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Anna is India and India is Anna.says Kiran Bedi who is one of those myriads of indian citizens supporting anti-corruption movement led by Anna Hazare. Today the whole nation has been taken over by this logjam created whose true image could be seen at the Ramlila Maidan. The whole idea of Anna Hazare andolan AHA deals with the issue of LOKPAL Bill which first gained limelight 43 years back when the first anti-corruption movement was witnessed in independent India. It was called JP movement followed by the movement by V.P.Singh in the late 1980s. This is the third movement in this race which has proved to be extremely provocative and heart rending for many. AHA compelled every person to be the flag bearer and march to uproot the deeply rooted weed of corruption in our government system. From a young boy to an aged man to those who are physically challenged,everybody is instigated by the wave of this torrential movement. This movement though deals with the worsening problem of corruption but on the foreground its main concern is the Jan Lokpal Bill which will bring all the politicians under the scanner. One thing to understand here is that the people are raising voice in support of the anti corruption movement and not the Bill. Most of the people dont even know about the Bill and what it is all about. Such lack of awareness among them paves way for those mischief makers who in the garb of AHA,flout rules. With the ongoing pandemonium, one thing is clear that UPA has failed to tackle corruption. Dr. Manmohan Singh is now facing lot of criticism and such an attitude of UPA has put a question mark on his future which now seems to be in shambles. He entered Congress as an intellectual, economist and as time passed, he has evolved into a politician. This movement has brought in the central

issue that weakens democracy in India,i.e., the weak casual relationship between governance and electability. Utter failure of Indias representative democracy,having criminals and millionaire politicians, furthers the fire instigated among people. One can say in case of PM that though Congress has got a politician but this world has lost an intellectual. Anna is not India,nor India Anna implies to the criticism of AHA. According to one survey, when people were asked,who is the most corrupt? 43% said elected representatives, 32% govt. employees, 3% businessmen and industrialists. This is a predominant opinion among the middle class. And Jan Lokpal bill misses this main point. Though the point of having vigilance bodies is worth appreciating but keeping all the NGOs and business men out of this has created resentment. No one can deny the fact that AHA has put forth an image of a corrupt nation but Anna has not defined corruption. Is it about accepting the bribe or misusing the power? In the first case the people benefitted the most are the corporates and businessmen but this aspect AHA has sidestepped. Furthermore, AHA has shown no concern about the farmers suicides, farmers suffering in Noida,Pune,Haryana or elsewhere in the country resisting the takeover of the land . It is basically about those people who are glued to news channels and this reduction to merely cheerleaders and supporters for one mans action is against democracy. In India, Constitution is supreme and not the Parliament but since last few days, law and order have been repudiated and hence,the essence of democracy seems to get lost. In this concluding paragraph, it should be remarked that though this outrage has led to an agreement to Lokpal bill but this has been set as a wrong precedent for the coming generation. Democracy now stands anxiously with fingers crossed hoping for

better ruling. In the closing speech of the first constituent assembly in Nov.1949, Dr.B.R. Ambedkar had a stirring speech saying If we wish to maintain democracy not merely in form but also in fact, what must we do? But now it is Team Annas responsibility to handle the situation in a mature way so that Aam Aadmi can think of a better nation with an even better ruling system.JAI HIND.

ALPANA English Honors 2nd Year Hans Raj College