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Personal Details

Name: Date of Birth: Place of Birth: Email: Tel: Mobile: Address: Nationality: Marital Status: Asad Waqar 25.12.1978 Rawalpindi, Pakistan asad.waqar@rwth-aachen.de +49-176-4120 6028 +49-241-4023 4763 Room No. 1104, Kastanienweg 6, 52074 Aachen, Germany Pakistan Single

Key Competencies
Power System Studies Technical and Economic Evaluations of Power Systems Power System Network Planning (LV/MV/HV/EHV) Project Management Quality Management Knowledge of Standardization Knowledge of Automation Systems Certified ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System Lead Auditor

08.2008 03.2011 M.Sc Electrical Power Engineering (Energietechnik) RWTH Aachen University, Germany Grade: 2.3/Good (German) B.Sc Electrical Engineering University of Engineering & Technology Taxila, Pakistan Grade/Percentage: 70%

04.1998. 09.2002

Professional Certificates
09.2006 02.2007 05.2005 05.2005 Professional Certificate in Enterprise Resource Planning Centre for Advanced Studies (CASE), Islamabad, Pakistan Certified ISO 9001:2000 QMS Auditor/Lead Auditor Pakistan Institute of Quality Control (PIQC), Lahore, Pakistan

Research Projects
11.2010 03.2011 Master Thesis Institute of Power Systems & Power Economics (IAEW), RWTH Aachen Analysis of Mediterranean States Power Markets and Transmission Networks in context of Solar Exports to Europe In connection with the DESERTEC Project (a concept of installing 150GW capacity of concentrated solar plants (CSPs) in North African Sahara desert and transporting it to Europe via a super grid), an assessment of existing infrastructure of North African Mediterranean States energy markets and transmission networks is carried out. The aim of this thesis is to answer questions, like, locations of the CSPs and implications of DESERTEC Project on current infrastructure of the Mediterranean states. The investigation carried out includes the study of existing generation technologies,

development of generation capacities, increase in peak load demands, operation of energy markets inclusive of transmission and distribution companies, extent of market liberalization, tariffs, transmission networks infrastructure, electrical interconnections and power flows. To run an energy market simulation of the existing capacity, an estimation technique to determine the hourly based yearly load profile is developed. A regression model is also developed to forecast and correlate the development in peak load demand based on economic growth. 10.2009 04.2010 Mini-Thesis Institute of Power Systems & Power Economics (IAEW), RWTH Aachen Long Term Planning of Medium Voltage (10 kV) Networks Network planning is carried out with the goal to minimize the total costs while satisfying all the technical requirements. The economic evaluations include the investment costs, operational/maintenance costs and cost of energy losses. The technical evaluations include the load flow calculations, reliability of power supply (interruption frequency, duration and probability), thermal limits of equipment and voltage quality (in normal and disturbed operation). The network is planned using the Green Field method. 10.2010. 10.2010 Laboratory Project Institute of Power Systems & Power Economics (IAEW), RWTH Aachen Computer Aided Planning of High Voltage (110 kV) and Extra High Voltage (380/220 kV) Systems To supply an arc furnace of 85 MVA, three different connection possibilities are analyzed both technically and economically. The economic evaluations include the calculation of investment and loss costs. The technical evaluation includes the load flow calculations. The reliability is calculated using the (n-1) contingency criterion.

Professional Experience
06.2009 03.2011 Student Helper Ericsson GmbH, Herzogenrath Germany I was working with the product line maintenance (PLM) support team for mobile packet backbone networks (MPBN). I was responsible for Software handling and statistics management of trouble reports (TRs) Administration and management of equipment database Maintenance of internal web pages Support in documentation Support in laboratory activities

12.2007 05.2008 Manager

National Development Complex (NDC), NESCOM Islamabad, Pakistan I was working in automation & control systems department. In December 2007, I was promoted to Manager. As a manager my responsibilities included Liaison Engineer with regard to customer issues and queries related to project management and execution Organizing, coordinating and monitoring individual phases like procurement, engineering, assembly, commissioning and testing of automation systems Defining the structure, organization, scope and timeline of projects Reviewing of customer requirements and clarification of technical and commercial details of contracts Reviewing and approving of system and project documentation Updating and presentation of projects progression to higher management National Development Complex (NDC), NESCOM Islamabad, Pakistan I joined the organization as Assistant Manager in automation and control systems department. As Assistant Manager my responsibilities were Testing and verification of automation systems based on microcontrollers and programmable logic controllers (PLCs) both inhouse and in-field Development of test benches Installation and commissioning of automation systems Preparation of system level documentation like bill of materials (BOMs), standard operating procedures (SOPs), system related work instructions (WIs), system technical data packs (TDPs) and testing performas to record the results. Implementation and compliance of quality assurance standards Maintenance and post delivery services management of automation systems Support in purchasing process of PCBs, electrical/electronic components, cables, connectors and mechanical enclosures Liaison Engineer with regard to customer issues and queries related to project management and execution

10.2002 11.2007 Assistant Manager

Computer Knowledge & IT Skills


Language Skills
English (Fluent) German (Basic) Urdu (Mother Tongue) Punjabi (Mother Tongue)

Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Albert Moser IAEW, RWTH Aachen am@iaew.rwth-aachen.de Wolfgang Heuer (Group Manager) Ericsson GmbH wolfgang.heuer@ericsson.com Christian Linnemann (Researcher) IAEW, RWTH Aachen cl@iaew.rwth-aachen.de