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Larry Crowne Trivia Quiz 1.

Larry Crowne said he sailed around the world how many times during his career with the Navy? Extra credit - How many years was Larry in the Navy? Larry sailed 5 times around the world. He was in the Navy for 20 years. 2. Retired USMC Captain Dale Dye portrays the U Mart manager that fires Larry. Name two movies or mini-series that Dale Dye co-starred with Tom Hanks or Tom Hanks was Executive Producer for. Hint think war movies. Saving Private Ryan, Band of Brothers. 3. Julia Roberts and Pam Grier had a pizza delivered to Julias apartment by a young man in one scene. Name the young actor or his famous father. Actor Chester (Chet) Hanks; Father - Tom 4. The U Mart employee (actress Claudia Stedelin) that explains why Larry Crowne was fired portrayed a character in another Tom Hanks movie set in the 60s. Name that movie. Extra credit - Name her part. That Thing You Do!; Mrs. Patterson. 5. Name the previous movie that Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks starred in together. Charlie Wilsons War (2007) 6. Cedric the Entertainer plays Larrys neighbor Lamar. What other actor in a Tom Hanks film played a character named Lamarr? Extra credit: In what movie starring Tom Hanks did this actor play a lawyer? Obba Babatunde (the parking valet); Philadelphia 7. Larrys neighbor Lamar won the California Lottery for what amount? $500,000 8. Grace Gummer portrays a student named Natalie who makes a speech on pasta in Julia Roberts class named Natalie. She is the daughter of a famous actress. Name the famous actress. Meryl Streep 9. The Dean of Admissions of the College Larry attends starred in another Tom Hanks film. What was the movie? Extra credit: What was his characters name in the previous movie? That Thing You Do!; Mr. Patterson 10. Rita Wilson (Tom Hanks real life wife) portrayed a character in Larry Crowne. What part did she play? Extra credit: Her characters last name was also mentioned by Faye in That Thing You Do! What was Ritas characters last name? The bank loan officer; Gammelgaard 11. What famous local LA restaurant did Julia Roberts character and her husband dine at? The Tam OShanter 12. What was the fictional name of Larrys college? West Los Angeles College 13. Bryan Cranston portrayed Julia Roberts husband in Larry Crowne. What astronaut did he portray in Tom Hanks movie That Thing You Do!? Virgil Gus Grissom 14. Nia Vardalos (My Big Fat Greek Wedding) co-wrote the screen play for Larry Crowne with Tom Hanks. What off-screen cameo part did she play in the movie? She was the voice of the car navigation system.