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KRA KRA 1 - summer internship in RBI

KPA To get good topics. To prove myself by giving my best on topics givn by them .

KPI To check previous reports of interns in rbi from library. To take tha advise and guidance of mentor while working on the topic given. Score good marks and appreciation of my work in the final presntation To make links with at least 5 people in RBI from various deprtemnets during my internship.

KRA 2 - Completion of M.B.A

To get good grades. Add value to my knowledge and develop an extra edge for my career. To complete few good

Maintain at least 70% overall. To participate in at lesat 8 events/fests. To participate in at least 6 finance activities.

certification programmes in To be able to clear at least 4 finance certification programs and first level of CFA. KRA 3 - Placement Get placed in a good bank with a decent package. To work in the field of my interest i.e. risk management. Create at least 10 links in organization Excel in my field of interest. To become well worse in Excel . To get acquaintance with Prowess software. To understand the working culture of the company To make links with the people in the org.

KRA 4 -Training

To get into a good project.

To get hands on the process of the company

Performance Strategy for 2012-2013