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Reflection Paper Psychology of Education Dr.

Fordice Val Heike Luther College

This reflection paper will cover years I recall of school before this date that were significant and the theorist that I referred to what I have learned from my experiences; covering also my objectives that of being a good instructor. The learning I have had instilled in me many strengths it has been a long hard run so far. I was three when I first learned I was the oldest and the middle daughter and could no longer be a child. Some familys see the baby as an opportunity to no longer have to be the parent, my father did after all that's what his oldest daughter had become, me. Family gatherings that didnt end with me forced to sit upon a chair in the kitchen while my dad strutted around the big man and me in tears are few within memory. Under no circumstance did a member my family stand up and say leave her alone. This is not acceptable behavior! I know this from eight classes at N.I.C.C. , its very cognitive Bruner. A child comes away from verbal abuse not stronger just full of fear and distress. I was nine when I became the member of the family that stood up to Dr. L.N. Heike. I learned at a young age that nothing will ever come from having fun, I have an over whelming sadness attached to happiness emptiness of the simply act of enjoyment its like going through life without a metal detector some one sees a smile it wont last. I was nine when we spent part of the year in Wisconsin only to return to Iowa and learn I was stupid I couldnt read. Summer school had twenty-five class mates with myself learning how to read it was simply like that famous writer the Best and the worst of days", I went from spelling out signs to them clicking in my head it was magically , Harry Potter eat your heart out magic is magic. Learning to read gave me the strength to soar upon imaginary eagles wings. All through the class I recall dear old dad telling me that I was going to quit, he knew I was a quitter! That year I read twenty-five hundred books and started to collect everything I found or bought at second hand shops. I know that my follow through was learning mechanically and I know that theorist to be Thorndike.

I was just fourteen we were at the family cabin eight miles out of Loretta,Wisconsin. Mom over extends, I pack dad drinks then mom tries to make everyone to blame for something so she can try to stay home, she so hated dad. Upon this weekend my little niece and nephew were to go to the cabin with us. Mom was going to stay home and ruin it once more for all. I just wanted to sit with a fishing pole in my hands. When we arrived at the lake dad was already as we call it in northern Iowa full meaning drunk. Bullies discover kids are different in this case I think the same time my dad did or I was

just an easy target. My dad was full after a wonderful supper but his day of suffering wasn't done yet ; it was upon this night dad decided he'd end his families pain by killing us them himself. Dad reached for his leather old doc medical sack and with the grace of a sleek panther he held it toward me , the four-four magnum a shimmer gleamed from the gun barrel. One minute his thought was laid before him in a verbal harshness that seem to singe the very air "I'm going to end all your suffering tonight!"Mannex would have been proud of the little kid that took the gun from her drunken dad's hands(ZPD) Vygotsky no one needed to tell me dads sadness. Mom never helped she nags and tells her other children how others come up short in her demands: Dad the youngest of three children, his mom blind and crippled. His dad at 14 nearly beat dad to death. Dad was pushed to the limits.

In high school I fell in love with golf, choir and play production and had my gardening/snow removable business. I also love German class; there isnt much to recall dodge bullies. My senior year I had a walk in Sound of Music and held Maries bed room wall and a mountain. I sucked in classes I was good blending into the rooms wall. Really quite spending most of your life in tears does that. Teachers are there in a classroom for all students even those that are like hurt birds. Theorist Kohlberg thats why I know that following my bias Norwegian grandmother as a teacher is the right vocation for me as a sensitive I identify with students that others might just as well let soul rot! Thats what happens to those of us that are viewed as children as different our soul becomes empty. Bulling is an awful thing and it is a delightful thought ending it; this semester we in my Psychology of Education started to reading "Wounded by School" by Kirsten Olsen , Teacher College Press , 2009" . It made me weep the first chapter was to close to home. Sometimes your wounding referring to schools come from an instructor/professor assuming when a name other then that of a student in their class is used on a site that you that student falsified papers: this kind of thinking in its wrongfully assumed and removes credit from that wrongly accused student. It seems odd that no one bothers to associates the name used as a middle name that of "littlewolf" with the name in a site used by writers. My pen name is Littlewolf, I will always give a student benefit of the doubt and inquire in a face to face manner before lowering a grade or accusing a student of theft.

I have passed through the ivy halls of two separate colleges William Penn and N.I.C.C. none compare to Luther College in depth or scope. I was accepted December of 2009, to Luther College, I waited after receiving it sure that it was a mistake and someone will rip the honor from me. I continued getting 3.6., Math on the Katie test score was as I figured it would go and so I went home and awaited my letter telling me they at Luther had made a mistake. February 3, 2012 came my heart was jumping up and down here I sat in Koran, no mans land. My heart was ripping and I was blessed again in Dr. Fordice. Theorist life stages Erikson though this wont really be known for about fifty years. This semester I had wished to get into Psychology of Education then with a bit of luck my wish had been assisted with Dr. Marv Siev. Upon this day I was truly blessed.To have a woman teacher who what

I imagine as absolute the perfect teacher. Her dedication to teaching her students far exceeded the norm of another psychology professor I have ever known. This dedication not to the task at hand but to the vessel "the student" and beyond to the potential of the absolute best teacher that student could maybe one day be. from Dr. Fordice we truly learn what it was to emulate and learn in action . She is as alive an vibrant as all the seasons full of knowledge whose husband delights in telling how she his wife shines on the weekends while doing the next weeks plans. To continue in the field of education or just going into the care of museum artifacts and parapsychology research I hope I will for ever view learning and teaching with her eyes. Dr. Deb Fodice will be the reason I become a good teacher or a terrific curator. I believe that No child's growth should be stepped on physical by way of verbal annihilation growing up is hard enough of from thinking literally that no one should or has the right to stop the growth of a child and play is a part of growing -up. No parent should abuse a child and verbal abuse is a kind of killing spirit or pressures a child to like a circus performer performs on command. Making a child the excuse for leaving a family gathering is a form of corrosion Bruner (cognitive). Leaning by repetition (mechanically) and I know that theorist to be Thorndike. Center of attention (ZPD) Vygotsky and Theorist life stages Erikson Psychology of Education is taking our lifes highlights and bleak moments Dr. Fordice words and lessons made me stronger. Bibliography: Olsen,Kirsten "Wounded by School" , Teacher College Press , 2009"