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MRS. SANDRA HARDY Principal Name of Teacher Applicant: Certification:

642 US 13 North WINDSOR, NORTH CAROLINA 27983 PHONE (252) 794-2143 FAX: (252) 794-4024

Calvin Moore

Interview Questions For Teacher Applicants

Desired Position: Grade Level: Rating 1 -5 with 1 being the lowest. Rating 1 2 3 4 5

Interview Questions

As a Middle School Teacher 1 What do you think are the top three qualities needed to be successful middle school teacher? 2 If you could design the ideal classroom for the middle school, what would it look like? As a (Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, etc.) teacher, what do you believe is your strength? What is your weakest? What steps will you take to improve in this area?

Working with Colleagues 4 What does collaboration at the middle school level mean? How does it support instruction? 5 You know that a colleague is talking behind your back about what he/she sees an ineffective teaching method. What would you do?

Working With Middle School Students 6 What are some characteristics of middle-school-aged students that need to be considered when planning middle school lessons? 7 A lot has been discussed regarding motivation of students at this age. What do you think contributes to the lack of motivation students feel? How would you handle classroom distractions or inappropriate behavior in the classroom?

Interview Questions 1 9 Which should be the primary concern of middle school teachers: the content or the students? Provide a rationale for your choice.

Rating 2 3 4


Our schools vision is, Out of the Ashes Rises the Proud Phoenix. Bold Enough to Believe. Strong Enough to Achieve. If in case accepted for the job, how would you ensure that our students are living this vision?


Our schools mission is to provide a safe and nurturing environment while empowering students with the 21st century skills necessary to become globally competitive citizens. How would you ensure that our students leave your classroom as empowered with the 21st century skills/globally competitive?

Working with Curriculum 12 What do you think is an appropriate amount of homework for this age of students? 13 What techniques do you administer in your classroom for teaching _____ (Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, etc.)? Do you teach in whole group setting or individual instruction?


How do you provide instruction for a cultural diverse classroom? What modifications would you make?

Working with Parents 15 An 8th grade parent comes to you and complains that what you are teaching his child is irrelevant to the childs needs. How would you respond?


What do you see as your relationship with the parents of the students in your classroom?

Interview Questions 1 Use of Technology 17 Bertie Middle School has a pool of technology resources laptops, flip cameras, CPS (Student Response System), iPads, etc. Do you integrate technology into your instruction? Whats been more/less effective?

Rating 2 3 4


Do you use manipulatives? What manipulatives do you use? How effective are they?


Do you have any questions for us?


Areas for Improvements

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