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Martyr Available, Inquire Within

7. What is the message of this story?

Don't ask others to do what you aren't willing to do yourself.

1. What clues lead you to the conclusion that this story is not set in present time?
Cobblestone streets, rough-hewn doors, the absence of engine-run machinery A

2. Why was Augustus drawn to the rough-hewn door? A. He wanted to know the meaning of the sign. B. He was looking for a few good martyrs. C. It pulled him like iron to a magnet. D. He was hoping to find a job there. 3. What is another word for the term avocation? A. technical skills B. Hobby C. personal opinion D. Vacation 4. What did August apologize for interrupting? A. The man's bath. B. The man's soup-making. C. The man's dinner. D. The man's laundry. 5. Choose the best line to end this story. A. He had no right to ask others to fight for a cause he did not passionately believe in himself. B. He wished with all his heart that he were back at home. C. It was time to think about another line of work, perhaps carpentry or blacksmithing. D. If Lucian would give him something to eat, he'd soon be on his way. 6. Lucian the Wise did not say whether he was a martyr. Why not?
Various answers

The Age of Computers Begins


1. Egyptians invented the first computer. A. false B. true 2. What kinds of cards were used to control the pattern in textile factories? A. playing cards B. punch cards C. factory cards D. slide rule cards 3. What is it called when a population is counted? A. a calculation B. a math problem C. a computer D. a census 4. How could desktop calculators make business better?
Possible answer: Businesses could have many people working on different projects right at their desks. Calculators performed calculations faster and with fewer errors than people could do on their own.

5. What was the main purpose of the first British computer? A. to calculate war pay B. to plan transportation of troops C. to break Nazi codes D. to map battle plans 6. What proof do scientists have that people counted tens of thousands of years ago? A. coins B. bones with notches cut in them C. cave drawings D. baskets with stones 7. Which type of computer is faster? A. analog B. digital

The Munich Massacre


1. What was the purpose of the Munich Massacre? A. to terrorize the world B. to disrupt the Olympics C. to punish Israel D. to gain freedom for prisoners 2. Why would terrorists strike during the Olympic Games? A. that's where the enemy was located B. to show their contempt for the Olympics C. to get the most attention for their cause D. to avoid media coverage 3. The first action after the massacre was: A. the widow of one of the victims arrived. B. the Games were suspended for a day. C. the Arab prisoners were released. D. The Mossad went after the terrorists. 4. Because terrorists killed eleven Israelis: A. Avery Brundage refused to call off the Olympics. B. Israel tracked down and killed the terrorists. C. the Israeli government gave in to demands. D. the terrorists wore ski masks. 5. What country released the three captured terrorists? A. Israel B. America C. Germany D. Palestine 6. What was "Black September"? A. the name of Yasser Arafat's secret agent B. the name Golda Meir's top secret agent C. the name of the terrorist group D. the name given to the Olympic tragedy

7. Who experienced personal loss in the Munich Massacre? A. Avery Brundage B. Golda Meir C. Ankie Spitzer D. Abu Daoud 8. What is the most likely reason that the Games weren't canceled? A. no one wanted to show weakness in the face of terrorism. B. the death of Israeli athletes wasn't considered that important. C. the Olympic Committee didn't want to disappoint remaining athletes. D. Many people had already paid for tickets to the events. 9. How was the mastermind behind the massacre discovered?
He (Abu Daoud) wrote about it in a book.

10. What is the Mossad?

Israel's intelligence agency, similar to America's CIA.

Carnival Daze


1. What action preceded this story? A. Willow felt concern for Andr. B. Stoney begged to go to the carnival. C. Stoney got sick and threw up. D. Andr agreed to take Willow and Stoney to the carnival. 2. Which of these words best describes Willow? A. witty B. glamorous C. gluttonous D. motherly 3. The word legitimate as used in paragraph one means: A. related to acted plays B. born of parents who are married to each other C. lawful D. reasonable 4. The author used exaggeration in which of these paragraphs? A. Paragraph 12 B. Paragraph 3 C. Paragraph 15 D. Paragraph 13 5. The word furor appears in paragraph 15 along with a synonym; which word is its synonym?

7. This story implies that: A. Carnivals are for little kids. B. Willow and Andr have been dating a long time. C. Andr is an only child. D. Stoney is a spoiled brat. 8. How did this date likely end? A. The couple had a huge argument. B. Andr thanked Stoney for teaching him to play the games. C. Willow's mother served them a big dinner. D. Willow apologized after Stoney threw up in Andr's car.

6. Which of these statements is not true? A. Stoney ate an unhealthy amount of junk food. B. The Scream Machine was scarier than Andr had imagined. C. Andr's plan to avoid detection on the bear ride was effective. D. Willow was allergic to nickel in jewelry.

How Do You Make Your Popcorn?


1. The invention of the microwave oven was an accident. A. false B. true 2. What was Percy Spencer working on when he invented the microwave oven? A. a Raytheon B. a magnetron C. a radar gun D. a magnetic field 3. What was the first item cooked on purpose by microwaves? A. popcorn B. a candy bar C. water D. an egg 4. What is microwave energy?
Possible answer: Microwave energy is produced naturally when electric current flows through a conductor.

8. What is a microwave oven NOT used for today? A. roasting nuts B. drying potato chips C. drying flowers D. sterilize baby bottles

5. Why did it take almost twenty years from the invention of the microwave oven until the time it became popular in American homes?
Possible answer: The first microwave ovens were very large. They were almost six feet tall and weighed about 750 pounds. They were very expensive, also. The first oven cost about $5000. It took that many years before the oven was small enough to fit on a countertop and inexpensive enough for most Americans to buy one. C

6. What was the first commercial microwave oven named? A. the Raytheon B. the Microwave Miracle C. the Radarange D. the Spencer Oven 7. How much formal education did Percy Spencer have? A. He was a high school graduate. B. He didn't finish high school. C. He had a master's degree. D. He had a college degree.

Something Fishy at the Science Fair

1. Did you think that Michael might win a science fair prize after reading only the first page of the story? Why or why not?

7. What color was Michael's beanbag chair? A. green B. red, white, and blue stripes C. red and green checked D. red 8. Where did the science fair take place? A. at an aquarium B. at the Billings Science Clinic C. at Michael's school D. in an auditorium

2. Michael's attitude about his project is best described by which word? A. excited B. enthusiastic C. focused D. uninterested 3. The expression "she turned as red as a second place ribbon," uses what literary device? A. repetition B. metaphor C. alliteration D. simile 4. Place the following events from the story in the proper order:

A. Michael made his fabulous model. B. Michael dropped the stopwatch. C. Michael and Mrs. Smith successfully performed the science experiment. D. Michael and his family drove to Billings.

5. What does the word, "ubiquitous," mean in paragraph 7? A. obnoxious B. widespread C. excellent D. underhanded 6. Which statement is an opinion rather than a fact? A. Michael's mom had frizzy hair. B. Michael's pirate ship was decorated with gems. C. Goldfish feel that eating is exciting because their lives are dull. D. Michael dropped the stopwatch.

American Terrorist - The Oklahoma City Bombing

1. When did the Oklahoma City bombing take place?
April 19, 1995 at 9:02 a.m. A

2. True or false. One possible reason for Timothy McVeigh's actions was to send the government a message about not infringing on liberty. A. True B. False 3. How many people died as a result of this tragedy?

4. The Alfred P. Murrah building housed a ______ center.

daycare A

5. Which of the following statements did McVeigh make? A. "One man's freedom fighter is another man's terrorist." B. "The government made me do it." C. "I am a proud citizen." D. "I did not mean to kill all those people." 6. Which right did McVeigh feel the government was particularly infringing upon?
the right to keep and bear arms

7. How was McVeigh executed?

by lethal injection

8. Who was the last criminal executed by the federal government before McVeigh?
Victor Feguer

Languages of the Spanish World


1. The language spoken most in Mexico is English. A. true B. false 2. What two languages are taught in private schools in Mexico? A. French and German B. French and Spanish C. Spanish and English D. German and Swedish 3. Who taught Spanish to the natives in the New World? A. soldiers B. conquistadors C. priests D. teachers 4. How did some areas of Mexico come to have mixtures of languages?
Possible answer: When immigrants came to Mexico from other countries, they brought with them their own languages and traditions. They wanted to keep some of their old country so some of their words mixed with the words in the area.

7. What is the native language of the Aztecs called? A. Veneto B. Mayan C. Nahuatl D. Escandian 8. Where did immigrants to Baja California go to earn a better living? A. Chihuahua B. Yucatan C. Mexico City D. Vera Cruz

5. Why would it be important for some people in Latin America to know English?
Possible answer: Much business is conducted between the United States, Canada, and Mexico. In order for business deals to be made smoothly, each side should know the other's language. Resort towns want tourists from English speaking countries to come and spend their money in the resorts. It helps the tourists to feel comfortable if they can converse in their own language. D

6. What were two of the Indian tribes that settled in Mexico? A. Ojibwa and Sioux B. Huron and Erie C. Apache and Navajo D. Kickapoo and Cherokee

Francis Marion

1. What country did Francis Marion's grandparents come from?

2. What was the name of General Marion's plantation?

Pond's Bluff

3. Why was Francis Marion called "the swamp fox"?

He always showed up where he wasn't expected. He was clever like a fox.

4. What year did the North and South Carolina militia drive the British soldiers back to Charleston?

5. How did Francis vote at the Constitutional Convention?

He voted for a Federal Union.

The Brain


7. Scientists now understand how all parts of the brain work. A. false B. true 8. Meninges are three more layers inside the skull that help protect the brain. A. true B. false

1. Your brain is the main part of your ______ system. A. nervous B. digestive C. respiratory D. skeletal 2. Reading involves ______ of the brain. A. no parts B. two parts C. many parts D. one part 3. The wrinkles and folds of the cortex make up which part of the brain? A. cranium B. brain stem C. cerebrum D. cerebellum 4. Cranium is another word for the ______. A. skull B. cerebrum C. spine D. brain 5. Heartbeat and breathing are examples of ______. A. brain activities B. resting activities C. automatic activities D. voluntary activities 6. Scientists can learn about what different parts of the brain do by studying ______. A. intelligence tests B. report cards C. people who have had a brain injury D. electrodes

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