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SESSION 1: Case histories on ground motion and site effects

1.01 1.02 1.04 1.05 Recorded ground motions from the 22 February 2011 Christchurch earthquake
by B. Bradley

Evaluation of the site seismic potential for performance based design

by V. Sesov, D. Dojcinovski, K. Edip, J. Cvetanovska

A microtremor HVSR study of the seismic site effects in the city of Vijayawada City
by A. Manne, U. Balthy, D. Neelima Satyam

Preliminary study on the difference of indexes of seismic motions observed at adjacent sites
by Y. Hata, K. Ichii, A. Nozu


Topographic effects from longwall coal mining seismicity: phase I experimental setup and results
by C.M. Wood, B.R. Cox, A. Rodriguez-Marek, D. Assimaki, J. Wartman, M. Pando


Impacts of liquefaction on pipe networks in the 2010/2011 Christchurch earthquakes: PBD issues and perspectives
by M. Cubrinovski, I. McCahon, H. Simpson, R. Orense, M. Hughes


The Christchurch 2011 earthquake: elastic and perfectly-plastic response potential of selected ground motions
by E. Garini, G. Gazetas

1.11 1.12

Development of a modified elastoplasticity model for sand

by P. Tasiopoulou, N. Gerolymos

Liquefaction performance case histories in Christchurch area during the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes from cone penetration test and shear wave velocity
by Y.G. Zhou, Y.G. Li, D.-S. Ling, Y.-M. Chen


Microzonation for the January 11, 1693 scenario earthquake related to the limit state for life safety in the city of Catania (Italy)
by S. Argetto, A. Ferraro, S. Grasso, M. Maugeri


Liquefaction along Tone River Basin in Japan, caused by the 2011 Off the Pacific Coast of Tohoku Earthquake
by J. Koseki, Y. Miyashita, J. Deng, H. Araki

1.15 1.17

Effect of superficial cavities on seismic earthquake response

by L. Verrucci, G. Lanzo, A. Pagliaroli, T. San

National scale seismic hazard assessment: comparing estimates

By A. Peresan, F. Vaccari, G.F. Panza, S. Grasso, M. Maugeri

probabilistic and deterministic


Evaluation of topographic aggravation factor through 2D linear equivalent seismic response analysis
by G. Biondi, E. Cascone, S. Rizzitano


Seismic microzonation of an urban settlement of central Italy: geological features and selection of a suitable amplification factor
by J. Facciorusso, C. Madiai, A. Puliti, G. Vannucchi, M. Baglione, P. Fabbroni, V. DIntinosante

1.22 1.23

Site effects due to the 1990 Sicilian earthquake in the city of Catania
by S. Grasso, M. Maugeri

Failure mechanism of reclaimed land by use of MPM and the estimated strong earthquake motion during the 2011 off Pacific coast of Tohoku earthquake
by S. Nakamura, Y. Hata, K. Abe, N. Sento, A. Nozu


Seismic response analysis for the Etna earthquake of February 20, 1818 in the city of Catania (Italy)
by S. Argetto, A. Ferraro, S. Grasso, M. Maugeri


Geotechnical seismic hazard evaluation at Siracusa (Sicily) using GIS techniques

by P.P. Capilleri, M. Maugeri, E. Raciti

SESSION 2: Soil investigation with field and laboratory testing

2.03 Use of piezo drive cone for evaluation of subsoil settlement induced by seismic liquefaction
by S. Sawada, D. Yoshizawa, N. Fujii, T. Kaji, I. Furuta


Liquefaction and re-liquefaction of a silicate grouted sand due to repeated earthquakes

by D. Porcino, V. Marcian, R. Granata


Development of new method to consider spatial of soil properties using harmonic wavelet analysis for probabilistic seismic analysis
by H.C. Park, H.J. Hwang


An overview of the practical procedure for appropriate laboratory test in liquefaction evaluation
by T. Mikami, K. Ichii

2.08 2.09 2.10 2.11

Liquefaction resistance of sands with plastic fines

by A. Papadopoulou, T. Tika

Liquefaction strength of silty sands

by K.R. Swamy, A. Boominathan, K. Rajagopal

The effect of fine type on small-strain shear modulus of sand with fine content
by M.M. Ahmadi, N.A. Paydar

Effectiveness of shallow soil improvement on the performance of rocking-isolated bridge piers: monotonic and cyclic pushover testing
by I. Anastasopoulos


Site investigations and geotechnical problems in the Southern part of the historic centre of LAquila
by G. Totani, F. Totani, P. Monaco, M. Tallini, F. Del Monaco, G. Zia


Resonant column apparatus tests and DEM analyses of intact and fractured rock specimens
by A. Perino, G. Barla


Dynamic clay properties by in situ and laboratory tests for an industrial building in Catania (Italy)
by F. Castelli, V. Lentini, M. Maugeri


Dynamic soil characterization by different test sites for the microzonation of the city of Catania (Italy)
by A. Cavallaro, P. P. Capilleri, S. Grasso, M. Maugeri

SESSION 3: Dynamic Characterisation and modeling

3.01 Simplified estimation of soil state parameters and sensitivity analysis of undrained cyclic response
by B. Bradley, M. Cubrinovski


Assessment of seismically-induced reconsolidation settlements for saturated sandy soils

by T. H. Bilge, K.O Cetin


The characterisation of Christchurch sands for liquefaction hazard evaluation using effective stress analysis: a mid project summary
by M. Taylor, M. Cubrinovski

3.05 3.06 3.07 3.08 3.09

Seismic response of sandy deposits by endocronic approach

by K.S. Kumar S., A. Boominathan

Incorporating site-specific site response analysis into PSHA

by M. Pehlivan, E.M. Rathje, R.B. Gilbert

Fatigue damage of rock discontinuites under seismic conditions

by L. Canelli, A.M. Ferrero, M. Migliazza, A. Migliazza

Effect of principal stress rotation on cyclic liquefaction

by A. Viana da Fonseca, M. Soares

Modeling of cyclic deformation characteristics considering geological age and depositional condition
by N. Yoshida, K. Wakamatsu

3.10 3.11

Constitutive modeling of duration and overburden effects in liquefaction evaluations

by K. Ziotopoulou, R.W. Boulanger

In-plane behavior of geosynthetic barrier layers subject to cyclic loading

by M. Arab, E. Kavazanjian, Jr. P. J. Fox, N. Matasovic

SESSION 4: Methodologies for PBD and codes

4.01 A parametric study on several bridge-abutment configurations adopting a Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering methodology
by D. Forcellini, A. Elgamal, J. Lu, K.R. Mackie, A.M. Tarantino

4.03 4.04

Rocking of foundations on improved soil: application to 1-dof and frame structures

by R. Kourkoulis

On performance based new nuclear reactor siting evaluation and associated challenges in Geotechnical Engineering field
by W. Wang

4.05 4.06

Ground response analysis and Performance-Based Design

by C. Li, J. Yang, S.H. Yung

Simplified methodology for the performance-based seismic design of tall embankments and earthdams
by A. Papadimitriou , K. Andrianopoulos, G. Bouckovalas


Performance based design of a pile-wharf structure subjected to earthquake excitation in Turkey

by B. Siyahi, B. Akba, Y. Fahjan, B. Doran, B. Unutmaz

4.09 4.12 4.13 4.14

Performance based seismic design of slopes for residential development

by W. D. Liam Finn

Influence of soil non-linear behaviour on seismic response of soft soil deposits

by G. Biondi, G. Di Filippo, M. Maugeri

Performance based design of earth retaining structures and building codes

by G. Scarpelli, P. Ruggeri, V. M. E. Fruzzetti, D. Segato, A. Vita

Performance-based design of integral abutment bridges

by M Paolo Emilio Pinto, Paolo Franchin

SESSION 5: Physical modeling by shaking table test and centrifuge test

5.03 Design and construction of a transparent flexible-shear-beam container for dynamic geotechnical centrifuge testing
by M. Ghayoomi, S. Dashti, J.S. McCartney


A displacement prediction method for retaining walls on sand deposit remedied uging the deep mixing method
by M. Ishihara, T. Sasaki


Seismic earth pressure and sidewall friction acting on embedded footing supported by piles based on response displacement method
by S. Tamura, T. Hida


Model experiments concerning the effect of water pressure reduction as a countermeasure against heaving of the surface viscous soil layer at the toe of levees
by H. Masuyama, Y. Saito, M. Ishihara, T. Sasaki, H. Mori

5.10 5.11 5.12

Wall-inclusion-sand backfill dynamic interaction: energy-dissipation mechanism

by C. M. Gonzlez, M. P. Romo

Shaking table dynamics of a dry sand layer

by A. Sawicki, W. widziski, M. Kulczykowski

Centrifuge tests to evaluate performance of the Po river banks during earthquakes

by D. Giretti, V. Fioravante, L. Martelli

SESSION 6: Liquefaction
6.02 6.03 Dynamic vs. static improvement of potentially liquefiable soil
by A. Bertero, G. Pagotto, M. Nozu

An analytical evaluation of the variation of liquefaction resistances of sand layer above a clay stratum with uneven settlement
by K. Kitade, K. Ichii

6.04 6.05 6.06

A simple effective stress model for sands - multiaxial formulation and evaluation
by A. Tsegaye, R. Brinkgreve, P. Bonnier, V. Galavi, T. Benz

A numerically derived relation for estimating liquefaction-induced lateral spreading

by A. Pak, O.G. Fare

Evaluation of improved ground by compaction method considering performance-based design

by K. Harada, S. Yasada, H. Kanamaru, H. Shitaeda, K. Ishikawa

6.07 6.08 6.10

Gravel drain performance in liquefiable soils: numerical simulation and applicability

by G. Bouckovalas , A. Papadimitriou, V. Dimitriadi Y. Chaloulos

A critical comparison of estimations of liquefaction potential using recent methods

by R. Katzenbach, F. Clauss, S. Rochoee, D. Choudhury

Liquefaction along Tokyo Bay during the 2011 Tohoku - Pacific Ocean Earthquake in Japan
by K. Ishikawa, S. Yasuda

6.11 6.12 6.13

Performance based evaluation and prevention of loess liquefaction

by W. Lanmin, Y. Zhongxia, S. Haimei, Dengjin

Empirical models for the assessmen of the equivalent cycles for Italian earthquakes
by G. Biondi, E. Cascone, G. Di Filippo

Case study of three pile-supported bridges affected by liquefaction-induced lateral spreading after the M8.8 2010 Maule Chile Earthquake
by C. Ledezma


Effect of singular peaks in uniform cyclic loading on the liquefaction resistance of a sand
by R. Azeiteiro, V.D. Marques, P.A.L.F. Coelho


Remedial measure of highway embankments on liquefaction prone foundation

by M. Okamura, Y. Ttomida


Vibro compaction for mitigation of earthquake induced settlements and liquefaction potential in coastal sandy soil
by M. Grisolia, G. Iorio, I.P. Marzano

SESSION 7: Numerical analyses for PBD

7.02 7.03 Liquefaction potential analysis and dynamic displacement of tailings dam using FLAC3D
by D. Chakraborty, D. Choudhury

A pile-head macro-element approach to seismic design of extended pile-shaft-supported bridges

by A. Correia, A. Pecker, S.L. Kramer, R. Pinho


The 22 february 2011 Mw 6.3 Christchurch earthquake: 3D numerical simulations of strong ground motion
by R. Guidotti, M. Stupazzini, C. Smerzini, R. Paolucci


Destructiveness of earthquake ground motions: Intensity measures versus sliding displacement

by E. Garini, G. Gazetas

7.08 7.10 7.11

Seismic performance of caisson supported piers

by A. Zafeirakos, N. Gerolymos

Site seismic amplification analysis in the industrial area of Sulmona, Centre Italy
by M. Ciucci, A. Marino

Application of advanced numerical methods to assess seismic performance for major projects
by T. Travasarou, J. Chacko, W. Chen, A. Fernandez, A. Giannakou, M. Ilankatharan, J. Ugalde


Comparison of asynchronous signals generated from surface or bedrock natural accelerograms

by L. Carnevale, B. Femiano, D. Lavorato, C. Nuti, F. Silvestri

SESSION 8: Slopes
8.01 8.02 Earthquake induced displacements of slopes in weathered flysch
by M. Lazari, S. Papadopoulos, T. Tika

Prediction of permanent displacements on a gentle slope with an elastoplastic model

by R. Carrilho Gomes

8.03 8.04 8.06 8.07 8.08 8.09

Modelling the response of horizontal and sloped ground during strong earthquakes
by K. Kluge, R. Cudmani

Modeling of uncertainties in the analysis of earthquake-induced slope deformation

by J.M. Kim

Performance of slopes and dams in the Mw 9.0 Thoku, Japan eathquake

by B. Tiwari, D. Pradel, J. Wartman

Multiblock seismic displacement analysis of the 1980 Calitri landslide

by V. Bandini, G. Biondi, E. Cascone

Topographic effects evaluation for performance-based design

by E. Ausilio, P. Zimmaro

Landslide counteraction projects design and control in Polish Carpathians

by Bednarczyk. Z.

SESSION 9: Embankments, landfills and dams

9.02 9.03 9.05 9.07 9.09 Static and dynamic analysis of La Villita dam in Mexico
by L. Pelecanos, S. Kontoe, L. Zdravkovic

Performance based seismic design of an earth dam in southern Italy

by Rouainia M., G. Elia

Seismic response analysis of Kerrada dam

by P. Sco e Pinto, M. Monteiro Silva

Performance based seismic analysis of an existing rockfill dam

by M. Albano, G. Modoni, G. Russo, P. Croce

Seismic design of a motorway embankment on improved ground: a performance based design approach
by A. Alexandris, P. Sitarenios

9.10 9.11

Effect of initial conditions in an embankment on liquefaction behavior of a river levee

by R. Uzuoka, K. Senba

Simulation Geological environmental shortage water groundwater and the possibility of activity Earthquake Jafara basin NW Libya
by F. Elosta

SESSION 10: Shallow Foundations

10.01 Performance-based design of bridge foundations on partially improved liquefiable soil
by K. Karamitros, G. Bouckovalas, Y.K. Chaloulos

10.02 Rocking isolation of frames on shallow footings : design limitations

by F. Gelagoti

10.03 Nonlinear soil - foundation interaction: numerical analysis

by I. Anastasopoulos, M. Loli, F. Gelagoti, R. Kourkoulis, G. Gazetas

10.04 Nonlinear soil - foundation interaction: an experimental study on sand

by V. Drosos, T. Georgarakos, M. Loli, I. Anastasopoulos, G. Gazetas

10.05 Soil inertia effects on bearing capacity of shallow foundations

by F. Castelli, E. Motta

SESSION 11: Pile foundations

11.01 Pile-group response under seismic loading
by F. Basile

11.02 Seismic performance of piles from one-dimensional wave equation analyses

by D.W. Chang, A. Zhussupbekov

11.03 Response of pile foundations in liquefiable soils under earthquake loading

By T. K. Vaidyan, B. Manna, J.T. Shahu

11.05 Problems with analysis of pile foundations for performance-based design

by M.S. Fayyazi, M. Taiebat, W.D. L. Finn, C. E. Ventura

11.06 Effects of rock particle size to performance of pile-supported wharves in rockfill

by Y. Kawamata, S.A. Ashford

11.07 Effects of soil-foundation flexibility on the performance of reinforced concrete frame structures
by F. Dezi, S. Carbonari, F. Gara, G. Leoni

11.08 Influence of ground motion duration and soil non-linearity on the performance of single piles under seismic loads
by A. Tombari, F. Dezi, M. Hesham El Naggar

11.10 Insigth to failure mechanisms of casson foundations under combined laoding: a macro-element approach
by N. Gerolymos, A. Zafeirakos, C. Souliotis

11.11 A nonlinear pile macroelement for dynamic soil-structure interaction analyses of pile foundations in liquefiable soils
by D. Assimaki, Varun

11.14 Soil-pile kinematic interaction: effect of midway layer in an homogenous deposit

by F. Grassi, M.R. Massimino

11.15 Selection criteria for pile diameter in seismic areas

by R. Di Laora, A. Mandolini, G. Mylonakis

11.17 Horizontal response of piles in layered soil: simple analysis

by X. Karatzia, G. Mylonakis

11.18 Influence of type and angle of incident waves on seismic pile bending at cap level
by J. M. Zarzalejos, J. J. Aznrez, L. A. Padrn, O. Maeso

11.19 Insights gained from snap-back response of piles embedded in cohesive soil
by M. Pender, S. Beskhyroun, N. Sadon, C. Lambert, M. Tidbury, S. Arvanaghian

11.20 Performance of soil-pile-structure systems under seismic waves

by A.L. Simonelli, L. Di Sarno, M.G. Durante, S. Sica, S.Bhattacharya, M. Dietz, L. Dihoru, C.A. Taylor, R. Cairo, A. Chidichimo, G. Dente, G. Anoyatis, G. Mylonakis, A. Modaressi, L.A. Todo Bom, A.M. Kaynia

11.21 Inertial and kinematic response of piles in inhomogeneous soil: winkler analysis
by E. Rovithis, G. Mylonakis, K. Pitilakis

SESSION 12: Soil-structure interaction

12.01 Seismic structural performance using theoretical-based synthetic waveform with respect to the site soil conditions
by H. Hamidi Jamnani, A. Hosseini, Mohsen A. Issa, A. Nicknam

12.03 Significance of bedrock depth in dynamic soil-structure interaction analysis for mament resisting frames
by A.S.Hokmabadi, S. Hamid Reza Tabatabaifar, B. Fatahi, B. Samali,

12.05 Performance-based concepts of compliant soil-foundation-structure systems

by D. Pitilakis, A. Karatzetzou

12.09 Influence of strong motion processing on numerical simulations of soil-structure interaction

by S. Foti, R. Paolucci

12.11 Modelling of soil-structure interaction in alpine regions

byA. Marin, J. Laue, F. Mezger

12.12 Soil - pile - structure interaction: a practical approach for performance-based seismic design of tall buildings
by M.N. Aydnolu, B. Siyahi, Y. Fahjan, B. Akba

12.13 Safety margins in structural design of a bridge pylon: assessment of dynamic response through incremental dynamic analyses
by A. Godoy, C.T. Chatzigogos, A. Pecker

SESSION 13: Retaining wall and wharf structures

13.02 Displacement based seismic
by S. Prakash, V.K. Puri, S. Kumar

design of retaining walls

13.03 Seismic fragility curves of cantilever retaining walls

by S. Argyroudis, A.M. Kaynia, K. Pitilakis

13.04 Performance based seismic design of a retaining wall

by C. Jurado

13.05 U.L.S. Analyses to optimize a precast concrete crib-retaining-wall system

by R. Passalacqua, R. Bovolenta

13.07 Development of DDBD method for retaining walls subjected to seismic loads
by E. Cattoni, M. Cecconi, V. Pane, S. Vecchietti

13.08 Experimental investigation of dynamic behaviour of cantilever retaining walls

by P. Kloukinas, A. Penna, A. Scotto di Santolo, S. Bhattacharya, M. Dietz, L. Dihoru, A. Evangelista, A.L. Simonelli, C.A. Taylor, G. Mylonakis

SESSION 14: Earth reinforced retaining wall

14.02 A neural network approach to performance-based seismic design of blockwork wharves
by A. Calabrese, C.G. Lai

14.03 The seismic performance of geosynthetic reinforced earth

by P. Carrubba, D. Brusarosco

14.04 Scale effect on shaking table tests of geosynthetic reinforced retaining structures
by E. Guler, O. Selek

SESSION 15: Underground structures

15.01 Loads of tunnel lining under seismic excitation
by F. Schmidt, B.M. Bacas

15.02 Seismic performance of circular tunnels: centrifuge testing versus numerical analysis
by G. Tsinidis, K. Pitilakis

15.03 Analysis of tunnel behaviour under seismic loads: the role of soil constitutive assumptions
by A. Amorosi, D. Boldini, G. Postiglione

15.04 Seismic risk analysis of buried

pipelines: the case of LAquila gas network

by A. Mastrangelo, A. dOnofrio, F. Silvestri

15.05 An analytical method for strength verification of buried steel pipelines at normal fault crossings
by D. Karamitros, G. Bouckovalas, G. Kouretzis, V. Gkesouli

15.06 Performance of buried steel pipelines subjected to seismic-fault-induced deformations

by P. Vazouras, S. Karamanos, P. Dakoulas

15.07 A seismic active thrust calculation for circular tunnels

by A. Garini

15.09 An observational analysis of seismic vulnerability of pipelines under seismic failure

by G. Lanzano, E. Salzano, F. Santucci De Magistris, G. Fabbrocino

15.10 Seismic design of the stations and inter-station tunnels of A metro-line in soft ground: a case study
by C. Vrettos, D. Chen, D. Rizos