Breakthrough Transformation Ideas • Key Partnering Initiatives

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Breakthrough Transformation Ideas • Key Partnering Initiatives

February 28, 2005

Mayor, Mandaluyong City City Hall Complex, Mandaluyong City Dear Mayor Gonzales: As the City Government renews its commitment to a culture of excellence in the rendition of public service, we are delighted to offer you our Appreciative Learning Program, a distinct integrative workshop for individual and organizational change that can help the city achieve a new level of institutional capability. The Program upholds and leverages the fundamental value of the individual as it unlocks among participants the infinite human capacity in transforming their organizations and the global environment. It is a competency-building and action planning exercise that supports the values of social sensitivity, continuous learning, and strategic thinking in organizations. The Appreciative Learning Program is an adaptive learning framework that blends well with the imperatives of desire to change, ability to change, and permission to change. A copy of our new program proposal is attached for your most auspicious consideration. Over our earlier proposal on the same discipline, we are very happy to let you know that the Appreciative Learning Program represents a substantial enhancement as it: • encapsulates and consolidates all essential transformation variables in a 3-day workshop, giving great premium on participative visioning and action planning • offers very significant cost improvement --- a lower price per participant with all-inclusive coverage (i.e. hotel, meal and transport accommodation) an

At your most convenient schedule, we will be glad to meet with you for a more detailed discussion of our proposal. Thank you very much for your kind and immediate attention. Sincerely yours,

Ronald C. Manalastas Managing Director

and crafting innovations in evolving desired future for the organization a An intervention strategy that draws strength from the infinity of knowledge acquisition. sharing. Appreciative Learning Program A high-value program for organizational and individual change --. objectives and values.exploring new sources of knowledge. creating new learning opportunities.. and utilization …… nourishing people and organizations with life-enhancing renewal abilities . sharing vision. aligning systems and relationships. and developing new competencies in the borderless expansion of intellectual capital A winning platform for discovering and maximizing immense human capabilities.

Appreciative Learning Program TABLE OF CONTENTS Topic Specific Proposal Content & Structure Rationale for the Proposal Objectives Page 1 2 3-4 5 3 3 3 Post-Workshop Engagement Key Company / Employee / Community Benefits Suggested Qualifications of Participants The Necessity of Change Human Factor in Transformation Power of Human Community Power of Continuous Learning Power of Strategic Thinking Appreciative Inquiry Financial Aspect / Terms and Conditions 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 .

reproduced. circulated or adopted. Page 1 HITEL BUSINESS CONSULTING Breakthrough Transformation Ideas • Key Partnering Initiatives SPECIFIC PROPOSAL To conduct among key employees and stakeholders of the Mandaluyong City Government the Appreciative Learning Program a high-content competency-building and action planning activity developed and advocated by: HITEL Business Consulting. by any person or organization without the written consent of HITEL Business Consulting. in whole or in part. statements.22 This entire program / presentation is an intellectual property of HITEL Business Consulting. or HITEL-developed graphics in the program document or slide presentation may be used. No pages.HITEL Business Consulting Profile 15 . conceptual frameworks. complete with the following learning retention and change implementation tools: .

• • • Comprehensive Training Handouts Post-Workshop Management Report Post-Workshop Consulting Services Page 2 Appreciative Learning Program CONTENT & STRUCTURE MODULES HUMAN DIMENSION OF TRANSFORMATION • The Necessity of Change • Infinity of Human Capacity • Power of Human Community • Power of Continuous Learning • Power of Strategic Thinking • APPLICATION OF APPRECIATIVE INQUIRY Selecting Positive Focus • Appreciating What is Best • Envisioning the Future • Co-constructing the Future • Sustaining the Future Workshop Duration: Three (3) days .

Common Experience of People • A totally new environment reshaped by the diversity and complexity of dynamic changes in the socio-cultural. economic. Harnessing the Human Factor . advent of new technologies. technological.Training & Development Tools: Tutorials. and dysfunctions needing new change paradigms • Bureaucratic constraints. and limited competencies requiring new skills • Expanded roles of employees. breakout sessions Change Management Survey Culture Perception Survey One-to-One Interviews Shared Imaging and Planning Exercises Management Support Assessment Handouts on Core Training Subjects Page 3 Appreciative Learning Program RATIONALE FOR THE PROPOSAL 1. and high public expectation of government and private sector initiatives 2. interviews. dialogues. discussions. discontinuities. and legal-political fields • A societal condition of problems. culture of maintenance.

No Error Unfreeze Refresh COMFORT ZONE Acceptance. Fear. Openness. economic dislocations) can be managed for operational and strategic advantages if important paradigm shifts can be sustained such as: Security. Relaxation. Major Paradigm Shift High-impact changes (e. Ease. Opportunity. Trial. the human being remains to be the most reliable and effective system for ensuring organizational renewal and sustainability: Complex. knowledge management. New Processes . Many Choices. Globalization. Risk. Alliances. Liberality. Loose Deadline. Rest. etc. diverse and dynamic changes in the environment Organizational Capacity Individual Capacity STRATEGIC INTERVENTION Page 4 HUMAN BEING Dimension Body Mind Heart Spirit Function To Live To Learn To Love To Leave a Legacy RATIONALE FOR THE PROPOSAL 3.As illustrated below. Status Quo. High Goals. new technologies. Accountability. Higher Duty. Safety. Trust.g. Adventure. Untried Process. New Rules. Teams. Compromise. E-Commerce Empower Stimulate CHALLENGE ZONE Hard Moments. Freedom. Familiarity. globalization. Courage.

leadership. and high performance --. Leverage best experiences in envisioning and shaping the desired future 5. based on strength and reality. to actualize the vision POST-WORKSHOP ENGAGEMENTS . sharing. Page 5 Appreciative Learning Program OBJECTIVES 1. accountability. Influence stakeholder thinking in favor of continuous integrative learning 4.New World of Fulfillment A new learning organization strongly powered by trust. Plan and implement. systems. unity. decisiveness. Dramatize the infinity and high transformation value of human capacity 3. Illustrate changing organizational context and the necessity for change 2.every stakeholder enjoys a Page 5 great sense of fulfillment with the winning culture they have.

integrity and value Image of competence. sharing and collaborative learning environment Aligned vision. structures. which management report shall include the following essential information: • • • • • • • • • Organizational Change Readiness Prospects for Organizational Learning Best Organizational Experiences of People Dominant Transformation Themes Shared Goals and Vision of the Future Stakeholder’s Key Strategic Statements Group Output: Action / Strategic Plans Individual / Group Competencies Identities of Potential Change Leaders 2. and relationships Best practice processes and high group performance Paradigm shifts to culture. unity. Conduct of post-workshop consultations for a total of 32 hours over a maximum period of three (3) months from end of workshop Page 6 Appreciative Learning Program Key Company Benefits • • • • • • • Open. knowledge and wisdom High group morale. and sense of ownership New organizational effectiveness. Submission of the Appreciative Learning Resume within 30 workdays after the workshop. values. efficiency and sustainability Key Employee Benefits .1.

and superior delivery • Winning leadership attributes (e. operations. Managerial. executive office. processes. mindset. organizational and strategic skills) with strong systems thinking orientation Key Community Benefits • • • • Delivery of superior value to people and organizations Competitive and productive manpower complement Public trust and confidence in business and government Renewal of public hope on the national development agenda Page 7 Appreciative Learning Program SUGGESTED QUALIFICATION OF PARTICIPANTS Education: Job Level: Location: Preferably a university or college degree holder Rank and File. and professional integrity • Intense appreciation of continuous learning. planning.g. human resources.• Deep appreciation of personal roles in the organization that enhances work ethic and broadens performance horizon • New competencies. teamwork. accountability. Supervisory. portability. relationships. public . relationship. Unit Head Any work unit e. accounting. Clerical. gaming personnel. behavior and attitude that heightens individual utility.g. values.

etc. program management.Organizational Development and Transformation -(A HITEL Business Consulting Training Material) THE NECESSITY OF CHANGE . Function: Language: Any staff or line work assignment relevant.information. important or contributory to the success of the change process Above average knowledge of oral and written English Page 8 -.

dynamics and complexity of changes in the environment very often becloud transformation initiatives in organizations --. and management support. team organization. Page 9 “ To stay as we are is more of a threat HUMAN FACTOR IN ORGANIZATIONS (A HITEL Business Consulting Training Material) Page 9 .especially where there is absence or lack of learning discipline.” How do we renew and bring the organization to a level of performance that creates our desired future? The diversity.than to move forward with new ideas . leadership infrastructure.

in apprehension how like a god!.000 vs." …… William Shakespeare. Hamlet Page 10 POWER OF HUMAN COMMUNITY (A HITEL Business Consulting Training Material) .What the mind can conceive and believe. it can achieve . 10 to the power of 12 for the biggest supercomputer • No known upper limit in capacity • Man has used only 1% of his brain capacity “ What a piece of work is a man! How noble in reason! How infinite in faculty. HUMAN BRAIN • 100 billion brain cells • 10 to the power of 8.

• Organization is a group of people joined together by a common purpose and a set of rules that defines their interrelationships. • Organization is a system of interconnected parts that need to be strengthened.the organization is as strong as its weakest part. or changed because failure of one part can have fatal effect on the life of the organization --. a strong collaborative culture catapults the organization into high performance. When sharing becomes a collective effort. Page 11 ORGANIZATIONAL LEARNING --. improved. • Personal success comes by sharing one’s knowledge with others and helping them become successful.An All-time Transformation Imperative --- .

Individual and group capacities both cease to grow. Page 12 .(A HITEL Business Consulting Training Material) Organizational renewal becomes elusive and difficult when people fail to update. He loses his path to wisdom and becomes a burden to his organization. “A man who has failed to learn how to learn is lost in the rich and bright universe of new knowledge. learn. and be an actionable team.” One of the most important and most neglected truths about organizational learning is that: There is no learning without action.

Sir Winston Churchill Page 13 .POWER OF STRATEGIC THINKING (A HITEL Business Consulting Training Material) The empires of the future are the empires of the mind.

Former President of the United States of America Discovering and leveraging the best in people.APPRECIATIVE INQUIRY --.. sharing and learning environment. Ronald Reagan. processes. values.. so that the ideal future can be envisioned and realized in an open. structures.Maximizing the Best Organizational Experiences --(A HITEL Business Consulting Training Material) “Surround yourself with the best people you can find. Individual interviews of participants to let them go through the process of: DISCOVERY • DREAM • DESTINY DESIGN • in the shared creation of a desired future for the organization Page 14 .” ……. beliefs. never interfere. delegate authority. and in everything … when the organization was performing at its best ….

Effective Start of Program Within 30-45 days from contract signing and receipt of 50% downpayment. test designs and materials. Price Coverage Price quotation includes all professional services.Appreciative Learning & Transformation Workshop SEMINAR FEE PER PARTICIPANT PhP 24. preparatory interviews and coordination with client are made in this period PROPOSED SIZE OF ATTENDANCE .000. Manner of Payment • 50% downpayment on total contract value upon signing • 40% of total contract value on or before start of workshop • 10% of contract value upon rendition of post-workshop report 3.00 TERMS AND CONDITIONS 1. and printed training reference including: • Hotel and meal accommodation for participants (inclusive of 3 regular meals and 2 snack meals) Cost of workshop venue / training facilities • 2.

We leverage information. our country. In the exercise of our profession.Minimum of 30 and maximum of 40 participants per batch Page 15 HITEL BUSINESS CONSULTING Breakthrough Transformation Ideas • Key Partnering Initiatives CHARTER We are focused on providing high-value intellectual capital to our clients for the improvement of their business.with our clients. We uphold the consistent delivery of content and superior value in every engagement because we want a lasting legacy of excellence and usefulness --. and the global community. and financial resources for organizational transformation. people. roadrunners and business builders with solid private and public sector experience . ORGANIZATIONAL RESUME • a 5-year old consulting company with more than 120 man-years of business development and strategy experience • a globally competitive group of creative thinkers. quality and confidentiality. systems. We are energized by the fact that it takes a simple creative brilliance to transform an idea into a strategic success. we are guided by the principles of integrity. technologies.

expansion or turnaround initiatives Page 16 FIELDS OF SPECIALIZATION Business Development Agency / Business Representation Investment & Partnering Proposals Feasibility / Market Studies Development of Start-up Businesses Business / Marketing Plans Business Transformation Business / Organizational Analysis Human Resource Development Change Management Intervention Application of Appreciative Inquiry Organizational Transformation Sales and Marketing Product / Service Development Value and Brand Development Location & Distribution Studies Franchise Development & Marketing Public Relations Program Development & Management Policy Development & Advocacy Organizational Communication Newsletter Development HITEL SERVICE DIFFERENTIATORS • deep-bench research and strategic analysis • reality and strength-based recommendations • extended post-workshop action engagements .whether for start-up.• a business improvement evangelist that combines technical skills and experience with new management tools. new technologies and new processes --.

Page 17 COMMUNITY OF TRAINING ENGAGEMENTS CORE DISCIPLINES • Organizational Development • Strategic Transformation • Research & Planning • Organizational Learning • Competency & Leadership • Business Development COMMUNITY OF CLIENTS .

Lines Lux Marketing LBC Air Cargo RETAIL • • • National Book Store Hallmark Chowking EDUCATION • • • • • Assumption College St. Mandaluyong City Page 18 PROFESSIONAL RESUME Ronald C.K. Scholastica College STI Zamboanga Xavier School Central Colleges of the Philippines MANUFACTURING • • • San Miguel Yamamura Nestle Philippines Philips Consumer Electronics RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS • • • 2003 World Meeting of Families Archdiocese of Manila and Iloilo Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines HOTELS • • Westin Philippine Plaza Hyatt Hotel NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATIONS • • American Chamber Foundation Highlanders Athletic Association. GOVERNMENT SERVICES • • • • Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Pasay City Government Brgy Addition Hills. Mandaluyong City Brgy.S. Manalastas Managing Director (Business Strategy & Transformation) . Inc.COMMUNICATION & IT • • • • • • • • • PLDT Globe Telecom Piltel Alcatel Digitel Bayantel Nokia Eastern Telecom Enhanced Electronics FINANCE • • • • • • • • • BPI Far East Bank Standard Chartered Rural Bank of Solano Sungate Group of Companies Philamlife Western Union SGV Consulting Malayan Insurance MARKETING & SALES • • • • • • • Nissan Gallery Monark Equipment FERN DHL Philippines Mitsui O. Poblacion.

Inc. Broadtel Philippines. Sales. and Public Relations Industry Experience Business Consulting.Educational Accomplishment • • • • Master in Business Administration. Telecommunications. Inc. Duque Senior Advisor . Industrial Products & Services. Project Development. Organizational Development. Ateneo de Manila University Bachelor of Laws. Mktg & Branch Operations. Vice-President. Jose Rizal University Master of Arts in Economics (Graduate Units). Ateneo de Manila University Bachelor of Arts in Economics. Consumer Electronics. Philips Electronics Functional Specialization General / Regional Management. University of the Philippines Employment Engagement • • • • • • • Managing Director. Marketing. Strategic Planning. Business Development. Hitel Business Consulting (Present) Chief Executive Officer. RCPI / Bayantel Business Unit Manager. and Publishing International and Local Training • • • • Strategic Planning Change Management Quality Programs Frontline Leadership ٠ Sales & Marketing ٠ Business Development ٠ Project Management ٠ Technology Management Page 19 PROFESSIONAL RESUME Roberto L. International Trade & Investment. Business Development. Asian Strategic Development Center (Present) Managing Director. President. Sales. Timenet / Bayantel Vice-President. Telecommunications. Enterprise Technology.

Facilities & Technology Management. Globe Telecom Functional Specialization General Management.(Technology Development & Management) Educational Accomplishment • Master in Business Administration. National Telecommunications Commission Head . SMART Communications Managing Director. (Present) Associate Commissioner. Pamantasan ng Maynila • Bachelor of Science in Electronics & Communications Engineering Don Bosco Technical College (Registered ECE) Employment Engagement • • • • • • • • President. Strategic Planning. Engineering. Timenet. Inc. Inc. / Bayantel Chief Executive Officer. (Present) President. ICC / Bayantel Director. Engineering & Operations. Special Projects. TEC Consultants. RCPI / Bayantel Vice-President. Inc. Information Technology & Business Consulting Page 20 PROFESSIONAL RESUME Benjamin T. Wireless Works. Systems / Application Development. International Relations & Project Management Industry Experience Telecommunications. Engineering & Operations. Leogardo Consultant .

The Philippine American Life Insurance Company Functional Specialization Strategic Planning. Diliman. Manalastas Consultant . Management Consultant. Quezon City Employment Engagement • • • • • • • Management Consultant. Insurance. Inc. General Manager. and Marketing Industry Experience Business Consulting. Inc. Change Management. Human Resources Officer. Organizational Communications. Philippine Seminars. Inc General Manager. Organizational Development. Organizational Change Consultants International. White Company. Bell Enterprises President. Special Assistant to the President. Inc. Malayan Insurance Company. Marketing Services. Trading Page 21 PROFESSIONAL RESUME Karen Claire A. Inc. Training & Empowerment. Human Resource Development. MBM Consultants. Non-Profit Organizations.(Human Resource and Organizational Development) Educational Accomplishment • Bachelor of Science In Business Administration College of Business Administration University of the Philippines. Performance Planning & Evaluation. Training and Development.

Inc. (Ragnarok) Associate Product Manager. Brand Management. Philippines. Account Management Resident. McCann Erickson Functional Specialization Creative Development. and Public Relations Industry Experience Fast Moving Consumer Goods. Getz Bros. Non-Profit Organizations. Inc. Marketing Communications. Project Page 22 PROFESSIONAL RESUME . Level Up. Business Consulting Management.(Marketing and Brand Management) Educational Accomplishment • Master of Arts in Communications Major in Integrated Marketing Communications University of Asia and the Pacific (With Diploma from the International Association of Advertising Agencies) • Bachelor of Arts in Humanities Major in Communications University of Asia and the Pacific Employment Engagement • • • Brand Manager.

Academic Community . Non-Profit Organizations. Major in Interdisciplinary Studies De La Salle University --. Meridian Associates. TOLENTINO Associate Consultant (Advocacy & Policy Development) Educational Accomplishment • • Master of Arts in Philippine Studies. Diliman. External Affairs. Quezon City Bachelor of Arts. Perceptions. Functional Specialization Research and Communications. University of the Philippines. Advertising. Benilde Employment Engagement • • PR Coordinator. Inc. and Training & Facilitation Industry Experience Marketing Communications.College of St. Major in External Relations (graduating) Asian Center.DOREEN HANNAH G. Program & Event Management. Inc. (Advertising and Public Relations) Assistant Events Manager. Public Relations.