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Fast Food Marketing Research 1.Executive Summary: 2.

0 Introduction Fast food restaurants are playing an important role for people who are seeking for great value, cheaper price and within the shortest period of time. However, ingredients for fast food are usually cooked by using cheap industrial oils, usually deep fried or re-heated in a microwave. All these methods keep the overheads down and the preparation costs to a minimum, ensuring that the food can be sold at rock bottom prices, while the outlets still manage to make a hefty profit. 3.research objective: this research is conducted to know the cuonsumer perception about the fast food,at the end we will come to know major factors those motivates consumer to visit these expensive restaurants. 4.Research methodlogy:a survay will be conducted by collecting the 50 responses from the students of shah abdul latif universities so that their perception about the fast food restaurants could be known. Descriptive statistics will be applied on conducted responses and plotted in different charts so that these rezults could be more underestandable.

Q1.Gender.............. Q2.Age.................... Q3.family income a. 5000 to 15000 b. 15001 to 25000 c. 25001 to 35000 d. 35001 to 45000 e. above 45000 Q4. What time of the day do you buy fast food? a, Before 10am b, At lunch time, 12pm to 2pm c. In-between 3-6 d, From 6 to midnight or early in the morning. Q5. Do you know exactly what in your food when you buy it? a. Not always b. No, if it tastes good you dont really care about it. c. Yes, I look at all the ingredients that I buy. Q6. Why do you eat fast food? a. You do not have enough time to cook b. You work to late and are tierd to cook a full meal. c. Couldnt be bothered to cook d. Do not know how to cook e. Other comment .. Q7. How often do you eat fast food? a. Once a week b. Everyday c. Never d. once a month

Q8. do you think eating fast food is a symbol of status ? a. Yes b. No c. I don't know Q9. On Average how much would you expect to pay for a fastfood meal? a. Less then 100 b. Between 101 to 200 c. Between 201 to 300 d. Between 301 to 400 e. Above 401 Q 10.you visit fast food restaurant because of their quality of service ? a.Strongly agree b. Agree c. Neutral d.Disagree e.Strongly disagree

Q 11.you visit fast food restaurant because you dont know how to cook at home ? a.Strongly agree b. Agree c. Neutral d.Disagree e.Strongly disagree

Q12. You prefer to eat fast food over a food that is made at your home? a.Strongly agree b. Agree c. Neutral d.Disagree e.Strongly disagree