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Frontal lobe in the end of time: Text: Revelation 22:4 They shall see His face and His

name shall be on their foreheads. Revelation 7:3 (the sealing of the 144,000) Do not harm the earth, the sea or the trees till we have sealed he servants of our God in their foreheads. -theres a reason why it is so...

The lobes of the brain: 1. TL- memory is centered, musical ability 2. OL- vision, visual planning (architectural ability) 3. PL feelings, emotions, Math, speech and language recognition-learning (new language) 4. Frontal lobe - seat of religiosity, morality and the will (spiritual center of the brain), part where worship occurs (if you have an intact FL you worship). Question is, who and what do you worship? -crown of the brain and the control center of the brain

Phineas Gage- classic example of what happens to a person if his FL is not intact(short story about his life and the changes that happened to him after the accident)

-Phineas Gage (1823-1860) is one of the earliest documented cases of severe brain injury. Gage is the index
case of an individual who suffered major personality changes after brain trauma. As such, he is a legend in the annals of neurology, which is largely based on the study of brain-damaged patients. Gage was foreman of a crew of railroad construction workers who were excavating rocks to make way for the railroad track. This involved drilling holes deep into the boulders and filling them with dynamite. A fuse was then inserted, and the entrance to the hole plugged with sand, so that the force of the explosion would be directed into the boulder. This was done with a crow bar-like tool called a tamping iron. On 13th September, 1848, 25-year-old Gage and his crew were working on the Rutland and Burlington Railroad near Cavendish in Vermont. Gage was preparing for an explosion by compacting a bore with explosive powder using a tamping iron. While he was doing this, a spark from the tamping iron ignited the powder, causing the iron to be propelled at high speed straight through Gages skull. It entered under the left cheek bone and exited through the top of the head, and was later recovered some 30 yards from the site of the accident. The doctor who later attended to him, John Martin Harlow, later noted that the tamping iron was found several rods [1 rod= 5.02m] behind him, where it was afterward picked up by his men smeared with blood and brain. The tamping iron was 3 ft. 8 inches in length and 1.25 inches in diameter at one end, not 1.25 inches in circumference, as reported in the newspaper report on the left. It tapered at one end, over a distance of about 1 ft., to a blunt end 0.25 inches in diameter, and weighed more than 6 kg. Whether or not Gage lost consciousness is not known, but, remarkably, he was conscious and able to walk within minutes of the accident. He was then seated in an oxcart, on which he was transported three-quarters of a mile to the boarding house where he was staying. Here, he was attended to by Harlow, the local physician. At the boarding house, Harlow cleaned Gages wounds by removing small fragments of bone, and

replaced some of the larger skull fragments that remained attached but had been displaced by the tamping iron. He then closed the larger wound at the top of Gauges head with adhesive straps, and covered the opening with a wet compress. Gages wounds were not treated surgically, but were instead left open to drain into the dressings. Gage did, according to Harlow, retain full possession of his reason after the accident, but his wife and other people close to him soon began to notice dramatic changes in his personality. It wasnt until 1868 that Harlow documented the mental manifestations of Gages brain injuries, in a report published in the Bulletin of the Massachusetts Medical Society:

His contractors, who regarded him as the most efficient and capable foreman in their employ previous to his injury, considered the change in his mind so marked that they could not give him his place again. He is fitful, irreverent, indulging at times in the grossest profanity (which was not previously his custom), manifesting but little deference for his fellows, impatient of restraint of advice when it conflicts with his desires, at times pertinaciously obstinent, yet capricious and vacillating, devising many plans of future operation, which are no sooner arranged than they are abandoned in turn for others appearing more feasible. In this regard, his mind was radically changed, so decidedly that his friends and acquaintances said he was no longer Gage.
His skull in now in Harvard museum..

Animals with frontal lobe: 1.cat- 3.5% of the cats brain is in FL.no morality, enjoy killing their victims to death(rats),many sexual partners, easy to fool a cat 2. dog- 7% is in the FL, wont hesitate to kill but dont torture their victims to death,more emphatic with creatures they enjoy and love, can plan (story of a dog during a hot summer day),difficult to fool 3.chimps-17% 4. Humans 33-38%

Impaired FL: 1.impaired moral principle-decline of morality in society 2.social impairment occurs- no natural love for family 3.lack of foresight and planning- FL matures when a person is 30 years old, reason why young people should listen to the advice of adults 4. Advance Math like Algebra and Calculus learning is impaired 5.loss of empathy 6.Lack of restraint -easy to see if someone is losing a game

7. OCD< obesity,etc Things that can suppress FL function: 1. 2. 3. 4. Illegal drugs Anything that suppresses FL will cause addiction (internet and texting addiction Drugs like valium and pain relievers in long term use will suppress it Alcohol- affects FL first before cerebellum, affects judgment(reason why many people can kill easily when they are drunk) 5. Coffee 6. TV hypnosis, for every 5 minute-period scene changes every 3 s thus increases daydreaming which in turn can increase chances of Alzheimers disease. -decreases ability to learn, reading, non-reaction which means not reacting when you are supposed to react and increase aggression -American Medical Association clears states the negative effects of TV,50% of murders and rapes occur due to TV -reduces sensitivity to violence -people who quit watching TV also has symptoms like that of a person who is addicted in to anything. 7. increase stimulation of the senses like what we often see and feel- pop music does not stimulate us instead it suppresses our brains function 8. feelings feelings can lie (they are the function of our lower brain).It is not bad, but we have to process them into the FL of our brain in order to react well. We cant stop them from coming but we can choose which one we can serve.

Food: 1.Carbo

2.(omega3 from plants that contain DHA, ALA and EPA)

-Baby brain development is affected greatly by a baby's nutrition intake. Children who are
malnourished will resulted an inadequate brain growth that showing lower IQ, slower language and fine motor development. Before we talk about the kind of food that we need to 'feed' the brain. We probably want to ask ourselves, what is our brain made of? -Our brain is primarily fat, 60% by dry weight! Few people realize how important fat is to a healthy brain. And DHA, the most plentiful fatty acid in the brain, is crucial to brain health, from infancy to old age. -DHA passes through the placenta to the fetus during pregnancy, and to the nursing baby through breast milk. Optimal levels of DHA in the bloodstream of pregnant women and the breast milk of nursing mothers are crucial to babies. In fact, DHA's presence in breast milk may explain why breastfed babies have demonstrable IQ advantages over babies fed formula without DHA. This is proved by the 21-year study by a research team at Brisbane's University of Queensland. They found that the breastfed children ended up with an intellectual advantage of eight IQ points. One of the explanation by Prof. Najman, the research team leader was "that omega fatty acids found in breast milk may be giving breastfed children an intellectual advantage." -You can also ensure your children (and yourself) obtain DHA from the diets. The richest sources of DHA are red meats, animal organs, and eggs. Deep-water fish obtain their DHA from microalgae like salmon, striped bass, rainbow trout, halibut, tuna, sardines, mackerel or fish oil supplements for those

whose fish intake is very low. You can also find DHA in plants like green leafy vegetables, soybeans, walnuts, flaxseed and canola oil.

How to take care: 1.mechanical injury-football using the head while the ball is moving use a helmet 2.Vit. D from the sun, sleep well, breath in O2.
-Vitamin D may lower the risk of depression by:

Reducing the risk of diseases that may trigger depression, such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, and multiple sclerosis. Reducing the production of cytokines. Cytokines are proteins that increase inflammation and have been shown to be a possible risk factor for depression.

3. control inputs(control what you see and hear) 4.working with your hands where you sweat/hard labor 5.physical exercise 6.mental exercise best mental exercise according to studies is to read the bible

Do you want to be intelligent? DO you want to be always in control of yourself? Do you want to have more understanding about the will of GOD? If your answer is YES, EXAMINE YOUR HABITS... The frontal lobe is the only area in our brain where God can communicate with us. Like Daniel, who has a fully functioning FL we can also have the blessing of: 1. Calm nerves 2. A clear brain 3. Unimpaired judgment 4. Keen perception

Then a third angel followed them, shouting, Anyone who worships the beast and his statue or who accepts his mark on the forehead or on the hand 10 must drink the wine of Gods anger. It has been poured full strength into Gods cup of wrath. And they will be tormented with fire and burning sulfur in the presence of the holy angels and the Lamb. 11The smoke of their torment will rise forever and ever, and they will have no relief day or night, for they have worshiped the beast and his statue and have accepted the mark of his name. Revelation 14:9