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The hidden mysterious fundamental forces and how Knowledge Management discovered it

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Problems in searching the hidden mysterious forces

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Physics & Math

Out There Are There Mysterious Forces Lurking in Our Atoms and Galaxies?
Physicists stalk a delicate fifth force of nature, hidden within the interstices of the other four. What they have not found is even more amazing.
by Sean Carroll - the DISCOVER Magazine, November 2011 issue; published online November 4, 2011, ........If you want to invent a new force of nature, you have to specify three things: which particles feel the force, how strong it is, and the range over which it interacts. Once youve fixed these properties, you know everything important about your hypothetical force, and you can set about tracking it down. For example, gravity impacts absolutely everything, and its range is infinite. Gravity grows weaker as you move away from a planet or star, but it never fades completely. Gravity is actually a very weak force compared with the others, but because it interacts with everything, it builds up when you have a really massive object. Thats why gravity is the most important force over astronomical distances..... .......Physicists still hope something will show up, perhaps at powerful particle accelerators, because discovering new forces would mean wed have to develop completely new theories. But if we find them, these hidden forces will leave no imprint on the motions of atoms, molecules, or larger objects such as ourselves. The bad news is, no tractor beams. If we want to build an apparatus that exerts influence over large distances, we are limited to using gravity and electromagnetism. Even if thats an established fact, though, it raises as many questions as it answers. Why just those two forces? Why do they interact the way they do? How do they relate to the possibly hidden forces at shorter distances? We can marvel at how well we understand certain aspects of nature, while never forgetting how very far we have left to go........( http://bit.ly/w4nBck )

Foot note on tractor beams and hypothetical force :

By using IPM method as the above mention, we positively sure by of-proof the existence of Knowon, the fifth fundamental force. Therefore we dont need tractor beams by substituting with IPM ( http://bit.ly/tYM8q9 - Substituting Tractor Beam with Human System Biology-based Knowledge Management (HSBKM) model framework to search the 5th Fundamental Force The hypothetical force of our findings enable us to complementing the work of CERN LHC (Large Hadron Collider) on the issues of Higgs Boson (God Particle) : see URL http://bit.ly/zVS7mF - (The making of Knowledge Management Philosophy of Science Theoretical Physics Triangle pp 6 - 10 )

Discovering New Forces through our Knowledge Management model framework as high end model type of Universe evolution within Nature Knowledge Theory
Relative Strength (compatible with our Knowledge Value (KV) measurement concept)

Side Notes
Range Mediating Particle
General Ref http://bit.ly/wGrduL - The Language of Knowledge : Knowledge Interfaces and http://bit.ly/zVS7mF - The

Fabric of Nature


Matter :
Obtained from the Earth as the source




making of Knowledge Management Philosophy of Science Theoretical Physics


0.0073 10 -9



Triangle Our main postulates : .....We are KMregulated by nature, and, by nature we are KM model -


Very Short


Energy :
Obtained from the Sun as the source DST Gravitational : impacts absolutely 10 (equal with Planck Very Long / Infinite Graviton (acting as Somatic Mediating


everything Superposed with the speed of IST Entanglement interaction


Particle of the Universe)

framework-by-nature and....Knowledge is the edge of Science - http://bit.ly/pOSGBt

Our assumptions : 1.Consciousness is the attribute of Knowledge 2.The Universe or the Nature Knowledge is the source and center of Consciousness ( not Mind Brain or

Knowledge :
Obtained from the huge hypermassive Black Hole at the center of our Galaxy as the source( See the right collumn : Nature Knowledge as the center of Consciousness emmited through duoentity-force (DEF) boson particle ( Graviton + Knowon) with Knowledge Value ( KV) measurement = 10 38 (Planck Number) through higher level of Nature Knowledge / Nature Consciousnes en route toward infinity.

IST Entanglement : as Psycho-Somatic entity with Graviton, impacts absolutely everything as an Independent toSpace Time (IST) - Consciousness transferring phenomenon (CTP) Superposed with DST Gravitational interaction

10-38 ( KnowonGraviton as PsychoSomatic entity )

Very Long / Infinite (independent to SpaceTime / IST)

Knowon (acting as Psychic / Consciousness Mediating Particle of the Universe) Superposed with Graviton (acting as Somatic Mediating Particle of the Universe) Becoming psychosomatic duo-entityforce (DEF) boson particle

Human Being is the source and center of Consciousness as indicated within DIKW continuum where DIKW itself is human artifact) - http://bit.ly/wx9NjD

HSBKM-based the structure and behavior of Knowledge which is considered as Psycho-Somatic entity : 1. As flow or thing Knowledge codified from Tacit to Explicit As consciousness, Knowledge could be considered as part of DIKW continuum and/or part of Nature Knowledge continuum IST superposed with DST within DEF, Knowledge could be transmitted in entanglement speed called as Consciousness Transforming Phenomenon (CTP) 3. As 2.

Our Knowledge Value (KV) measurement is an absolute scaling ratio measuring hypothetically from Knowon quantum level to infinity - http://bit.ly/rvDQMO

(Knowon, our newly proposed the fifth fundamental force of Nature, by evidencebased is non hypothetically massless,

independent to SpaceTime (IST) particle containing consciousness element factor (CEF) with Knowledge Value (KV) measurement = 10

(Planck Number) and

functioning as psychic / consciousness mediating particle with speed of entanglement to counterparting Graviton, the fourth fundamental force, dependent to SpaceTime (DST) particle, as somatic mediating particle becoming duo-entity-force (DEF) boson particle (we believe as the real Higgs Boson) to give shape of SpaceTime and giving mass feeling to particles within psycho-somatic entity paradigm of our (smart and animate) Universe... ) - http://bit.ly/wQj0qE

Our Human System Biology-based Knowledge Management (HSBKM) model framework as well as our Mobee Knowledge Competency Capability Maturity (MKCCM) model as KM metrics could be considered as solid and robust Knowledge intensive Lab and Experimental Workplace 2.0 for further possibility advanced study. We used them as material through Inverted Paradigm Method (IPM) (Basic Science derived from Applied Science) as solution to the syndrome of the End of Science, a syndrome where Science get difficulties in seeking relevant solution. We succeeded to discover theoretical constructs derived from KM applied to Physics namely in Theoretical and/or Astro Physics - http://bit.ly/zVS7mF

and http://bit.ly/sZnFFn The use of IPM requiring a Knowledgeintensive body of Science considering we should do a kind of reverse engineering or top-down mechanism based on of-proof to an accumulated Knowledge-base and/or Knowledge-repository. The Knowledge base should already organized systematically in term of their Taxonomy Metadata management as well as their model framework The candidate of the intended

IPM treated to applied Science is our mature HSBKM model framework and MKCCM model as KM metrics ( http://bit.ly/sZnFFn - Guide to Inverted Paradigm method (IPM) : KM applied to discovering new Theoretical Physics findings). As the fifth fundamental force, Knowon the output by Evidence-based is REAL LIVING REALITY (non hypothetically exist) as fifth fundamental force. In this circumstance, at least hypothetically Graviton for the first time could be quantified indirectly as duo-entityforce (DEF) through Knowledge Value (KV) measurement of Knowon Our Knowledge Management (KM) generated Physics constructs discovery, covering the attributes of Knowon as the fifth Fundamental Force, k constant ranging 0.0 1.0 for E = k mc and Knowledge Value (KV) measurement for nature Knowledge continuum

of the Universe - http://bit.ly/wOIXq6 Our academic article http://bit.ly/wOIXq6 (ABSTRACT) - Md Santo, M.Arsali : Impact of Human System Biologybased Knowledge Management (HSBKM) model framework on Theoretical Physics , had been presented at The International Conference on Mathematics and Sciences Surabaya Institute of Technology (ITS), Indonesia, October 12 13, 2011 Not intended to negate the current method of CERN (The European Organization for Nuclear Research) , we had been seeking another approach as well as entirely new paradigm to complementing the work of CERN LHC (Large Hadron Collider). The outcome of our work could be seen at the following URLs http://bit.ly/ucoX5j - Higgs Boson in KM view and http://bit.ly/uUfNPx HSBKMgenerated vs Higgs Boson LHC generated

Important : to get more comprehended, visit and learn our URLs :

1. http://bit.ly/LL1oOZ - Decomposing Knowledge System as High End of Universe Evolution : The benefit for Theoretical Physics and Future Science 2. http://bit.ly/LOoYho - Comprehensive Guide to Future Science Environment : Decomposing Knowledge with Inverted Paradigm Method 6