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(Nationalization) Order, 1972, (Presidents Order No. 10 of 1972) Ministry of Trade, Federal Government of Pakistan; Abbottabad Sector and Abbottabad Zone.

Survey Form The information by State Life for the beloved Pakistanis Dear, Respectable and Honorable, Assalam-o-Alaikum! You would be surprised to know that State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan is the only Institution which is having current Life Fund over Rs. 194 Billion throughout the Asia continent. At present all over the country State Life has got 84 Commercial Buildings, 18 Commercial Plots, 17 Housing Buildings, and 14 Play-land projects. State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan is in process to start with a project to form a building on a plot in the Abbottabad City. In Islamabad a State Life building comprising of 19 Floors is under construction. By the Grace of Allah Almighty during working hours Rs. 40 Lack per hour, Rs. 28 million daily, Rs. 610 million monthly is being paid by State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan. We present you a gentleman of State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan, kindly cooperate with him, and response gently and soothingly to his all questions, because in actual he is an Economic Activity Advisor.

About yours children education, growth and marriage expenditure About the financing during the times if disabilities or serious illness occur About natural journey (death) of yours and the benefits associated with your family necessities,

About yours nearer and long term future; and its planning About going on Hajj and support at old age About loan for businesses or other necessities

About love for beloved country with Savings, Protection, and Reliable Investment

1. Then please fill below about yours identity kindly: Full Name:_______________________________ Fathers

Name:_________________________________ Age:_________ Profession:___________________ Profession Address:

__________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ _____________ Monthly Income:_________ Phone Nos.:_______________________________ Are you Married: Age: _________ Number of Daughters: ____________________ Their ages: yes/no If yes then Spouse name:_______________________

___________________________________ Number of Sons: ___________________ Their ages: _________________________________ 2. Are you the only one who earns living for your family? Yes / No 3. Have you started saving a minor portion of yours earning for yours daughters marriages? Yes / No 4. Are your family members (parents, children, spouse, brothers and sisters) relying upon you for

their future wishes and desires to come true? Yes / No 5. Have you made a plan to spend yours old age life in a pleasant way? Yes / No 6. Have you prepared any plan about better education and better grooming of yours children? Yes / No 7. Have you found a way of protection for your savings; with plan against its devaluation? Yes / No 8. Are you having any group insurance policy, pension policy or medical facilities from the govt.? Yes / No

9. Are you satisfied of yours present income, in a sense that Allah Forbids if the earner passes away, then yours family would be able to fulfill the daily based financial commitments in future as well? Yes / No

10. Have you ever purchased a policy from State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan? Yes / No If yes then; how much are you saving in a year _____________________________ Being the agent and Economic Activity Advisor, keeping a deep eye upon yours better and bright future and for its protection, State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan believes that it is its primary area to focus upon; with ensuring you the guarantied future. Yours decision and comment is worthy for us. Please suggest with your views about our representatives way of speaking, personality, dressing, dealing, and cooperation towards you? __________________________________________________ Signature: ___________