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Prsentation danglais I) Introduction

The topic of our presentation today is the economy of china and usa. Indeed, the question weve got to discuss concerns the future of the Chinese economy if she either will overtake the amercans one or not. Our group is composed of Ugo SIBILLE, SOUFIANE MENG and I. Well be developing our presentation in 3 main points. First of all, I will by a small introduction of the economic history of china and USA. Secondly, my colleague UGO will carry on with the economy of two countries nowadays. And finally SOUFIANE MENG will end up by the reasons of the growth and the consequences of this growth. To sum up, I will points out the major problems of this growth on the Chinese and Americans society.


History CHINA

As you know, nowadays, we are talking so much about the economy of china which may be will be the first one but we shouldnt forget that historically, and
For the first 18th century, china was the first economy in the world especially due to different reasons. On the one hand, the ascendancy of the agriculture. You can say that the whole world was using agriculture to develop however CHINA had a big territory with a huge number of manpower and this was his secret to be the first economy in the world. And on the other hand, the MINGs dynasty reinforced the trade with India and Africa which increase their market and also the trade of opium. With the coming of MAO ZEDONG, he founded the popular republic of china and developed their economy with the communism and autarky. Indeed CHINA applied a protectionist policy with the autarky. The autarky is the quality of being self-sufficient which means that china didnt need the world to live. Moreover with the increase of the population and the manpower, china was sufficient. After the death of MAO ZEDONG and the coming of Deng Xiaoping, he applied the socialist market economy which consist of a mixture of state-owned enterprises and an open market economy. China started opening his market to the world with the same policy e.g. she was using some kind of liberalism communist with opening his market and not respecting human rights and this was due to his huge manpower and low price of products. In 2001, after the death of DEng Xiaoping, china joined the World Trade Organization and this part will be developed by my colleague SOUFIANE.


Now lets use move on to the economic history of U S A. As most of you know that America is the last continent which was discovered by Christophe colomb but this doesnt mean that they arent able to be one of the best economy in the world. In fact, USA before the 18th century they were colonized by England, and thanks to their naturals resources, they expand fast got their independency. In the 18h-19 the century, USA with the first industrial revolution, unites states increased their production thanks to their naturals resources. The coal creates the steam engine is one of the biggest invention that create the revolution of transports. In the 19th century, the division of labor and the increase of manpower due to the 14 m of immigrants unqualified facilitated the increase in productivity and put the USA as the first economy in the world. Moreover the production was multiplied by 11 during this period. During the 20 century and with the First World War, Europe was in need of a supplier of arms, money and USA was her to help them. Moreover in 1920, there has been a big production of cars FORD T and also the discover of petroleum which gave a big push to the economy. Finally in 1945, the 2eme world war one more time, Europe was in need of arms and USA sold them a lot of arms which increase the trade balance and reinforced the DOLLAR as reference currency.



Until now, can see that china is overtaking Americans economy but we shouldnt forget that there are some limits of this growth. Politically, there is no respect for humans rights and this is translated by the use of capital punishment and torture on prisoners. Moreover the sale of organs is very wide-spread all around the country. In addition of that, government tends to support freedom of speech but some censorship is still here so we cant really speak about freedom of speech. The policy of one child is very common in CHINA. Indeed, it was implemented by DENG XIAOPING in 20th century and this was to control the demography of china. Government wants to avoid overpopulation. Moreover they would like to increase the standard of living by this policy but this is no effet yet because the population has still a low wage Now lets us move on to the environment. We cant not talk about the second world economy without talking about the consequences on the environment. Indeed, fast expansion means an increase in pollution. We shouldnt forget that CHINA IS the largest emitter of greenhouse gases