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Q.1 What influenced you to buy a particular brand? [ ] Advertisement [ ] Attractive Packaging [ ] Shop Display [ ] Word of Mouth [ ] Dealer [ ] Family/Friends/Relatives

[ ] Any Other (Please Specify) __________________________________

Q.2 Do promotional schemes affect your choice ? [ ] Yes [ ] No

Q. 3 Which one of the following policies affects your selection? [ ] Discount Policy [ ] Promotional Policy

Q. 4 Four different companies launch different promotional schemes on their products. Rank these schemes in order of your preference that will change your buying decision. [ ] Money back offer. [ ] Prizes on the bottle cap. [ ] Prices on the specific number of bottle caps. [ ] Bumper prize.

Q.5 If a particular brand is not available with the retailer you will? [ ] Drop the idea of buying products [ ] Go to another retail outlet [ ] Try another (competitors) brand Q6. Do you find any price difference in between rural and urban areas product? [ ] Yes [ ] No


Q1. Why you choice rural market?

Q2. Which is the most effective strategy for the promotion of the product? [ ] Wall Paintings [ ] Customer contact [ ] Van Campaigns [ ] Event Management [ ] Radio Q3. Do you use some extra strategies for the product promotion? [ ] Yes [ ] No

Q4. If Yes, then what type of strategies you use? If No then Why?

Q5. What type of challenges are facing during the promotion of product?

Q6. What Type of opportunities is in rural market?

Q7. Which marketing strategy or scheme dramatically affects the sale of products? [ ] Availability [ ] Good Advertising [ ] Low Price/Cost

Q8. Rank the following offers in order of your preference that attracts you the most to sell a particular brand ? [ ] Brand that offer discounts [ ] Brand that offer good promotional schemes [ ] Brand that offer stock on credit basis [ ] Brand that offer good marketing support

Sample rural marketing questionnaire:

Name of respondent: ____________ Age of respondent: _____________ Address of respondent: _____________ Phone number of respondent: _____________ Email address of respondent: _______________ Company name: _______________________ Please answer the following questions in the spaces provided. These questions are based on rural marketing methods and strategies. Q1. Does your company sell its products in the rural market? a) b) Yes No

Q2. Does the rural market form the main or major part of your target audience? a) b) Yes No

Q3. Do you plan your marketing methods especially keeping the rural population in mind? a) b) Yes No

Q4. What are the main changes or deviations in rural marketing from the urban marketing?

_________________________________________________________ Q5. Do you think rural marketing is more challenging than any other type of marketing? a) b) Yes No

Q6. What are the main challenges faced or restrictions in rural marketing methods? _____________________________________________________________________ Q7. Considering the fact that no digital form of marketing can be used in rural marketing, does this pose as a phenomenon which restricts the profit? a) b) Yes No

Q8. Who is the target audience out of the entire rural population for the products you produce? _________________________________________________________ Q9. Is the country seeing any change in the methods of rural marketing considering that even rural areas are developing slowly? a) b) Yes No

Sample Market Research Questionnaire

The following questions are to help determine the value of computers to society Are you computer literate? _________________ Have you ever taken any computer lessons? _________________ How many computers do you own? _________________ Where do you mostly use a computer? _________________ Describe what you normally use your computer for? _________________ How long have you been using computers? _________________ Use this key for the following questions 5- Excellent, 4- good, 3- average, 2- poor, 1- very poor Please rate your typing skills? _________________ Rate your capability in the use of Microsoft Office packages? _________________ Rate the condition of your current computer? _________________ Do you think that computers should be free for everyone? _________________ State your reason? _________________ Do you have access to the internet? _________________ How often do you browse the internet? Once a week: ___________ 2-5 times: ____________ 5-10 times: _____________ More than 10 times: _____________ Which of the following computers do you prefer?

Desktop: ___________ Laptop: ____________

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