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Question No 1: Is there any characteristic of entrepreneur found in Hazi Nur ali? Explain.

Ans: Yes, there are many characteristic which prove that Hazi Nur ali was an successful entrepreneur. Now we are going to describe what type of characteristics Hazi Nur ali had: Willingness: If u dont have any willingness or plan for making business then it not possible to become entrepreneur. Hazi Nur ali from always wanted to make business alone when he was working with his father and under renowned person. As a result he took initiative to start bid secretly. Take the risk and love to take challenge: When you are going to own a business simultaneously you have to consider different types of risk. Hazi Nur had a risk taking tendency thats why he able to make different business. Nur ali didnt fear thats why he tried to involve with more business at a times and love to take challenge. Be persistent: Great entrepreneurs never give up. They somehow overcome every obstacle and barrier. When government did not accept his proposal he become persistent and then moderately convinced government and got permission.

Comprehensive Awareness . Hazi Nur ali had the ability to expect something in future because of his comprehensive awareness. He diversified his business in different shape. Awareness and advance prediction help to make different business in time.

Hard-working: Entrepreneurs have to be hard working because continuously they have to face different circumstance. From the case study we can see that Hazi Nur ali was laborious person. Because of that he got job under renowned person and got promotion from guard to supervisor.

Strong leadership qualities: Hazi Nur ali had a strong leadership quality. Thats why he got consecutive many project. Besides this ability he had opportunity seeking and proper decision making ability. But most important thing is that he had lot of strong desire to do or achieve something which made him as successful entrepreneur. Question No 2: Point out the lessons from Hazi Nur ali and How can it influence a man to be an entrepreneur?

Ans: Hazi Nur ali was an successful entrepreneur and this lesson will be helpful for those who wants to become entrepreneur. Hazi Nur ali always try to make decision accurately. He continuously struggles to change the situation. In that time he had to take several brave decisions frequently without worry to lose something. Nur ali had huge foresightedness which helps to indentify the situation of potential market. He was very much honest, laborious, creative and self-esteem, for that he never looked back at his eyes. Most of the time, he could easily think about what is going to happen in future, as a result he had clear vision. Nur ali in his business career, he never did any unethical work as well as he didnt like to cheat someone which will influence to become successful entrepreneur. He had confident on himself thats why he could manage all the matter nicely. When he had to stop his business several time due to government interfere, he wasnt frustrate, rather he took some time and then start a new business which introduced him as a steadiness. Hazi Nur ali was a person who could be greatly admired or follow as a successful entrepreneur. We should remember him not only for the successful entrepreneur but also his numerous contributions for the society. Over this span of whole years life, whatever he did for becoming successful entrepreneur, this will inspire new generation to become entrepreneur and lead them forward as an adviser. Some of his good characteristics taught us not to do any unethical work in the business and be determining about our goal.

Finally, we have tried to mention some point in above which can be influence to become successful entrepreneur.

Question No 3: Describe the bad experience of Mr Nur ali and identify the reason for that. To become entrepreneur and running business successfully, Mr. ali had to face some bad condition which helps him to gather experience and gained good lesson.

There is some bad experience we mentioned below:From the beginning of the study we can see that when Nur ali family became separate from his grandfathers family their financial condition become poor though his grand had enough property. We think as if Nur ali's family dispossessed form his grandfather family, naturally property had to divide which could be the reason for poor financial condition. Due to this he could not study well. Next when he came to a business world, there also he had bad experience. When Nur ali was in the Ahmed's firm, he proclaimed as a supervisor from guard and observed that one of Ahmed's business partner misappropriated huge amount of money. After few days due to the concealed fact which was being unknown to Ahmed, who like Nur ali very much, caused a misunderstanding and thus conflict arose between them. This was one the unforgettable experience of this entire business life. As a owner of the business, Nur ali became confronted with many bad condition. Once a boat with cement damaged because of the poor packaging which compel him to shutdown the business. In the middle of his business life he predict about profit and establishment of business but everything become prove as a wrong prediction. Finally, though he was successful in operating business but he had to diversify his business frequently and in each time he confronted with different bad condition.

Question no 4: Identify the success factors of Mr Nur ali. Are those factors relevant to an entrepreneur?

Several success histories we can indentified from the case study which are as follows: Nur ali wanted to establish business along and he successfully came out from his father's business. After then he took shelter under renowned businessmen as a cooker and guard of the construction business. But Nur ail's honesty and hard working attitude support him to promote his level from guard to supervisor. This was also a notable success of his life.

However in the beginning, Nur ali able to pleased Ahmed by his performance for what he got Ahmed's sister as a wife. Then he appointed as supervisor of "Green Engineering Transport Company" and won a building project in Khulna shipyard. By this way he got many project and the entire project being completed successfully. If we think above story in light of successful entrepreneur then definitely these factor are related to successful entrepreneur. Honesty, hard work and many more quality should be inside the successful entrepreneur which we got from Nur ali. On the other hand, when Nur ali submitted tender without noticing ahmed, he got it and make business alone. Though some conflict had been arose but finally all the problem being solved successfully. Seashore tower, club auditorium, staff quarter building all are the name of such factor which had been completed successfully by Nur ali. He also did remarkable work for his region, River crossing Tower is mentionable in between many work. In 1982, he had been qualified as in International contractor which is great achievement for him as well as for the country. Question no 5: Critically evaluate the mention case in light of entrepreneurship creation. From the case study, we have learnt several lessons about how to create entrepreneur and make it successful. Nur ali was the successful entrepreneur who works hard for making his business successful. To make entrepreneurship, somebodys concept should be clear and have to make pre plan about making business. Besides, entrepreneur should devoted his time for the business and be capable of high taking risk ability. They always should be looking

for different types of facilities which will be positive for the business. To take right decision in right time also can be effective for entrepreneurship creation and have been able to place responsibility successfully. Long experience and technological knowledge are key to successfully establish a entrepreneurship. Entrepreneur should be patience in bad condition of company. Similarly, contribution to the society also can be useful for business creation. It helps to spread the business goodwill rapidly into the people.