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Patrick Woods Warnings Regarding Technocracy and Transhumanism

Lecturer Patrick Wood gave a fascinating talk on the topic of Technocracy this past Friday at the H&H Shooting Sports Complexs High Noon Club. Wood is the editor and founder of The August Forecast & Review and is based in Idaho. We covered his main lecture at the High Noon Club here, in our article Will Technocracy be allowed to frame our future? Following his lecture, Red Dirt Report asked Wood about Technocracy and the technocrats who are pushing this science-based ideology. Wood quoted ancient Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu, saying that one must know oneself as well as knowing who the enemy is. In the case of Technocracy, the enemy is not obvious. Many are behind-the-scenes types. Wood said that while many have been concerned about Communism, socialism and other political ideologies antithetical to the American Republic, these technocrats have slipped in and look to control our lives. Added Wood: These people want to control you, from cradle to grave. As we were interviewing Wood, State Rep. Sally Kern (R-Oklahoma City) interrupted our interview and questioned Wood about Technocracys role in modern education. As he spoke to Kern, he noted an article in a British newspaper that day that referred to technocrats in the European Union. Pointing to the technocrats reference in the article, Wood said Americans simply dont use those sorts of terms, which makes it more difficult for people here to fully understand what it is technocrats do. Wood reminded us that 10 years after Technocracy, Inc. took hold in the U.S., its co-founder, Howard Scott, was revealed to not have an engineering degree as he had claimed. This was around the time the U.S. entered World War II and Technocracy fell into disrepute, mostly forgotten until today. Wood also made the point that Technocracy has been largely left out of the history books as being a movement in America that had quite a large following.

When folks asked Wood what can be done to stop the march of Technocracy, Wood said that people need to become more informed, particularly as we see the installation of technocratic tools like the Smart Meter, which Oklahoma utility OG&E is installing at a rapid rate, thanks to a stimulus push by the Obama administration. And while the Smart Grid and Smart Meters are dangerous and being forced on the public (invasive, emit radiation, etc. Red Dirt Report addressed it at greater length here) they do have weaknesses that can be penetrated. If we dont stop the Smart Grid, hackers will, Wood said.Hackers say it is easy to penetrate it. And if it were to be hacked it could lead to massive blackouts, for example. Shifting into the topic of transhumanism, a subject he mentioned but did not deeply delve into, he said it is the idea of humans seeking to escape the human condition. Transhumanism, he said, will be the religion that replaces the world religions of today by promising everything God promises you. Transhumanism is morphing into a worldwide movement, Wood said. He pointed to H+ magazine, a transhumanism publication and website that covers technological, scientific, and cultural trends that are changing and will change human beings in fundamental ways. Read their material, Wood said, noting H+ magazine. It (transhumanism) is a religion and it has scientists on their side. Other examples of where transhumanistic notions are spreading include the widespread use of nanotechnology and the genetic modification of our food. In fact, when Red Dirt Report later visited the H+ magazine website, the top story of the day was an article by Guillermo Santamaria headlined Nanotechnology: The Promise and The Peril. When folks asked Wood what can be done to stop the march of Technocracy, If we dont stop the Smart Grid, hackers will, Wood said.Hackers say it is easy to penetrate it. An expert on the Trilateral Commission, Wood said every president since Jimmy Carter has been linked to the Trilateral Commission and noted how President Barack Obama was chosen by (Trilateralist) Zbigniew Brzezinski, Carters national security adviser. Asked his thoughts on Obama, Wood replied: Hes an empty suit, an emptier suit than Jimmy Carter. A blithering fool. He doesnt know anything about anything. Hes just moved along by the global elite.

Regarding his week-long visit to Oklahoma, where he spoke at several events about his research, Wood said he was impressed by just how informed and aware of the important issues people were as he visited with folks. Oklahoma is an example of where the rest of the nation ought to be, Wood said, adding, But all of us still have a ways to go. To learn more about Patrick Wood, go to www.augustforecast.com.
This article originally appeared Red Dirt Report