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SUMMARY OF EXPERIENCE Prior U.S. Navy Information Systems Technician with clearance.

Results-driven IT professional with exceptional analytical and problem-solving abilities and experience in both the military and private sectors. Adept at performing tasks requiring precision by taking a methodical approach to gathering information. Superior communication skills facilitates interaction with clients in order to solve problem situations. Able to work independently or cooperatively as part of a team to accomplish objectives. Maintains security clearance. EDUCATION New Horizons Career Center Beaverton, Oregon IT Professional Program CERTIFICATIONS Microsoft Certified System Administrator (MCSA) Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) Security+ Network+ A+ PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Army Corps of Engineers-IT (ACE-IT) Portland, OR Position Overview: Supports, schedules, and coordinates VTC operations for senior military leadership; manage and troubleshoot IP/ISDN network connectivity, video and audio controls, and hardware. Resolves user issues with email, network, remote access and other mission critical resources.

Provides day-to-day VTC support for Army Corps of Engineers, Northwestern Division. Assists in installing, configuring, and maintaining VTC system hardware and software as needed. Serves as secondary PC Tech to assist primary PC Tech when absent or as needed.

DynCorp International Department of State, Air Wing International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Contract Afghanistan Network Administrator Position Overview: Responsible for the daily administration of Microsoft platform servers, internet access, and network security. Performed all aspects of the network's daily operation including security virus scans, file transfers and fault recovery. Defines, maintains, and manages accountability of architecture and infrastructure equipment that includes all unclassified and classified assets

within the local post. Managed resources allocation of end devices, network servers, hubs, routers, switches, network software, and end-user IT equipment. Monitored all servers, and network software and hardware within the DoS/INL enterprise. Performed preventive/corrective maintenance to ensure security and the highest possible reliability of all DoS/INL networked hardware. Responsibilities: Provide server and desktop support for approximately 300 users utilizing Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Server 2003/2008. Participates in the day-to-day operation of computer networks including hardware/software support, training, and special projects. Updates servers with MS updates and patches as necessary. Interface with end users in a professional and courteous manner to resolve PC issues for INL and personal PC's. Assists in installing, configuring, and maintaining system hardware and software as needed. Ensures that computer software and applications adhere to the organizational plan. Manage day-to-day activities in Active Directory, including, but not limited to: adding/deleting user accounts, managing security and distribution groups, configuring security permissions. Monitor usage to ensure security of data and access privileges; installs, supports and maintains network servers and appliances; establishes and maintains user accounts, profiles, file sharing, access privileges and security. Troubleshoot e-mail problems with Exchange and Outlook. Configure and maintain infrastructure services, such as DNS and DHCP. Troubleshoot network issues, such as IP address conflicts or name resolution issues in DNS. Set-up and install new desktops and laptops, which includes re-imaging when necessary. Install and configure Symantec Anti-Virus on INL and personal PC's. Add and configure network printers, and install and update print drivers on servers and workstations. Document all work done using Footprints help desk software. Continuously monitor tickets for high priority issues and take appropriate action. Collaborate with team members to address critical site issues. Participate in on-call after-hours support and weekend work as required. Achievements: Assumed additional responsibilities as State Department IT Property Custodian for Air Wing Contract Kabul, Afghanistan. Installed and configured new Wireless Access Points in all living quarters to improve the morale and welfare of the employees on camp. Assisted with install of U.S. Embassy VSAT Communications equipment and phone lines for Dept. of State. Assumed responsibility for planning and coordinating project for relocation of INL satellite antenna to new location. Convergence Networks Milwaukie, OR Jr. Network Admin/Service Technician

Position overview: Skillfully managed dual roles to ensure complete client satisfaction. Performed basic system administration and technical support duties to include account management, server/workstation operating systems support, basic system and network troubleshooting, software installation, configuration, installation, set-up and support of telecommunication systems and file restoration. Responsibilities: Provided server and desktop support for 100+ company networks and over 2000 users utilizing Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and Server 2003. Interfaced with end users in a professional and courteous manner to resolve PC issues. Configured and managed day-to-day activities in Active Directory, which includes adding/deleting user accounts, managing security and distribution groups, and configuring security permissions. Maintained and supported Microsoft Exchange 2003 in a large user, multi-site environment. Administered, monitored, and maintained the internal Exchange messaging server environment. Supported and administered the operations of the Enterprise Mail System, including OWA. Established and maintained user e-mail accounts on Exchange Server 2003. Fixed e-mail problems that arise with Exchange and Outlook. Configure and maintain infrastructure services, such as DNS and DHCP. Setup and support of Blackberry Enterprise Server and Blackberry devices. Troubleshoot network issues, such as IP address conflicts or name resolution issues in DNS. Set up and installed new desktops and laptops, including the installation of all the various required business software. Install and resolve any hardware related issues. Installed and configured Symantec Anti-Virus. Configured Fortigate and Sonicwall firewalls. Set up VPN connectivity for mobile laptop users. Added and configured network printers, added users to printer groups, and installed and updated print drivers on servers and workstations. Restored files and folders using Symantec Backup Exec and Shadow Copies. Using Symantec Backup Exec, would verify and analyze backups and resolve any issues that arose. Experienced using Kaseya, VNC, and RDP. Documented all work done using Remedy and ConnectWise help desk software. Continuously monitored tickets for high priority issues and took appropriate action. Collaborated with team members to address critical site issues. Participated in on-call after-hours support and weekend work as required.

Achievements: Recognized as one of the leads in determining the reason for a major clients network drive issues as an incompatibility between Active Directory and GPO log-on scripts; efforts resulted in a complete clean-up of issues and no further problems for the client to date. Maintained a 95% rate of effectiveness on file and folder restoration attempts through the use of Symantec Backup Exec and Shadow Copies.

Gained in-depth knowledge of a wide variety of software and hardware through hands-on experience in identifying, troubleshooting and correcting issues for a large client base. Recognized as top maintenance provider and overall ticket closer for the first, second, and third quarters of 2009.

United States Navy

Information Systems Technician Position Overview: Operates and performs system monitoring, fault isolation and circuit restoration of communications suites in the HF, UHF, SHF, and EHF frequency spectrums afloat and ashore, to include; communication transmission paths, input/output devices, cryptographic devices, interface equipment and patch panels, familiarization with signals, multiplexers, modulators/demodulators, and applicable system transmitters, receivers, couplers and antenna subsystems. Maintains signal quality through the use of circuit and system performance tests, determines point of signal distortion and identifies preventive or corrective action as required. Prepares and maintains all necessary circuit, watch to watch, operational and administrative logs, and ensures accountability of cryptographic publications and associated materials. Responsibilities: Administered and operated classified and unclassified telecommunications network equipment including cryptographic equipment, multiplexers, modems, routers, switches and satellite equipment. Operated and maintained network hardware and software, troubleshot and restored outages within the network. Configured, operated, and troubleshot secure and non-secure voice and data communications for EHF, VHF, UHF, HF, satellite communications, ATM lines, OC3 & OC1 trunks, and other various forms of communications. Applied diagnostic and recovery techniques to all facets of the integrated information systems to find and correct any connectivity issues using oscilloscope and bit-error-rate equipment. Maintained all necessary logs, files, and publications in the communications center. Responsible for all inventories of CMS equipment and material. Drafted standard operating procedures to provide formal guidelines to aid personnel in accomplishing message center, tech control, and communication security procedures. Implemented training to approximately 50 personnel to facilitate the set-up of circuits as needed and increase overall efficiency and productivity of technical teams. Attained status as the Global Command & Control System Administrator. Attained status as Communications Watch Officer 1 full year ahead of schedule. Supervised 2 personnel. Trained new and current personnel on the proper set-up of VTC (video teleconference) communications for Commanding Officer staff meetings at the Naval Ocean Processing Facility in Virginia Beach, VA. Served as Watch Supervisor at the Naval Computer and Telecommunication Station in Manama, Bahrain. Supervised 2 personnel.

Administered and maintained the message distribution equipment to ensure the proper dissemination of classified and unclassified naval messages. Served as subject matter expert regarding resolution of communication issues during assignments at Naval Ocean Processing Facility, Naval Computers and Telecommunications Station and onboard the USS Stout.

Achievements: Received Navy/Marine Corps. Achievement Medal, two Good Conduct Medals, and Letter of Commendation for outstanding job performance and achievements. Received numerous other awards and medals for vital team contributions and exemplary conduct. Attained status of Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist while serving on USS Stout. Additional Training: Beginner/Intermediate Sun Solaris UNIX -