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Sentry Data Systems provides IT solutions for pharmacy management infrastructure and transaction processing, saving health care

facilities money and time, while helping them to achieve compliance with federal regulations such as those in th e Deficit Reduction Act (DRA) of 2003. Established by Section 6002 of the DRA, t he Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Comprehensive Medicaid Integr ity Program monitors Medicaid waste, fraud, and abuse through Medicaid Integrity Contractors. The CMS-authorized auditors require that service providers detail claims, verifying compliance with Medicaid rules and regulations. 340B and Medic aid drug pricing and rebates provides a positive financial cost savings to CMS b y reducing POS drug costs at 340B or the medicaid rebate on the 11 NDC associate d with the respective J-codes. The Sentry Data Systems Sentinel RCM application includes a DRA Tool module that offers unrivaled DRA compliance functionalities. It helps to automate claim fil ing procedures, executing required data and mapping tables and crosswalk tools t hat update information as required within evolving program regulatory parameters . The DRA Tool also allows health care facilities to access an integrated audit trail, creating a process flow with high ease-of-use. Sentry Data Systems offers many additional benefits, including fully automated c harge master functionalities. Advanced Sentinel RCM tools incorporate data from a wide range of technical systems, including wholesaler invoices. The Drug Cost Monitor acts as a pricing watchdog, noting any changes and proactively alerting our clients. RCM-generated reports are easily integrated into an existing spread sheet processing application, establishing the process of sorting through comple x data simple and user-friendly. The Perpetual Inventory Manager provides invent ory and purchasing support by auto-calculating desired inventory levels based on defined parameters. Inventory levels adjust in real time after orders are creat ed and total shelf cost remains a mouse click away. All of these time- and cost-saving functionalities remain widely accessible thro ugh the Mobile Manager system, offering clients unmatched speed and convenience. Software updates and catalogue refreshes are automatically generated, ensuring end-use clients uninterrupted service. Lastly, the Diversion Detection System mo nitors purchases and dispensations, ensuring that these related activities match . To learn more about Sentry Data Systems full range of network-based analytic solu tions, visit www.sentryds.com.