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Basal/ Reading Instructional Strategy/Topic: Reading Skill: Comprehension * Notes on utopia and dystopia * Assign groups and scenes

* Students choose characters and practice performing * Begin group performances Homework: Vocab. Unit 8 sentences 1-10

Instructional Strategy/Topic: Reading Skill: Fluency * Finish group performances of Nineteen Eighty-four * Discussion of play in connection to dystopia * Discuss the play and the effects of oppression Homework: Vocab. Unit 8 pg. 95

Instructional Strategy/Topic: Reading Skill: Comprehension/ Evaluation * Present choices of extended response and discuss possible answers and details * Gather evidence and fill out organizer, work in partners * Begin writing the extended response Homework: Vocab. Unit 8 pg. 97

Instructional Strategy/Topic: Reading Skill: Fluency * Read and discuss "Escape from Alcatraz" * Life at Alcatraz organizer * "Escape" video, * National Geographic's video

Homework: Vocab. Unit 9 pg. 101

Language Arts Instructional Strategy/ Topic: Identify text structure * Expository essay format * Three main ideas and details Homework: Finish main ideas and details

Instructional Strategy/ Topic: Expository Essay * Topic sentences * Students work in groups and write topic sentences Homework: Finish writing topic sentences

Instructional Strategy/ Topic: Grammar * Homophones: there, their, they're * Read the handout/story once, then allow time for students to fill in the blanks * Reign Oer Me song and worksheet

Instructional Strategy/ Topic: Literary Elements * Go over definitions and examples of mood and tone * Analyze writing for mood and tone Homework: Review literary terms

Novel Instructional Strategy/ Topic: Comprehension * Discuss chapters 3,4 * Students work in groups and list advantages and disadvantages of certain aspects of the book's society * short response using textual evidence Homework: Read chapters 5,6

Instructional Strategy/ Topic: Comprehension * Discuss chapters 11,12 * Critical Thinking: Based on how assignments are chosen, what would your Assignment be? Why? Homework: Read chapters 13, 14 Artifact or favorite memory

Instructional Strategy/ Topic: Comprehension * Presentations of cultural artifacts * Discuss things lost/ gained in relation to culture and identity * Compare/ contrast our society to Jonas Homework: Read chapters 21- 23

Instructional Strategy/ Topic: Comprehension * The Giver discussion and review * Design a cover for the sequel to The Giver, giving clues as to what the book will be about * The Giver Test Homework: Read for 30 minutes