Intensive monitoring conducted by PSDS (Jiji Maricel A. Provision of transmittal of reports. PSDS keep on reminding all School Heads about SBM files.PARACALE DISTRICT      Held One Day District Conference on SBM Implementation represented by assigned teacher per dimension. PSDS conducted Pre-Validation in every school. Lacson)and EPS/Area Supervisor (Carlito S. District Bulletin and other documents from District Office. Olivar). .

Regional SBM Evaluation SDS visits after Regional Evaluation .

DALNAC ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Implemented. . accomplished the ff:  “Annual Pulong-pulong” or General Assembly of external & internal stakeholders every start of school year. conducted.

. SPT. PTA.Implemented. Fun Run  6-Day Session of Parent Education Class  Functional and active SGC. BGS Org.  School-Based Search for Best Brigada Implementer. . Best Classroom & Garden Area. Alumni Org. letter. accomplished the ff:  Documentation of every school activities.  School Contest/Competition. grants and others. conducted. 4Ps & others  Teacher Adviser for Every Organization of External Stakeholders .  File copy of every report. Session when needed. solicitation. donations. request. SQMT. YES-O.  SH attendance to Brgy. SPG.

staffing. Approved Program of Works (LSB). PTA Projects. pictures with caption SH performs fund management duties (e. Agricultural income. attendance. SREA. performance monitoring and reporting) (Standard) MEANS OF VERIFICATION Advice. budgeting and resource management.g. accounting/bookkeeping functions) Copy of MOOE records. school improvement planning. installing appropriate SBM system (e. any proof of attendance in ICT training (SEAMEO. list of officers or committees. Canteen. minutes of meeting. SIP. ASB. financial reports. copy of SIP/AIP Certificates. & ICT related training SH initiates: Organizing stakeholders.g. program of activities. records or accomplishment reports (IGP. Fiscal Mngt.. BEIS) Copy of Roles & Responsibilities of Stakeholders. others) . plantilla (DBM) Certificate of training.SBM Dimension 1 School Leadership LEVEL I SH is designated SH is trained on basic competencies on instructional leadership SH is trained on SBM. CSC appointment.

organization. const. logbook of observation. Logbook of parents visits & parentvolunteers as teacher aides etc.SBM Dimension 2 Internal Stakeholders Participation (teachers. Magna Carta of teachers. Students. process skills and instructional innovations acquired from participation in trainings Parents assume responsibilities as partners in the learning process . Narrative Report of Accomplishments. List of teachers’ trainings Copy of LP. & by-laws. Act 0f 1982. and pedagogy Teachers apply knowledge. Comparative Achievement Results.. content. TLOG. and parents understand their respective roles and responsibilities on SBM. pictures with caption. and are organized for participation in SBM process Teachers are trained on curriculum. minutes of meeting/report. pictures with caption. copies of pupil’s handbook (Filipino). summary of IPPD. parents. Educ. pupils) LEVEL I (Standard) MEANS OF VERIFICATION Attendance. teachers. etc. list of IM’s. program of activities. DES-TEP. pictures with caption Report on TNA.

organized and mobilized to support SBM External stakeholders are mobilized to support SBM and the implementation of SIP Local government stakeholders are fully aware of their roles and responsibilities . local leaders. Work Plans aligned to SIP Program of Activities. copy of LSB budget External stakeholders are organized and made aware of their rights and responsibilities as education stakeholders Community leaders/People’s Organizations (Po’s)/Non-Government Organizations (NGO’s). attendance. youth leaders. Session. attendance. pictures. retirees. minutes of meeting/accomplishment report. list of accomplished projects . minutes/reports. others) LEVEL I (Standard) MEANS OF VERIFICATION Matrix of Activities. pictures with captions List of officers of every organization with teacher adviser and minutes of meeting on school improvement Accomplishment report/minutes of meeting. attendance. others are oriented. file of approved request/ program of works from LGU. minutes of Brgy. pictures with captions.SBM Dimension 3 External Stakeholders Participation (alumni. GO/NGOs.

records of beneficiaries/receiver and incentives received. bayanihan. projects implemented etc. Analysis of data (NAT) against national standard. SIP Implementation Team. SIP Implementation Progress Report Letter. Narrative report. Analysis. narrative reports. implementation  Performance-based Incentives and Rewards System for pupils and teachers . School conducts assessment of SBM practice using assessment tool SGC is organized The school has: knowledge-based and participatory SIP/AIP formulation Stakeholders are informed. copy of ranking of pupils. minutes. Guidelines. attendance. trend analysis (refer to SGC manual) SPT minutes of meeting. and engaged in SIP/AIP formulation. attendance.SBM Dimension 4 School Improvement Process LEVEL I (Standard) MEANS OF VERIFICATION Accomplished Assessment Guide (quarterly). approved solicitations. pictures. Copy of SIP/AIP. list pupils who received awards and amount/materials/points received. consulted. pictures. Performance Indicators. records of feeding.

LEVEL I (Standard) MEANS OF VERIFICATION Annual Accomplishment Report. Phil-IRI /SReA Results. Performance Indicators. District Achievement Test Results. SRC. Monthly Performance Reports. Report on School-Based Programs & Projects. School Bulletin. Result of School-Based Search on… The school emphasizes improvement of school outcomes . Nutritional Status Report.YES-O/SPG/SGC Accomplishments. List of Accomplished Projects with source of fund & amount. NAT result.

School Memo. copy of APP. Division Memo. copy of MOOE Annual Budget & Procurement Plan List of interventions/programs & projects showing targets & actual accomplishments on 5 performance indicators (supported by ASB) Files of MOOE liquidation. Records of Need Analysis (e. copies of OR & other documents on financial transactions Annual School Budget (ASB) (e. textbooks by grade/subject).g. Certificates of BAC training on bookkeeping & disbursement processes BEIS. reported and accounted for .g. Minutes of Meeting (designating fiscal staff). copy of LSB Budget. copy of SIP/AIP. Financial Reports of all source of funds.SBM Dimension 5 School-Based Resources LEVEL I (Standard) MEANS OF VERIFICATION ASB approved by SDS. DepED (MOOE) is aligned with SIP/AIP) ASB results in attainment of targets and desired outcomes The School manages and controls funds with minimal fiscal authority/autonomy The allocation is: optimally utilized and disbursement of funds is aligned to SIP/AIP/ASB and recorded. copy of ASB received by LSB.

Record on Financial Transactions Guidelines on M&E. PAST. etc. LSB) are informed and participate in M/E Improvements in learning outcomes by Grade/Year level are monitored and evaluated by homeroom and tracked per student/subject . SReA. attendance. Minutes of Meeting. M&E Committees. Schools Division Superintendent. SGC Accomplishments. LSB. STS files. Transparency. STS files.g. copies of Phil-IRI. PTCA’s.). Phil-IRI. School Bulletin. data and reports are used in continuing improvement) Major stakeholders (SGC. Minutes of Meeting. TNA.SBM Dimension 6 School Performance Accountability LEVEL I (Standard) MEANS OF VERIFICATION M&E Tools on SIP/AIP. Year end report. attendance Transmittal of SRC (SDS. PTA. SGC. Pupils Ranking. Logbook. pictures. Ranking of Pupils. SReA. Target on School Performance Indicators. Nutritional Status. Accomplished School M&E Form School introduces transparency and accountability mechanisms Monitoring and Evaluation (M/E) systems is installed and operational (e. M&E Reporting System.

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