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An Official Newsletter of Siargao National College of Science and Technology Del Carmen (Siargao Island), Surigao del Norte

Volume #1, Issue #1


Associate Professor III Chair, Education Division

the veryKOICA by way of assigning here a Korean Instructor volunteer in Information Technology, sworn-in asMr. Sanghyup Jin an I.T. expert, and assessment Campus Director of of SNCST by Dr. Robert L. Hawkins, McSilver Dr. Donoso SNCST on MayAssistant Professor in Poverty Studies, New York Photo 2, 2011, Dr. University, to determine Program relevance to Carlos H. Donosoaddress poverty situation in this part of Mindanao. knows he . Dr. Hawkins toured the campus, visited the shops sets himself to a situation where and classrooms and talked with the faculty. He he has to do a was certain something must be done to improve lot of proving. the facilities in the classroom and in the He knows helaboratory if only to prove its social responsibility assumed not only to contribute significantly to the improvement of the glory but alsothe quality of life of the community it serves the burden of through its distinctive strength in the fields of leading thisScience, Technology and Education. College towards its In line with this need, Mayor JR, in intended course orconsultation with Dr. Donoso and Automotive direction. The Instructors, Mr. Luciano L. Conversion, Mr. Celso task is awesome,S. Tiu and Mr. Bonifacio D. Longos submitted and responsibility rests precisely upon his capableproposals and lists of tools and equipment in shoulders. A quiet man as he seems to be, heAutomotive Technology to Chamber of speaks less and works hard, assessing things harder,Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines, Inc. and thinking harder still, in order to bring about(CAMPI) at Manila. CAMPI responded favorably to genuine and satisfactory solutions to our manythe Mayors request and right now the school difficulties at SNCST. He decided to approach theseawaits representative of CAMPI to evaluate the problems on the basis of the wise and time-honoredshop and deliver the needed facilities and tools. principle of putting first things first that is anyAs for the Hotel and Restaurant Management program beneficial to an institution can only comefacilities, Mayor JR facilitated for the tapping of from their own thinking and labors. True enough, heHotel and Restaurant Association of the tried to determine and assess in the mostPhilippines (HRAP) for possible Certification of our unmistakable terms, the individual capacity of everyBSHRM with HRAP and avail assistance by way of faculty and employee and put faith in them. Hefacilities and On the Job Training opportunities of believes that every person in the organization isstudents. Pending result of the proposal unique and authentic in his own small way, and insubmitted the College believes theres still whatever manner has the potential to contributesomething to hope from HRAP and in the successfully to the solution of problems rather thanmeantime tried to sustain the program by way of by being more of a problem himself. acquiring the needed facilities through its meager Faced with problems from within and without,income. Also through the initiative of Mayor JR Dr. Donoso realized there is much to expect on thethat books from Atty. Mina Herrera were combined strengths and opportunities that thenegotiated to be delivered to our library to College has at the moment owing to its strategicpartially solve the problem of lack of books and internal and external environment and from there,reference materials. To the delight of the do something to overcome weaknesses tostudents, boxes of books were personally counteracts threats that tend to hinder achievementdelivered by Mayor JR worth one hundred of growth and progress. From that vantage point,thousand pesos(Php 100,000). Atty. Mina Hererra the new Campus Director proceeds, and proceeds tois the grand daughter of Sycip of the prominent make changes he did, with much vigor and interest. Sycip, Gorres and Velayo(SGV) an audit firm Dr. Donoso believes that good governance canbased in Manila . Page 1 only proceed from a sound Philosophy and Vision. To improve the quality of education And this vision shall be shared with the members ofespecially in the Pre-school, Elementary and Secondary levels, Mayor JR in cooperation with time he was


An Official Newsletter of Siargao National College of Science and Technology

Volume # 1, Issue #1

establishment of the Biodiversity Park and Research Center inside the Campus. Its still Mayor JRs initiativeBrighter days may well be just somewhere in the in collaboration with the National Museum and thehorizon. They may be within ones grasps. But it Philippine Climate Change Commission. Just recently,may be disguised in many forms and patterns. If all experts from the National Museum visited the schoolthe initiatives, the efforts, and the linkages and proceeded to other areas of Siargao to conductmentioned at the outset will be effectively Biodiversity assessment. They conducted lectures atmaterialized and will prove fruitful for SNCST, then the College Auditorium on Terrestrial and MarineDr. Donoso in all his avowed simplicity and Biodiversity and appreciated that a Biodiversity Parkgoodness can just be the man of the time. This will soon be the Center of Research in this part ofschool is his Alma Mater, his spiritual home, the Mindanao. scene of his most formative and memorable years. Even the Crocodylus Porosus Philippines, INC. And as a loyal son returning from what seemed to (CPPI) is be a long and wonderful journey, he is here to also attracted to our Biodiversity Park Project. It sentanswer the call, and he knows he cannot afford to here a researcher who is an expert in crocodiles, Mr. fail. Rainer I. Manalo who is actually a research faculty of Palawan State University. The next day, the team from CPPI, including its President Vicente P. Mercado came over to discuss the establishment of the Crocodile Farm in the Campus. CPPI will turn over to ANTONNETE D. BESITULO-DONOSO, MSBio the College young crocodiles(Crocodylus Mindorensis) Assistant Professor III as seedlings when all the necessary permits and Research and Planning Officer documents are secured from the PAWD. Even in scholarships, Mayor JR and Dr. Donoso The first day of the school year 2011-2012 work together to come with an effective strategy towas met with new with challenges and increase enrolment. Through Mayors effort, 40 slotsexpectations under the new administrator, Dr. of scholars were sourced out from CongressmanCarlos H. Donoso. He gave me the assignment of Maximo Rodriguez of Abante Mindanao and 15 slotsbeing the coordinator of research. I accepted his from Congresswoman Grace Abayon of Aangat Tayochallenge knowing that he will be behind all of Party list. the research activities. Being the research If plan works well, JOBSDB would like to partneroriented Academician himself he knows the with the LGU-Del Carmen and SNCST through theneeds and requirements of researches. latters websites so they can assist the graduate of His enthusiasm on research was evident in SNCST look for job online. JOBS Data Base even the success of the One-Day Re-orientation of the accepts OJT applicants to be matched for companies Research & Extension Program which was held needs for technical skills and expertise whom they on August 4, 2011. It was attended by all faculty will train for jobs. Beginning January 16- February 28, 2012, a bigand staff. The guest speaker was the Honorable event will guide students, teachers and folks ofMayor Alfredo M. Coro II, who talked about the Siargao to visit SNCST. The LGU in Partnership withproposed Bio-diversity Park in the Lot B of SSCTthe Philippine Foundation for Science and TechnologySNCST, Del Carmen Campus. He gave us an based at Marikina City will launch a projectinsight into the factors which made him propose Adventures in DiscoveryTraveling Sciencefor that project. He also told us about the support nd District Congressman Francisco Centrum. the venue will be at the SNCST. Itsthat the 2 Matugas and Governor Sol Matugas could provide traveling component, the Adventures in Discovery Traveling Science Centrum (AID-TSC), Sci-Funto those projects. Caravan (SFC-TSC), Science On the Move (SOM) and The outputs of the activity were the Science Works! (SW) will feature interactive exhibitsproposed titles of the four groups, namely: that enhance learning of basic Science Concepts and 1. Socio-economic and Environmental Processes which are effective tools in rediscovering Aspects of Sitio Alingit, Del Carmen, Science in its essence. When Adventures in Discovery Surigao Del Norte: Its Effect to is unloaded and installed, people in the locality will Biodiversity Conservation. come face to face with an educational yet exciting Leader: Mr. John E. Oftana & his group. and stimulating learning facility. Such facility allows 2. An Effect of the Initiatives of Government for Science and Technology discovery, interaction, and NGOs on Biodiversity in Siargao Island. manipulation of interactive exhibits in the Leader: Mr. Romy Jun A. Sunico and his atmosphere of fun, excitement and entertainment. group. The aim is to excite young minds to learn more about 3. Eco-Tourism Development Science and appreciate how it works in order to Leader: Ms. Lona D. Ravelo and her group improve the quality of life of the people. 4. Environmental Management So the partnership of SNCST and LGU reaches a Leader: Ms. Antonnete B. Donoso and her point where responsibility becomes a common goal. group Being a State College and the only one here in Then, on August 25-26, 2011, selected Siargao, it is the responsibility of everyone, as Mayor faculty and staff headed by the Dr. Carlos H. JR exemplifies to support it and give it all attention Page 2 and primordial concern. Growth is arrested in SiargaoDonoso, attended the Research and Extension

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An Official Newsletter of Siargao National College of Science and Technology

Volume # 1, Issue #1


We should all be grateful and proud for the As the current Campus Director of the opportunity to contribute to the continuing SSCT-Siargao National College of Science and Technology, Del Carmen Campus, I am indeedgrowth of the college. Additional curriculum humbled by the responsibility bestowed uponprograms will be offered, physical improvements, additional books, laboratory me by the College President, Dr. Gloria C.acquiring equipments and apparatus and accreditation is in Gemparo. SNCST as guided by its Vision,the process. Each one of us must draw comfort, Mission and Goals, will make significant stridesencouragement and inspiration from the thought in the years to come in the areas of instruction,that your collective efforts, which had been made research, extension and income generation. available for the past years and we will continue to sustain it. Instruction The adaption of the existing Organizational Driven by the ultimate aim to promote Structure is an initiative to implement better quality education at all levels, the college will continuously pursue its goals and objectives in college management. Adhering to the principle of consonance with its vision and mission. organization and management, the overall of slight modification of the Mandated to carry out academic and technical purpose organizational structures is to keep attuned with services, it will continue implementing programs and activities geared towards quality education. recent developments and to streamline the To attain this goal, the instruction program shall college to become more efficient, effective and continuously promote wise use of resources and economical in responding to the needs of its faster delivery of quality services to the targeted clienteles. Together we will formulate our Strategic customers and provide clientele access to higher Plan for the succeeding years, the blue print for and advanced education. achieving greater achievement for the College Research and engage it as partner for progress and Research is considered a key to develop development with the full support of the and maintain quality of life. Being a State Municipal Mayor Hon. Alfredo M. Coro II. College- Siargao National College of Science and With a clearer focus and direction as Technology aims to become the center for mandated in the Philosophy, Vision, Mission and Research and Development in Caraga Region. Goals of the college we have achieved significant Focus on environmental issues and eco-tourism milestone due largely to our cooperative spirit. By designed to promote the development of rural working together, our complimentary talents & community and fisher folks through the skills have led to outstanding accomplishments. by: junsun generation, verification and adaptation of But the college potential has not yet been SNCST Information Technology appropriate technologies to increase production. reached andAll am certain that we can still do I instructors, namely: Mr. Shem L. It also seeks new knowledge and/or alternatives more. Gonzales, Mr. Rex C. Legaspi, Mr. Dom for the maintenance of a balanced ecosystem. Adrel C. Lipio and Mr. Romy Jun A. Salamat po at Mabuhay Tayong Extension Sunico successfully passed all the Lahat Community extension is one essential competencies for the National Certificate responsibility of Siargao National College of Level II (NC II) examination on Computer Science and Technology. Extension activities are Hardware Servicing (CHS) last December mechanisms to improve the people lives with in 10, 2011 at St. Ignacious Loyola Computer the service area of the College and to be more Colleges, Capitol Road, Surigao City duly responsive to the needs of the community by conducted by TESDA -Surigao Provincial providing extension and training programs that Office. will address the needs of concerned ---stakeholders. IT Department received donations from Korea International Cooperating Production Agency (KOICA) through Mr. Sang-hyup Jin, To enhance the economic well-being of Korea Overseas Volunteer the following communities is a fundamental goal of SNCST by items: 1 unit ASUS A43S laptop, 1 unit demonstrating effective delivery of services Canon PIXMA MP 258 Printer, 1 unit ACER through prudent use of College resources and projector with screen and some school provide stakeholders equal access to resource supplies. generation programs, planning and information

I.T. Department Uploads

support services. Let me say that, above all, my priority while serving you is to bring the core values of: Excellence Every work manifests a distinct quality and every individual persistently strives to meritoriously improve his/her performance and

With the Php70,000 worth of Mr. Jins scholarship, I.T. students became the majority of the recipients.
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An Official Newsletter of Siargao National College of Science and Technology

Volume # 1, Issue #1

- MLTiu

At long last, the books requested from the Do you know that the ever shy, silent and Mayors office had finally arrived and what a relief!...simple Korean Volunteer Mr. Sang Hyup Jin is for several years, no books was ever purchasedalready being pulled out by KOICA along with after Dr. Gemparos term as College AdministratorKorean Volunteers assigned in Mindanao to due to budget constraints and even until now. Central Luzon due to the report that Mindanao is But thanks to the resourcefulness of Hon.really a very dangerous place to stay for a foreign Mayor Alfredo JR M. Coro II, he made the dream ofnational? every parent, student and instructor a reality - that But mind you, Sir Jin no matter how he of acquiring new titles as texts and references forvehemently denied the situations to be only true this AY 2011-2012 despite financial drawback. to some specific areas of conflicts but not in He confided that the box containing 156Siargao was given only the end of November. If books worth Php100,000 more or less came fromhe will not transfer, his financial allotment will be the ever supportive and generous SGV courtesy ofcut off. Atty. Mina Herrera who took pains in selecting theThis means that Sir Jins stay with the College is titles from the list submitted of probable bookcut short until November 2011 only. No more, no references. more haggling on the part of Sir Jin to KOICA. Dr. Carlos H. Donoso, the Campus Director No matter how much he loves to stay with together with the library staff expressed theirus, and no matter how much we like Sir Jin to stay heartfelt gratitude to the young and dynamic leaderwith us for as long as he wants, sad to say, KOICA of this town. He has truly proven little by little hiscould not be persuaded. He has to choose. sincerity in transforming Del Carmen and its peopleRemain with SNCST and no allotment will be sent. into a more progressive and responsive Thats terrible really. constituents. Just when he has given scholarships to our We salute you Mayor for your nobleless fortunate students all taken from his own advocacy. personal allotment; just when he plans to acquire more computer gadgets from KOICA for the ---SNCST computer lab; just when he hope to add When it rains, it really pours!!! not only hasanother computer laboratory because he knew the college acquired new books and references, buthow difficult it is for students and instructors alike new drums and other instruments for the DLC thatto be using a very limited computer laboratory has also been finally purchased as revealed by thearea; then goodbye to all these future plans Supply Officer, Ms. Emma S. Gloria during the visitgoodbye VARIETY OF TALENTS to a higher and better computer of Hon . Mayor JR Coro when he delivered the bookstechnology goodbye to hopes and dreams for Both College and High School students solicited from SGV. SNCST. had shown their talents the SNCST family. It was learned that the set of 5 drums was Tsk!Tsk!. Too bad for (what they are capable of) in different activities more or less worth Php.30, 000 Mr. Bonifacio D.Too bad for the Info Tech students who would sponsored the Longos, the DLC Coordinator is thankful, for thesehave been recipients by all the good different of things that organizations or club in of campus. new additional DLC instruments. Mr. Sang Hyup Jin is capable thegiving; not until - Dave warning issued Thank you again Mayor JR. this danger Vincy C. Galeon by KOICA of conflict --------in Mindanao. The VSSL students are the best Mr. Jin. We Nevertheless, we wish you all multi-talented The appointment of Dr. Donoso as the New but they certainly excel in the place you hope and pray that the people in dancing. RM Campus Director last May 2011 has breathed new will be assigned with will take good care of you if -----life into our somewhat sluggish and uneventful we had not; will be more hospitable than us, The monthly celebrations of the school existence as an institution with the new man in more welcoming and more friendly. Rest assured have paved the way in the discovery of command, he has injected many firsts in terms of that our prayers to our Almighty for sound health, various talents especially in the college management and social relations. guidance and protection be always with you. department - BS InfoTech 1 And it seemed that everyone likes the way he The memory of your gentleness, simplicity, -----handles things except for some little things that in and generosity will linger deep in our hearts. So SNCSTians are really talented! Keep it the course of time he will be able to smooth them long Mr. Jin with love from SNCST family. up! Congrats! out. What is six months? - Christy Jade Marie Sir welcome and we look forward to a more M. Petallo Be notand harmonious future forbeyond with afraid of endings, for SNCST challenging youendings are new beginnings. We may holding the reins lose the good but well find the ---Students are excited and better but better. May we lose theinspired about the new set up here in SNCST. The May your well find the best! many activities they have waited to participate in have now come true. blessings come a thousand fold; may The longing and hopes they nurtured in their hearts the love in your heart never get to be have awakened and are alive and kicking old; set free in more activities where they can show their Page 4