New "Fight Diabetes Weekly" Program by Brandon Babcock from the Integrated Health Center of Utah

Brandon Babcock is excited about his breakthrough "Fight Diabetes Weekly" program. "This is more aggressive follow up than most diabetes patients get," states Brandon Babcock. "We are working to change lifestyles and lives." West Jordan, UT, May 10, 2012 --( What is the "Fight Diabetes Weekly" Program? The new program is administered by Brandon Babcock, and patients have started to experience great success in just their first few weeks. Those who have Type 2 Diabetes typically only see their physician once every three months. Brandon Babcock consults with those suffering from Type 2 Diabetes on a weekly basis. With the seriousness of the disease, if anyone is hoping to reduce or reverse their symptoms, a weekly follow up is highly recommended. "This aggressive weekly follow up to fight diabetes is critical to keeping people in the habit of a healthy lifestyle," says Brandon Babcock. "We refer to the program as the weekly fight against diabetes because changing your lifestyle for the better is a constant battle, and we want to make sure that you win that battle. About the Program: Brandon Babcock recommends reducing high risk health factors like smoking and fatty foods immediately. After that, it is a matter of gradual change in diet and exercise patterns. Brandon Babcock helps patients with Type 2 Diabetes often, and has some strong testimonials of success. He takes each case individually, and follows industry guidelines carefully to develop a special treatment for sufferers of Type 2 Diabetes. Brandon Babcock's treatment takes anywhere from 3-6 months and is effective at lowering weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol. This results in improved moods and a possible reduction in medication. What is Brandon Babcock's role? As you begin to change your lifestyle to combat Type 2 Diabetes, Brandon Babcock is like your: therapist, personal trainer, and dietician. He works in conjunction with your family doctor to ensure the treatment is well regulated and that reduction in medication is carefully monitored. “When changing your lifestyle to combat Type 2 Diabetes, it is vital to remain dedicated to that lifestyle,” warns Brandon Babcock. “It is not okay to take up smoking again just because you have felt good for a year.”

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