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How much English should teachers speak in childrens beginner classes?

more the language than English classes given in the childrens native language. Therefore, teachers need to use special techniques to be able to communicate in English with the kids.

hrough these four years at the university we have learned several things about how to give an English class. One of our subjects called "Enseanza del Ingls enfocada a Preescolar y Primaria" helped us to teach English to kindergarten students and primary school students.

According to some studies, from 60 to 80% of normal communication is non verbal. So, this means that clothes, posture, facial expressions, tone of voice and where our bodies and eyes turn express feelings and give context to words.

One of our questions was: Should teachers teach beginner English classes using it from the beginning? This is one of the biggest problems new teachers face when deciding how much English use in the classroom. English classes where the teacher speaks in English the whole class help students to understand much

This is one of the reasons why we as teachers can exaggerate these nonverbal clues, supplementing them with pictures, songs, games, stories, books and mime, to help children understand and enjoy the class in English language.

Licenciatura en Idioma Ingls, it is necessary that teachers teach English using it from the very beginning, because it helps and encourages children to learn the language and to be more exposed to it.

The advantage of these classes using English is that it contributes to the learning process by: Encouraging children to trust their instinct to predict meaning in spite of limited linguistic understanding. Providing an element of indirect learning in that the children are not concentrating on learning what they are listening but the brain is processing it. Confirming that language is something you actually use "for real" and not just something you do in exercises and games. Finally increasing the amount of exposure the children get to the language, while still remaining within the fairly predictable and narrowly focused limits of classroom talk.

So, according to this topic seen in one of our subjects as students in the

By: Felicia Arguiriou Karina Candelario Zelene Cruz Yazmin Guitierrez Diana Lucas Zabdi Reyna

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is an English proficiency test for non-native speakers of English, which measures a persons ability to read, write, speak and understand English. Since studying in university a completely different language is very difficult, test takers have to practice reading, and complete many written assignments. Everything must be done very carefully and thoroughly as you invest in your future, since all the skills tested on the TOEFL are real skills which you will need in your future studying and career. That is why; one of the most essential things in this college career is your preparation for the TOEFL exam. When students get to the fifth semester which is spot in the curriculum, they take their first training exam and consequently they do this as to know each student level and score place, in other words, to make sure the strengths and weaknesses of each student, so they can put more effort in whatever skill they are having trouble at. This exam is applied at the beginning of each semester, as I mentioned before, at the beginning of fifth semester and so on, just get in mind that this college career is made of eight semesters, and they take their final and last examination at the end of eight semester which is the original test and as for that, students should

have a better understanding of this exam and they should accomplish the requirements that are needed to pass it. Students do not really get a training during the semesters of fifth, sixth, seventh, until they got to eight semester, according to the curricula they should take Ingls para el desarrollo de Habilidades, keep in mind that even if students do not have a special subject throughout the beginning of the TOEFL exam, they are in constant practice during their English classes or subjects focused in English grammar, and reading. This is found very useful for students, so they can develop their skills in a way they find theirselves ready for the last examination. Going back to the point, in Ingls para el desarrollo de Habilidades students are given a preparation book as to practice in a way they improve their learning skills, and to make it easy for the final. In this class, the teacher gives a brief explanation in the topic that corresponds to the time/class; he or she explains how to answer some questions, and the techniques or strategies that can be very useful when taking the exam. Your mentor is chose among those well prepared in the English language to carry on this task and to facilitate students the rules, procedures when taking the test and to familiarize him or her with the TOEFL format. One reason learners experience exam stress is because they don't know what to expect before a test. The teacher helps to prevent stress on exam day by studying the format of the test in detail in every class.

So, if students are having trouble in understanding some grammar stuff this is the time when they must ask their mentor or ask for help to solve the problem or doubt the student is involved. And finally, this career really offers a great way to improve English skills for TOEFL test, the preparation strategies, secrets of TOEFL sections, and so on. It is very important for you to get a passing score and if you do what it is ask in every class, definitely you are going to achieve your goal. And do not forget that every time you finish taking this exam, you deserve a reward, no matter how well you did on it. It is always helpful to have something to look forward to.


Nowadays the educational technology offers

different ways to teach a second language easier and funnier. The use of new technological resources make the class motivational for students and this way the learning is continuous and the students do not realize it. The Educational video is an audio-visual material used in the teachinglearning process and its use is advantageous because the student feel attracted and the teacher intervenes more actively. There are different types of educational videos and all are very helpful in the teaching of a second language. It is important that the video contains an explanation of the topic, the use but mostly it should contain the pronunciation without leaving aside that it is entertaining. On the internet there are many pages where you can find educational videos of different topics which are available for use during our classes and thus motivate our students to learn more.

We can define an educational video as one that serves an educational objective previously-developed. The video is a technological means for its expressive possibilities; you can achieve a high degree of motivation, which makes it a valuable learning tool for children. Their use in learning situations, the ability to interact on the environment becomes a more used strategy that provides the child or the teacher the ability to stop the image for a brief explanation of what is seeing, to back as often as necessary. The video and audio-visual medium has a number of characteristics that distinguish it from other media that form the audiovisual ecosystem. These characteristics include:


Given remains messages and allows exchange and conservation. It has a reusable support certain number of times. Generates original communication micro processes.

a) Document, which presents information orderly on a specific topic. b) Narrative, this has a narrative through which information is presented. c) Lesson Mono conceptually, this is a very short video that presents a single concept.

d) Lesson topic, this is the classic instructional video that presents an issue systematically. e) Video motivator, for impact, motivating, interesting, even if you have to sacrifice the systematic presentation of content. To choose the right educational video depends on the subject, and especially the contents, you can even mix the videos to have a better use.


The use of video in the classroom has become more popular because of all the new technology that has accompanied the new generations. With the video reinforce knowledge, teaching social skills, you can research, create a meaningful and lasting learning, everything is in the hands of teachers and their ability to carry a useful video to the classroom.


Characteristics of Meaningful Learning

a) Take notes to compare with the agenda of the video content b) Analyze that other subjects could be enriched with the projection of video, so in addition to help in your area, you can help others. c) Check how and when to project the video, since not every class will project the video again and again d) Develop activities that occur before, during and / or after the video.

e) Now create a classroom environment for video playback, never turn off the lights because the student may become bored or sleep. f) Present the class with the selected video. g) Evaluation of the video through activities, discussions, games and other activities that the teacher considers appropriate.


The use of video, particularly in the teaching of English, experience confirms that hear, see and feel provide an Integral experience in development, educational use of these media ensure the learning. When planning a class in English, there are many factors, including culture, pronunciation, vocabulary, and in many cases textbooks are not enough material to cover all the key points for teaching English. Using educational videos, you can easily show culture and proper pronunciation of the language. The educational videos in this language already contain all the factors that teachers are looking for total learning, contain vocabulary, correct pronunciation and all vestiges of the culture, and learning to be a fun and entertaining way for the student.



Kindergarden children watching an educational English video.

Audiovisual media are based on images and sounds to express the information. For example, television and videos, documentaries, features, interviews, cultural programs, etc. Up the wide variety of formats such information that are issued through the media Media education today is important because many children and young people spend more time watching television or playing video games than the time they spend in school. They receive so much information through various mass media (newspapers, radio, music, video, film and mainly through television) on topics that they do not place great help. The attainment of

knowledge is made from mediated experiences, and less through direct experience with reality by the influence and contact with the technologies The educational system today is focusing on making the media a complement of classes, this means that students can make rational decisions and participate actively in class and in society. Although we cannot shrug off the books, these are being considered also an audiovisual medium for the content of letters with drawings and images that accompany the texts. The audiovisual media are tools for teachers that can be used as often as deemed necessary to have a specific purpose and give to students a specific learning. These resources help students relate to the objective world, offering support for actions that prepare for operational thinking, giving emotions and interest for a new learning. Thanks to the media, we can approach to students with the visual spatial intelligence, which have the ability to interpret, understand, visualize and recognize specific aspects of objects and also have a wonderful sense of direction. Another intelligence that can be found through audiovisual media is visual intelligence, which is related to the sound - picture - move to represent reality in a way that makes us feel identified with what we see and hear, capturing our attention and arousing emotions. This intelligence is through sociability; given the technologies children are more sociable and interacting better, which makes the time of filing a class where students interact with each other, makes it easier for them. The audiovisual should be considered as a window for the expression of free thought and a starting point to reflect on our world.


Kinesthetic intelligence
This is an area of cognition, which is usually not addressed as such, it is more, the mental and the physical is often addressed as dichotomous which means that a division between "reflective" and "active " is made.

In Western culture, its often assigned a lower value from the intellectual point of view to the physical, rather problems that than language or the ability to logicalsolve

mathematical. However,

requires kinesthetic nature of

athletes, dancers or mimes, is such a high level of complexity as those requiring the biologists and mathematicians.

Neuro-psychological studies have found that the operation of the motor system is extremely complex, requiring an amazing coordination of muscular components. For instance, a wide range of neurological a moving object is and a throwing or catching

complex interaction between the eye and hand, which receives a continuous feedback to each particular movement, allowing the next move to be more precisely targeted than its predecessor. Feedback mechanisms are highly articulated, allowing in this way that the body movement is subjected to a constant adjustment and regulation, using the comparison between the goal that is pursued kinesthetic and the present position of the limbs or body parts, involved in the movement at any given time. Thus, voluntary movements require you to compare perceptual actions which are attempted with the effects achieved. In

turn, the perception of the environment is affected by motor activity, any change in the

position of the body itself, makes the experience of perceiving the environment to vary. In fact, if there is no feedback from the motor activity, inhibits the normal development of perception. Kinesthetic intelligence includes the ability to control body movements, manipulate objects and effects on the environment, using the whole body or parts of it. Gardner (1983) notes that the two core competencies, the ability of body language and skillful manipulation of objects can exist separately, but in general, subjects who have achieved a high level of development of these kinds of skills, also possess other. One could question the existence of kinesthetic intelligence as independent of other cognitive skills, such as linguistics, for example. However, it has been shown that neuropsychological patients whose linguistic and logical-mathematical are severely


damaged, have virtually no difficulties in carrying out highly complex motor activities.

A high degree of intellectual development in these skills is characteristic of athletes, dancers, mimes and others who need to use complex motor skills during the course of their business




Many people do not know what is a translator, what do they do, and how do they do their work. First of all, most of people who are unfamiliar to the profession tend to think that anyone who speaks two languages is capable to translate texts. To be honest, I used to think that way too, but after I decided to study this career and begin my classes I realized that I didnt know as much as I thought.

When I had the chance to take translation classes as I have said before, I neither had the knowledge nor the experience to translate. So, at first I was kind of hard to overcome the

mistakes I made, because as many of my classmates I fell a lot of times into literality. Nevertheless, we were given some techniques and tips so to speak, to translate texts in a really different way. It did not take too much for us to start translating better and faster, also we totally changed our minds about working as a translator, we realized that it was not as easy as many of us thought at the beginning of the classes. Now, we all know that the work of a translator takes a lot of effort and its not just to sit down and say Hey, I am going to translate this as fast as I can, it is a process which needs time and research since we are meant to convey the true meaning of the texts we are translating, we cannot take it lightly.


Overall, if you want to be a translator, you need to take into account that it is a profession which requires a lot of responsibility and dedication, since if you fail because you did not want to verify if what you translate was correct, it will make your clients not to trust you, and therefore you lose work. But, do not worry I sure that if you enjoy reading various kinds of stuff and do some research by yourself just for get to know something, you will not find the translation process neither tedious nor difficult.


Many people do not know what a translator, or as is their job, and very often the people unfamiliar with the profession we ask questions like: what is it? What does a translator? What is your way of working? And in this degree will find this profession which is very important for all who takes this race, the classes are very dynamic by teacher specialized area, we in this have and



courses which teach us to work with

different types of text to translate

individyally and in teams, classes are varied and are a big draw for the career, students are highly motivated and demonstrate their skills as translator through computer classes and as teachers we teach specialized programs which are to work as a professional freelance translators. It is also important that students feel motivated and in an atmosphere of comfort, that is why get-togethers are held as the day of the translator as a way of living and culture for students to learn more themselves and others as a form of harmony among all.

Teachers do their job succesfully every day in the classroom. We invite people who are interested in this profession to enter in or career Licenciatura en lengua inglesa en la Unidad Academica de Ciencias Sociales y Juridicas de la universidad autonoma de tamaulipas campus Tampico as the market currently is a bum for its modernity as it is one of the newest career on this port.


By Lesly Castro y Carla Zamora




Some students have a sort of feelings when they have to decide what university would be the best for them to study. And, a lot of questions may come across their mind, for example: What does university like? What would my classmates and teachers be? Will I get tons of homework? And so on. It can be a good experience for some students, but for others it can be different, would be clearer totally with a well the opposite. Good high approach to the

school academic training along



process will




the experience of going


college exciting and fun.

I remember my first day in the university; I had decided to study a B.A. in English (lic. En idioma ingles) because I really love languages and I thought that it would be a smart choice. The things I liked about the career were that it was cheap, it consisted of eight semesters and it has subjects to learn English. At the beginning, I just wanted to learn English and I didnt know the career was aimed to be trained as an English teacher. After I knew this, I liked this career even more.


My first experience at the university was good, thanks to the fact that I knew the university, its classrooms and libraries, so I didnt get lost and I knew exactly where I had to go. I can tell that from all the universities I visited, none of them is the way this university is. At first, I felt nervous and alone, because I didnt know anyone and I get to think that I wouldnt have any friend. On my first class day, I saw some students in my new group who had taken the propaedeutic course with me, but Id never talked to them. After some hours, teachers made us introduce ourselves, then everyone was talking to each other, the awkward silence had gone. Also, teachers explained us things about career for example the holydays, academic activities such as Spelling Bee, Halloween, Symposiums and so on.

I think each student makes his own way to go. You must maintain confidence of yourself and face any challenge in your way. Everyone has to go through this, but is part of the process; just try to manage your emotions appropriately. The experience of getting into a place that you dont know helps you to

mature and keeping you moving forward. Also, it will help you to overcome the fear of being in an unknown place and to improve your social interactions. Always try to see the bright side to everything in life.





Halloween is celebrated in this career, and students may dressed up as

monsters if they want to. An interesting fact which is unknown by many students is that this holiday wasnt celebrated at beginning of this career,and obviously, there was no costume contest either, it was due to the suggestion of some students of the career that the holiday started to be celebrated and then became tradition of this career. Now, every year the seventh grade students organize this activity bringing new ideas. Now, lets talk about the costume contest. This contest consists in creating a costume and participants have to do a performance about the monster they are dress of. Participants can be helped by their classmates in the creation of the costume, for instance they may buy or even make the clothes they will wear, helping them to makeup, etc. Almost always there are two or three participants by group. The contest is really exciting, because some costumes and performances are really scaring. Obviously, every group has its favorite participant or participants. They make cartels and write with the name of Franco "Lancaster Killer" and Isis Ulloa
"Potter" at Halloween Costume Contest 2010


their favorite competitor, Go Mary, Go Karla, etc, to encourage their classmates. This event is one of the most exciting for students, since they all can be together at the same time sharing and having a great time.


Nacho Ortiz & Victor Chavez

In our lives we set personal goals and face a lot of challenges in every aspect of our social and professional life. Sometimes, we found ourselves struggling with these challenges, there will be things in our way that may make us stumble and question ourselves, are we on the right way? Is this the profession I want to fight for my future? Have I disappointed my parents? All those things may make us doubt, but at the end, we can overcome those obstacles and doubts that stood on our way.


Some of us are far from home, away from our beloved ones, fighting here, at the university which we made our second home. Today proudly I can feel Ive achieved my main goal to graduate from this university, I will embrace the four years I spent here which made me grow and accomplished my dream. Now, we will fly to a new horizon for reaching our most desired dreams or at least to get as close as possible, feeling proud and confident of who we are.

With mixed feelings of sadness and joy for those who were part of this unforgettable I will always memories. Ill that every my classmates the beginning come true. being part of and we will generation and treasure leave these hoping

30 9

single dream of traced out at of this career Thanks my raise for the memories

reputation of this university with our performance, wherever it takes us, with pride and never giving up for those who professionally formed us. I will miss you all so much.

By: Anis ^^


Another activity that takes place in this career is The Spelling Bee competition. After the pronouncer gives the speller a word, the speller will be encouraged to pronounce the word before spelling it and after spelling it. Days before the competition, students who signed up to be in this competition should ask or have a word list; this list includes more than five hundred words chosen by official experts that have more understanding on the matter. Every student has a mentor who is responsible in the student training and to solve every doubt the student may have.

Like in any competition there are rules to follow, and we think that is very important students should take this in an utterly way by doing what is expected. So, there is required that in every to eight three signed up for in order to contest and group from first semester at least participants the competition have a better get students to

know each other. Once the contest list is already completed, students must practice every day as to get a better comprehension and practice at it. When the official day arrives it is important that students get on time at the competition, they should be ready for anything that could take place at that very moment. The competition is made up of five judges, and every judge plays a very important role in this contest, as the speller comes to the front and goes to the word boxed to get a word from it, the judge has the right of announce the word to be spelled in a slowly and clearly pronunciation. As soon as the pronouncer calls out the word, the contestant or speller listens carefully to the pronouncer and asks for the word to be repeated if necessary. When the speller is sure she understands the word, she pronounces it, spells it and then says the word again. She must say it loudly enough for the judge to hear it.


After hearing the word, the judges determine whether or not the word was spelled correctly. As we mention before, the Spelling Bee has main rules, and if the speller commits a mistake he or she gets fewer points from what it was established from the beginning. The contest consists in more than four or five rounds if needed. If the correct spelling was given, the speller remains in the game. On the other hand if the spelling was incorrect, that speller is eliminated from the game. When there are only two spellers left,

if one player misspells a word, the other player must spell that word correctly, in order to be declared the winner of the spelling bee. At the end of the competition, students get really excited; everyone has fun when the competition is running and at the end of it, that is why, this is one of the most important activities on the career and we are sure everyone likes it whether they are or not in the competition.




There are academic events too, for instance, the Symposiums. In these events, national and international experienced professionals came to the university to make an exposition about their experience working in their respective fields, such as translation and teaching, so students can get to know what things they will be able to do or be after finishing the career. Also, students can learn many important things, for example, what is the life and work of a freelance translator like. This question was treated in an exposition given by the speaker Atenea Acevedo; students clarified what the life of a translator is like, and learned some strategies to manage our time, so we can spend the right time working and still have enough free

time to do what we want. This exposition was really important for the people studying to become translators, because the speaker told them the importance of being a good one. Another really interesting and entertaining exposition was about the translation of Shrek the movie into the Spanish language. The speaker of this exposition made everybody laugh, because he showed some parts of the movie and the way those parts were translated and why it was decided to be translated that way, it was really fun. There, students saw how the dialogues had to be changed completely sometimes, mainly jokes due to the differences with regard to the customs, culture and other aspects of the target audience. There were more expositions, but from my personal point of view these were the best.


At the beginning I didnt like the idea of doing my social service; I thought it was just another school requirement, but at the end, I enjoy the time I spent there and also I learned a lot of useful things. I did my social service in the area of Tutorias with the Engineer Marmolejo who is in charge of the Salon de Actos. Some of the activities we had to carry on were repair the equipment of the faculty, and give technical support in various events held at school. Also, we gave information to teachers and students about the equipment they were going to use. And we were in charge of configuring internet on students and teachers computers. You can do your social service in many places even in the SAC. Some of the things I consider important when you are doing your social service is the attitude, I'm sure that if you have a good attitude, things will be easier and you will learn new things and will have really interesting experiences.


By Ilse Iliana

When I started my practices, I was nervous, but I received support from everyone, even from the children in the kindergarten. Everything was different, a new world to me. Sometimes, I didnt know what to do; however, things I learned in my teaching classes help me a lot. The first days were a little difficult, but gradually I got experience and self-confidence. On one hand, every kid was cute and nice, on the other hand, sometimes they were a little bit playful, but that wasnt a reason to get mad, they are just kids after all. They always called me Maestra teacher, even when Id told them to say only teacher, also when we met in the street on the way to the kindergarten, it doesnt matter how far away they were or if they were in the car with their parents, they shouted Maestra teacher! Good morning! There were days when I thought No, this is not for me, but now after all those things I lived and experienced, Im 100% sure that this is what I want and I would like to keep doing. Teaching kids is not an easy task, nevertheless, if you chose this dont give up so easily, try a little harder, it will be worth it. The experience I got and the people I met who encouraged me while doing my practices is something really meaningful to me and I will always remember this with joy. I learned a lot and its something I wont forget.


By: Ilse Iliana Prez de la Rosa.







8TH. A


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