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A course in academic writing

Common Signalling Verbs in academic writing Examples from the AAC (American Academic Corpus)
Your task: Find and write two more sentences containing the signaling verb given in the examples from academic journal articles that you are reading. Then write a sentence of your own relating your own topic using the signaling verb given.

1. Accept (that)
Concurrently, in the field of media education, it is broadly accepted that technology cannot be treated as context free.

2. Admit (that)
Cutler, Glaeser, and Shapiro (2003) admit that the rational choice model cannot adequately account for the obesity epidemic and that at least some food consumption is almost certainly not fully rational (112).

3. Argue (that)
Another researcher has argued that scientific arguments are especially important in litigation such as Kitzmiller.

4. Anticipate (that)
In particular, we anticipated that women would show less implicit favorability (less positive attitude, weaker association with self, and more anxiety) toward math than men would and that both men and women would implicitly associate math with male more than with female.

5. Caution (that)
However, Tinto (1993) has cautioned that academic background may be overemphasized as an explanation for noncompletion.

6. Consider (that)
We adopt the conceptual frame offered by Feldman and Pentland (2003), which

considers that routines, like other social phenomena, embody a duality of structure and

7. Demonstrate (that)
The school violence literature demonstrates that school types have a major impact on school violence (Astor, Benbenishty, Vinokur, & Zeira, 2006; Astor, Meyer, & Pitner, 2001 Yrd Do. Dr. Elif Demirel Page 1

A course in academic writing

8. Determine (that)
It has been determined that longterm content-based instruction is effective as far as communicative skills are concerned

9. Disagree (that)
Still, over half (57% = T1; 52% = T2) of the providers disagreed or strongly disagreed

that asking about domestic violence would offend the patient.


Establish (that)

These results also established that the two topics were equivalent in difficulty.


Recall (that)

It is helpful to recall that what inspires Socrates lengthy monologue on inspiration in the first place is


Suggest (that)

Our study suggests that position taking can help students make their views visible to themselves and others, but we need to learn more about which positions and story lines will be most effective for students of color.


Elaborate (that)

This literature elaborates that people who face such nonroutine challenges must continually invent how they participate in their work on the job (Kanter, 1988; Kimberly, 1981).


Indicate (that)

Moreover, Weiss et al. reported that 71% of the Grade 5 mathematics teachers indicated

that they assessed students at least monthly using tests that require them to provide
descriptions or explanations for open-ended questions.


Reveal (that)

The multilevel analyses reveal that for academic students, school type does not make a significant difference.

Yrd Do. Dr. Elif Demirel

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