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Jeremy's Trusted Home Services Providers

Company Service Contact Phone

Boyle Appliances Appliances - New H and A Appliance Appliances - Used Jim 801-399-1472 Koldewyn Plumbing and Heating Boiler and Radiant Heat Phil 801-782-5758 Bret Heiner Plumbing Boiler and Radiant Heating Bret Matt Neilson Cabinets 435-730-3850 Beeline Carpet Cleaning Carpet Cleaning 801-544-3057 Dutch Boy - Certified Carpet Cleaning 801-589-7888 Soot and Cinders Chimney and Duct Sweep Kelly 801-564-9395 North American Recovery Collections Tracy 801-364-0777 #105 Gary Cobia Concrete Work 801Triple J Concrete LLC Concrete Work Juan 435-237-1017 Hogate Construction Contractor Kirk 801-458-4992 Ken Thompson Contractor - Handyman Ken 801-814-2288 United Sand and Gravel Dirt/Gravel/Road Base Larry 801-731-1377 Hardwire Inc Electrical Dee 801-940-6878 Sidewinder Pro Electrical Del 801-726-4162 Precision Accounting Services Escrow and Debt Servicing Spencer 801-309-4116 R&R Carpet Flooring 801-394-0011 Wall2Wall Carpet Flooring 801-621-2733 Remnant King Flooring Davenport Foundation Repiar Foundation Repair 866-9-LIFTUP K&K Glass Glass/Windows Kent 801-627-6199 Low Price Remodel Granite Countertops Shaun Omega Metals Gutters Vanderdoes Home Services Handyman - Appliance RepairKyle 801-920-0671 Strictly Hardwood Hardwood Floor Refinish 801-451-6677 Hardwood Refinishing Hardwood Floor Refinish Pete 801-452-1610 Van Zeben Archiecture Home Design Dan 801-627-2400 WIN Home Inspection Mark Ward 801-444-9464 Barton Home Inspection Home Inspection Mike Barton 801-913-1808 Romy House Cleaning 801-695-8073 Heather Gibson House Cleaning 801-336-8493 Lavar Harris HVAC - Moonlight Repair Lavar 801-621-5186 JBF HVAC HVAC - New Installation Tim 801-920-4276 DC and Co. HVAC HVAC - Repair/Installation Doug 801-628-7566 Wendy's Landscaping Landscaping - Sprinklers Luis 801-695-1964 Farrey's.com Lights and Lighting De's Keys Locksmith - Skelton Keys 801-621-5625 Brent Weston Mason Brick and Chimney Repair 801-721-5150 George Pasalano Meth Remediation George 801-703-4833 Mel Painter 801-540-2487 Jim Nadeau Painter 801-985-3813 Hoskins Plumbing Plumber Joe Pitcher Plumbing Plumber Morris 801-392-3192 Pitcher Plumbing Plumber Mark Hoglin 801-430-4860 Jerry's Plumbing Plumbing Parts - Antique Style Mr. Marther Roofing - Newer Homes 801-726-8810 CK Roofing Roofing - Older Homes Jake 801-737-0660 Drain Tech Roto Rooter 801-525-6496 A&R Aluminum Seamless Gutters Kevin Anderson Urbano Sheetrock Texture Paint Urbano 801-695-1348 Francisco Sheetrock Texture Paint 801-698-0585 Walt Merrill Tenant Evictions Walt Merrill 801-393-4984 Kirk Cullimore Tenant Evictions Ron Dunn Tenant Evictions/Attorney 801-864-3800 B&D Pest Inspection Termite Inspection 801-399-0815 Raul Tile/Sheetrock/Handyman Raul 801-737-2857 Jim Bolinger Tree Removal, MISC Jim 801-644-7007