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Brigitte Eubank

165 Bethlehem Church Rd. Huntingdon, TN 38344 731-415-9013 brigitte.eubank@gmail.com online portfolio: http://brigitteeubank.wordpress.com/

Personal Profile
I have extensive experience in historical research and writing. I have project and fieldwork experience, such as creating exhibit plans, preparing cemetery preservation plans, digitizing historic photographs, and creating a curriculum-based lesson packet for an exhibit. I have additional training with the National Park Service, serving as a field school participant and as a museum technician intern. Moreover, by means of a 2-year assistantship, I have gained experience as a teaching assistant (college students) and an event coordinating assistant (middle and high school students). I am currently seeking full-time employment as an educator, interpreter, or curator at a museum, historic site, zoo, or similar institution. I am also interested in careers in college administration.

Master of Arts in History August 2009 - December 2011 concentrations in Public History (Museum Studies) & Holocaust/Comparative Genocide; 3.862 GPA Middle Tennessee State University Murfreesboro, TN Bachelor of Arts in History January 2006 - May 2009 minor in International Studies; summa cum laude - 3.95 GPA University of Tennessee at Martin Martin, TN High School Diploma May 2005 McKenzie High School McKenzie, TN

Professional Experience
Graduate Assistant, Middle Tennessee State University, August 2009 May 2011 History Day Assistant: Helped coordinate the annual History Day, an event in which local middle and high school students compete with history projects (exhibits, papers, documentaries, websites, & performances). The position required collaboration with the state History Day coordinator, the MTSU coordinator, and local middle and high school teachers. It involved duties such as participating in training workshops, recruiting judges and volunteers, ensuring students registered correctly via the History Day online registration process, approving student projects, creating packets for judges, registering students and judges on day of event, coordinating the award ceremony at the end of the event, ensuring the overall success on the day of the event, and performing post-event follow-up activities. Supervisor: Dr. Becky McIntire, 615-494-8620; Fall 2010-Spring 2011. Part-time, $750/month Public History Assistant: Performed various tasks for the MTSU Public History department, such as assisting in the creation of the MTSU public history newsletter and transcribing oral histories. Supervisor: Dr. Bren Martin, 615898-2643; Spring 2010. Part-time, $750/month Teaching Assistant: Grader and course advisor for 75 students in an intro U.S. History course. Graded and provided detailed feedback on approximately 6 one-page, in-class essay assignments during the semester for each student. Supervised the students during testing. Reported any episodes of plagiarism or cheating. Held office hours twice a week. Entered grades into the D2L online grading record system. Addressed students concerns regarding grades. Provided the professor with feedback on how to improve assignments. Supervisor: Dr. Susan Myers-Shirk,

615-898-2386; Fall 2009. Part-time, $750/month Internship, Stones River Battlefield, June August 2010 Museum Technician: The major project I worked on was the creation of a document archive for information pertaining to the parks ~30 historic structures/monuments. Researched and collected pictures and all important documentation for each o f the parks historic structures. Also performed general museum tasks such as yearly inventory, random inventory, accessioning /cataloging/storing new objects, museum housekeeping duties, etc. Supervisor: Jim Lewis, Park Ranger (protection), Gib Backlund, Chief of Operations 615-893-9501. Unpaid internship.

Professional Projects
Wynnewood State Historic Site (National Register of Historic Places, National Historic Landmark) Castalian Springs, TN Helped research and create two plans for future exhibits (1. an orientation to the site 2. the archaeology room) as a class project. Researched key people associated with the site and uses of the site at different time periods. Although the log cabin was built in 1828, the history of the site extends back to the Mississippian culture of prehistory; the entire history had to be summarized in a timeline exhibit for the sites orientation. The central focus was on the importance of the location as the determining factor for all the sites uses throughout its entire history. The major problem for us with this exhibit was that there was so much information that needed to be included in such a small exhibit space. We worked with site archaeologist Dr. Kevin Smith, Wynnewood director Rick Warwick, and the Wynnewood board of directors. (Museum Management Seminar) Fall 2011. Oaklands Historic House Museum - Murfreesboro, TN Volunteered as a tour guide for the annual Victorian Mourning Customs Tour. I dressed up in period clothing and gave tours in the Resting room, explaining the importance and uses of the room. October 21, 2011. Rutherford County Archives Murfreesboro, TN Received training from Director John Lodl and lightly cleaned, digitized, and accessioned historic photographs for a class project. (Essentials of Archives) Spring 2011. Old City Cemetery and Rest Haven Cemetery Franklin, TN Helped research and prepare a preservation plan for two cemeteries in Franklin, TN, with classmates Sara Rieger, Mandi Pitt-Reed, Katie Bailey. (Essentials of Historic Preservation) Fall 2010. Fort Vancouver National Historic Site (FOVA) Vancouver, Washington Attended a 3-week field school sponsored by both MTSUs graduate history program & Fort Vancouver National Historic Site. The field school consisted of several lectures and behind-the-scenes tours, as well as discussions led by professionals in the cultural resource management field, including the staff at FOVA (admin, park rangers, archaeologists, museum techs). We also saw a presentation and had a special private meeting with the Director of the National Park Service, Jon Jarvis. We volunteered at FOVAs annual community outreach day. I was assigned to the Junior Ranger table. I assisted in awarding kids with Junior Ranger badges and certificates. May 2010. Sowing the Seeds of Change: Rutherford County in WWII local touring exhibit Murfreesboro, TN Helped research, plan, and create an exhibit covering the Home Front in Rutherford County, TN during World War II. Additionally, for an individual project, I created a packet of interdisciplinary, curriculum-based lesson plans for school-aged children of various levels, including both pre - and postvisit activities. (Essentials of Museum Mgmt) Spring 2010. Cemetery Community Murfreesboro, TN Under the leadership of Dr. Rebecca Conard, o ur class researched the African-American community of Cemetery, in Murfreesboro, TN, a community that has not been studied much. Each student checked census data and researched deeds for land plots in the area in an effort to find out as much information as possible about the inhabitants of Cemetery. Lastly, we compiled the information into a database with ContentDM software. (Intro to Public History) Fall 2009.

Other Work Experience

Carhop/Cashier/Fountain Operator Sonic Drive-In McKenzie, TN March 2003-May 2005 and Spring 2007. $7.50/hr+tips.

Languages & Skills

German writing: beginner, oral: beginner, reading: intermediate. Passed a reading level proficiency test in Fall 2011. Computer Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote), Adobe Photoshop, Corel Paint Shop Pro, ContentDM (Digital Collections Management Software), RE:discovery (Collections Management Software - National Park Service), Desire2Learn (D2L), Banner, Express Dictate, social networking, blogging (WordPress, Tumblr), etc. Some experience with PastPerfect (Collections Management). Very quick learner with new computer programs. Other Cashier/money-handling, customer service, general restaurant experience, public speaking, photo digitization, transcription, teaching assistant/advising

Research Interests
Subjects: Public History (museum studies); Modern European History (Womens History, World War II: Germany and Russia); Holocaust Studies & Comparative Genocide; Health / Medicine. Research Papers: Beyond Victims and Perpetrators: the Complexity of National Socialist Fanaticism in German Children and their Life-long Struggle with Guilt. (December 2011); The Creation of Soviet Female Air Force Regiments in World War II: Perceptions and Self-Perceptions on Gender Roles. (April 2011); Hermann Goerings Role in the Looting and Destruction of European Art. (April 2010)

Holocaust Travel Study. After spending a semester studying the Holocaust, I went on a class trip to the following countries to tour various sites of significance: Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic. Visited the following concentration and extermination camps: Auschwitz, Theresienstadt, Treblinka, and Ravensbrueck. Summer 2008. Immersion Course. Braunschweig, Germany. Stayed with a host family for 7 days, learned the language and culture of Germany by being immersed directly into that environment. Summer 2007.

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Walk to Cure Diabetes fundraiser participant. Fall 2010.


Dr. Alice-Catherine Carls, Tom Elam Distinguished Professor of History University of Tennessee at Martin History Department 322 Humanities Building - Martin, TN 38238 accarls@utm.edu (731)881-7472 - office (731)661-1786 - cell Dr. Carls was my undergraduate advisor and professor for 4 classes.

Dr. Susan Myers-Shirk, Associate Professor of History Middle Tennessee State University History Department - MTSU Box 23 - Murfreesboro, TN 37132 sshirk@mtsu.edu (615)898-2386 office (615)491-1251 - cell Dr. Myers-Shirk was the advisor for my teaching assistantship in Fall 2009 (United States History I) and professor for two graduate classes.

Dr. Bren Martin, Professor of History Middle Tennessee State University History Department MTSU Box 23 Murfreesboro, TN 37132 cbmartin@mtsu.edu (615) 898-2643 office Dr. Martin was my graduate advisor and professor for 2 graduate classes.

Dr. Charles Hammond, Assistant Professor of German University of Tennessee at Martin Department of English & Modern Foreign Languages Humanities Building - Martin, TN 38238 hammond@utm.edu (731)881-7423 office Dr. Hammond was a professor for 4 undergraduate classes, including a travel study course.

Dr. Nancy Rupprecht, Professor of Modern Euro pean History Middle Tennessee State University History Department - Peck Hall, room 275 Murfreesboro, TN 37132 nrupprec@mtsu.edu (615) 898-2645 office Dr. Rupprecht was a professor for 2 graduate courses, and she served on my comprehensive exam committee.

Mandi Pitt-Reed, Archivist at Davies Plantation mandi.pitt@gmail.com 615-972-2622 Mandi was a former classmate & coworker (teaching assistant) at MTSU.