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Board of Education expected to break

promise to not raise taxes for Measure E

[Issue #653]
The BHUSD Board has recently proposed
to dramatically raise Measure E tax rates from
a $49 per $100,000 valuation to $114 per
$100,000 valuation, a gigantic 133 percent
increase. The justification is supposedly faulty
projections made by a previous Board in 2008.
The fact that the current Board wants to raise
the tax rate to cover this disastrous mistake
without a vote from the citizens of Beverly
Hills is why I addressed the Board on Tuesday
night. The following were my talking points:
1. The detailed case for Measure E was
never made by the past or present Board.
$334 million was simply the largest amount
that could be raised by law. It is far from clear
that upgrades to the district facilities will cost
anywhere near that much. To provide some
perspective, the Century Condominiums (the
giant luxury tower to our west) was built for
approximately $300 million dollars.
2. Raising the money ahead of schedule
sends the message to contractors that the dis-
trict is flush with cash and cost containment
isnt a problem.
3. None of us in our domestic lives would
borrow money without actually having some-
thing to spend it on immediately. The district
would essentially be forcing the taxpayers
to borrow money that wont be spent in the
immediate future.
4. The Board owes the public account-
ability. It isnt OK for one Board to sell a bla-
tant falsehood and for a later Board to expect
the taxpayers to cover the mistake without a
new opportunity to vote on the issue.
5. These are difficult times, not just for
the schools, but for everyone who has sacri-
ficed to buy homes in Beverly Hills. Many of
us have stretched our budgets to live here and
send our kids to school here.
6. Measure E was widely opposed by
many in the community, including our Vice
Mayor John Mirisch. Although I believe that
a case can be made for facility upgrades, I
do NOT believe that Measure E was or is the
right answer.
The most important points in my mind are
#1, #3, and #4. Measure E was always a mis-
guided cash grab whose purpose was, at best,
vague. Given the events that followed with
Karen Christiansen and the scandalous misap-
propriation of Measure E funds, for all I know,
the whole thing was a carefully planned effort
by Ms. Christiansen to coax the 2008 Board
to raise tax dollars that were destined to line
her own pocket. Regardless, Measure E was
a huge mistake, and the fact that the Board is
now proposing to cover that mistake with yet
another mistake is crazy.
There seems to be a belief in Beverly Hills
that anything in the name of education is worth
it, no matter how fiscally irresponsible it may
be. Unfortunately, this is not about education.
Its about corralling huge amounts of money
long before anyone has decided how to spend
it. What is so disappointing is that this Board,
which has done so many other positive things,
would think to push this forward without a re-
vote from the public.
Mark A. Mendlovitz
Beverly Hills
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Issue 656 April 26 - May 2 , 2012
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Issue 655 April 19 - April 25, 2012
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