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JD Edwards EnterpriseOne (JDE) and Oracle Business Accelerators (OBAs) in Wholesale/Distribution


How Whitehouse Consultants can deliver your Supply Chain Management system in triple quick time Firstly - what benefits can you expect Oracles JD Edwards (JDE) ERP software to bring to the management of your Supply Chain? When you align your strategy with software designed to manage the day to day supply chain activities you can realise significant benefits in improved competitiveness, such as:Bearing down on Procurement Costs By optimising load planning and eliminating less than truckload shipments A Warehouse Management system opens up the opportunity to get greater Supply Chain Management (SCM) efficiencies through the use of Regional Distribution Centres Using Transportation Management to control different stages and modes of transportation and shipping

Reducing Processing Cost and increasing efficiencies replacing labour intensive activities in your warehouse with auto identification using barcodes and RFID use of automated material handling working more closely with your suppliers using electronic data exchange (EDI)

Reducing Inventory Carrying Cost SCM planning is reducing the need for large inventory safety stocks, helping to reduce storage cost, and avoid the risk of obsolescence And lower inventory levels means less working capital tied up in inventory!

Two other great benefits that accrue from increased visibility over transportation planning and shipment tracking are the lowering impact on risk, and higher customer service levels all of which feeds through into repeat business for you! Many of the best known names in Wholesale Distribution use JDE to manage their Supply Chain Oracle JDE has been providing software solutions into the Wholesale Distribution industry during the last 30 years, and meeting the challenges of operating in different countries by constantly staying abreast of local regulatory requirements and operating practices. The JD Edwards ERP business systems solution provides a progressive platform for todays businesses, and a responsive and flexible solution to meet future needs.

What are the two primary drivers that will make this solution work for you? Primary Driver No. 1: working with the right partner Over the past 20 years Whitehouse Consultants have provided quality implementation and support services to clients implementing the JDE SCM solution into their organisations in the UK and across the world.

Whitehouse holds the highest Oracle Platinum Partner Status - recognition of its commitment to high standards and the continued satisfaction of its many customers. Primary Driver No. 2: using the latest Implementation tools Take advantage of the OBA Delivery Tools for Oracle JD Edwards and target an implementation project in a third of the time associated with traditional ERP projects.