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Section A: Group Details:

Assignment No.:

E.g. 1/2/3/4




Group Name:

Group Mentor Name:

Faculty Mentor Name:

Section B: Assignment Details:

Selling the Brand Inside Thursday

Assignment Topic:

E.g. Functional Matrices

Submission Date & Time:

E.g. Tuesday - 01:00 p.m.

Section C: Group Members:

No. Name . PC PN AB Grade

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.




Submission Norms: All assignments to be submitted in .pdf format. When you submit any assignment, you will have to fill in all the above details, and attach the previous page as the second page in your .pdf document. The subject of your e-mail will be the following details in the sameorder and format: It takes considerable time and effort to download, categorize and evaluate a large number of assignments per week. Ensure that the above details are all entered and the e-mail subject is in the right format. You will always submit ONLY ONE document per assignment. Multiple attachments will not be considered. If you wish to send the e-mail with attachment twice, to ensure that it reaches, make sure the second mail is also sent from the same e-mail id. If the same assignment is sent from different email ids, then your assignment will be disregarded and zero marks will be awarded. Send the report to pgdmabhivyakti2011@gmail.com When you submit an assignment, ensure you have: o o o Written the subject as per the format above Written a salutation, a short mail and a sign off in the body of the e-mail, Attached the assignment

i.e. Assignment No /college name/Group name / . E.g. 1 / IIMP/ THE INVINCIBLES

Assignments must reach before the designated deadline, irrespective of when it is sent.

During the course of the session, some students may be asked to discontinue the session / some members may be added to / removed from your group. In order to identify who all worked on EACH assignment, you will enter the names of the group members who are a part of your group for that particular assignment, in Section C of the above page, irrespective of whether they contributed or came or not. In the next column you will tick mark the appropriate box to identify which members attended, contributed or were absent for that assignment. o o o o PC = Present & Contributed, PN = Present & Did NOT Contribute, AB = Absent for the Discussion E.g. Name
Ankit Sinha




Grade B

The above details will be entered for each assignment. Group members need to check this data prior to submission. Once submitted, no changes will be accepted. It is not the responsibility of the group leader to locate group members and show them the list, it is the responsibility of each group member to check it at the time of solving and submitting the assignment. Grades will be allotted in the last column for each assignment. Once submitted, grades cannot be changed. Grades are to be allotted as follows: o o o o A: Member attends group meeting, and actively participates & contributes to the Task given B: Member attends group meeting, and contributes, but does not add value to the task given C: Member attends group meeting, and does not contribute D: Member is absent for group meeting and group task.

Do not try to be popular and assign high grades to all members. Doing so, has a counterproductive effect. If you give high grades to members who do not contribute, it encourages them not to contribute even in the future. Later, when the work load becomes quite heavy, and these members do not contribute, then your complaints will NOT be entertained. 1st page title page 2nd page-section A & B 3rd page section C 4th page- Index 5th page-Acknowledgement 6th page-Report Writing

Report writing Heading: Font size 16 Font type Times new roman Normal: Font size 12 Font type Times new roman Margin: 1 inch from all the 4 sides

CONTENTS Macro Analysis Brief History of business house 1. Incorporation 2. Promoters 3. Stakeholders(Major) Group Structure Geographical presence/area of operation Mergers and acquisition Key personnels associated with the group SWOT analysis Top five companies of the group according to turn over( Brief introduction about each company)

Micro Analysis Select any 1 company from the above 5 companies and give details like: Sector analysis Brief history of the company Organization structure Industry Analysis 1. Top five players/competitors 2. Current Trends and technologies 3. Market share and turnover 4ps/7ps Government policies and regulation P & L and Balance sheet Analysis CSR Conclusion and Suggestion

NOTE: Last date for submitting the Complete Report of 1st task is 16/8/2011 time before 2 pm Last date for submitting the presentation is 21/8/2011

HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY!!!! (extension for few days)