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June 6, 2 012 5,

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Exchange Updates
SMU student Song Jiashun Marc wins rst ever SMX Trading Championship Read More May 21, 2012 Launch of India Gold (E-Gold) Futures Contract Read More May 25, 2012 Minimum Initial Margin & Spread bene t on India Gold (E-Gold) Futures Read More May 25, 2012

Quick Facts

91,109 contracts

SMX MBIO Index futures volume hits a record on May 21, 2012 with 2,280 lots traded with a value of USD 30.3 Mn Over 1.5 Mn metric tons with a value of USD 200 Mn of Iron Ore (SMX MBIO Index futures) traded in the past fortnight SMX Copper futures traded 26,115 lots in the past fortnight with a value close to USD ONE Billion. The highest daily volume observed in the SMX Copper futures were 2,336 lots with a value of USD 80.84 Mn

traded in the last fortnight Over USD 2651.54 turnover seen over last fortnight


Volume Growth and Price Trends of Key Products

SMX Copper Futures
$8,000 $7,900
in U S Dollars

2400 2200 2000

in Lots

$7,800 $7,700 $7,600 $7,500 $7,400

1800 1600 1400 1200 1000

Concerns about weakening copper demand from China and renewed euro zone debt fears continued to pressurize copper prices. The July 12 contract fell 4.4% to close at USD 7,419 on May 31, against the previous fortnight close of USD 7,756.

The HSBC Flash China Manufacturing PMI fell to 48.7 in May from 49.3 in April, reaching a 2-month low and indicating continuing contraction in manufacturing activity. Market sentiment was further MB High Grade cathode Spot Price Daily Volume Near Month Close tempered by news from Chinas o cial Xinhua News Agency that Beijing had no plans for extensive stimulus measures.
5/16 5/17 5/18 5/21 5/22 5/23 5/24 5/25 5/28 5/29 5/30

Renewed euro zone debt fears, underlined by Spanish banking problems, added to the downward bias of base metals prices during the past fortnight. The reduced appetite for iron ore was mainly due to sluggish growth in downstream Chinese domestic demand and imbalances in supply and demand in the steel market.
in Lots

SMX MBIO Index Futures

$137 $136 $135
in U S Dollars


2300 2100 1900 1700 1500 1300 1100 900 700 500 5/16 5/17 5/18 5/21 5/22 5/23 5/24 5/25 5/28 5/29 5/30 5/31

$134 $133 $132 $131 $130

According to the Financial Times, Chinas economic slowdown has recently resulted in deferrals and defaults of iron ore contracts by Chinese consumers. Iron ore ports stockpiles in China (comprising 25 major sea ports) dropped to 97.2 million metric tons in the week ending May 28. This level was a 0.8% decrease over the previous week.

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June 6, 2012

Product Launch
SMX E-Gold Futures

Re ection of the Indian Gold price in USD terms

Goal is to deliver Asian pricing to the global market from Singapore Unique way of hedging based on Indian Gold market for global Gold ecosystem Attributes of SMX E-Gold Futures Convenient smaller trading unit for retail participants Finer price increment of 5 US cents for pricing e ciency Ideal product for hedging exposure in the biggest market by minimizing basis risk

Hedging & Pricing bene t for initial 2 hours, since India market opens at 1230 SGT Hassle-free settlement without inconvenience of physical delivery Arbitrage between Indian prices and global Gold prices

For more information on SMX E-Gold, please visit http://www.smx.com.sg/Products/EGoldFutures.aspx

SMX o ers a number of membership options to suit the varying needs of market participants worldwide. This fortnight the focus is on the Trade Member (Associate) category which was introduced last month. Key Requirements and Bene ts of this category include: Only available to individuals who are Citizens or Permanent Residents of Singapore Entitled to trade for their own account only No minimum capital requirement, but applicants should be of good nancial standing Annual subscription fee-based structure with zero admission fee Lower exchange trading and clearing fees

For more information on Membership, please contact membership@smx.com.sg or visit http://www.smx.com.sg/membership/BeMember/index.aspx

Training and Education

The SMX Boot Camp is conducted by subject matter experts from the Exchange every Friday between 4 pm and 6pm. The 2 hour fundamental course includes: Fundamentals of Futures Trading Trading Session on personal trading terminal Risk Management Products & Features Participating on SMX Venue: SMX Training Centre, 1, Temasek Avenue, #23-02, Millennia Towers, Singapore 039192. To register click here

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