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Olin Parks State Commander

Lora Dailey State Ladies Aux.President

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Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 State Commander message and Bio for National Rep. for 92nd State Convention Buddy Poppy Contest guidelines for State Convention judging All-State Team Comments by State Line officers Comments by State Surgeon and POW/MIA Chairman Comments by State Past Commander and Candidates for State Surgeon State Convention Schedule Veteran Service page & Partners in Veteran Service Program Campaign ad, Dave Morgan for National Missouri Council member Campaign ad, Bob Wonnell for National Missouri Council member Jessie Jones for National C-I-C 2015-2016, campaign ad and bio. .

VFW Missourian May 2012 pg. #1

Olin Parks State Commander

Comrades and Fellow Warriors: With thankfulness, I wish to first thank each and every one of you for a nourishing year as state commander. Your thoughts and caring participation in OUR VFW programs and projects is sincerely appreciated. We still suffer the same problems of member maintenance but that is a multi-year challenge. Post members must be kept in touch with or will find other avenues for their time and talents. Districts need to form collaborative teams to help facilitate the helpful, caring help that some posts may need from time to time to get over hard times. Please take the time to start making goals for your posts/districts for the ensuing year. Without goals, the posts/districts are simply on auto-pilot that continues to travel the same road. That road has led us to years of decreasing membership and participation just check district participation rates. We even have posts that have troubles filling officer slots - wonder why? Please get behind our state/district/post leadership in promoting our VFW programs and projects it is the only way for our communities and fellow veterans to evaluate our worth!!

Jerry Newberry Director, Communications & Public Affairs Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States National Representative for the 92nd State Convention
Jerry Newberry,Director, Communications & Public Affairs Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States Jerry Newberry joined the staff at National Headquarters as Director of Communications and Public Affairs in January 2001. Prior to accepting this position, he served as a staff assistant for U. S. Representative Dale E. Kildee. Newberry entered the Army in 1968 serving with the 101st Airborne and MACV in Vietnam. He earned the Combat Infantrymans Badge and the Vietnam Campaign and Service Medals.

Following military service, Newberry earned a degree in business and political science from Wayne State in Detroit, Mich. Newberry stayed active in veterans affairs during this time. He is a member of the Vietnam Veterans of America, Disabled American Thanks and kudos to Lora Daily and our Ladies Auxiliary for promoting "togetherness". We must sus- Veterans, the American Legion and Employer Support of the Guard and Reserves (ESGR). tain that initiative and be part of the solution and not He has served these organizations as an officer and committee chair, locally and on a state level. Currently, Jerry is a Life Member of VFW Post 2492 in Imlay City, Michigan. He resides in the Kansas City area.

promote the problem. We can always do more with more help and sustenance. Please take the time to thank your post auxiliary members - Men's Auxiliary as well as Ladies Auxiliary.a thank you goes a long way. As Always, Olin L. Parks MO VFW Cdr

VFW Missourian May 2012 pg.# 2

Buddy Poppy CoChairman Charlotte Jones & Charles Patrick


A Buddy Poppy Display Contest will be held at the State Convention. Rules have been designed to put emphasis on the purpose and effectiveness of the displays. Displays will be presented and judged in four categories: Category 1. Public Promotion of Poppy Campaign (Window, booth, parade, poster displays, campaign promotions, etc.) Displays must be designed for public exposure and must bear a message soliciting a donation for and wearing of the VFW Buddy Poppy. At least one Poppy used in the display must be in its original form and color, with label attached. Category 2. Memorial or Inspirational Displays (Wreaths, memorial tablets or plaques, patriotic or devotional themes) Displays must be designed to honor the dead, to inspire devotion to God and Country, or to dramatize the activities supported by the Buddy Poppy. At least one Poppy used in the display must be in its original form and color, with label attached. Category 3. Artistic or Decorative Use of Poppies (Post Home displays, table centerpieces, corsages, pictures, plaques, models, scenes, hats, novelty pieces, etc.) Any display not meeting the qualifications for Categories 1 or 2 shall automatically be entered in category. At least one Poppy used in the display must be in original form and color, with label attached. Category 4. Memorial or Inspirational Displays (Created by Junior Girls and/or Sons of the VFW) Displays must be designed to honor the dead, to inspire devotion to God and Country, or to dramatize the activities supported by the Buddy Poppy. At least one Poppy used in the display must be in its original form and color, with label attached. Displays shall be set up in space provided in the Convention exhibit room at the Holiday Inn Select. A card not larger than 4 x 6 must be attached to the entry, in black ink, stating the category of the compention, number of poppies used , the purpose of the display or other information to the viewer or judges. The Post number, name or location may not be visible on the displays. I would suggest that you put that information in and envelope and place it under or attached to the display; failure to comply will result in disqualification.

This year Charlie Patrick and I are planning to do the Buddy Poppy Contest judging a little different. At registration along with your packet (VFW and Auxiliary) you will be given four (4) tickets, one for each category, you will then place one of your tickets in the bag beside the display you think is best in each category. (Only (1) ticket per category please!!!!!!

VFW Missourian May 2012 pg. #3

Congratulations to Posts that achieved the high honor of All-State Post for 2011-2012
Post All State 2011-2012
POST 858 1471 1773 2172 4398 6278 3168 6603 2513 3118 4288 5649 5925 11242 257 4205 1831 2593 5527 6660 6947 5327 9064 3944 6137 6211 6274 3127 3416 4680 5368 7822 473 1014 3770 NAME Chillicothe Marceline Carrollton Gallatin Richmond Lawson Buckhorn Blue Springs Warrensburg Pleasant Hill Corder Concordia Lincoln Appleton City El Dorado Springs Cassville DeSoto Maxville Pilot Knob Lesterville Bismarck Wentzville Elsberry Overland-St Ann St. Louis Maryland Heights Ballwin Chaffee Wappapello Caruthersville Morley Puxico Cabool Alton Mtn Grove Dist 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 5 6 6 6 6 6 6 7 7 8 8 8 8 8 9 9 12 12 12 12 15 15 15 15 15 18 18 18 Mem. Req'd 131 90 215 68 156 66 329 129 123 194 111 111 150 40 94 71 358 928 71 87 193 177 92 766 193 128 296 116 200 56 104 99 108 76 174 Mem. Current Final 4/30/12 144 90 217 77 162 94 337 129 124 194 112 116 151 41 104 72 361 930 71 87 193 197 103 1051 194 130 314 119 219 57 104 99 108 78 179

All-State Team Captain, Tom Mundell, Post No. 3944 (128%) Congratulations to District #1 Commander, George Laprade and District #12 Commander Clifford Mitchell for achieving All-State District Honors All-State hats will be awarded at the State Comvention

Vfw Missourian May 2012 pg.# 4

Phil Pippins, Sr. Vice Commander

Comrades and friends Another year is almost over. Thanks to each and everyone for all your support. Thanks to the District and Post Commanders who made ALL-STATE. Remember the year is not over until June 30th 2012. Many can still make ALLAMERICAN. We the TEAM, must make this Dept. grow. All post quarter masters can get your un-paid list. Work the at large and un-paid transfers list. I know you will work hard for all in this great VFW . If you need help, we are here for you. I am looking forward to serving you this coming year as your State Commander. We are all on the same TEAM. Phil Pippins Senior Vice Commander

Lyle Seelinger Jr. Vice

Greeting Comrades, Another year will soon be over but our helping veterans never ceases. I personally want to thank the members of the VFW Dept. of Missouri for all they have done in community activities and veterans events this past year. This year 91 percent of the Posts in Missouri reported activities in Community or Veterans Events. May 1 starts a new year of recording events for All State Recognition. Any event performed by a Post after May 1 can be reported for next year. If elected as your Sr. Vice Commander for the year of 2012-13 my duties will be changing to membership. I am looking forward to the opportunity to work with not just the District level but with all Posts in trying to increase the membership in the VFW.

Jessie L. Jones, Adjutant/Quartermaster

Hello Comrades: Im pleased to report the Department Budget is in good shape for the year. I thank all the Post and Auiliaries for their continued support of our VFW service officers. They continue to exhibt the highest standards of pofessionalism in their work and continue to be a very dedicated workforce for the Veterans in Missouri. As an individual, the best thing you can do to support the program is to proudly become a Partner in Veteran Service by signing up for regular contributions . Information on how to be get started is on page #8 of this edition. Weve planned a great convention this year. We need all the Post to try to get people out to attend. Especially, if you have new members that have never been to a State Convention.

6Jim Gill, Continued from pg#6) Here he was elected 1991-93 Post Commander and received his All-State White Hat. District 9 elected him the 199596 and 2002-03 District Commander; where he was recognized as a District AllState Commander. He was appointed as the Department of Missouri State Inspector in 1999 and served in this position for the next 10 years. He has had the privilege to be appointed to National Committees and Aide-de-Camp. Currently he is serving as Ste Genevieve Post 2210 Service Officer and the Chairman of Volunteer Services for the "Veterans Festival at Forest Park". Jim would appreciate your support in the upcoming election.

This may be the last year we will be meeting in Columbia. In 2013, 2014 and 2015 (if Again thank you for another great year of approved at the convention) we will be working for veterans. Hope to see you at meeting in Springfield. the convention in Columbia. Your Comrade Lyle J. Seelinger Jr. Vice Commander I than all those that have supported my campaign for Jr. Vice commander-in-Chief for 2015-16. Your suppport has enabled me to attend several statesthis spring and provided funding to get me through the State Convention schedule. If anyone wishes to join the campaign or travel to the other states, just let me know and well work you in. Jessie L. Jones Adjutant/Quartermaster

VFW Missourian May 2012 pg.# 5

(Tom Mundell, continued from column #1) Many organizations volunteer hundreds of hours of their time to help with providing that special care, personal time, and companionship for our Veterans. Our VFW Posts and our Auxiliaries across our State have a wonderful group of members that share precious time and camaraderie with our Veterans. Missouri Veteran Hospitals in every area are enhancing their care and services. The quality of care within the Veteran Hospitals is unmatched by any in hospitals in the World. Doctors, nurses, support staff and volunteers work tirelessly 24 hours a day to make sure that our Veterans receive the best medical and psychological care that is available. Talking to hundreds of Veterans that awaited their services brought many things to my Tom Mundell, State Surgeon attention. I found very few disgruntled Veterans. The most frequent complaint Missouri Veteran Homes sets the examwas the amount of time that they had to ple that other State Veteran homes try to spend waiting to see a doctor or receive a duplicate. Our Veteran Homes are service. All of them said it was much better enhancing services and offering top quality now than before. They just wanted to be care in all areas because of the superior able to walk in and immediately see the management and dedicated staff that doctors. That does not happen anywhere. assist our Veterans. Regardless VA or Civilian hospital, you just Solariums have been built and the have to have patience and persevere. Chapels have been expanded to improve Complaints about not knowing how to go the physical and spiritual comfort of our about getting claims submitted were few as Veterans. During every visit at the our Veterans Service Officers are making Veteran Homes I have found staff memgreat strides in reaching out within the hosbers not only professionally caring for our pitals to direct them and assist them in subVeterans but the love and kindness that I mitting those claims. One things that saw was only second to the respect that seems lacking within the hospitals are signs the staff and management expresses to that direct the Veterans to the offices of our every Veteran on a daily basis. Not one Veteran Service Officers. Each administranegative report came from a Veteran that tor assured me that these signs were in resides within the neighborhoods that planning stages and they would be implegrace the hallways and homes that have mented immediately when made availbeen made for our Veterans to call their able.Throughout the hospital, nearly everyown. Our Veterans feel as though they one had compliments and good stories are in communities within the Veteran about their treatment at our VA hospitals. Homes. The Administration at the VA Hospitals are The quality of food and the staff that prefantastic and I have never met more caring pares it at each of our Veteran Homes and concerned individuals that have the takes great pride in presenting every meal wellness of our Veterans foremost in their in a delicious and relaxing manner. I have goals and future plans. Not only are they asked hundreds of Veterans throughout directing their attention toward the Veteran every Missouri Veteran Home if they are Patient, but they are looking directly at our happy to be there, if they like the food, Veterans that are qualified for jobs within and are they comfortable. Each time the the VA and giving Veterans Top Priority for Veteran explained how wonderful the staff jobs as they become available. treated them and all of them liked the food Thousands of Veterans quality of life has and thanked God that they have these been enhanced by our Veteran Service benefits. Officers professional guidance and assisI would be amiss if I did not thank the tance to acquire their medical benefits, countless number of VFW volunteers that compensations, and pensions. Our greatwere always at the Veteran Homes. No est assets for the Veterans are our Veteran matter what time I walked through the Service Officers. They need our full supdoors, eventually I would come across a port. volunteer from the VFW. Tom Mundell State Surgeon, Department of (Continued in next column) Missouri 2012

POW/MIA By Christopher Bell Chairman

Greetings, Comrades, Sisters and Brothers of the Auxiliaries. As I have said before, it has truly been an honor serving as your Department POW/MIA Chairman this year. I have very much enjoyed all my visits to all the Districts this past year. The National Prisoner of War-Missing In Action Recognition Day programs ended the third week in September, 2011. There were many Post and District programs that reflected the annual sense of awareness and dedication to remembering those still classified by our government as POW- MIA. As prayers were read and taps were played for the X-POW's who passed away this past year, my mind was already thinking of the next eleven months and how the Posts and Districts within the Department of Missouri will continue on with the demand for a full accounting of these heroes. To me, and many of my comrades and sisters, the answer is obvious. We never quit. To the others, who only think about this subject the third week in September, I would like to remind you that Prisoner of War-Missing in Action Recognition goes on daily for those of us who are committed for 100% Accountability. Let's all continue to keep them in our prayers and thoughts as we enter the new year. I as the Department POW-MIA Chairman, I receive timely and consistent news from the National League of Families of American Prisoners and Missing in Southeast Asia. "As of January 6, there are still 1,678 Americans listed by the Defense POW/ Missing Personnel Office as missing and unaccounted for from the Vietnam War. The number of Americans returned and identified since the end of the Vietnam War in 1975 is now 905; another 63 US personnel, recovered post-incident and identified before the end of the war, bring the total 10 968." That's 968 families that finally have closure for their loved ones. As I close, think about this question: If there are still 1,678 still unaccounted for and one of those were your loved one, would you be focused on just one month of the year or would you have a perspective greater than most? There are still posts in our Great State that have not reported any POW/MIA programs. I know you have conducted a POW/MIA Ceremony so why not report it to Department Headquarters. God Bless the troops still classified as POW-MIA and God Bless their families still waiting for answers. Christopher T Bell Department POW/MIA Chairman

VFW Missourian May 2012 pg.# 6

Bob Wonnell Past Dept. Commander

This will be my last Missourian article as your Past State Commander. Let me say what an honor it has been to serve you these past few years. They have flown by. I can imagine Commander Parks is now saying where did my year go? The time flies by and your line officers are kept on the go all year long. They too will tell you what an honor it has been serving as one of your Department Line Officers. Actually I am hoping to continue my service to you as a Line Officer as your Missouri Council of Administration member. Even if not elected I can promise you I will serve the Department in any way I can and I will always be at your service. Remember why we exist, comrades, it is to serve worthy veterans and their families. If we keep this in mind and really put all of those trivial personality disputes and petty jealousies aside , our goal is a clear yet simple matter. Every person you see or meet may be a veteran eligible for VA benefits and you can be the person who helps them get them. Learn the system. Be knowledgeable in Service Officer Procedures. If youre not, ask. Any State Officer is more than willing to help you learn. I have been asked to serve as Publicity Chairman again next year and have accepted. Each and every Post and District needs to learn to tell their community of the good things you do in your communities. Helping Veterans and telling the community the good things about your VFW can make your Post an All State or All American Post every year. It takes hard work and dedication but you are up to the challenge. Many changes are forthcoming in our great organization. Lets all embrace them and move onward and upward. The Veterans of Foreign Wars is the very best Veterans organization on the face of Gods green earth. Lets each do our part to keep it that way. Bob Wonnell Past State Commander

Jim Gill Candidate for Surgeon 2012-2013

Jim graduated from Webster Groves High School in 1967, spent one (1) year at the University of Missouri before heeding the call and enlisting in the United States Navy. He gained his eligibility while serving with the Navy from 1968 to 1989. During his 21 years of service, he served aboard five (5) Ships and two (2) Shore Stations before retiring as a Chief Petty Officer in 1989. His last duty station was at Oaknoll Naval Hospital in Oakland, California; here he completed 4 years of independent duty as the Disability Counselor for the Western United States. After his service he returned to Missouri and for 20 years was the Plant Engineer at the Fulton Diagnostic and Reception Center. Initially he began under the direction of the Department of Corrections but finished under the direction of the Office of Administration. He retired from the State of Missouri in August 2010 and returned to his roots. He and his wife GiGi now live on an Elk and Deer Preserve in Ste Genevieve County where they enjoy the wonders of nature and work as ranch hands. Jim joined the VFW in 1974 in Hayward, California, and became a Life Member in 1979. During his California years he was elected 1983-84 Seam Squirrel for Pup Tent 86 (The Gold Pup Tent) in Santee, California. In Santee he began serving the VFW holding all Post Chairmanships and Positions; this continues even today. Upon returning to Missouri he had more time to devote to the VFW and transferred his membership to Callaway Post 2657 in Fulton. (Continued on Pg #2)

Chris Bell Candidate for Surgeon 2012-2013

The Comrades of VFW Post 30 along with members of District 5, are proud to announce the name and endorsement of Christopher T. Bell as a candidate for the office of Surgeon Department of Missouri, Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States. Chris is a Retired Master Chief (E-9) from the U.S. Navy. He earned his eligibility for membership in the VFW by serving in Vietnam 67-72, Beirut, Lebanon 83-84, Panama 88-89. He is a Life Member of VFW Post 30, Member of the MOC Pup Tent 1, A Life Member of Disabled American Veterans, Member American Legion Post 21. He has been a member of the VFW since 1996. He has earned All State District Commander in two different Departments. Chris has held numerous positions at the Post and District level he has also held many appointed positions on the Department and National level. Chris believes that quality service for veterans must come first, and the way we can accomplish that is by Teamwork, Team Support and Communicating as a Team as these points are the key to success. He believes that in numbers there is strength and this is why membership is important to keep our VFW strong. He knows that family is also the key to our young veterans and this is why we need more family functions and community functions to communicate and give them information as to how we can help and serve veterans. The comrades of Post 30 and District 5 believe that Comrade Bell is a highly qualified and dedicated individual who will do an outstanding job for the Veterans of this great state in the position of Department Surgeon. We ask you to join us in electing Chris as Department Surgeon at the Department Convention in June 2012.

VFW Missourian May 2012 pg.# 7



VFW VFW VFW VFW Registration By-Law Meeting Budget Meeting C of A Meeting Atrium Parliament I Polo Windsor IV 400 PM - 5:00 PM 3:00 PM -4:00 PM 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

FRIDAY - JUNE 8, 2012

VFW Registration Joint Opening Session VFW Meeting BBQ / All State / Entertainment Poolside Atrium Lobby Windsor Ballroom Windsor IV 8 -11 AM & 1 - 4 PM 8:30 AM - 11:30 AM 12:30 PM - 4:30 PM 5:00 PM - 10:30 PM


VFW Registration Atrium Lobby 8:00 AM - 11:30 AM VSIO/Service Officer Workshop..... Windsor IV 8:00 AM - 9:15 AM Natioinal Scouting Team.............. Windsor IV 9.30 AM -11:30 AM New Sr.Vice Cdr Meeting.. Parliament II .9:30 AM -11:30 AM New Jr. Vice Cdr. Meeting.. Parliament III 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM New Qtr. Master Meeting.. Polo... .9:30 AM - 11:30 AM Budget & Standing Rules Meeting... Parliament I 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM District CaucusesHospitality Room 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM VFW Meeting (Elections) Expo .12:00 PM - 4:00 PM Officer / Chairmen Photos Polo 12:00 PM - 5:30 PM MOC Meeting Windsor IV following VFW meeting Joint Installation of Officers Expo 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM

SUNDAY - JUNE 10, 2012

Church Service.. VFW Council Meeting .Windsor IV .8:00 AM - 9:00 AM Windsor IV...9:00 AM - 12:00 Noon

*** ALL HOSPITALITY ROOMS ARE LOCATED POOL SIDE AND WILL BE CLOSED DURING THE VFW MEETINGS AND WORKSHOPS*** Buddy Poppy Displays will be in the Bradley Room. All Ladies Auxiliary meetings will be in Windsor I, II, III. Ladies Auxiliary Floor Practice will be in Windsor I, II, III Thursday 8:30 p.m.

VFW Missourian May 2012 pg.#8

Partners in Veteran Service

Become a continous donor and receive a distinctive donor pin. Bronze - $10.00/mo or $120.00/yr. Silver - $20.00/mo or $240.00/yr. Gold - $30.00/mo or $360.00 or more per yr. Pins to be awarded at the State Convention.

Dennis F. Flynn Department Service Officer


1) The Veterans of Foreign Wars was founded in 1899 for the purpose of assisting veterans in obtaining medical and pension benefits from the federal government? 2) VFW Service officers file over one third (1/3) of the claims filed in the St. Louis Regional.office?


As an Individual: By Credit Card monthly or one time donation (see attachment). The individual donor will be recognized by VFW Department. 2. As a Post/District member:

3) VFW Service Officers are successfull in obtaining over $150,000,000 million dollars in VA benefits for Veterans in Donate directly to your Post Relief Fund on a monthly (automated transfer by credit card to Post Relief Fund) or one time Missouri each year? 4) The VFW Service Officer program is funded solely through VFW Department membership dues, programs and donations? 5) Donations to the VFW Service Officer program are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law?
basis. Be sure to request that your donation be forwarded to Department for the Service Officer Program and that your Post/District be given credit for the donation. This donation will used to offset the $3.00 per member.

Submitted by: James Rippy, VSIO Chairman

DONATION CARD Mail to: VFW Dept. of Missouri P.O. Box 26 Jefferson City MO. 65102 I would like to support the important work of the VFW Service Officers by enclosing my gift of: ( )$25 ( )$50 ( )$75 ( ) Other $__________(check enclosed) Donor name:_______________________________________________ (Please Print) Credit Card Donation Address:_______________________________________________________________________ Step 1: Complete Credit Card Information: Please charge my: ( )Master card ( ) VISA ( ) AMEX ( )Discover Card No. ______________________Expiration _____/_______ Signature_____________________________ Date:_______________ Phone No. _________________ Security Code:_________

Step 2: Please choose one option: ( ) Option 1: Make a one time donation by credit card of $____________.____ ( ) Option 2: Join the Partners in Veteran Service by donating the amount listed below from my credit card monthly: ( ) $10 per month* ( ) $20 per month ( ) $30 per month ( ) Other $____________per month. *monthly minimum amount is $10, processed on the day requested of each month. I understand payments will continue automatically each month until I notify VFW Department Headquarters of any change.

VFW Missourian May 2012 pg.9

Candidate for National Council for Department of Missouri 2012 -2015 All State Team Post Commander 1991-1992 All State Team District Commander 2002-2003 All State Team District Commander 2004-2005 National Recruiter Century Award 2004-2005 National By-Laws 2006-2007 All American Team State Commander 2009-2010 National Resolution 2010-2011 Big Ten Chairman 2010-2011 "A commitment and an Honor to serve all Veterans and the leadership in the Department of Missouri." Thank you for your support! Dave Morgan

VFW Missourian May 2012 pg. 10

Bob Wonnell
CANDIDATE FOR NATIONAL VFW COUNCIL OF ADMINISTRATION DEPARTMENT OF MISSOURI I am asking for your support and your vote comrades. I am a candidate for the position as Missouris representative to the National VFW Council of Administration. This position is where your voice gets heard at the National level. Let me be your voice so I can let the VFW know exactly what you want and in what direction you want this organization to go. You know me and you know I will tell it like it is. You know my voice will be true and strong. At the State VFW Convention in June vote for Bob Wonnell for the National VFW Council of Administration for the Department of Missouri. Thank you for your support. BOB WONNELL

VFW Missourian May 2012 Pg. 11

------------------BIO---------------Jessie L. Jones was endorsed at the 91st Department of Missouri Convention held at the Holiday Inn Select in Columbia Missouri on June 9, 2011 as Missouri's endorsed candidate for Jr. Vice Commander in Chief of the Veterans of Foreign Wars for the 2015-2016 VFW year. Jessie served in the United States Marine Corp from 1964 to 1968 including a tour of duty in the Republic of Vietnam from March 1966 - April 1967, attached to Marine Air Support Squadron , 3d MAW at Da Nang and Marine Air Support Squadron , 1st MAW at Chu Lai. His decorations include the Vietnam Service Medal w/1 bronze star, Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross Medal with Palm, Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal w/60 device, Presidential Unit Citation Ribbon, National Defense Service Medal and Good Conduct Medal.
2009 - present State Adjutant/Quartermaster 2009 - 2011 Chairman, Missouri Veterans Assoc. 2008 - 2009 State Adjutant/Assistant Quartermaster 2007 - 2008 State Adjutant 2006 - 2007 All American State Commander 1999 - 2000 All State Commander, District No. 9 1994 - 1997 All State Commander, Post 2657 Received various National Appointments over the years. B. S. Degree in Business Administration from the University of Missouri, St. Louis MBA from William Woods University Retired from AmerenUE after 36 years of service. Twenty Six (26) years in Management at Ameren's Callaway Nuclear Power Plant. "Seeking support and endorsement in the Big Ten Conference" Mail Campaign contributions to: Earl Boyer, Campaign Finance Chairman 1560 Hillcrest Dr. DeSoto, MO 63020

Jessie L. Jones Missouri's Endorsed Candidate For Jr. Vice Commander-In-Chief 2015-2016

Jessie joined the VFW in 1989 at Post 2657 in Fulton, Missouri, where he maintains his life membership. He has served in elected and appointed positions at the Post, District and Department (state) levels culminating with the election as Department Commander in 2006 - 2007. Jessie currently serves as Adjutant and Quartermaster of the Department of Missouri and served for two years as Chairman of the Missouri Association of Veterans Organizations. After his release from the Marine Corp in 1968, Jessie worked for thirty-six (36) years for AmerenUE, a utility company with Headquarters in St. Louis Missouri. Prior to his retirement in June, 2006, Jessie worked in Supervision and Management at AmerenUE's Callaway Nuclear Power Plant for twenty-six years. Jessie earned his Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from the University of Missouri St. Louis and Master's Degree from William Woods University. Jessie and his wife Charlotte have three children and nine grandchildren. They make their home in Fulton Missouri.