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SAP NetWeaver System Administrator (Formerly SAP Basis) Course Out line


Introduction to SAP NetWeaver Administration

SAP Solutions mySAP Business Suite and mySAP ERP mySAP CRM, mySAP PLM, mySAP SRM Definition of SAP NetWeaver The SAP Release Strategy The System Kernel Principal Architecture of the SAP Web Application Server Dialog Processing in the SAP System Communication with the Database The SAP Transaction Lock Management in SAP Systems Update Processing SAP NetWeaver and Enterprise Services Architecture SAP NetWeaver An Overview From SAP R/ to mySAP ERP and the Enterprise Services Architecture

Installation of SAP NetWeaver

Planning the Installation of SAP ERP Central Component Planning the Installation Preparing for the Installation of SAP ERP Central Component General Preparation for Installation Further Preparation for Installation on Windows Further Preparation for Installation on UNIX Installing SAP GUI Installation of SAP GUI for Windows Installation of SAP GUI for Java Installing SAP ERP Central Component Introducing SAPinst Installing and Patching Oracle Database Software Central Instance Installation Database Instance Installation Dialog Instance Installation SAP Web AS Java Central Instance Installation SAP Web AS Java Dialog Instance Installation Appendix: SAP Gateway Installation Performing Post-Installation Activities Installation of SAP License and Other Components TMS and Basic Configuration Additional Tasks Specific Post-Installation Activities

SAP NetWeaver Administration

Basics What Is an SAP System? Process of a System Logon Configuring SAP Logon Analysis Transactions Starting and Stopping the SAP System System Start: Process System Start: Logs System Shutdown: How and Why Appendix: Starting and Stopping Under Other Operating Systems Appendix - Database Logs Introduction to System Configuration How the System Evaluates its Parameters How to Set System Parameters Setting up Operation Modes Basics of User Administration User Administration Concept Authorization Concept Login Parameters and User Info Appendix: Advanced User Administration Topics Setting Up Remote Connections Fundamentals and Types of RFC Setting Up RFC Connections Client Tools Client Copy and Transport Tools Client Compare and Maintenance Tools Working with the Transport System Data Structure of SAP Systems and System Landscapes Performing and Checking Transports Support Packages, Plug-Ins, and Add-Ons Term Definition: Support Packages Importing Support Packages Updating the Tools Importing SAP Notes Scheduling Background Tasks Fundamentals of Background Processing Time-Based Scheduling of Jobs Event-Based Scheduling of Jobs Background Processing: Other Topics Job Scheduling: Extending the Standard System Monitoring Monitoring Architecture Including Remote Systems Creating Your Own Monitors Properties Variants and Threshold Values Concept of the SAP Solution Manager

Oracle Database Administration in SAP

Oracle Database Overview Database Architecture Connecting to the Database Database Administration Tools Administration of Oracle Instances Oracle Database Backup, Restore & Recovery Backup Strategy Backup Tools and Tape Management Performing Backups Restore and Recovery Advanced Backup Techniques

SAP NetWeaver Performance Tuning

Introduction to Workload Analysis Components of a Dialog Step Statistical Records and the Workload Monitor Performance Analysis Monitors SAP Performance Monitors Analyzing SAP Web AS Java Performance Analyzing ICM Performance Performance Analysis of the integrated ITS SAP Memory Management Memory Areas SAP Memory Allocation Implementation of SAP Extended Memory Memory usage for SAP Web AS Java Hardware Capacity Verification Hardware Bottlenecks Optimizing Hardware Utilization Outlook: Making use of Big Hardware (Case Study) Expensive SQL Statements Detecting Expensive SQL Statements Analysis and Tuning of Expensive SQL Statements SAP Table Buffering Introduction to Table Buffering in SAP Systems Analyzing Table Buffering Note:
SAP NetWeaver Administration Training will be run on Unix, Linux Operating system and Oracle Database. Training will be run on three system landscape (DEV, QAS, and PRD) like real time conditions. Unix administration (File system creation, NFS configuration etc.) will be provided. And also NetWeaver Certification Exam tips will be provided. VPN access and Online /Class Training available

Instructor qualifications: Over 15 Years Experience in SAP Basis Administration and proven Sound knowledge in SAP Basis. Certified by SAP America. Worked for top IT companies like IBM, SAP America, and HP.

Ashok kalakota (732-829-3102)


For further technical questions contact Ashok at 732-829-3102 E-mail: training.345@gmail.com 345 Plainfield Ave, Suite # 303, Edison, NJ-08817