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Civil Engineering Department Semester 3 2011/2012

What is a Building
A building is an assemblage that is firmly attached to the ground and that provides total or nearly total shelter for machines, processing equipment, performance of human activities, storage of human possessions, or any combination of these.

What i Wh t is a System S t
A system is an assemblage formed to satisfy specific objectives and subject to y p j j constraints and restrictions and g p consisting of two or more components that are interrelated and compatible, p g each component being essential to the required performance of the system.

Building Parts


Vertical Circulation Elements

(a) Stairs (b) Electric traction elevator (c) Elevator

Building Types

Industrial Building Modern Building

Water Gate


Consist of:

Architectural Concept and Systems Preliminary Design Design Process Construction Work Operation & Maintenance

Architectural Concept and Systems S t

Function of buildings Space layout Philosophical concept Phil hi l t Arrangement of site area Environmental aspect Social / cultural acceptance Artistically reliable Economically viable E i ll i bl

Arrangement of Site Plan

Preliminary Design
General layout
Site plan Building

Type and model of building Size of structural component t Material to be used

Quality Type yp Price

Design Process g
Code and Design Standard Soil Investigation (Geotechnical Data) Structural Analysis Load applied to the structure Structural Model Method of Analysis et od o a ys s Commercial Program to be used Study and evaluate the result of analysis y y Structural Design Upper structures Sub structures : Foundation

Code and Design Standards

Standar Nasional Indonesia (SNI) British Standard (BS) European St d d / E E Standard Euro C d Code American Standard (ACI, AISC, etc) Australian Standard (AS) Japan industrial Standard (JIS) Canadian Standard

KEMENTRIAN PEKERJAAN UMUM Standar Nasional Indonesia (SNI)

Structural Analysis Model

Structural Design Text Book

Construction Work
Site Preparation Construction Equipments Building materials Storage spaces Water S W t Supply l Electric Supply Communication facilities Office

Brick Masonry House

Foundation, Wall, Columns

Plastered wall and Roofs

Waste Disposal Box

Bridge and Drainage System

High Rise Buildings g g