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Project 1 : Agriculture Knowledge Network

Department : Department of Agriculture Goal: To Enhance Agriculture knowledge dissemination and Create a statewide Knowledge Network on agricultural information especially video content Objectives : 01. To create a platform for collecting and archive of various farmer informations in multiple formats specially video contents 02. To disseminate Information to individuals & group through unicast and multicast on multiple end devices like mobile, TV, IPTV , laptops , PCs, video wall, projectors, tablets through internet 03. To create an online and offline end point based video, audio & image content ,and manage it throughout the content lifecycle and archive / delete at the end of life . Project description In order to build a knowledge Network between the extension officers as well as the farmers and so as to create a right content mix to educate other farmers, we require a unified platform of multiple information sources. This unified platform should not only be handy in handling the complete content management lifecycle but also to transmits the same content in different forms through various end units . A software content management platform will be implemented in the department . The Platform will enable video contention generation either on field or on office. It also enables to handle the content so as to unicast / multicast to multiple users specifically to the devices and location. Crop specific, region specific content can be dissipated among the beneficiaries. The Platform also allows creating a video/ content archive to view/ play the content as and when required. The Solution allows to plays multiple content formats on the window through internet, which aids the distance education and distance information sharing at its best

Value Proposition 01. Department will have a single source of information 02. Information can be either played live/ Scheduled / on demand 03. Creation of information and loading to the centralized repository can be done online / offline i.e., on office / on field using multiple devices like mobile phone , video cameras & audio recording devices 04. Increase the agriculture information dissemination as the extension worker can play content on his handheld devices like mobile &tablets 05. Agricultural offices will be network on a content management platform 06. At Agricultural offices, the information can be played as a IPTV , Internet information , mobile , KIOSKS or Tablet based information 07. Crop specific, Region specific content can be deployed. 08. KVKs and DoA centers more interactive hot spots for information distribution.

09. Providing timely and required information to farmers which will help the farmer to improve the yield and take decisions based on the analytical information 10. Multiple information sources and format can be handled 11. The platform supports all means of IP transmission but not limited to LAN, WAN,SAS, Internet, GPRS, Satellite