained suspense for dramatic interest. adv. cli·ma·tol·o·gy (klī´mә tolʹә ji). 3 permission of ship or aircraft to leave. b Informal. symbol indicating the pitch of the musical notes on a staff. bright. cleav·ing. legislature. adj. —cleanʹli·ness. a make clear by throwing out or emptying. —clerʹi·cal·ist. 1 not cloudy. habitually clean. 2 cutting tool with a heavy blade and a short handle. 1 person whose work is cleaning. 2 person whose work is keeping records or accounts. definite. 2 mildness. a remove to leave a space clear. b become clear. etc. pierce. 1 merciful. —v. n. of a clergyman or the clergy. adj. n. 1 of a clerk or clerks. sharp sound like that of a key turning in a lock. using a mouse. adv. making parts for electronics. cler·ic (klerʹik). 2 a similar structure in any building. n. crucial. adj.. innocent. adj. 1 make or become clear. adv. klī´mak terʹik). < klema vine branch] clem·en·cy (klemʹәn sē). adv. or understood. 2 make pure. priest. –men. —clearʹheadʹed·ly. stick.] —clickʹer. n. a space or opening made by splitting. spacecraft. sharp outlines. [< OF < L clarus clear] —clearʹa·ble. 1 make a light. 2 way in which something splits or divides. n. klēnʹli). suspenseful. 2 anything that removes dirt. [< F < L clavis key] cleft (kleft). n. < LL clericus cleric] cler·gy·man (klėrʹji mәn). 1 split. 1 clue. 1 strip of wood or iron fastened across anything for support or for sure footing. adj. —clearʹ-sightʹed·ness. clean·ly (adj. a make clear. n. Also. finish. Informal. [OE clif] cliff dweller. 2 skillful or expert. click (klik). [imit. leave a place clear. divide.. cleav·ing. n. 2 number of clients. adv. 6 sure. klenʹli. —adj.. b use up. 2 clear. having or showing a clear understanding. adv. n. clerk (klėrk). 2 activate an icon for a computer program. adj. etc. pt. –päʹtrә). 1 the upper part of the wall of a church. steal or take by cheating. n. Cle·o·pat·ra (klē´ә patʹrә. —adj. 1893–97. clear up.] —clerkʹly. 1 in a clear manner. in the clear. clear off. n. a remove something. as of weather. —cli´ma·tologʹic. n. clean·er (klēnʹәr). crack. [< L cliens. —clearʹer. adv. free. n. or stains. tell everything. make clear by explaining. pp. n. n. adj. cleave1 (klēv). in an office. allotment. 2 clear. –ries. 2 able to understand or think clearly. 2 mild. cli·ent (klīʹәnt). 3 clinch (a nail. 3 any of the series of divisions by which a fertilized egg develops into an embryo. n. n. and priests. n.c.). of or like such a period. —n. of clicher stereotype] —cli·chédʹ. 2 customer. cler·i·cal·ism (klerʹә kәl iz´em). —adj. 1 person for whom a lawyer acts. person who lives in a large apartment house. —adj. steep rock. [< LL < Gk. adj. Cleve·land (klēvʹlәnd). akin to –clinare lean] —cli·enʹtal. n.. entirely. firm grasp. n. n. d Informal. a light. sterilized and pressurized room for laboratory work. cli·mate (klīʹmit). clev·er (klevʹәr). [< L < Gk. adv. –stō´–). central location for settling financial transactions. film. [< L clientela] cliff (klif).. etc. 1837–1908. grip tightly. Doublet of clerk. heard. 3 official who keeps records and takes care of regular business in a law court. 2 ball of thread or yarn. clear-cut (klirʹkutʹ). n. —cliʹent·less. pastors. 2 perform a process of cleaning. time when some important event occurs. v. 5 make as profit. n. [< L < Gk. cleat (klēt).. science that deals with climate. 2 of a clergyman or the clergy. adj. clef (klef). v. pl. clean up. clean. 7 not blocked. —clearʹness. cleaved or (Archaic) clave. of cleave1. n. clear·ing (klirʹing). [< F. cli·mac·ter·ic (klī makʹtәr ik. member of the clergy. in a clean manner.. n. ult. —v. —clearʹ-sightʹed·ly. [OE cleowen] cli·ché (klē shāʹ). a high. 1 clients. a empty. 1 able to see clearly. adj. 1 bright.. < klimakter rung of a ladder < klimax ladder] cli·mac·tic (klī makʹtik).. e Informal. complete. a U-shaped piece of metal with a bolt or pin through the ends. climacterical. clev·is (klevʹis). 7 exchange (checks and bills) between banks. clear·ance (klirʹәns). 1 make clean. [akin to cleave1] clew (klü). clear out. clear-head·ed (klirʹhedʹid). power or influence of the clergy in politics. —cleanʹness. –li·er. n. coll into a ball. —v. on Lake Erie. n. —clevʹer·ness.c. . adj. clearstory. n. clean·up (klēnʹup´). b disappear. distinct. 3 make by cutting. cleave2 (klēv). [appar. divided.

n. clip·ping (klipʹing). 1 shut. n. 1 thing used for clipping (things) together. 2 Fig. 7 having little fresh air: a close room. shut completely. See climate. < kleiein shut] clo·a·ca (klō āʹkә). n. almost even. [< LL < Gk. sell to get rid of. in most mammals. cloak·room (klōkʹrüm´. —n. [< L. n. closed shop. [OE clyppan embrace] clip·board (klipʹbôrd´. that is decisive. [ME clinke(n). n. 1 a clinching. hidden. dear. 2 settle decisively: clinch a bargain. —clinʹi·cal·ly. 5 exact: a close translation. [< L < Gk. d finish off. v. make such a sound. —cliʹquish·ness. v. 2 a tight grasp in fighting or wrestling. 3 a sailing ship built and rigged for speed. 2 Fig. cling·stone (klingʹstōn´). clip·ping. physician who practices or teaches clinical medicine. sharp. n. adj. as ad for advertisement. amphibians. klinikos of a bed < kline bed] clin·i·cal (klinʹә kәl). agree. climbed. n. 3 fast motion. v. —v. a small. clip·ping. < cluere purge] —cloaʹcal. clinical medicine. 3 Fig. 1 measure the time of. finish. shut away in a quiet place. —v. cloak (klōk). clob·ber (klobʹәr). 1 stick. adv. hold tight. 2 hide. Myth. adj. n. 2 record the time of.. closed. narrow: close quarters. ? < Du. etc. < OIrish cloc] cloak-and-dag·ger (klōkʹәnd dagʹәr). v. 1 near together. 3 grasp tight. n. —n.. 2 a stupid person. closed-cir·cuit (klōzdʹsėrʹkit). study of disease by observation of the patient rather than by experiment or autopsy. n. clippers. [var. —closeʹfistʹed·ly. klimax ladder] climb (klīm). lock < claudere close] —cloisʹtral. 2 cause to clink. urinary. —clingʹy. n. close call (klōs). hats. 8 secret. fasten. close up. clink (klingk). so as to finish in a given amount of time. clos·er. adv. stupid mistake or the result of one. 2 argument. close down. a shut completely. 4 come to terms. clod·hop·per (klodʹhop´әr). n. —v. closed captioning. convent or monastery.. bell. 5 hit or punch sharply. n. 1 attack violently. —closeʹness. defeat severely. [< OF clos < L clausum closed place < claudere close] —closeʹly. 2 Fig. adj. 9 stingy. n. reptiles. clone (klōn).. clop (klop). n. instrument for measuring and showing time. 1 a covered walk along the wall of a building. act of clinging. pl. denoting or having to do with television broadcasting that is limited to a certain audience. etc. 3 omit sounds in pronouncing. —v.. 2 machinery like this. 4 a sharp blow. clin·ic (klinʹik). impersonal. n. 2 tight. the Muse of history. one that is not carried around like a watch. n. finish: close a debate. —n. region. small board with a strong spring clip on one end for holding paper while writing. —closeʹfistʹedness. n. n. 1 thing that hinders or interferes. n.. climb·ing. klinker brick < klinken ring] cli·nom·e·ter (klī nomʹә tәr.. —adj. clos·est.. a shortened form made by dropping a syllable or more. n. around the clock. 2 arrangement of ideas in a rising scale of interest. coldly analytical. all day and night.. lump. ringing sound. the cloister. clime (klīm). 1 lump of earth. [OE clingan] —clingʹer. peach whose stone clings to the fleshy part. 2 anything clipped off. bring or come to a climax. choke up. complete something in less time than expected or allotted. clod (klod). 1946– . of clench] clinch·er (klinʹchәr).. —n.. climb down. adj. n. adj. 2 having a cloister. n. 2 anything that hides or conceals. 2 having to do with the study of disease by observation of the patient. –bōrd´). end. close-fist·ed (klōsʹfisʹtid). 3 hinder. close in. clocke < OF cloque or LL clocca < OIrish cloc] —clockʹer. prob. exclusive set or snobbish group of people. n. kli–). 2 place to be climbed. copy. 1 fill up. 1 a loose outer garment with or without sleeves. statement. n. adj. 1 country. clipped. decorative enamel applied to a metal surface between thin metal strips that outline the design. n. adv. adj. clog·ging. clonk (klongk). 1 act of clipping. factory or business that employs only members of labor unions. 10 nearly equal.) firmly by bending over the part that projects. clois·tered (kloiʹstәrd). [< L –clinare incline + –meter] Clin·ton (klinʹtәn). instrument for measuring deviation from the horizontal. etc. 1993–2001. can be left for a time. —n. like clockwork. with a row of pillars on the open side. come near and shut in on all sides. 3 a lighter shoe [ME clogge block] cloi·son·né (kloi´zә neʹ). adj. n. —v. narrow escape.. —closed captioned. v. 4 curtail. room u where coats. 1 machinery used to run a clock. ascent. –r˙ m´). William (Bill) Jefferson. [< MDu. the secluded monastic or conventual life [< OF < L claustrum closed place. 4 intimate. Gk. n. clip1 (klip). adj. 1 cut. 1 reproduce asexually from a single parent or ancestor. Slang. use of captions in television programming to assist viewers who cannot hear the sound. –cae (–sē). [< Du. —v. prob. ascend: climb a ladder. clung. as in a group of classrooms. [< F. a small organ of the female homologous to the penis of the male. adv. in a close manner. n.] clinch (klinch). 1 secluded. 1 nail or bolt that is clinched. 2 rise slowly: climb from poverty to wealth. n. beat the clock. 5 one time: at one clip. < Scand. usually connected with a hospital or medical school. 2 a large. etc. clique (klēk. —v. 42nd president of the United States. interfere. 2 climate. hold back. [OE clod] —clodʹdy. clunk. close out. adv. etc. near. n. adj. close-hauled (klōsʹhôldʹ). a go down. adj. Poetic. clois·ter (kloisʹtәr). —v. 5 end. cli·ni·cian (kli nishʹәn). adj. Colloq. adv. [< NL < Gk. —v. —v. and generative canals open. where out-patients can receive medical treatment. n. 2 Often. 2 cavity in the body of birds. 1 cover with a cloak. clipped. clogged.. 1 the highest point. c heal. b bring or come nearer together. piece cut out of a newspaper. < cliquer click] —cliʹquish. —climbʹer. —v. Cli·o (klīʹō). 6 strict: close attention. against the clock. etc. 1 go up by using the hands or feet. klitʹә-). orig. klinken] clink·er (klingkʹәr). most exciting part. 2 place of religious retirement. n. n. sharp sound such as made by a horse’s hoof on a hard surface. 2 instruction of medical students by treating patients in the students’ presence. clip·per (klipʹәr). 1 place. 2 a metal holder for cartridges on some firearms. —adv. close1 (kloz). 1 a large. v. [ME clippe(n). [< OF clore < L claudere close] close2 (klōs). n. a bolt. clos·ing. heavy shoe. n. klippa] . 2 a heavy shoe with a wooden sole. which is then fired and polished. etc. —n. cling·ing. clipped word. 1 any plant or animal produced asexually from a single parent or ancestor. with great regularity. —clingʹing·ly. 2 Informal. adv. 1 a climbing.122 climax clip2 (klip). a light. —n. 1 fasten (a driven nail. v. clock· work (klokʹ wėrk´). clock·wise (klokʹwīz´). wind up. Fig. 3 a quiet place shut away from the world. 1 sewer. v. 2 keep near. esp. [OE climban] —climbʹa·ble. 2 become filled or choked up. magazine. into which the intestinal. —v. 1 person who clips or cuts. 2 cut the hair or fleece of. 1 a clumsy boor. in the direction in which the hands of a clock move. exact duplicate of another. klik). 2 fill: close a gap. b give in. associated or done with secrecy and violence. 1 of or having to do with a clinic. cli·to·ris (klīʹtә ris.. cli·max (klīʹmaks). 3 grow upward: some vines climb. [< OF < LL clocca. —cliʹquishly. stingy. adj.. [< L clima. 3 bring or come together: close the ranks of troops. hold fast. clock (klok). clog (klog). tool for cutting. 1 make a clink. n. blockhead. adj. v. 3 compact. rough cinder. —v. n. having sails set for sailing as nearly as possible in the direction from which the wind is blowing. n. cling (kling).

troubled. awkward person. centimeters. fragrant spice obtained from the dried flower buds of a tropical tree. 1 picture taken at close range. v. 3 streak. —clownʹish·ly. in disgrace. 2 coverings for a bed. or rolling and pressing. Informal. 2 of or like clouds.. bomb that scatters small bombs upon impact. usually made in two layers of toast. cause of gloom. clutches. Legend. Clo·tho (klōʹthō). —v. club·bing. —n. 3 the tree. —v. private. a litter.. 2 Slang. clus·ter (klusʹtәr). cloth·ier (klōthʹyәr. [OE] —clusʹter·y. 5 anything that darkens or dims. 4 in psychology. adj. hand. 5 nightclub. n. club soda. Myth. [< MF encloyer < clou < L clavus nail] —cloyʹing·ly. 2 grow cloudy. number of things of the same kind growing or grouped together. clo·sure (klōʹzhәr). 2 weary by too much of anything pleasant. n. n. thicker at one end. not fond of talking. split. [ME cloue < OF clou < L clavus nail] clove2 (klōv). n. c daydreaming. three-leafed figures. —v. co–. unsophisticated. [var. 1 having cloven hoofs. [imit. 1 sound made by a hen calling her chickens. lettuce. or disgraced. private room for prayer. toilet. pl. She killed her husband and was killed by her son. unite. 2 not well-shaped or well-made. 1 cluster: a clump of trees. v. 1 a blow. theoretical. group together closely. suspicion. —adj. —n. —clownʹish·ness. [OE clūd rock. etc. 6 a playing card with one or more black. made up of tiny drops of water. 2 devilish. Cly·tem·nes·tra (klī´tәm nesʹtrә). suit of cards marked with black. n. v. [< Scand. b fanciful. close shave (klōs). soda water. 4 streaked. adj. —v. adj. power or influence. —v. snatch. with the hand. a small. a under suspicion. n. curium. a half-solid lump. Informal. act like a clown. cloud·iest. separate section of a bulb: a clove of garlic. cotton. spot. usually a woman.] —clumʹsi·ly. white. a low plant with leaves in three small parts and rounded heads of small red. —clubʹfootʹed. n. confusion. –mouthtʹ). v. acceptance of a fact or situation. 1 a heavy stick of wood. 3 equally: . klothz. prob. spot: clouded marble. 2 seize eagerly. klôths. [var. 3 sound of heavy. make such a sound. litter with things.. 1 form into a clump. power. 3 device in a machine for connecting or disconnecting the engine or motor that makes it go. —cloyʹing·ness.] cloud (kloud). clo·ver (klōʹvәr). 2 a close view. with the hand. n. sandwich. [OE clott] cloth (klôth. klōthzʹ–). n. fellow: coauthor = joint or fellow author. b person. (made) out of whole cloth. esp. cluck (kluk). clo·ven (klōʹvәn). having clouds in it. clench] clutch2 (kluch). pp. 2 piece of this material for some purpose. blockhead. u adj. —v. < Scand. n. —v. form into clots. pt. 1 a u deformed foot. U. under a cloud. 1 weary by too much. clubbed. used as a weapon. n. hair. clergymen. —adj. 1 material made from wool. 1 put clothes on.. –si·est. clo·ture (klōʹchәr).). together: cooperate = act with or together. 3. 1 not graceful or skillful. [OE clāth] clothe (klōth). club (klub). divided. equip: clothed with authority. and turkey or chicken. 1 clothes. clothes·pin (klōzʹpin´. kloths). naive. or interviews. gather in clusters. adv. as of coagulated blood. silk. clot·ting. 6 gloomy. Clotho spins the thread of life. of cleave1. who has an unusually strong interest in clothes. clew. [var. too sweet. esp. 1 a small room used for storing clothes or household supplies. and pp. n. n. klōthz). —clumʹsi·ness. 4 make or become gloomy. pl. clum·sy (klumʹzi). n. of OE clyccan bend. control. —clownʹish. Also. thickened mass. —cloudʹily. clo·ven-hoofed (klōʹvәn h˙ ftʹ. [< OF < LL clausura < L claudere close] clot (klot). n. way of ending a debate in a legislature and getting an immediate vote on the question being discussed. Gk. dress. or almost black mass in the sky. —v. 2 seller of cloth. 2 the dried flower bud. combine. 1 nest of eggs. narrow escape from danger or an accident.. –feet. v. 1 seller or maker of clothing. 1 cover with a cloud or clouds. of OE clympre lump of metal] —clumpʹy.. cloud·i·er. cluster bomb. spotted: cloudy marble. clutch1 (kluch). n. centimeter. —cloudʹi·ness. Gk. as a loss or death. [< F < VL clausitura. adj. 2 deformity of the foot caused by faulty development before birth.. a person who models clothes. clubs. frowning. cloths (klôthz. adj. OE cliwen] clue·less (klüʹlis). club·house (klubʹhous´). 4 lever or pedal that operates this device. an upright pole with branches on which to hang coats and hats. adv. made of cloth. clumsy walking. furnish. n. n. study. the cloth. [< OF. 3 cover. cloud·burst (kloudʹbėrst´). closure (def. n. 2 Fig.. 2 lump: a clump of earth. 1 covered with clouds. indistinct: a cloudy notion. Cm. 2 covering. 3 a great number of things moving close together: a cloud of arrows. 1 frame to hang clothes on to dry or air them. 1 a white. 3 a water closet.] clue (klü). a far above the earth. Clydes·dale (klīdzʹdāl). gray. –hüftʹ). —adj.coclose-knit (klōsʹnitʹ). cm. as a tablecloth. 1 grasp tightly. 2 a grasping claw. n. cuff. 3 group of people joined together for some special purpose: a tennis club. 2 a small. or too rich food. cover with clothes. 2 join. strong draft horse with distinctive long hair on the legs. n. adj. a wooden or plastic clip to hold clothes on a clothesline. 2 stick or bat used to hit a ball in games. club sandwich. clout (klout). of clos < L clausum closed place < claudere to close] close-up (klōsʹup´). prefix. 1 person whose business is to amuse others by wearing funny costumes and makeup and performing tricks and jokes. shut up in a private room for a secret talk. cloth·ing (klōthʹing).. pt. bacon. n.. etc. 2 a closed condition. 1 with. adj. n. firmly united by affection or common interest. 3 Also. guide to the solving of a mystery or problem. —v. clumpʹish. 1 beat or hit with a club. of cleave1. form a clump. dim. rope or wire to hang clothes on to dry or air them. v. or purple flowers. n. v. wife of Agamemnon. reticent. [var. cloture. adv. the clergy. adj. of clew. one of the three Fates. entirely false or imaginary. klekja] clut·ter (klutʹәr).. n. adj. 2 provide with clothes. n. 1 a tight grasp. secluded. adj. a building used by a club. n. n. etc. 2 Fig. 4 streak. n. n. 2 a bad-mannered. –i әr). 1 covering for a person’s body. n. See closure. clothing. adj. [< clumse be numb with cold. 4 provide.S. knitting. [OE clūt small piece of cloth or metal] clove1 (klōv). 4 a building or rooms used by a club. disorder. hill] —cloudʹless. or disgrace. 2 mass of smoke or dust. in the clouds.. n. b in gloom or trouble. clothes·horse (klōzʹhôrs´. clos·et (klozʹit). clot·ted. 1 a closing. clung (klung). by weaving. 5 confused. —n. clothed or clad. clothes tree. klōthzʹ–). importance. with tomato. adj. act silly. clump (klump). n. suspected. of cling. –si·er. [OE clāfre] clown (kloun). cloud·y (kloudʹi). linen. —clutʹter·y. adv. n. n. kloth). 1 a strong. clothes·line (klōzʹlīn´. violent rainfall. of cletch < cleck hatch < Scand. cloy (kloi). paw. cm. strike. play tricks and jokes. three-leafed designs on it shaped like 123 this: ♣. Orestes. close-mouthed (klōsʹmouthdʹ. [OE clufu] clove3 (klōv). 2 walk heavily and clumsily. a sudden. grown as food for horses and cattle. —v. 2 brood of chickens. form into a cluster. absent-minded. 2 joint. trouble. 3 not clear: a cloudy liquid. [OE clāthian < clāth cloth] clothes (klōz. n. klōthzʹ–). klubba] club·foot (klubʹf˙ t´). —v.

1 union. 1 kerosene. pl. 1 Company. cob·ble1 (kobʹәl). coars·er. n. or drawing of a shield. coast·guards·man (kōstʹgärdz´mәn). coat of mail. 1 go along or near the coast of. member of the Coast Guard. 2 rough: coarse cloth. from the Atlantic to the Pacific coast. etc. paints. man whose work was driving a coach or carriage. kocsi] coach-and-four (kōchʹәn fôrʹ. coast (kōst). [< G kobalt.] coch·le·a (kokʹli ә). [< NL < Gk. 2 the male of other birds. 2 anything thin and slight or entangling like a spider’s web. n. n. [OE col (def. having a common axis. esp. 1 grow together. 2 cloth for making coats. 2 ship trading along a coast. coast·ways (kōstʹwāz´). co·bel·lig·er·ent (kō´bә lijʹәr әnt).. 2 carried over. a bright-red dye made from the dried bodies of the females of a scale insect that lives on cactus plants of tropical America. outline of a coast. < coagulum means of curdling < co– together + agere drive] —co·ag´u·laʹtion. –men. pl. advance by means of another’s success. n. 2 Coast Guard. n. coastwise. danger is past. from coast to coast. adj. 1 layer covering a surface. change from a liquid into a thickened mass. 1 made up of fairly large parts. 1 person whose work is mending shoes. n.. [< L < Gk. thicken. 2 its dried leaves. party.] —coatʹless. pl. haul (or rake) over the coals. n. seashore. in politics. n. n. political parties. cob (kob). toward the coast. [< L. n. 3 ride or slide down a hill without using power. pl. 2 piece of this mineral. coach dog. –lesced. v.. nation that helps another nation carry on a war. coars·en (kôrʹsәn. a joint author. n. [< Med. co·ax·al (–akʹsәl).L coalitio < L coalescere. 1 person or thing that coasts. adj. –lescing.. —coarseʹness. 2 take in a supply of coal. coal. cokes a fool] —coaxʹer. n. v. [< Brazilian (Tupi)] coat·ing (kōtʹing). 6 private teacher who helps a student prepare for a special test. benzene. 3 piece of wood. adj. cobra de capello snake with a hood] cob·web (kobʹweb´). kōrsʹ–). coarsest. adj. cob·bler (kobʹlәr). burning. pl.. 2 a fruit pie baked in a deep dish. Co. coast·wise (kōstʹwīz´). < co– together + alescere grow] —coʹalesʹcence. tails of a man’s formal coat or jacket. v. a spiral-shaped cavity of the inner ear. –fōrʹ).. adv. telephone. coach (kōch). 2 get by coaxing.. 1 a spider’s web or the stuff it is made of. c/o. [< OF cote < Gmc.. pl. 3 faucet used coextensive = equally extensive. Each family of noble rank has its own special coat of arms. [adjectival use of course. the Coast. combination. 5 person who teaches or trains athletic teams. with a pinkish tint. influence by pleasant ways. cob·ble2 (kobʹәl). n. the coast is clear. 1 a male chicken. Commanding Officer. kō´ә jüʹtәr). kōʹkān). v. etc. blame. kōrʹ–). 1 in care of. kokkyx. etc. drug used to deaden pain and as a stimulant. n. —co·agʹu·la´tor. —coʹa·lesʹcent. 3 common. n. —v. n. coast·ward (kōstʹwәrd).. 2 a temporary alliance of statesmen. coc·cy·ges (kok sīʹjēz).). cock1 (kok). n. [ME] co·balt (kōʹbôlt). scold. a very poisonous snake of S Asia and Africa. 1 member of a coast guard. [OE (ātor) coppe spider + web] —cobʹweb´by. flavorings. n. –men. land along a coast.. 2 an outer covering: a dog’s coat of hair. ult. closed carriage with seats inside and often on top. 2 cover with a layer. n. 2 bishop appointed to assist a bishop. (zip code) Colorado. n. cob·ble·stone (kobʹәl stōn´). 4 charcoal. with pictures and designs on it. U. 1 a small tropical shrub growing in South America whose dried leaves are used to make cocaine and other alkaloids. –bled.. co·a·li·tion (kō´ә lishʹәn). 1 assistant.. 2 put together clumsily. 2 crude. n. train.. a small animal somewhat like a raccoon. coast·land (kōstʹland´). 1 persuade by soft words. to prevent water from running down below.. etc. mass. etc.S. along the coast. adj. –tis. a rounded stone that was formerly much used in paving. 1 a silver-white metallic element. adj. 3)] co·a·lesce (kō´ә lesʹ). –lat·ed. kōrs). 2 unite into one body. n. coaxial cable. an insulated connecting cable containing conducting materials surrounding a central conductor. 1 teach. Coal tar is distilled to make aniline dyes. co. —v. poor. 2 County. bacterium shaped like a sphere. 1 an outer garment with sleeves. See coalesce.o. 1 the center part of an ear of corn. garment made of metal rings or plates. orig. of com–] Co. living in Central and South America. 2 a railroad passenger car. on which the kernels grow. 1 having a coarse texture. Dalmatian. of kobold goblin] —cobalʹtic. 2 a strong horse with short legs. co·au·thor (kō ôʹthәr). cochinilla. coast guard. n.124 Co coarse-grained (kôrsʹgrāndʹ. adj. [< F < Sp. [< L < Gk. crude. because shaped like cuckoo’s bill] coch·i·neal (koch´ә nēlʹ.. cuckoo. combine.. [< Peruvian cuca] co·caine. coat (kōt). used in making steel. coal (kōl). coats of mail. 3 dark blue. adj. coast·er (kōsʹtәr). kochlias snail] —cochʹle·ar. CO. co·ag·u·late (kō agʹyә lāt). –lating. coal tar. 1 land along the sea. ride on (someone’s) coattails. [< L. n. adj. n. n. coat of arms. 1 supply with coal. etc. co·ca (kōʹkә). helper. v. perfumes. n. make or become coarse. inferior: coarse food.. a black. coc·ci (kokʹsī). n. vulgar: coarse manners. co·bra (kōʹbrә). 1 a large. a raised edge around a hatch in the deck of a ship. –bling. for some special purpose. meaning “ordinary”] —coarseʹly. —coaxʹing·ly. n. 2 help to prepare for a special test. < L coccinus scarlet < Gk. and television impulses. coattails. pl. 4 class of airfare that is less expensive than first class. n. worn as armor. kochʹә nēl). —v. 3 layer covering a surface: a coat of paint. 1 mend (shoes. coarse (kôrs. partly burned.. —adj. coam·ing (kōmʹing). n. co·ax·i·al (kō akʹsi әl). c. 1 black mineral that burns and gives off heat. —co·agʹula´tive. one of a pair of flaps or tails on the lower rear part of a coat. the region along the Pacific.] coal oil.O. 2 dark-blue coloring matter made from cobalt. rooster. adj. .. computer processing language. [< obs. government organization whose duty is to protect lives and property and prevent smuggling in coastal waters. n. coach·man (kōchʹmәn). b member of this group. n. adj.. 2 petroleum. n. coast·line (kōstʹlīn´). etc. U. [< Hung. adv. dark-blue. [short for Pg. [< OF < L costa side] —coastʹal. adv. containing the sensory ends of the auditory nerve. shield. coc·cus (kokʹәs). 2 region near a coast. 3 motorcoach. —co·balʹtous. Co. C. adj. var. adv. or all burned. composed mostly of carbon. no one is in the way. coach pulled by four horses. coat·tail (kōtʹtāl´). —v. CO·BOL or Co·bol (kōʹbôl). var. n. 2 ride or slide down a hill without using power. cobalt.. 2 Coast Guardsman. not fine: coarse sand. co·cain (kō kānʹ. cobblestone. n. It is formed from partly decayed vegetable matter under great pressure in the earth. coax (kōks). pl. sticky residue left after soft coal has been distilled. n.S. 1 provide with a coat. 3 a little tray to hold a glass or bottle. used for transmitting telegraph. a small triangular bone at the lower end of the spinal column. 4 not delicate or refined. etc. n. [< L. adj. a skylight.. adv. co·a·ti (kō äʹti). n. co·ad·ju·tor (kō ajʹә tәr. –le·ae (–li ē). kokkos seed] coc·cyx (kokʹsiks). coats of arms. 1 a group of people whose work is saving lives and preventing smuggling along the coast of a country.

of Sp. pamper. or explain it. coconut palm.. 1 change or translate into a code. round. [<NL < Gk. 2 too sure. belonging to this group.. cod·i·cil (kodʹә sәl). n. fat obtained from cacao seeds. —adj. coco palm. 2 cook in hot water without boiling: a coddled egg. kokʹrәl). adj. a silky case spun by the larva of an insect to live in while it is a pupa. —adj. a girl or woman student at a coeducational college or school.. cash on delivery. are coelenterates.D. n. corals. 1 an iced drink. silly. adv. 2 of or like cockneys. cocoa butter. dim. usually containing a mineral or vitamin. pl. [< OF cocatris < L calcare tread] cock·chaf·er (kokʹchāf´әr). n. coco grinning face] co·coa1 (kōʹkō). East Indies. turn up jauntily. mixed with bitters. brightly colored parrot of Australia. Also. It is rich in vitamins A and D. [OE cocc] cock2 (kok). 4 arrangement of words. —co´ed·u·caʹtion·al. n. n. konchylion. 3 Slang. of caudle. etc. fight between roosters or gamecocks armed with steel spurs. n. 1 shell of the cockle. co·ed·u·ca·tion (kō´ej u kāʹshәn). [alter. brown. cocoa. —cockʹi·ly. [< L. of codex codex] cod·i·fy (kodʹә fī. of caudex tree trunk. —n. 2 any set of rules. used as a medicine. < cock1] cock3 (kok). etc. 3 shellfish served in a small glass with a highly seasoned sauce. collectively) –fish. 3 an enclosed place for cockfights. 2 anything added to change or explain something. 4 hammer of a gun. 2 codon. 2 hat pointed in front and in back. n. any of several weeds with spiny burs. cock·le (kokʹәl). n. gruel < OF < L calidus hot] code (kōd). 1 coconut palm. [< L codicillus. —n. inmost part of one’s heart or feelings. coxswain.. cods or (esp. —cockʹsureʹness. a large. [< F cocon < coque shell] cod (kod). dim. co·de·in (kōʹdi in). co-ed (kōʹedʹ). adj. collect on delivery. –fying. 1 final passage of a musical composition. cock·tail (kokʹtāl´).. an upward turn. tall. n. cod-liv·er oil (kodʹliv´әr). [appar. v. a large. –ling. able to attach itself to a specific protein and supplement it to form an active enzyme system. 3 is the coefficient of x. 6 weathercock. n. kokʹә tü).. celiac. co·en·zyme (kõ enʹzīm). a small. 1 a saltwater mollusk with two ridged shells that are somewhat heart-shaped. figures. < Malay kakatua] cock·a·trice (kokʹә tris). cucaracha] cocks·comb (koksʹkōm´). cod·dle (kodʹәl). hard-shelled fruit of the coconut palm. a child’s hobbyhorse. edu˙ cation of boys and girls or men and women together in the same school or classes. n. conceited. u absolutely certain. 5 position of the hammer of a gun when it is pulled back. of cacao] co·coa2 (kōʹkō). In 3x. codg·er (kojʹәr). 1 native or inhabitant of the E section of London who speaks a particular dialect of English. adj. ready to fire. spine] coe·len·ter·ate (si lenʹtәr āt. cock·fight (kokʹfīt´). [< F coquille. 5 genetic code. 2 cockleshell. 2 small. one of a group of saltwater animals with saclike bodies. swaggering. cockles of one’s heart. to keep a message short or secret. —v. adv. 2 its fruit or seed. < cog cock] —cockadʹed. 2 a ratio used as a multiplier to calculate the behavior of a substance under different conditions of heat. co·ed. an ending or conclusion. etc. n. A coelacanth is similar to the primitive sea vertebrates which gave rise to all land vertebrates. around water pipes. n. used to relieve pain and cause sleep. —cockʹi·ness.. cock·horse (kokʹhôrsʹ). n. cock·er spaniel (kokʹәr). pucker. volume of manuscripts. n. 1 sequence of three chemical units or bases represented in the genetic code by three letters. 1 the fleshy red part on the head of a rooster. pl. pl.. 2 a small. n. cock·ney (kokʹni). vermouth. hook-shaped peninsula in SE Massachusetts.O. co·cos. blend of F coque shell and L conchylium < Gk. adj. shallow boat. used in confections. —v. –toos. dawn. esp.. n. –dled.. n. —v. 3 plant with crested or feathery clusters of red or yellow flowers. etc. pull back the hammer of (a gun). 2 appetizer: a tomato-juice cocktail. var. cock·le·shell (kokʹәl shel´). n. a small brownish or yellowish species found in kitchens. n. n. 1 treat tenderly. used in soap and cosmetics. n. adj. not more than one year old. Cape. n. —adj. n. co·coa·nut (kōʹkә nut´. jellyfish. –nәt). v. < Gk. [< Gk. n. cod·ling (kodʹling). a large European beetle that destroys plants. 1 something added to a will to change it. cock·swain (kokʹsәn. —codʹifi´er. [var. –it). [< Pg. kodeia poppy head] code word or code·word (kōdʹwerd´). coconut oil. tilted or twisted to one side. n.. pl. —v. 2 drink made of this powder with milk or water and sugar.. Colloq. n. as of the brim of a hat. etc. koilos hollow + enteron intestine] coe·li·ac (sēʹli ak). wrinkle. n. 1 a collection of the laws of a country arranged in a clear way so that they can be understood and used. in a cocksure manner.d. a white. an odd person. n. stick up deflantly. —n. cocked hat. n. cod·ing. an organic substance. arrange (laws. cod·lin (–lin).. 1 of or like this dialect. [ME] cock·ade (kok ādʹ). 1 powder made by roasting and grinding cacao seeds. 1 perfectly sure. silky hair and drooping ears. of or in the abdominal cavity. 2 the three-letter genetic code word. tropical palm tree on which coconuts grow. often composed of gin or whiskey.coenzyme to turn the flow of a liquid or gas on or off. cone-shaped pile of hay in a field. a fabled serpent whose look was supposed to cause death. ready to fire. –neys. of or having to do with cocoa. pears. co·da (kōʹdә). codlin moth. 3 system of signals for sending messages by telegraph flags.. of the Scriptures. n. co·ef·fi·cient (kō´ә fishʹәnt). baked goods. an unripe apple. cock·a·too (kok´ә tüʹ. coe·la·canth (sēʹla kanth). 1 inoffensive word or expression that stands for something controversial. food fish found in the cold parts of the N Atlantic. n. 1 a place in an airplane where the pilot sits. [var. any of a group of fishes having rounded scales and lobed fins. cock·crow (kokʹkrō´). 4 mixed fruits served in a glass. etc. cock·y (kokʹi). n. etc. pl. co·coon (kә künʹ). —cod´i·fi·caʹtion. collectively) cod. kōʹdә–).. co·co (kōʹkō).. Also. n.) according to a system. —co´ed·u·caʹtion·al·ly. Coconuts have a white. [< NL. pile in cocks. cock·eyed (kokʹīd´). koilos hollow + akantha thorn. cock·i·er. etc.o. or cocker. knot of ribbon or a rosette worn on the hat as a badge. cock·roach (kokʹrōch´). add to it. adj. [alter. a small moth whose larvae destroy apples. etc. n. cock·er·el (kokʹәr әl. edible lining and a white liquid called coconut milk. –swān´). adj. 1 hat with the brim turned up. n. –fish·es or (esp. a young rooster. co·don (kō´don). co·di·ces (kōʹdә sēz. 2 arrange in a code. [< F < L codex codex] co·deine (kōʹdēn. crystalline drug 125 obtained from opium. v. C. —n. foolish. open place in a boat where the pilot and passengers sit. book] cod·fish (kodʹfish´). . light. any of a family of insects. cod. Hydras. any of a breed of small dogs with long. —adv. n. codling moth. soap. [ME cokeney] cock·pit (kokʹpit´). of cockard < F. oil obtained from the coconut. –fied. 3 deep reddish brown. n. n. cod·ed. v.. of konche conch] cock·le·bur (kokʹәl bėr´). 2 coxcomb. cock·sure (kokʹsh˙ rʹ). 1 a number or symbol put before and multiplying another. co·co·nut. n. 2 Slang. 2 this dialect. c. coco. v. n. n. –led. oil extracted from the liver of cod. etc. light. kodʹә–). –di ēn). n. [< Du. 2 Fig. fruit juices.. –dling. esp. cock·i·est. n. —cockʹfight´ing. n. pl. n. co·dex (kōʹdeks). n. 3 bulge on the surface. formerly considered extinct. [ME] Cod (kod). 1 cross-eyed. n.

coffers. 1 compel. [< LL. adj. n. carbonated soft drink. 1 sticking together. adv. cog·no·men (kog nōʹmәn).. 1 much less warm than the body. forcible. [OE cald] —coldʹish. 1 piece of metal stamped by the government for use as money. co·her·ent (kō hirʹәnt). and German are cognate languages. —coldʹ-bloodʹedly. all alone. qahveh < Ar. n. cohesion. 2 live together. adj. —cogʹita´tive·ly.. cog·wheel (kogʹhwәl´). Trademark. etc. adj. aware. 1 knowledge. v. served cold. esp. —cogʹi·ta´tor. or recognized. Dutch. —co·inʹcident·ly. awareness. adj. adj. 1 act of knowing. one used to hold money or other valuable things. cruel. etc. cok·ing. coin·age (koinʹij). weak: a cold scent. 3 a spiral of wire for conducting electricity. n. [< OF < L cophinus basket. tendency to hold together. cocaine. < co– together + agere drive] —coʹgency. 3 system of coins. Slang. adj. 2 make (metal) into money. 2 a coinciding. n. See coffin. n. –tat·ing.. —n. [short for Coca-Cola. soothing salve for the skin. n. See cognition. awareness. or quality: English. kofʹ–). 2 kola. 1 use of force. compulsion. n. kophinos basket] cog (kog). last name. co·ex·ist (kō´ig zistʹ). adj. 1 coincident. cold cuts. origin. co·e·val (kō ēʹvәl). n. n. first used in Europe about 1600. cap or hood that fits closely around the head. 2 showing coincidence. cold-blood·ed (kōldʹbludʹid).] coif·fure (kwä fy˙ rʹ). n.. 2 metal money. corner. kind of French brandy. —v. n. 2 headdress. German Wasser and English water are cognates. n. . fitting. < L cuneus wedge] —coinʹer. for melting metal. kofʹ–). salami. v. 4 the color of coffee. n. col·an·der (kulʹәn dәr. adj. < co– (intensive) + agitare consider < agere discuss] —cog´itaʹtion. word. a contemporary. treasury. co·here (kō hirʹ). v. chest. Slang. Also. adj. —co·erʹcive. 1 any dark-colored. 2 coins. equal in rank. n. phrase. n. Doublet of court. < co– (intensive) + gnoscere know] —cog·niʹtion·al. –ciding. etc. n. –tat·ed. v. wheel with teeth projecting from the rim for transmitting or receiving motion. [< OF < LL cofia < Gmc. —v. n. act or fact of occupying the same time or place. —co·herʹent·ly. sexual intercourse. and is used in furnaces. 2 occupying the same place or position. 1 stick together. carbonated soft drink. Coke burns with much heat and little smoke. 3 lacking in feeling. convincing: cogent arguments. consistency. konʹә–). 2 feeling the cold because of poor circulation. 2 be connected logically. n. [< F] cog·nate (kogʹnāt). —co´extenʹsion.. —co·heʹsive·ness. metal money. [? var. nature. co·erced. exist together or at the same time. co·in·ci·den·tal (kō in´sә denʹtәl). n. or thing so related to another. [< OF < L < Gk. —v. become sick with a cold. 1 anything wound around and around in this way.] cog·ni·zant (kogʹnә zәnt. —co·in´ci·denʹtal·ly. etc. 3 a tall. coin (koin). co·erc·ing. kolʹ–). < co– together + gnatus born] cog·ni·tion (kog nishʹәn). 1 box. in a ceiling. a dark-colored. co·gnac (kōnʹyak. box into which a dead person is put to be buried. v. co·er·cion (kō ėrʹshәn).. force. n. adj. n. 1 live together as husband and wife do. 1 surname. 1 of the same age. 2 government by force. cog·i·tate (kojʹә tāt). catch cold. 1 the making of coins. co·e·qual (kō ēʹkwәl). v. adv. etc. cof·fin (kôfʹin. 2 move in a winding course. ponder. 1 a dark-brown drink. —coldʹly. 3 any group or company. by cognoscere recognize] —cog·nomʹi·nal. 2 caisson (def. n. one that is coequal. (Sw. v.. person.] cof·fer·dam (kōfʹәr dam´.] coif (koif). 2 group of soldiers. agreement. hold together. be consistent. –hered. adj. —co·heʹsive·ly. 5 act or process of making up. co·in·cide (kō´in sīdʹ). of colk core] coke2 (kōk). —co·habʹi·tant. coked. n. inventing. 4 lacking in feeling. co·i·tus (kōʹә tәs). —co´ex·istʹence.L coincidere < L co– together + in upon + cadere fall] co·in·ci·dence (kō inʹsә dәns). extend equally or to the same limits. 1 lack of heat or warmth. adv. a trademark] coke·head (kōkʹhed´). [< L cogens. [< F. become rich. —coldʹness. 1 having blood whose temperature varies with that of the surroundings. adv. n. v. [< Med. co·in·ci·dent (kō inʹsә dәnt). 2 Colorado. 1 temporary dam in a body of water that encloses an underwater area that can be pumped dry. 4 caisson (def. 3 correspond exactly. n. kofʹ–). sore throat. [< L coercere < co– together + arcere restrain] —co·ercʹer. —co´e·qualʹi·ty. a creamy. adj. —n. in the cold. cocaine addict. 2 attraction between molecules of the same kind. the chance occurrence of two things at such a time as to seem remarkable. co·erce (kō ėrsʹ). < co– with + nomen name.] coil (koil). —n. n. —co´ex·tenʹsive. 1 occupy the same place in space. esp. 3 make up. < co– equal + aevum age] co·ex·ec·u·tor (kō´ig zekʹyә tәr). n. esp. n. adj. 2 not warm enough for comfort. 3 cofferdam. slices of prepared meat. perception. 2 one wind or turn of a coil. or trunk. enclosure. 2 control or restrain by force. [< L cognitio. konʹә–). coke1 (kōk). family name. consistent. n.) kugge] —cogged. kofʹi). person who is an executor of a will along with another. co·la (kōʹlә).. n. —coʹgent·ly. n. 3 sickness that causes running at the nose. coition. 5 faint.. date. n. column. co·her·en·cy (–әn si). —n. unfriendly: a cold greeting. 3). n. adv. such as corned beef. adv. co·he·sion (kō hēʹzhәn). 3 unconscious. Coke3 (kōk). —co·erʹcive·ly. —co·habʹi·taʹtion. —cogʹi·ta´tive. 1 logical connection. coin money. 1 make (money) by stamping metal. 2 the seeds from which the drink is made. consider with care. perceived. cover with a coif or something like a coif. v. co·ex·tend (kō´iks tendʹ). konʹ–). [alter. n. 2 contemporary. ult. think over. n. 1 Colonel. 1 wind around and around in circular or spiral shape. —co·heʹsive. adv. or duration. cold cream.126 coequal —n. form. qahwa] coffee break. [< Scand. adv. [< F < coiffer coif. [< L cohors court. co·hab·it (kō habʹit). vessel or dish full of small holes for draining off liquids. adj. —coerʹci·ble. 3). n. 2 a sticking together. tropical shrub on which the seeds grow. of VL colator < L colare strain] cold (kōld). sneezing. —co·eʹqual·ly. 6 word. 4 right of coining money. degree. infl. n. rest. n. adv. 2 occupy the same time. fuel made from coal by heating it in a closed oven until the gases have been removed. –cid·ed. —co·erʹcive·ness. holding together. 2 cold weather. —n. 2 a an official notice. cof·fer (kôfʹәr. a period during which employees may take time off to have coffee. [< OF conoissance < conoistre know < L cognoscere. invent: the word “blurb” was coined by Gelett Burgess. 1 exact correspondence. 1 happening at the same time. related by family. –her·ing. col. cof·fee (kôfʹi. 1 a sticking together. —co·erʹcion·ist. [< L. funds. 2 ornamental panel. Col. —co´ex·istʹent. < co– together + haerere cleave] co·herence (kō hirʹәns). n. b right or power to deal with judicially. etc. etc. [< L co– together + ire go] —coʹi·tal. cog·ni·zance (kogʹnә zәns. adj. n. 2 any name. adj. 2 logically connected. adj. [< Turk. constraint. adj. adj. [< L. n. n. adv. meditate. v. 1 one of the ten infantry divisions of an ancient Roman legion. put into a coffin. 2 thing known. n. 1 style of arrangu ing the hair. —coldʹ-bloodʹed·ness. agree. change into coke. —v. invented. adj. 3 nickname. [< L. [< OF < L colligere collect] —coilʹer. 1 one of a series of teeth on the edge of a wheel that transfers motion by locking into the teeth of another wheel of the same kind. perception. co·hort (kōʹhôrt). 2 wheel with such a row of teeth on it. neglected. adj.. [< L. co·gent (kōʹjәnt).

7 secured by stocks. 1 gather together: collect stamps for a hobby. but with a plural meaning. –ji it). 2 aid or cooperate traitorously. col·la·tion (kә lāʹshәn). etc.). any of various plants belonging to the same family as the cabbage.L var. adj. v. n. –ji әn). of colosseum] co·li·tis (kō līʹtis. 3 fold or push together: collapse a telescope. orig. –lid·ed. coal mine and its buildings and equipment. 1 ship for carrying coal. sheets. cold wave. 2 parallel. Colloids do not actually dissolve. n. 1 situated at the side. col·league (kolʹēg). failure. adv. 1 bring into line. side by side. a sudden shrinking together. n. n. as distinguished from the special. deliberately unfriendly or indifferent treatment. but plural in meaning. severe pains in the abdomen. [< L collidere < com– together + laedere. belonging to a group of insects including beetles and weevils. 1 come violently into contact. 2 a coal miner. adj. calm. rape.). 1 a prolonged contest for national advantage. n. 1 collegiate. 2 a collating. and psychological rather than military means. col·li·mate (kolʹә māt). . 2 under control. n. col·lec·tion (kә lekʹshәn). neglect. U. Crowd and herd are collective nouns. 1 a violent rushing against. [< L collectus < com– together + legere gather] —collectʹa·ble. –lid·ing. [< L caulis cabbage] co·le·op·ter·ous (kō´li opʹtәr әs. inflammation of the colon. etc. n. 1 institution of higher learning that gives degrees. colloidal. or other material worn around the neck. [< L. kolla glue] col·loi·dal (kә loiʹdәl). n. col·lec·tive (kә lekʹtiv). [< LL < Gk. salad made of sliced raw cabbage. professional. —col·loʹqui·al·ness. —adj. liquid. 2 Cold War. all together. etc. —n. kool sla cabbage salad] col·ic (kolʹik). transparent film. used in everyday. adv. pledged as security for a loan. 1 place together. 4 descended from the same ancestors. 1 person or thing that collects. adj. a gluing < OF colle glue < VL < Gk.. to be paid for at the place of delivery: telephone collect. colloquial. adj. 3 money collected. 2 a separate band of linen. 3 seize. —coldʹ-heartʹed·ly. n. 1 protein substance in connective tissue. 1 a straight or turnedover neckband of a coat. col·lat·er·al (kә latʹәr әl). adv. 1 a light meal. col·lar (kolʹәr). adv.. —coldʹheartʹe