The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Some lessons learnt in crisis, business continuity & resilience

Chris Miller
B4Crisis, Consultant Business Continuity Manager
Helping build business resilience

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Liverpool (NSW) Council case study presentation withdrawn

Helping build business resilience


Arson aftermath, 16 August 2010 $20M insurance claim

Helping build business resilience


Alternative lessons learnt case studies in crisis, BC & resilience Claremont (WA) Council
Bankstown (NSW) City Council fire 1 July 1997 $30M+ loss DR via France
Helping build business resilience

Chambers & Library fire 18 Nov 2010 $7.5M+ loss Vital records; alternate sites

A non-routine business disruption, INCIDENT or CRISIS occurs or is detected

SAVE the people SAVE the building SAVE the business
0 +3 hours +< 6 hours +2-3 days < 7 days 7+ days 30+ days MUST SHOULD COULD DO DO DO

Helping build business resilience

Hurricane Katrina 29 August 2005

When your community depends on your business continuity
Helping build business resilience

Mississippi Power damage report
• 2/3s of transmission & distribution systems destroyed or damaged. • 1,000 miles of distribution line replaced. • 281 feeder lines (100 percent) replaced. • 9,000 distribution poles replaced. • 2,300 overhead transformers replaced. • 92 percent of the transmission system out of service. • 1,920 miles of transmission lines out of service. • 300 transmission towers replaced. • 12 substations flooded. • 1/3 of generating capacity disabled. • Plant Watson flooded (18 million gallons of brackish water) & offline for 1 year along with Crisis Centre & Corporate HQ (120,000+ sq feet of office space). • Of their 1253 employees, 196 employees’ homes were flooded, of which 441 were severely damaged - leaving 86 employees homeless. • All 195,000 customers out of electric service.

Mississippi Power, a Southern Company
SHOW VIDEO – 5 years after Katrina

Helping your community & your business
Helping build business resilience

Business closures included 6 Supercentres; 2 Stores & 1 Sam’s Club

Helping build business resilience

Dispatched 2450 truck loads including 100 truck loads of donated merchandise $17M cash donations – Walmart Corporate + collected $7M+ in donations from its customers + $9.2M in assistance donated to affected staff In kind donations - 70 pallet loads of clothing & 150+ internet ready computers delivered to shelters


Mt Pinatubo, Philippines

Albuquerque, New Mexico, 17 March 2000 small clean room fire

1,800 workers shutdown

cmi industrial shutdown ‘Cascade’ throughout Australian car assembly plants
Helping build business resilience

Unsound BAU or exercising can generate a crisis Sinking ‘Kursk’
Helping build business resilience

Lt Dmitry Kolesnikov Kursk survivor leader

Lessons in crisis leadership Kursk aftermath
Helping build business resilience

Admiral Popov, Exercise Commander

Captain Francesco Schettino

Lessons in crisis leadership

Wrecking Costa Concordia
Helping build business resilience

Captains Francesco Schettino & Gregorio de Falco

Aftermath Costa Concordia wreck

Lessons in crisis leadership
Deputy Mayor Mario Pellegrino

Helping build business resilience


Crisis communications Keeping internal & external stakeholders informed
Helping build business resilience

3 June 2008

3 of 6 pipelines ruptured; 1/3 WA gas supply disrupted

Varanus Island, WA

Varanus Island, WA Managing traditional & social media SHOW VIDEO

Helping build business resilience

Varanus Island, WA Reputation & Litigation
Helping build business resilience

• Leadership – crisis v BAU • People – build confidence in planning & exercising • Media management – traditional & social • Know your supply chain/dependencies • Know what to save, who & how?

Effective BAU, business as usual Ability to change & adapt Shape environment
Source: Cth AGD Research Paper 1 CEO Perspectives on Organisational Resilience then Publications & Resilience
Helping build business resilience

A final tip for crisis & business continuity management & resilience enhancement Culture change & scenarios
Helping build business resilience

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