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Ohio County Local Coordinating Committee Citizens for a Drug Free Community December 12, 2011

Attendees: Deborah Thomason, Karen Ernst, , Jascia Robinson, Tom McKay, Shannon Franklin, Amber
Johnson, Deb Ranz, Gayla Kaibel, Tina Keller, Kim Linkel, Laura Rolf , Janice Vinson, Kara Hudepohl, and Deb Ranz. Deborah Thomason called the meeting to order.

A motion to approve November Minutes was made by Laura Rolf and second by Gayla Kaibel. Minutes were passed.

Treasurers Report
Gary Eldridge was not present, Treasurers report was unavailable.

Youth Report
No one was present, but Deborah Thomason reported that the Red Ribbon Week was a huge success. Shawn Harper a retired Colts football player came to talk and the students are still talking about how good he was.

Regional Report
Kim Linkel reported that our Comprhensive Plan did get approved and next years will be due October 2012. She had no idea what reports will be needed with each LCC for next year. Debbie thanked her for her service and wished her best.

Old Business Purdue Extension, Ohio County Sheriff Department and Deville Pharmacy together had a Drop off Perscription Pill day and collected over 15,000 doses of medication. They are planning to have another one in the Spring. New Business. Rising Sun First Baptist Church will be holding a Drug Free Campaign starting Jan. 8, 2012 at 6pm. Speaker Donita Valentine onThe Ugly Truth, Feb.12, 2012 at 6pm Don Allen, PHD, LICDC on Enabling and each month to follow. Grant committee was thanked for their time and their recommendations were read. And then voted on those recommandations. Motion to accept Prevention/Education Grants as recommended by the Grants Committee with an additional $725 moved from optional to cover grants was made by Tom McKay and seconded by Karen Ernst. Those grant awarded are as follows: Prevention / Education BigBrothers/Big Sisters- $1000 Rising Sun Church of Christ- $1000 SIEOC Prevent Child Abuse Conference-$400 SIEOC Prevention of fetal alcohol and drug training baby dolls and curriculum- $325 Denver Siekman Enviromental Park Job Skills Trainig for at risk students- $1000 Rising Sun Schools- Red Ribbon Week- $1000 Total awarded from prevention /education was $4725.00 with $725.00 moved from optional funds to cover Prevention/Education grants. Motion to accept Treatment Grants totaling $3,000 with $1,000 left was made by Karen Ernst and second by Amber Johnson. The grant awarded is as follows:

Treatment Country Serenity Counseling, drug alcohol treatment- $3000 Total awarded from treatment was $3000.00 and $1000 left over and will stay in the treatment category. Motion to accept Justice Grant was made by Laura Rolf and second by Amber Johnson. $1000 left over and will stay in the treatment category. The grant awarded is as follows: Justice Dearborn Ohio Prosecutor- Drug Testing $1000 Dearborn Ohio County Special Crimes $3000 Total awarded from Justice was $4000. Discussion was then held about changing the bylaws to allow for a new grant to be submitted if monies were still available in one of the categories. It was discussed that the board would reopen grant requests in March, but only for those categories which had monies not committed. Debbie Thomason will look at the by-laws to see about necessary changes. Announcements Ohio County Health Fair is Feb. 15, 2012 at fthe Rising Sun Star Casinp from 9am-3pm. If interested in a booth contacts Janice Vinson at jvinrsmc@yahoo.com or 812-438-2555 ext 105. Ohio County LCC monthly article to start back up again. Debbie will take January and do it on Ohio County LCC grants and what the agency does in the community. Tom McKay will take March. If interested please let Debbie know. Big Brother Big Sisters are gearing up for their annual Bowl for Kids at Durbin Bowl in March. Looking for sponsors, teams. If interested contact Laura Rolf. Amber Johnson from SEIOC wanted let all know that on the SEIOC website there is a new button for child care search. This button can be placed on anyones website and will provide the public with all registered or licensed child cares in our area. Debbie Thomason announced that Ohio County will be getting a website like the Voice of Ripley County. We will be joining our website and information to the Voice of Ohio County when that comes about. A training seminar is also in the works for linking our facebook, twitter and websites. More information will follow. Adjournment Motion to Adjourn was made by Amber Johnson and second by Karen Ernst. Next Meeting January 9th at 11:30

Ohio County Drug Free Website: www.ohiocountydrugfree.com

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